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I’m interested in a hydraulic aircraft hangar door with measurements 47’ wide x 18’ high. Would like to get pricing via email and can then discuss options and other details.


Can I please have a quote and specs for a 90x19 hydraulic door for a hangar? This will be in Brooksville FL, so wind rating is important.


40’ wide. Minimum open height 10’ 182 Cessna) prefer 11’. Hydraulic door.


looking for available door options for a new hangar build with a 120x28ft clear span


Interested in a quote on the hydraulic hangar doors. Size is approximately 9 ft tall x 40 ft wide .


I have a hanger that has 4 slider doors on it now. I would like a quote on 4 hydraulic swing doors. Outside mount would be best. Openings are 454 inches by 141 inches high. What is your current lead time?


Hanger remodel in mesa,az requiring a hydraulic hanger door. Need pricing for hydraulic hanger door, shipped and install. 57' 4" wide X 15' tall


Hello there. We have just recently moved in to a hangar in Wichita, KS which has a Schweiss Hydraulic doors installed. I wanted to check to see who the local service, maintenance/repair contact would be for your product. If needed the serial number is:19683 for the door. I appreciate your time and help and looking forward to hearing back from you. Have a great day. Sincerely US


Hi, The Project Management Office of our NJ company has recently approved the design for our new hangar project. We would like to proceed with finalizing the design and work with Schweiss doors for the building engineering for your hydraulic hangar doors. We already have the preliminary specs. Can we arrange a call to discuss further details with your engineering design team? Thank you, John


I am looking for a price quote on a Schweiss one-piece hydraulic door for our aviation corporate jet hangar. The door open is 20' in height and 61' in length.


I am currently working with a client to design a hydraulic door for his hangar, and I am trying to find a little information on how (and with what) the cladding material is attached to the frame... I am trying to provide basic drawings and information, as he will be having custom cladding designed to match his aesthetic. Please email me information regarding this, thank you.


I am looking at building a 52 X 50 Hangar. I need the opening clearance to be 48'W X 13.5'H can you give me a brief quote and what I need to give the hangar builder from you?


I have a 60'x80' hangar at Boyne City, MI. The door 55'x13'6" in the full open position Please quotes for hydraulic door modification price. Do you also install?


Hello, I am aviation business owner, renting a large (13,000 sq. foot) hangar at an airport in California. Currently, sliding hangar doors on both ends of hangar. Want to investigate transition to a one-piece hydraulic doors. Estimated hangar openings are 120 ft wide by 20 ft tall. Need advice on how best to proceed and cost of doors and installation. Thank you. Janet


Our engineering department would like specifications on the Hydraulic Door for hangers - you have quoted me a door that is 65' wide and 18'6" tall . Can you email me specifications on that one piece hangar door Thanks Mark


I'm in the planning stages of a Hangar build next summer and I want to install a hydraulic door on it. How much lead time do you need from the time of purchase to delivery on site at Wasilla, Alaska? Who does your warranty work up here? Do they also do the door install?


We are building a 50x60 airplane hangar - post and pole. We would like to purchase a 40'wide x 14'high hydraulic door. We are ordering the building package and need the specs and design information for the door so we can complete engineering. Can you send information as I an unable to print from your website.


I am going out for bids to construct hangars. I would like a quote for the doors. Im looking at the hydrolic self-supporting kinetic motion doors - but I do have a question. Can u put a man-door in that hangar door? Looking for a standard outside door in the hangar door. I believe you quoted on my last project and will get you the request formally. Just checking on man-door Kelly


Hello I need the price for two aircraft hydraulic hangar doors  size 27 'x 14'-9' ' - Provide doors that will be covered with a coating of 1-3 / 4 '' thick - Provide all the hardware and operator (575 volts) - Provide shop drawings as well as the required clearances thank you and have a nice day




I am designing a pre-engineered Steel Building. My client is looking at buying a hydraulic style hanger door from you guys. What I need is the design criteria for a 18' x 60' 1 piece door. Please call me in the am or send me an e-mail. Thanks,


Designing a residence in northern New Hampshire that requires 2 hyd. hanger doors for helicopters (Bell 429). We require a minimum of 34' Wide by 15' High clear opening. Prefer to have hydraulic one piece doors. Proposed Exterior finish is "Stone-Lite" panels of 3.3 lbs/sf.in an aluminum insulated glazing type of frame. Require door to be insulated , and full weather seals.


