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Hi I am looking at building a hangar home in Montana and looking for a bi-fold door that would work for my Bonanza and Cessna 180.


I am planning a hanger house at the Lakewood Airpark in Lakewood Wi and need a white 12’ x 38’ insulated bifold door. I would like a price for the door and a price for installation and an estimated wait time. Please call if you need more info. I have an electrician who would provide power to the door control switch. Thank you.


Hello, We have a big project in Brasil. We build a hangar home airport with 270 hangars. I am surching for a company which makes bifold doors. I cannot found a brasilian company. So now i have the idea to make a deal with your company. Would you give me a call, so we can talk about it.??? thanks in advance


Looking for a 50x12 bi-fold door for new hangar/home construction (not started) at Massey Airpark in Edgewater FL.


I’m planning an Airpark home build for myself and am looking for some rough estimate costs on a bifold door with the lifting strap system. The hangar will be steel construction and am looking at a 50’ door width on the 60’ side of the 50’ x 60’ hangar/garage combo building. The door will not be centered as the first 10’ will be vehicle garage parking with separate entry doors on the 50’ side, if all this makes sense. I don’t have architectural plans yet so not sure of the door height yet. I want the hangar to be 2-story height (min 20’) so if there’s a standard door height for this width then I’d like your recommendation. Thanks in advance.


I'm beginning the early planning for a hangar house and would like to get some rough costs for a hangar door. Thanks, Mike


I’m looking at installing a 40’ bifold strap door on a new custom build hangar airpark home. See link below. What are the dimensions of the door frame needed to install your door? I’m having the plans modified and need your door install planning info. Thanks in advance. AH


Hello, I am developing a hangar home and was recommended by the aviation community here to go with Schweiss. I'm unsure which style I would prefer so please send me a quote for the strap lift bifold door and the hydraulic power lifted door. Thank you.


I'm planning a hangar home in FL and would like talk to you about hangar home door options. I like the Schweiss Korthuis RV Garage door maybe something like that.


We are planning to build a home in Sky Manor Estates (Labelle, FL), which will include an attached aircraft hangar. The preliminary drawing show an opening of 40'W x 10'8" H. I would be interested in obtaining a quote for potential options for Schweiss Hangar Doors. (The building will be constructed with concrete block.) Either bifold door or a hydraulic hangar door.


Building a new hangar home and community members have schweiss doors with custom cladding which looks really nice. I would like to get pricing on a custom schweiss door to accent my property. Thanks RD


Hello, we will be building a hangar home in North Carolina and will be needing a bifold door. I have some questions about schweiss doors and hangar building in general. would it be possible for someone to call me? thank you


Can you give me your recommendation and quote on a schweiss door that will give me 8' by 36' in clearance? I'm converting a residential four-car garage for use as an aircraft hangar. Thanks, Chris


I have house on a airport field with a hanger and would like to upgrade to a schweiss bifold door and looking for an idea on cost. I have not taken a measurement but I'm close to 35 to 40 wide and 12 tall opening please email or call


We need information for Bifold Doors for Hangar Homes. Width: 19.03 meters, Height: 7.40 meters Now, we are designing hangar homes, then for ours structural designs, details for building are needed: weigth or other considerations. We're considering you like possible suplier. Thans for your attention, RC


For hanger home in Texas -build expected to start by end of year. 42 x 14 bifold


We are quoting building a new home for our client wishing to do a hangar, which I have plans for. We would like a quote for a Bi-fold with straps, and possibly the self locking strap mechanism, maybe even a remote control. Can someone contact me through the email above so I can send the bifold hangar home door plans we've got?


Was wondering if you install bifold Liftstrap hangar doors for residential customers, and any in California? I have a home that has an original solid garage door, but the door into the house prevents me from installing a conventional sectional door (track would be too far into the doorway and would pose as a hazard to tall people). I've been looking for several years into any alternatives, and this looks interesting. Thanks, Eddie


I am designing a metal building that will be used as a hanger/residence. The client want to use your hydraulic or bifold lift strap door system. what is the standard door height that spans 40'? Please price in delivery costs and three bifold door windows


Hello, I'm currently in the design process for a new house hangar on an airfield and looking for a quote and technical specs for bi-fold lift strap private airplane hangar doors. Planned start of construction is spring 2022. The hangar exterior walls will be made of ICF, 6" concrete, and a steel "I" beam as header. Best regards, Francois Viau


Hello Schweiss Doors! We will be building a home at Stearman Estates in Benton, KS (1K1) in 2022 and are considering a Schweiss bifold bottom-drive auto latch door for the 50'x 50' hangar. We are still in the design phase of the house/hangar with the builder currently suggesting a steel frame, but we have also seen wood frame/truss hangar construction in another house in Stearman with a Schweiss bifold door. We are interested in any pricing information you have to share. Please let us know the details you require in order to make an estimate/bid. Thank you, Steve and Kim Gyuro 425-512-4100


Hello. We’re looking to build a new home and hangar at N40. Very early stage but want o get more info on the hangar door and the design/order process. We have a Cessna 182, would like to future proof it a bit for a larger aircraft or the possibility to have 2 aircraft come in and out. Hoping you can help guide us with experiences from your other customers. I've heard you can make your bifold and hydraulic hangar doors wider than 100 ft.


Looking for a 40 wide 14 - tall door . Home hanger not much use without a good Schweiss Bifold . What is most economical one you design ?


I am in the process of designing a house with a hangar attached. I will be ordering one of your bifold liftstrap and automatic latching hangar doors. How much space is needed on each side of the door? If I get a 38’ wide door how wide does the entire wall need to be? Could I go ahead and get a quote on a 38x12 door?


Hello. I'm a developer on a 100 home hanger home community, and will be needing hanger doors on all. Looking specifically at your bifold lift strap doors, but may need a hydraulic hangar door in some instances. Can you send me catalog of options and pricing and let me know if you offer discount prices for a large order like this. What is your turnaround time?.Thanks


Have a hanger house with a hanger opening approx 36 x 8 foot. Height on my plane is 7.7 foot. Looking for a hydraulic door to put in the opening so I don't lose any headroom. Opening is concrete with a wood frame that is currenlty configured as a two car garage. Mike Minor


In initial planning stages of a hangar home. For the clear opening size specified need to understand the cost difference of each option as well as the frame requirements for each option.


We are working with 3 other partners and looking to build a 4 unit hangar condominium. Each unit would have individual ownership, so we will need 4 bifold apartment/condo doors in total. One of the owners is looking into a Phenom 300, which has a 16.5' tail height, so would need a 17' opening. I am thinking 60' width on all 4 would be sufficient. I will yield to you on what we will need as far as building height to accomplish this.


we are in the very early stage of planning a new construction hanger house using one or more of your liftstrap hangar home designer doors. the hanger will be like a walk out basement, with concrete on the other 3 sides and house above. Not sure on the size-- wondering what is some standard sizes. 40x ? As i said, this is very early planning stage trying to get an idea of cost and sizes. the hanger will be for 2 airplanes, supercub and cessna 185. thank you


I'm working with a contractor to build a 42x55 hangar home bifold door on our property. They didn't have a source for a bifold or hydraulic door. I'm looking for an approximately 40'x12' door. Is this something you can sell direct to the consumer, or would my builder need to contact you? If you have pricing available, please include that as well.


Phone call or email is fine. Looking for a budget number on a 50' x 16' hanger home bifold strap door that will be glass.


I am going to be looking to build a residential aircraft hangar home in the next 3 to 5 years. Was looking at possibly using your strap door. I was wondering what an approximate quote would be on a 35 foot bifold hangar home designer door. I was also wondering if your doors work /fit better on any specific hangar builds / brands. Thanks for any information / direction you can provide. Vin


Door on this hanger home is home made. If I purchase the hanger the door will be replaced. I currently have one of your bifold strap doors on my hanger home.


I’d like an estimate on what a 40’ bifold strap door for a house with detached hangar I’m having built at 1K1, Stearman Field, in Benton, KS. Will want photo eye sensors and remote opener.


We are starting a new Home and Hangar wood framed will need a bifold liftstrap door by end of April . I am the real estate broker


We are a Butler PEMB dealer in the Chicago area. We are quoting a small hangar/residence building in Genoa, IL. The owner wants a 40' clear width and 14' clear height bifold strap door. I believe there are several types of doors. Would like you to recommend the best solution, which after looking at your website I would presume to be a bifold liftstrap hangar home door. Project location is Aero Lake Estates Genoa, IL. I need to know what height is required for the door opening in the endwall of the Butler Building. I am currently working at home so please call my cell number. Thanks.


