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Looking for a price on a hydraulic door. The approximate door size would be 22' wide x 30' tall.


I am looking for two schweiss doors on each end of a large barn Need 2 - 24 wide x 12 feet high. Can you give me some options between the bifold and hydraulic door systems


Looking for a hangar door approx 36x12 compatible with a San creek post and beam barn with the ability to use barn panels to match barn


Hello there, We are working on a barn in Tampa, Florida that could use your hydraulic doors. Please provide us with specifications and pricing and also let us know if your doors could be made to satisfy hurricane codes. Many thanks


I have a small, barn-type structure that I'm interested in installing a hydraulic door. There isn't much vertical height so I'm looking for whatever door type that is the least intrusive. Curious if you all cover these small of projects.


Have an old wooden tobacco barn 3 doors front and back would like to have a hydraulic barn door on one side would be 10 high 32 wide covering three opening. The opposite side 14 high 32 wide. Maybe glass? Need ideas and rough cost estimates I could send a photo Thanks,  Raymond


Building a barn this year. Hope to begin construction in next 3-4 weeks. Would like quote on 40ft x 10 ft hydraulic barn door. Appreciate your help. Take care, Randy


Hi, I'm interested in your hydraulic door for a barn project that I am working in California. Would I be able to get some more info on detailing, structure and price? Thanks, Pete


Looking for a price for a 40' x 14' hydraulic door for my new barn. Would like it to be charcoal grey in color. Also do the doors come with remotes or is that extra. Also what would the cost be to install the door?


Good afternoon, I am trying to get a quote on one of your hydraulic doors for a project in Kirkland, WA - This would be for an existing barn's access loading dock (a 13'w x 10'h opening). If I could get some pricing on that, as well as options and pricing, it would be greatly appreciated. Thank You


Please provide me a quote for a one-piece hydraulic or lift-strap bi-fold door in your basic options so that I can determine if this style of door is even an option for our project. We have a 24'w x 12' h opening for our barn. Thank you!


In the process of building a 36' x 60' barn. I would like to install a Schweiss' one-piece hydraulic door in the barn. The door would be 10x10 interested in "Build your own door" kit and 2 red power pumps that would push the door.


Putting doors on a 46' wide equipment shed. I have 13' in height but I can build it down. I just need to be able to drive my tractor inside. Please send me information on your one-piece hydraulic barn doors.


Hi there I have an enquiry. Door size for the hydraulic barn door is 10 meters wide x 3.6 meters high. It will be a steel frame. We will need a quotation and the job is in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. We will need to also know for doors like that. What is the min size for 1 door and max size for 1 door as well.


I am looking for a replacement for a sliding barn door. I want a hydraulic barn door. I would like it to be insulated as this space will be heated and insulated for my son's workshop.


Need to discuss a barn door system, need two hydraulic 80ft X 20ft high doors to incorporate into a 240 X 100 barn design, need your input and pricing. Regards Richard


I am looking for a price for a 28' wide x 30' high Clear Schweiss hydraulic door for my new barn. Please include gaskets and seals. Thank you.


I need to replace a 14' x 54' sliding barn door with Hydraulic Barn Door. The end of the barn has a double truss. Please email an estimate.


I want a hydraulic door for my new barn, I would like to know the weight of the door and the dimensions for shipping. Also, are the new splices available for the hydraulic doors? Does your shipping quote include splitting the width? Thank you.


We are building a new barn at my farm. Can you please provide me an estimate for: 1) Bifold Door 42x19 2) Hydraulic Door 42x19 I will be traveling from FL to AZ today. Please feel free to text me or email me. Thank you! Jake


Building a barn with 2  hydraulic barn doors. Interested in pricing of 18ft by 8ft doors. I would like the door to have a wind load of at least 100mph, storm a few years ago tore one of my sliding barn doors clean off.


We have on project in Sourth Vietnam. We have two vertical folding garage door with size 4200mm (H) x 3000mm (W). Do you have any distributor in Vietnam. I want invite you to send quotation for this item. Thanks, Phuong


I am looking for a quote on ten 26'0" Wide x 16'0" High hydraulic barn doors with a man door. Please include shipping to Westhampton Beach, NY 11978. Thank you for your time.


Looking for a quote for three hydraulic barn doors. (2) 20'x8' Side Wall (1) 14'x14' End Wall They will be clad in Board and Batten Cedar.


I have a steel barn which has a 12 ft tall door in a 14ft end wall. I would like to remove the sliding door and replace with at least a 13 foot hydraulic door.


