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Hi, I would like to inquire about having the hydraulic door drill operated battery backup. Do I need a whole new system or is this something we can upgrade. Thank you.


Looking for hydraulic cylinders etc to open a container wall. I don’t need the door. Just the hardware.


Hi I currently have a hydro swing door and would like to switch it over to your hydraulic power unit I saw on your website. How much are they? Any price difference between a wall Mount and the floor mount? Thanks Ryan


Hi my name is Caroline. I am looking for a hydraulic door seal for an airplane Hangar door that is 55 wide by 25 High I only need one if you can please send us a quote or give me a call.


I am looking for a hydraulic door part, I need the price and delivery on a top rubber seal for my one-piece hydraulic door, the size of seal must be 12 inches wide by 45 feet long. Thanking you in advance, Terry


I have a 44 foot hydraulic barn door, currently has a corner seal which is worn out....being in southern Nevada it is quite windy and dusty and would like to keep as much dust out as possible. I was looking at your foam inserted corner seal. What kind of price am I looking at? Do you think it appropriate for my needs? And do you give military discount? thanks Carmen


Need a hydraulic pump and 2 cylinders to replace the ones on my door .I got the door 2012-2013 from another company but see that Schweiss hydraulics are more superior . Door size is 43 w by 12 h.


I am looking for some replacement door seal material (12" X 42' for an existing hydraulic door (sadly not one of yours) Could use two pieces 42' long (or a 100' roll if that is how it comes.) Looking for something in around the 60 mil reinforced EPDM - if that is what you recommend. I am also interested in your foam inner material for the seal on my other bifold door, if it is useable in a MN climate (does not get too hard.) 


Hello, We have a Schweiss hydraulic door here at our hangar in Iqaluit, Nunavut. The weather stripping has worn out over years and years of use and abuse. I'd like to look into ordering some new weather stripping for the hydraulic door including the brushes for the sides and a rubber strip and brush for the bottom. Thank you very much for your time and consideration. I really hope you guys can help us out here. 


I have an old 16' by 48' Schweiss hydraulic door on an aircraft hangar at Glacier International Airport, Kalispell, Montana. It might be about 15 years old and facing South. Both the upper and lower door seals need to be replaced Any information and advice would be appreciated. Do you have an approved service person in our area? Thank you.


I need to replace the motor on a hydraulic door build by another company (out of business). I noticed your hydraulic doors use a similar design  It looks like the motor is close enough for me to retrofit. Where can I get parts/pricing for this  components?  Do you have a dealer/installer near Boise, Idaho Thanks


looking for battery backup system to add to my Schweiss hydraulic pump in case electricity goes out.


I need to replace the bottom door seals on multiple old MN bi-fold and hydraulic aviation hangars. I would also like to receive a parts catalog if you have one available. Thank You


Does Schweiss have local dealerships that have staff that are experts in diagnosing hangar door/structural problems? We have a 1960's vintage hangar 140' X 100' with sliding main door (six panel) with metal 12" metal wheels on steel tracks. 18' Clear door opening. During the winter the doors drag. Also, the upper tracks seem to be sagging down onto the door. Bottom door wheels need to be replaced but the wheels are worn down in the track groove. If we replace with new rollers that are not worn down, it will raise the doors to the point that the door will make contact the bolt heads in the upper door tracks. Do we have a door problem or a structural problem with the hangar? If it's a structural problem I'd consider replacing these sliders with a hydraulic door. Your help will be much appreciated.


need a hydraulic door with bird netting to prevent birds entering feed storage building. Do you carry bird netting in your parts catalog? remote controlled opener also required.


We are working on a restaurant job and are interested in your hydraulic glass restaurant doors.  Do you happen to have a sales person in Memphis, TN? If we should need parts, can they be sent out from the Schweiss factory on a moments notice?


Howdy, back in 2008 we did some business with you, and I saw today your email address we had on file may not be active any more. So we have current information, to whom in your Schweiss parts division team should we direct future orders or door problems to? 


Need a new bottom seal for my 40 ft. Schweiss hydraulic door. It's a flat 8 1/2 in wide rubber boot piece attached to inside and outside to form a U-shaped seal. Can't think of any other door parts that would wear out on your great doors.


Hello, I'm looking to get size and parts price information for a hydraulic door bottom seal. Thank You, Bill in Pittsburg, Ks.


I would like a quote on a parts package to replace electrical motor parts for our hydraulic door.  I can send pictures and dimensions. We're having a problem with door not lifting fast enough. Any help is appreciated.


Hello, I%u2019m bidding a designer door project in San Francisco CA. Architect has specified your company for a Café/Food hydraulic door in the Service area. I%u2019m looking for someone who can provide me with pricing on the Steel Framed Door, Hydraulic Cylinders and pump. Thank you! Jason


Please quote a Hydraulic Industrial Building Door 65'x 22'. I need this for my customer and I need the door loading and costs of upgrades (photo eyes, battery backup, horns, entrance lights, etc. if possible to quote the building. Thanks Schweiss for your help.


Would you please give me the name for a local service company for my hydraulic Schweiss hangar door in Kalispell Montana. I need an improved seal at the bottom of the door and I would like any needed service / inspection of the door. 


Hello, My colleague is designing two aircraft hangars and will specify the Schweiss hydraulic  door as the basis of design. The door is 60'w x 20'h clear. The lower panel will be metal siding and the upper half will be polycarbonate. I am handling electrical requirements for these Hangars and need to know the following: - motor size - motor number - motor position(s) relative to door - overload protection detail - fuse and/or breaker size, disconnect size and type - control requirements for the motor(s)


Hi. I have been a huge fan of your company for quite some time now. It is amazing. I was wondering if you could send me some free corporate logo stickers? Along with some other free branded marketing and hydraulic door promotional items that you may have? If you could, please send them to me in Honolulu, Hawaii 96821 Thank you, and keep up the great work.


what is that maximum panel size (framing spacing) for your glass doors...both bi fold and hydraulic. Does Schweiss Doors have insulated panels or interior door coverings to sell?  thank you.


I have a 60 X 60 hangar with a 16 x 50 door. I notice that most hangar doors are insulated with blankets, some use rigid insulation sheets and some are spray-foamed. I would like to have the best insulation possible and a more finished look. I would like to spray-foam the door and then cover it with something that looks nice such as metal, plastic sheets, etc. Believe I read that you sell top quality insulated sheeting for hydraulic doors but am thinking  blankets are the way to go?


Please price me a door 34'X15' I like the hydraulic cylinder operated one with the porch idea not sure if you would sell as a package with pump, parts and drawings and I build my own or you only sell complete but either way need pricing and motor and cylinder specs as I am at electrical stage now Thanks


Hello, I'm interested in a product similar to the one you provided for the Newmarket Operations HQ, and was wondering if you could provide a Revit model to a product similar to this to incorporate it into my project, along with the spec and parts catalog that details your pump and cylinders. 


working on a hangar project...would like a schweiss Hyd. door Retrofit. Family to use. Can you send me all safety parts costs like photo eyes, etc is one available? need a 60x20 clear opening and a 100x26 clear opening.


Existing farm building is a Pre engineered post frame design. 10' on center truss spacing. Can you send me the rams and pump and other parts for a BYOD door.  


I want to put new Panels on my old hydraulic hangar door but first check if the door frame is "Florida" approved. I would also like to replace some of the parts that need maintenance. Can you help? 


Hi: I own several Schweiss doors on my various hangars. One of my hangars is about 15 years old I would guess, and the top rubber seal is SHOT - as are several such hangars in our condo association. Do you sell replacement hydraulic and bifold door seals; and/or where can I buy the subject seal material? Thanks, PS: and I need an Operator's parts  Manual to adjust the door opening height


Concrete Building Aluminum door frame on left Concrete wall on right Could you Email me a Schweiss Doors hydraulic parts list now?


Hello, We are building a Brass Tap craft beer bar in Panama City, FL and am interested in exploring a hydraulic build it yourself door instead of a garage door feature in our restaurant/bar. We really like the low maintenance strong but quiet Schweiss operating rams that lift your one piece doors.  Please call me at your earliest convenience to discuss parts options, delivery times and other issues. Thanks 


I really appreciated the Schweiss staff for all the help and plans for my Build Your Own Door T-Hangar project. The door went up with no complications, all the door parts were in the package and your set of directions was trouble free and easily understandable. Schweiss does it best.


 We are a door dealer that pushes a lot of your hydraulic and bifold doors. Wondering if we should order door parts from you in case our customers need them later on. Looking for hydraulic and bifold door parts. Not needed if I can tell customers you can deliver on a moments notice.


I need a estimate for a 40' x 20'. Price it both ways, bi-fold and hydraulic. We will install. I'd like to speak with you regarding your preferences of the two when we have time. Please include delivery pricing. Add necessary safety features and factory maintenance support. Please call if further info is needed. Thank you, Steve


I have a client interested in the TGIF type of hydraulic door system that is indicated on your website. The opening is 9' tall and 15' wide. Could please provide a budget number for this door product and an estimated lead time. Thank you,


Quoting 3- 16 x 13 glass doors, hydraulic. 240v, 3 ph. The doors will be mounted to metal I beam structure. 2 doors will be end wall, side by side. 1 door will be on the side wall to the back of the building. Building dimensions are 60' x 40', 20' height. Do you provide the glass with the doors or does the contractor have that cut and installed after the door is installed? I am waiting on finding out what glazing they are requiring. Can hydraulic door parts and cylinders be sent out of the Schweiss factory at a moments notice?


IBC 2009 20 psf Live Load 5 psf Ground Snow Load 95 MPH Exposure C 5 psf Collateral PBR 24 gauge wall panels. Heavy duty Schweiss rams and compact pump.  Thanks in advance!!


Please confirm if you will be providing a quote for the Vertically lifting Hydraulic Hangar Door for the  Regional Airport Bulk Hangar Project located in  NY. Outline factory support available and solutions to any problem that could arise.


Reliable trouble-free hydraulic doors, door parts, maintenance and company support are the reasons why I am contacting you at Schweiss Doors for this multi-door order. I know you will always deliver without a problem and at a moments notice. 


Hi good morning! Can you help me with a quote for: 1 pc. Hydraulic Schweiss agricultural use door of 44 x 18 ft. Your pump is by far the best on the market.  Thanks! Have a nice day!


