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Need a price for a 100'x18' clear hydraulic door to be installed in a hangar at the St. cloud airport. We would like you guys to install if possible since this one since it is so large. Door will have interior liner - include liner flashing. It will also be insulated by others. Weather seal kit, Auto latches Include design information. Thanks


I need a quote on (4) 80' wide x 20' Tall Hydraulic doors. Ref: LEDBETTER Destination- Granbury Municipal Airport. Granbury, Texas


Please provide your preliminary quotation to supply a 60' wide x 18' (clear) high Hydraulic Airplane Hangar Door delivered to the Gnoss Airport in Novato, California. The door will be install in a new pre-engineered Metallic steel building.


We have purchased a hangar at an airport in Oregon and we believe the hangar doors barely work. We would like to replace them with Schweiss hydraulic doors.


Customer is wanting a hydraulic door for his hangar that he just bought at the local airport. Please quote a price for me. Thank you.


We are renovating our airport and are looking to install new hydraulic doors in 10 of the hangars. The sizes vary so we can discuss that through the emails or phone. Thank you.


Hello - We are building a new hangar for our airport. I am looking for pricing on a 40' wide x 12' High hydraulic hangar door. Thank you


I have a hangar under contract at Hooks airport. The hangar portion is 110' by 95'. It currently has doors 85' x 20'. I'd like to talk to someone about what it would take to put a Schweiss one-piece hydraulic door in the hangar.


How are the doors sealed when closed? Is there consideration for weather and air sealing the hinge joint? I would like to install the door in a climate controlled hangar at our airport where we also store some sensitive electronics, I need decent seals around the door edges. Will this door work for my application?


Bought a hangar at my local airport, need to replace old doors with a one piece hydraulic door. Requires 42 by 12 clear opening. Please advise height requirements of metal building, and width requirements. Thank you, Buck


This is a hangar in an airport, requiring a 90' wide x 25' high hydraulic door, on an end wall of a new PEMB building.


I am working with a customer who is putting up a hangar at an airport in California. The customer wants a 50x17 hydraulic door with a clear opening. I will be designing his hanger to accept this door. I need door specs for the door so I can determine loads the door will put on the building. Please let me know if you have any questions.


I'm currently designing structural plans for an airport hangar that calls for one of your one piece hydraulic doors. The door width is 44'-0"; the door height is 12'-0". If it can be emailed, I'd like to request preliminary door reactions for the specified door (I can provide relevant wind load information). If my request can't be satisfied prior to order of the door, I would still appreciate being informed of this fact. Hope to be in contact with someone soon. Nick


I am a contractor and developer in SW Florida. A friend of mine is going to build an airport hangar and wants a hydraulic door. Can you deal with our wind requirements? James


Building 50' x 60' airport hangar. Not yet determined between bifold or hydraulic, though I think I'm leaning towards the hydraulic door. Factoring price/benefits of each (including door installation). As such, open to mounting recommendations. Door size request is not exact - minimum of 44 wide 12 height clearance needed (door on end)


Would like pricing and data sheet for a 50' x 16' Schweiss hydraulic door for my airport hangar. 120 mph exposure 'C'


I'm curious about pricing for your hydraulic hangar doors. We are currently designing a multi-plane hangar at the airport in Harrisonburg where I would like to use these hydraulic doors.  Thanks in advance, Jesus


I am a contractor and developer in SW Florida. A friend of mine is going to build a hangar at our local airport and wants a hydraulic door. Can you deal with our wind requirements? Jim


Dear All, I'm opening airport in city Novi Sad(Serbia)Europe. I would like to have hydraulic doors. There are twenty-two openings measuring about width=6m(236 inch) and high 5m(198 inch. Whether you have a company in Europe? If not, whether it is possible to deliver the doors to us, and we can do installation? Or some other way. Regards, Ivan


Hello, We're designing a hangar for an airport located in Alhambra, CA and would like to know the cost estimate of a hydraulic opening that's 20' wide and 10' tall. Thank you


I want to replace my airport hangar's door with something that does not need overhead tracks and is insulated so we can create a usable indoor hangar space ... this is part of a hangar project I have going on and my hangar door is unusable. We want something that does not need overhead track system and takes up the least amount of space and I have been researching the hydrauilc door option as it looks like we can add a walkthrough door as well vs. doing carriage doors as we park in front of garage. please advise if you can do jobs such as this and what would be needed ... i dont have the measurements of the existing space at the moment.


