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I am interested in a quote on a bifold door for a hangar with a 90ft wide x 16ft tall clear opening.


Looking for a pricing on two bi-fold doors for a hangar, 50' x 12' and 40' x 10'.


Looking for a quote on a hangar door. Open Dimensions 80ft wide x 24ft high Bid both hydraulic door and strap bifold. Metal Siding.


I'd like to get pricing and availability for a 60x17' bifold door for an airplane hangar.


We are an aviation company looking to construct 2 large hangers. We are looking for doors 50’x 20’. Would like a bid on the hydraulic door and the strap bifold door. What are some pros and cons of each door?


The door requested in the quote will be going in a 60Ft wide, 18Ft tall building. Customer is requesting max height he can get for that building.


Hello a friend and I are building 2 hangars that are 50x50 world wide steel building with a 48x12 door opening and would like to get quote for both the bifold and hydraulic doors. We live in Alaska Thanks


Would like a quote for two hangar doors by schweiss; 110' x 28' and 116' x 28' clear opening.


Need a quote from Schweiss on 2 Hanger doors for a budgetary number for a customer that is in negotiations to purchase a Hanger at Falcon Field in Mesa, AZ. Freight should be included to Zip Code 85215. Please quote both the folding door and the hydraulic door.


I am in the process of designing a hanger I will build. The hanger needs to be IBC compliant(latest version), not that affects your door design. I need a 40 ft wide door, bifold, straps, etc. I need a quote on this door, what to expect for delivery, and also will need some sort of support for installation. Do you have anyone that can come out and install, or direct a crew to install it? I am building this hanger in the very near future. I also want 12' of clearance on the door fully open. I will have 16' side wall on the building. Is this possible?


I was hoping you had a price list for schweiss hangar doors. I need a price on a 38'w x 12h' bifold door for my private hangar. I will also need a few more, once I'm given details of the hangar development. Please let me know Thanks


I have a client that purchased a used 56-foot hangar door from a rehab project New Port Lucy, FL several years ago. I am assisting him with a new installation on a hangar in northern NYS that we are using schweiss's hangar door on. In order to comply with current NYS code, the Town is looking for a top attachment detail. Do you have a detail I can start with? Other than basic door measurements, the number chalked on the frame is 3945. Hope that helps. Thanks


Looking for a price on Schweiss doors, a 40 or 50 foot wide bifold or hydraulic powered door for a hanger that I would like to build. I guess when it comes to building design it starts with the door. This hanger would basically just be for smaller aircraft like a Cessna 172 so would not have to open super high.


Building to be in Eagle River, Wi. Airport. I will need to know how much distance is needed on each side of schweiss doors


I need a Schweiss door Quote on a door for my hangar, new construction, 60x60x16 40 foot wide door with 14 foot high opening self supporting if at all possible give me a call Thanks


I’m looking for a bi-fold strap hangar door approximately 40’ W x 10’ H. Hangar dimensions are 69’ x 73’. The front is 69’ and is E facing and has a 62’ x 16’ door. The door I’m interested in will be on the side of my hangar. Front faces E and the side door would be towards the rear of the building on the NW side on the 73’ wall. You can call for clarification or email me information including a price. Because I was required to select a phone call, I selected no, but you can call if you need to. I don’t usually pick up numbers that aren’t on my Rolodex. Thanks!


We are in search of someone to install 17 hangar doors that we had quoted from you guys. There is one hydraulic and 16 bifold doors of various sizes.


Hi - I am interested in pricing for a strap bifold door for my hangar project. 60 feet by 15 feet. Thanks


In addition to the quote for the basic hangar door below, can you provide information on adding windows to the door please? I'd like several windows in the bottom half of the door to make this door more elegant. Thank you.


I am with the University of Alaska Anchorage. I would like a quote on a hangar door. Details are below. Along with the quote, please let us know how soon it could be delivered and if you do the installation or if we would need to find someone to install it.


Planning on building large hangar. 120 wide by 80 deep. What is the largest bi-fold door made? I need at least a 70 wide by 20 tall. Please send a quote. Thanks Council


The hangar project is not official yet, we are just trying to plan out approximate cost for overhead hangar door and then present them for our client to then make decisions based off of what we have outlined for them. We would like estimates on both the bifold and hydraulic overhead door system. 65x25


Bifolding hangar door. 42 wide by 12 foot high opening. gave me a quote for a slightly larger door a few months ago. Looking for pricing and timing on delivery


We have 3 60x 22 bifold doors with 40 years on them. We are looking to do a total remodel/update on these hangars and need a full bid and details to replace them.


Looking for an estimate for a 40’ bifold door (strap) that will work with a new 46’ wide miracle truss building. In planning stages right now for construction on Michigan hangar door


Tennessee hangar doors I would like a price quote on 3 10'X 12' bifold hangar doors. One with a 3' walk through door. Thanks


Looking to build a custom hangar. I’m interested in using schweiss doors. I’m also interested in any contractor referrals that use your doors that are in my area for the complete construction.


We are building a hangar development and are wanting a quote for a door solution for 12 hangars. Door opening sizes 5 doors at - 78ft wide x 23ft high 7 doors at - 43ft wide x 16ft high


Good Morning, I am looking to get schweiss info and pricing on an All Strap Bifold door for a small airport hanger project I am currently working on. I have rough opening of approx. 70' x 17'. Any and all info pertaining to the door as well as info possibly needed to put together a quote would be great.


I am looking for a bifold aircraft hangar door quote to fit a 40’ x 14’ opening. The frame side posts are 6 x 6 treated wood. Quote lift straps, auto latches and a walk door with windows.