Can you give me the approximate price for a bifold door with straps, for a hanger home that has a 40' wide by 12'6" high opening. It would need a frame to support the door. I would get a local contractor to install it, if you have a installer in this area, I might use them. What does a typical install cost?


I sold my hangerhome a few years ago. It had one of your 40 bi-fold cable doors. I am getting ready to build a new hangerhome on a different airpark. Is 42 feet a standard size for your doors? Which is more expensive: hydraulic or bifold? This time around I would prefer using your bifold strap system.


I am currently working on the design stages of a airplane hangar attached to an existing house. The client has expressed interest in having the bifold liftstrap hangar home doors clad to be "hidden" with finishes to match the rest of the home. Is there any place I can find specifications on how this is done with your doors, the maximum weight of the finish, etc.? I appreciate your help with this. Thanks, Tim


I need pricing and specs for a 40'x14' bifold for a customers hangar home door. Thanks, Cory Smith


I need to install a residential bi-fold hangar home door in Houston. Do you have representatives in Houston ? I need a quote for this type of door. Please, every communication must be through my email. Thank you


 We have a Schweiss 17x60 bifold with strap door on our hanger now. I am building a small hanger at my house. Looking for a 45x14 (14' high clear opening hangar home bifold strap door., width can be 44) bifold with straps or a hydraulic hangar home door. Open to options and suggestions. Location is Franconia NH 03580 and we have 90 mph wind design loads for buildings. I will most likely be a wood building. Could you provide some pricing for basic doors and costs for some of your options. Thanks, Thad


Is there someone in the Dallas/Ft Worth area that can come out and take a look at my existing bifold door on my hangar home? I would like to keep the bifold door if at all possible and replace the cables with straps. This has certainly been a great door that has worked very well over all these years.


I am looking at your Superstructure design for this door system. This is a hangar home door for a client you and I have built for in the past. They are in a new airpark community living home. Their hangar has a very unreliable and difficult operated cable-type door with a top guide track and bottom roller support track that is roughly 46' wide by 14' tall, with one third of the total width encumbered by the bypassing sections. They really need the full width and height of the opening, so your Superstructure hangar home design would work great if possible. Wind speed is 130 mph with a "D" exposure. The new door will have vapor barrier insulation and an interior light gauge metal liner panel to around 10' on height. The exterior will be sheeted with a 26 gauge metal "R" type panel.


I had called about a month or so ago about my hangar bifold doors. I purchased the home last year and there is no documentation on the doors as to recommended maintenance, oil to use, etc. I was told  The house was built in 2002. I have a large aircraft bifold door with straps and a regular car sized bifold door with cables. Unfortunately there are no data plates on the doors other than your company name. The large door has two red motors and four straps. The small door a single red motor and two cables. Although these two hangar home doors are working just fine, I just want to make sure I maintain these doors properly. Thanks.


I have put my UK cell number down as I'm currently traveling in Europe. This also has Whatsapp. We are builders in central Florida for a residential airpark for which each home will have a minimum hanger 40 x 40 ft. I would like discuss your options and costs mostly on bifold strap lift hangar home doors. If we can arrange a time to speak I will call you to help with costs and time difference. Regards, Paul


Hi, I am currently designing a Hangar house and am looking at Schweiss bifold hangar doors for the project. A good friend has used your system on his hangar house. He had it shipped here to NZ and it looks like it will do the job well for me. The design I have for the hangar is using a steel portal frame structure which will ultimately support a house on top. The opening for the hangar will have a 450mm deep I beam for the Lintel across the span of the opening and has supporting I beam steel structure to hold the Lintel. The base of the lintel and supporting steel leave an open area for the hangar door of 3.2m high x 12.0m wide I am also considering a Schweiss hydraulic opening single door arrangement with locking pins and I envisage a horizontal line of windows in the panel mid way up the door. I would also like to consider the option for a normal size door opening incorporated into the hangar door. This initial contact is to determine: [1] rough idea of the cost, [2] what additional mods to the steel lintel need to be made to support the hinge structure and door loading weight on the existing portal frame, and [3] I am wondering if the door can be easily shipped from USA given I live in New Zealand. Additionally: How much open space [3.2m x 12.0m] will I potentially lose with the dimensions of any supporting frame? What are the dimensions of the door header and thickness of the supporting posts? Do you have some supporting .pdf for the construction. Probably best to get me on email first Kindest regards


Hello, We're looking for a general contractor in the Tucson, AZ area with experience with your hangar home doors to quote a residential hanger build. Please send any recomendations. thank you, Jason


Trying to estimate a bifold hanger door cost that will be attached to a new home. Hangar home door will need to be 43' wide x 14.5' tall.


I am planning to build a home, together with a hangar. The plans are preliminary at this point. I will meet with the builder shortly. I would appreciate a rough estimate of the cost difference between a bi-fold door and hydraulic door. I expect the hangar opening will be 40' x 12' clear opening before installation of the door. Thank you in advance for any information you can provide.


I own a hanger home that was built in 2003 with a bi-fold door that was made by another manufacturer. I am having problems with the brake and the Power Master control unit. I really need to find a person in the Daytona Beach / Port Orange area who can repair this door. Any help you can offer would be great.


We are building a new hangar home spring of '19 The garage (Front) is going to be 36'x 30'. Underneath this garage will be my hanger(the back) for seaplane. It will have the "span crete" for garage floor or hanger ceiling. Im parking a Maule MX7-235 on EDO 2500 Amphibs. I want the door 34x13 on the opening. I would like to know what to tell the guy designing house about Schweiss Designe Doors and  the opening. Wood, cement, steel for supporting the door. I would like all insulated glass with straps. Or maybe mixed glass with facade to match house. I would like a price on door to get started.


I have a hangar that I am building a living space in to make my home. Currently, there is a metal 10' x 10' roll-up door. I would like to replace this with a Schweiss glass bi-fold door with the lift-straps. I would like to get a price on this. Thank you, Jared


I need a quote on a door for a hangar home being built in Clayton, GA. The header has steel jambs and is in a cement block.


I am building a home/hangar on an aviation community in FL & interested in your bi-fold hangar doors. Have had one of your older bi-fold hangar doors on a hangar I bought in '09. Has been working flawlessly. That's important since I plan to retire next year & don't need anything "high maintenance". Catch my drift? John




i am doing the plans for a residential hanger home door, we are specifying your bifold liftstrap auto latching doors, one is a 60' x 16' folding door the other is a 25' x 16' folding door. you sent me some proposals before but need then updated to these sizes. also my engineer is asking for some bifold door design criteria. do you have something you could send me. Building code: 2012 IBC Wind Speed (gust): 115 mph Wind Exposure: C Wind Type: Component for 25' door, Main for 60' door Enclosure: Enclosed (or should it be partially enclosed since many doors could be open?) Topo Factor: 1 Occupancy: Standard Building Height (mean parapet): 24' the walls are masonry with wood trusses. probably steel tube columns on each side of door or masonry. Thanks you


Building a hangared home and looking for what sizes of doors are standard as we design our home and pricing for budgeting purposes. Please use email to contact me. Approximate hangar size 45x40 and we are most interested in a bifold hangar home door.


We are soon to build a new home and hangar in Granbury, TX. My first hangar home door! Your bi-fold hangar home door is very popular in this neighborhood. With a 12' tall door, what width increments are available? The maximum width of the new hangar is 50'. Thank you, Bill Boro 


My wife and I are beginning to design our hangar home for Sterling, Alaska. I have a couple of questions regarding your Schweiss hangar home bifold liftstrap and auto latching doors. 1. In planning for electrical service, what electrical service is needed, voltage and amps for a 50 ft wide hangar. 2. Can all of your design information be downloaded from the web? 3. Can you provide the contact for the local or regional sales rep? 4. Do you have a price sheet available to estimate cost? 


I am in the design phase of a hangar home near Raleigh NC. I would like you input and quote please. Do you have any doors in the area?


I am having a hangar home built, and the hanger door opening is 16ft high x 40 ft wide, would you send a quote for a bifold hangar door the lift straps, could I also have design drawings provided for my contractor?


Do you install doors to Texas? I live near Houston in a hangar home, looking for a wide bifold door. 