I am interested in a 44' or 46' door for a 50' wide, 14' tall hangar. Would prefer a fast opening hydraulic door. Building will be wood framed out of 6x6 posts and 2x6 studs.


Hi, I'm building a garage and one door has to be big enough for the RV. I like the pictures of your strap door which was used in that garage in Washington and would like to copy that look, but as a one piece hydraulic door. I need it to be 12 feet wide and other than that I know my RV is about 14 feet tall. Can you give me an idea of what one of your reliable trouble free, low maintenance doors cost ? 


I need to see about pricing 4 hydraulic doors 12 x 40 with strong ram support for a T-hanger that I am pricing for a customer. Thanks 


This hydraulic door will be used inside an office to enclose a conference room. looking to use all glass and steel. Let me know about door maintenance issues and help that your Schweiss factory offers.


Have a CBS building and plan to cut an opening. Would like a face mount Schweiss hydraulic door with insulation and seals (in Florida). Size is still being finalized but estimate opening 9 ft tall 12 ft wide. Just an estimate to get started - thanks


I am working on the Engineering of the Airport  Hanger and need to know the loads that the hydraulic Schweiss door will place on the building so as to design the header and the side beams and the foundations for each door.


I was speaking to someone there about a retro-fit Red Power pump to add to an existing problem door by other manufacturer. He had asked me to get some measurements. If someone was to contact me ASAP I could provide the measurement I took and get a price from you for that. Also would like a price on complete new hydraulic one piece door to give the client options.


We are planning to build a 48 x 50 hangar beside our airpark home for a Cessna 170B. Please send us a quote on the most reasonable hydraulic door for our hangar. Some say to use a bi-fold while others are saying the hydraulic ram door is best. I want to make the decision to tell the contractor. Do you also install?


Building a new farm shop, want a 16 or 18 X 30 insulated one piece hydraulic door. I want it to be fast opening and installed. Educate me and price it please.


Dear Sirs, I'm looking for an alternative to a "standard" 4-5 section rollup garage door. The high opening height and relatively low interior ceiling is causing me some design issues with clearance requirements for the rails and opener of a rollup door. The external mount for the Schweiss hydraulic door is intriguing, and would eliminate those issues. This is a residential application, and the door would need to be insulated. Appearance, cylinder size, pump location and cost will be considerations, vs. a roll-up door, and I would be interested in doing the installation myself. This door opening has not been framed, so your door design requirements can be readily incorporated. Thank you


Planning a new house and was curious to find out about Schweiss trouble-free hydraulic and bifold garage doors in comparison to standard garage door. Also may be interested in glass one piece hydraulic garage doors.


Just want to say thank you to the Schweiss team  for the support I received to alleviate the problem I had installing my own hydraulic door. Your over the phone instructions made it easy. 


I have a commercial building with 1- 30X20 opening and 1-24 x 16 opening. Can I get a quote for hydraulic doors with Red Power pump opening devises and any maintenance support Schweiss provides.


Aprox. cost for 12'x12' one-piece hydraulic door that is full glass (like the Sway Thai restaurant door). We would like to design one in a wine tasting room using your quiet, but strong cylinders and pump that can be mounted anywhere. Needs to include shipping and installation. Thank you, Paul


We are looking to have someone visit our office to discuss a Schweiss hydraulic designer door for a residential project in Los Angeles. Part of the discussion will include maintenance, support and fast availability of parts when needed.


I currently serve on our Port Authority. We are going to build a 40x80 steel pavilion. We would love to be able to enclose with strong Schweiss hydraulic doors to get a longer season and to secure. I have told the board that we need to explore a solution like your reliable hydraulic products rather than wood frame/garage door which has been offered.


I am looking for the cost of a 43'6" (w) x 15' (h) one piece cold storage door with extra strong rams and fast operating pump, shipped to Regina, Canada. 


I bought a door from you last August and it has performed flawlessly. I cannot be happier with the door and the people I dealt with while deciding which door company I would ultimately decide on. I continue to get Emails from another company  telling me how dangerous this door is. I have paid no attention to the letters and felt that it was only a "Classless" marketing ploy by them. I still believe that, but would feel better if Schweiss Doors would respond to these allegations of Safety concerns. You may have internally addressed their allegations, but as a VERY satisfied customer of both your bifold and hydraulic doors, it would be nice to hear from you directly because WE (your customers) support you and are your best advocate. Thank You Lloyd 


I am looking for operational/Planned maintenance  information on my Schweiss hydraulic doors. Thanks Brad


Looking for a low maintenance 16' wide 8' high glass hydraulic designer door for a wedding venue. Needs to open out to allow guests to enter and exit main event area to use outdoor patio area.


Pricing for problem free battery backup operated hydraulic cylinder door, 40 ft wide, 11 Ft high opening, both with and without remote.  Walk-through door in main door No windows. 


Do you have any contacts for a hydraulic door installation contractor in our area? We are interested in installing one of your reliable Schweiss one piece commercial doors in our  building. We have a concrete building including the roof. Where we would want the door is wood siding on studs and sheet rock but it has large concrete beams for additional support on either side of the proposed opening.


Hi, I need a quote for Sway Restaurant style hydraulic doors. 1. 10'6" x 8'0" 2. 5'6" x 8'0" I was wondering what are the thermal specifications on those. Can you guys prep them for 1" insulated glazing? Are parts and maintenance help available at a moments notice?


I would like a quote on several hydraulic Schweiss doors. 1. 42' wide opening with 14 ft 6 in ceiling ht. hinge Ht 16 ft or -. as long as the door opens to 14' 6" new construction. wood frame trusses. Job location, Willow, Ak 2. 44 ' wide opening, same as above. 3. 51' wide opening , 16' 6" Ceiling Ht. hinge Ht 18' approx. door opens to min of 16 ft. OK. New Construction, wood frame trusses. 4. 52' wide opening same as above. Fast opening hydraulic pump and beefed up hinges please.


We are planning a pre engineered steel hangar, we really want to put in an auto hydraulic Schweiss  door. We are a building contractor and will do the install ourselves. We will supply the cladding and insulation. We have 120v power. Cost is not an issue. We want the best.


One piece maintenance free Schweiss hyd. garage doors needed for custom home. 1- 18'x10' 3-6'w * 4-2'6"h panes 1- 10'x10' 2-5'w * 4-2'6"h panes, Aluminum & obscure Glass Concrete jambs wall / Wood framing structure above.


Hi, my name is Mark, I am an aircraft mechanic working on helicopters operated by hydro one in Ontario, Canada. We have many health and safety rules which cover the use of overhead doors and find your hydraulic doors to be quite safe. But I am looking for door safety labels and pre use/inspection information, please provide a quote for these replacement parts. Thanks


Need quote on a 40x18 clear hydraulic pump door. Please send design and cylinder/ram specifications so we can send to Butler for building load pricing. Door will be lined on interior. Thank you.


We spoke yesterday about a small hangar in KS that needs a new hyd. door. I measured the buildings inside opening and it is 40' 3 1/4" at the top and 40' 4" above the concrete, and the outside measurement is 12" more. The corners of the building are made of heavy 6" channel iron and the header is 4" x 12" wood. The channels go up 9' to the bottom of the header. There is an overhang that starts at 9" above the channel and slopes to the ridge. The overhang could be trimmed by 3" if additional room is needed. After visiting with the city, the Schweiss hydraulic door is very reasonably priced. They like the simple maintenance free design. I feel that a steel header would be needed for the top of your door, as I do not trust the old wood that is there. Look this over and give me a call so we can discuss your ideas. 


I have built a 24x28 wood frame workshop/garage and need an 8'x12' insulated garage door. I had expected to install a regular multi-panel door, but after seeing your informative website I am considering a one piece hydraulic door. Your safety features on these doors is remarkable.  Please send detailed info with costs, including shipping. 


I'm pricing building a hangar at a airpark in Florida where I have seen several of your hydraulic and bifold strap doors. Can you give me either a price list or a quote on a 20 ft high by 50 ft door. What technical support can your Schweiss engineers provide?


Looking for bid on 17 tall 30 wide hydraulic lift riding arena door with backup and safety features. We can install, insulate and sheet.


I am interested in your low maintenance Designer Hydraulic Door series and I am looking for downloadable product cut sheets that I can give to my client for review. If it's not too much trouble, can you help me with this? Thank you, Tom


Looking at building a farm shop this year and was wanting to put in a 24 to 30 ft door 18 ft high opening. Was wondering the cost of a hydraulic door, how long it takes to open and shut, how do they take the wind, do you have to beef up the front of the building as opposed to a overhead, technical support in case of problem, availability of parts, install issue trouble? 


You quoted us a 38 foot wide by 20 foot high hydraulic industrial strength door. Due to building restrictions I need to see if we can get a door 34 foot wide by 20 foot high? Can you re-quote this for us? Thank you


I need a quote for a 58' x 16' hydraulic operated  door a second quote for a 45' x 14' and a third quote for a 40' x14' hydraulic. These would all be one-piece hydraulic agricultural doors.


Need a quote on the Schweiss hydraulic riding arena doors as described below. Need price to include installation, and insulation of doors. Need price to include installation of owner supplied steel sheathing. Really like these low maintenance doors. They've never given me any trouble.


I am considering a steel storage building, 40'x40'x20'. Please give me a quote on a 30' wide hydraulic Schweiss door and a 34' width door to include pumps, rams, spherical bearings and beefed up hinges. Construction most likely to start in April. 


This is a new ICF construction. Four Schweiss hydraulic doors. 2 doors 9'x 9' and 2 doors 9'x 8' Construction drawings available, custom exterior is required and can be provided locally, hydraulic power is available (car lift from ACLifts installed inside garage) Cold climate installation, insulation required and tight seal. Additional 4" room available on both sides of opening, by removing wood frame to reinforced concrete structure. I've heard that there is no need to order spare parts because if we should need any Schweiss can send them out from the factory at a moments notice.


Hello I am looking for Glass one piece doors for the 3 spaces below. In 2 or 3 units 7900 mm wide and 2300 mm high and second unit 3700mm wide and 2300 high. Hydraulically operated in a single piece to lift as a shelter canopy door. Can you also give me process for both hydraulic and mechanical lift options please. I see many Schweiss doors in northern Ireland. 


