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I am in rural Alaska, and I am interested in your "build your own door" plans. The project is a 10' X 40' hangar door. 1 pc, hydraulic door. The local welding shop can build either a steel door or an aluminum door with an external truss bar, and a walk-thru man door incorporated. Please provide a price quote for all necessary components, ...minus the door or course. There is approx 3 hrs time difference from Mn. to Ak. so calling me around 10-11am Mn time would be approx 7-8am Ak. time, which is best for me. Email probably works best due to the time difference Thank you


Have a existing 300'x 100' building. Wanting to put 40'x 39'8" door on end wall. Framed opening is not yet made but intended rough opening will be 39'8" wide. Would also like a quote for B.Y.O.D. hydraulic door kit for this size.


Interested in looking at detailed plans and pricing for a smaller (12’w x 10’-11’h) DIY one-piece door and possible manufacturing/ installation of custom hydraulic doors.


Hello, I came across a link on online about building a DIY door kit you guys offer. I was wondering if that is still a thing or not? I am a farmer up in Saskatchewan Canada and and willing to build my own door as I'm a farmer/welder/fabricator. I am going to have 2 doors in my shop one being a 24x18 and the other a 12x14. I greatly appreciate it if you guys gave me a call to discuss if this is an option you guys offer anymore. Thank you Riley


hi inquiring on door kit prices and or drawings for a 40 foot by 12 foot lift door for my future hangar thank you


Please contact via email. I'm interested in the hydraulic door kit for an ISO 40' HC shipping container. Can you send me some info and rough pricing on this unit? Thanks, JAD


Hi. I am looking to build my own door and would like to purchase the hydraulic cylinders and mounts if possible Thanks


Hi. I am looking to build my own door and would like to purchase the hydraulic cylinders and mounts if possible Thanks


Hello, would it be possible to order complete diy door kit for overhead door 40'×11' with hydraulic pump.


Im looking to purchase schweiss hydraulic kit for a door I built. Need the pump/reservoir, rams and mounting plates. The door is 12 w x 14 tall. Made from 2 x3 steel.


Hi, I am interested in a schweiss BYOD kit possibly two. We are based in Australia which makes the build your own door kit the preferred option.


I would be interested in a kit to build a bi-fold door for my shop, door opening is 22' wide by 14 tall. By email is best for me I live in the mountains. Poor cell phone. Yes snow as well


Looking for the struts/cylinders used for a build your own hydraulic door system. Do you sell them as acessories?


Hello, I have seen you doors at farm shows over the years whilst in Canada, Do you do just the main pieces for your Schweiss BYOD kits (hinges cylinders etc, and we make up the frame and can you send just pricing on these pieces, as I have containers leaving from  IL in coming months.


I just read about your Schweiss hydraulic hanger door kits. Can you please tell me what information you will need to get this going. The BYOD kit is a great service that no other than your company offers.


Please quote a 60x16 clear bifold door with strap lift, Bottom Drive, Top Rubber, Weather Seal Kit, Auto Latch Strap setup, Control Station Location  Left Inside Please include freight/delivery to Maple Lake, MN Please price separately installation labor for door We will install Sheeting, trim and 3%u201D insulation. This building to be installed on is in process so I need complete design specifications as well so I can provide to the Architect/Builders. Please email and fax all information. Thank you.


i want to know prices 1. Schweiss powerful hydraulic pumps price like those on Under Armour MD doors 2. Larger cylinders size 3 meters please contact to me. We are waiting for answers.


Looking for information on hydraulic horn and lights accessories for my Schweiss hydraulic mancave door in UT.


Wanting a Schweiss liftstrap bifold for a existing ag shop. 20'x14' Can we buy a limit switch box ready made with controls and possible remote control or do they come with the door?


We had doors installed a few years back by a supplier that is no longer in business. The pumps on two of our doors no longer function. I need two replacement pumps. The doors measure 19'W X 27'H. Could you please provide a quote for your pump that will work for this size door? I also see now that you carry a Red Power pump, I would like one of those also.  Thanks


We recently received our Schweiss door and it is being installed now. The problem we have is that originally we wanted automatic latches. Somewhere along the process the order was changed (probably the contractor)and we ended up with manual latches and no interlock to prevent the door from being raised with the door latched. Is there a way to install the automatic latches at this stage and what would the cost be? Thank you Steve B. County Sheriffs Office


We have one of your doors (most likely older, it has the "schweiss chicken pluckers" label on it) on our maintenance hangar at Bellingham Airport. Wondering if you now or have come up with a more powerful hydraulic pump. Door still works  good, just want to upgrade it if we can. Is this the same Schweiss Chicken Pluckers? Hoping you just changed your company name to Schweiss Doors.


I have a door Model S22 L9 74273. This unit I have had for quite some time (ever since I owned the farm site). I was checking out your website and see your new Bi-folds have straps on them. Can I convert my existing cables over to straps?


We have issues with water during hurricane driving rain storms out of the northeast pushing rain water under the hangar doors when closed. I am interested in the Standard bottom foam cushion kits for our 12 large cantilever style hangar doors, what all is included in your weather seal kit. I believe placing one on the outside and another on the inside of the door would be most effective. Can you provide me with a budgetary only price quote for 3600' of this produst installed at your earliest convenience?


I have an existing schweiss 14'x 40' hyd. door that has been installed for several years. Works Great. Do you offer a kit that I can install so the door will open and stop with out having to hold the button?


I would like a quote on a hydraulic and a bi-fold (with straps) door that is equal to or larger than 27.5 ft wide by 15 ft tall. This is the present frome opening of our building. We plan to extend the opening 8 to 10 ft forward and construct a robust frame to hold the door. Our building frame is not adequate. Consequently we can make the opening any size that is standard but we want it to be no smaller than the existing opening. We will eventually need two doors. One of my employees is a master welder. Is it possible to buy a kit and have him assemble the door here? We will evenually buy two doors (one for each end of the building.


I am planning and have for some time to install a power lift mechanism kit for my hanger door which is 42' long and 18' high. What is my cost for a complete hydraulic system to install on my door?