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We are looking to build a military aircraft hangar in Livingston, CO. Steel building. The likely door width will be around 70-80 feet. 20 feet high for the door opening is required. Would like quote on hydraulic one piece aircraft door with remote opener, windows and backup systems.


I am needing a hydraulic military shop door in HI  that is 25'-0" wide and 14'-0" high. Need to have an operator as well. Need to get a cost for the door. I will also need to know how much room is needed above the 14'-0" for the door structure Thank you.


Please provide quote for 45'x16' military hydraulic blast proof door. Hangar door will go in 50'x50'x18' steel building at Ft. Hood, TX. Hangar door would be ordered in late Summer if budget is good to go. Please provide option for install.


I am putting together a metal building quote on two military use buildings. Can you provide the loading information on a bi-fold door: 70' wide x 25' tall and a hydraulic door 60' wide x 20' tall. Project is in Springfield, MO. IBC 2012 Wind = 115 MPH, Exp "C" Live load = 20 psf Ground Snow = 15 psf.


Starting build on a 4 door military rescue helicopter hangar that will require 4 hydraulic doors 60' wide, two at 16' tall and two at 20' tall. Give me a price range on steel windrated doors with walkdoors, windows, installed. I assume I'll  supply a set of actual bldg plans for a firm quote?


Misc. repairs for various operational problems required for (8) pairs of helicopter pod doors (some sliding doors, some clam-shell doors) Doors were custom built about 50 years ago, for Dept. of Military Affairs. As A/E on call, need assistance in writing a scope of work and establishing a budget for necessary replacements with your Schweiss Hydraulic Red Power unit. Doors are approx. 40' wide. All will need one man door and three windows across about five feet from bottom.


I am a representative from Creative Tent International. We specialize in fabric shelters for military camps and bases. I need a quote hopefully by today or Monday for 28 doors that would attach to our shelters that will be housing one of either of the following MQ-9 Reaper UAV, F15 Fighter Jet, or CH-47 helicopter. Our structures have angled legs and the dimensions will be 90%u2019x100%u2019. Your thoughts on whether a bifold lift strap or hydraulic door would be better for this application.  Please refer to our website


I am working on a cost estimate using the Schweiss Bi-Fold Doors. Request a budget pricing for eight 14ft x 14ft Schweiss Bi-fold Lift Strap Doors for Lake City Army Ammunition, Mo. We are trying to figure if it is cost effective over sectional overhead doors. Thanks


From: Heimbaugh, Walter J NWK Sent: Tuesday, January 17, 2012 4:12 PM To: 'schweiss@schweissdoors.com' Subject: Request a budget pricing for on a cost estimate using the Schweiss Bi-Fold Doors. Classification: UNCLASSIFIED Caveats: NONE I am working on a cost estimate using the Schweiss Bi-Fold Doors. Request a budget pricing for eight 14ft x 14ft Schweiss Bi-fold Doors for Lake City Army Ammunition. We are trying to figure if it is cost effective over sectional overhead doors. Thanks  Walter J. Heimbaugh RA, CCE, CVS, COR Architectural Engineer US Army Corps of Engineers 


RIAC located at Dugway Proving Grounds has purchased four of your Schweisss Bi-Fold doors for our hangars. We are wanting to hook these doors up to an aux power sourse (generator). What size of generators are required to ensure safe operations of your Schweiss Bi-Fold Door product?


I am working on a new aircraft Hangar for the Air National Guard (ANG). For the project a 115' wide by 42' high hangar door is required. ANG has required in their program that an insulated canopy type door with an integral overhead door be utilized. I notice on your website that you manufacture hydraulic canopy type doors. Is the door identified here a possibility to be a hydraulic canopy type door? We are in the schematic stages of the project and looking at various options for the door opening if a canopy type cannot be done. Could you let me know some prelim info? 1.) If you could mfr such a door to the size noted (115' x 42') and if it could include a OH door as described 2.) Typical budget costs - 3.) What type of loading for structural support - what is best to support door from - Our area is a 90 mph Exposure C wind load criteria - Concern would be when the door is opened and the limitations on such so it does not get tore off the structure under high winds 4.) What insulation values can be achieved - we need R20 on walls for energy code our zone - Could a framework be skinned with insulated panels - 5.) Other options - Bifold? Pocket Type. Thank you and I look forward to your response . I may be contacted at info below,


I am looking for a bid on 34 ea. 25'x 5' overhead bifold doors for the FY11 Regional Logistics Support Complex in Washington. The bids are needed by 6/3/11. Are you familiar with this project?


Do you have any hydraulic doors currently installed on military hangars?  Temperatures get down to minus-50, and we have been using other doors because of the icing problems with sliding doors. We may consider other upward acting doors for new upcoming construction, but are interested in knowing whether the system has a proven track record in similar circumstances.