Building a custom home in Fernie BC Canada. Looking for a 9' tall x 18' wide flush aircraft hanger home designer style door.


Need a 40' Bifold door for a new hangar for a single airplane to be built on my personal property. The hangar is separated from my house, but I still want the door to match the exterior. Door needs to have the strap design with remote controls


Looking for pricing on 3 all glass bifold strap hanger doors, each door will be 8 feet tall. 1 at 18 foot length, 1 at 20 foot length, 1 at 15 foot length.


Looking for a Bi-fold door for an aircraft hanger. Hanger clear opening is 9.5ft by 37.5ft Interested in straps instead of cables and auto latch instead of manual latch. Can you please price the door and install if you install as well. Thank you!


I am in the preliminary stages of pricing a Hangar building with two large doors that will be Schweiss Hydraulic or bifold strap doors. Can you help me with preliminary design data for these doors. The doors will be centered in each endwall of a PEMB building. One door is 110' wide and 24' high and the other 82'-0" wide by 24'. I don't need pricing on the doors at this time, just help with design impact to our building. Code is IBC 10`8 120MPH wind, Exposure "C". Thanks, Kurt Pesch, District Manager Metallic Building Company.


Looking to replace an existing hangar doors (now 2 doors with center pole that folds). Would like one 40 foot door, with 13' height bifold using the Liftstrap method and bottom drive motors. Dimensions are estimates for budgeting. Exact dimensions provided if cost is acceptable.


The hangar is an existing cinderblock building with wood ceiling and glue-lam beams (which is the top of the door). It originally had a large hangar door, but was replaced at some point with a small 13h x 10w roll up door, and the extra space was filled in with more cinderblocks. Are there any considerations to building strength for the bifold door with straps? I can email a photo of the building if it would help. I can't afford to lose any headroom, I'd be open to a hydraulic or bifold strap door. Thank you.


I have a prospective building job, the customer wants a 45 ft. by 12 high glider and ultralight bifold strap door. The building will be a truss type steel building, not red iron. I need to know how much weight this door will put on the headers of the building.


I would like to know the approximate cost for a BIFOLD Liftstrap remote opening hanger door. 40’WX11.5’H. Possibly a man door in it. Thank you.


I have been asked to bid on a hanger here in Destin,FL and would like an idea of what your doors roughly cost, as well as cost for automatic latch system and battery backup. I look forward to hearing from you Thank you , Dave Rocca


I was wondering what the cost of a bi fold door on a hanger would be. I am getting quotes on building material for the hanger. It will be post design with 48’ front that will have a 40’ opening for the aircraft. I am going to construct the hanger first and will install the door after the hanger is complete. What will I need to do to handle the weigh of one of your all-steel heavy doors?


I need a quote for 12 bi-fold liftstrap auto latching quality Schweiss hangar doors. Please contact me as soon as possible. We are needing (3) doors that are 43'4" x 13'8" and (9) doors that are 43'10" x 13'8". I have pictures I can provide so that we can determine if the measurements taken are accurate.


I currently have a 50x60 hangar with 4 bottom rolling top guided 12x12 doors on two tracks on the 50' side. The middle two doors are on the outside track and the leftmost and rightmost doors are on the inner track. Each door overlaps the other or the hangar by a few inches. I'd like to possibly change to just one strap bi-fold door with auto latch and remote to replace these roller doors. I think the overall size is 12 high by 46-47 wide. Can you give any ballpark pricing. Hangar is located in Brownsville CA 95919. It's a Borga steel building.


Please provide a price for a 40' wide x clear height of 10'either bi-fold or hydraulic door. The hangar is 46' wide x 14' high.


I am looking door options for an opening with a width of 43 feet X height 17 feet for my hangar. Can a rep come to the above address during EAA week to review instillation options etc? Thanks. Simon


I am working with a customer in Morristown, TN. The customer is doing a 70x70x20 steel hangar with a 60x18 Schweiss Bi-Fold door in the front end wall. I need door specs to design the building around the door. The customer will be contacting you directly for the door.


We are looking for a quick estimate, delivered, for a grant application to replace 2 liftstrap bifold hangar doors. Existing doors are bi-fold, and fill openings that are 79.0' wide x 17.33' high - current doors go right to building columns and bottom roof truss. The Owner is looking to maximize the clear opening height within these openings. I've estimated clear opening below. Please specify if estimate includes whole new door frame external to building, or assumes use of existing frame. Please include installation costs if possible also. Please provide as soon as possible.


We need a hangar shed door with its all assembly. Width of the door is 70 ft and height is 25 ft. Please provide the competitive price.


Interested in an economical 40'x12' bifold door for a personal hangar. It is a new construction, so we will provide sheetmetal. Can I get some pricing, please?


I would like an estimate for both steel and wood for a hangar door. I am currently getting cost estimates on building a hangar at the Red Wing Airport, which is located in Wisconsin.


Need door for a renovation an existing hangar at New Bedford Airport in New Bedford, MA. 16' clear 56' wide ? Plane is 52'-2" is 56' enough or should we go to 60' ? Need weight and height info to design the new opening for your door, as well as budget cost


I'm relocating to Greenville, SC and will be building a 50 ft. deep, 60 ft wide aircraft hangar and will want a 20 ft. clear span door. I'm familiar with the Schweiss bifold doors and have one on a hangar that I have leased for 10 years in Montana. My current hangar has a Hi Fold door and I want to change to the Schweiss bifold door on the hangar I will be building. With a 60 opening and 20 ft. clear span what size door do I need and what would the approximate cost be delivered to Greenville, SC? Thanking you in advance, thank you. Ron


I am quoting multiple hangars. All bifold lifstrap auto latching hangar doors are the same size. First option is with 20 doors, and the second option is with 26 doors.


