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I am interested in hydraulic garage doors for my home, I would like them with glass panels. Do I need to contact a dealer or you directly?


We are designing a new office building in Rapid City, South Dakota. We need (3) glazed hydraulic garage doors in the cafe area of the facility that are roughly 8' wide x 10' high with glazing. We found your hydraulic door info online. Do you have any installations in this area? Do you have a rep for this area? What is the cost difference between a hydraulic door and a typical glazed overhead door on rails?


Looking for a residential 16'x8' hydraulic garage/RV door for my new house as i am trying to preserve full ceiling height in my garage for a car lift... Thanks, Phil


I need a price for one hydraulic glass garage door, 22' x 9', 4 bays wide x 4 bays high. This door will need photo eye sensors and a remote opener. I can email info. thanks.


I run a design firm and steel dealership that specializes in commercial, industrial, and residential projects. We are looking to implement some hydraulic airplane hanger style doors in some of our projects. I first want to do one of these on my personal garage. This is going to be a very small hydraulic  door, but we are hoping to make it really cool with the Schweiss hydraulic door hardware. I do not want to purchase the whole door, but just the hydraulic hardware. Please call me. Thanks.


I am looking for a price on a hydraulic garage and RV door to fit in my endwall opening of 14' x 14'. I would like to have 4 small garage door windows at the eye level. Please let me know if you should have any further questions. Thanks


Looking for a price quote on a 12 high by 16 wide hydraulic door with remote for a residential garage application. I'm in Portland Oregon and I'd like to have it professionally installed. I'd also like to know the lead time, since I'm currently working on the garage addition.


We would like to have a representative contacting us regarding a 40' wide vertically lifting hydraulic  garage door in Los Angeles area. Thanks.


I am building a new stick garage and have the same building restrictions as the amazing project you did for the motorhome owner in Washington. I'm considering a similar bifold solution with a fake fašade that shows a regular 8 foot high garage door but has 14 feet of clearance when the bifold opens. Can you give me an idea of the cost of the door, frame/bracing and installation. I don't need an exact quote but I'd like to know how much something like that costs within 10K to see if it's feasible to incorporate into my design. Would a hydraulic door also work for this specialized project.  I assume that if I proceed I would have my architect and engineers consult with your technical staff. 


I am considering adding a hydraulic garage door to my home due to some clearance issues. Needs to be wind rated for FL Miami-Dade code


Hi, My wife and I are building building a house in MI. We live in a development where out side appearance is very important. We are not sure how a regular 12 ft x 10ft wide hydraulic residential door will look with our other 8ft high doors. I would like pricing on both of the door designs you have and if they would be able to be made to order to match our other garage doors? I Need clearance hight of 12 ft. and width of 10ft. Also I live in Michigan do you have installers in my area? Thank you for your time and I look forward to hearing from you. 


Looking for pricing on (2) bifolding garage doors and (2) hydraulic designer doors for a very custom & high-end residential project located in Philadelphia PA. If it's something you might be interested in, please contact me and I can provide drawings & details. Thank you!


Investigating your bifold and hydraulic doors for my KY home garage rebuild. Have been looking for your product for a long time. ultimately, i would like to custom finish on the door to match the other siding. Let me know if you will want plans and elevations. Looking forward to discussing further. 


We are specing a Schweiss BiFold Door as a garage glass door at a single family residence project in Northern CA. Please send me some glass company names so we can contact them for manufacturing the glass system onto Schweiss one piece garage doors. Thanks,


What is the cost for Hydraulic RV Garage Door 16' wide and 14' high just like the one you built in WA. Just need equipment and frame. I have contractor who will install wood frame cladding on it. Needs walk door and remote. Thank you, Jim


We would like to determine what the resulting clear opening height (B) would be given that the exterior soffit above garage door is currently at 8'-0"AFF (F). 9-unit AZ townhome project. Widths varies. Hydraulic doors with remote openers, clad with 12 ga corten steel plate.


Considering enclosing an RV Port in TX for use as Climate Controlled personal storage, possibly a loft apartment at some point. Want to maintain Max Entry dimensions in case a small RV is considered in the future. RV Port entry in OR is 10'10" Wide x 12'2" Tall. Interested primarily in costs of Hydraulic RV  Garage Door. Am open to other suggestions. 


We are building a 50 X 50 RV Garage and would like a 40 foot wide by 14 foot high bifold door using the one piece hydraulic garage RV door. Who in Southern California can install one and what is the approximate cost for the door system ?


Would like to know a estimate for a hydraulic glass garage door with grids 10X7 and 22X8. We will clad and insulate the door.


My home will need a 8x16 Schweiss one piece hydraulic garage door with remote opener. I am hoping to put on a wood covered door with some cool glass in it. I'll cover one piece door in matching wood and trim.


I am removing my two 18 ft garage doors and want more headroom. I like your one piece hydraulic door but would consider your Schweiss bifold liftstrap garage door. I am ready to purchase now. Size: 36 ft wide and 13.6 high


What is the price of an Schweiss hydraulic bus garage door and system for the end wall 60 feet wide? Ideally I'd like 14 handheld remote door openers for each bus driver. Is that possible?


