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Hello, my firm is currently working on the historic rehabilitation of a home originally built for the 1933 World's Fair in Chicago. Now located in the Indiana Dunes National Park, the home features a tilt-up hanger door approx. 35' wide by 7' tall. Our goal is to recreate this door, assuming that it may need to be segmented into smaller components. Your products appear to match our intent, we would greatly appreciate a call and any drawings/details you can provide. Thank you


I would like to get a price for 2- bifold doors, , I need the following : 1 - 18'03/16" X 15'-2-1/2" RH and 15'-2-3/16"LH and and 1- 18'-0-3/8" X 15'-2-1/8" The two doors need to be "one piece" style that will retrofit within 8" headroom. Are there distributors here in So. Cal. If possible we would like a price for the 2 doors w/ hardware, I'd appreciate a quote w/ installation, windows and remote control. Do installation instructions come with it? Thank you.


We are raising the ceiling in an old dairy barn 8 feet to make a shop/machine shed. It is constructed of wood using laminated gothic arches. The hydraulic door will need to be 40' long and I will insulate and sheet the door myself. I need 3 window framed in it. Thanks


I have a hangar built in 1988 with a single-piece 39 feet 2 inch foot wide x 10 feet 9 inch high metal door that is currently opened manually. The door is counter-weighted by a Rube Goldberg 3 foot x 2 foot x 3 foot concrete block located on the side of the hangar, connected by cables that attach to the door in three places. Electric power available in the hangar is 30 amps/120 volts maximum. I'd like to replace the door and counter-weight with one of your doors, perhaps a bi-fold. Do you have a solution that would work for me? Thank you! PS: Photos available upon request


I am either building a new hangar or retro fitting the existing one I require 2 hydraulics 40 ft wide by 16 ft tall


We own an Industrial type building in Marion, OH and are looking to replace two large steel roll up doors with one bi-fold door. Do you have a representative in our area? We would like to get some recommendations and pricing. Thanks


This is to replace a sliding door with one of your Bifold Doors, and the net opening is 30' tall with a clear opening of 25'.


looking for a quote on a hydraulic one piece door for an opening on gable end that will be 16' high by 28' wide. we are in the middle of remodel and this may be an option. are the doors insulated? are there options which i should consider?


We are considering replacing a sliding door on a hanger in the Denver CO area. It has jammed once and now broken, and we are not happy. We want you to make us happy with one of your bifold or hydraulic doors. What info do you need to get the ball rolling?


The bifold door will be mounted on the side wall. the exsisting header is partially rotten because of a bad rain gutter and needs to be replaced, what do we replace it with?


Will need 2 Hydraulic Doors: 1) Main Hangar: opening is 61' wide and 14.1' high. Windows across the upper part desired Secure pedestrian entry door desired 2) Car Door: opening 120" wide, 120.5" high Installation desired. Currently doors on rollers for the main hangar door and roll-up type door for car.


We are considering hydraulic for 2 interior applications at a renovation. I'd like to send a section showing a potential motor placement to determine if the assembly and clearances will work. Pleae contact me so that I can forward on the drawing.


I need to replace a 16 foot wide by 20 foot tall rollup door with a 20 foot wide by 20 foot tall door. could you giive me and estibmate on a hydraulic door? thanks,


We currently have two sliding 16' overhead doors that we want to combine with the application of your Schweiss bifold or hydraulic doors and possibly have an 18'-20' tall door that is ~36' wide. We are trying to make the opening larger to fit some of our larger tanks into our facility. Thank you for your time and I will be looking forward to hearing back from you. Have a great day.


We are checking out replacement hydraulic doors for our farm shop. Need insulation. Currently have steel roll-up door.


I have a pole barn with sliding doors. I would like to know options available to get an automatic hydraulic door that seals openings for rodent control.


Needing to replace an overhead door for RV storage. Minimum opening size needs to be 12'-0" wide x 13'-0" tall. The bifold door would be used rarely, so we don't need a high end door.


We anticipate starting construction late this fall with a Sept. move-in. We are an ambulance manufacturer and would like to move away from the "service shop" appearance of roll up doors. Post spacing on the side walls will be 30' and I need to put 2 hydraulic one piece doors between this therefore the 13' width. At this time I am looking for budget pricing and options.


Existing hangar door damaged from micro-burst. 12'5" x 40' opening on side wall not on gabled end. Some flex in I-beam header from snow/ice load during winter. I-beam header post - wood. Need maximum bifold door open clearance.


Would like a price on a 18 by 36 foot hydraulic door, I have a slider which blew in on the last storm so I was thinking of replacing it with something else. It is a Ram building who were already out and gave me an estimate. Please let me know. Thanks


We have an existing building with overhead doors but we need a larger hydraulic door installed to get our trailer in with the given turning radius. I selected I Beam contruction below. I will have to double check on that. It was built quite a while ago... at least 25 years.


My overhead door buckled under wind load and needs to be replaced with a hydraulic door. size 16 x 30 or 18 x 30 Thanks


We are interested in getting 2 hydraulic aluminum and glass doors for use in a post production facility we are doing. Each would fit into existing 8' x 8' overhead door openings.


I have a barn, peg-beam-mortis & tennon construction circa 1915. It was metal sided in 1982 or so with large sliding doors, and done well. I wish to replace the sliding doors on one side with a hydraulic door that can be operated by the push of a button, with a remote unit and not lose any height of the opening to the hydraulic door itself. The opening is 12'2" high and 15' wide. Your product may serve.


I need an experienced installer to retrofit an exist building for a hydraulic door. The building belongs to the Fire Department with a lease to Med-Trans Corp. Preliminary approval from the Fire Dept has be made, but until we have an installer check the building and recommend the required changes, the project is at a stand still. Please send a list of experienced local installers


i have a airplane hanger on the farm that we use for a machine shed . it is a post world war II steel shed with steel beams and has a steel door with steel beams, could i use a hydraulic door system to replace the old door, and what would it cost