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Hello, I have a 12'x12' opening to our visitor center and want a quote on a hydraulic door. Looking for a chic door to add to this facility


I have a small but complicated unique door to construct for a mobile show-home that is being built for a tour across Canada. The tour will also be filmed as a docu-series. Contact me to discuss our Schweiss door needs, see if this is something you are interested in, and let's review opportunities to feature you on the house and show. Warmly, Kenny


We are in the process of designing our new home. We plan on having a large rear patio with outdoor syle kitchen etc. We would like to enclose this patio using designer hydraulic style doors on 2 2 sides with insulated glass panels so that during winter months we can still enjoy the patio and look out at the wildlife. But during the rest of the year we can open them up as needed to enjoy the oudoor experience. We have looked at a lot of normal patio doors and can't find what we want. We like the looks of your hydraulic doors. The doors would have to leave openings about 12'X7' and 20'X7'. your quote request only allows for dimensions of one door. Since this is new construction and we are just now in the design stage I'm not sure what we would need to mount it. The design will be a wooden home. Can you help us decide if these doors are what we are looking for?


Quote for 15'x10' designer hydraulic door in Arlington Washington on a new restaurant on the front end. Building size is 40x30


Looking for a designer hydraulic door for a commercial building I am going to have built. Width of the building is 30'X 40' long. I would like the door to be at least 14'-8" foot wide by 8' tall. What is estimate for door and separate estimate for door and install. Thanks, Marcus


Please put me in contact with your local rep to discuss a project in Broomfield, CO. The design has two designer hydraulic doors.


We need to install a new designer door (6'x8' opening) on our house. The existing doors are breaking down and are not repairable. We plan to replace these doors with a hydraulic door. What would you recommend and what would this door cost? Also, how would the opening be framed?


Hello, I am looking for a designer hydraulic door with glass panels for my smallish residential garage. Key points: Security is my number 1 concern. Looks are secondary. Needs to open from the outside. I can only have a 10' outward projection. I would like to see a quote with these features and with the specs provided below. Thank you very much.


Please contact me ASAP. I have an urgent request for pricing of a single piece hydraulic door for a project that bids next week. It will be for a restaurant front, it will need to be like the designer doors on your website. I apologize for the rush, and look forward to your reply. I'd like to send drawings and specs to start the pricing process. Thanks!


Hi, I am in the early stages of planning a new commercial building (12-18 month period) and looking for budgetary ideas on a designer hydraulic door for the building. I'm wondering if you could give me a rough budgetary estimate for a door sized approximately 14'w x 8'h, located near Minneapolis? We (family members) have many Schweiss doors in both Agricultural and Aviation installations, so we are familiar with the doors and your company. Email contact works best for now...just working through early design stages of a new building budget. Prefer a hydraulic, but not entirely opposed to bi-fold either. Thanks, Stein Bruch


I am building a residential garage (3 car) that is 36 feet across the front and 24 feet deep. I am interested in installing a designer hydraulic door with an aluminum frame and glass panels. Call me please. As well, e-mail me any info you have on selection and pricing.


I have an older non-Schweiss hydraulic garage door. Can you recommend someone to service it? It's barely working and could use an inspection. It's not very stylish either and I am interested in replacing it with a designer hydraulic door.  Thank you! Jim


I am looking for a price on a designer hydraulic door for the opening of my restaurant. I also need to know how much load is on the header for this door. Thank you


I would like to request your help in some preliminary pricing exercise for monumental designer hydraulic doors on the project. Doors are monumental glazed hydraulic and 30' wide x 20' high. We can share more information by email. We would like to ensure that we are carrying the right budget for this as we develop the project.


I am bidding on the Civil & Environmental Engineering Lab Renovation project at the University of Maryland, College Park Campus. They have specified your Designer Series One Piece Hydraulic Door, key operated. The size of the door is 10'-4 1/8" x 9'-9 1/4". Do you quote direct or do you have a distributer in the College Park, MD area? Thank you


I would like to get a price for two designer hydraulic doors for my garage and to open up my back patio. One door opening is 13'-9"x46' and the other is 13'9"x40'. Do you also install? I would also like to know what the open height after the door is installed?


