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We would like to talk about becoming a dealer, and contractor of your bi-fold and hydraulic doors. We are a Nucor steel building dealer, The combination of Nucor buildings and Schweiss doors would be a great combination. I would also appreciate quotes on two hydraulic farm machine shed doors.


Looking for price on four hydraulic doors @ 19'x60' and two doors @ 19'x65'. Also looking at what the current lead time is for all these Schweiss hydraulic machine shed doors. Thanks       


Need a quote for two hydraulic machine shed doors 55 wide 22 tall shipped to Casa Grande AZ to be installed on an existing building.


The existing sliding door (50x14) on my WV machine shed does not work well. It is too hard to push the doors. I would like to have it removed and replaced with an automated Schweiss hydraulic door. Quote with windows, walk door and with and without installation.  Thanks


Looking for pricing on 2 each 20 feet high and 32 feet wide hydraulic machinery doors. Hydraulic door with man door and windows. Doors will be delivered to Chamberlain SD 57325


Quote request for two 70x18 hydraulic machine shed doors going in the end wall. Steel building doors on I-beam new construction in ND.


I want to order a Hydraulic Ranch Equipment cold storage door in Montana. This large ranch door will be installed in a new steel building. (60x104x17). It has 16' clearance to the truss. I want your spherical bearing door with heavy duty door hinges to be 40' wide, and centered on the endwall.


Need wood frame pole barn doors, looking to add hydraulic lift door 18x50 machine shed door with remote opener and door backup system. 


I'm erecting a 16H x 60 x 96 steel machine shed. I need quote for a bifold door, and a hydraulic steel machine shed door to compare. The opening is 16 feet high x 44 feet wide. Bid both complete with lifting/opening equipment and remote controls.


I need a quote on a door for a machine shed I am selling. I have used Hydro door from another company before but thought I would try something more reliable and powerful like your Schweiss Red Power hydraulic door. What I need is a 34\' wide 18\' clear opening that is going in the endwall of a Steel farm building.


Getting bids on doors for my machine shop. Looking at both the one piece hydro-powered and the vertical lift doors. I just finished constructing the steel building and now deciding on what type of doors to install.


I am a farmer and have a machine shed/shop. I am interested in your hydraulic door with no loss of head space so I can get my combine in my shop area. Measurements of my door opening are: Height is 13'7" and width is 17'4". Do you have a sales person or representative or installer in my area that would be able to look at my situation and give me possible cost for this door?


I would like the price on a bi-fold and hydralic door 36ft wide with 18ft of clearance. This is for a machine shed with 18ft clearance that will be finished on the inside and would like the door opening to have the same clearance as the inside ceiling. The door will be facing the North.


Ordering a new wood and steel machine shed in the next 2 weeks and need to put a large schweiss hydro door on end. Anything over 40' and up is adequate. Not sure where the price jumps are on width where bigger cylinders etc. jump the price so maybe a 40' 45' and 50' quote would be useful. Would like remotes for it also. Thanks


I would like a quote on a 32' (min or next width larger standard size) x 16' (clear) hydraulic door and bi-fold with lift straps for my machine shop.


I would like to know the price of a hydraulic door that is 28x16 the machine shed eave height will be 16' so I didnt know how tall the door could be. Thanks Earl


We are interested in getting pricing for 40 Ft. x 17 Ft. Bifold Door and Hydraulic Door. We have a customer who is wanting to install one on a machinery shop. Please Advise. Thank You Keith T


We are in the designing stages of a new building and looking at Schweiss door options, both styles vertical lift and the swing out type. The two sizes we are currently looking at are 20 H X 30 W and 20 H X 27 W fully insulated. These doors will be mounted on a metal machine shop.


I'm in the process of building a new machine shop and would like to get more info and a quote on the Schweiss hydraulic door systems. Please add insulation to the bid also. Thank You


wanting to replace door in machine shed wondering the cost of your hydraulic doors. tired of chipping ice in the winter looking for something different without giving up head room. opening is roughly 13.6x19.6


Hello, I am putting a lean too onto my existing machine shed and I am looking for a hydraulic door for it. It will be on the end wall. The lean too is 14' wide and the existing shed wall is 15' high. The outside lean too wall is 9'8" under the rafter. I would like to put a 12' high X 14 wide door but the lean too side would have to be angled as it is only 9'8". Does this make sence? If so could you give me an approx quote? Do you ever come to the site to measure and give ideas?


We are in the process of buying a new machine shed and are looking for a quality 36'x18' hydraulic door. We haven't purchased a building yet. How much added header and door frame strength is required for a door this size and what other concerns is there? Also who is a dealer within a reasonable distance?


I have a machine shed 60 x 75 with a 27' slider (two section door). I am going to be raising door opening to at least 14'. Can you price a 14 x 27 hydraulic door to me.


I was curious about the price of a hydraulic door for a 16x20 opening and a 14x20 opening. I'm looking at a new shed and was curious about your door.


Need to know the nearst dealer on the Iowa MN. border close to Austin MN or Mason City Ia. Would like a quote on a 16'x 28' wide hydraulic door for a existing machine shed.


Could I get a price with an insulated hydraulic door installed on our machine shed? Thank you


I am interested in a 30ft wide hydraulic door to go in a machine shed. How much head room does the door occupy?