I am looking at purchasing a Steel Building as a hanger/shop and considering installing a hanger door on the end. The door would be 40'wide X 12'. At this time I am in the design stage and reviewing different cost, company support in case of trouble, parts availability, cylinders and pumps, etc.  I am looking at hydraulic and bifold doors and would like a cost estimate for both.


Hi, Please could you advise us, as to whether you have an agent in South Africa, as we are currently working on a project with clients who are interested in your Schweiss hydraulic doors for agricultural, aeronautical and storage purposes. Many thanks 


I'm looking for a price on two hydraulic restaurant doors: One opening is 18' x 8' and the other 8'8" x 8' The underside of the eve is 10'2 1/4" 2" HSS Tube, 2" Rigid Insulation 16 Corten Steel Sheet. Your compact store anywhere Red Power Pump is what sold me on your hydraulic doors  Thank you


I work for a General Contractor bidding a project for Sterling Bay floatplane hangar hydraulic doors. Need a revised Schweiss price to include remote openers and battery backup systems.


 Hello, I am looking for 3 Schweiss no problem hydraulic doors. I have a wood frame building with the largest opening of 10'tall X 9'-10"wide, another 10' tall X 8'-10"wide, and the smallest (approx 9' tall X 9'wide. Ideally I would prefer to have the doors recessed in the existing jambs, with as much head room as possible. Insulation, and sealing issues are of utmost importance here. I would wish all three to have remote capabilities. 


I purchased parts for a hydraulic hangar door at our airport. If it's no problem, I was wondering if you could send me a copy of the receipt for the transaction to my email. 


I called yesterday and spoke to a sales rep about pricing and engineering specs for a hydraulic hangar door to install on my pole barn that I am building. Requested hangar door size is 12' high by 30' long with 14' ceiling height and LVL laminated header 24" above the hangar door. Actual opening clearance needs to be minimum of 10'high. Are there any other issues I need to address to get prompt delivery of this one-piece Schweiss door?


Do you have a distributor in Canada? I have a customer interested in a 30x20 hydraulic door. He wants to build and weld his own doorframe and is wondering if Schweiss Doors could supply the parts such as cylinders, pumps, hinges and anything else to support the-is low maintenance door. We are located in north central Alberta.(80 miles north west of Edmonton.)       


The two doors on my home's garage are old school, single plane, and heavy. I have been considering replacing them. It seems as if your hydraulic doors might allow one in 4 season climate to use garage space as a true living space assuming the hydraulic  doors can be satisfactorily weather-stripped and insulated. I would want all weather-stripping to be attached to the doors for both aesthetic and ergonomic considerations. Please provide me with more details, especially pricing, but also including highly insulated doors deployed to created "California" open rooms in places which do not enjoy temperate weather throughout the year. I do not know whether to choose end wall or side wall. Does Schweiss also provide a hydraulic door kit?


I want a price on both types of doors. I will be needing 3 14'x14' doors and possibly 1 16'x16'. Leaning more toward your versatile one piece hydraulic door. The one with the compact hydraulic pump. Thanks


We have a client looking to have the Schweiss hydraulic glass doors installed in a outdoor building. We are wondering what the price might be on one of them. We are looking for one that is about 9' long and 7' or 8' tall. and also a 20' wide one at the same height. Let me know what maintenance is involved for this hydraulic lifting style door. 


I would like to install a 15' high by 22' wide one piece Schweiss hydro door. The outside of the door would be clad with a standard height garage door and the rest would be Hardi plank siding to match the house. From this information can you advise the weight that would be used to calculate and support  the steel beam header? 


We handle insurance claims and have clients looking for the types of hydraulic doors Schweiss carries  and would like to refer the door contractors to you for getting pricing, parts and product as needed. I entered a couple current claim items we have below for you to price. Thank you. Carl 


Our company, which has its business in private aircrafts, is going to expand and build new hangars. I would like to ask up to what size are you able to make the hydraulic jet hangar doors, because we would need a 100 ft one. And regarding that I would like to ask for a price and shipping issues. 


What does it cost to convert a 48' sliding machine shed door to a hydraulic door? I've had trouble with the sliders ever since there were put in new last year. Like your hydraulic door model for the shaded canopy it offers when open. Please email me as I am in the middle of field work. Thanks


Looking at putting a 20'x14' hydraulic door on our existing quonset. I have a problem with lack of  headroom, is there a way to make a taller Schwas hydraulic door on a round building?  Was interested in the price of the door and cost to install. Thanks!


Need a quality Schweiss paint booth door. The opening needs to be 16' height, there will be lots of room above the door. Good sealing Hydraulic door needed.


I have a pole building. I have a 11' ceiling with a 16'x10' door. The problem is I only have 12" for the track, my door hangs down about 2-3" from my opening. My semi bumps it when I pull in and out and it is tearing up the seal on the garage door. Give me an idea of where my costs may be with a Schweiss hydraulic door and what header support I'll need?


Our firm is interested in using the hydraulic residential doors in several locations on a multi unit housing project that we are working on in LA, and would very much like to meet with a local rep in the bay area. Can Schweiss Doors give me the specs and support needed for our architect?


Looking at putting in a glass hydraulic door 6m wide and 3m tall 18ft by 10ft plus in Australia, application is for a house so I'm wanting the quiet running Schweiss hydraulic motor and pump to eliminate any noise issue.


I am getting ready to build a Hangar at our local airport. 80' Wide x 100' Long. We are designing the hangar now and want to be able to have the main hydraulic door handle at least a King Air 250 (14.10') or for future growth 18.6 feet for the Phenom 300. Door Width is going to be 60'. We are trying to establish what type of head room we need in the building to achieve this. Can I email you our drawings for information, parts and quotes?


I will be building a hangar home for my C-180 and would like some advice regarding your big Schweiss hydraulic door with issues such as maintenance issues, pump and ram sizes. Thanks


Need a price on a 40 ft wide by 12 high door for an airplane hanger, probably the one piece hydraulic  type. This would go in a metal building need structural design detail to include for building manufacturer. Need possibly installer contact.


We saw your Schweiss web site and are interested in a large hydraulic door for an upcoming commercial door project. The door we have in mind is 23x42 long. I was hoping you could provide a estimate for supplying the hydraulic door structure and drive equipment for a hydraulic door. We would like to bring natural light into the space and are planning on installing clear or translucent panels on the door and wondering if there are any special requirements for securing the panels. And, if there are any problems/precautions when using glass on the door.


I'm designing a custom home in Durham, NC, and we'll have a wall in the living room that's 16' W x 19' H. I'm interested in a hydraulic residential glass door. Is there a vendor who could supply a retractable insect screen, too? And have you ever inserted a passage door within the larger hydraulic door? Thanks, Suzy


We have a 13 6 by 19 6 opening in a machine shed a wind problem took the slider, looking for a Schweiss hydraulic replacement farm door with good sturdy rams and powerful fast opening hydraulic  pump.


Buying an acreage with a Morton machine shed (54x105), with a 20 ft door and a 30 ft door both on the side. I would like to do a hydraulic door in the 20 ft opening, the height clearance is 176 inches, there is a concrete floor already. Is this enough information to support a price estimate?


At our airport we have one older type bi-fold hangar door using cables, they do need replaced probably to often, the question is can the old door be replaced with little or no trouble with a Schweiss hydraulic door? thank you for possible hope and help.


If it's no trouble, I would like to know if it is possible to put a Schweiss hydraulic barn door on our shop? It's a barn that we raised the hay loft in. Headroom is not an issue. Please feel free to call me anytime, thank you Mitchell .


I have a shed with a 25 foot problem door that slides, it is a slit door. I would like to retrofit with a one piece hydraulic fold up door. Is there any maintenance required on Schweiss hyd. doors?


45 foot x 16 hydraulic door - Qty 2 price I would have Roy Weisinger of Brookshire, TX install. Only trouble is I need the doors ASAP, what's your time frame for delivery.


We are bidding the Texas Retrofit project and like bid from you.  It is a 20 Ft. X 60 Ft. frame opening need quote with hydraulic hangar door. Can hydraulic door have bigger pump for faster opening speed?  Thanks 


Do you sell replacement parts? If so, what is the cost. Also, how much would it be to replace an old cable door with a hydraulic door? 


Dear Madam or Sir, I would like to install 2 garage doors opening outside, Schweiss hydraulic pump and ram system to keep the maximum of space availability inside my garage. I live in France. Do you have distributors in France ? My doors dimensions are : door 1 : 3.1 meters width * 2.1meters height door 2 : 3.4 meters width * 2.1meters height Best regards,


I am considering installing a hydraulic ag door on a round roof quonset building. How can I find out costs and if it will work without problems or issues on this building. I'm undecided on size of door I want.


Looking for a price on a 40 foot wide by 16 foot industrial strength hydraulic Schweiss door with large cylinders, install included.


2 Glass Hydraulic doors: 14'x12', 2 Glass Hydraulic windows: 14'x9.25'. Restaurant/Bar application, Historic Factory building in downtown Tulsa OK. Looking for build, time, maintenance and cost information. 


I need a shop door for a 24 X14 foot opening. Need full 14 ft opening. probably a hydraulic door


Price six 24 wide by 16 high doors, so 6 doors total. End wall and side wall doors, please quote with hydraulic door openers and walk doors.


We need 5 custom built hydraulic glass window  designer doors for a new restaurant we are constructing in Tampa. The door dimensions vary per location. The doors will be for a service shack at the outside patio. The scale of these doors a quite small, our goal is to open this service bar at working hours and be able to close it up completely and lock it at night. We are building the shack out of reclaimed cedar wood and want the hydraulic doors to match. I look forward to speaking with you.


I recently received a quote from Schweiss for a 40' wide x 12' opening hydraulic Schweiss door. My building plans changed and I now need a quote on a smaller door. Can you please provide a quote on a 40'wide x 10' opening hyd. door? I am planning to build a personal aircraft hangar this summer and I plan to use a Schweiss door. 


I have an eleven year old bi fold door with an outdated cable lift system. 15'x15' with exterior glass and storefront. Please contact me about a retro fit to your hydraulic door system to include pump and ram sizes reinforced hinges etc.


I have a hangar project in PA with 3 65' and 3 50' doors. Hangar manufacturer recommended Schweiss Doors. I'm trying to sell my partners on your clean looking hydraulic one piece airpark hangar doors.


