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Need price on 18 foot wide x 12foot high one-piece insulated hydraulic door delivered to Cheboygan, Michigan.


Hello, I am looking for a one piece hydraulic door for a ground up restaurant project I am leading and would like some information regarding your product. I am looking for an aluminum and glass door with insulation. Thank you! Fred


I need pricing on a 50'x16' hydraulic door, I would like to know more about your insulation options. Door would be shipped to Eaton, Co 80615.  Please call with any questions.


I want to put up two hydraulic hangar doors and I need to get a price for just the doors and for the doors plus installation and with your new insulation panel system.


We are looking for a price on a 38ft x 12ft Tall bi-fold or hydraulic door. It needs to be insulated with your new interlocking insulated panel system, this will be inside a building to access a mechanical room. I would prefer to install the insulated Schweiss panels myself, looks easy enough. Please call me with price estimate.


 We are looking at the potential of using your one-piece hydraulic door product in an interior CO  application. We would like to have finish on both sides of the door. We are looking at a white board material on one side and wood paneling on the other side. Would want to use your new interlocking insulated panels and photo eyes for door. 


Hello, I am interested in two Schweiss 30' wide 16' tall doors, as well as one 19' 6'' wide by 14' tall door. All doors would need to be insulated as well as possible, if that needs to be factored into quote. Man doors on 30' wide Schweiss doors would be desirable. thank you, Rowdy V.


Im interested in a Schweiss one piece pivoting hydro-powered door. I would need it insulated and sealed. Would like 2 windows that open, placed evenly across the door and the bottom 6 feet off the ground. If I understand correctly, your install. Please give me a call. Thanks 


Have a heated shop building with an inside sliding door currently. Doesn't seal well in winter, looking at what it might cost for a hydro door that seals, possibly with a couple of windows in as well.


Can you provide me with installation instructions for a 16'x40' Bi-Fold with straps going on Gable end wall,and truss bracing. Thank You. Jonathan


Dear sirs I just built a pre-engineered steel building and I need to have the schweiss BIFOLD door insulated & are windows a option also i need two quotes one with a turn key job & the other sending the material only. any questions you can call at any time during regular business hours. Thanks David


i want bifold doors to be insulated plus with wall panel. Would like to look at single and bifold systems. Thanks


Building a 40x40 wood and steel aircraft hanger. Door opening will be 36 feet by 12 feet 6 inches high. would like specs on both hydro-powered and the vertical lift type and in the quote I need insulation added to the bid.


My bifold hanger door has the manual side latches. I would like to get the insulation kit installed to get a better seal and better prevent dust and dirt from getting in. I live at Stellar Airpark. Allen F.


Did you get my request yesterday, I hate to be pushy but, The customer is pushing me for a Quote. I need to be able to insulate this to R38 If you have any good ideas. Thanks Pat


Looking for budget numbers for a Hangar I'm going to build with a Hydraulic Door door will be about 60ft wide by 14 ft tall. Its a big door, I plan to insulate it, and sheet both sides. Do I need a bigger pump to handle the extra weight I'm going to put on it.


I would like a rough price for two hydraulic doors: 10W x 9H, and 16W x 10H. Doors should be insulated to the standard for a good conventional overhead door. Do you sell and ship to customers who install themselves?


need a bid on a door for my maintenance garage. I need a door that seals tight, can you tell me what all goes into the weather seal kit. As I heat my building I would like the fastest opening and closing type of bifold or hydraulic door you offer. Insulated. Would also like 2 windows in it.


Looking for a price on a door near the size of 34 wide and 24 tall. The cusomer is open to both styles of Schweiss Doors. Options in bid: Photo-eye sensors and Insulated. Cost is the main factor.


We have a snowmobile trail groomer in a shed that needs weathertight insulated doors that the mice and pack rats can't eat. We have a pair of swinging doors at each end at present. We do have a very tight budget to work with and I don't know if your bifold or hydraulic doors are even cost effective for us. Please advise us as to cost, availability, and suitability for use in a cold snowy area. We do have single phase power to the building, concrete floor and foamed metal walls. Thanks


We purchased a Schweiss hydraulic door this summer to install on a airplane hangar. It is a 70' wide door. The owner now would like it finished on the inside. How would you recommend that I insulate and finish the inside of the door?


I would like to order a new lower door seal for my 42' door for my hanger it is about 11 years old and bought from you


I need a bottom seal for a bifold hangar door 41 ft long with a 3.5 inch gap need a quote and shipping charge thank you. This is an old, old Schweiss Door. It still works hard everyday. Great door.


I need a top rubber piece about 50'long for my hangar door. Hou much are they? And how wide?


I installed a Schweiss hydraulic door a few years ago and need to replace 2 pieces of white tin that have been damaged. I also want to insulate the interior of the door. Where can I get matching tin? And what do you recommend for insulation on the interior??


I have been looking into insulating my hangar. What suggestions do you have on insulating my 13' x 40' hydraulic door.


There is a 12 inch header above the door opening and I would like the hydraulic door to be weather tight and insulated. Thank You


Info to design bldg. for these hydraulic doors.( steel bldg. ) Door weigth reaction loads Are the hydraulic doors insulated ? We would need "weather seal kits " what is the door cladding - Ext. - Int.


I need a rubber seal for the top pof my hydraulic door. Can you give me a price?