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We are Architects working on a boat storage facility in Florida. Looking for info and rough pricing for bifold door size 45'wide by 20' tall *hurricane rating is required. We saw the Atlantic Airport project on your website.


Remodeling a detached garage in coastal area and am looking for bifold door that meets specifications for hurricane rated doors.


Looking for all glass (impact/hurricane resistant) for use in a pool shed in Indiana that will have a golf simulator next to it overlooking a pool.


I’ve got a concrete building, and looking to replace a 10’ wide by 12’ tall roll up door with a glass door, ideally hurricane/impact rated, and it’s good STC/minimal sound transmission Do you have such a thing?


Building Hanger 94FL, Ft. Myers, FL Seeking information on door 120’ x 18’ clear opening. Wind load 180 MPH Continuous. Unsure of best design for this size door


We have a project that requires a 8'W - 10'H bifold Strap door. The building is block wall construction. We have not decided on the finish type and we need the door engineered to meet Florida Hurricane codes. Please E Mail us some product options your company would have for this application. Thank You Email is preferred


Good afternoon, I am writing to request more information/specs from the bifold and hydraulic door. We are located in Florida and we would like to include your product in our designs. Florida requires a product approval and I would like to make sure I have the number before specifying. Thank you in advance


I have a two car garage separated by column with two garage doors. I am interested in schweiss hurricane safety glass doors. Fort Myers area Please let me know what options you have for power lifting glass doors that can meet hurricane codes.


I don't see a FPA or NOA for a Florida installation, but I'm assuming that Schweiss can build a door that will qualify for a 140mph wind-borne-debris region. I'm looking for five (5) 60"(W) x 96"(H) glazed bi-folds. Any information that you can provide will be appreciated. Thank you, Rob


Looking for bifold door for a 10’x32’ opening as well as a 10’x29’ opening. Pricing, options etc. need hurricane rated door for FL. Thanks Mike


Please quote on a hangar door 14 feet 6 inches high x 44 feet wide. The wind pressures are 26 and -25 The hangar is to be built in St. Lucie County Florida. need the hangar door to meet area codes. The construction is poured in place steel reinforced Concrete and concrete block.


Hi, in need of a hydraulic hurricane door that can withstand the storms that come in. Also needs to meet FL code. Please provide specs for hurricane rated hydraulic door.


New steel building requiring a proposal for bifold hangar doors that are hurricane rated for the state of Florida. Sidewall mount. Opening size 66'-0" X 16'-7", we need a clear opening height of 14'-7".


We would like to request for quote CIF Manila for 3-sets huge doors for our yacht yard facility in Subic Bay, Olongapo, Philippines: - 2 sets 18.4Wx21H doors (dimension in meters) - 1 set 18.4Wx12H door The door frame needs to be rated to withstand 250-kph hurricane winds. The door frame shall be designed to receive owner-supplied (& locally sourced) 100-mm PU sandwiched panels, which are intended to maintain a 24-degree Celsius and 60% relative humidity environment for our alum yacht welding requirements. Kindly clarify the terms and delivery schedule. We shall be grateful your prompt response regarding this matter. Sincerely yours, Glenn M. Pintor Senior Manager Sta Maria Industrial Park Corp. Special Projects Dept Bgy Bulac, Sta. Maria Bulacan, Philippines C: +63917.842.4955 E: glenn.pintor@motolite.com


I'm building a hangar at UT47 in Hurricane, UT. Hangar door will be 60' wide, looking for 15' vertical clearance. Bifold is great, looking for cost effective options if that is possible with that size. We're not called Hurricane, Utah for nothing, I'll need hangar door to be wind rated and insulated. The building will be Innovative Structural Solutions tilt up panels. Can place steel as necessary for door.


Hello, My wife and I are designing a custom home and inquiring regarding a Schweiss bifold designer


Looking for a residential bi-fold hurricane rated type door where we clad vertical slats. Door must have Miami-Dade County Product Control Approval and or is registered with active FL number in order to meet local hurricane design loads. please feel free to contact me Julio


I am building a new hangar building in Fernandina Beach, FL (KFHB). I have a 60' Schweiss strap door at my Hangar in California (KAUN)and like it a lot. I am interested in getting a rough budget for both a 64' door or an 80' hurricane rated door for my new Florida hangar. Height is expected to be at least 24' I am also interested in hearing your advice on strap vs. hydraulic for this application. Email is the best way to contact me.