I have your hydraulic door installed (44' - installed 2.5 years) on my hangar with remote. Purchased and Installed by local contractor.  Problem-- one handheld remote was damaged. Can I purchase parts or is a new remote just as cheap to replace? 


We are looking for a quote on a Implement dealership hydraulic door 50' wide by 16' high. We would like pricing for remote opener, windows and walk door. Really appreciate your trouble free no maintenance doors. Thank you.


I'm building a 40x60 pole barn with 16' walls. I would like two Schweiss doors 14'x30' (wider if feasible). Would like to price my options, bifold vs hydraulic. Prefer hydraulic for the nice canopy and fast and quiet opening.        


We are actually looking for a door part for our door at the moment but hope to replace what we have with your hydraulic hangar door this summer. The hangar was built in the 70's and door showing all kinds of wear. Would you know where we could find a replacement for one of the roller assemblies. It is 4 x 4 x 2 inches in height. Has a total of six wheels. 


I am trying to find out what the recommended maintenance schedule is for your hydraulic hangar doors. Is there any type of Schweiss Doors manual that you can email me with this information? Thank you.


I would like to get a quote and spec sheets on a 44'x15' and a 40'x15' (rough opening sizes) Hydraulic Hangar Door. For specs, what I am specifically requesting is the exact dimensions of the doors, the weight, and headroom / side-room requirements, pump motor and cylinder sizes. 


Are your hydraulic glass garage doors 100% draft free/totally weatherproof for super cold (-12C, feels like -22C) weather? How does it compare with a  conventional front door for air leak trouble? If so, what would a 7'H x 14'W glass hydraulic garage door cost?   Thanks


We are looking for pricing on Hydraulic Helicopter Hangar Door. Client is looking for door opening size 58' x 17'6" Inside head clearance 30" The client  wants all glass to back light helicopter. The helicopter will be landing in front of door - wondering backwash issues. 


An architect friend told me about your Schweiss hydraulic door product. I think it might be a perfect door for residential application. I would be interested in knowing more about the product and getting a quote.


Hi: We have a customer looking for pricing for a large new hydraulic hanger door. They will need a door 106' wide x 22' high. The bldg. will be a steel pre-eng type. Which of your doors, hydraulic or bifold strap, do you recommend? Please give us a price along with needed information. 


Hi, I'm in the process of opening a lounge in Queens, NY and would love one of your Schweiss one piece designer doors like I've seen on your website ..... if you can please contact me so i can find out more on the ordering process. Thank You.


We have a client looking to have the hydraulic glass doors installed in a restaurant building. We are wondering what the price might be on one of them. We are looking for one that is a low or no maintenance hydraulic door about 9' long and 7' or 8' tall. and also a 20' wide one at the same height. let me know.


Hello, I would just like to get a rough estimate for a  25 foot door and one 40 foot hydraulic Schweiss door. The wall is 14'. I just want to see if these doors can be retrofitted to replace my sliding pole barn doors that are causing me trouble.


Just wondering if we can buy a door from you and install it ourselves or if you have to install it? We were looking at a 14' tall x 16' wide hydraulic storefront glass door. Thanks


Just wondering if we can buy door parts from you and install them ourselves or if you have to install the parts? We have a 14' tall x 26' wide hydraulic door. Thanks


Morning, We have a 4 star hotel project in WA that we are currently in CDs for. We are looking for a solution to an approximately 14' x 14' doorway that acts as access from the Main Ballroom to an adjacent storage area, and would also allow a semi truck to enter. Our ideal solution would be to get hydraulic door parts to fix door of another brand.  I can supply any additional details/info you might require. If not, we may replace with a new Schweiss hydraulic door. Have you guys done any work in the Seattle area and do you have a local rep?


Hello, I'd like to spec a hydraulic door w/ glazing into a support design that is on the boards. I need it to have clear open height of 16' with a width of 24'. What is the estimated actual height of the rough opening for this size of hydraulic designer door? Or roughly how many inches are needed to be added to the clear opening? 


I heard that Schweiss Doors has stepped up to provide replacement hydraulic and bifold door parts. My door manufacturer went out of business and now I'm stuck with a trouble door that needs fixing. Can you help me with this problem? Please call.


I'm interested in 2 hydraulic doors, each approximately 8'x 8' ...or one door about 16' wide by 8' high. Your website shows a lot of really big doors, do you have anything this small? What are the options for getting needed parts in the future? By the way, this installation is on a "lean-to" which is on the side of my existing garage. Thanks, JBP


Would you be able to create a one piece hydraulic door that opens to one side instead of the top? I'm in need of an equipment access door on the side of a new building. If this is a problem, advise me on what to do.


I need a quote for a one piece 12'-6"H by 40'W hydraulic door for my airplane hangar. I have an AutoCad dwg. file if you can open it. It is to look like a four door horse barn with a window centered in each false door. I have designed this door as a cantilevered panel which pivots at the 10'-6"Height, but feel I need more clear height and like your Hyd. system. The hangar is an enclosed pole barn style of construction with metal trusses and siding.


We purchased a door back around 2005. The bid # 82905-W. We are having issues with it going up and breaking bolts. Wondering if there is any one close to our location that works on these doors that might come look at it and give us a quote on replacement parts. Would also like to have new rams and put your new pump on it for faster opening speed.


We are building a hangar, 55'x70'. We want to put a hydraulic door on the front. The clearance height needs to be 14'. This is in anticipation of future use/sale of the hangar. We will probably never open the door past 11'. The width is 45'. We'd like the Schweiss ram and pump system and a remote.


Thanks Schweiss for sending me door parts for my Brand X door. Don't know what I would have done without your help. Your parts are made much better than the original ones. Have a nice day.


I can't get parts for my old door, so will replace with a Schweiss hyd. door. Steelmaster Model 42-809 S model (modified Quonset) building. 40' width 16' height x 60' length. Used as an aircraft hanger. Airplane has a 31 ft wing span and a height of 7'10". I would like a hydraulic door and steel framing used to set the door.


I purchased a Schweiss hydraulic door in 2003. for the last few weeks the remote control doesn't function properly and I have to use the wall switch to close the door. The remote model is P220-3KA, 318 MHz. Can you tell where I can get it replaced or get parts to have this one repaired.


I need to order replacement top rubber for my 40' hydraulic door. This is not a Schweiss door, but your parts should work just as well.  Please send a quote and how I can place the order? Thanks...


I have a lean to off my building its 40 ft wide and 15 ft tall on top end and around 13 ft on bottom want to know if your hydraulic doors are insulated and if that roof pitch would be a problem. thanks


I have a 55 ft. Quonset hanger and would like a quote for a new cylinder that got damaged on my  48x14 hydraulic door. Can you also supply parts for the pump? Location is in Alabama 


Looking for budget numbers for your hydraulic wall doors. Doors are for an interior condition in a High School cafeteria off a main corridor. Looking for something maintenance free that looks interesting, while providing a large opening for a few hours a day. Is glass included, or by others? Door opening is in a reinforced concrete block wall. Nice looking Schweiss hyd. product- thank you.


We need to replace the rubber seal at the top of our hydraulic door. It's 80' wide , It was built in the late 80's. I need to be able to submit a parts cost quote to the city for the materials. What other maintenance should be performed?


Do you have a rep in our area that we can speak to about a renovation project at North Carolina State University? We also have two old doors from another manufacturer that are in need of replacement parts. Can Schweiss Doors provide them quickly when we need them?


Good day! We have customers who want diverse solutions to their problem from door manufacturer who can supply hydraulic and bifolding door parts. We can provide photos, dimensions and will need estimated delivery times overseas. First and foremost it would be nice to get an overview of what size parts can be delivered. So looking forward to a list as soon as possible. This time we might all have a buyer on such a thing. Yes we are looking forward to get something more better like Schweiss can provide. regards Terje 




Would like to price the metal frame and hardware parts required for a 15'8" wide x 14' tall Schweiss hydraulic utility shed door. I would use typical barn tin to cover the door frame. Thanks


We have a client opening a rock-climbing gym in a former automotive repair shop with existing 12'x12' steel garage door openings in cmu block walls. We are proposing they replace the opaque steel doors with an operable hydraulic one piece door that also allows natural light. (like those featured on your "Designer Doors" section of your website, Stanford project or Harley Davidson Cycle City). Can you tell me about availability of your products and parts in Montana, conforming to current energy codes, and some idea of budget pricing for my application? Your hydraulic rams and framework look stronger than others I've seen.


We want to build a small hanger and we will need to install a door. We would like to keep it as simple and maintenance free as we can. Our opening is going to be 40x14'. Therefore we want a Schweiss hydraulic door with fewer moving parts.  I would imagine that depending on what we require is gonna be the heather specifications right? Thanks Mario


Interested in approximately 11w x to 7' h hydraulic one piece type garage door Who is local supplier? How do I order parts if I need them. Can you supply from Schweiss factory on a moments notice?


I am pricing a machine shed for a customer and need a quote on Schweiss Hydro door. Non insulated--no windows--installed if possible. Size 40' x 18'. Please issue itemized parts list. Thanks, Greg


Peachtree Airport, Georgia 90' x 28' Hydraulic door system in endwall of metal building IBC 2012 20 Live Load w/ trib 115 mph wind load Exposure C 10 psf ground snow. Are door parts preassembled and prewired? How soon can you deliver. We have available support to install.


Looking for a quote and information. I am working with a contractor for a hanger home. The door I have is used with a 40' with a 9' minimum height, but it needs replacement parts, especially cylinders and a new pump. an Schweiss provide these.  Thanks for your help!


Hello, I am working on a project in Qatar, where we want to have a Schweiss hydraulic one piece door in a loading dock garage entry. The opening size is 8.25 meters wide by 4.9 meters high. We want the clear opening height to be around 4.3 meters for trucks and trailers. Please let me know if your system can achieve this. Also I want to know if the company can provide replacement door parts when needed. Thanks, Prashant


Would just like a ballpark figure on some of the more residential and smaller industry/commercial kind of installations and repair costs/ parts cost on basic 20 foot maybe length by standard 7-10 foot height hydraulic door both 1 and 2 piece bi fold doors, for consideration regarding future prospective construction. Any kind of range for different features and types of products would be just fine. I realize and am not asking for immediate help, this is a approximate cost not any kind of estimate, thank you,


I need a delivered price for a hydraulic door kit with all parts for a 35' wide x 14' tall bifold door. These door parts and components will be delivered to Lubbock, TX.