We have a customer interested in hydraulic garage doors. We are new to your product and would like to get some information on your product. Roughly our customer is looking for a 10 - 0 x 14 - 0 with no headroom


I need a budgetary quote only right now from Schweiss Doors. This is for my garage/woodshop. I want a frame that will support wood exterior panelling and trim. total added trim weight of less than 150lbs. I have 220v available.




We have 2 residential projects located in Miami, FL in which we would like to specify 3 Schweiss bi-fold garage doors. Before we go any further I would like to know if you have Miami-Dade product approval. If yes I would like to get a quote for a 16' X 9'-6" Schweiss bi-fold metal garage door. Thank you.


looking for rv garage door for new garage approximately 18 foot wide opening, 14 to 16 feet high I assume I could face it with whatever materials I can think of (some cement board siding, fake windows, and a 3-4 foot lower rim of stick on stone ) Give me your recommendations on whether to install a Schweiss Bifold Door or one piece Schweiss Hydraulic door. I like them both.


Schweiss Doors: We are in the midst of trying to figure out a hydraulic option for a garage door for a new house in Invermere, BC. The opening is 18' wide and 7'6" clear opening in a wood frame with some steel, and we're trying to get a handle on the dimensions. Do you have any CAD files that we could use to integrate into our drawings? We are looking to do a custom cladding on the door so as that it is in keeping with the rest of the house, so there is some detailing on our end that we'd like to do. We worked on a house in Golden that I believe you supplied the Schweiss garage door for - are there any issues that we should be aware of in supplying to Canada? Thanks for your help, I look forward to hearing from you! Sincerely, Leo 


Hoping to get a quote for a Schweiss hydraulic door and a Schweiss bi-fold door. We are looking into a project for our new home construction and if it is feasible monetarily. The exterior door size would need to be approximately 18' wide and 14' tall. No instillation is needed. Any information would be appreciated. Thank you in advance.


I am currently building a custom garage . I have framed the 16' x 9.5' door opening with 4x4x3/16 sq tubing. The total wall thickness is framed with 2x6 wood studs. There will be full windows above the door way. Please bid a one piece Red powered hydraulic door and I would like the door hinges to be attached to the 4x4 tubing and the final door position to be recessed in the opening so I can side the door with the same cedar siding as the house. Thanks 


This is for a residental garage. There is two openings. One is 16'3"x 8' Second is 9'3"x8' C.9'1" D.13" E.12" F.9'1" H.9' Measurements C D E F&H are same for both openings. Floor to soffit outside is 9'2 1/2"




I'm an architect interested in using schweiss swing door system for a residential garage. I love the look and am excited to see it,I like the look of your door over the traditional overhead garage door. Thanks, Rodger


I'm looking for a bifold door for 5 year old wood garage. Are your doors insulated? What type of material are your doors made of? Plus can I get some info on installing a swing style door.


We have a 14 tall x 24 wide overhead door on the front of our machine shop that we are thinking of replacing with a hydraulic door. The building has vaulted ceiling so we are hoping we could get a little more height in the center with a one piece door.


Please price a hydrolic door 8 feet wide by 10 feet tall This is a follow up from sun & fun. This door needs to be installed on my garage.


Hello,I would like to purchase a 9ft x 12ft one piece hydraulic door for my garage project.I would like it setup with mounts for inside sheeting.Please advise as to cost and availability.Thanks in advance, Jack B


I would like to replace an existing traditional overhead garage door with a Schweiss hydrualic door. There is low overhead, which makes the installation of an opener problematic. I would like a basic R-16 or better door with windows in the upper section. Thanks for your assistance.


I need a garage door for a residential project. The door opening is 16' wide by 7'0 high. We want to avoid interior lowering of headroom, so a schweiss hydrualic door seems like a good alternative. Typical wood flat panel door is desired. Can you give me budget pricing for such a door? THANKS


I am remodeling a large garage. The front half of the garage where the current doors are will be a large recreation room (36ft W x 14 ft D. I would like to replace the two existing garage doors with something that (1) looks nice on interior and exterior (2) Door provides awning when opened (3) is insulated and (4)can accomodate fairly large windows and (5)still functions as a garage door for when I turn the space back into a garage. I am just looking for a range estimate at this time to help with decision making. I am thinking that a bi-old or hydraulic door are going to be my best options. I believe my two garage doors are 18x8 ft and 9x8. With the bi-fold, I'm worried about maintaining clearance.


Building a custom home that requires a flush finish condition between garage door and siding. Door is ro at 16'-3" x 7'- 1 1/2 8'6" ceiling height. Please contact me. I need to keep as much head room as possible. I think that the one piece swing door would be perfect.