Hello, I am building a vacation house in Panama City Beach Florida next year. It will be constructed using ICF. I have a section of the home where the great room will have an opening facing south at ~16 feet wide by 16 feet tall. I am contemplating a bifold hurricane rated garage door versus glass sliders. My questions are - Approximately what is the cost of the door plus install? What is the lead time once ordered? What is the wind load capacity? Thank you! Eric


Looking for a single 18’ wide bifold designer patio door for a client, needs to have NOA for hurricane rating. The straps seem like a good idea, would like to know more about it. Thanks! Lorie


I’m looking for a door approx 28’ Long x 7’ wide, on two hydraulic lifts or possibly your bifold strap model. The bifold hurricane quality door will serve two purposes. 1) a canopy, protection from the hot Florida sun. 2) when lowered, hurricane protection of the glass sunroom on the second floor, which opens to a 28’x10’ deck. I can buy the UV protected polycarbonate locally and install myself. Thank you, Kevin Shea


I want a quote for a bifold hurricane hangar door, 50' W and 15'H ( when opened ). 220 volt, single phase, lift straps, auto latches, remote control operation. Do you have differing hurricane ratings? It will be exported to Belize via our consolidating company in Medley, Florida. Please let me know if you require any further info.


Have your "one piece" doors been hurricane tested? If not, I would still be interested in a bifold strap door rated for Florida wind rating specs. Looking to use in residence in Palm Beach Florida.


Interested in a quote for a vertical bifold glass hurricane rated designer garage door with frame, straps and counterweights. Must meet Dade county code specification. Thx...


This project would need the glass / plexiglass paneled doors. We are in Florida on the coast. St. Petersburg is a peninsula. 1)Are the glass doors wind rated for hurricanes? 2)The doors need to also look good when shut, which door is best suited for the best appearance when in the closed position? 3) This project has a couple opening sizes. Most are 16 wide by 16 tall. A few (8) are 14 x 14. and eight will be approximately 14 wide by 9 tall, or perhaps 10 wide by 8 / 9 tall. We are in for permitting now with the city of St. Petersburg. At this point, the specific door manufacturer CAN be changed exclusively with Schweiss Doors. The need for a door to meet wind / hurricane requirements must be met. As stated, the majority of doors need to be 16 x 16, as that is the size on the plans, and that is the size that was represented to buyers in this development. The preference is for the bifold liftstrap doors to be all glass, if that is cost prohibitive, the fall back would be for the doors to be mostly metal with partial glass for some natural light. Thank you in advance for your assistance.


Looking to replace existing garage doors in Naples FL 34120 with hurricane rated 16x8 and 8x8 bifold liftstrap doors.


Good Day, I am looking for a hurricane rated Florida bifold strap doors for a new boat garage. This is for a high end residence compound. The garage building in a new concrete building clad with wood siding. The garage door would match with IPE siding finish. I believe Bi-fold would work well. door #1 16' long x 16' high door #2 10' long by 9' high door #3 10' long by 9' high Please email me with any questions. thank you.


Is it possible to install a hurricane rated bifold garage door in my Florida residence. I'd like to try one of your bifold strap doors that you say are so quiet and faster opening.


I am currently quoting a bi fold door for a 60 x 17 ft bi-fold door at the Rockport tx airport - this would be the same doors currently installed at the box hangars that with stood the past storm. Beef this door up to withstand another hurricane.


I need a quote on a 120'x28' hydraulic or bifold door. We live on the east coast of North Carolina so this door needs to be hurricane rated.


Caribbean Windows requires two bifold designer glass garage doors for a restaurant project. 15'8" x 9'3.5" Need to be rated for hurricane and have corrosion resistance. Prefer finish to be white or dark bronze frame with impact glass. Please call me, Joel


I would like to get a quote on a bifold hydraulic ocean view door for our all weather room. Can you provide hurricane rated doors for down here in Florida.


