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looking for a hydraulic door to fit the space I have to work with the door size 14' high opening by 26' wide opening and 24" of room above the opening this is on a concrete room that we are building in side of an existing building the 14' opening needs to be 14' can a hydraulic door work and can I get a quote


Our company is interested in budget pricing for three bi-fold doors. The existing building is a masonry shell with existing windows where the doors are to be installed. Can Schweiss Bifold Doors give us more information on what's best for our bifold door needs.


To whom this may concern, I am retrofitting a garage door into an existing masonry block building. I am interestetd in a standard size single car garage door. It can be either manual or automatic lift and I would like pricing on both types, bifold and single swing doors. There is a prexisting concret lintle for the door frame if that is a consideration. I will be cutting out existing concret block below the lintle to make room for the new door. Please provide measurnements on your standard size opening requirements so that I may determin what will fit. In addtion to examlpes of door treatment/sheathing, kindly provide current prices. I prefer not having to customize on this project. Thank you.


Following up on a contact around the first of the year. My structure is almost complete. Its getting time to decide on the hydraulic lift door. I need a door to go into a 42 foot 5 inch wide X 15 foot 11 1/2 inch opening. It needs to have its own headder. I need information in advance for hinge spacing and requirements. The joint between the foundation wall and the wood wall is 5 foot up. I would like a man door on the right side (viewed from outside).


We have hangars built of cinder block. I doubt seriously the cinder block structure has the integrity to support doors. Therefore, I am looking for a bifold door system that is self supporting which will put no load on the existing cinder block structure. There is plenty of space in front of the building to accommodate the integration of a self supporting structure that would accommodate doors. Can you help me with this problem, or refer me to someone who can solve this need. Thanks


I am looking to replace a door on a Hangar at KFCM. It is a concrete block hangar door opening is 38.5' x 12.5'. I am interested in having the price for a hydraulic door and what you charge to install door. Thank you.