We are looking to price out hydraulic door parts. The opening of the door is 50' wide by 16'6" high. We need door weatherstripping top and bottom and filters for the hydraulic pump. Door has been working great.


Looking for someone to custom build a horizontal  outward swinging hydraulic garage door with a 16 foot horizontal span. basically four four foot doors with two hinged together on each side meeting in the middle, probably with a support channel part on the top of the door.


Interested in getting a quote for a Schweiss hydraulic door and installation. Door opening is 12'-0 x 15'-4" Is it a good idea to order extra parts for anything I might need in the future? I assume your cylinders and pump last forever.


Hello, I am wondering if I can get a ball park price for a door for my barn. It can be hydraulic one piece door. The opening is 11 feet and 40 feet across. A guy I know has a hydraulic door from another company, can he get parts for it from Schweiss?


Good day, I am interested in getting a quote for hyd. door replacement parts. It's for a parking garage in Florida that received some hurricane damage issues. Should I send photos?


Need a quote for 5pcs @ 14' x 8' hydraulic glass trouble free doors. I don't want any problems so I'm sending  drawings via email.


looking for some base pricing as we are in the process of building two banks of hangars. Would like any information you can forward to me on your Schweiss hydraulic pumps and rams. will have 12 hangars with different widths of doors. How many parts are sent with the BYOD option?


Hello. We have a Schweiss hydraulic door installed, and lately it has been acting up. When I push the button to make the door go up, it runs for about half a second then stops until I release the button. Then if I press it again it does the same thing. That's as long as it will run going up. Trouble issues are when going down, it will not do anything. The door is almost all the way down now so the control box can be accessed if needed. Help  me out with some control box parts so I can fix the problem.


I need loading information for a 50' wide 12' clear opening height hydraulic door. Also can you send me the parts and maintenance spec books for the door? 


We had a Hydraulic hangar door installed early last year and I spoke with a Jeremy in December and he gave me an e-mail address that does not seem to work, so I am writing in the blind for help. We have a problem with our door leaking in many different places from the top, it is running down the inside of the door and getting the insulation wet and water dripped on at least one of the drive motors. Can I get parts for the motor, or does it have to be replaced. Will new weatherstripping solve the dripping trouble? 


I am making plans for a Schweiss Hydro Door (44'x12') in a end wall. Can you provide structural engineering for such an end wall or does that have to be done by someone else? Do you provide the loads and reactions for the door so a solution can be engineered? How about spare parts? The design wind speed is 90 mph. Can the door be engineered for this condition to prevent any problems?


Redoing an older hanger just purchased, and need some help with hydraulic door parts. I think the  problem is with the remote opener. One of the cylinders is bent and pump causes trouble, it leaks oil. This is not a Schweiss door. Please call.


Will need bigger hydraulic door motor to speed up my door which is 36'w 10'h. Size and other parts needed will be based on your Schweiss Door recommendations. Will need to know approx. cost of shipping, we will install.


I am needing two shop doors 10'wide x12 high and a 12' x 12' one each. I am wondering which is less expensive the bifold or hydrolic? About what would the cost be? What will I need to know about maintenance and parts if I need any.


I need door parts for two hydraulic doors I'm working on, one is at a restaurant and the other is a old residential model. Motor squeaks and I need new seals to prevent trouble with water seepage problem.


We are looking into a residential glass hydraulic  door for a penthouse in Manhattan. The door would require a pass through door that opens out to the terrace. The rough openings are 11'-7.75" by 10'-4.24", 8'-9" by 10'-5", and 12'-0" by 10'-5". Please provide pricing and any required additional information so I don't run into problems or installation troubles down the line. Thank you.


I need one piece hangar doors approximately 45' x 18' high and 60' x 18' high with a man door in each. Your trouble free Schweiss hydraulic doors come highly recommended as being virtually maintenance free.        


My 70 x 20 hangar door works like a charm except for a problem with the bottom door seal! Can you send out this replacement part. Also, can I order a 12v hydraulic pump backup motor for it? Please could you let me know price and delivery? Also decided to get a horn and lights for opening to avoid safety issues. I am also so impressed with the hangar door I want one for my garage. Single panel 8 x 16 with a man door in it. 


Hi, I am purchasing a 15 year old hanger in Boulder City, Nevada. The hanger has two each 44' X 14'  hydraulic doors. I would like a quote to replace the cylinders on both of the doors. I would also like a quote to supply the rubber seals around both doors to replace the existing seals. I would also like a quote to install a wireless opening and securing system on one of the doors. Can you send out these door parts soon from the Schweiss factory? 


 Mainly we are trying to figure out the general costs from different manufacturers to fix two old old hydraulic doors. Any cost estimates you can provide for new pumps and rams or any other parts will be greatly appreciated. Thank you! 


I am looking for pricing on hydraulic door hardware. Can you send me a parts list. My door is 18 years old and has some maintenance issues.


I am building a 60'W x 50'D metal hanger. I would like to speak with someone who can assist me with minor parts replacements on a used hydraulic door I purchased for it. I'm not sure if it is a Schweiss Door. Can you help me out?


I am with the design/build LAB at Virginia Tech and we are currently working on designing a little league baseball complex for a rural town in Virginia that has desperately asked for our help in order to get their hydraulic door operable again. A quick look showed me that new parts will be needed for this trouble door to fix the problems. Please call me so I can explain the door issue.


Can your hydraulic doors and hydraulic door kit parts be shipped out of the Schweiss Door factory on a moments notice? 


I would like a quote for a hydraulic door to enclose the opening to our span tech fabric salt storage facility. Wondering if the salt can damage any of the door parts. Can they be sealed off or covered to avoid exposure and rusting?


Please quote hydraulic build your own door kits for doors specified below with and without installation. Also, please describe what Schweiss parts will be sent to me and cost of shipping.


We inherited a project that has 6 hydraulic storm damaged problem doors. Many damaged parts will have to be replaced from cylinders to pumps and seals.  Can you please contact me to let me know if you service our area so you can give me a Schweiss professional to look at these trouble doors. Only two of them are Schweiss doors. 


We had a sudden power outage and our Brand X door crashed down on my tractor causing considerable damage. I need to know if you can fix it and what parts will be needed for insurance purposes. Can you install your Schweiss safety options on this other manufacturers door to avoid future problems. Sure hope you can help me.


We are looking at using your hydraulic Schweiss  door for an interior application - a commercial office after an industrial look. Can you send me more product and parts info and how to specify? The client was inspired by the doors installed at the blue bottle coffee shop in Hayes Valley, San Francisco and wants a similar look and feel with one of your trouble free one piece doors.


Do you guys have any job openings right now? I'm a "Parts Man" student graduating this spring. I believe I can save Schweiss Doors money with my parts experience.


I have a hydraulic aircraft hangar door 46 wide by 14 high. What would the cost to send a remote opener and all parts for it delivered to San Diego. Would it be any trouble for me to install it myself?


I rent a hangar which utilizes a hydraulic door from your company. Today when I opened it one of the side hinges was bent and the door would not close completely. I need to know if I am responsible for this damage or was maintenance of the door the issue? Either way, I will need a replacement hinge to fix the problem.


I building a building with a 12' x 42' door. I would like prices on hydraulic door parts to operate it: Cylinders and mounting brackets, Motor-pump-valves-tank-switches. Most everything but the door structure. and with this setup (that you quote), how much larger, if any, could the door be without going to a larger system. Thanks David


I am currently rebuilding an old boathouse and want to increase natural light into the structure, I am interested in your hydraulic boathouse doors with glass. You state that many people install the doors themselves, is this realistic with the glass clad doors or can I install the frame and hire a glass company to install the glass panel parts? Thanks, John


I Have a customer with a one piece hydraulic door  wanting to add a receiver for remotes to this unit. I  would like to wire up a 312 Receiver so he can use his 3 button remotes to program to it. Can you send me parts, directions on how to wire this up. Thanks 


I would like a quote on all hydraulic parts needed to get my door operational. I will be building the doorframe myself. Will you also send instructions so I won't have problems with the install?


I am doing the hydraulic door retro engineering for a airport hangar in WA. I need reactions and Schweiss Doors support so i can detail connections for existing hangar. 


We are researching aluminum and glass hydraulic  door options for a commercial door project in NYC. Would it be possible to have a rep come in to review your doors pumps, rams, hinges and other parts and products with us? Thanks!


I have a existing 80 foot wide by 18 foot tall pre engineered metal building that I would like to install a hydraulic Schweiss door on. How wide can you span? I can do 2-37'w x 14't doors or 1-74'w x 14't. Will the parts for a larger door be the same as for two smaller doors? Could you email me some info and budget prices for these. This endwall is a expandable end wall frame. Thanks


I have a hanger with a bi-fold door which I would like to replace with a "Custom" Schweiss hydraulic door. My current hanger door is approximately 60' wide and 32' tall. What type of technical support or other information will you need from me.


I will need parts and components for two BYOD hydraulic door kits (1) 44'-6"x 14' & (1) 59'-6"x 18' Project: Airport doors, Giddings, Texas


bid on 80'0" x 34'0" hydraulic door Steel framed building covered in poly carbonate panel option for 90' width. Will Schweiss Doors supply all the parts, i.e. rams, hinges, pump and panels for the door?


Hello team of Schweiss Doors company. I am from  Israel and would like technical details of your product parts and I have a few questions 1. Is the hydraulic door product suitable for public use, the current project is a parking lot at the entrance of an apartment building so safety related parts and accessory parts will be necessary. 2. How long it takes for the door to be opened. 3. Is the motor connected to a wireless control?  


Hi there seen your Schweiss add in "the book 2015 edition". We have a pole building that has a 20x14 opening with sliding doors want to heat it and change this trouble door over to an insulated hydraulic door unit. wondering cost. our curent shop is 40' wide and has a overhang and the roof has a 4/12 pitch and the overhang has 2x8 fascia. how much room do i need above opening to keep full 14' opening. Can I build a doorframe and order parts and components from Schweiss? What maintenance issues should I be aware of?


