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I would like to introduce myself and my company ARC ENERGY Group, we have a project in Oman with our client to supply the attached materials, it would be highly appreciating your response if its from your schweiss doors product line. 1. HYDRAULIC HINGE FOR WEATHER TIGHT DOOR LO-315MM LC-275MM (PHOTO attached for reference) - 34 Nos. Please send to us with excel data sheet. Your response will be highly appreciated it. Look forward receiving your feedback. Thank you. ARC


Hi, we are looking for an overhead hydraulic door for our farm shed. We talked with your guys at farm fest and saw the doors in motion and love the hinges on these doors. Please send over a quote. Thank you, DP


Please provide a quote for a single piece hydraulic door 13 ft high by 55 ft wide for my hangar. Please provide cost to put typical metal corrugated panels on outside of door, shipping cost to my address and installation cost. Also need specs for the how much load the door, frame, heavy-duty hinge, and the rest of it can take.


Have a small rural metal building that is being converted into a hangar. Have room for a 40'x 14' opening with little more room for installation hardware if needed. Owner is wanting a vertical bifold latch strap door to match or blend with other small hangars on site. I can provide metal for covering to match if needed. Can you discuss this with me. The other hangars have a vertical cable lift at each end. I am needing a estimate for the owner also. We don't have to have the same lift system but would like it to look the same on the outside. Being located where I am in Arkansas, is this a system that I can buy and install with my crew.?? The existing structure is steel but not enclosed. We will be enclosing the structure with wood framing and metal to match. I noted below that it is a steel structure but we can install steel columns for mounting or wood. 


Hi, I have a barn that I'd like to put the one piece doors on. I'd like to get a price on the one piece garage doors. Please send me information on the finishes available for these types of doors. I was worried, but I think that your Wrap-Around Hinge Design will work to keep the door up!!


I have a hangar at a small local airport (Rostraver). The hangar is well built block wall and concrete floor. The previous owners installed a homemade 50'X12' wooden door that operates similar to a car garage door. It works fine but is very flimsy and needs to be secured by better, stronger hinge design for security and wind resistance. I'm interested in pricing on a commercially built door that is more sturdy, insulated, some windows and secure. Bi-fold or one piece hydraulic (preferred) if not too much more expensive. I would be looking at purchase price plus an installation price.


I'm looking to get pricing for (2) hydraulic garage doors w/ heavy duty hinges.  We will be installing slat wood ourselves... so looking for a L angle flange surrounding openings that we can mount wood to. Rough openings 12x12; door size: 11'- 9-3/4"W x 8'-0"H. Primed. Add alt for remote option. Need budgetary pricing asap. Delivery & install: Can you help?


Looking for quote on 50' x 14' hangar hydraulic door. Need the a strong hinge.  Email only, please. Also, are the doors shipped with freestanding steel header?


We have a 45' Hanger Hydraulic Doors with heavy duty hinge. Can you please give me a price for the material delivered and installed.


Building a 60x60 Hangar. Looking for a hydraulic door, 44x12 building opening - how tall is the door opening with a hydraulic. Steel building manufacturer has asked for your spec sheet so they can engineer their building correctly. Manuf. need the Heavy Duty Hinge.  


request quote on metallic 20W X 15H hydraulic door...possibly purchases two depending on price Need heavy duty hinge


Have a residential project in the Seattle WA area that they are interested in using a "hanger" style door. Would need 3 each, all 9' wide x 9' tall, and heavy duty hinge. Would need to be designed to have siding material added to them so the blend into the side of the garage. 


I would like to get some specs/information about using a bifold door (window) for a restaurant/commercial space. What's the process of getting you files/information of the size we need? Can the whole system be Florida NOA approved (hurricane code)? Can the Hurricane Code still apply if we use the Latch Strap system.Thanks


As for purchasing HYDRAULIC DOORS and I am writing you from Japan. I am sending you this message since I am considering of introducing your HYDRAULIC DOORS and have some questions regarding the product. Listed below are my questions; 1)Is it possible to ask you to ship the product to Japan? 2)If overseas shipment to Japan is possible, is it correct to consider that the products that will be shipped are the 3 items listed below? -SCHWEISS HYDRAULIC POWER UNIT -Hydraulic Cylinders -Hydraulic Door Frame - Wrap around Hinge Design  3)Approximately how much would it cost to purchase the product? 4)Will there be no problem if the doors are left open for a long period of time (for more than a few days)? 5)Is the size of the Hydraulic Door Frame standardized? Is it possible to have the product in different size according to the size and shape of the building? 6)I am planning to design the building myself. Do you have any document or other materials which describe the points to note when designing a building that will have HYDRAULIC DOORS installed? 7)Could you kindly send your products catalogue in electronic data such as in PDF format? I will be looking forward to your reply. Sincerely yours, 