I previously owned one of your cable bifold doors, I am now preparing to build a new hangar but on this one I would prefer your Schweiss hydraulic hangar door. I really like the shaded canopy it offers.


We are quoting a small 36x130 ft long hanger building which requires 4 Hydraulic doors. Clear height required is 10 ft when door is fully open. Door clear opening is 52'-0". Exterior wall cladding only installed to hydraulic door. No liner panel. Building is un-insulated. I would like to receive your door specifications so that we can design our support frame to suit your loads. I would also require quote for hydraulic doors complete with freight to Arthur, Ontario 


I'm looking for a 48' x 12' insulated hydraulic  hangar door estimate for a hangar at South St. Paul, MN for construction yet this year. Please let me know if you received this request.  


I have a UT client that wants to build a 60' x 60' hanger and requested Schweiss Doors one piece hydraulic hangar door. He wants max width on the 60' endwall, which I have roughly determined to be 56'. The clear opening that he is requesting is 16'. This will be a lined and insulated hanger. My question are as follows: 1.) distance between the hinge point and the clear opening? 2.) cost for the hydraulic door that will be insulated with your new interlocking panels? 3.) who hangs the door? 4.) details for the header truss / door jambs. Please email me or call me cell phone to discuss. 


At this time I am collecting pricing information for a proposal to construct a hanger for the Sheriff's Office Air Support Unit. Looking for pricing on a 60' wide and 18 foot height clearance Hydraulic or  Bi-fold strap door, along with estimate on shipping to CA. Heritage Building Systems in Arkansas recommended your doors. We are looking at installing on a 100X100X30" steel building, yet to be constructed. 


I have a 40' x 40' open metal hangar and I would like to get an estimate to install a hydraulic door on it that is 38 wide x 12 tall. Can't lose any headroom. Would like it with a walk door that has a window in it. Shipping to MD.


I have recently purchased a hangar in ME that does not have a door. The hangar has been reinforced to support an overhead door. Please send info on prices, installation, electrical power, and shipping requirements for a hydraulic Schweiss seaplane hangar door. The measurement from the clear opening width to the exterior trim is 5 inches. The measurement from the clear opening height to the exterior trim is 6 inches.


I was interested in a hydraulic door and was wanting a quote. It will be for an existing hangar that currently has rolling doors. The opening is 133" tall by 40' wide. The frame of the door can be bigger than that by six inches. Should I be needing a freestanding header? Quote that separately.  Thanks.


I have a 40x60x16 steel building that I want a hanger door for a PA 46 Malibu 12' tail. Please quote a 50' weathertight door. Planning a 50x14 door opening. Advise if a straplift bifold with autolatches will give 12 ft clearance. If not, quote your one piece hydraulic hangar door.


I am building a metal hanger 110'x100'x20' to 23' high. I want a single panel Schweiss hydraulic-power tilt hangar door 75'x18' high or a 80'x18' high. The wind load requirement in this area is 160 mph. Provide quote for both hangar doors. 


Hi, I'm soon building an aircraft hangar with a house on the side, and I need a good automatic door (length 12m x height 3,3m minimum). I need it to be well isolated because the inside will also be inhabited for a part. I like your bi-fold straplift  model, so could you send me an estimate. Also important: I live in the southwest of France, in an airpark (Biscarrosse LFBS), so how is it possible to mount the door: do you know sub-contractors who can do it, or is it possible to mount by any skilled mechanic or house-builder ? Thanks, Pierre


Looking to start building a 60x80 foot hangar next year. Need a price on a door which will allow 16 foot clear height and 60 foot front opening. Red Power Hydraulic is my first preference. Unit will be at Howell, MI thanks


Dear Sir, Our company in Lithuania is highly interested in buying of Red powered hangar doors of the following size: Height: 8.50 m Width: 40 m Please send us an offer and contacts of responsible person in your company. Thank you for fast response.