I am looking for a weather resistant bifold liftstrap/autolatch door that is 44'x14' for an airplane hangar for lease. It will fit on a worldwide steel hanger building. I would either need it shipped direct to Exuma in the Bahamas or at the very least a shipping company in ft Lauderdale FL. It needs to be a hurricane strength bifold door rated for high winds. What is the dimensions it will be shipped? I would need to ship in a shipping container, which I understand Schweiss can make arrangements for. Can you provide me with a written quote and any questions please call me. Thank you. sincerely Les


Looking for bifold metal garage doors 16x8 and 8x8 feet. Simple design no extra decor. Garage is Concrete block. Bifold liftstrap door should be hurricane impact rated for FL code.


building a 40 x 60 hangar in okeechobee florida need a 40 foot Schweiss bifold hurricane proof door in the 60 foot gable end any pricing and do i install or you? thanks, john


Hello, Would like to get quotes for door Bi-Fold System. Project located in Miami, Florida close to saltwater. -Do these systems have hurricane rated glass? Hurricane rated frame? -Florida Product approval? NOA? Project Doors:(project is ongoing) (4) 9’x9’ Garage Door Rough Opening Quote Bi-Fold (glass pane


We are looking to expand our product offering to specialty products and larger openings. Our brand is built around windstorm (hurricane) rated products and we would like to pick up your line of bifold and hydraulic hurricane doors. Our target market area is Texas coastal counties and the Houston metro.


Hi, I am in the planning phase for a hangar to be build on Long Island Airpark, Catawba, NC 28609 next year. The hangar will be a steel hangar 60 wide by 80 deep. I need two bifold hurricane rated doors on the hangar: 1) a 45ft wide by 14ft high (this is the clear height) door on the 80ft long left side f the hangar 2) a 55ft wide by 16ft clear height on the 60ft front side of the hangar. Both delivered and preferably also installed by you. I am thinking about using 2.5" thick Insulated Metal Panels for the outside of the building so those would have to go on the door as well. Door frames colored either white or bleu, not decided yet. Please send me a quote for those two. Optional please also a 3x7 or 3x6.5 walk door in the 45ft wide door. What would be the minimal eaves height for the steel building to accommodate those hurricane bifold doors? Thanks! Joe Wuensche, Germany (to retire in NC).


(1)14 x 50 wide (1)13 x 40wide (4)14Hx12W doors need 170MPH engineering florida wind code hurricane rated. concrete block building 1 existing building ,1 new building .


Information about Bi-fold doors. We want to use this system in Florida and wanted to know if it is bifold door hurricane resistance?


Hi, I'm looking for two residential bifold designer hurricane proof garage doors. My house has a three car garage (single and double standard). I had the ceiling raised on the single garage slot to gain space for an car storage lift.  While the double door could be a regular sectional door, it should match the single garage door. Both garage door are 7ft high. 16ft width double door 8ft width single door Single panel or bi-fold should not be a problem. Both doors should be Insulated. Due to code in Florida, the doors need to be hurricane proof. Thanks


I finally have my door covered the hurricane got this place bad, but your bifold door rode the storm magnificently. We couldn't finish because everyone was busy rebuilding we were blessed had no damage to hanger or house in 142 mph winds. Here is my problem when I push buttons on remote or panel I have to hold it down till it hits the stop can u tell me how to fix this ? Thanks Merry Christmas Love this door


I'm building a pole barn for use has an airplane hangar. We are shopping around for bifold hurricane door options. our opening is 42ft Wide X 12ft Height. Can you give me a quote of a bi-fold?


What is cost of 12X12 Hydraulic hanger hurricane door with glass panels. Florida Hurricane rated door? It is for a Boathouse Building door.


The bi-fold door we need is an aluminum storefront with Hurricane Large missile impact glazing. Anodized finish, color dark bronze. 24 total windows (3 x 8). Call me so that i can get an email and forward drawings.Orlando Florida


I need a bifold or single panel window at a first floor bar in a new beach front resort hotel near Charleston SC for a micro brewery door. Does your window meet the hurricane door wind requirements we have here? Thanks Steve


We live on the east coast of ME and need a hydraulic door that can stand up to hurricane force winds. Can someone call to explain what makes the Schweiss hurricane door so sturdy.