I am working on a residential project in San Francisco where we are providing a new garage and door in an exiting historic 1910 building's facade. We will want to install the existing finish siding that's being removed for the door opening on the new hydraulic door, so when closed, the original facade will remain in tact. The front facade of the building is on the front property line, so the door will need to stack on the interior side of the garage. There is also headroom clearance issues. I would like to send drawings but need your email address so I can attache pdf's. Had problems before, need heavy duty hinges.  Thanks, Jannis


We are looking for a price on 2 one-piece hydraulic doors, each with a couple windows, and the wrap around hinge design. These doors are going into a new warehouse. Opening sizes are drawn as 24' wide x 20' height which can be changed if close to a standard size. I'm in NY, can you ship it here?


We are retrofitting some hangars at a local airport and need pricing and availability for hydraulic doors. Need wrap around hinges, would like a quote and some specs to send off to the architect 


I am thinking about two hydraulic doors 24 foot 17 6" and 28 by 17 6" which door would work better for the side of a building and the cost of the doors with the wrap around hinge. And would i need to have more header strength?


My hangar  will be a 50 x 50 foot pole type structure. Please send me a "ball-park" figure for a 50 X 14 foot one piece door, delivered to the airport with your heavy duty hinge. Thank you, Al Malecha


We are bidding a project for a small T-Hangar of either 8 or 12 units calling for sliding doors. Would you be interested in bidding. I prefer being contacted via email but if you must call, don't forget the time difference. at noon there we are just getting up. Love the Wrap Around Hinges.


I would like a quote on a build your own hydraulic door kit for a 14' high by 20' wide door. It will be installed in a pole building, so we need the heavy duty hinge.  Thanks


I bought a Hydraulic Door in 2012 and it has creaked when opening and closing after about the first 6 months. I see you have incorporated grease fittings in the hinges of the new doors. Is there a way to upgrade or get new wrap around hinges. Thank You


I like what you guys tend to be up too. Such clever work and coverage! Those hinges saved me! Keep up the very good works guys I've incorporated you guys to my personal blogroll. 


Hello, I am building a container and want to install hydraulics to my doors. Do you sell cylinders and pumps separate or you only do hydraulic doors in a oner, I also would like some heavy duty wrap hinges. I am in country at the moment, and I would really like to purchase a parts from you.


I am interested in learning more about your hydraulic doors. I have am interior project in Charleston South Carolina that I am considering your product for. The doors would open a cafe to a lobby space, need a strong hydraulic door hinge.


Can you provide a quote for us on the Sacramento Downtown Plaza project? I need a stronger, better hinge for the door project.  Single door approximately 50'w. I have plans and specs to send for your use in quoting. Thank you


I need a quote on a one piece flip out hydraulic door package with all hardware and pump and delivery to Kevil, KY. Need specs on the Wrap Around Hinge. Door size is 13 foot 11 inches tall 20 foot 6 inches wide Thank You Tami 


I need to expand the basement garage in my house. It has two floors of bedrooms above it, and a finished basement in front of it. It does not have enough depth to accommodate my cars. The only place to expand is toward the street, but zoning restrictions allow only a 6 foot expansion. I don't think I can practically raise the height of the existing door openings (two single doors separated by about two feet of concrete block) as this is a support wall for the two floors above it, and I don't think installing a support beam would be very practical. The six foot expansion would not leave enough overhead room for regular overhead sectional doors. I live in a snowy climate so I don't think swing-out doors would be practical. I thought two bifold doors such as your hangar doors would be an alternative, would prefer latch strap system. Do you make bifold doors that can be used in a residential application, and can be operated remotely? And insulated? The existing garage is heated. Do you know a source for any such doors in my area? Many thanks


need pricing on bifold...16x7 aluminum frame with clear glass panels. Looking for black frame. Do they come manual operation? I am in Californian and also would need your team to install these doors. 4 doors total, all need the latch straps.  Thanks 


I currently have four top loading sea van containers, 20 ft. The lids are made to lift off with an overhead crane. I would like to convert the lids to hinged , hydraulic operation. Please contact me regarding the conversion. We are located in New Jersey, but I am able to ship the containers as needed to accomplish the work.


I would like a rough estimate on a hydraulic door with a 12' x 46' CLEAR opening. Frame, structure, pump, hoses, lines, heavy duty hinges, etc. Please confirm my assumption that the door does not include the skin. Location is Central Texas.