I am looking into building an airport hangar in S.D. The door opening size would be 19' by 55'. If the door opening is 19', how much is lost with Schweiss bifold door open, vs. hydraulic door open? Is there a door width consideration that would make either design less desirable? How do you handle sales tax on a product shipped from out of state into South Dakota? Thanks. Preliminary response by email would be preferable, if possible.


Good afternoon! Just purchased a hanger that i would like to retro fit with a new Schweiss hydraulic door. The opening is 12x40'. There are six inch wide steal beams on the sides and 2 2x6 header. I'm interested in your door because it won't eat up the head room. What would i have to do structurally to have your door work safely on this exsisting structure, built in 1990? thanks.


We are looking to build a hangar with a conventional metal roof but with the walls (3 sides) made out of double stacked shipping containers (total of 19' high). I am looking to see if the bifold  Schweiss door would be a good fit for this kind of hangar (both bi-fold and hydraulic) and what additional building requirements would need to be in place for us to install one of your doors. Depending on the layout of the hangar, the main hangar door would either need to be 56' or 64' wide. I would love a phone call to discuss this matter further and appreciate any information you can help me with.


Good day!! This message is to request information about a hydraulic “one-piece? door for a new hangar. How heavy a door of 85.3 ft (26 m) width X 22.9 ft (7 m) high? Thank you very much. Greetings and Blessings.


I need a quote for 4 40' hydralic doors for some steel aircraft hangers we are building. I need the price for the complete setup


I am exploring building a hangar with in the next three months. Have not nailed down the size, but the door will be 70' x 12' or 55' x 12'. Would you provide an estimate for each type: bi-fold and the hydro powered swinging door. Thank you.


I need a price quote for both a hydraulic & bi-fold type doors for a hanger I am constructing. The opening for the door will be 44-feet wide & 14-feet high. The interior height will be 14-feet from finish floor to bottom of lower truss cord. I look forward to your reply. Thank you.


Will be building an appox. 40x50 hangar in the next year on a lot I am purchasing. What are the advantages and disadvantages of both the bifold and the Hydraulic doors.


Pricing a hanger in Belvidere, il. Please contact me regarding a Schweiss hydropower 45x16 with a row of tempered glass windows (approx 4' high windows at 10' high to center of row


Good morning. We have 6 hangers with hydraulic "one-piece" doors we are totally satisfied the hydraulic motors that we are using now. The doors we are putting in are bigger and we are wondering if we should have your new Red Power pump on them. Would the cylinders and resivour stay the same or change? The cylinders that we are currently using are 3 inches thick with a 1 1/2 inch thick rod. They are 77 inches long. The resivour that we are using holds 5 gallons.


Need a price on a 60' wide by 18' tall Schweiss hydraulic hangar door. The one that my customer really loves, is the one on your website that has the truss on the bottom of the exterior side of the door. They have seen this door on another hangar. I also need the weight of what this bifold door will be so that I can give that to my metal building mfg. Metal bldg. co. has picked up the panels for the door.


I am in the process of obtaining bids for building a hangar. 48 x 54 building. Would like to consider a bi-fold or hydraulic door. The door should be 14 x 44. I will obtain bids from more than one steel supplier. Please contact me at your convenience. It seems that I need to have the requirements for a door prior to discussing the structure requirements for the building. I spent several hours with the Schweiss representative in Oshkosh last year and have spent several hours reviewing various web sites and found your very informative and preparing my hillside for the building site. I would like to complete the structure this summer. or you can leave a message on my cell number. I have completed the questions below. I am not sure about the "end wall" vs. "side wall" question. The door will be on the 48 foot wall. Thanks. Harry Milbrandt


Good day, I am planning the construction of a hangar and I was looking for a ballpark figure for some Schweiss doors. Roughly how much would I be looking at for a 60'x 20' door or a 40' X 18' door? Hydraulic and bifold. Thanks Charlie


We are developing a Proposal for a new Hanger building at the Hays Municipal Airport; and two building sizes are currently under consideration. Building #1 will door size @ 78'-0" x 20'-0" ; while Building #2 will door size @ 112'-0" x 20'-0". We need to provide a Bi-fold base bid cost for each building size,and an alternate cost to change to an Hydraulic door solution. Please provide a quote for each of these 4 solutions. Thank you for your interest in this project.