Hello, I'm inquiring about the possibility of installing a tail lift-strap bifold door on one of our larger hangars. The door width is 130' x 28' and we'd like to extend the center height another 6-10'. We're currently looking for a company that can facilitate this need and supply us with a rough quote. Thanks for your time. Regards, Carl


I am the Safety Manager in Tehachapi CA and would like for a representative to provide the company with an estimate for 3 Schweiss bi-fold Hangar doors. Our doors need access and opened on a consistent basis at a minimum of 6 days per week. (Mon-Sat) Please contact me with the details of having an estimate. Thank you.


Looking for information at this time. Have a variety of hangars coming up in Las Vegas area. (T, Box and Larger Maint Hangar) Are there dealers / vendors / installers for your doors? Buy direct? Install on own? Please advise.


I have a 22' by 67" door. We just put a Dassault Falcon 50 under contract and need a hydraulic hangar door with a taller opening.


I need 4 small bifold hanger doors for an ocean pod frame only as we are cladding in 1/8 stainless steel sheets.  Thanks


Hi, I'm an architect in New Zealand and I'd like to use your bi-fold hangar doors in a project. Is it possible to have the doors in translucent or clear cladding? Say in clear or frosted acrylic plastic. Can we arrange shipping to New Zealand? Are the doors able to be installed by a builder? I'm looking forward to hearing from you, I'd like to build a relationship so that I can use your products in future buildings too.


I am just starting to look at building a hangar so i need to get an idea of some of the costs. I am have been looking over your website regarding lift-strap bi-fold doors and am very interested in using one for my hangar door.


Looking to purchase either a one-piece hydraulic or a lift-strap bifold door for my hangar doors. 12' x 44' dimensions. Snow load for building 35 pounds. Thanks for helping with different options Located in Washington.


I am building a steel hangar approximately 32m long x 15m deep. I will be having two 15m door openings on either side of center line of the buildings with a partition down the middle to form two 16m x 15m hangars, a duplex hangar. i envisage door openings will be 15m wide x 5m high. Not sure if i prefer bifold or hydraulic at this stage. What is your pricing to fulfill these requirements? Do you supply build your own door plans? I am a boiler-maker welder by trade and can fulfill any fabrication and welding needs if you supply the plans and supplies.   Delivery would be to the Newcastle area, 2320, 2hrs north of Sydney, NSW Australia. Any pricing or assistance would be appreciated. Regards Col S.


I'm in the market for two lift-strap bi-fold hangar doors and my neighbor, a recent customer of Schweiss, was ADAMANT that I contact you!!! One door is a retrofit for an existing hangar (that currently has bottom-rolling doors) and the second door is for a hangar that will be built within the next 10 months. Both doors will be purchased and shipped at the same time. Due to the possibility that the existing hangar's current door framing is inadequate to support a hanging door, the 44ft widths may be reduced to as much as 41ft to allow for the installation of additional side beams. The doors themselves will be identical. If the build-it-yourself option is available for your bi-folds, I may go this route. Thank you, Harold


Our EAA Chapter is considering building a hangar. We plan to have two bi-fold doors. Door opening 16 X 50 or 16 X 55 and a 14 X 40. We would likely go with straps and the automatic closing system. I have a personal hangar done by you folks. Great door! Not sure at this point whether it will be I beam or wood. Please provide current pricing for the above delivered to Missoula, MT. 


Looking at your bifold strap doors for a 60 feet wide by 60 feet long by 16 tall Hangar that we need to build for our Beechcraft C-90GTx. Can you give me a ball park figure on these doors? Also include quote for auto-latch system and walk door. Will want at least four good size windows too.


Looking into building a hangar south of Falmouth, Kentucky for a Zenith STOL Ch 750. Hangar would be 40' x 30' x 15'. Bifold Door opening would be 35' x 10' Use Rapidset Metal Buildings software to look st the price for the building. Would like a quote for the bi-fold strap door with remote opener and autolatches.


I am putting together a hangar to be built 8 miles west of Gregory, SD. The door is 44' wide and 12' tall. You should have a previous bifold door order that we are quoting the same building package that he built for a hangar on his lake cabin in Wisconsin. Please advise. 


Need bifold straplift door design information for 55-0 x 16-0 Hangar Door Metal building 120 lb. windload. Door delivery to Texas. 


Need a new hanger door, 41ft 6 in. wide and 14ft 6 in. high on wood hangar, need prices for both strap and hydraulic doors, door shipping cost etc. I live in Amarillo, Texas


I am building an aircraft hangar in Rock Hill, NC. I  have a bid for a Steel Hangar and need a steel bi-fold liftstrap mega door for it. The hangar is 75x75, it is designed for a 60x17 Schweiss folding door.


I am starting the process of building a ultralight aircraft hangar in Oregon. I will need a Schweiss bifold aircraft door, but am not sure of the size yet. Can you provide a quote for a 45' wide and a 50' wide bifold hangar door that has 13' 6" clearance when open? 


I would like a price on one 56' wide x 19' tall bi-fold parapet door. Motor operated 220 v. 1 ph. with lifting straps. This is a retro for an existing hanger. A new parapet structure is going to be added to the face of an existing hanger to accommodate the bi-fold hangar door.


Looking for 6 bi-fold liftstrap hangar doors H 24.6 feet x W 59 feet. Delivery to Europe. Hardware and frames suitable for Kingspan panels


Hi, I am an architect and I would like any information regarding your Schweiss doors for use indoors. We are interested in the glass doors, both hydraulic and bi fold. The main intent is to use on the interior, in the first floor of a four story structure, with the door facing an atrium space. Any information provided and pricing for these door would be appreciated.