Hello, We were the design architect on the Under Armor Store in Baltimore that you had installed the giant lift gate. We have a different office interior project coming up that we'd like to install a large security gate to secure a reception lobby off of a bank of elevators. The column/obstruction free opening would need to be about 35-45' wide and the floor to ceiling height is at 9'-0" tall. Ideally we'd like to do a large single pivot security door with the heavy duty hinge, but may need to utilize a bifolding door. We'd like for you to advise on what product would be ideal for our interior project as well as a rough estimate for the cost of furnishing the door as well. Many thanks.


I live in an airpark community. My hangar (attached to my home) is wood framed with two garage style overhead doors and a movable center post (opening is 40' x 11'). The header over the door is sagging (house is 30 years old) so I'm going to ask an architect to design a beam and have it installed to make the opening new again. While I'm at it, I might as well look into what's available in doors, with heavy duty hinges- to make sure this doesn't happen again. What can you recommend? Can you engineer the beam for me? I'm on a tight budget; what's my most economical options?


I am building a shop 50x50 and need a quote for a 50x15 hydraulic door. The shop is scheduled to be done in July. We are a welding fabrication shop in Key Largo. FL engineer stamped 140 mph wind. Would like a window and man access door. These Wrap Around hinges should hold the door at such high winds.


I am interested in a build my own hydraulic one piece door. Need the specs on the wrap around hinges. Dimensions would be 24 feet wide by 13 feet tall. Thank you.


I would like to get a brochure or catalog in the mail on the hydraulic doors and the bi fold doors.I'll also take a dvd if there's one available. Excited about the power of the wrap around hinges.


Really like your one piece hydraulic doors. I am building a pool house on my lot that will also be an in-law unit. It will be insulated and heated and habitable year round, but primary use is as a pool house. I want to be able to open space up to outside on one wall, like a Nanawall would do, but with a more traditional look (and cheaper than a Nanawall!). Thinking about possibility of a one piece overhead door with hydraulic lifters, 16' by 7', with heavy duty hinges for safety, with a pre-hung double French Door in the middle, and just something basic in wood on each side, maybe trimmed out like carriage doors. No idea if your product is going to be cost effective or feasible and would appreciate some guidance on cost.


We are bidding a hangar project for TxDOT Aviation in Snyder Tx. We are excited about a heavy duty hinge.  Building calls for sectional sliding doors but with option pricing to go with hydraulic lift doors.


Looking for a quote for a single frame hyd door approx 80' wide opening and 22' clear height opening. Definately need your heavy duty hinge for such a large door. Delivery to Tulsa Oklahoma.


I already have purchased two of your one piece Hydraulic doors. I do not have the exact width, the building will be 50' wide. I came to you because I need a better, stronger hinge.


Building a home for a client they are looking to put in a Hydraulic swing type garage door. The opening we have right now spec'd out is 19'-3" x 24' home is being designed so we can make changes if needed. Is this something you can do will need spec sheets with dimensions for the architect currently showing two doors but if we need to go with one we can also do that. I'm excited about the stronger, better hinges.


I would like to buy one piece Hydraulic system door to open one side of a 20ft container. Would appreciate it if you could provide me with some information and a quote. I'm excited to learn more about the wrap around hinge. Or a distributor in Asia? Would like it to be delivered to Sabah, Malaysia.


I would like to know more about your product and if you ship to Vietnam. I am having trouble viewing your videos on your website. Can you also give me pricing information? I would like to make the side panels of shipping containers open with your hydraulic system. I am making house or cafe/restaurants, so need a strong hinge for safety reasons. Thank you


Walton Contracting is a star pre engineered steel building erector. We've installed both bi-fold and hydraulic doors and looking to see what it would take to become a dealer or installer. Also want to know the spec on the wrap around hydraulic hinge.


I'd like to find out about ordering a hydraulic door for a commercial development in Brooklyn, NY. The Schweiss doors are the look we would like and the Carriage house has the function we would like. Also tell me how strong the Stronger, Better Hinge is.


Building a workshop/ garage complex in SW Wisconsin. Owner request hydraulic shop door. Can send PDF plans if needed. I also want to know how strong these Stronger, Better Hinges are. Thanks


I am putting up a 60ft wide 65ft long shop. 18ft to the plate with one door on the end wall and one door on the eave side. I live in Vermont with a lot of wind and snow. Have many questions about speed of door, and price, also how hard to attach to my building, and how strong the hinge is.


Hi, We used your bifold door on a project a few years ago and have another one in the works. Can you please send me all of the detail information, specs of wrap around hinge and clearances for the "build your own door"system. I prefer to receive info via email and/or mail, rather than by phone. Thanks, an Architects


I read about your wrap around hinges, and I realized that is what I need. Please send me an e-mail and I will reply with bid package for a 4 plane Hangar with Bi-fold doors in Andrews, SC.