I am discussing the hanger/home design with Morton Buildings, who are proposing a wood frame with steel cladding with a sliding door. Another option is an Armstrong all steel construction. At this stage, the eaves are at 14' to provide a clear opening of 10' under the door and I would much prefer your Schweiss hangar home door style.


We have specs on a hangar home door you priced for us a few months back. Ready to finally go to permitting. Being in Florida we need a Fl product approval number. I was told Schweiss could provide this? I can't find one on the Florida building code website. Thank you.


Please quote on 2 styles of hangar doors, the costumer has asked for horizontal sliding door 44W x12H. I am recommending a hydraulic hangar home door. The hangar will be installed on a 48 x60x14 H pre eng. building. Optional Wood construction. Location is 14 miles west of Thunder Bay, Ont. Single phase power is available. Please include price on battery backup system, remote opener and freight to site. Regards  


Looking for pricing for a residential hangar home  door, 38' wide, strap lift byfold door. Architect has requested your product, do you have a sales rep. in the Vancouver area? Or can I deal directly with you? Please contact me. Thanks.


I would like a quote and specs for a large bi-fold hangar home door. I have 220 three phase available. But would prefer single phase if possible. My door opening is 18' tall and 40' wide. I would like to know the horsepower of the motors for electrical demand. I would like to use the lifting straps instead of cables. I have 3' of wall above the doors. And would like the doors to be on the outside of the building. I do not have the sheeting on it yet so I can make any changes I need to.


Hello - my family is building a house and we are looking into options for a glass panelled overhead hangar home door (approx. 38' wide and 12-9' high).  We require a door that meets our local (British Columbia) building code in terms of R rating. Options so far have been traditional overhead garage doors, but an architect friend recommended bifold liftstrap doors and yours look very impressive. Is there a dealer in British Columbia (or anywhere in Canada) who could provide us with a quote? Thanks in advance, Janelle 


I am considering building a hanger to attach to my home in Immokalee Fla. I would like a price on a door, hydro and bifold. Rated for a 160 mph wind load. 15' clear and 44' wide. Tim


I have a Schweiss bi-fold door on my hangar at a residential airpark, with lift straps, that was installed on my home in summer 2005. It seems to be operating fine. My husband passed away last year and the hangar was his domain. I do not know what, if any, preventative or periodic maintenance has been done or needs to be done on the door. What are your maintenance recommendations?


I am in the planning stage of building a hangar that will be 64' X 60'. The height of the building is what we are waiting to determine. We want to build it tall enough to house a King Air 200 (15' tail clearance) in the future. We are open to input or suggestions as to what will be better for us. (Bi Fold or Hydraulic) The width of the door will be either 52 or 54. The building will have a wood frame for the hangar home door opening. Please feel free to contact me anytime so we can discuss options or suggestions you may have. Thank You, Todd 


Can your Bifold hangar home doors be made with aluminum versus steel and is there a cost difference? Shipping is a large part of the cost of the unit. Is it possible to buy the electrical components and the hardware associated with the Bifold strap doors and build the required frame at a local machine shop? FYI, Your information entry section has the name of our province correctly entered as Prince Edward Island (not "Sound")


For the hangar home door we just ordered, can you include freight cost to Niagara on the lake, Ontario. also if you could include hinge point dimensions and door dead weight, with the wedge depth that would be great to quote the home and door to the end customer. Thanks, you guys (and girls) at Schweiss are always so helpful.


Hello. I am preparing to build a hangar that will attach to our home by this fall. I have a few questions regarding your doors. I will be hangaring a Piper Colt and a PA-12. My ceilings are 12 ft tall and the current plan is for a 40 ft wide door. What size door would you recommend? I am interested in the bifold (strap lift) hangar home door as well as the hydraulic. What is the price differential between these models? Is there a build it yourself kit for the bifold door or only the hydraulic? Also interested in another hangar door for my boat. 16 ft wide by ~12 ft tall. I would like some quotes: 1 for build it yourself doors (16x12 & 40x12) and the other for fully built doors (hydraulic & bifold) of the same sizes. Would it be possible to cut off shipping charges for the build it yourself kits? I may need to drive some other supplies up to AK from down south and could swing by. Thank you


Hello I have a bi-fold door from a different manufacturer on my hangar home with cable that I would like to convert. It is 42x12 door. The current system is cable with counterweight to lift the door that constantly gives me trouble and is very slow to open. Please call to discuss a retro fit!


I am purchasing a home with an attached hangar with a 40x16 bifold electric door (don't believe it is a Schweiss door). I need a local door installer to come out and see if it can be upgraded to lift straps and latches and add remote control. Property is in Fort Worth, TX. Thank you!


Interested in using your designer bifold doors on a residential hangar home project in Houston. I would be interested in talking with a rep about project specifics and required details.


We are designing an upscale home in Annapolis, MD and are showing a lift-strap bi-fold door into an interconnecting hangar. Our intention is to clad the hangar home door using a laminated wood product (parklex) so it integrates seamlessly into the rest of the facade cladding. We would also like this door to be automated when a car approaches and need to show the appropriate details, electrical power, etc. I have a very short window to get this specified property before the drawings go out for bid at the end of next week. Please call me as soon as possible to discuss.


I sent a request to ASI Hangars for a quote. They said I should start with you. What I want is an estimate of cost for a 45 x 14 ft airplane door. Include hydro door and insulation in estimate. I need this information to get some idea of how much money I need to make my dream hangar home a reality. Please e-mail. I do not hear well and it is sometimes difficult for me to have a conversation by phone. Thanks. Stan


Hi - I have a unique residential hangar home designer door application, for which I think a Bi-fold or one-piece Hydro door from your company might work well. Do you have installers/dealers in the San Francisco Bay area that I might be able to contact? Or should I contact you directly? Thanks Rob W.


Need pricing for: Single Fold Hangar Door 28'-0" x 17'-0" This matches a Schweiss door from a previous order.  Our client wants to install this exact door in a new hangar home addition we will be doing in the near future. Thanks!


The architectural style for the airpark HOA is Southwest USA with flat roof designs and stucco walls resembling adobe to match the existing home. I first saw your design in an RV garage for a new home design where the HOA restricted the garage door height to 8'. We have the same problem in trying to get our hangar home aircraft door that needs to be 12' tall. Here is the web page: https://www.bifold.com/photo-of-the-day-washington-rv-garage-door.php


Looking for a hangar home door for either a 42 x 14 opening or a 50 x 14 opening. I'd like to price both a Schweiss liftstrap bifold and Schweiss hydroswing if I could. The building will be in Cleveland, GA 30528. Thank you much! Jeremy


Hello, I have a hangar home with a rolling door that I would like to replace with a bifold door in order to gain a modicum of headroom for my new airplane. It would need a frame as the hangar is not built to mount a door. the dimensions are 50 wide by 14 ft high. Please give me an estimate of costs for this Thanks David C


I'm working on a hangar home mancave for my new residence, and would like to learn more about the doors that were used on many of the elaborate hangar homes seen on your Schweiss doors website. The idea is to lock it down when not in use, but use the doors as a brise-soleil when open. Thanks


I am in South Florida, Broward County to be exact, Do you have any hangar home bifold or hydraulic door products that have the HVHZ Impact rating for large and small missile impact as well as windload rated? Possible with Miami Dade County Notice of Acceptance or State of Florida Approval? Thank you for your time.


Building a airpark hangar home that I need a 14' clearance and the airpark authority will only allow a 16' sidewall height. I am working on an exception but I am interested in your doors. Door opening would be 14' by either 34' or 36' wide. Hangar will be a slab with a wood structure so it blends with house. Thank you,


Hello, I'm contacting you on behalf of my employer Landmarks SGA an architectural firm in Somerset PA. I would like to request copies of any product literature you have available for use in our office. We are particularly interested in anything relating to hangar home bifold and hydraulic door usage.  Thank you for your help.


Looking to build a hanger onto my new home in the next 8 mo. Thinking I would need a 43' or 44' wide door for my Cirrus VK-30 kit plane. Not sure about height. Figure a price for a bifold liftstrap door 12' and 14' tall, with remote opener and automatic latching system. I fly around the USA and have seen your well built doors at most of my stops.   Thanks, Jim


Looking for an hydraulic stucco-clad  hangar home door that can fold down. Putting on existing Arizona home hangar.


Please email info and prices. I need a 12"x 40ft-2in top seal and 12" wrap around bottom seal for my hangar home Schweiss bi-fold door. -Thanks.


