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looking for available door options for a new hangar build with a 120x28ft clear span


I’m in the process of buying a 50x60 hangar that currently has a sliding door. I’m looking to change the door to a bi fold door and would like to get a quote for a 50 foot no fold door. I’m located at KSLR in Sulphur Springs Tx. Thank you


We are 1 of 3 general contractors bidding on the new Rocket Hanger in McGregor Tx. This project has one of your bi-fold hanger doors specified on the project. The size shows to be 40' wide x 30' tall.  We need your installed quote.


How wide can your hydraulic doors be without adding too much cost? I am planning to build a hangar with a 115' door opening and wonder if your hydraulic doors would be an option. I think I will want an open height of 20'. How high a door would I need to get that 20' opening? Thanks.


Please price a 55' X 16' hydraulic aircraft hangar  door with shipping to AK. I need to fit an aircraft that is 14' 3" tall. How much extra room do I need for the doors?


I'm in the planning stage for construction of a 60' x 80' aircraft hangar in the Virgin Islands and interested in pricing for several hydraulic hangar door sizes: 50', 55' and 58' wide by 12', 14' and 16' high. Can you provide pricing and options for each of those doors to VI? Thanks


I would like to have a price for a 28x14 Aviation Insulated Hydro-powered One Piece Door Shipped to Smyrna DE. 


I have an existing pole barn style hangar at  Hawthorne, FL. I really would like a hydraulic aviation door from you since the hangar currently does not have a door. I would like a full quote for an installed door. Door is 40 x 16


Need a preliminary price for a 40' wide x 12' clear hydraulic door. There will be two doors in a 100'x60' hangar. I also plan to specify a strap door in the plans and specifications, but AL client is leaning toward a hydraulic Schweiss door.


This is a hydraulic jet aircraft hangar door for a private jet. This will be installed on a Butler Widespan IL location building that is being renovated and enlarged to hold a new, larger, jet. The end wall that this door will be on will be entirely new construction.


Like to see what the cost FOB Cox field Paris, Texas on a 60 wide 18 clear hydraulic aircraft door would run. All necessary controls and mounting hardware. Email please. 


Due to height restrictions on my hangar we will have to use a single piece Schweiss hydraulic aircraft door. I need to mount the Schweiss hydraulic pump close to the floor and route the hydraulic door lines on the wall to maximize my clear opening width, we are at the minimum with a 45' opening. Hangar has concrete door walls up to the 8' level that are 8" thick poured in place with good rebar on top of a micropile hangar door foundation. We are coming up with a truss door  design for the top opening that will stay below 15' at the top and give about 12' open space below the steel hangar door. We want to be able to withstand 120kt winds and have a man door. It is preferable to have good hydraulic door insulation due to noon sun hitting the door, and windows would be nice.


I'm going to be building this 6 bay hangar complex at Boundary Bay Airport. It will be built in 2 phases. In the first phase I will need 1 door 55'0" x 14'0" clear and 2 doors 55') x 16'0" clear. In the second phase I will need 1 door 58'0" x 16'0" clear and 2 doors 55'0" x 16'0" clear. Could you please give me a price for your bi fold strap doors as well in your one piece hydraulic door. As well could you give me the power requirements. Thanks 


We are looking for supplier to give us a quote for Automated Airport Hangar Hydraulic Schweiss  Doors with supplying, installing & maintenance costs. Pl email your brochure and contact person details. Thanks


Please price me a aviation hydraulic door that will be insulated in a new building the buiding is 110' wide /- we would like a door 110' x 38' clear


Hydraulic door to put PBR panel on. Airplane is 50ft wings span and 16ft tail. Would like the smallest door that still fits the plane. (possibly 60x18???)