Trying to get some building estimates together for a new airport hangar at Fertile, Minnesota. Need quotes on five (5) 40' X 14' hydraulic doors, delivered, installed, Fertile, MN. (cheapest option) Also, please provide quotes on (5) 40' X 14' hydraulic doors, delivered, installed, Fertile, MN. (cheapest option) Please contact me with any questions.


We are working on a project for a builder. He is in need of a hydraulic hangar door for is hangar at our local airport. 30ft x 20ft Solid with no Windows.....can we get a rough quote so we can give him a quote. Please Advise


We have an airport hangar that needs a hydraulic door. I am looking for more information on your company to see if you can provide what is being proposed. Please contact me to discuss further.


Hello we need a one piece hydraulic door with a width of 6m and height of 3m for our airport hangar made with aluminum or stainless steel sheets filling. what is the budget price for this system?


Hi, I was interested in getting some budget pricing for a hydraulic door to be used for an airport hangar that would provide adequate security when closed. Interested in options for custom metal panel cladding as well. Thanks, Bryan


I was wanting to build my own hydraulic door kit for my airport hangar and buy the kit. I'd like a quote for installation as well as build my own. and has to insulated


I need to provide a door for airport hanger that is 40-0 wide and 16-0 tall. please quote the door below. I will be putting on 29gas steel skin on the door. would you supply me the weight of this door and any installation instructions for this door to be put in the gable end of a hangar? thank you Darrel


We built a new airport hangar five years ago. I thought I was putting in good hangar doors, but they leak warm air from the heated hangar, have a lot of maintenance, and I'm just not happy. I have seen your hydraulic doors at the Clay County fair in Spencer, IA, and I wonder if they might be a good fit for me. I have a unique build. Lets chat. Thanks, Kyle


Could I please get the pricing for 2 sets of airport hydraulic hangar door frames with bottom drive 93" X 93". Thank you, Larry


Hi, we were looking at hydraulic door options for the side of a hangar, probably 12 feet tall and a 40 foot span, is there a price estimate/range? also, for that height, is bi-fold or hydraulic easier/cheaper? we are refining designs, so just looking for rough estimate before we make a decision. thanks, Brian


I just purchased an airport hangar with a hydraulic door from a another manufacturer. It's starting to fail and we want to replace it with a Schweiss hydraulic door. Please email me for details.


We are interested in hydraulic door for the front of our airport hangar. The openings are 84' wide x 22' high there are 2 of these. Please quote hydraulic door. Thanks Stanley


We are working on a job on metal work but at the airport hangar there are two opening 30' x 15' and 26' x 15' . Not sure what works for this. Let me now if you have wind rated shutters that is our first choice but not sure the difference in cost.


I would like prices on your hydraulic doors. We need to close an airport hangar that is about 59 feet wide and 14 feet high.


We are a contractor looking for a door to go into a client's airport hangar. The client wants a hydraulic door with a wind load of 100mph. Please email us asap


We have a 26' wide x 15' airport hangar opening and would like to consider a hydraulic door as opposed to a roll up.


I need an airport hangar door. My opening is 14'3" high by 26'7" wide. This is an end wall on a 44' wide hangar. The door will be offset to one exterior wall. I am pretty certain I want a hydraulic door, but a bifold door looks good as well. I am also interested in the build your own door kit.


Need a quote on 45' wide hydraulic door(s) The hangar(s) will be 22' eave height for my airport hangar. The door would need to be as high as structure will allow.


This hydraulic door will be used in an hangar at out airport. We will clad the door with wood on the outside and the inside. Looking for a ball park cost with delivery, and install by others.


I have an airport hangar that is showing a hydraulic door. The door is 50' wide by 20' tall. Need to have 18' clear height. They are asking for an alternate to move the door to the endwall. Not sure that affects you much, but thought I would point it out. I do have a few questions: 1. What are your power requirements? 2. Do I install the skin of the door so it matches the building? Do you install the skin if I provide the material? 3. What do you provide vs. I provide for the frame of the door? 4. What are your header requirements/needs? What kind of clearance is needed above the door if any? 5. What are the frame side requirements? 6. What is the lead time from release to delivery?