We have an existing cement block hangar and need a door for it. Do you make bifold or hydraulic hangar doors that small for hangar homes??? Also do you install up here?? Is it possible to do our own install?? What kind of a price are we looking at??


Please give me a hangar home bifold quote with shipping included. Also, provide lead time. The existing building is block and the openings are existing. I want the doors' material to be glass.


i am looking for a drive-in door for a hangar home  i'm building, ideally about 40'x18' -- probably interested in a bi-fold, but curious about the pricing on the hydraulic. ideally interested in a top-half glass, or door with large windows on top to admit as much light as possible. i'd like to get a ballpark idea of price including delivery to 97834 zip. email is best, but feel free to call on phone if there's any more information needed for this hangar home door. thanks, jim


Planning to erect a steel building (Meuller) for metal hangar home /event space. Looking for very preliminary, approx price quotes for initial planning purposes only: 1) Bifold glass panel door 40'x12' 2) Bifold glass panel door 22'x12' 3) Hydraulic glass panel 40'x12' 4) Hydraulic glass panel 42'x12' 6.


I'm looking in to building a somewhat elaborate hangar home structure that can open up in the summer as a sitting/social area and close down in the winter for storage. The opening door width would be 34'x 16' or 14' as required. Just looking for a ballpark figure to consider as I get into the design. Hydraulic or bifold hangar home doors don't need to be glazed or insulated. Just wood clad, probably some kind of slatted or t&g look. I'm leaning toward the hydraulic door because it will offer a nice shaded canopy. The structure itself would be wood framed. Any information on pricing would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!


Interested in installing a bifold liftstrap hangar door on one of our airpark hangar home projects... potentially more if they work out well with our designs. Would also like to figure out lead times for obtaining a door if we were to submit our design intent today. We have a tight schedule we would like to maintain. Thanks!


Good morning, I have a customer I am bidding a hangar to that wants an 40' x 16' clear door package in one end of his home. Can you shoot me a quote and specs for that? I am wanting to do the design package around your hangar home bifold door and we will be providing our panel and trim to skin the door. It will be going to Mt Pleasant, TX. Thanks!


Need a price on a 20' wide x 12' clear ht. bifold door bottom drive to be installed on a hangar home residential building with eave ht. of 16'. delivery would be to our office in Denton, Md. 


Small ultralight hangar home door aprox 24x10. Who installs? Approx price for door without window, and install. Separate . Thanks


I am looking for more information on a bifold strap automatic latching door that we would install in a house hangar. Clear glass panels. Approximately 36' wide by 12' tall. Thank you, Scott 


Constructing a 40'x 120' hangar attached to my home, what is the widest door I can install on the 40' end wall? Can it be full width?


I am having a helicopter hangar built that is 30' across the gable end and connected to my log home. I am wanting a 28' door on it, so it will be opening the entire front for access. I would like to inquire about a bifold liftstrap door with photo eye sensors for it. I will not have electricity for the first few weeks, and was wondering if a bifold can be used with no electricity during that time? I am located in a remote area of Oregon and was curious if you have someone contracted to install the door? Could I get some specs to pass on to the builder as to what they need to beef up on the truss, etc.? Look forward to hearing from you, Brian


Your company is listed in a spec book for a hangar home project. This project bids on Thursday. The bi-fold hangar home door is 40' x 18'. Please let me know if you will be submitting an architectural quote to us. Thanks - Karen 


Looking for a budget for a 36'W x 12'T, or  42'W x 12'T one piece hangar home door. This door will have an acrylic panel exterior wall system attached as manufactured by CPI Daylighting. Please call for details


I have bought a hangar door from you previously and am happy with your service and product. Now I'm looking for a residential hangar home door that will preserve the 14 ft 8 inch height of my opening. The opening is 38 ft wide (inside measurement). It needs to have a remote and we live close to the ocean so it needs to be rust resistant. Depending on the cost I may decide to have the hangar home door equipped with you Schweiss auto latching system and windows across the top.


Please Email Requesting a quote for a 40x12 strap bifold delivered to Willow, AK (just out of town). This will be in a insulated hangar home. Please email if you have any questions. Thanks!


Plans for a 45' wide hangar. I will need 1 hangar home door, 40 or 42' wide door opening. I have not decided on height yet. Thanks - we have several other hangar homes near us now at our airpark - all but one of them has your door, and the one that doesn't wishes he did. I told him to get his old cables switched over to your lift straps. Can you do that on a door built by someone else? He said he might be giving you a call soon.  margie


Hi, We are facade consultants in Dubai and are working with an architect that is trying to achieve a glazed aircraft hanger home door to retail facades. The door would need to be double glazed and to clear 7.6m high, and preferable 8.8m long. Do you have any information on maximum sizes and weights that your bifold and hydraulic hangar home door system can accommodate? Regards Sarah


We have a 35'W x 15'H door opening in Beverly Hills and the owner wants to get a glass hangar home door that bifolds. The problem is it needs to seal because the hangar is an air-conditioned space and it also needs to meet CA Title 24 requirements. Is this something you can do? If so, what would the pricing be for something like this? There is currently no design, so the architect would defer to the manufacturer for all specs and plans. Please email me for further details.


Need a 45' wide Strap Lift Bi-fold door for an airplane hangar home. Hangar interior height is 14'. Would like 12' clearance.


I have designed and built an outdoor patio seating area that extends out from my hangar. I am in need of a horizontal bifolding or hydraulic door to enclose the space on my hangar home. The opening is 40 x 18. I am very interested in price, cost, finish, etc. I look forward to hearing from you.


As you can see, I live on the ocean in Florida. Are you Storm rated and approved for Florida? If so, could you send me the information necessary for permits so I can get a new and better built door on my hangar home. The recent hurricane ripped off my sliding doors. Regards, Donna


I am interested in your strap lift bifold door for the side of my hangar home now in construction. I need to know what the power requirements are for the motor as I live off the grid utilizing solar power. The end wall needs to be constructed so the side posts could be wood or metal. The opening needs to accommodate the height and width of a 180 Cessna.


Retro fitting a wood arch home with an attached hangar. Need an opening to fit a 36 ft. wide insulated door. Door will be insulated after cladding. Thank you


Hi - I am in the design phase of a new home and would like preliminary and budgetary pricing on a basic 30', 34', or 36' bifold hangar home door. (probably leaning more toward 34' due to cost. I don't need too much height, maybe 14', just your average size door to start with and see if we are anywhere near budget. Then we will go from there. Don't work up a quote -- a reasonably close estimate of a total installed door cost (not including building frame) is fine. Please email only, thanks.


I am planing a new construction hanger home in a residential area. I would like to get an idea of what a 40 x 12 door (my minimum size) and what a 50 x 12 door (my maximum size) would cost. Thank you for your time. Mike


Existing home hangar addition. Would like to install a glass window bi-fold hangar door. Seeking information/clarification about bifold and hydraulic Schweiss hangar home door options.


Reference: Wisconsin hangar home.  I've been asked by Traditional Contractors Inc to provide the glass and framing system. Tim emailed me a scan/picture of the shop drawings, and the scan is of poor quality and I can't accurately review the details. Can you provide an original PDF of the drawing and a contact at Schweiss to discuss the details of this custom made hangar home replacement door. Thanks


Dear Sir/Madam, We are a German construction company,and interested in your specialty hangar home doors (I also wrote an email to schweiss@schweissdoors.com and attached the photos of the model). Can you please inform us the prices for this specification: 1, Wall Opening Height: 4300 mm, Wall Opening Width: 9998 mm. We will purchase one set and follow with a large quantity. Thanks for your quotation!


I need all new weatherstripping/ seals all around an old old 14x50 hydraulic hangar home door. 34 year-old cable door still working well.


I am interested in your strap lift bifold door for the front of a hangar home. I need to know what the power requirements are for the motor. The end wall needs to be constructed so the side posts could be wood or metal. The opening needs to accommodate the height of Cessna 195 I am restoring.


Can you build a full aluminium bi-fold fully glazed hangar home door with tempered 1/2''thermos glass, lift strap with top drive for a opening of 38' x 12' 


Hello, calling from Australia and are looking to install a 15 x 60' Hydraulic door on an elaborate hangar home. Would shipping costs be too prohibitive for the door itself? If so I would be interested in purchasing your hydraulic unit and cylinders to be used with a locally manufactured door. Kind regards Andrew


We are bidding on a hanger 50x50x24, trying to nail down a price for a hangar home door. What does it take to install a bifold strap door?