Looking for specs for a 50x 28 hydraulic door. We are working with a contractor in Boise, ID on a barn with a 50' wide hydraulic door. We have done many barns with hydraulic doors. Not looking for pricing just some specs we could use to incorporate into our building. Any information will be appreciated. Thanks


Need some budget numbers on three (3) hydraulic doors for a barn we are working on in Dallas/Fort Worth. One (1) 105' wide x 26' tall, one (1) 80' wide x 26' tall, and one (1) 80' wide x 20' tall.


Hi, I would like to have some informations about installing a hydraulic barn door, but I live in Canada. Do you have a sales representative in Canada? Thank you, Frank


Do you have a representative in our area that would look at our barn and give an estimate for replacing the existing doors with your one piece hydraulic doors? Thank you


I have a contractor putting together a design and bid. We would like some information on your hydraulic doors for something that would be used on a barn. Size 15 x 7 or 8 maybe Thanks




I am looking for a price on a hydraulic door. I have an existing wood barn structure 40x80. I would like to put the door in the end. The end is 24' to the peak. It is the standard barn built in the late 60's. If possible I would like a 20' wide by 16' tall door if possible. Or whatever the maximum is that will work in that scenario. Uninsulated


I am installing an additional barn next the one that I currently have. The door is antiquated and I would like a quote on replacing it with a hydraulic door. I do have one question that has been a problem with my original barn. Is there a manual operation option during times of power failure or is backup power required? Thanks, MWC


Hi I would like to get a quote for a 20 foot h x 16 foot w hydraulic barn door. I plan to attach wood panels to the exterior. Many thanks.


In addition to the (6) hydraulic doors on the new barn, please also provide the quote for the following hydraulic doors: (2) 10'-4" W x 11'-4" clear wall opening Clear Opening Size: I am giving you the clear wall opening dimensions. I do not know what the clear door opening is. All doors are to be without cladding (which will be wood siding by others). Please expedite.


I am looking for hydraulic doors for my barn for a rice drier. I need something that dust and rats won't destroy. I may need possibly galvanized steel or good primer & paint.


I am quoting a metal building barn with hydraulic doors. The customer does not have any information on the door. I am looking for design loads for our barn as well as possible stub column size and locations. The door sizes are 59'-6" x 20' and 47'-6" x 16'. There are 2 of each of these doors in the endwall of my building. The project is in Baudette, MN. I am hoping you can get some information to me quickly. Thanks for your help.


Building an steel barn building, 40X90X16'. Interested in your doors. My brother-in-law has one of your lift-strap Bi-fold doors on his steel building and I'm totally impressed. Would like to compare Hydraulic vs Bi-fold. Thinking of a 40'X14' opening. The opening will be on the side of the building not the end. Your web site has been very informative, Id like to see a video clip of a Hydraulic Door in operation. Contact either email or call. Cell phone is best. Thanks


I have an 10' wide by 10' high opening and I'd like a ball park on a hydraulic barn door. I know theres lots of kinds, etc, but I'm looking for a basic  unit. Thanks much! Mick


Hello- I have a contractor building a barn for me and using your hydraulic door. We need a blueprint or drawing of this hydraulic door to submit to our county for approval. The contractors told me to contact you. Could you please provide this drawing to us either by email or preferably by snail mail? Thanks


Hi, Folks: I'm considering a hydraulic barn door 18' wide about 13 or 14 feet high (whatever is more common) for my barn. Please get back to me with pricing, lead time, dimensions, etc. Thanks, Alexander


I am working on a barn renovation in which I have limited head room. The garage ceiling is only 84" so I am looking for a hydraulic door option that takes little to no space. The ceiling is precast concrete. What options do you have?


Looking for a price on hydraulic door using on a barn. Size will be 100 inches wide x 70 inches high. Would like for it to be wood panes. thanks


I am in the middle of finalizing plans for 2 new barns. How small do you make your doors- can we get 8' x 8' and do you custom make to size say 13'8" wide by 12' tall also can you send me framing instructions needed for the hydraulic door to go on a wood post and beam structure has me a bit confused


To whom it may concern: We are in the process of designing a barn and horse arena for a client, and are considering specifying Schweiss bifold liftstrap or hydraulic doors in a window application. We're early in the process at the moment, but are seeing the need for 20 doors in 2 sizes for this facility, (18) at 12 x 6 and (2) at 6 x 6. These are windows tagged A and B respectively in the below-linked drawings. We'd appreciate some pricing information if possible and any feedback you may have to offer regarding this application in general, and if it's a good fit for Schweiss Hydraulic Doors. 


