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I need a 70' wide x 20' clear hydraulic door for a hangar home in my airpark. I also need to know how tall or how much room I need for the building to get the height correct. This door also needs to be insulated and weathertight with a 110 mph windload. thanks


We have a new airpark hangar house project in Milford, IA. We need a hydraulic door that is 40' x 13' with a freestanding header. Thanks! Kyle


In the process of building a 6,000 sq ft hangar in an air park and I am pricing hydraulic doors. the door should have plenty of room for a Cessna caravan on amphibs. 60' wide. Please call me and I will fill you in some more, thx Tom


Looking for a quote on a bifold and a hydraulic door. the framing in our building is framed at 16'T x 40'W. I have a client building a hangar at his local airpark. If you need more information please reach out to me at your earliest convenience. I am pricing this both ways to my client as he has not given me clarity on what direction to move at this point.


I am building a 46' x 60' steel hangar with 17' sidewalls at my local airpark. Hangar door will be a hydraulic 40' x 14' or comparable installed on the gable end. Job is in East Texas. My metal guy needs specs on a door. Please contact me for further information. Thanks!


Looking at building an 80' x 80' or 100' x 100' in an airpark for our new aircraft and wanted to get another quote on doors other than our metal building company. Our new plane is a Gulfstream G200 and has a height of 21'5" 58'1" wide and 62'3" long. We want the opening in the metal building is 70"wide and 24" high. Thanks Ronald


We're currently working on a hangar home at an airpark where we're thinking of using your hydraulic door assembly and we're looking to get some information regarding assembly requirements. If I had an opening of 14'-0" what would be the clear opening be with the hydraulic door in the open position? Would it be possible to get typical detail drawing for the head and jamb conditions so we could integrate them into our drawings? Thank you, Jack


Hi there, I sent out an inquiry last week with regards to a hydraulic door for a hangar in an airpark. We have a client in Vietnam inquiring on the product 10m wide by 3m high. We need to have a catalogue and price including shipping costs and installation if we can do it ourselves or you guys have to do it etc. Please do drop me an email reply.


Hello, I would like to get a quote for a powerful hydraulic lift door 16' x 40'. I want a walk in door also in the powerful hydraulic lift door. Also about 4 windows or so across the front of the door. Please send me some images of window options I should have added. I would like to use the existing door that will be removed during the widening of the opening. This powerful hydraulic lift door will be installed on an existing hangar at my airpark, please see attached photo. I currently have a 16' x 30' overhead door in the space I want this 40' door to be installed. So, my opening will need to be widened. I think I will have them widen the opening from 30' to 40'. I am located in Iowa. Email is the easiest to reach me. Thanks, Denzel


I'm considering a 50x60x40 hangar building at my airpark and I would very much like to have a price quote on a hydraulic door for the 60 ft. side of the building. Thank you, Lynus


*e-mail is best method of contact for me* I am in the planning stages of a new hangar and am wondering about the cost of your one piece hydraulic doors and how I need to build the building to support them. As of now, I am planning a 60'w x 80'l x 16'h wood hangar in my airpark with a 40' end door and probably 2 side doors depending on pricing. Thanks for your time, I look forward to hearing from you. -Carl


I am interested in sourcing hydraulic hangar doors  for two hangar projects I currently have underway at my airpark. Can I get a rough cost for an insulated metal 8'x18' door?


I'm looking to retrofit an existing hangar at my airpark into a hangar home with a single hydraulic lift door. my dimensions are 68" total width and 25' height. Clearance is critical as we are trying to hangar a Falcon 2000 (approx. 23 1/2' tall) Thanks!


Good morning I need a quote for a hangar home door at the airpark. Please note a email to attached hangar drawings. Add as an accessory in the quotation ballistic steel sheets 2.5 mm thick and 3.00 m high, only for the internal side of the door. Best regards


Building a hangar for our airpark home for a Cessna 182 and RV-7. Im thinking a 50X50 hangar would work OK. Building will be stick framed. Need bifold door recommendations/pricing.


I have a customer interested in one of bifold or hydraulic Schweiss doors and I would like to get a price. We are looking for a 41'-6" clear x 18'-0" clear both as a bi-fold and hydraulic door. My customer is working on developing a new fly-in community which will house 53 units. All doors must be designed to withstand 130mph, exp C wind loads. If you need any additional information please give me a call but sitework is already under construction and they are preparing to move forward on the buildings within the next few months.


I have a private community which are small aircraft owners, one of the buildings has been hit near the taxi runway. They currently have swing out hinged doors on the building, but now have interest in the bi fold door versus the hinged swing out door, Approx. size is 48'x 12'. Could you give me a call with some information on your base products for private owner hangars if you have these available.


Interested in your bifold door design shown here for the hangar. Please contact so that I can receive more information. Shown on Airpark page, log style hangar.


I am designing my airpark hangar house and I have many questions about how to properly fit one of your bi-fold doors on it. My aircraft is 9'3" high at the tail so I would like to have a 10 ft high opening. The wingspan is 35'. I was thinking that a 12X40 door would be sufficient. I don't want to make the hangar too high since the house will be built above it. Hangar that I am currently renting has one of your doors with the lift straps & auto-latch. I would like the same on the new one. The building will be a 2 story (2X6 wood framing) with the house on top of the hangar.


Planning a 50' x 50' steel hangar on a residential airpark in Florida. Looking at possibly a 14' high bifold door (12' high opening) or a 12' high door (10' high opening). Width approx 40'. Looking for suggestions, recommendations, options, examples and quotes for this type of door. thanks


Greetings, I received an estimate previously, but it has been several years ago and I'm sure I need a new one. The door is roughly 40 feet wide 12 feet high. The new house/hangar construction will start within a month or two. I am very interested in a "wall of glass" for the door, and wanted to know if it can be done on a bifold, or I would need to get a hydraulic. If you used glass, would both styles of doors need to be "beefed up?" If I have to get the glass for the frame, what type of glass would you recommend? Have you provided a glass door to any other customer?


I am a builder in central Florida that has been invited by a developer to build out his air park. I have 3 hangars under construction now Would like to have hydraulic doors.