We are an architectural firm working on a boutique hotel in downtown Charleston SC and need a quick price for both the hydraulic and bifold. The application will be a parking garage door to conceal the entrance when closed with custom cladding to match the building. We need a heavy-duty stronger hinge, and any specs you have on these doors. Please let us know if you are able to give a quote from the measurements below or need additional information for a more precise price.


Is your product is available in India? Please give me more information about your Product. I would definately like to know more about the wrap around hinges. 


Hello, I'm looking for a double to install in a milk house. I want to be able to remove the heavy duty hinges so a bulk tank could be removed without tearing everything apart so a pretty good sized door. Do you have any options for me? Thanks 


I am trying to get a price today on a 50' and 60' Hydraulic door to be installed on the gable of a Pole Building. Please contact me by email or phone. Excited about your wrap-around hinge design.  Thank you!


I have an existing agriculture building that I would like to retrofit with a bi-fold door. It has a 46'6" wide opening 14' tall. I am looking for the most economical solution. I especially need a strong door with a stronger hinge.Thank you, Shad


I am working on a new comunity center and am interested in using one of your doors in our project. we are in a costal area and need our doors to meet Dade County wind and impact standards. Do you have nay testing for your doors? Your better, stronger wrap around hinge sounds great to meet wind standards. This would be a laminated glass door of about 12'H x 24'w or (2) 12'x12'. Thank you for your time


Will be starting construction on our new hangar home soon. Just waiting for the building permit to be issued. We would like to receive a price quote from you on a one-piece flush mount hydraulic hangar door with interior truss, hydraulic pump system, and delivery. We are in a low category hurricane zone so the door will need to be rated as such. I think the heavy duty hinges will be able help the door hold in hurricane-like conditions.  The plans show dimensions as 54'Wide X 14'High with no windows. Our hangar will be engineered, will be built with 12" concrete block construction, each cell will have rebar reinforcement and will be poured solid with concrete. Please have a salesperson contact me if more information is needed. Thank you!


Do you offer just the hydraulic opening system? My company is making the steel door, but we are in need of the lift system. We are also looking for the strongest Hinge.


Need pricing on a Bi folding door going to West Point, VA....Door must have a twelve foot clear opening when open, looking forward to learning more about the wrap around hinges.


I need info and pricing on a door with clear opening 0f 40' x 21' with wind loading of at least 130 M.P.H. And I know the Schweiss Heavy Duty hing would be firm against the wind. Regards


I am looking for a quote to replace the double one-piece hydraulic door to my storefront with taller ones. I would like a quote for glass doors that measure a total of 6 wide and between 8 and 9 ft. tall. These hinges I have on my current door have held together, and I would like more of the better stronger hinges.  I can send a photo of what I have currently. Thanks!


Hi, I am trying to find a solution for my home garage door. I have a 7'x19' opening. I am trying to eliminate the need for my roll-up to roll into the garage ceiling area so that I can install a car parking lift. Its a residential home and I need the door to look like a typical roll-up to match the neighborhood when closed. I am interested in either the hydraulic version or the strap version if they can accept a standard roll-up door as the outside skin. I have not picked out the roll-up door, so I am flexible with weight and material. Is this something that is possible? I have the ability to replace the framing around the door with the appropriate steel supports, and a good hinge would really give it some strength.


We were interested in the hydraulic doors for a shop building. Really need the heavy duty wrap around hinge. Could you give us a price list please?


I'd like to receive more information about the hardware. I really like the wrap-around hinge. Is it possible to purchase just the hardware so that we can use it with a custom door? Do you have a distributor in Louisiana? 


Dear Schweiss, I am planning a hangar for a seaplane on a lake. The appearance of the hydraulic door is my concern; I want it to blend in and I think that the typical metal door exterior with vertical corrugation will not afford the best appearance. I want the door to be similar to the rest of the building, which will have a wooden barn exterior. I am concerned that the weight of a wooden barn exterior on the hangar door will be excessive. Can you give me guidelines for the maximum weight of a door exterior per square foot of door? Does the weight of the exterior affect the strength of the door, frame, hinge etc.Thanks


Hello, We're interested in obtaining specifications, detail cut sheets, and pricing for the Schweiss Hydraulic Door System. We are designing a private residence here in San Diego, CA and the project will feature (4) 12'x10' glass garage doors (1/4" laminate tempered glazing). We really like your wrap-around hinge design.  Please call or email at your earliest convenience. 


We are quoting a project in Weslaco, TX and the customer does not have any information on the hydro-swing doors. Could we please get a quote with sizes and specs on parts like jamb, hinge, headroom, etc.? The door size is 40' wide and 18' tall and there will be (8) of them total. Thanks