I have a 35 year old 40 foot bi fold hanger home door it is electric with cable, I was wondering if you have any parts for something like this, if not, it's probably high time I consider converting this door to your fast opening patented liftstraps.


Hi, I am from Milford, NE and our two hangar home doors are shot so I am interested in replacing these sliding doors with your hydraulic hangar home doors. The opening is 37.5' wide and 14.5' tall. We keep our hangars heated in the winter so the doors will need to be insulated. Could you get me a "turnkey" price for this size door?? Thanks, kurt


Kitchell is building a project for a home hangar at  the University of Arizona in Tucson and your product is listed in the specifications as an acceptable manufacturer for some bi-fold doors with stucco cladding. Please call to discuss. Thanks!


Hi, My name is Dave and a friend of Bob E. A month or so ago he got a quote from you on his hangar home door similar to the ones I purchased from you for my hangars. I am trying to convince one of my airplane customers to go your way for a hangar door at his ranch home in Oregon. Anyway, the hangar is a wood frame with a door opening of 44 x 11 1/2. It will need an external header. He wants a walk-in door probably on the left (facing front), straps and manual latches. Could you work up a quote with cost and delivery to Vale, Oregon as well as estimated delivery time. If you could email the info to me I'll try to convince him. I'm very satisfied with your product (two doors here and one on our leased building in another town at my request). Thanks, Dave Savage


Turning a old wood country school into a house. Need a door 25-30 wide 18 height depending on frame to go onto an attached hangar I'm building onto the Southside of the house. Would like to know prices and how much wider the doorframe is than the door. I have to cut the wall to place it. It is a wood hangar house that will probably need a self supporting header.


We are designing a new home to be built in Prescott AZ in the next 6- 12 months. It will have a hangar with two doors, one for the plane and the other for two vehicles: An 18 foot wide door for the 2 car portion plus a single hangar home door that is 39 feet wide. Both are 12.5 feet tall. The garage and hangar home doors are on the front of the house which also faces west to our airstrip and the harsh sun at mile-high Prescott. Therefore, we want the  doors to contribute to the house's curb appeal in a big way. We are considering sheathing them with copper, cor-ten steel or some other low maintenance material with high level horizontal windows. We are employing and architect for the design. If you do not serve customers this far west, can you suggest anyone else in Arizona who does custom liftstrap bi-fold residential hangar home/garage doors?


I am looking for a quote for a hydraulic one piece hangar home door with a clear opening of 32 foot wide and 11 foot high. I was sent a preliminary specification from the home owner's representative. Who would I contact in the Philadelphia area?


We are loosing our lease on our current building at the airport, the good news, if there is any, is that the airport will let us take whatever we want from the building as it is going to be demolished. Currently we have a bifold door, I believe it is a 45x16, and we need information on disassembley and removal of the door, and if it is possible in the future to have you reinstall said door on a hangar home currently under construction planning, if so what is a typical install price, I am assuming new support structure would be needed. Currently we are only in the planning stage of the decom as we were just notified. Additionally is there an after market retail, assuming we can't find property and wish to sell the door, if we sold it could the buyer use you to have it installed somewhere else? Any information you can provide would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Tim 


I have a customer who wants me to quote a hangar home door adjacent to an outside patio area. The door will be 32' wide and 14' tall - it will come down and rest on top of a concrete floor. They want 3 Insulated clear glass panels across in both 24" tall sections. the rail/stile color to be black - if insulated rails are an option, they will want that too. All track/guides, lift straps and hardware to be black - mount to wood - some black perimeter seal to match the door color. - motor operated with wall station and transmitters. I will also need to have estimated lead time and freight charges. Please let me know what questions you may have. Thanks! Kim


Hi, I have a garage with two 16' wide x 12.5' high openings that is curved at the top. (1) Will one bi-fold door work to make this one opening of 32' wide? (2) Can it be faced with pine boarding to match the existing surface?  This garage will now become a hangar home for my recently purchased Aeronca C-1 Cadet.  (3)Any suggestions? Thanks, Sam


I need a quote on this to properly load a hangar home building with your bifold liftstrap door. Just at the budget/quote stage at this point. Thanks,


This will be for a new construction hangar home - estimates for size below, but open to other options for cost savings. Will house Beech A36.


Looking for pricing on the build your own door kit. We are a metal building manufacturer and want to build the frame in-house for a hangar home customer.


Looking to update the sliding doors on our 50x100 Morton building home. I think I want to go bi fold one will be ruffly 35'x 14'8" to serve as a hangar home door and the other needs to be 35'x 12" to store vehicles, a boat and toys. But to do that we need to move one pole we can not loose any height both will need to be insulated. Windows are a maybe Get me a ballpark price sent to my email


Looking to upgrade existing 36ft. Bi-Fold door on our hangar home to either type 1 or 2 latch system and possible remote control.


Hi, We are interested in spec'ing a bifold liftstrap door for a hangar home renovation in upstate New York. The door is approximately 38' wide. What are our next steps? Thank you, Justin


Hangar home, 1:12 slope. Quoted for International Building Code 2009, 130mph wind load. Door to be located at Left end wall. Please provide loading on a bifold liftstrap door. If you have any questions, please call or email me. Thanks


Hello, We have a new project single family hangar that will need Schweiss hangar home fly-in residence doors. It's now under construction wrapping up in ~6-8 weeks. We found your product and are interested in getting pricing,lead times and any other information that it may take to incorporate your product in our house especially in terms of structural requirements/recommendations and electrical power etc. A little bit about the structure already in place we have 2x6 framing. Feel free to call to discuss the options available to us within your product offering more than happy to field your call. 


Would like to get a price for a Hanger Home door. 40 x 14 bifold type. Would go into a metal building  here in Salt Lake, UT


We are bidding a project for Travis County that has a rollup door on the existing hanger home. Can you provide me with contact information for pricing in this area that I will need to both provide and install for a bifold hangar home replacement door. Thank you, Michael at Tegrity Contractors, Inc.


Putting in a cold storage hangar on our home. Front dimensions of the hangar are 50wx12h clearspan. Looking to keep as much height and width as possible. Can you please email me quote. thanks


We would like to replace a hangar door. Due to overhead clearance, we are thinking of an insulated sliding door. But we have heard that your bi-folds are about the same cost, don't lose any headroom and are a much better door for a hangar home. Please call so I can get an estimate.  Thanks


We have been asked to include a horizontal bifold glazed hangar home door in a glazing package, the door is 36' x 10' and if possible double glazed windows. Would look just like the Texas hangar home on your web site.


Would like to get a bi fold door or door that slides or swings out I would like to use all the head room in my attached garage for an airplane hangar to house my Stinson Model 105 Voyager with a 34' wingspan and height of 6.6'.


I am remodeling my hangar home and require a quote for one large replacement door unit just like the airpark resident in Pennsylvania posted on your website. The door is 37x12, the garage is wood frame and steel construction. thank you


I need a quote on a 58' wide by 16' tall bifold door with straps for a private hanger connected to my home. I am quoting for Bryan, TX


I have a 41 ft bi-fold hangar home door and the rubber seal at the bottom of the door needs to be  replaced since my dog chewed on it. Do you sell this rubber sheet for the door seat. If you do please send me a quote. Thanks


Hello, I need to install a bi fold door on my hangar home that can be connected to a fire alarm system. In the event of a fire, the alarm goes off the door will shut. Please give me a call with any info you have on this! -Mary


We are looking for a commercial, airplane like door for a hangar home project to be built in Q3 2020.


Request estimate: Hangar Home door: 41'x 9' bi-fold (strap lift) door with photo eyes and remote opener for my Piper J-2 Cub


 Have a project in Dallas that is requiring a hangar home door measuring 37' wide x 11' high. Am hoping for pricing in the next day or two. Feel free to contact me for drawings and info. Thank you, Kevin


We're looking for a price for 38' of 12" bottom rubber delivered to the above hangar home at Fort Atkinson, WI address. Thank you.


We are working on a high end project where the architect has specified a custom-made helicopter hangar home door to be wood overhead monolithic slab door. Door to be clad in mahogany louvers with semi transparent finish. We came across your products and would like some more information.


I'm interested in a bifold door price for an older home I have. This is for a hangar home door that will probably need a freestanding header. The door would be approx. 24' wide by 9' high for my light sport biplane. Thank you Richard 


I am an architect contemplating the use of your strap-style door for a single family residence hangar home. The door would be 28' wide and 8' tall, clad with Coreten Steel. Can you provide an estimate of cost including shipping?