This is a hanger for my cj2 but will likely have several other turbine aircraft hangered when finished. In the future will likely add a Citation XLS and want to be sure have door clearance for it. The hanger is currently sized with 24' sidewalls. Looking at a Schweiss liftstrap bifold model, windrated with walk door, windows and remote opener.


I just need a Quote for a Door 100 feet wide and 15 feet high for a Steel Hangar and do You have somebody in Europe Germany to be able to compare the price? Most interested in your Schweiss bifold with the strap lift system. We would do insulation and cladding.


I am budgeting a building for our own use in a new hangar. I will need a 16' clear height door, not just a 16' door. I have used Schweiss doors in buildings I have built when I was with a previous company and liked them very much and amazed at how easy they install. I'm wondering what the price difference is between the hydraulic door and the lift strap door. I don't really see a functional difference either way - they both give you a clear opening. Maybe the hydraulic door requires less metal building reinforcing. Because I live in an area with heavy snowfall, I'm leaning more toward the Bifold.


I want to see if I Can get a 3' man door In my Schweiss Bi-fold Door My hanger has 2 doors One is going to be 42' x 15' the other is going to be 38'x 15' I would like a price on both with man doors in each of them.


I have a client who is planning to build an airplane hangar 140'x70'. He would like two Schweiss bi-fold lift strap doors of 62'wide and 20' high with a man door in each. The doors are to be installed side by side on the long side of the building. Please let me know if you need further information. Thank you, Trista at Alternative Home Builders


Need cost of Schweiss Bifold liftstrap / autolatch doors w/shipping on several sizes: 1. 54x14 2. 54x16 3. 56x14 4. 56x16.  I already have two of your doors on my hangars. They are really sweet. Got rid of the sliders, now driving a Schweiss Cadillac.


I am working on a hangar design in Jackson, MS and was wondering if a straplift bi-fold door is an option. I am looking at a door that is 33m wide x 10m high. If a bi-fold is an option what would be a rough estimate of the installed cost. Thanks, Will


Hello...interested in both a one piece and liftstrap bifold quote for an existing steel 76-90 hanger at Kansas Airfield. I need a 16' clear height. Remote opener and man door. When will you have a Schweiss installation crew coming through here?


Hi, I am looking to add a Lean-To addition onto my exisiting hanger. Want to price a 14 x 14 hydraulic door that allows a Class A Motor Home. Planned dimensions on the end wall are 24' wide, 16 ' tall at roof on hanger - sloping down to 14 " on short side. Can I get a remote opener with it?       




Could you price me 2- 20 x 60 ft bi-fold hanger doors delivered to Durango, Colorado? I need to replace sliding doors on a 5 year old hanger. I must have been nuts to put sliders on this hangar. They are too much work, especially in the winter. Include remote opener, insulation, lift straps. Email will be best as I am leaving for a month. Thanks        


Please provide me some options and prices for bifold liftstrap hangers doors with remotes and backup systems. My building will be 60-60. I would like clear space of 48-15


Hello, I need a price on a hangar door. It is for an opening 40' x 16'h. I would like it to be Red Power  hydraulically operated and insulated. etc.


Dear Sirs, I am building a new hangar and would like to install the Schweiss hydraulic Red Power  door. Please send me a quote incl shipping to Hamburg, Germany. Door opening is 14.80m wide and 4.0m high. If the door can be shipped in a 40 ft container, you may also quote shipping to Newport News. Thanks & best regards


We have one of your hangar doors at Spokane. I would like to know what the cost of converting to the Strap Latch system from the cable activated system is. Your door is still working great.


I need 3 door quotes please. I also need the preliminary reactions for engineering purposes. All Three bifold liftstrap doors are going on new pre engineered steel buildings. Door #1 46' Wide by 14' clear opening Door #2 56' Wide by 15' Clear opening Door #3 65' Wide by 16' Clear opening We are in the process of determining a hangar size for our company airplane and we are also trying to figure out the size of hangar we need. 


Just trying to get and idea of cost for planning purposes to decide if I want to build hanger or not. Hanger will be 48 wide 40 deep and 16 foot side walls. Bifold door with liftstraps & autolatches, insulated and with walk thru door and windows


We are putting a budget together for a hanger at Livingston County Airport in Howell, MI We are getting a price on the building but need pricing on the door. The owner is interested in a bi-fold type door with liftstraps and autolatches. The building is 150'wide x 120' deep and we are looking at a 95' wide by 25' high door. The main goal of the owner is to get either their Embraer Legacy 600 or their Beechcraft King Air 200 out without moveing both aircraft. They also have a Bell 206 and a Saratoga single engine that will be in the hangar. What would the pricing be for this bifold door, insulated with walk door?        


I have an older hangar, cinder block side walls and corregated metal roof as well as bi-fold to the side manual sliding doors. The roof framing is lumber. The clear opening is 10' 6" and the height is 43' 9". My Cessna 172 is 9' tall and am looking to change to a 182 which is 9-4" tall on average so can't lose much for height. The door is on an end wall and the building set back some where either a Bifold or straight out hydraulic Red Power lift could work. Certainly more interested in the Bifold with straps if possible.


I am pricing a 60 x 33 x 14 hangar with a 46 x 11 or 12' door. Please give me a quote for a bifold with straps and a one piece hydraulic door with your Red Power pump.  I am an AOPA member and EAA.


I have a schweiss bifold door with straps on my hanger. The switch has to be held in the up position the entire time the door is going up. Is there a way to set it to go up and stop at the top. Would a remote control solve this?