We are designing and building a seaplane hanger and are very interested in using one of your  hydraulic hurricane doors in LA. However, we need construction and installation details more specific to our project so that we can design how the roof system will support the door. Our door is 40 ft wide and 12ft tall. Please call me at your earliest convenience to further discuss this. Thank you.


Good Afternoon, I am looking to get a price on a 19' wide by 10' high (opening size) bifold overhead door with liftstraps. The door needs to have glass panels and be hurricane rated to 150mph. The frame finish should be white. Crating and shipping to 33178 should be included with the final destination being Nassau, Bahamas. Please let me know if you have any questions! 


Need specifications and door design criteria for a  Schweiss Hydraulic Hurricane Door that has an opening 45'-0" wide x 20'-0" tall. Windrated one piece door shipped to Texas.


Build me a complete hangar door, a large door to allow my Beech Baron 58 inside. I understand that the span is 37'8". Quote fob Miami for this bifold windloaded aircraft hurricane hangar door.


Oversea's bifold hurricane doors needed for elementary school in Okinawa, Japan.  Earthquake proof highly engineered glass doors required. With galvanized or aluminum frames. Schweiss Door straplift / autolatch door design. List with all door safety features and power outage backup door systems needed. 


I am an architect who designs high end residential houses. We use a nana wall system to open up to the exterior. Do your glass bifold wall doors meet hurricane door impact codes with 140 mph wind loads. This would be for a bifold liftstrap door. Are windpin doors optional or standard equipment in a hurricane door?


Looking for a bifold straplift hurricane rated door that is 12'x20'. If you could send some info and prices for doors and opener options. Thanks


Hello, Would folks be so kind to price this new hydraulic windrated Schweiss hurricane door for us? 70'x14' Supply number and erection number if you are wanting to do that. We can help by install the main header truss. And we can add all the metal panels. Thanks,


Wondering on a price for 3 bifold doors.. opening are 25x18, 35x18, and 50x18, strap option. wind load needs to be high as I'm located on the coast of North Carolina. Building was just put up and sliding doors were half ass installed. Trying to weigh my options ...if I'm better off fixing the the sliding doors or taking them down and installing bifold doors. Maybe the incoming hurricane will decide this for me. It's supposed to be a big one.


I need pricing for a 80x15 bifold door for a hangar in Sarasota fl. it will need to meet the 130mph wind load. Should have lift straps and auto latch system with strong motor to open and close quickly. I will handle the sheeting and erection. Call me to discuss.


Bi Fold Doors to be used in a residential shipping container building project on the beach in Puerto Rico. Price as solid doors and as doors with some glass. Corrosion resistance material important -preferably aluminum, possibly galvanized - price both. Hurricane resistance as well.


I'm pricing a building that calls for a Schweiss liftstrap bi-fold door that will fit in a 70'x18' framed opening at one end wall. The wind load is 110 mph. Need the maximum door that would fit in the 70'x 18' clear opeing. If I could get something back this A.M showing the framing and hinge locations so I can design my framed opeing for the loads of the bi-fold door I would greatly appreciate it.


Preliminary cost estimates. I want either a 70ft x 20ft or an 80ft x 20ft door. I need a 130mph wind load as per code. How tall must the end walls be? This is a bifold strap door order. Thanks for the info.


I am an Architect and a Commercial Contractor. Do you have info package for me that would include weights of doors and wind ratings for Hurricane areas. Am designing my personal residence. It will use your Hydraulic doors as operable roof panels.


Bonjour we intend to build an aircraft hangar soon we are interested in you bifold door dimension: 15m width * 4 m height question 1 what will be the dead height between the door bottom opened and the top of the door? question 2 is you door transportable by 20feet container question 3 could you supply plan and accessory kit but steel frame done locally? question 3 is it steel frame or aluminium frame? question 4 what about hurricane force wind resistance? is there a anchoring kit or reinforcing kit in such event, could you quote the different options best regards ps power supply in guadeloupe is 220v and 50hz


I am looking to replace the slide doors on a farm building that was put up in the early 80s. The door is 24' x 13' roughly. I saw the hydraulic doors and was very impressed. My questions are: do they handle much wind while open? how can they be opened in a power outage? and what would be the cost of a complete Schweiss hydraulic 24' x13' door system delivered to me and installed by myself?


