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Looking for a price and lead time on a 60’ wide by 16’ tall hydraulic door.


Need Schweiss Hydro-Powered door quote for 48X14 or 48X16 opening on a steel building project. Hangar is 60 wide by 48 deep 16 or 20 foot side wall height.


We are interested in your Hydraulic door. Saw & talked to you @ the FPS 2011. Can you give any references of sales & installations on farm buildings in the Illinois area? I'd like to contact a customer for his assessment of the product before we order/buy. Thanks 


This is a steel building without the side walls in place. the I beams that support the roof and will support the walls are in place. Is there a standard size around the 50' x 16' range for a hydro-powered?


Seen your booth at Clay County Fair. I am bidding on a project that has a hydro powered door in it. Could I please get a bid on a 24' wide x 16' high Hydro door. Job location in Iowa. It will be a steel building. Include Install, remotes, a couple windows and if extra I will be putting liner panel on the inside of the door. Please call with any questions. THANKS Trevor K.


Please bid 1- 20x14 Hydro-powered door. need full 14' clear when open. prep for interior and exterior siding. Ship to North Dakota. Need bid ASAP Thanks Bobby M.


Looking for a hydro-powered door for estimated price for existing pole barn/building. estimated opening 14' tall x 36' wide.


Currently looking at putting in a 1 piece door instead of an overhead. I have some experience with your hydro-powered doors on a hangar door but this is for commercial/residential. I am trying to talk the builder into a 1 piece hydro rather than a overhead. I would like a bid and someone to contact me if possible.


I really like your hydro-powered doors on the website and I would like to put them into my project. These doors are to set into an existing concrete frame. They will need to be fully dual glazed with Solarban 60 or similar. Am interested in a ballpark price at this time for planning purposes. Thank-you.


OK, in June I'm erecting my 48' x 48' x 12'h pole building with 6"x6" posts and 4'oc trusses. My door opening is 40' 10"w x 12'h except for concrete. I have a double truss at the gable end door opening. I'm planning to have a 40'w and over 10'h door. I can finish the roof and look at putting up the door. An LVL header cost$$ and is 24"deep? How much is the Schweiss free stand header? What width opening will I need to have a 40'w Hydro-Powered door? Finally, Estimate cost of door with straps versus cable? Thx Thomas H.


Hello, I would like to see about getting a hydro-powered door ordered and installed for my home, it is 18ft wide by 7 feet. No windows. Thank you, Alex


im doing some work on a morton building i want to put a schweiss hydro-powered door on it. i want a remote and i dont want to lose any head or side clearance. please respond by email.


I would like a price on an 18x14 hydro-powered door. delivered to Sabetha KS. I need 3 windows framed and I will put the windows and sheeting in myself.


What requirements, if any, do I need to know for designing a 50' x 40' x 15' wood frame building?I am looking for a hydro-powered one-piece door. I assume the door weight gets transferred into the roof trusses? Any literature for reference?


I need a quote on a pair of Schweiss Hydro-Powered Door Systems. These doors will be foam insulated and lined on both sides with steel 29ga. They go in a car showroom so we are looking for something above average in appearance. Thanks


Door Opening 9ft wide x 8ft high 6 ft overhang, wall hight could be adjusted to 9ft. Exterior wood finish interior same. The hydro-powered door could be sheeted with glass depending on energy efficiency and cost. shipping seperate delivery time Thanks Walt S


Door will ship to Seattle to ride a barge to AK with the building. I need the hydro-powered one piece door to be covered with 2.84 psf insulated wall panels 110 mph exp C wind load Ibc 2006 65 # ground snow 50 # roof snow snow exposure full


 We have a building with a 21 ft width and 9 ft height. What would the cost be for a "custom" door with windows. We also have an opening that is 26 ft wide amd 9 ft high. Please quote on this one as well. We are located in Southern California area and will need 2 hydro-powered doors in three months. Be sure to include cost of freight. Thanks for emailing your response... make it a great day!! Mary


We are looking for prices on a couple of doors. We need a hydro-powered swinging door for an American Steel building. The size of the building is 80 x 120 x 20 with a 4:12 pitch roof. The customer wants a 40 x 12 hydro-powered swinging door and a 40 x 12 bi-fold door. They will be centered on each gable end of building. Can we get a quote emailed to us or faxed to us ASAP. American Steel told us to contact you. They said we will need to know the specs of the doors as well. Thanks. If you dont have the swinging doors can you give us info on who we should contact. Thanks.


please provide quote with and without installation on a Hydro-Powered Schweiss door. door size to be 70' wide x 14' tall. building size to be 100'x100'x18' clear...door will be installed into the gable end of a Lester Building.