Looking at possibly replacing a sliding door to a hangar home with your bifold or hydraulic door. It is a building supported by 2 6/6 spanned 24 on the end. Could someone please give me a call. I live in Ohio.


Located in Gilbert SC, I am having a new home finished in late Oct and am in need of a hanger home door. Opening size is 13 tall by 40 wide. What is the most economical door you can offer me?


Do you offer kits for bi-fold hangar doors? - I will need a door 40 feet x 13 feet to go on my home in Colorado. Best Regards Tom 


I need a quote on a bifold door 32' wide x 12' tall that is insulated and fastening to wood as a hangar home door. What more info do you need?


Looking for a hangar home door that we can integrate with the envelope cladding. It needs to be Miami Dade approved. Both of your hangar home door style are very impressive, is one more desirable for this application?


Our company is bidding on a job to build a hangar home near the Peterborough Ontario Airport. Could you please provide a price on a bifold liftstrap hangar door  46.9' x 16.8' feet for a Learjet 60XR. Also, can you please tell me approximately how long it takes to get a door once the order has been placed and what safety add-ons such as photo eye sensors, remote openers and such are available. Thanks for your assistance. Joyce


Looking for a price estimate for 40' wide door. EAA chapter member is exploring a new hangar in Phoenix metro area for his hangar home.


Need a price on a 36'wide x 17'tall Schweiss hydro swing door please, no windows or door in the door just a plain blank hangar home door, thank you


Door is for residential construction and used on an upscale hangar home. Contractor was supposed to get in-touch with you well before start of construction, but did not. They are getting very close to framing the opening for the door. Will put the door on-order ASAP, but need instructions quickly (like now) on proper framing for the door installation. We're very excited about getting one of your quality hangar doors. Thank you.


I have a client we need a 39 foot wide door 19' 6 inches in height Bi fold hangar home door I would like installation details and requirements for the hydraulic system, etc The door jambs will be solid concrete 12" wide the header will be a steel beam as required in size. Tanks


We are putting up a new home. We would like to install a bi-fold hangar home door on one of the end walls. Thinking about 36'x16' using the new strap style with the motor on the bottom of the door. 120/208v supply. What would be the price, delivery and possible installation at our farm in the Leduc, Alberta, Canada area please? Darc


Can I access a maintenance schedule for your bifold lift strap system online? I bought a hangar home with your door on it and would like to know how to troubleshoot and maintain this amazing door. Lubrication strap adjust etc. Any help would be appreciated. Previous owner did nothing and it is now 8 years old, but still working smoothly. But you know what they say about an ounce of prevention being worth a pound of cure. Thanks ... Kevin


I'm interested in a bifold door for my hangar home. The house and hangar are not large, so, nothing like the size in the pictures on your site. Do you make residential hangar home doors of any size? I've filled out the info below as best I can. The garage has a wood frame, the house and garage are wood framed stucco.


I currently have an airplane hangar at home with sliding doors. I'm thinking about possibly changing out the doors if I extend the building. The building opening is approximately 49' wide and 13' tall. Power is 240/120v single phase available. Can you provide an approximate kinetic architectural hangar home door cost? I'm assuming I would install my own skin on the door. thank you, 


Hello Schweiss! My name is Eric Schmidt, I'm writing you from North Carolina. My wife and I are soon to move to Enid, OK and considering building a hangar home at an airport in NC. We were hoping to get a quote for one of your bifold doors, approx. 40' wide with a 12' high opening so we can put together the total cost to build a hangar with a kinetic style Schweiss door. Thanks for any help! Email is the best way to reach me since I'm working most of each day. Cheers, -Eric


Just bought a hangar home w/Schweiss bi-fold door, but didn' t get any mx/operating manuals. Are they available? Really like the door, it was a big plus when I bought this home. The liftstraps are amazingly quiet and fast.


I have a customer looking for a 40 x 12 feet hangar home door. I would like some info on your bifold liftstrap fast opening doors.


Clear opening of door is: 16'-0" H x 40'-0" W with a 30x70" man door This is for a new aircraft hangar home, located in Artesia, NM. I will forward spec sheet A1 with another email.


I am working with a customer for a new house and hangar. I need a quote for a bi-fold door, 40' wide with a clear height of 14'. I will be putting cedar cladding on the outside but will need inside liner material and insulation.


I need a quote for a stand alone bi-fold door. 38' Wide x 12' high. It's an airplane hanger home door. Hanger is a fabric portable garage type unit. Quote door with power lift utilizing door liftstraps.


We will be constructing a new hanger/storage building. We are currently reviewing our options for a 36 ft. tail hanger door. Would you please prepare a price for a 36ft x 12ft bi-fold door. The building will be of standard wood pole barn construction. Please include strap lifting door with a 220 volt motor assembly.


I am looking at a home for sale. It has a large hanger but, not large enough for a Citation jet. What is involved in making a 60' long 51" wide tail hanger home door large enough for a Citation? It has a large apron, so I could come out about 10 feet on the door end, and room to side for expansion. One side would have to be extended. I could extend the hangar home door end, as it will need a new stucco door anyway. Could you help me figure out what size hydraulic or bifold hangar door would need to be and what distance the width would have to be widened. Hoping to not have to widen all 60 ft of the one side. What are the necessary door height requirements for the tail? Estimated hangar home door delivery time to Arizona. 


You sent a 'flyer' to me.... I have a 1-piece hydraulic door installed on my hangar-home here at Apex Airpark. I LOVE IT!!!  I have covered the top 8' of the door with triple-wall Lexan & have SOOoo much light to work with now. It doubles as a green house door for my citrus trees in the winter up here in Seattle. Thanks again !! I'm a happy Schweiss hangar home door owner.


I am a General Contractor in Florida. I'm bidding on a home hangar. This hangar home is concrete block, custom size door is 41.67x40 Height TBD door 38' wide height 16? Please give estimate on these sizes. Bifold, liftstraps, photoeyes, remote door opener. Windrated hangar door.


Good day need you to quote me airport bifold door Best Regards Dan Burger  Good Day Schweiss


Need 4 custom made Schweiss hangar home  doors total: (2) 28' x 16' clear opening - Existing columns are 30' center to center and have 14" door flanges so clear between the columns is 28'-10". (2) 18' x 16' clear opening - columns are 20' center to center so clear between the columns is 18'-10". Price bi-fold and hydraulic hangar home doors.


Dear Sir, I have a steel bi-fold hangar home door and would like an estimate to replace my current cable opening system over to your patented Schweiss strap system. I'd like the estimate to include motor, shaft, bearing assy for shaft, seals, closing latches, electrical box/control...whatever is required for an all new strap system. My hangar door is a classic bi-fold steel 16X50 door. Also, could you provide an estimate to replace current hangar door with your bi-fold Please include estimates for aluminum and steel. Regards, Roy


I am extremely interested in your bifold liftstrap doors for a residential hangar home remodel project and would like to price them for a 6'0 - 6'8 doorway that we have. This size includes framing but if extra height is needed I can consult with my contractor. Thanks 


I am looking to build a 54 wide x 40 long x18 high airplane hanger home. I need a door that will be either 48ft or 50ft wide. The framed opening will be either 48ft or 50ft wide x 16 high depending on difference in door cost. I am looking for a Bi-Fold liftstrap type door with safety features quote with installation. I am looking to start the project as soon as possible. 


I am considering building a new hangar in another location. I currently have two hangars with your amazing Schweiss liftstrap bifold doors. (a sixty by fifty foot hangar at 18AZ in Carefree AZ, and a fifty by fifty at KEGE) As I consider my options, I am looking for a ballpark on a simple bifold door, 60 wide and 15 tall (to fit Pilatus) This will be a hangar home door. The house is already built and the hangar is nearly completed.


Could you please quote me for both a 42' and 45' Schweiss bifold door for my ultralight hangar home. And also quote seperately the price for options like remote operation, and insulation. Thanks, Don ps. does it matter if I'm both an EAA and AOPA member?


Hi, I am building a hanger home and interested in your bi-fold door. I require a 13mx5 door with shipping to Australia. Could you supply a price for this. We will attach the exterior cladding and do the install.  Thanks Richard


Building a hanger home near county airport in Indiana. Looking for a quote on a 46' wide by 16' tall door. Prices on liftstrap bifold and hydraulic one piece door with remote opener would be helpful


Hi, I have just spoke with John at Steel Buildings who is putting a quote together for me on a hangar home and recommended contacting you in regards to one of your bi-fold liftstrap doors.If you could give me a quote with separate pricing on autolatches and remote opener, it would be greatly apreciated. Sincerely, Stephen.