Hi, I have a Schweiss 18 ft Schweiss bifold (number eight on your airpark homes pictures, the one with the log home and the Duke) and just took delivery of a King Air F90 and need 16ft clear for the tail. Can the door open that far? Is there anything special I need to do to make it? Thanks, I'm hoping you'll say yes!


Please e-mail me info on what type of bifold doors would fit the 40'X40' farm shop-hangar we are building, and the cost? Priced to include lift straps, man door and insulated.


I manage a small general aviation airport in New Hampshire. We have two old hangars on the airport with Schweiss bi-fold doors. They are electric, cable operated, but we'd like to convert them to lift straps and also install your autolatch system. Do you by any chance have an inspection checklist that you could forward on to me? What are the intervals between checks?


Has your company got representatives in Canada ie (British Columbia) Our hangers were built years ago, however now we have to upgrade from our present 14' x 40' doors to 18' plus x 40'. We don't want to lose any headroom, so think your bifold door would be best for us.


Thanks for the quick reply: We are looking into replacing and enlarging our hangar door (Picture attached) Presently we have a 40' wide 14' high insulated self supporting bi-fold door. The present door opening measures 40' - 81/2" wide and 16.0' high. We are looking into increasing the height to 18 to 20' using a hydraulic one piece Red Power door. These steel hangers were constructed in 2005/2006, please advise what additional info you may require, technical info could also be obtained from me.


Gentleman / Madam We are tendering the subject project and require 1 no hanger bifold autolatch  door of width 81.47m x height 14 m with 2 nos 2.2 m ht wicket gates Please find attached elevation drawing for details We invite you to submit your most competetive price for supply, deliver, fix and maintain for 1 year defect liability period for the same. Appreciate your quote at the earliest


Can you please update quote #32510? We need to add 2 - 2X3 Window frames and liftstraps and autolatches, everything else on the hangar door stays the same. Also can you send us a drawing of the framing, so we can figure our fasteners?


Hello I need to get an additional remote for my hydraulic Red Power hangar door. Can you please provide me a price and instructions on how I can pay for it. My remote is the 3 button style. The door is working just great, love the speed the Red Power delivers.


Please quote your hydraulic Red Powered door for a 42 ft front steel building with a 14\' eve height to accommodate a Cessena 182 to Alabama 36728.


I have purchased an existing hangar built with wooden construction. It has a pair of doors (each about 18\'W X 16\'H) with a heavy removable centre post. These doors need replacing. I would like to consider a single aluminum bifold door with appropriate electric motor and strap lifting hardware. Is it possible to mount a steel girder in concrete down the outside of each door with a steel beam across them and mount the aluminum bifold door from that to minimize the building loads on the wooden structure? What would the approximate cost be and who could install it? At what estimated installation cost?


To whom it may concern, I am in need of a price for One (1) 46\' x 14\' Bi-Fold Lift Strap door for an airplane hanger. We are kind of new to this, so please let me know if you need anymore information in order to be able to get us a price.


My Name is John, I\'m looking forward to the quote and information. I am familiar with your bifold doors, but have yet to see one with the lift straps, which I think is better. Working in aviation for 40 years in Alaska and see them a lot. Everyone I have talked with likes the bifolds and hydraulic styles.


I am a student pilot and looking at building a hanger either later this year, or early next year. My airport (KOVS) is out of hanger space, and a client / friend of mine hopes to operate a business in my hanger. At-any-rate, I just started talking about this last week (Yesterday with my client / friend.) with the airport, so we\'re very preliminary. However, I\'m thinking the opening to be around 60\'. I\'m looking at both steel and wood, but built a steel building last year that I am very happy with. If you could send me some literature, \"ball park\" pricing on both the bi-fold (lift strap) and single hydraulic lift (Red Power) doors I\'d appreciate it. Also, any comments or suggestions concerning the building design, material, etc., for your doors would be greatly appreciated.


I am interested in one of your hanger doors. I believe you have a dealer or contractor who sells and installs the doors near my location. I live in Fond du Lac, Wisconsin. Could you please give me the name of the person that is your dealer in this part of Wisconsin? The hydraulic insulated Red Power door I am interested in would be approximately 44X14. Thanks.


Please provide us pricing for the doors for the hangers as shown on plans in the included PDF. If there is need for a separate structural support for hanger doors please price also. Any questions lease call. Can you please provide pricing by Tuesday by 3:00 PM eastern time.


I am contacting you to find out some information regarding your Airplane Hangar doors. I am working with a client who is looking to build an airplane hangar attached to their home to house two small single engine planes. My client is looking for a door with a minimum clear width of 45\' and a minimum clear height of 16\'. I have been researching both bi-fold liftstrap and your Red Power hydraulic doors and would like to find out some rough pricing differences between the two styles, along with some design criteria information regarding header and frame sizes and door weights. We are planning on wood framed walls with a flush mounted door. If someone could please either send me some information via email, or call me.


Please quote a price to supply four 40\' wide x 18\' clear height insulated bifold hangar doors with liftstraps and autolatches for a municipal project located in Swan River, Manitoba. I would appreciate receiving your A-1 to A-6 Spec Sheets with your price so I can ensure I have the correct framing in the endwall of the pre-engineered steel building. Please get back to me soon if possible.


We spoke on Saturday Morning, while you were in line at a carwash! I have a newer construction hanger, I have gone without a door since we built the hanger in 2008. Looking for: Remote operation Auto latches Bi Fold with lift straps. The opening is 40\'7\" wide by 10\'0\" tall, there is a 8x8 column on each side of the opening, and there is flat wall above the opening to 4\' above the header. Basically I built the hanger with intention of putting a bi fold on it. We have either 240v or 120 v power available. Located at Williams Lake airport


Hello Can you quote me some Red Power hydraulic doors for a box hanger, the building is 62\' wide by 140\' long, there are three door on the side wall that are 30\' wide by 14\' high We had figured the building eave heights to be 20\' That can be adjusted to whatever the door require Thanks


We have the requirement for a 12%u2019 x 40%u2019 Bifold hangar door. We will need it insulated and an option for a man door in the bifold. If you have a local dealer (we are 80 miles NE of Toronto) and if we must buy through him then please fwd this email to him as well. We want liftstraps and autolatches.