I need a quote for an air hangar door 70' wide x 16' high going in an 80' wide metal building. I also need to know the weight that will attach to my building frame. I want a schweiss hydraulic door. I need to know the framed opening size required.


Hanger is Built in 2005. Never had a door on it...original owner ran out of funds. I recently purchased the hanger and need to finish it with a door. I'm look at the Hydro Powered Swinging style I need estimates please & thank you.




I am looking for a quote to replace an existing door for the hangar with a Schweiss bifold or hydraulic door. This is more of a request to get "general idea" of what a replacement door, AND SHIPPING, will cost. Looking at your web site, I see there may be a way, to ensure I maintain the maximum vertical opening, at 9 feet 10 inches. I do not want to loose any vertical space at all. Currently, we have a Cessna 177 and the maximum vertical height is important to me. The header is an "I" beam 24" tall with an 8" flange, thus I have something to attach to at the top. Both sides have steel poles, surrounded by 2 x 4's thus an all metal surrounding. Last, do you take credit cards? Thank you for your time with this request.


i would like to request a quote for the following: Hydraulic Door(s) for an airplane hangar The hangar size is about 60' wide and 40' deep and between 16-20ft high The measurements are still flexible since the building plans are not done yet. The door will be approx. 40 x 15ft If there will be any other suggestion from your side in regards of size, please feel free to educate me since this is the first time for me building a hangar... As an alternative also provide me with a quote for a bi-fold door (same size)


Hi, I had a quote from you last year for a hydraulic swinging door, but our hangar plans have changed, we are looking at going larger. Thank You


Hello, We're planning to build a small hangar for our experimental Zenith 701 aircraft. We will need a Schweiss Door 30' wide by 9' high. Which style of door would be the least expensive (one piece, or two piece), the shipping cost, and installation? Thank you, Randy


I am considering a Schweiss Hydraulic Door for summer installation on my hangar in Alaska. What is your latest shipping date to Alaska for calendar year 2011? Regards 


I would like a quote on a new hydraulic door. I will be building a new hangar this spring. I got a quote on a bifold last fall, but this new door may keep me from having to build a building with 12' walls just to get a 10' opening. I need a 40'x10' openenig. I would appreciate a hydraulic door quote this size. Thanks


I am looking at building a 80' x 80' hangar with two 65'x 18' that will be used as a drive thru loading facility for an aerial application operation. Do you have any pictures and information on doors used for this purpose and what type of door (bi-fold or hydraulic) worked better. Thank you!


I will be putting hangars on a piece of land I own and I'll probably start with a single 50x50 hangar and I'd like a 50 foot wide hydraulic door. I am not sure how high the door will be but it will be standard building.


I live near Victoria,TX and need to build a 60x60 hangar with a 17 ft high x50 ft wide hyd door. Can you help me with a good builder and hidro door? Thx


We are located at Flying Cloud Airport in a buildng with 3 hangar bays. All are running perfectly but are in need of inspection.. I would be interested in receiving a quote for these services. Thank you, 


We are putting 2 new hydraulic doors into an existing hangar. The hanger is being relocated and lifted (attached) to a new 10' masonry wall. Please refer to the information below for requested door size. we are pricing out the construction of the building and would like to know the cost of these doors. thanks


I am in the process of having a hanger designed. I need the specifications for a Hydraulic Door that is 50 feet wide by 12 feet high.


I am presently building a hangar with a 45' width. I am considering a stacked door, but now due to maximizing the overall width opening would like to consider a hydraulic instead. Please call me, I'd like to receive budgetary numbers.