Hi, I am interested in a quote for a 40' x 12' Schweiss Liftstrap Bifold door installed in Northern WI. I am currently still acquiring bids on the building and need info about the header for the door opening if the building were to be stick built w/2x6 framing with engineered wood trusses. What type of header over door opening is needed, and what is required to be done for lateral support. I would also like a quote on the door, what other info do you need from me to provide pricing? Thanks


I want a ballpark price on a one piece Schweiss hydraulic door 40 x 10 to attach to the end of a Quonset type bldg. Building contractor is quoting the header and supports for the door. Door should be a bolt in situation. Hanger will be on the M. C. SC airport. Give me an idea of price and freight. Thanking you in advance. Austin C. This is a serious inquiry. And of course we have hurricanes down here, I don't know if this makes a difference or not. I'm from Wisconsin where we worry about snow loading. Down here they worry about high winds. Everybody has to have something to worry about, I guess.


Please send all information pertaining to stub column height, etc. for building design purposes. This new building has a 90 mph exposure "C" wind rating.


Need pricing for both hydraulic and bifold liftstrap Schweiss doors. Wind loading is 110 MPH requested.. If at all possible need pricing today. Thanks


The building size is 100' x 100' x 20' the door size will be 55' x 16' and will be going in the left endwall. The building will have metal panels walls and IBC 2006 with a 90 mph wind load.


the door is in a wind area of 50m/sec (165feet/sec) On web site the higher wind ratings seem to be for hydraulic doors only. Is this so? Regards Robin U.


I am building in Diamondhead, MS. I am south of I-10 so extra hurricane protection is required. I am undecided on a Schweiss bi-fold or single piece hydraulic door. Which is better in hurricane country. I also would like as much of the mechanics as possible...place as high as possible on my home. I also live in a flood zone...no sense in replacing all those parts every 2 years. Al K.


Please quote the following as soon as possible 6- 42x12 6- 45x14 6- 68x14 90 MPH Wind speed Cable operated


Please give me a quotation on a bi-fold liftstrap and hydraulic Red Power one piece garage door. Existing Design: One singe garage door and one double garage door. New Design: I would like to have one door for this space. I am interested in your product because it eliminates all of the supports hanging off the ceiling that hold up the door when it is open. The door must meed Dade County hurricane specs. I have original blueprints for the building if you need more specifications. Size of opening for one Schweiss bi-fold or hydraulic door: 346" wide X 8' high Please give me a price quotation. Thank you. Pamela H.


I am looking for Schweiss glass doors for a pool house in colorado the rough opening is 40 ft wide by 16 ft tall. These must be hurricane proof. Not sure if we have windratings schedules to follow in Colorado. Do you know. If so, follow their specs.


We are in the initial stages of a design of a hangar for which we are considering a Schweiss Bi-fold liftstrap door. We are contemplating door dimensions of 11 ft clear height and 45-60 ft width. The door must be engineered for 130 mph sustained wind with C exposure. Given the above parameters for door height and wind exposure, at what width (between 45 and 60 ft), if any, is there a quantitive or qualitative difference in the construction of the door (e.g. heavier material, larger truss, etc). We may wish to design for the largest possible door (within the range specified) without having to step up to that design variation (e.g. material or truss change). We would also like to know approximate distance between clear height and top of the doors upper hinge. Upon receipt of your response, we will submit a request for a quote. Thanks for your help.


I am building in Diamondhead, MS. I need a door that is 40' wide (finished clear opening), 14' tall (finished clear opening). I am undecided on a 1 or 2 piece door. I am more concerened about hurricane strength and longevity. If this works out, I may use these doors for a group (10-15) of hangars that I will build in & around Mississippi. Thank you, Al K.


I am hoping to find a door that can protect a 18' high by 36' wide opening. I am trying to cover some glass and get an approved door that can withstand 110 MPH winds on Cape Cod.


Need pricing information on bi-folds for commercial restaurant. 5 Openings - 10' wide X 7' High. Hurricane rating required, on coast.