I am looking for a stucco Bifold liftstrap door to put on a new hanger home in Arizona. I would like info on a hydraulic with an opening of 55' by 17.' Remotes for both styles. Price walk door separately, windows. How much additional for autolatches? I see by your website "Must See Photos & Stories" another Arizona customer of yours applied the stucco to his airplane hangar by himself, I'd like to do that also.     Thanks, Rick.


Need a quote: QTY:(1) 44'-0" x 14'-4" Bi-fold with liftstraps. Will have steel siding over blanket insulation. Private fly in fly out home type hangar. Radio controlled. We have a couple of different projects we are working on. I know, from speaking to others that your doors are the best on the market.  Thanks


I'm building a new house next fall or early spring. Its a house on the lake, about a 2500 square foot ranch with walkout basement/ seaplane hanger. I have a Maule MX7-235 on Edo 24440 straight floats. Its about 12 foot tall on dolly. Im thinking a door with 14 foot of clearance and 36 foot wide. Wing span is 32 foot. I want a one piece door with several windows and doors. I don't want it to look like a hanger. I want it to look like the back of a house. Can you insulate and put a bunch of windows or are you weight limited. Could you give me an idea of how many windows I could do, and an estimate of what it might cost.... or is this just too heavy. And also it is in Michigan, we have cold winters do they seal up good on sides and bottom when shut.


Thanks for your Info at Sun\'n Fun. Proceding toward hanger home purchase. My 3 possible home locations are: Cypress Lakes Flyin Community, Located in GA Near Savannah, my current home. Please Quote to me, my designer and real estate sales person. Door size 10 or 12 clear opening by 40 or 42 width. I require compliance with all codes, electric opening, and have no preference of hydraulic vs bifold, but my builder and designer mightt have some preferred type. Hydraulic door should have Red Power Pumps and Bifold quote should reflect liftstraps and autolatches.


Am building a "toy barn" approximately 40'x60' and need a clear span bifold or hydraulic one piece  door of 29-32'. The largest garage door I can find is 24'. I need at least 12' high opening to drive through when the door is open. I was planning to have 12' walls on the structure, but the building must not be more than 20' high for code restrictions. The door will be on the gable end of the structure. I am planning to use metal for the building - sort of a residential hanger. Who handles your Schweiss doors in the Omaha area, and what would be the ball park cost I should budget? I plan to live here for at least 4 years until I retire, but this might not be my retirement home - so cost is a factor.


Hello, I am looking to get some more information from a salesperson regarding your Schweiss bifold door systems. My buddy has one of your doors on his hangar home and said I should call no one else but Schweiss because of your quality and price. What info do you need from me? This is for my hangar, I don't have a hangar home.


I am a general contractor that specializes in custom home building and I am looking at a home that has a hangar attached. I need a quote for a 12ft tall by 50 ft wide insulated hangar door with safety  hardware and lift equipment This building has not been started yet and am wanting to use Steel columns and header for door opening.


Give me a rough idea about the cost (not installed) of a 50 x 12 bifold door setup with all hardware and additional framework. I have a home purchase that I may have to build a hanger for. Include cost of extra remote opener. Lift strap set up. 


I would like to built a two story hangar home. living on second floor. can u send plans/options/prices. maybe 40' x 50' on your Schweiss bifold and Red Power doors.


This is for the construction (not yet started) of a hangar-home at Stearman Field in Benton, KS. Your doors are on most, if not all, the hangar-homes there at this time. People I've talked to really like them and they are very eye-appealing. I'll call with dimensions, etc. tomorrow. Zeke


I would like to price a 40' Bifold door for residential hangar. Insulated door is a must. Needs to run quiet and match home exterior.


Interested in a Schweiss bifold door (upward fold) for an aviation hangar. We need 8 folding doors 15 x 6m (clear dimensions) We require price with and without tilt-up concrete wall panels  - Electricity input: 380V 3 phase. Transported in containers - Please send quotes, photos and so on. Also time required for assembly and delivery. Additional expense for workers or/and supervisor to complete the installation I would appreciate your quick reply to my request as this is very urgent. Reply to Project manager T. Schmidt, Athens Greece


Hello, We are rebuilding our house and attached hangar which was destroyed in a house fire this past Sep. I would like to receive information on the cost and installation details and specs of a 12'x42' electrically operated Schweiss  Bi Fold hangar door please. Our architect is in the design phase of the hangar and it would be a great advantage to be able to incorporate the hangar door details into his plans and drawings at this time. The new construction will be of wood with brick facing and we intend to use steel for door support. Thank you.


In the process of designing and building a custom home in the Erie Air Park. The building structure will be wood frame with stucco exterior. The hangar will have a flat concrete roof serving as a deck accessed from the top main level of the house. Exterior walls of the hangar will be concrete and wood frame with steel columns and girders. The hangar will be excavated into the side of a fairly steep sloping lot. I need a quote for a hydraulic Schweiss door 45' x 15'


I'm in the process of remodeling a hangar my father built 50 years ago and we are bringing the structure up to modern building standards plus, plus. The hangar stores a seaplane with a dolly system to move the plane in and out of the water. The location is gorgeous and the building will have a 4'ribbon of glass around the entire building. I'm hoping to win the "Better Home and Hangar" award. :) Bi-Fold Door will need a great glass design as well. Confident Schweiss is my solution.


We are interested in the home and hangar plans for the photo you have on your Schweiss web site... third from the top. We own our own airport and are thinking of building a new home/hangar. Where is this home located and do you have the plans for it. Beautiful set up! Thanks,


Hi, I am building a 40 x 60 steel aircraft hangar this spring, would like a quote on a 40' hydraulic door that swings open with 13' ground clearance (and the price difference to 18' ground clearance). The live-in hangar to be erected at an airport in central Canada (nearest to Winnipeg Manitoba or Grand Forks, North Dakota. Thanks


Building a hanger/shop and needed a quote on a 45'x12' insulated bi-fold door, as well as a drawings package to give to my metel building and concrete company for the opening. The goal is to build the hanger in the next 3-4 weeks and would need a Dec 15th arrival date.


Bifold Door is for house/hanger combo construction. There are [3] lites in the door, each are 5'-0" wide x 3'-0" tall. I would like a cost of the door, installation as an option and any height requirements for the hanger ceiling. Thank you.


Hello, we are building a barn style airplane hangar/house and would like to price the bifold hangar doors as we design the building. The 2 story structure will be roughly 60ft x 48ft. Thank you


We are building a new home with a airplane hanger attached to it in a new sub-division where all homes will have the same. We are looking for a door in which will become the standard of quality for most. Our home is the first to be built in the sub-division. We will need a 49'x 14' hydraulic door.


Getting ready to build custom home plus hanger, need price on 40' hydraulic door, please contact ASAP


Hi, Will you please give us an estimation price for a hyrdraulic model Schweiss hangar door ( 16m x 3.50m ) To bild on us existant plane hangar. In the same time, will you please give us your best price for an private plane hangar ( 10 planes ),it's could be built in 2011/2012 thanks Paul


I would like to get a quote on a door for new construction installed and covered for me. I am a contractor in Florida and I am starting a new house with a hanger. the hangar home hydraulic door should be 38 wide and 13-6 tall


I have a private airfield at my residence with a metal pole building as a hangar with existing sliding doors, which are just not working easily any longer, i would like a price on a installed hydraulic door. The existing height from cement to top of opening is 10 foot, which i need pretty much all 10 foot. The The length is arount 38 ft i believe.


Custom hanger home needing bifold door. To be constructed of I beams at hanger end and wood frame for remainder.