We are planning the construction of a new hangar and we need to know what is the hydraulic door size to get a 36 X 13 clear opening? Tanks


Hi, I am looking into getting a hanger built and would like to know if a 44by16 door is a possibility. Are they custom built or standard sizing. Bi fold is what I'm looking for. Aluminum would be great but hows the cost compared to steel? Also when the door is fully up how much hangs down for the actual height of opening? Could I get an approximate price on a door this size and does it come with the Red Power hydraulic pump motor


Good morning, We are in the interest to get some prices of your Doors hangar planes. It's for general Aviation, We are in a project to built independent places for each aircraft may be 10 places, and could you sent me different prices of your bifold and hydraulic doors


Need immediate estimate for hangar door 16'x46'. Don't have a preferrence yet on rolling, bi-fold or single panel lift. Can you help me out? I'm putting a budget together for a client and don't need a hard quote, but I need a good range of potential cost, including required accessories. Thanks


I would like to get a quote on a hangar door. I think I want a hydraulic. I can send a photo of hangar and current homemade door. Sizes below are approximate and actual measurements will be required.


We have purchased a hangar on and need to have a 40' hydraulic door installed on it. Your company just installed a hydraulic door on a neighboring hangar and I was impressed with the door and the work. Can you have a representative contact me to discuss the possibility of putting a door on our hangar?


Hello, I am in the planning stage of building a 60' wide X 50' steel building to hanger my airplane. I am interested in a price quote from you for a 12' X 50' hydraulic door and a 14' X 50' opening hydraulic door. I am kind of leaning towards the hydraulic ( one piece)single panel door. Could you me a price on these doors and how much it would be ( for me to compare) for another type of door such as the bi-fold type. Any input or recomendations would be appreciated to help me arrive at a decision on our choice.


How long does it take to ship a 40' X 14' (opening size) hydraulic door to  Alaska. I am building my hangar and will need the door as soon as possible. Thanks


I would like to get a quote on a hydraulic door for my hanger. Dimensions are 12ft high and 40 ft wide.


Planning to build personal hangar early next year. approx dimensions 40-60 ft, about 12 ft high clearance. hydraulic  door needs to be about 50 ft wide, could be remote or not, am not sure about end wall or side wall... thx!


I in the process of building a hanger and was looking to go with a 1 piece hydraulic door, please give me an idea of what I'm looking at for cost.


Need a quote for a 60' X 15' hanger hydraulic door. Client wants to have the ability to open the door even in the event of a power failure. Please send weight and other pertinent design information. Thank you


I'm purchasing a airplane hanger that has one of your hydraulic doors... what would it cost for a door simlar to that. Charlie


We are building a pole barn and are using part of it as a hangar for a small private sea plane. (Coot) Can you give us a quote for a hydraulic door around 30'X 14? Thanks, Bonnie


I have an existing hanger that I want to put a 50-60' hydraulic door on. Can you give me some idea of price and delivery? Thanks


Hanger with hydraulic door to be built in the western suburbs of Chicago, IL. Installation contractor reccommendations would be appreciated.


We have spoken about this job and will need a quote on 2 small hydraulic hangar doors. My assistant will email you the design of the exterior of my hangar. I would like the whole endwall to open up. We will build the fake doors and siding to match the drawing. The room is 12w x 14h. The helicopter needs 12' clear heighth. Please call me to discuss.


Looking for pricing information for hydraulic door to be installed in planned hanger to be located in Michigan. Hanger to be 42ft x 39 ft and will house 1973 PA28-180 Challenger.


Building a hanger at the end of this mounth and was needing a price on a seaventy wide by forty tall hydraulic door with winders please .


I have a 60x40 hangar and I need a hydraulic door. Can you quote that? The hangar is at KDTN, the Shreveport Municipal Airport


The hanger door opening is 55x15 There is 8' of room above the door opening to hang the door. This hydraulic door needs to be well insulated and tight when it closes. I am interested in some windows in it. I would like a quote. Thanks


We had ordered a hanger door a couple of years back, I was wondering if you could give me a estimate for another hydraulic door the same size. Thanks


I am looking for a suggestion on the size of hanger to build (pole barn style, square or rectangular) for a Cessna Cardinal to have plenty of room (possibly put another low wing plane in with it). I am interested in a door at least 42 feet long and 12 to 14 feet high. Could you please quote the cost of the hydraulic door for this project. Also, what hangar companies would you suggest, wood or steel, i.e., what companies have you had the best luck with your doors.