I\'d like to get a quote on a bi-fold door for a hanger I\'m bidding. Door clear size to be 42\' x 14\'. I have not contacted my building companies yet and would like your recommendations as to type of support. The owner has asked that I bid the hanger in both wood post beam construction as well as a metal building system. Building size will be 64\' x 72\' x 18\' clear. The door will be placed in the middle of the endwall. This is to be a lift strap door with autolatches and one extra remote.


I would like a price for 2 each 80\' x 25\' bi-fold insulated hangar doors. One of these doors will require a locking walk door with window. The project will be in the Seattle area. The project will be going in early 2013. The doors will be insulated and sheeted with exterior metal building siding. Lift straps only & autolatches.  Let me know if you need additional information.


I am looking for a quote for a 40' x 9' (clear opening) bifold door, the kind you have with lift straps. Our walls are 10', but I need a 9' opening. We are a flying club and looking at affordable options that will also be low maintenance. Please let me know what you can offer.


We currently are trying to determine an approximate cost for the delivery and installation of a bifold door with the following dimensions, 44 ft in length X 14 feet in height. The hanger building is located in Lake Elsinore, California. This new liftstrap model door would replace two existing rollup doors and would require some sheet metal modification on the existing metal building to accommodate the new door.


Please contact me about some prices on a few more of your Schweiss hangar doors to be placed on a 50' x 60' metal building on the south shore of Lake Apopka in Oakland, Florida (34760). One 44' x 14' single panel hydraulic Red Power door and three 12'x 14' overhead bifold liftstrap/autolatch doors, preferably automatic. The color of the building in the signature 200 siliconized polyester " Burnished Slate" color. ( I'm told its a common metal building color. I can be reached all day tomorrow on my cell


Attached you'll find the Project of an Hangar Aircraft Building that we'll start to build in January 2013. We want to install (overhead) bifold doors and we are looking for suppliers. We need to know the cost of an automatic bifold doors liftstrap/autolatch system the sizes are: width 23.80m 78.08 feet, Height 5.56m 18.25 feet If you need some more information please let me know


I saw one of your hanger designs is similar to what I need, but the problem is, we plan on building them directly next to one another, I need an existing solution that allows me to open the doors fully and have them put to the side, attached is sketch up , 3ds and 3d dwg format model of what I need the doors to do, or it can be a system in which the doors fold inside the hanger instead of out because of weather conditions, in such case at least 8 doors are needed instead of 4, also I was thinking of this liftstrap system http://www.bifold.com as it is only an eight meters high hanger door, for private planes. I hope to hear from you soon.


I have attached a sketch of a proposed hangar we are working on with an open door height of 18%u2019 and width of 70%u2019. I need to ensure that when the door opens, it will not encroach into the taxi-way setback, therefore, need a dimension from the end of the open door to the face of the building. Please provide this dimension for a Schweiss Red Power hydraulic door. Don%u2019t hesitate to call me at the number below if you require additional information. Thanks for your time,


You've provided me with a quote on a bifold liftstrap and hydraulic aircraft door earlier this fall, approximately 11 foot tall by 38 foot wide. My building lot size is such that I'll need to incorporate a 9 foot wide vehicle door into the hanger door of approximately 40 foot wide and 11 or 12 foot tall (my ceiling height will only be 12 foot). Please let me know if this is possible.


I would like to get a quote for a door upgrade on our current sliding shop hangar. The new dimentions would be 56ft wide and open 18ft high. I'm open to your bifold with lift straps or your Red Power hydraulic. thank you for any info. 


I'm building a hangar on the airport. Next summer I want to put a Schweiss bifold door on it. information and the price for the liftstrap systems lift. The hangar is going to be 14 ft. high and I want about a 34 ft. wide insulated door on it with a remote opener.


We are looking at using your product for a cafe in downtown San Francisco. We are thinking of doing a glass bifold hangar door on an aluminum frame. Call me at your convenience, please. I think I want to order some upgrades with this door. Seen your doors around a lot - they are top of the line.


I need side mounted Schweiss bifold type, 2 for my hanger doors, door height 18 feet. Include extra remotes, lift strap design.  Info and price please.       


I need info, specs and a price for 7 - 40' x 12' bi-fold hangar doors with openers delivered to Alaska. I would like to know the price difference between cables and straps and will it come with your autolatch system. Should be well insulated.


Hi, We got your reference through one of your satisfied overseas customers. We need the below air craft hydraulic hanger doors for one of our projects in Afghanistan. Let us know your contact details so that we can send the drawings we have. Thanks        


We have a client with an existing hangar that needs their sliding door replaced. The door we want is a bifold 26' tall x 70' wide. The existing door was installed 8 years ago and was supplied by a Mom & Pop operation out of West Texas. Just too much work to slide this door every day. Besides that, we would like a remote opener, so we can open and close it from the air. I've seen your doors, compared them with others, and really think they'll fit our needs the best.


Not sure of meaning of term "clear opening size". The hangar frame dimensions will be 40'wide by 14'high. I would like a installed open door height of 12'. Bifold lift straps and backup system. What's your delivery turnover time. How long to install a bifold?


