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A few years back we put up a new barn and are now looking into adding some hydraulic doors to it. Need a quote for 2 with the dimensions of 13x15.


Customer in ND has older pole barn structure. I'm looking at a self standing hydraulic door frame flashed to the building. What size footings would be recommended. I am thinking of 4 1" bolts cast into the footing to anchor each leg of the frame using a double nut configuration, similar to a Light pole mount.


Would like to obtain a proposal to install a hydraulic hangar home door, door size is 56' wide by 16' high. If the customer decides to construct this building in WI, it will be a spring 2016 project. Note that the building construction will be wood pole type building, if special blocking or anything is needed you to clarify within your proposal


I am looking to build a hangar with a 50 foot door. What are your prices for a 50' hydraulic door on a pole barn type building in ID. Thanks


Looking for 2 - 40wX22h hydrualic doors We can install just need price on doors and delivery. Going in a new pole barn no insulation just farm storage thanks Jon!


My door opening on my pole barn is 12 metres wide by 4 metres high. I have done my best to convert this but please confirm the measurements. The schweiss bi-folder door is the option I want to go with.


I have a steel Wick pole machine shed with the main door app. 14'-11" tall X 19'-6" wide, that I would like to replace with something better and easier to open.I would like to Know about price, avalability, and installation of Bi-fold and hydraulic doors


I am building a 40x50 steel pole building and was looking at putting in 3 12x14 doors and was wondering how that would compare in price to a schweiss hydraulic door that was 40x14? Given the wooden structures at either end of the building the door's true width would probably be 38.5x14


I have a pole building 60' X 100' with four 25' sliding doors now. What would be my best options for hyraulic doors and cost of each?


Hi, We are needing a new hydraulic door for a pole barn. If you would please provide a price quote on both a 36ft(and 40ft) x 15ft 6in. Schweiss Hydraulic Door on gable end that also includes a fake 12ft x 12ft Sliding door with windows and cross bucks. Appreciate your time.


I currently have a 12' X 40' bi-fold door in my building. The pole building is 60'X 200' X 16' high. I need a 12' X 50' door. How much would it cost to reframe the opening and install a schweiss 12' X 50' hydralic door? Kent T


In the planning process of a pole barn, we can change wall height to suit door at this stage. we are planning on 16' wall height inside. tempted by your hydraulic door. please send specifications


I am constructing a pole barn that will have two end doors which are 32"x15'8". The schweiss hydraulic doors will each have 3 windows and will be trimmed with steel and wainscot and fully insulated inside. Can you give me a price on two doors for this structure. 


looking for price with shipping on a hydro powered swing door. Do not need siding, will buy metal siding locally Pole barn style Thanks, Robert C


I have a 60' x 80'  pole building. I would like to get a hydraulic door installed, to replace one set of the sliders. Door opening is: 14' tall x 28' wide. Will you please quote for a turn key?


We are in planning stages of building our Pole barn and would like a hangar door.we have quotes for sliding doors but would like to consider a schewiss bifold instead. We will b parking a Piper PA 12 with a wingspan of @38 feet and two J 3 Cubs with approx the same size. Just wanted to get an approximate idea of cost and size. Building will be 50x60. Also what kind of support/header is required. Thanks


Pole building with 6x6 each side of the door truss rafter at 13' 6" hydraulic Door on the end of building


Building DIM. 38FT AT GABLE END 48FT AT GUTTER. 6X6 wooden POST POLE BARN STYLE CONSTRUCTION. Do You supply the bifold doors outer skin? Or do I purchase matching siding and install my self? I am interested in doing all of the instalation myself. Have concern of door wind load raiting. Door will face north against prevailing winds in open area.


Looking for a bid price on a one piece hydraulic door. Please bid on a 10' tall X 42' wide door. The building will be pole barn aircraft hangar, steel sided & roofed, concrete floor.


I'm putting up a new pole barn for shop/storage. I would like a price on a 18 ft. high by 35 ft. hydraulic door.


We are looking for the most economical way to secure the opening of our pole barn. My thoughts were a hydraulic door.