I am looking to put in two 6'x5' designer hydraulic windows in my home. Can you build windows this small? Can these be made to operate manually?thank you. Bill


Budgeting a project in Massachusetts for a private school. They are looking to install a designer hydraulic door at the entrance. I was wondering if there was a local rep that I could speak to. Thanks. Mike


Hello, I am interested in getting a quote for a designer all glass insulated hydraulic door for a new construction of a cabana. Please call me anytime to discuss. Thank you, Andy


Hello - I am an architect working on an adaptive reuse project in a historic building in Phoenix, AZ. We are looking to include a glass designer hydraulic door in the project approx 46'w c 13'h. I would like to talk with you about specifications and detailing. Please give me a call. Thank you, Martha


Good Morning Schweiss, I work for an architecture firm in San Francisco and we are looking at possibly using your one piece hydraulic door systems on one of our current projects. The client wants the door to be as stylish as possible, like the designer doors that you showcase on your site. Do you have any CAD or Revit details we could download, or you could send us? We are working on a commercial building with a steel super structure, misc metal and metal stud framing, so the pertinent details would refer to a steel building. We have a sense that your one piece hydraulic door system is a simple yet efficient solution for one of our conditions, and it would be helpful to have some details when discussing/reviewing it with our client and design team. My email is listed in to contact info but is listed below as well. Kind Regards, Winston


Looking for pricing on a designer one piece hydraulic door, my opening on the side of the building is 12' by 11' with a possibility of making it 13'. Please give me a call. Thank you, Kyle


I am quoting a designer hydraulic door to install on a restaurant. I will have to build a steel truss to hang it on with legs on each side. I think I asked before if you had the extended arms to enable the door to open in less than 24 inches above the opening. will 6 inches beyond the door opening work? Any questions, please call. Also let me know an approximate delivery date. Thanks Jake


I am looking for a quote on an 8' wide x 8' tall designer hydraulic door for a front entrance to my store. Site is in Wayne County, Ohio. Please email at your convenience.


Hi, I'm looking to get a rough estimate on a designer 15'x12' hydraulic door with glass panels. Is there a form I fill out, or can you just quote me from that?


Hi, we are architects in southern California, a new 10,000 sf single family residence in Bel Air is under construction. We are very interested in meeting or talking to your sale rep about a designer hydraulic garage door. Please let me know if you have someone in the area can meet with us. Thanks Terry


We are looking at a designer hydraulic hangar style door as a connection point between our restaurant bar and our patio. Please contact me so we can figure out if this application will work and if it will fit into our budget. We are looking to make a decision soon in order to continue with our project on schedule.


Need a quote on a 25'w x 35'h designer hydraulic door for a bid project i am working on. Please price the door components shipped to Address listed. Door will be installed on a steel framed fabric clad structure.


Our Architecture office is working on a project in NYC and we're hoping to include a designer hydraulic door system on the side of a meeting/work room. It will have a polished industrial aesthetic and we're looking to get more information on the bi-fold door (are the all/only lift-strap?) and the one piece hydraulic doors. Additionally, we would be interested to have a rep visit our office to discuss further. Please let us know if a visit is possible and if you can send us additional information on bi-fold lift and the one piece hydraulic lift. Thank you.


We are looking to install a bi-fold or single piece hydraulic designer door to a residential project we are working on and are looking for preliminary pricing information on an aluminum and glass door 7'-)" high and /- 9'-0" any information you could provide would be much appreciated!


Working on a budget with Gensler architects here in DC. Presentation slides show an overhead door similar to the hydraulic designer door installed at Underarmour on your website. Door opening is approximately 32' wide and 10' tall. Appreciate your assistance with budgeting and local vendor / installers for future discussions.


I have a metal/steel building on my farm which due to renovations I have turned into a clubhouse /cookhouse/bar/home theatre whatever. The old 12x12 rollup door is in place but I would like to replace it with [perhaps] the Schweiss hydraulic glass designer  door. Can you provide me with a SWAG cost estimate to let me know if I am wasting my time. If the estimate is in the ballpark, I would be happy to provide pictures and specs to go forward with design/construction. Thanks for you reply. 


To whom it may concern, We are designing a loading dock in downtown Brooklyn that needs to disappear as much as possible. We are interested in your Hydraulic designer doors that finish flush. Can you forward to us you installation, motor, track, etc. details for consideration? Email them to me or feel free to call.


Working on a private residence in Greenwich, CT 20'0" x 8'0" hydraulic patio designer door with hydraulic operator. The door will be layered on site with a stain grade cedar on site. Please contact me to discuss. thanks, Tim


I have a project in southern california where I am looking at having a single panel custom-made Schweiss overhead hydraulic designer door, which will be made to look like the adjacent glass curtainwall (similar to what you did on a recent project in seattle at block 45). the size opening is 15ft wide and 10ft high. can you give me a budget cost number so I can see if fits in my budget? we only have the need for one door, currently.