We need to furnish and install a new hanger door to replace the existing sliding hanger door. Door Manufacturer shall be responsible to design and construct the footers/foundation for the hanger door. We shall supply all incidentals and hardware for a complete and fully automatic and operational hanger door. The Hanger door shall be a strap lift bi-fold door that has a minimum 10-year warranty. The hanger door shall be electrically operating. The Contractor shall be responsible to measure the width and weight of the hanger door opening and install the largest possible door. The hanger door shall be a Schweiss Door or an approved equivalent. Need the motor operator located looking out on the right side of the door. AZ Game & Fish.


New construction post frame 40' wide, end-wall application, 15' eave height. Would like a 37'X13' opening, is this possible on this structure? It will have 26 gage steel skin with spray urethane foam for insulation. Also quote as an option a 15'X12' bifold door to be installed in the side wall. This building will be used for EAA chapter 608 to build their kit planes in. Would like 2 windows double insulated. Include an option for a remote and weather stripping for door also.


Scope of Work: 3.2. Hanger Door The Contractor shall furnish and install a new hanger door to replace the existing hanger door. The Contractor shall be responsible to design and construct the footers/foundation for the hanger door. The contractor shall supply all incidentals and hardware for a complete and fully automatic and operational hanger door. The Hanger door shall be a strap lift bi-fold door that has a minimum 10-year warranty. The hanger door shall be electrically operating. The Contractor shall be responsible to measure the width and weight of the hanger door opening and install the largest possible door. The hanger door shall be a Schweiss Door or an approved equivalent. Owner requests that (2) man doors be installed in the new hangar door sections. Existing hangar door opening is 58'6" Wide x 18'4" High. I do have pictures of the existing door and building available if needed. We are requesting a qoute for the door and a seperate line item for removal of existing door and installation of new door by your crews. I need pricing by Monday. Deer Valley Airport, Phoenix, AZ 85027 Thank you.


I'm planning a new aircraft hangar and would like a quote for your lowest cost bifold door with a width of 38 to 49 feet, and 12 foot height (10' clear). Include extra remote and lift straps.


Would like information for bifold door with lift straps for planned hangar door opening 40/45' x 13/14' clear opening. Office requests load points and strengths for your bifold. Expect to commence construction October / November 2012 at Fredericksburg, TX. Hangar is planned at 50' x 80'.  


I am designing a single airplane hanger for display of an historic aircraft I am interested in a 35' w doorway with a clear ht. of 12'. I am looking for an economical bifold door solution


I wanted to check on a door that would bifold for an airplane hangar. 40' wide x 12' tall. I would require remote opener and adequate backup system.


Beginning the design process for a wood frame hangar in an airpark and I would like some technical details for your bifold door frame so the designer can create the hangar around the door. I would like footer and bracing requirements so we can do this up front rather than retrofit. Thanks


I am interested in buying ten (10) Auto Latch and Remote systems for fitting to Schweiss bi-fold hanger doors. Each door will be approximately 13 m wide. Can you please indicate a price and availability for shipping to Australia.


Looking to replace hangar door. Want to know my options. please send me prices for Schweiss bifold and hydro door. I'd like to know the cost for both, and the cost for both installed. also, how long does average install take for each door type? My brother is a carpenter and he'd help, so I can't imagine it'd be too bad.


I need a Schweiss bi fold aircraft hangar door for a small hangar door size 15m x 4m for self installation. Can you arrange container for shipment overseas to Wernigerode? Please send me a quotation. Thanks, Horst


Could you please quote a price on a Schweiss bi-fold door for an opening of 44 by 12ft, with cables or lift straps. Also a price with/or without windows in the door. We have installed 5 Schweiss Door systems at our airport over the years. All are 110v, is that still available for this size door? We are replacing an old hangar and expect to begin construction in May. Also we support an Eaa chapter at our airport, does that trigger any price discount?


I need a cost estimate for a 40 by 10 Schweiss bifold hangar door on my steel frame building. I know your hydraulic door Red Power system has a backup system, can I get one on this bifold door too. Thanks Merlin


I am building a airplane hanger in Alaska, 42' wide door would like the know the price difference between a Schweiss bifold 14ft door & a 12ft door Flush mount or the other. Also price to insulate. Strap lift system, top drive.


I am planning to build a 60x80 insulated steel building to be used as an airplane hanger. The door in Schweiss bifold style would need to be insulated with 2 windows and have one extra remote. Also strap lift system.


I need information for a Schweiss bifolding hangar door for a new hangar in Killeen, Tx.The clear structual opening will be 60 feetwide x 28 feet high.


I'm looking to build a 50x60 aircraft hangar, can I please get a quote on a 16, 18, and 20 foot high Schweiss bifold door please, also quotes for each of those at 50 and 60 foot lengths.  I'm more in favor of your lift strap system. Thank you, Buzz


Hi. Looking to build a 50'x50' steel hangar, looking for a rough door quote. Plan on the door being insulated, 45' wide with a 14' high frame. Considering both a Schweiss bi-fold lift strap and Red Power Hydraulic. I am aware of your super Red Power backup system, can you fill me in on the bifold backup system.


I sent in a previous request to Schweiss Doors for three bi-fold doors and have an additional request for a 74' x 24' bi-fold hangar door for another hangar in Steamboat Springs, CO. Please include (1) walk door assembly in the door package. The design wind load for this hangar is 90 mph exp C. We've got two of the three doors up and running. We like your lift strap operation and jiggle switches. I'll need your pricing by Monday. Please feel free to contact me if you have questions or require additional information. Best regards, Jim


Hi, I am needing a quote on a Schweiss bi-fold door for an airplane hangar. 48 x 14 with the opening to clear 14'. Upgrades to include jiggle switch, electric photo eye sensors and door base safety edge. I also would like to know the shipping & if available, the installation costs. Thank You!


