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Helicopter hangar in need of a hydraulic door. Hangar is in LA. High end establishment and looking for an aesthetically pleasing door.


-Aircraft Hangar -Tillsonburg, On -56'w x 18'h opening -Hydraulic helicopter hangar door  -110v/220v operation, 60 Hz -Current Lead Time -Shipping Estimate (-side column type below is concrete) We had visited with a nice young fellow from Schweiss Doors: Jeremy Ryder at Oshkosh, Wi show this summer. We received approx. pricing for 56x16, but now require 18'h. 


I am looking for pricing on Hydraulic Helicopter Hangar doors, The dimensions would be roughly 45 x 20 in your hydraulic system. I would like to know the delivery cost and any special power requirements and extra sq ft required for any and all equipment. ie hydraulic oil tanks and pump/motors. If you have any questions please feel free to contact me. I am in the pricing stage at this point and trying to put a budget together. Thank you for your time 


HELIKOPTER HANGAR DOOR The hangar door  size 4100mm x 5600 mm, w/h, each, based on Ka32 helicopter. The panels are vertical connected together by strong top hinges. In opened position the panels are stored in horizontal position. The hangar door is consists of Hoisting, Aluminium Curtain Door & Framings, Safety-Braking System, Stopper, Aluminium Guide Rail, Protection Devices, and Electrical Control System. The Hoisting System shall be self-locked, Taper Motor, Gear Reducer, Braking Coupling. A sensor, and Audible and visual alarm shall be provided. Even the lifting rope breaking, the safety-braking can hold the curtain door stop in the sky, not falling down. The hydraulic hangar door shall be weathertight and meet the requirement of storm conditons. Air temperature 35C to -30C (Hull -40C), please contact me if you can supply a quote to Sweden as per the specification above.


We will be designing a helicopter hanger, and a equipment garage. Very remote CO mountainous site. would appreciate what to determine between hydraulic versus strap lift door systems. Approximately 40' W x 16' H clear opening. Single phase power with Schweiss battery backup system.


I need a helicopter hanger door and structural requirements for the company's I am getting a hanger quote from. I like the idea of a Hydraulic canopy door because it can also be used for shade. Which door, Hydraulic or Bi-fold door requires less maintenance? At times the wind will blow in Oklahoma, can I get this door windrated?


I need a quote for the project in Fannin County, GA. I'm bidding the project as a general contractor. I'm sure you have already looked at it. It was a 60' x 18 hydraulic door and the building is for helicopter storage/maintenance. Please send your proposal to my attention. Thank you.


We are design and built contractor for a helicopter hangar located in Malaysia which will be commence work on Oct. We are looking at a hydraulic hangar door sizing about 40m x 9m. Can you advise us on the pricing and design method statement for the hangar door?


We making plans for a Helicopter Hanger and need a door for a 40 feet wide and 13 feet high. Would prefer something with the least amount maintenance and reasonably priced. Maybe a hydraulic door. Would like for it to work with electric lift, but would also need to be able to open it if the electric of not available.


Hi We need a door system for aviation hangers. We are quoting for a helicopter hanger door opening 6 meters high x 12 meters wide. The hanger will be located in New Guinea (cyclonic) the hydraulic doors must be able withstand the helicopters landing close by, opened or closed (They have blown in roller doors). There are not many cost effective options in Australia. Do you have a product to suit and how much landed in Port Moresby. Could you also supply a price for the product landed in Brisbane Australia.