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I am designing a custom home with a show garage and am interested in getting a rough idea of cost for a glass hydraulic door which would be 16' wide and 9'-6" tall. It would be similar in look to the Venice Beach Rental door


Would you please give me a quote for a 46'x 14' hydraulic door with glass panels. I have some quotes and would like to go with you if the price is competitive. Thank you, Terrance


I want a one-piece glass hydraulic door, insulated, and one that will seal well as we are going to use the garage as a room conversion and want it insulated and dual pane, if possible.


We are designing a Tasting Room for a brewery. We were wanting to have 2 glass hydraulic doors that open into the brewery area. The doors will be on the interior. One door will be 14'-0" wide by 10'-0" high and the second one will be 10'-0" wide and 6'-6" high with a 3'-6" sill height. We want these to be less heavy duty and industrial looking. Questions would be what structure is needed at the head, when the 10'-0" tall one is fully open, how high is the opening and once shop drawings are approved, what is the lead time? Thanks, Jimmy


Good Afternoon. I am bidding the glass on a high-rise apartment building in Atlanta. The GC is asking us to include in our price an automatic hydraulic door the loading dock. I was wondering if you have a representative in the Atlanta area that can provide us with an installed price for this door? I would appreciate your feedback on this. Thanks, Bill


Please quote a designer style hydraulic glass door. Hydraulic Door - One Piece. Example from your website: Sway Thai restaurant in Austin, Texas


I am adding a 2nd story to a pool house and we are having an open side concept with either hydraulic one piece glass garage doors or glass hinged doors on most of 3 sides so they can be opened or closed. I need a ball park idea of cost? Can that be provided? Thank you


I would like a quote on (3) hydraulic glass doors 7'4" x 10" and (3) bi-fold doors 6'4 x 8' for a new restaurant addition in St Claire Shores, Michigan. Building structure is bearing masonry walls with steel columns and lintels, steel joists roof framing. I also need technical CAD details and specifications on this product for design and project budgeting purposes. 


We are currently in CDs for an exhibition hall and are very interested in using the glass hydraulic doors integrated into a curtain wall system (very similar to the Newmarket Operations project). The building is of concrete construction and an open plan, therefore, a secondary structure like your self supporting hydraulic door would be required to support the door.


Hello, I'm building a beach house and would love to install one of these Schweiss one piece hydraulic doors (glass and metal) can you give me a ballpark cost for a 10 by 12 meter door. Thank you.


Mike, We are looking for a hydraulic glass designer  door for NY art studio (not open to the public) 8'x10'. Would prefer all glass or something similar so client gets the natural light. What can you offer? 


We are building several new structures for the USTA National Tennis Center in Queens, NY. The architect has specified your product for two 45' wide by 10' tall glass hydraulic doors which are to be glazed with a low e low iron glass storefront, which acts as a canopy when in the open position. We are looking for whom Schweiss endorses as a local distributor, supplier, installer, etc. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated. Thanks 


I am building a multi-level office building in MS  and we are planning to install 16 20'X20' glass hydraulic  doors. I would like a quote as soon as possible. This will be a concrete frame building with tube steel supports for the doors.


Hello, We are currently looking for Hydraulic glass garage doors for our Hudson Yards project in NYC. How customizable is your product? Can we determine the size of the glass panels? How thin can the frame be? Thank you


Looking for glass door solution as we cannot have tracks inside our OH facility due to structure. Interested in both hydraulic and bi-fold liftstrap glass door options.


I saw pictures of your bifold doors used in a WY  residential setting for a large glass wall opening on the Houzz app. I am interested in getting some pricing for two hydraulic glass designer doors, one 9' wide and one 6' wide. Both will be 7' tall. Thanks


We are looking to possibly incorporate an operable hydraulic glass designer door into our new NJ office space build-out. The door would allow our large conference room to open up into our cafe space for added flexibility. We'd like to see what the cost would be first. Thanks for your help!