Door size: 44 x 10 ft. I need the full 10 ft. so a hydraulic door is required. Need 150 mph wind for Florida Keys (Monroe County) I will add the finish (lapstrake wood and two windows) Attachement: Steel I-Beam Side supports: 16 x 16 concrete columns A local builder will install (he has installed several Schweiss door hydraulic and bifold door units on the field. Need delivered price to Summerland Key Airport, Summerland Key FL.


We've been asked to verify wind load resistance capabilities of the Bifold and One Piece doors. We've got a situation where the door (maybe a 30 footer) will have to take a hefty wind....and it will be operated at least 16 times a day...possibly more. See any concerns? Thanks for your input. Scott A.


we are working on a mega yacht shipyard buidling which will need a 124 ft wide x 75 ft high clear door to withstand 130 mph hurricane winds. we would like to get some design info to include with our building design plans. thanks


Need a price delivery on 45' x 16' one peice hydro aircraft door. Wind loads here require 130 mph. Also need to let the buiding manufacturer know how to support the door. So the weight and any special structural conditions.


Need 140 mph wind rating & engineering stamp for same. Building HAS ALREADY BEEN PURCHASED, WITH TWO SCHWEISS RED POWER HYDRAULIC DOORS (one 50x30 and one 25x25, to be changed to this 25x30). Doors will be ordered once customer gets through permitting process. Thanks for your help on this one - I had to send the customer quite a few quotes myself! :)


140 MPH wind load. Also quote adders for remote control, window, and walk-through door.


We are looking for either a Schweiss bifold or one-piece hydraulic moving door, 34'wide 14' high, to withstand windforces up to 175mph. Opening and closing times are crucial. Can you help?


Need a 135 mph wind load on this one, with Florida Certification. Oh, and... They are buying shortly! We'll be ordering two Schweiss bifold strap doors from you, a 50x30 and this one. Hooray!


46' x 16' opening 120 MPH wind load Special conditions - call me Need to see detail as to how your door attached to what kind of structure


You provided a 40' door for my neighbor. We are looking for a similar door, 45' x 14 x 24". If you have other recommendations, we are open to suggestions. Engineered to withstand 110 (county minimum requirement) to 120 mph winds [We live in Galveston County, Houston.]


I am designing a structure that needs movable walls, and I think your doors can do the job if you could give me more tech info, ; the bifold door opening is 18'w x 8'h and the opening is in concrete, col. & beams 16"deep, the door mounting should be flush. 1.Is the depth 16"enough to support the mechanism and still have space for the door to remain flush? 2.When closed is the door designed to resist Hurricane strength winds? 3.Is the door vandal proof ? 4.does the door provide weather protection under normal conditions , No leaks etc.? 5.Can the door act as a temporary roof in locked position, for how long ? What do you recomend for insulation and interior finish to have a wall look when closed? Thanks for your attention to this matter . Each structure will have 3 straplift bifold Schweiss doors and this is going to be a prototype to be repeated, if the price is right. Hernan R. H.


Price of a 36 foot wide 12 foot clearance bi-fold door for Texas coastal area.Wind storm area.


I am in the process of pulling a permit for a hangar in Florida and the designer put your doors on our plans. DO you have Florida Product Approval #'s required for the State of Florida so that we can finish getting the permit from the county. This will be in a 120mph wind zone. Also what info do you need from the contractor so that he may start the order process on his own. I will forward your Schweiss Door info to him.


The Company Las Cumbres Global Telescope Network has an Observatory on Mount Haleakala, Maui and is in the process of replacing the equipment doors with a top quality Schweiss bifold strap door. The door needs to be fully weather proofed, hurricane rated and insulated. This side of the facility is exposed to hurricane like conditions at many time during the year. The Observatory houses a telescope and optics with a value of approx. $10 million. Therefore it is essential that the doors are weather sealed and fully insulated. We've had other manufacturers doors on this observatory in the past and they just don't hold up. I've looked at some of your doors here in Hawaii and they certainly appear to be much better constructed. Cost is a minor factor, quality is a major factor. Please contact me to discuss. Many thanks in advance Mark E.


Looking for hurricane doors, bifold or one piece Schweiss manufactured for my beach house. All the neighbors have the type that roll up. I was wondering how these compare in price (especially since these are DIY job, correct?). I have two openings that are roughly 15' wide by 84" high. Any assistance would be appreciated.