I am interested in your product because I need three large hydraulic doors for my new garage. which is 50 feet long 30 feet wide and has 14 feet clearance at the south end and 13 feet of clearance at the north end. i WOULD NEED A TOTAL OF THREE DOORS for this structure 1. 14 feet height and 15 feet wide 2. 14 feet heigth and 12 feet wide 3. 13 feet heigth and 12 feet wide these are the demensions of the three doors that I would need. I have 6x6 structure post on each corner for the doors to be placed to run inside of them.


I saw your ad in a magazine - I was curious to the pricing of a 12.5w x 13 lift up garage door for my shop. Living in Florida was also wondering if they are impact doors. I currently have my existing garage (roll up) doors shuttered.


Sub. Bi Folding Garage Door Dear Sir Reference to the above subject; could you please advise more information Brochures, Prices, Technical data about this product?


I am looking for a 16' x 8' bifold door. The garage opening is built to accept a "normal" sectional door. I do not want the door entering the garage if possible. Not sure what I need to get, but have been looking for awhile. I got a quote while back from you guys, but misplaced it and wasn't sure if I even requested the right type of door.


I have a two stall car garage.Openings are 7'wide x 9' high with a space from the top of header to the bottom of the overhang is 10 1/2" . Will bifold doors work and price. Thank you


I need a quote on one standard 9'W X 8'H hydraulic garage door, no windows, made to look like a standard 8' roll-up 4-panel steel garage door to match the door next to it which will remain. The guide rails of the existing overhead door are negating the construction of a loft in the garage. There needs to be at least 7' overhead clearance when the door is fully open for vehicle ingress/egress.


Can you give me a very rough idea of the cost for a residential garage? The opening is 168" wide, approx. 7 feet tall, for a hydraulic to go on the outside of a concrete and stone garage.


I'm looking for a medium grade hydraulic garage door ,no glass for a customer of mine.


We have two 20ft Garage doors, that have been giving us trouble, going to have to get fixed soon. We are looking into your hydraulic door, to replace our current doors. Thanks for the Estimate and looking into our project.


I have a garage with only about 15 inches of head room and a short front to back area which is about 8 inches too short to allow a standard overhead garage door. Could a hydraulic be a suitable alternative? How pricy are they?


Hi -- I called and spoke to someone in technical yesterday about getting CAD details for a hydraulic garage door, Flush (H) style mount. Its new construction, two doors, each 10' tall, one is 20'-3" wide, the other is 30'-1" wide.


Would like some simple estimates on a 35'w x 9'h hydraulic door for a residential garage door. I will cover the frame. I have not worked with this product before. The garage is concrete and not built yet so I can adjust the plans to meet any needs of the door. The objective is a 3 car wide door that opens out...and a bit interesting.


I would like an estimate for a residential hydraulic garage door for an opening of 8'Hx20'W. I am thinking maybe windows on the top half and solid on the bottom half. Can you also tell me what materials you use. Thank you.


I am looking for a hydraulic door for my garage, approximately 10 feet wide by 9 feey high. Can you provide it? Are there standard sizes? I am preparing to build the garage so I do not have a set size.


We own a garage in Quebec. Smowfall amount can be considerable here: we are concerned about how would react the hydraulic Schweiss garage door if the weight of 4 feet of snow was leaning against the lower section of the door. What is the reliability track record of these door in very snowy climate such as the one we have here ? We are thinking of a 28 feet wide x 16 feet high hydraulic door, with polycarbonate windows, with very high R thermal insulation factor to keep the cost of heating within reasonable limits but at the same time get good daylight. Normand Cossette P.Engineer & Agronomist owner of Irrigation NORCO inc.


Would like a quote for a standard size hydraulic garage door. We are making the garage into a family room but do not want the unsightly hangers that go with a roll up garage door. The plan is to use a light weight SIPS panel with a window. Please have a sales person contact me. Thanks.


I'm interested in a 12' wide x 10' clear height, hydraulic door which I will clad with plywood and install on my existing gaurage (concrete and steel). What are my options and prices? I can pick-up or you can ship... Thanks


Need a quote on 3 each, custom, hydraulic garage doors. 9'-10" wide x 8' tall is the finished opening. I have a 6x16 beam for a header with a total of 2'-6" clear above the opening for mounting the door. stucco exterior that we will be mounting to. include some pictures. we are looking at the glass doors. Include Add/Alternats for auto-openers and any other options you would recommend. this is for a very high-end custom home.


free standing garage type door hydraulic open. no roof or side walls-fenced in after install. contact e-mail or phone


I have a standard two car garage, wood construction, with a typical 7' x 16' garage door. I would like a quote on both your bifold and hydraulic "one-Piece" doors. Thank you for your time.


Please price a hydraulic garage door. Galvanized steel columns on either side of concrete foundation opening (A) 6"x6" x5/16 .Columns set in 6"on left on foundation,6.5" on right. Columns offset from back of plywood sheathing 5.25" to its face.Sheathing 1/2" Siding3/4" Sofit can be raised to top of 7"wide steel beam (D=17.5) The company has a steel fabrication shop,will you work with us so that we can save on freight?