We have an opening that is 86" wide by 93" high. We would like an estimate on a Hydraulic Single Panel Glass door Outside Mount to be installed in WV. Thank you


I'm interested in learning more about the hydraulic doors. Can you give me a starting price for an 8x7 glass panes hydraulic door shipped to DE? Thank you


Please quote a 12 X 12 glass door, Schweiss hydraulic one piece door. How secure are doors from someone ramming them? Can Schweiss beef up glass doors similar to wind rated doors?  What is ship and build time-frame? Do you install?


I need pricing for a Schweiss  bifold aluminum and Schweiss glass door to replace an existing segmented door in a grocery store. The rough opening is 8'6" wide by 8' tall. The exterior wall is brick from the sidewalk to approximately 2'8" and EIFS above. The interior wall will be drywall. I have plans available to email upon request. The installation will take place in Brookline, PA.


This is a custom home on a lake in colorado with crazy winds the door is a four panel sliding glass door 12' x 10' tall and when the winds come i would like to cover the area with an all glass Schweiss bifold door.


Please provide a quote for both a Schweiss bi-fold and a hydraulic door for a 8x16 clear opening. I would like to clad it with 5/8" clear polycarbonate. Thanks.


Hello, I am just in the beginning stages of building a house, and interested in the bifold designer glass doors. Insulated if possible. I know it varies by size, etc... but could you give me a range and details of a few options? Thx!


Hi, I'm seeking budget pricing infomation / quote on a double glazed bifold door simlar to the "designer door" (Red Bull) shown on your web site. The project is in the early design stage and will be tendered in January. We request receipt of your input by the end of the week and would appreciate hearing from you if you have further questions, or if our date is not workable. This project is a go, and is not a paper excercise. Here are some further details / assumptions: - the door is proposed for a music practice and performance facility (marching band at Cornell University). - it needs to have a good weather seal (LEED building) - operational saftey is critical , assume key spring loaded operated switch with photo eye "stop" - given its size (20x50') we assume it would be site glazed (by others?). Glass type will be 1" sealed units with low-e coating and argon fill.


Interested in a quote for a 16' wide by 14' 7" one piece schweiss hydraulic door with glass, hydrolic door for a project in Rancho Bernard, California. Door to be manufactured & installed as a package deal.


I need detailing advice on custom glass doors: for both hydraulic and bifold. Basically, head, jamb and threshold details. Also we need to understand internal door structure as well.


I would like to request a quote on a hydraulic door. The background of my project is an addition to my home, the door would be located in a sunroom that will be an addition to my home. I am looking at a 10' clear opening with 7' height. My real concern is placing this door in a wooden framed structure, 2x6 walls with a 1' lvl header above the door. Is this possible with a hydraulic door or are you looking at beefing my structure to accept a hydraulic door. Another question is I will have a crawl space below my addition where i would like to place the pump for the door, is 3' enough space for the pump unit and all it's componets? My third issue is I would like most of the door to be glass so when closed the room will still function as a sunroom, do you get into issues of the door flexing and possibly breaking the glass? I am just not starting this project, so all the above elements can still be changed, my wife really loves the doors she has seen on the website. so I would like to do my best to accommodate her wants, any help will be appreciated, feel free to email or call anytime. Thank you


I need two sets of bifold doors. Each 8ft by 6ft. They are going to be restaurant front doors so I need Glass doors so I can see through them. Please get back to me with a rough estimate. I am not looking for your fanciest.


Looking for a glass door that would be 16'w by 10't and really interested in using your product. We have been using overhead door company for the last 12 years and am looking for a product that would give us a little more design flexibility, a unique look like your Schweiss designer doors offer, and a quality product that will last for years.


