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Could I get pricing for a build your own kit for 2 - 40 wide x 18 high hydraulic doors? We are working in Eastern Iowa to construct a hoop building for a farm shop. Thank you, Donny


I am looking for the cost of 3 hydraulic doors for 2 hoop buildings I have. 2 doors are 8ft x 7ft and the 3rd is 12 ft 6 in x 7ft. Doors to all have 1inch laminated glazing. Please let me know. Thanks, Daryl


Good day, Can you kindly provide a quote for all the accessories for a hydraulic door and a bifold door 22'x60' for my hoop building. Kindly note that we have door frame already. Best regards, Terry


I'm thinking about building a new hoop building and am trying to get a sense of door size and rough cost. I'd like to have a hydraulic door roughly 75 wide by 16 high. Is that width possible in a bi-fold and what is a good ballpark estimate for cost? thanks


Looking to build a hoop building 80 X 100 and interested in putting a schweiss one-piece hydraulic door in it.


I have an overhead garage door that I built myself for my hoop building, I want to retrofit it to a hydraulic door. Thanks


I need a quote on a 25x16 hydraulic door for my hoop building. Was wanting to know if these are bare frame or if they come insulated and exteriors finished,if they come finished what are the optional materials?


Look for a hydraulic door for a 10ft by10 ft opening on a new hoop building Thanks


Interested in turn key pricing for a 40x12 hydraulic door for my hoop building delivered to North little Rock Arkansas Thanks Pat


Greetings, we are interested in using one of your hydraulic door options (10X12) for our new hoop building Project. Please feel free to reach out to me & I can forward you an exterior elevation, rendering & precedent for the door type we would like to consider pricing vs. a traditional panelized aluminum & glass roll-up door. Thanks.


Good day, I need a large one-piece hydraulic door for a hoop building project. The dimensions are : 7m (23ft) wide x 8m (approx 26FT) high Electric opening Does not have to be High Speed door. The building will be erected in a dry, hot and sunny environment, close to the sea. Could you please advise me on a suitable product and give me a quote ? Please ask if you need anything else to quote. Thank you.


I would like pricing for a 50' Wide x 16' High hydraulic door for a hoop building.


Looking for 2- 10' x 10 Anodized Aluminum hydraulic door to be installed on my new hoop building.


I have a 40 x 10 ft sliding door on my hoop building that is in need of replacing. I am interested in the "build yourself" hydraulic door kit. Can you provide pricing estimate? It is for a wood frame hangar. Thanks


Have a new hoop building going in. Need a quote for a hydraulic door. They are debating between two sizes right now. One size is 14' clear height by 36' wide Other size is 14' clear height by 46' wide Steel building Shipping to Ohio


I am trying to find some pricing on hydraulic doors. We would be looking at adding a new 30' x 30' door. The door will be on a North West wall of my hoop barn so it will be seeing a lot of wind as well. there may be two hydraulic doors needed on another building but for now I am just looking on a price per door and any recommendations.


Need to discuss options and pricing on hydraulic doors for my hoop barn. Opening is flexible would be no more than 13x11. Thank You


I'm interested in a quote and building recommendations for a hoop building needing a one-piece hydraulic door with a 60-foot opening and 14-feet high.


Hi, I am working on a hoop building and we are looking at utilizing some hydraulic doors. I don't have any experience with working with these doors so it would be great to be educated on how to design with them. a few of the doors might use a polycarbonate panel and one might have wood cladding on it.


Hello, I was wanting a price at 20' x 18' for a hoop building also as the customer wants two door options, bifold and hydraulic. Thanks Larry


Would like to know how much a 30'X14' hydraulic door would cost. We are building a hoop building and are putting together our budget. We are not sure of the side column type. We would like a recommendation. Thanks!


Can I get a quote for a 18' wide by 14' tall hydraulic door? I am building a hoop building and would like to build it myself but I want your hydraulics and hinges/ plans.


Hi, I'm putting a budget together for an aircraft hangar (new construction in WA) on my personal property. I'm looking at an "S-type" (straight wall / arched roof) hoop building with a 45'w x 18'h end. I'm hoping that you might be able to give me a ballpark quote for both bi-fold and hydraulic doors in a size appropriate for such an opening. PS The dimensions are not set in stone at this point - any size guidance you might be able to offer at this point would be greatly appreciated.


I have 2 fabric hoop buildings and looking at a third would like price for a hydraulic lifting hoop building door 16 H 30 w and 18 h 30 wide.


Need hoop door for my existing building, 23'6'' x 14'. Hydraulic door or Bifold hoop door with straps. Price freestanding door header and remote control door opener.