I would like to get some more informatino on your glazed hydraulic designer doors, can you send me some detail in a wood wall and shipping to ID.


We have a covered patio on our GA restaurant that we would like to be able to enclose with either designer style bi-fold full glass or hydraulic one piece full glass restaurant doors to create a heated and cooled flex space that can be used for meetings and during the colder months as well.


Hello, We are working on a restaurant in Orlando, FL and we are looking for a glass hydraulic designer  door for an exterior bar. It will be roughly 13'  L x 6'  H and will close on top of the bar. This will need a Florida product approval. Can you provide a quote, available finishes, Florida product approval number, and Revit or CAD? Thanks, Diana


I'm interested in pricing and requirements for installing your Schweiss one piece residential designer door on a DE home. Please note - the measurements indicated in your online form are guesstimates. If the pricing and options are what I'm looking for - I would have my contractor finalize the detailed dimensions.


I'd like someone to contact me regarding a hydraulic  window wall for a bar in a NJ residence. Thank you!


I would like to know if you have any representatives in New Mexico. I am looking for an artistic bifold or hydraulic designer door for a large resort hotel. Thank you


I am researching options for large opening solutions for our restaurants. We are currently considering designer style glass hydraulic overhead doors, bi-fold horizontal, and bi-fold vertical doors for full height wall (~10'-0") and onto of bar counter height options (~6'-0"). Please provide information on cost, compliance with MA energy efficiency codes, availability to ship nation wide, typical lead time, and construction details.


Please get ahold of me as soon as possible. We are working with a NATIONAL casual dining chain, and your hydraulic designer restaurant door product may be perfect for the application in SC.


We have a 12' x 14' opening and would like a hydraulic powered designer door with as much glass as possible. Looking for suggestions and pricing for 4 units, including installation (NM)


We are interested in getting more information/specs on either bi-fold or floataway hydraulic style doors for a NV restaurant facade. The entire facade is approx. 75'w x either 17' or 13'H. We can break the width down into bays, and the largest hydraulic designer door we would look to do is 37'W. This would be a designer application, as it is for a high end restaurant. Could you kindly send preliminary specs and some general structural requirements? I am also happy to discuss via phone. Thank you!


I'm a structural engineer designing a conventional steel building in MN that is to have designer bifold doors. Can you provide guidance for the details around the door. The situation should be much like the "Old Navy" example on your website only as a hydraulic one piece door.


I am looking for budget quote three 20' X9' tall hydraulic designer doors for a residential project in LA. We are going to want to have 1/4" mirror on the inside of the doors. It will be in a Gym. The structure will be concrete.


We are looking to use your Schweiss hydraulic glass door product as the closure between indoor & outdoor NM environments above an indoor/outdoor bar, so head clearance will not be required. Information regarding weight and installation/support requirements would be appreciated for structural & aesthetic design purposes.


Looking for a quote on 2 hydraulic exterior lifting  windows for the front of a small TN rustic bar. Each is approx 6'2" w x 7'2" h. Please let me know how to proceed-- thanks


Can you give me a ballpark price on what a 10' wide x 12' hydraulic designer door for a NV resort would cost, and can you recommend an installer in west Michigan?


Interested in the hydraulic designer door out of aluminum or metal with glass panels. Similar to the one you did for TGI Fridays, black bifold door. Our hydraulic door is for a small coffee shop in HI  that has a similar outside patio use. Please send me a rough quote, so we can have some understanding of what it might cost. Thank you. 


I would like a quote on your hydraulic glass designer door for new construction CT restaurant door. The opening is 27'-7" by 12'-11" but I was thinking the door could be about 24' by 12' You have very cool pictures on your website :) Stacy


I would like to use your system in a luxury retail development project in DC called The Design District. The time frame is immediate, please contact me at your earliest availability. The application is for a restaurant that needs a hydraulic designer door solution.


Dear Schweiss, We have an NE agricultural building / exercise studio under construction. A one-piece hydraulic designer door sounds like just the ticket. 8' high x 8' wide, approx. We need to decide our course on this. Thank you, Greg


Looking for a glass bifold or hydraulic designer door similar to the Redbull designer door. Door to be placed in an existing opening. Header is a 3x12 steel channel, jambs are 3x8 channels. Can Schweiss energy code doors meet commercial (U.45)? 