Planning a new aircraft hangar on my airport/residential lot. Would like cost estimate for hydraulic Schweiss door in two sizes. I'm planning a 50'X60'X 14'eaves, hangar, but may have to reduce to a 40'X 60'X 14' hangar. I would like a cost  estimate for a 40' hydraulic door and a 35' hydraulic door, both with 12' opening, with 14'eave installtion. One of my neighbors has one of your doors and over the years he has had no trouble or problems with it.


We are looking into glass garage door options for a chain restaurant. Your glass one piece hydraulic lifting doors look like a great option to present to them as an alternative to a glass roll-up door which will probably have problems, So we are looking for information on what options are available and if needed where Schweiss Door factory parts can be obtained in the future. The door will need to be insulated since the space behind the doors will be heated. So we would need to know the R-value/u-factors you are able to provide.


have a 25 year old york building, problem is my overhead door just failed big time. bent panels, tracks ect. 24 by 14 high end wall , probably could go higher. looking at your low maintenance Schweiss hydraulic door. need insulated and a couple of windows would be nice. is this something i would install? and about how long would it take? 


We have a customer requesting two 40x14 hydraulic machine shed doors in one of our buildings. I need to get a door quote and door parts specs for this if possible. 


We have an approximately 7' (h) X 10' (w) garage opening in a cottage that we would like to be able to use while not losing headrom inside the garage. We like the look of your hydraulic door solutions. The house is faced with Hardie board, so I think we would like to keep that look with the door. Does this sound like a feasible project? The building has concrete block walls on the garage level. What support will Schweiss offer for install?


I am looking for pricing on 2 ea. cylinders and pumps for 28'(W) x 22' (clear) one piece hydraulic doors. Doors will have a 90 MPH wind load Doors to be clad in a 4" foam panel (3 psf) Please quote freight to Fairbanks, Alaska 99701


I was watching tree house masters and saw a Schweiss hydraulic door and realized this might meet a need I have in renovating an old boat house. Can you please send me a catalogue or something to help me know whether we can make this work and what my door options are? I am interested in an all glass door the size of a wall. Prefer hydraulic door because there are less moving parts.  


I had called in today and requested an estimate. I failed to mention I want this hydraulic residential door to have photo eye sensor parts.  Our current roll up door is 12'6" wide by 15' tall. Estimate by email is preferred. Thank you.


I am building a 24ft x 10 door frame and I will install and cover with steal but I'll need Schweiss  to include the cylinders and pump and other parts, let me know price


Good Morning I need a quote for 2 - 30'x16' hydraulic Schweiss doors, price assembled and also in parts form for me to assemble. Thanks Reuben


Looking for quote on the best options for a garage door with a man door in the garage door as well. the wall has not been built yet where the garage door will be placed, there is a header across the top that is supporting the roof itself. Any information and installation help on your hydraulic garage doors would be great, cost is a big factor as well. 


We are building a single bay shed for working on cars, we have a clearance problem due to low ceiling and the fact that we will have a two post car lift. your hydro doors would suit us great, looking for price and details on the door and hydraulic cylinder and pump parts. wall has not been built where the door will be placed. also would like to have a man door placed in the door. 


I am requesting a quote for an existing customer on hydraulic shop door parts. 30X16 24X16. He has a rollup door on it now that gives him nothing but maintenance trouble.  Thanks


I plan on the hangar being 60 feet wide by 50 feet deep. The door will go on the end wall on the 60 foot side. I would like the widest door possible so 56 feet? As to height I am thinking 16 feet . How much do I lose on height for the hydraulic Schweiss doors? My Plane is a Cessna 180 on floats. It is about 11 foot 6 inches to top of beacon on the tail without being on a dolly . Can you foresee any problems I might have with door headroom?


Hi. I'm starting a pool house project and was interested in getting a quote for a 12' x 7' or 12' x 8' hydraulic glass garage type door. Please email me a complete parts quote if possible. Looks like installation will not be a problem.  I live in San Antonio TX area.


Home hangar. Three doors. Two small/one large Please call for quote. Can you price out hydraulic remote opener parts for my other door too?


Aloha! I have 3 doorless T-Hangars. I'm looking at a Schweiss one piece hydraulic type door. But clearance is an issue. Our issue is hangars are only 12 feet high. Can you tell me how much clearance I'll lose with your highest hydraulic door? 


Looking for price quotes on hydraulic doors. I have 3-9'X16' openings and also a 10X10.Would be open to one large door if it is more cost effective and less of a problem to install? For less maintenance, do hydraulic doors have less moving parts than your bifold door?


Designing a new home, Hangar will be block wall construction. Door height is no problem, it can be changed to 13 or 14 feet if required. Any design help or support by Schweiss will be appreciated.


We have a large customer in Europe requesting Qty. 16 hydraulic doors for both ends of 8 Quonset type buildings for aircraft hangars. We would like to have these delivered to our factory in PA. We would then deliver them with the building parts to our customer in Europe. We also will need someone to work with our engineer on the design requirements and any install problems required for the hydraulic doors.


Project bidding is: Carousel Pavilion in Ct They are specifying Six (6) hydraulic Schweiss doors. 2 doors = 15-9-3/4 x 15-8-7/8 4 Doors = 19-6-3/4 x 15-8-7/8. Would there be a problem getting these doors in two months time?


Hi, I wonder if you have a rep here in Toronto that we could arrange a time to come in our office and talk about problems we are having with our hanger door. I think one of the rams got bent. Can you bring this hydraulic door part with you?


we have just recently installed a 3 sided 30x50x12 pull barn style shelter to house racks at our facility, my only trouble now is that drifting snow will enter building. i am interested in see if you have a hydraulic fast opening maintenance free door that would work on this application, and if you have parts service.


I would like an estimate cost for installing a 42 ft door on the front of a hangar to replace a old bifold door we are having problems with. We can't get parts for the old door anymore.


Trying to get an estimated cost of hydraulic doors if I can get a hangar/farm shop built. ( not sure if wood or steel building yet) would like estimates for 40 and 60 foot widths. Also price parts if I was to build my own doorframe.


I have a completed hangar measuring a 40' span door opening from the furthest dimension outside the 5.5" corner wood posts. The vertical dimension is 14' to the bottom of a double truss. What would be the estimate for a hydraulic door? Is it any trouble to price out as parts if I were to weld my own frame?


We are a security tech company in Nigeria, We have been asked to source strong maintenance free hydraulic doors for the new French embassy Campus. Do you have a product that suites? Would it be any problem for you to arrange shipping?


I have a 44X14 Schweiss hydraulic one piece hangar door without a remote opener in Sterling, AK zip 99672. Do you have an estimate for this door part shipped to this area? 


I would like to speak to someone about the interior aesthetics of the hydraulic Schweiss door and parts  operating mechanisms. As well as some clarification about construction issues and pricing. Thanks.


I am starting a pool house project and was interested in pricing an insulated glass hydraulic garage door. Do the hyd. cylinders and pump operate quietly? Would it be a problem if I wanted to install the one piece door myself? 


We are in need of the following hydraulic industrial door parts: rams, Red Power pump and motors, door seals, hinges, remote opener, maintenance schedule, install instructions. Existing Jambs: Reinforced CMU and Wood Framing Existing Floor: Reinforced Concrete with monolithic foundation. Drawings are available for your use. Please advise, 


We would like to price out a residential glass hydraulic door. What is the additional cost for glass with a metal frame and muntin bars? What colors / finishes do you have available for the frame? What support will be needed for the hydraulic door prior to install.  Thanks for your help!


I would like to get a ROM price for a hydraulic door to replace my conventional tilt up wood garage door. The opening is 16 ft X 7.5 ft. If it's no problem I would want a dark frosted glass inset to your metal door. I also would need some idea regarding how much reframing i would need to do to support this door. 


Planning hanger retrofit with one 18'H x 60' wide door and one 16'H x 60' door. Both with Schweiss  hydraulic doors  Would like to know if there would be any problems for us to do the install.


Will be putting up a fabric building on my property in Massachusetts. I need a better quality hydraulic  door than I can get from the building manufacturer. I already have the building on order to deliver so I would like a quote right away. I'm looking for a 24 wide x 20' high door. Your strong hydraulic door will work. I've see your doors at a trade show and I like them. I don't think I need any spare door parts  unless it's not much more. Thank you, Joe


Door will be used a pass through door on a crane runway. This door requires a notch on each of the bottom corners to allow for crane runway beams to pass through. notch size to be 2' x 2'. Prefer your Schweiss hydraulic zero maintenance door. Will the crane door require and special door parts?


Can you please send me warranty details on the hydraulic door parts. I was unable to locate any warranty information on your website. Thank you


Need a quote on cylinders and pump for a 40' wide X 16' clear height  hydraulic single door. To be installed in Pre-Engineered steel building end wall (Farm Shop Building) 


Please provide an estimate for a horizontal hydraulic lifting door consisting of painted aluminum frame and glazed with insulated glass units. Ideally, this would also have two 3'x7' man doors of similar style incorporated into it. Is this issue an option or a problem? I have architectural drawings to provide support upon request. Pricing needed by Thursday.


Residential project located in Spring Branch TX. Need #3 hydraulic doors 16' wide x 8' tall openings. Need to know price range for factory built door and for building my own frame for consideration. Thank you for your help.


I have (2) versions for a building I am quoting. Version 1: I need a 60' x 16' clear Hydraulic machine shed farm door. Version 2: I need a 55' x 16' clear Hydraulic machine shed door. Will price include parts and delivery?


In need of a parts quote for non-operating hydraulic hangar doors as follows 65'x18'H 8ea. and 55'x18'H 4ea. Location is Angleton TX. I will send specification and drawing for review. Can you send your accessory upgrade parts listing and prices?


We are bidding this project, and the customer is going to get the door, I just need the design info to bid off of. Door is a 40 X 18 Clr. Hydraulic Schweiss door. Will additional parts be needed for a remote opening battery backup system. Thanks for your help.


I need a quote for the Hydraulic and Bi-fold door parts if we were to build our own door frames with dimension: LENGHT- 6.30 METERS AND WIDTH-4.04 METERS. Please also put installation in your quote. Do you have any manual doors of this nature? I await your prompt and positive Schweiss Doors support response.