Hello, I am getting ready to build a 40 X 48 steel barn in KY with garage. I was wanting to put three doors in. One, hydraulic 16'L X 15'H. (so no wasted headroom) I wanted one for the car and one 12'X 15'. Are you able to give me your sizes close to these and price for the hydraulic barn doors. 


I saw your ad in the region 7 edition 8 2015 fastline. This ad went into some detail on a Schweiss hydraulic build your own door kit. I have a small TN barn that this might work for. It has three openings, two @ 8' x 11'6" and one @ 9' x 30'. I would be interested in price and shipping. 


60-0 x 54-0 project, need 16-0 clear under door, prefer the hydraulic steel door. Looking for information I can provide for steel ag building quote for client in NH.  Thanks


Interested in pricing information for 18' x 70' hydraulic livestock building doors to be installed in northwest Wyoming. 


My NE project might be too small for your services, but I am wondering about a 14' X 14' opening for a barn door. I would like a setup that allowed for a walk-through door within. I would likely buy two such hydraulic barn doors. What do you think and how much. 


Would like to buy a Schweiss bifold/autolatch commercial store door or hydraulic door installed at our apple orchard farm. Wooden barn door needs to be 21 ft. wide x 14 ft. tall. Won't need until spring. Please price with a remote door opener.


I need old hay mound type barn doors and would like to keep it looking as original as possible. I would like to make the bi-fold strap door or hydraulic one piece door look like a sliding door on the bottom half. It is a wood framed build with no real foundation. Would it take a freestanding door header to mount the bi-fold specialty door?


Would like a price on a 24'x16' Schweiss bi fold strap door and Hydraulic barn door. This door will be going on an existing steel framed barn. 


I need a price on a 20'x18' Hydraulic dairy barn door. Aluminum frame and aluminum cladding. The building size is 50'x64'x20' with 1' clearance. Include a keyed cylinder lock door.


We are building a new barn and would like info on hydaulic and bifold doors. Will need three doors, two 36 ft.doors on end walls and one large bifold door, 58 ft. x 20 ft. on a sidewall. Price large door with remote door opener. All bifold door quotes with liftstraps.


I am building a 16w x 40l x 14h (at the header) barn with a clear opening of 15'w x 14'h with two 12w x 40l lean-to sheds all clad in board and batten siding and am at the stage where door considerations are becoming critical. I have explored two options, 1) slider, but the roof lines of the sheds limit the opening to just under 9', 2) hinge doors but the size of 7'w x 14'h seems big and if I go Schweiss hydraulic which is the option I am seriously considering, I have to figure some decreased width again. I ran across your site on the web and have seen a lot of bifold and single doors at the airports I flew into and thought I should give your product some considerations. I truly liked the red barn option I saw in one of your 'pictures of the day', the idea of a faux front intrigued me so that I could perhaps give the front of my barn a more scaled look but still have the large door available for storing the RV or farm equipment.


Would Schweiss doors be interested in installing a Hydraulic door to an existing barn in Ohio?


what is the most effective door for a 16 wide 12 tall door for an older barn. I like the Schweiss Hydro-Powered style but I am ok with a bi-fold, thank you


Am needing door to replace existing sliding doors with a hydro powered. Opening inside to inside is 39ft 6 1/2 inches wide and 17ft 4in from top of floor to bottom of header. Width is from light wt. C purling from which will probably need to be changed to steel channel. Barn already has bracing from header back to first main roof rafter and wall leg. You can reach me on my cell phone any time. 


Needing info about a schweiss hydraulic door for our remodeled barn preferably the size of a garage door, approximately 7' x 9'. Some type that would complement the barn design and red metal siding with white trim. Thank you for your help. Hope you had a good Christmas. 


I would like to have info sent to me about your doors for a barn door would be approx 13' high by 20' wide. also what would be be a saving's of buying 2 at the same time. plus would one Red Power hydraulic unit be able to operate two doors independantly


I am looking for a 1 pc. energy efficient hydraulic door. I have 2 openings in a large barn.. Head room is the problem inside... the size is 8-0 x 8-0...would like them to look like old barn doors with glass in top 1/3..


I would like a quote on two hydraulic doors. The first is a 19'10" opening by 17' high. The second is 23'4" by 17' high. Wired for dead man switch and without the disconnect box that you use at the end of your wiring. These doors are going on a cattle barn, so our electrician will connect it accordingly to meet codes.


Looking for a 30X10 hydraulic door to install on one of our barns. Price for door only. We will install. Thanks