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I visited your booth at sun and fun this past weekend. would like a price quote for the power pump pack to retrofit my hanger door in case of a power outage. i only need the power pack..door and large cylinders are already existing on my hanger. Your hurricane proof hydraulic is an outstanding rugged door. Best investment I ever made.


Can you direct me to any hydraulic doors that are hurricane rated? This is for a airport terminal in New Orleans, LA. Glass or solid, prefer glass needs to meet hurricane door impact requirements for New Orleans. I need cut sheets and specifications if available, and images of installations. 


Good afternoon. We are looking for a GA Fire station project bi folding and swing out hydraulic hurricane rated doors. Let me know if that is something you may have Thanks.


Looking for 2 hydraulic hurricane doors for a harsh environment, LA compost facility. Door one , 26 ' wide x 20' tall Door two, 20' wide x 20' tall. Both doors are mounted on a concrete wall, 12" thick. No support horizontally above door area. Looking for a few options in pricing. Thanks


I need a quote on a 45' wide by 12' tall reinforced and weathertight hydraulic hurricane door. Going to Gulf Shores, AL. 


Good afternoon, I was provided with a quote back in October. The quote 102014-HT. Are the hydraulic hurricane doors approved to be use in Miami Dade County in Florida?. Does the same price still applies or a revision is needed since the quote was so long ago? I will leave the datails again just in case. Thank you 


I am bidding a project for Marathon Airport - New Hangar. This is in the Florida Keys region so hydraulic hurricane door will have to be wind rated. I would appreciate a call to discuss this project in detail.


I am looking for two hefty windrated hurricane doors 30X18 and 36X18. Have sliding doors but would like to retrofit doors to Schweiss patented liftstrap doors or one piece hydraulic doors. Can you give me prices and suggestions. Is this a door  retrofit I can do on my own?


We need a price for a Schweiss one piece hydraulic windrated hurricane door with a 30' wide by 16'-8" high opening. We need framing for (2) 3/0 x 3/0 windows, and prepped for inside liner panels. Include windpins and keylock access door. Ship to east coast, Georgia.


Approximate price for canopy door. Hydraulic opening floatplane hanger door 45 X 10. Hanger about 60 X 50. For Cessna 180. Prefer aluminum frame door. Insulated hydraulic hurricane door with remotes.


We have one of your Schweiss hydraulic doors in our hanger. We have a hurricane heading towards us at the moment and I am trying to prepare for a potential power outage by getting a backup generator. I was wondering if someone could tell me what the power demands are to operate the electrical box that controls the Red Power pump. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.


Back in 2010 you gave us a bid for a hydraulic door. We are actually in construction now, and dimensions have changed slightly. The clear opening is 45'X12'- 6" (there may still be some small changes in these due to acquisition of the top beam and your answer to some of the questions below), but we are in the ballpark of your original estimate in terms of size. I have some questions about the process and materials. We asked for galvanized door frame on the estimate, and it is provided as an upcharge. I also see a mention there of the sheeting being the owner's responsibility if you install the doors, which brings the question of what exactly we get when we order such a door from you. Do you provide a frame only? If so, how do you guarantee the 120 mph wind resistance, as it would seem that would depend greatly on the sheeting material? Can you make these door with a man door in the door? How does the door install in the clear opening? Does it overlap the outside walls? If you could provide these answers along with details of construction and installation, I would appreciate it greatly. And of course an update on the estimate to now include Red Power pump unit, though you can wait until we have the exact dimensions if you wish.


I have a T-hanger door that had the top rubber strapping between the top edge of the door and the hangar blown away during the last hurricane. Calling around, I think I need to buy the 6" rubber strip for my 44' door. Can you please call me so that I can order a 45' roll of this material? Can you at Schweiss Doors provide this for me? Thank you, Bart H.


I am quoting a new Steel Building 60x80x18 Post Frame building. Need a Quote on a Hydraulic Insulated door that will go in a 30' wide by 18' End wall Opening. Building would have 4" of concrete so the actual Opening from concrete to the bottom of the truss would be 17'8"


I have two openings I am closing in on the back patio I would like to install you doors in. Since we live in FL, your bifold door need to have product approval for hurricanes (where can I find that on your site?) Also what type of glass do you put in or is that something that%u2019s done after? will pictures help?


Just ordered a new steel hangar that will be built on my property. Plan on installing a 14' x 40' hydraulic door. You like to get a quote for one of your doors.