Please send us a binder and some ballpark cost figures for a single piece hydraulic lift door with glass and a door that would be frame only that we attach a solid material to- either wood or metal siding. (like the NY restaurant example for glass and the NY lake house for wood)


Hi there. Garage conversion to an outside inside play room. 12' wide X 7' high door openings on two sides with a corner post between.  Hydraulic Schweiss Doors as awning. Thinking about a lot of ideas, but how about we start with a nice simple aluminum multipane glass design. Also, do you sell just the mechanisms for the doors? Thank you.


Looking for a large glass hydro-powered door for this size opening. Looking for budget pricing on a large glass door to fit a 16' x 16' opening. Second door would be an 8' x 16' opening. Are there options for different levels of r-values to the glass assembly?


Hello, We'd like to get some pricing and design information on a project that we are currently working on. For now, I think we're considering clear glass panels on a one-piece hydraulic door. I can send you plan/elevation/section drawings if it will help out.


Door I want, bifold or hydraulic one piece, is glazed with insulated glass. Door will be sitting at a 45 degree angle to the ground when closed fully. The door is designed to elevate to a 45 degrees to be parallel with ground when open. Installation is a finished recreation room opening to the pool area. I can send plans and sections for more clarification. Thank you.


My customer has a 8x6-9 opening they would like us to install one of you glass paneled hydraulic doors. Can I please get a price with a white frame clear glass and lead time. Thank you.


We're looking for pair of glass hydraulic doors for residence to connect interior hallway w/ exterior terrace. Can we do this in an 8' wall w/ 6'8 header?


I'm an architect currently working on a restaurant/bar/lounge project in WI. I'd like information on hydraulic glass doors. The door size that we're looking to use will be approximately (2) 12'tall x 10' wide doors. If I could obtain some information on the pricing it will greatly aide in selling the owners on using your doors.


I require two hydraulic all glass goarage doors. They terminate at Window sill height. The dimensions of the clear opening are 134 1/4"x62.5" 137 1/2"x62.5" Surrounding the opening is 4x6 Fir on flat giving 5" of jamb room. I look forward to recieving more information on your products. Please call to discuss further. I can send you photos, sections, for your review and clarity. This building is a showcase of our work and we hope to include your products in our construction. Perhaps we might help promote and distribute your products to other of our clients. I look forward to your reply,


About how much would two designer glass 6'x 9' hydraulic doors cost? If the size were 7' x 9'? We're going to put them in our home off of the kitchen so we need well insulated glass for the cold winters. We were looking for something similar to the TGIF or Hot Looking glass door pictures from your photo of the day page.


Hello, We need a quote for a Bi-Fold door and a Hydraulic door. We will be installing 2 doors. Both doors will be 10' x 8'. This is for a residential application. The doors will need to be glazed as much as possible. (We will be installing them in the great room.) We are considering using SIP (Structural Insulated Panel) for the walls. If you need anything else please call. Thank You


Please contact me for specific opening dimensions and criteria. I can provide building plans and elevations. The hydraulic door will need to be primarily transparent and/or glazed.


We are working on performing arts center project in NH and are very interested in using one of your upward acting hydraulic doors to open up the lobby to the sidewalk. The doors would be glazed with double pane, insulated glazing. I would like to receive some information on pricing, finish options and detailing.


We would like to get a quote on a hydraulic steel frame with glass panels for an opening 8' wide by 13'5" tall.


Would like a price for a glass hydraulic door for a project we are bidding details are as below. thank you


We are currently doing a cost estimate of a Conservatory project for the Hungtington Desert Garden located in San Marino California. The design narrative has indicated Schweiss Bifold and  Hydraulic Doors as one of the source for the motorized folding glass doors. There are 5 doors, each size approximate 15' x 9' high. The folding glass doors folds-up similar to a hangar door. It would be highly appreciated if you could please provide a budgetary price for the supply or complete supply and installation of the folding glass doors.


I am looking for a glass hydraulic door 10' tall by 10' wide, approx. What does this door cost? We are loking for it to be clear finsihed aluminum or a silver color to match.