I am looking for a hydraulic style door for my airport hangar, Dimensions of the door would be 26ft by 18ft with a walk door inside it that would like part of the unit in case we decide not to open the hydraulic door. I am looking for some quotes and seeing if you have any reps in MA that could steer us in the right direction. Looking forward to hearing from you. Thank you Vincent


We are building several hangars for an airport, what we don't have is a real niche. Something truly different, do you have a spec. And cost sheet. We really like the hydraulic doors but need to know about openers, mechanisms and hardware. Please return inquiry. Thank you. Fred


We have an old hangar on our airport property. The hangar is essential to our operation. It has old sliding doors. I am looking for options to replace them. It would be new doors on an old structure. It would need to look nice due to our location near the water and it being seen constantly. I am in the initial stages of searching. Plan to do the work in 2018 or 2019


We have a hangar facility on a rural airport in Alberta. The current overhead door is approximately 20 feet wide, manually raised. The door width is insufficient for moving a Bell 412 safely in and out. The building has an additional 9 feet approximately on either side which we want turned into door width space. We would like to install a one piece hydraulic door. Do you have a local contractor that you've used to look at the project and provide use with what is possible and a quote for the required work. To maximize the door area a man door & electrical panel will need to be relocated.


I am negotiating the purchase of an airport hangar and need to get an idea about door systems. I would like a quote for a 40' and 45' wide hydrauilc door, 10' tall. I would use your red power pumps system. Thanks, Phil


We have a customer seeking a budget price for several doors for the Boundary Bay Airport, Delta. 5 bifold strap doors 50' x 20' polycarbonate 1 hydraulic door 34' x 20' polycarbonate 1 door 43' x 20' hydraulic aluminum and glass Could you let me know what you might be able to supply, size restrictions, and what other details you require to provide a potential quote? 


Looking for an initial budgetary price for jet aircraft hydraulic hangar doors for opening 232 LF x 40' high = 9,280 SF for a project in south east Virgina. Envisioned are panels (insulated to R-15) each 58' wide x 40' tall individually motor operated, with a total of 2 EA 3'x7' personnel doors. 


Looking for a 48' x 12' hangar door for a hanger at South St. Paul, MN airport with planned construction of yet this fall. Can you give me pricing and options? Likely a hydraulic door, but also interested in Schweiss bi-fold door, straps may not be necessary (cable may be good) depending on pricing. Building will be 65' wide, other opening widths may be an option also (possibly wider) depending on pricing. Best way to contact is via email. Thanks


requesting a quote on a hydraulic airport hanger door for the Municipal Airport Beaumont, TX Bid Date : End of this month.  Please advise if you need details on the door. thank you.


This quote request is for the Municipal Airport hydraulic doors in GA. You may have had a request on this already one 10 unit hangar with 42'x14' 10 doors one 4 unit hangar with 50'x14' 4 doors


Looking for a quote for a aircraft hanger door to fit a Gulfstream IV. The aircraft dimension are 90' long, 80' wide and 25' high, so we will require a bifold strap door or hydraulic pump windrated  door that will give us a good safety margin and ease of door opening movement.


I want to know if there is an e-mail where i could send the information and elevation of the Airplane Hangars, because there are two quotes i want to make for Schweiss bifold doors.


Hey, I am working on pricing for a new hangar for a local regional airport. The building is 100'x200' & a 35' ridge height, metal building with 2 hydraulic door on the 200' wall. The manager requests that these doors be 88'x 26'. Is this an option for your door? Please provide pricing ASAP.


I'm considering buying a home on a private airport that does not currently have a hangar. I'm looking for a budget price for a hydraulic door to get an idea of what it would take to add a hangar.


Need 14' Clear. This would be installed at the Hulett, WY airport - same place you did one for us in 2006-07. Strap Lift, Bottom Drive, 17" Top Rubber, Weather Seal, Auto Latches, Top Overrides. Need pricing separately for free standing header for each door type as well as the labor to install just the doors and just the free standing headers.


I have a  hangar with a single piece center door. The door measures approximately 15 feet wide by 10 feet high. The door is still serviceable, but the balance springs have failed due to metal fatigue. I am definitely interested in a hydraulic door installation if at all possible, since I have to replace the balance springs anyway on this door whose company is no longer in business.


I am renting an execuitive III hanger in ca. it has about a 20' wide and 14' high center door that raises with spring assist (similiar to your hydraulic door) and 2 wing doors that accordian open to the side. Even with new springs you have to use a 12' pole to get the door completely open. Would a hydraulic door be cost effective and be adaptable to this type of hanger ? I would probably have to pay for it as the city won't.


I am getting ready to have Cleary build a hanger for me on our airfield and would like a price quote, including shipping, for a 40' wide 14' high hydraulic door. There are several of your hydraulic doors on our airport and the users are pleased with them. Construction should begin in July.


Do you have a small airport in CT. that has a hydraulic door that I could go see how it works, I am very interested. Thank you very much in advance.