I'm building a Hanger Home on a lake near McGregor Minnesota. I want a quote for a hydraulic door big enough to fit a Cessna Caravan on straight floats. Thanks Steve


Good Day, Please could you quote me on a bifold hangar door for my hangar home. The hangar will fit a piper malibu mirage and has an opening of 13.7m and is 4.1m high. Thank you         


To Whom it may Concern: I am the owner of GE Drafting and Design Based in Dublin Texas. I am in the process of designing a new house/hanger for a client of mine. We are going to be using your Schweiss Bi-Fold doors for the hangar portion. I have been going over your specs and engineering data from the website. We will be utilizing a steel structure for the hangar with Qtr Cut Log Siding on the exterior Face. I have a few Design questions that I need help with. 1. Can we incorporate windows into the top portion of the bifold door. 2. What is your standard Door Height "Clear Opening"? We are either wanting to go 14' or 16' clear opening. I would think this dimension would depend on the tail height of the aircraft to be hangared. 3. Would you recommend a steel building manufacture that you have worked with in the past? Mainly to be more time efficient during construction. Somebody that is already familiar with your products. 4. This structural will be located at Holley Mountain Air Park in Arkansas. 5. Please have somebody call me or email me regarding these questions. Also if there is any material that you can send me, that would be great to. Would you happen to have any of your details on the doors in a CAD format that I can use to specify certian design criteria to the builder. 6. What is the structural load limits on the door. We would like to face our door with Cedar planking. Thank you for your time. We look forward to working with you on our project. 


I would like to get a general quote on you doors. I am in the process of desinging a home with an attached hangar. I don't know the exact size of the hangar yet, but would like to design it around a standard size door about 36' wide by 10' tall. Any info would be appreciated. Thanks


we are designing a house with a hanger attached to the garage. we need to know the design loads for the door to add to the beam calc.


I have purchased an airpark lot in NC. I currently reside in Colorado but plan to move as soon as my house sells (the way things look could be awhile). I am doing research on hanger homes and I am interested in your products. I have to build a home with and attached hanger and matching siding. I currently have a Cessna 170B but would like to build to accomidate most small aircraft (resale value) I would think 47 foot door opening would be nice.


I have built a timber style home with an attached hangar. I am looking to build a one piece door using aluminum skin on inside and outside with polystyrene insulation sandwiched between. I will then install a decorative wood finish on the exterior. I'm looking for a price quote on these materials. Thank you! Don G.


As the listing Brokers for a new Fly In Community in Coastal Georgia I would like to have some information about your products and their installation/construction. Do you have preferred contractors for certain areas and do you participate in the total building process of hangers and homes. Also would you consider building a spec home or hanger with the owner willing to subordinate the land. This community has a 4,000 foot runway, paved taxi-ways controlled vehicle access, 1-3 acre home sites with protective covenants as well as 35 acres adjacent to the runway designated commercial. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated. Thanks,


New construction, wood hangar with brick attached to home in fly-in community. Contract signed, construction to begin ASAP. Need detailed info on concrete floor and footing required, also detailed endwall constuction requirements for use by builder. Need preliminary quotes on lift strap bifold vs. hydraulic, steel vs. aluminum, cost of cut corners, door only, sheeting supplied by builder. Also approx. cost of Schweiss installation. Clear opening dimensions are approximate, within a few inches plus or minus.


Hello, I previously received a quote, but would like a revised quote as some of the specs have changed. We plan to start the site work and construction within the next few weeks. The home/hangar will be in Limington, Maine at the Limington Airport. I am interested in the following: 16' x 45' Bifold Hangar door Straps Automatic Latch No walk doors or windows Cold Weather Kit Weather Seal Kit Bottom and Top seals Also, what is the lead time from the time of order. Thanks, Allen F.


I am having a hanger/home built this summer and am looking for prices for a door with the possibility of auto latches and remote.


I intend to build a new home on the East coast of South Africa that will include a hangar for my aircraft. I have an RV-10 and RV-7 and the door will have to be large enough for these. Regards, Dave.


Hello. Just starting plans for a hangar/apartment on the back. The measurements are not yet finalized, but can you give me an idea of the cost of the Bi-Fold and Hydraulic One-Piece door for a 12 foot height and 40 foot width? Would need your installation included in the quote. Thank you, Susan J.


We have a client building an "airplane house" who wants a one-piece hydraulic door 45' wide x 15' high. I need preliminary reactions (loads on the building). Wind is ASCE7-02, 120 mph exposure B (16.2 psf). Figure internal trusses. Thanks.


I just purchased a house in Charlotte NC. It comes with an aircraft hanger which is stucco. I plan to use it to store my cars and motorcycles. Your door look very interesting. I would like to get just a general BALLPARK estimate on what a door would cost.


Please postal mail me any literature about bi-folds for aviation homes,as my downloading and incoming e-mail is down at this time,thanks.


I am planning on building a 60'x60' hangar with an attached home starting in the early spring. Please send me information and quote on your bifold door with straps, auto-lock, and remote capabilities.


We are in the planning stages for a new house here in Kaneohe, Hawaii. The house is to be built on a slope with the floor level at 26 feet above sea level. I plan to build a hangar into the hillside with a floor level of 8 feet above sea level, so allowing for a couple of feet for structure and bracing, I am going to need a door that is about 43' X 15' or 16' in size. This will have to be a concrete walled structure since it is buried in the hillside and supporting a house. I want a bifold door or a one piece door with an entry door built into it, and I would like it insulated against the afternoon sun so the door doesn't heat up the hangar and therefore the whole house. It would be nice to have some windows for light, as long as they don't pass to much infrared. I need a door that can withstand a LOT of wind when closed; like 120 to 150 kt. It's OK to have hurricane braces on the inside that are only put up when needed, but since the master bedroom wing of the house sits on top of the hangar, you can see why I would not want the hangar door to fail and let the wind get under the floor! If you give me an email address I can send you a couple of photos of what the end result might look like.


We are designing a hangar home to go on an Airpark in France. We need a door 40' * 10' We will need to clad the door with wood to match the house. We have enough headroom for a 2'wedge. Can you give us a ball park cost for a regular bifold please and a guess at shipping cost to Europe.


Please send me information on your product. I have worked with many of your customers through our Polebarn Dept. at Chelsea Lumber Co.. I also run the design company for new home construction and architectural drafting. I have a customer who is asking me to design their new home with an attached hanger. Any of your information would be greatly appreciated. Thank you, Dean C. W. You may send the information direct to my office.


Our company is a home designer and we all so design Hangarhomes, If you get calls on any need for our services please e-mail us. We hope we can work together on our designs and your products. PS if you have any info on doors and other info to aid in the useage of your products in our field please contact us Thank you Dave S. CEO


The House and Hanger construction Started Yesterday. The Hanger is 44 span by 45 deep. 2x4 studs on 16" center. Engineered truss roof, Studs are sheeted with OSB and then brick.


I need an installed price on a bi-fold aircraft hangar door which is part of a residential dwelling in Ocala. Door is approximately 46' long/ 12' high.


My firm is designing a "fly-in home" for a client and I have a few questions about your product. Does your company make wooden doors? If not, is there a way to apply some sort of wood finish onto the door? Also, if we were to design our own door with specific finishes or window/door placements would your company be able to manufacture it for us? Thanks for your help!


I am building a hanger/home with the opening 40 X 10 clear span. There will be a steel header (to support the house). I am thinking that the Bi-fold could attach to the TOP of the 2ft steel headed...and when the door is opened that the bottom of your door would open to provide the clear 10ft tall opening? Also Can I just attach the door hardware to the concrete door opening (sides)? How much room does the pushrod hardware take away from the side openings (Or is it all straps? Will the door cost be reduced by attaching your door directly to my concrete (steel beam on top) structure, thus eliminating the door frame?


Hanger is wood frame construction attached to our home. Mounting style MH (Outside mount) Hydraulic door. A bifold will not fit the building.


Could you please send me your Schweiss Handbook, I am in the process of designing a home with a hangar and I would like to get the necessary information to my structural designer. Thank You!


I am looking at building a new home with a hangar, could you please send me information on framing requirements to accomodate a 45' wide clear opening and 13-6" clear height with door open.


I am building a home in the area and am interested in getting some info on your doors. If you could please have a local rep contact me. I believe your doors are what I need for the hanger attached to the house. Sincerely, Don G


I am building a house with hanger and need a price on a 38 wide X 10 tall bifold hanger door. Wood construction, Delivered to McCleary Wa just west of Olympia in Washington State. Thank you Kent


Looking for a 36' Bi Fold door Pricing and Info. We require it to match existing home and barns metal siding. 2 yrs old now. This will be for a hanger.


I recently received a call regarding building my hangar door. At this my new home is under contruction with the plan to start the hangar in late March. As we get closer I will contact you regarding building the door. I appreciate your follow up.


I'm in the process of gathering budgetary numbers on a hangar/home combination to be built in Southern Illinois, near St. Louis. I am interested in a 45 foot wide x 12'tall free space door. No man door is needed, electric or electric/hydraulic will be considered. Please send me an estimated price and brochures. Thanks, Rick