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Building new house with a hangar. Door clear opening should be 41x12'. Cement block house. Schweiss one piece hydraulic door. Door and windows (3) included.


I am building a hangar next to my new home and would like the hangar doors to match the look of the house. I have seen some pictures of your hydraulic doors that have been very nicely integrated into the design. What would you need in order to get me a quote on a door?


I would like a price on a 36 foot hydraulic hangar home door with straps please. Thank you


I would like a quote on your hydraulic and bi-fold strap-lift door for a AZ hangar home door opening 47H X 15W. thank you,


I will be building a new home in IN with attached hanger this summer that we will need a 42'x12' hydraulic door, and we will have limited head room in hanger (14') I will need specifications for weight and cost from you for hyd. hangar home door and installation. 


We're working on designing a AZ stucco hangar home with a hydraulic door for a private 40'x50' hangar. The client wants a 42' opening with 11'-0" clear opening for their airplane. We'd like to get an idea of what would be needed in terms of structure to support a hydraulic hangar home door of this size. 


I have a builder in OK that is wanting to get a hydraulic hangar home door (44'x 14') where the homeowner is putting his P-51 mustang on the lower level of his new house that he is building. What options are there. What side room, headroom and any other measurements would we need. Thanks


I am looking to build a hanger home in NV in the near future, have been discussing this with airplane buds, and have been recommended to use your doors. Can you send me information on your hydraulic hanger home doors, specifically 40' wide with roughly 14' of height clearance? Not quite sure on exact dimensions, but that should be close. Mostly interested in hydraulic and/or bi-fold.....not sure which will better suit my needs. Probably a year down the road, but not too early to start designing. Appreciate any info/input. Thanks. Mark


2 doors for condo hangar. Building is 110 x 60 x 18 feet with a single gable roof. Each hangar bay is 55 x 60 feet. the 2 doors are in the end wall of the long dimension and face the ramp/taxiway. If possible, could you get us a quote by tomorrow. We have a PM meeting we need the number for. I'm very sorry for the short suspense. Thanks very much.


Hangar is under the frame house. A 14 1/4" high x 15 1/16" wide steel "I" beam, tied into the wood house, is the top horizontal clearance & supports & is tied into the house. The "I" beam is supported by 5 1/2" OD tubular steel post. The enclosed dimensions are floor to bottom of "I" beam vertically and between the metal support posts horizontally. I don't want to loose any headroom, therefore I think the outside mount "M" style would be best. I'll insulate with styro blue board and skin the outside with thin sheet metal siding.


I'm building a Hanger Home in Fairbanks, Alaska this coming summer and I'd like to talk to someone from Schweiss Doors about the pro's and con's of bi-fold verses hydraulic doors and there cost's. Please contact me when able. Your website has great information which leads me to your company, but I'd still like to talk to someone.


Process of quoting for new residential hanger. Will need two Schweiss one-piece hydraulic doors. 50x18 and 40x16. Needs to meet 130mph wind zone.


Good Evening, I am building a Hangar Home and am interested in your doors. I would like to gather some preliminary pricing on a hydro powered door. The Hangar is currently in the design phase. I am planning on the hangar door being approximately 45-50' Wide.  Thanks.        


I have a customer looking at an airplane hanger. He wants a cost on a building with a 45' x 12' Schweiss Hydro or Bifold. I need the cost including installation at Mullen,NE and frame out requirements so I can determine the building height and any special framing requirements. Thank You Sean H