I have the loading dock equipment contract for the  Metro Park job in Arlington, VA. I have been asked to include the doors for the project in my scope. I am quoting rolling steel and sectional OHDs but am new to the (4) hydraulic doors that are spec'd. (1) 27X18 (1) 30X18 (2) 20X18. Would it be any problem to give me dealer net pricing as well? I'm pretty sure I can lock the whole job up under one trouble free contract


need quote for a 70x18 hydraulic door to replace a tornado damaged door installed in Texas. just working on a bid for this 80x80 hanger. If I send photos of the pump and cylinders maybe you can tell me if they are still reusable.  thanx


I am planning to build a hanger/home with steel type buiding.I see Schweiss customers pick hydraulic doors for hanger/homes? Which door is more trouble for weather and wind? What is the wind loading rating for doors? Is the load and framing on the building different by door type? And what kind of safety fail system do they have? Do the hyd actuators have a internal lock? Could you go to the trouble of sending a spec sheet too, the building contractor needs this information. If I buy a door what is the build time and shipping cost? 


We are expanding and need a second aircraft hangar. We are looking at a 70' wide by 60' deep hangar and we need 23' clearance for the tail height. Looking for a Schweiss hydraulic lift door with strong rams and compact pump. We had hinge problems on our other door. Can you send replacement hinges. It's not a Schweiss door.


This is a project on St. George Island. I am the General on this Project. I would like a price on a 22 x 15 One Piece Hydraulic Door. I do not have to comply with WLA Specs but I would like to see what /- PSF can be reached with your hydraulic door product. Doesn't really need to be insulated but it needs to be as trouble resistant as possible to salt air. I have used your products before when I was in Missouri and found your doors to be problem free. Please have someone give me a call so I can go through some details. Thanks 


Interested in Hydraulic door 42 wide with a clearance of 12 ft from bottom of door to concrete. I like the option with windows across top panel. I would like a price of door with shipping. It's no problem for me to install the  hyd. door again. 


I have built a Hanger that has 2-20'sliding doors that has I beam top supporting the rafters and 4 Laminated side poles supporting that 2 on each side of door opening. I would like to a price on what a Hydraulic single door would be to replace these problem doors. Thank You Rick


I need a quote on 8 16' x 16' one piece doors, with hydraulic pump and cylinder style openers. Would it be any problem or will it need extra parts to attach polycarbonate panels on the exterior. 


Current project requires a one piece hangar security door to include a man door and panic equipment parts for hydraulic door. Is this possible? Have drawings available.


I am looking for a budgetary high level cost for a  hydraulic industrial strength door 60 foot wide and 18 foot height. We are in feasibility discussions at this time. Can we order hydraulic parts and component if we build the frame here? Thanks


We have hydraulic Schweiss doors mounted against exterior of precast concrete walls on an existing building so they can keep full headroom of 12' and full width of 12' wide. Can you send us new door seal parts and pump filters. Please email quote so I have something for budget price.


Please advise hydraulic door retrofit options for an existing door: - tensioning blocks - mounting options (bolt, weld, clamp) - pricing - mounting methods - dimensions and take-up capacity - and any other relevant parts pricing.


I have a trap door into the basement.(the wooden door is very heavy since it is holding up the floor of a two level house built in 1903) The door is held open by two hydraulic cylinders (which also help me lift the door). They wear out after a while so mine need to be replaced with your much stronger Schweiss hyd. cylinders. Can you sell me two cylinders and how large would they need to be and also the price of a new hydraulic pump?


We have a Schweiss one piece Hydro door that is approximately 100' long and 34' high. The door was installed on a hangar that we manage. We do not have any operating instructions or manual for this door. Is it possible to send us an electronic copy of instructions for this door should we need parts in the future? Please include any additional instructions for use with a remote control opener. 


We have six of your hydraulic doors that need to have the top hinges inspected or possibly replaced. Could you please sent me a list of certified installers and will your new Schweiss unibody hinge design with grease zerks work for our T-hangars? 


Hello, I work for a Small Package shipment Logistics company and would like to advertise my services for all your parts shipping needs. We have over 40 carrier contracts that offer considerable savings over other companies. I would love to quote out a few of your Schweiss parts shipments, anything from small door parts to cylinders and pumps, to show you how we stack up. Please reply.


I need hydraulic industrial door parts sent out from your Schweiss factory at a moments notice. Our door won't open, I think there is something wrong with the motor or pump. Please help


We are metal fabricators located in Brooklyn, NY. We are currently working on a project involving the fabrication of a 20' hydraulic commercial grade door. I came across Schweiss Doors while trying to source a motor/pump/cylinder system that is suitable for our application. I am very interested and want to know: 1 Are there specs available for your motor mechanisms and hinges? 2 We would like to fabricate the door and supporting structure in-house, what information would you need from us to deliver just the hydraulic parts to fit our door?




I have a 60x120 pole barn with hydraulic doors in each end. I would like to get a price on new door seals. Please have someone contact me about what it would cost to replace my pump and cylinders too. 


I have a hangar with the hydraulic doors but am lacking the remote control components. I'm interested in fixing the remote control but will need some parts or trouble shooting information.


You made a quote for my project in 7/13, to put a Schweiss pump on my Brand X hydraulic door.  I now want to update the quote. Opening is still 11' x 40'. Will it come prewired with all the parts I need?


How much for new rams, pump and a walk door on a 14 wide by 11 high hydraulic door I building myself? Are there any other parts or pieces I'll need?


I had an occasion to assist an owner of one of your hydraulic doors, in the installation. In the process of testing the door, a strange issue happened. The motor quit driving the cylinders, although the motor was turning normally. I am certain that this is not a standard trouble for your Schweiss quality motors.  Maybe just a bad connection or damaged parts. How can you help to solve this problem? Maybe the overload protection on the drive motors is set to a point where it would simply have tripped. Please call. 


I need "Price and Availability" including freight for a replacement hydraulic door motor assembly on one of your retrofit operators in Renton, WA. 1 phase Leeson motor Model. Please reply via email an send parts out ASAP. 


Looking for price to fix a hydraulic hanger door for our Falcon 50EX. Trouble is it opens way to slow, there must be a problem. Maybe you can send me a bigger pump motor. Opening is 24' x 70'. Would like to look at cost for all door safety parts you offer such as photo eyes, electric remote backup systems, horns, etc. 


I have an older farmstead building with sliding doors on end 18'X12' which I plan on replacing with a one piece Schweiss hydraulic unit. If I don't order it now with a battery backup system or remote opener, can you send those parts out later and would I have to get a different hydraulic Red Power pump?


Recently purchased an aircraft hanger. Hanger and hydraulic doors (two) need much repair (maybe an understatement, ok, its a wreck). I would like to fix the doors, but if the parts cost too much or don't fit this manufacturers doors it may be better to upgrade to a new Schweiss hydraulic door and forget about my troubles. Here are the door parts I think I'll need.


Please provide pricing on the following parts I will need to mount a used door I just bought. Two heavy duty Schweiss hydraulic rams (cylinders), unibody grease zerk hinges and a Red Power pump for a 48 ft. machine shed hydro door.


Hi, I purchased a hydraulic door from you in 2008 and would like a quote on an identical door. Mostly identical except it will now have your new compact pump and heavy duty hinges with grease zerks. Your hydraulic maintenance free doors never need new parts.


I have a parts list I can submit for you to get my hydraulic garage doors on my new residence working properly again. I know where the trouble came from - my wife backed the car into the doors. A pump and one cylinder are the biggest problem to fix these issues.


I am looking at getting a glass hydraulic Schweiss  door for a customer and would like pricing. The door is 16 x 8, Red Power pump operated. Can you just send all the necessary parts because I want to build the frame in my welding shop. What are the requirements that you would need?


Have a hydraulic door problem at the Airport in Vinton, Iowa. You really need to see this, it's a mess and I will need several replacement parts including rams, a new pump and the hinges need replacing.  I can send photos.


I need an idea of cost to replace my hydraulic pump, the manufacture that I have contacted is no longer in business. Will your compact pump work for this? I may also need some additional parts. My hydraulic door is 36 ft. Wide and 12 ft. Tall.


I have a Schweiss hydraulic door on my hangar in Naples Florida....do you have available the three button (up / down / stop) remote and if so how much or can you direct me to a firm that sells one. Also, price out a battery backup for my pump.


My door control is becoming erratic. Does not always stop at the same position. Would like to replace both up and down switches. Can I order parts for this or will the whole control unit have to be replaced  Please provide cost and availability? 


I need a micro switch for our hydraulic hangar door Its an older model 18-20 years old Its located on the lower right side in the control box. Would also like top and bottom weather seals.


Hi there Would it be possible to do 2500mm x 2500mm one piece hydraulic door that was supporting only privacy screen cladding? What door parts will be needed?  Kindest Regards 


Looking to retro-fit a hydraulic door to an older arch-rafter wooden quonset. Can you ship out a free standing header with all parts and components to install this door? Opening is 20' wide by 14 " high.


Can you please provide the deflection limit for this hydraulic commercial door? I have the frame but will need all necessary drive gear and parts with Schweiss Door compact pump, hinges, cylinders, etc., job location: Waukegan, Ill..


I bought an old hydraulic door but only want to use the frame. I will need all necessary Schweiss hydraulic lifting systems and new cylinders. I would also like to replace the hinges.


We have a door issue. Need estimate on parts for our pump or maybe new cylinders. It lifts the hydraulic door in a jerky manner. Door height is only 14 feet x 32 ft. wide.


We need Schweiss support to solve a hydraulic door issue that will require some replacement parts. What will it cost me to get a new pump and a remote backup system.


Hi, I need to get a complete quote for (2) hydraulic door cylinders for a 18 ft. tall farm door? Please give me a call asap.. Thank you,


I have what you describe as one of those Little Black Pumps that is giving me trouble and want to replace it with your much better Red Power pump. Will that pose any problems when I install it?




I am looking for various parts to make a old hydro door I bought operable again. I would like your pump, cylinders and a remote opener with two handhelds. This isn't a Schweiss hydraulic door, but I'm hoping it will work like one.


I have a local customer requesting just cylinders and a new pump, remote door control for industrial doors with the follow dimension: 69ft wide, and 16'6" clear height. the wind load max will be 75mph. please give a Budget Price - exwork plant cost, or with freight to overseas plant in Chili if it's possible. please give the personal contact too. best regards.