I am looking for a designer aluminum and glass door for a residential pool house the door will have to be 5 meters across by 3 meters tall. Prefer your Hi-Swing model.


Hello, we would like to have 3 designer style aluminum doors installed into a restaurant we are working on. One door is 19' 8"wide by 23' -3.75"2 high and the other two are 12' 1" wide by 13'-9.25" high. If you could provide us with a general quote, spec sheet listing all dimensions, motors, and Autocad drawing for the hydraulic model, lead times and any distributer here in Ontario that would be great. How far can the Red Power motors be mounted from the units, how many units can operate off one motor, can each unit be operated separately? The unit dimensions I gave was between 6x6" H.S.S. steel posts. Do the units come with their own support structure. I provide plan, section and elevation drawings. Shopped around, think your doors are the best quality.


Please, no phone calls...email only. Really like the door with the porch !! 36' door.....ball park....how much ? The building I want this for is my machine shop next to the house.


Please send a quote for both types of door per specs below. The door will be installed on a 2-car garage addition that will double as a media room. The outside should be clad in bronze aluminum to match the traditional overhead garage doors on the existing two garage doors. Thanks!


In the magazine "Home & Architectural Trends", February 2011 featured a home with a hydraulic window wall. I would like information on this application. I first saw an similar instillation in a coffee shop when I traveled to Taiwan five years ago, I was amazed at the way it opened up to an outside dinning area. However it was not as sophisticated as the Schweiss Doors one featured in the magazine and it was a hand crank type. I wish to use this system in up coming projects. Thank You, 


I'm interested in a custom designer schweiss hydraulic door for a specialized application. The overall "wall" size would be up to 48' and the height has yet to be determined. I would be interested in speaking with someone who can discuss custom application as well as design. Please e-mail me a contact and phone number. Kind regards, Lyle G


I am looking for a bifold door similar to the one you provided for the Stanford ecology center. Thank you. 


We are an interior design firm in Chicago & recently came across your ad for your product. There isn't a specific project at this time but we are very interested in learning more about your Schweiss doors, budgetary pricing & lead times for the "designer" bifold doors. Thanks!




I am an architect in Idaho and have a client that wants to install some vertical folding glass type bifold doors in an addition I am designing. Can you please send me some design data and any produce you may have that wouls be applicable.


I am interested in a set of designer hydraulic doors for a project I am working on. This would be for a residential project and they would open up off of the living room area to the outside. They need to have a high level of finish. Something along the lines of the doors pictured under the Stanford project in your Designer Doors section. At this point I just need a ballpark budget figure to move forward and get approval. The doors would be approximately 20' wide and 16' high. Free standing header for wood building required. Also, if you could provide a ballpark shipping and installation price separately, that would be helpful.


The look of the doors that we are looking for is a hydraulic door that can match the aesthetics of storefront glazing. Please quote this with a clear anodized aluminum mullions and frame, impact-resistant, insulated glazing, and appropriate weatherstripping for a southern climate. The Project Site is a 130 mph rated Hurricane Wind Zone so please adjust the quote accordingly for additional equipment and/or bracing that would be necessary to brace the door against hurricane force winds and rain. If you have any questions concerning this quote, please feel free to call or email me. Thanks


W're looking for a unique way to open up a kitchen for catering events, cooking classes etc. in a new community center. There is a counter hence the strange dimensions. This is an interior application. The surround is steel w/ aluminum storefront. The kitchen is on display so a typical overhead door is not the look we are going for. We've specified your hydraulic doors before on a previous project and as mentioned would like a unique event. Look forward to discussing the possiblities with a technical or sales rep. Thank you


we're looking at a 8' high by 20' wide hydraulic door. we have 8'7" clear and need a 7'2" minimun clearance. we like the remote access. the exterior will be covered with cedar and insulation on the interior can we get a budget number? thanks


Hi, We're interested in using your hydraulic doors, flushed, with cement board as the door sheeting, for a 8' X 8' opening in a residential project in California. Will you please give us a quote and specs on this? Feel free to contact me anytime you need. Thank you very much.


I'm an architect working on a project in Oahu. We are about 4 weeks away from completing CD's and wanted to contact you about the hydraulic door application for a gathering hall. Do you have a rep here? It would great to have a custom door fabricated.


We are consulting with a restaurant that has rooftop dining. They have constructed a roof structure over a portion of the open deck that they now want to have doors on so that they can have year round dining. We are looking for a light weight hydraulic door system with translucent fiberglass panels instead of glass, as in your designer doors. The span is approximately 27' with a height of about 8'.