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Could you get me a price on a one piece hydraulic hangar door 42x14 delivered to Wood County Texas 75773. It will be new construction on metal building. You have delivered me 8 or 9 to this location in the past. Thanks, Randy


Need a price on a 50' x 16' headed to Dunnellon, FL. Will be applied to metal building Hydraulic door


I am looking at a Hydraulic door for a 60 X 60 steel building to be used as a Aircraft hanger.. largest width possible and at least 16' high I HAVE 18' eves.


I installed one of your 36' bifold doors about 20 years ago. I now need a new top rubber seal. How do I order it? Also need quote on new hydraulic 44' door with walk door and remote opener for new metal building. Thanks.


Hello, I'm looking at some ROM/Budget pricing for (2) Hydraulic Doors for a steel industrial building. They would be external truss style. Their sizes are as follows: 18'-0" Wide by 10'-0" Tall 15'-0" Wide by 10'-0" Tall Their purpose is to act as an opening out to an exterior work area.


Pricing out a 60'X 60'X 21' eave metal building in Bangor, ME. Would like to know if we can put a 55'X 18' hydraulic door on this building and how much $ etc. Love the quality workmanship in all your doors.


Hello, I'm looking for a delivered price on a door that will go to central CA. This is for a 40x19 clear hydraulic door system. Would need to be power operated and we have 220v single phase power available. This will be installed on an existing steel building. Just need a good price for budgeting to see if our customer wants to move forward on this project. Kevin


I'm working on designing a metal building in VT  with a 60'0 x 24'0 hydraulic lift door and I was wondering if you have general specs for this size door that I may use. I need door reactions for design and the customer hasn't been able to provide them. General specs are fine, I just need somewhere to start.


Need a price quote for a 50' wide by 16' height hydraulic door with walk door and windows. Cost of door & installation on our existing metal building in SC.


I need a price for my customer in Grain Valley, MO, on a Schweiss hydraulic door, 35 x 16, installed. It will go in the gabled endwall of a 60 x 90 x 20 all steel frame metal building, Ibeam red iron construction. How long does it take to get one once we order the building. The factory chose the 20' eave.  He is also pricing a 35 x 16 overhead bifold door. Do you do those as well? 


May go with a steel building 48'x40'x16'high May go with wood framed building of the same dimensions. I would like to go with the maximum sized Schweiss door that would be allowed for the 48' end of the building- probably 44' wide? x 16' high?


I am building an implement shed. There is three 20' wide x 16' high doors. The ceiling is 18' high. I would like to consider this type of Schweiss door instead of an overhead door.


Good morning, I'm looking for pricing on a hangar door for an existing metal building with an opening 55' 3 1/2" x 12'0", bifold or one piece door. Need delivery to Homestead, Florida. Call me if you have any questions. Thanks.


Please quote the price of 2 glass doors (bi-fold and hydraulic), each dimension is: 23'(W)x10'(H) for a metal structure. Thank you.


i am building a new metal hangar 100 x 100 with a 80 x 20 hydraulic door ,can you do a door this big and what is approx cost


I am working on a project to install a hanger door in an existing metal building and need to establish the highest possible clearance. It looks like your hydraulic one piece door might work. I have a structural head height of 16'-6" and the opening will be 26 feet wide. I would appreciate your assistance greatly. Curtis K.


I have a Star Building on order with a 28' x 16' door opening. I want to use either a schweiss hydraulic or bifold door system. I think I would prefer the hydraulic. I am not in a rush for the door, as I likely won't be erecting the building immediately upon arrival. Probably not until later in 2011. I need a quote and some engineering to provide the building manufacturer for the design process. Can you help me with both of these? Do you have any truck loads coming to CA in the next six months? Thanks, Derek


I am quoting a new steel building to construct that needs a 40' wide X 15' tall opening in the end wall of a single slope. I am interseted in a schweiss hydraulic door to put on it. Please send specs and price. Thanks


I need a quote on a 40' x 13' Schweiss bi-fold and a one piece hydralic door for a metal Morton building that I am having built... Thanks in advance, Jim F


Building a hangar, ON A VERY SHORT TIME FRAME, for a King Air 90. Building is metal, 70 wide and 50 deep. Want a hydraulic door that will give a completely clear opening of 60' wide and 16' tall - in the clear. I need to know two things on Monday, please: 1: Cost Estimate; 2: Time frame to build and ship such a door.


I have two of your hangar doors and have helped seven other people order your hangar doors. I need a hydraulic door for a storage building I have. It is about 13 feet high and 16 feet wide. could you make a door of that size and what would it cost? (free standing model)


I need two insulated hydraulic doors for a 60x90 buiding. 1 door is 25'8 in wide and 14'4 in high side wall The second door is 23'8 in wide and 14' 4 in high end wall