My company will be constructing a new building that contains testing equipment and a pre-conditioning room that needs to be kept within a specific temperature and humidity range. I am looking for a hydraulic door option that can be well insulated and provide a weather-tight seal that will make it easier to maintain the proper temp and humidity in this room. So we need a door that will provide a good seal and insulation value to help reduce energy costs in the new building. Can your doors provide better energy efficiency than an overhead door for our building? We'll need something that is good for security purposes as well and preferably a locking mechanism that pulls the door tight against the wall for a good weather seal. Can you explain what parts and components such as weather seals, insulation and rams, on your hydraulic door will do this for us?  


We have a customer that has schweiss hydraulic restaurant doors. We are looking for a maintenance manual on these doors. Would you be able to send one?


I am an architect in NJ. I have some commercial projects in NY area, and we are considering  installing a hydraulic door for a Karaoke bar franchise at storefront. If this door works as a test, we will use this type of storefront for all stores. Noise from inside at night would be an issue. The door needs to be acoustically treated. Do you have acoustic insulation on hand or do we have to treat it ourselves? Can you send out a sample?


Our new restaurant project has an open air Schweiss hydraulic door on it. Do you have any screening material we can clad this with in the summer to keep bugs out. Will it be a problem to put the glass back on for winter use? 


Recently wired a hydraulic door in NJ and the Installation manual has been misplaced. Would you please email (or mail) a clear copy of the Red Power pump wiring schematic or Complete Installation Manual. Thank you for your time. 


I'm considering buying a hydraulic door from a fellow pilot for my hangar, but he said it should have a new pump. Can you tell me what the pump would cost with delivery to Georgia. Will it come pre-wired from the Schweiss factory?


Looking for momentary pushbutton control upgrade  in hangar to actuate the hydraulic door to a given height where it stops automatically. Same on the down. Can you send out this part?  Thanks


I have ordered a new steel building. it will be erected in summer. (50x50). Can I purchase the door only?  40x10 hydraulic door. I am in the hydraulic cylinder, power units.tubing.hose and fitting business.


Hi Jeremy, I am Elmer. I discussed with you a recurrent Schweiss hydraulic door problem this last Friday afternoon. (I just bought the hangar from the city 7 days ago). I participated with the city in paying for the expensive hangar door repair last month. Just to be respectfully clear, I need you to stand behind this repair. As you recall, I had to vacate the hangar because the door was stuck in the up position. We were able to get the door down with your phone assistance. And as you know, there is a new timing motor installation as of last month. I meant to mention to you that there is also a prominent and very noticeable defect in power to the door motor. We have to solve this problem to ensure me a reliable door usage, otherwise of course I cannot use my hangar. So, I do have to have this door problem solved ASAP! 


Bult Field is a Schweiss Door customer. We are interested in pricing on the Hydraulic door Bottom Seal Optional Insulation Kit to improve contact with the hangar floor. All our many doors are working great, just minor routine maintenance is needed.


I have 7 hangars with your doors, installed about 10 years ago. The constant problem is with our largest hydraulic hangar door, the door opens very slow. The first motor system on another door had to be replaced with dual motors as the first one split the gearbox. You replaced them for us and I welded them in to the door myself and have not had a problem since. This hangar door gets a lot of use, as it houses the Air Life king air and is in constant use.  Also, I noticed the bottom door seal needs replacing. Need your Schweiss Door support. Please help me with this problem.


Hello, We are looking to find out more about your hydraulic Build Your Own Door kit. I understand that it is a steel door that can be self supported within it's own frame, correct? Could you tell me what door parts come in the kit? 


Please send me catalogue. I am interested in your hydraulic and bifold strap doors. Schweiss doors don't use cold formed C channel, right. Will the catalogue list in detail all the working parts of your doors? Thank You.


Customer wants a 25'x15' hydraulic door in a building sidewall with 18' eave ht. & 25' bays. Please send clearance requirements for a 25'x15' hydraulic door. I see your hydraulic doors have less moving parts. They probably require less maintenance, are they easy to install?


I am looking for a price and information on possibly replacing my door pump with one of your hydraulic Schweiss pumps. The door is 80 ft. wide by 38 ft. high on a pre-engineered steel building. I want a faster opening door, so put a bigger than usual strong motor on it.


HI I would like to know how readily available I can obtain parts for my hydraulic door straight from the Schweiss Door factory. I'm in Montreal, Quebec, Canada.


Interested in discussing a hangar style steel and glass door for a retail application (possible single lift hydraulic door), would like to discuss further. I want a low maintenance trouble free door and good factory backup support in case there are any problems down the line.    


what lubricant do you recommend for the hinges on my hydraulic door? Spray silicon, machine oil, ??? Send me out whatever you have. I see your new unibody hinge has grease zerks. Great idea.


I need a new bottom door seal on my 40 ft. hydraulic door. The corner got pulled off and now the mice are coming in my grain storage shed.


I need price to replace a damaged hydraulic door cylinder on my ten year old 18 ft. high farm machine shed door. Will the new ram have the spherical bearings my other cylinder doesn't?




Would like to order a hydraulic garage door walk through door. Standard size and height to fit in a 20 ft x 12 ft. high door. Key lock door.


We require 1 set - full parts and accessories for one-piece electronically driven hydraulic door. We will use it for a 3.285 mt wide x 2.500 mt high door that has an approx weight of 500KG. How soon can Schweiss deliver to Albania? Please respond with costs involved and if you will do this for us.


I am lookin prices for the equipment that Schweiss Doors sells and i want to see if you can help me for the price of just the equipment (pistons, hydraulic pump, electric box dead man control, hoses, etc.) but not of the door. This is for one of my customers that already have his Schweiss door of 19.5ft x 8.2ft and weight 550pounds I hope you can help me


I recently returned a form which was sent to me in order for me to allow my Schweiss  bifolding door to raise up with out holding the button in on my controller. You returned the wiring diagram in order for it to function. Thank you for your help.


I have a 14X47 hydraulic door and I am looking at replacing the pump, what does your Schweiss Red Power hydraulic pump cost?


I have one of your Schweiss 1 piece hydraulic doors. It has a receiver attached to it for a remote. I'm not sure if it has the limit switches on it or not. A few questions: 1. How do I order a couple remotes for it? 2. How do I verify it has all the necessary safety features? 3. Where can I get information on maintenance? I don't see any grease zirks on the hinges. Thx, Jerry


In addition to the 4 Schweiss doors which we will need ASAP, I also need two cylinders with an 8' or longer stroke for a dumb waiter, if you sell parts. The sooner we get pricing the better, we are ready to go Thanks Mike.


We have a Schweiss bi-fold door @ the Chesapeake Regional Airport that has been damaged, and needs replacement parts. We have a Job #066554 that came off the door. Can you help?


I have a 16' tall 40' wide one piece door that needs a new hydraulic set up, the door weighs around 3900lbs without sheeting. Can your company Schweiss Doors assist me with this? please have someone contact me


Sirs: Talked with a rep. named Brad about the upper seal on my bi-fold door. He wanted the info from the tag on the door. Model: S-13 When he has this info, please give me a call. Thank you, 


Sirs: I am in process of buying a 50 by 40 Hangar. It is a very well constructed STAR building and presently has very well constructed sliding doors (Three slide in each direction from center on lower track/rollers. In the spring I am considering converting to hydrolic or bifold doors depending on the height penalty of Bifold. I want to use the present square tube doors in the process. I am a fair mig welder, have access to a vocational school welding department, with Iron Worker machine any mills/lathes etc. Most of my friends are retired engineers and can offer any advise needed. My question is can I purchase a hydrolic or bi-fold motor/hardware kit for my door from Schweiss? Thanks


I have an existing competitors door. I would like to buy a Schweiss hydrolic system, rams, pump, electrical and electrical remote openers and high limit switches. The door is 40' X 10'. Please send me a quote for what I need. Thanks.


Please send cost and availablity on a B-1 foam cusion kit system for the bottom of a door. My door is a 54 foot Schweiss bi-fold door which is running great, purchased for you in 2010. Thank You, Scott H


Bought a hanger in Bakersfield with one of your vertical lift doors. It is a Mod S-13 #324 Serial #4457 and was wondering if you had instructions for preventative maint. It runs awesome and I want to keep it that way. It is a 48' Bifold with cables. Could you email or send me what you have Thanks


Hello, I've made the mistake of buying one of your competitors doors. The door was shipped and installed before I realized the automatic opener was not sent with control panel. I have tried for the better part of a year to get them to send it as I have paid for it. They have made excuse after excuse. Finally, they did refund my money for the opener. They too tried to get the other company to make good and had the same luck I had. Very very unprofessional!! Is there any chance that your opener with work with their hydraulic system?


We want to build a custom door, with the hydraulic system, require us quote the mechanism only, with shipping to Mexico, thank you very much. Juan


I am currently building a 36 x 10 door. Do you sell your NEW Red Power pump drive unit seperatly. If so can you give me a ballpark cost.  Thanks


I would like to know how I can purchase your bottom door seals. And Pricing. Thank you


I am looking for price and availability of a bottom seal for a 60' hydraulic door.


I really would like to upgrade my old bifold to use your new patented lift straps. Can you flip me a cost. It's a 50 ft. door.  Thanks.


I need a new rubber seal for the top of the 39 foot wide by-fold hangar door I bought from you in the mid 1990's. Would you please email me a quote with description of the seal. I would not want the foot wide rubber strip that you now advertise. I would prefer a 5 or 6 inch wide flat strip that is 40 feet long. Thank you! David Harden


Could you please send me a listing of dealers who could provide me with preventative maintenance/repair service on our installed hydraulic doors in the New York City area? Thank you.


I have a hydraulic door I bought from you.  I need some fuses for the door. What are the sizes of the fuses. ???


How close are you to the airport? Can I pick up hydraulic hangar door seal from your company for two 40' doors?


I am interested in purchasing parts to produce a hydraulic door for a shop I am going to build in the next 2 months. I have a fabrication business and we are very capable of building our doors. I am interested in purchasing needed materials for this project. tthe door will be 24'wide by 17'tall with one walk through door in the door itself.


I am interested in purchasing parts to produce a door for a farm shop I am going to build in the next 2 months. I have a fabrication business and we are very capable of building our hydraulic doors. I am interested in purchasing needed materials for this project.


Do you sell individual components such as the Red Power one piece power unit, pistons, etc.? I have built large 16X50 one piece steel doors that were cable operated but think hydraulic could be simpler. First, I need to know availability of components.