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Would like to retrofit a sch-h1-5-cpc with either a 12v backup motor, or other means of utilization during power outages. I would like a price on suggested upgrade either retrofit, or new hydraulic unit.


I am interested in if you sell just your hydraulic electrical power units for your hydraulic and bifold doors. I am making my own door frames for my personal shop that are very similar to what it appears you manufacture. I was looking to build a little power unit to run the two doors, however, if I could purchase one from you all ready to go, I'd be very interested. Thank you.


We have a large Schweiss hydraulic door for our hangar and it is operated by two motors. we would like a reconmendation as to a size backup generator that would be able to operate the doors only in case of an electrical outage.


Door information packet was destroyed by my young black lab for hydraulic door. Please send new packet especially wiring on explosion proof door opener.


Building a FL home in areo club. Need pricing estimate to build a 45 by 60 ft hanger. 24 ft high. Would like a pair of 18 by 20 ft hydraulic electrical hangar doors. Thank you


I am considering building a hangar (2x6 construction) at the Afton, Wyoming airport. The hangar would be 40'x48' with a 12'x 40' hydraulic  door. I'd appreciate a cost estimate for the door plus freight, the required electrical service for the door, the cost of the top and side weather stripping, and the detailed design for the header,column, rafters, etc. to mount the door. Also, would it make a difference in installation for side wall installation versus end wall? Which is recommended? 


We have a MT customer who has a 60' wide x 6' high door and are looking to have it electrically operated with hydraulic door cylinders, we are looking for an Idea and a cost.


We have a customer with your Schweiss  hydraulic hangar doors and I need schematics on the motor - I have pictures I can send w/ model, etc. if you will send me an e-mail address. These are very old, but still reliable doors, however client wants to upgrade to your new Red Power motor.  Thanks! Wendy


We are specifying your bi-fold garage doors in our current Community College project and would like to talk with someone about getting some additional electrical connection information for the Red Power motor units. Is there someone that we can talk to over the phone of via e-mail that can help us answer some questions? Specifically we are looking to determine; - What size horsepower does the 8-foot motor door and the 16-foot motor door take? - Are the door motors dual voltage rated? (Can the doors take 208V along with 220V?) - Is there an additional cost for having the door motors 3-phase instead of single phase? - Is it possible to get an electrical diagram of the wiring and motors? We will be installing 4 one piece hydraulic Schweiss doors in this project - (3) 8-foot doors and (1) 16 foot door. It appears from your website that each door size has a different motor, is that correct? We appreciate your responsiveness in having someone contact us.


I am looking for an electric motor drive system for a bifold door that I installed on my shop probably 15 to 20 years ago. I bought the door from a a guy in  South Dakota. I did put insulation on before the tin work and the door has a counterweight off to the side. I do have a loft in the building so the drive could go up there. The door size is about 16 feet wide by 14 high. Could I just add the drive or would I have to replace the door with a Schweiss Bifold or Hydraulic door? I quess I am looking for my best option and what it would cost me.


job name CFI (2) 30' wide x 30' tall insulated 460volt 3 phase operators need a price on two hydraulic doors