Need a hangar door for the Raleigh Jetport. This is a new hangar in North Carolina. Schweiss Bifold Door has to have a clear opening of 90' x 18'. electro-mechanically driven door with manual override. Can be lift strap or cable. Need price on both styles by May 20th with loads.


Hi Mike, You won't remember me from Oshkosh , but I remember you. My bifold hangar door has been operating perfectly now for 22 years. It takes a good mid westerner to produce an outstanding product, and Schweiss Doors has done it. I don't fly anymore, but I think about it a lot. I built a Kitfox and a Wheeler express and I'm still alive. My son-in-law is a top sales person with PELLA windows and doors out of Pella, Iowa. I'm a retired surgeon, and believe in your products. Check your old records.You sell a great product, and now I see via your web page that you have developed a new Red Power hydraulic pump for your Schweiss hydraulic lift doors. Sincerely Jamie P., M.D.


We have a customer with a small private hanger that requires a Schweiss Door 40'-0" W x 24'-0" H Electrically Operated Hanger. The contractor will insulate & sheet the frame. What Model do you suggest? Hydraulic or Bi-Fold? (I do like your web site explanation of your new Red Power pump). What Clearance are required? Please provide shipping weight What safety features are provided for both door styles, and what is optional? Russ


I am in the completion stages of building a 40' x 30' Aircraft hanger, I am requesting a price for a bi-fold lift strap door with Top Override Jiggle Switches and a 2-button constant hold control station to fit the 40' opening. How soon can you get your Schweiss Door installers down to San Antonio?  Tom


I am building a new aircraft hangar this year. I will shortly decide on Schweiss bifold or hydraulic door type so that the building can be engineered accordingly. I'll get back to you soon. I do know I'll be wanting an aluminum door with plenty of power to lift it fast and smooth. I think that both your lift straps and newly developed Red Power hydraulic pumps will do that.


I like your Schweiss designer doors, I will be building a shop/hanger on my property in Washington State, around the Tacoma area. My shop will be 30X45 with 16ft ceilings. I am inquiring about the cost of both bi-fold and hydraulic lift up doors... & what is the time frame do you need for build and install? I am working in Kuwait for now until Sept. after I get back in Oct. I will start building my new home. So I do have time. Let me know Thank you Roger


We are pricing a airplane hangar project at the Blair, Nebraska airport. I need pricing for 4 ea. 65' x 18' hangar doors - hydraulic and Schweiss bifold strap options. There will be one 3' - 0" door mounted in each hangar door. Thanks, Stephen Q. Project Manager


Looking for a price for Schweiss bi-fold door for aircraft. 65' wide, an opening height of 18'. To accomodate a King Air size aircraft. It should have the lift straps, top override and remote openers.


Would like a price quote on a 38' x 10' Schweiss bifold hanger door with lift straps and remote opener for our new hanger in Sterling, Alaska. Your bifold really handles snow loads and ice better than any other door I've seen. You sure seem to have a lot of them here in the north country. Sterling is located between Soldotna and Anchorage before you get to the Seward turnoff, on the Kenai Peninsula.  Thank you. Gary W.


We are planning on building an all metal hangar with a clear opening of 44ft X 12ft. Can you give us a price on a Schweiss bi-fold door, cable lift, without a pass door? We have purchased several doors from you in the past and are pleased with the quality. We are located in Ghent, NY (Zip 12075) for pricing shipment. Also, how long can we expect the lead time to be for delivery?


Contemplating a new hanger. Any place on the web site where we can an Idea how to figure the cost of the door. Like the Schweiss bi fold, but also have a hankering for a hydraulic with your new Red Power backup system.


I would like to price a 40' x 14' High Bi-Fold Hangar Door for a Client we are very interested in the Schweiss strap lift doors and your warning lights and horn. Thank You Micky


Looking for quote of QTY 4 Schweiss bifold aircraft hanger doors span is 15 metres height is 5 metres clear heigh, wind loaded 115 mph. Lift strap operation.


Hello, We are developers and are building our own hanger. Can I get pricing on a 70w x 25H Schweiss bi fold door with lift straps, man door and door base safety edge? What are the power needs for the motors? 


45' x 14' Hanger door installed in Staples Mn insulated with an electrical operator to be installed in spring. Can I secure this order and Schweiss price now with a down payment?


Looking at building a 50'/ 50' 14'H Hanger and would like to get a price on a 40' wide bi-folding door. The hanger is all steel and I want it all sheeted for the door to be the same as the sheeting on the hanger. 


Need a Schweiss door for hanger opening is 42x14 with 2 feet of room above opening so total door size of 16x42 so bifold can give no loss of headroom


Need a price on 80x18 and 50x18 bi-fold doors, for a 100x120 hangar.80' will go in the end and 50' will be installed in the side. I already own a building with one of your 48x18 bifolds in it and it has performed flawlessly for me. Drive motor is on the bottom, cable lift. Thanks.


I have recieved a quote, but find I must modify a few things. We need the bifold door insulated, with liner and with two man doors in each hangar door, man doors to have keyed entry, the set of two man doors/hangar door shall be keyed alike, man doors shall have a window in it


Hi i,m thinking about building a new hanger and i,m thinking about using a schweiss bi fold door. I need one door 40 by 9 or 10 feet high. Are you planning to have a display at the oshkosh air show? Would it be the best place to check out your doors? I do use email but I like to talk this over on the phone. If a salesperson could give me a call that would be great. Greg Sandal


I'm interested in a Schweiss bifold hangar door utilizing the strap system. 16' tall x 44' wide. Could you provide price and availability including shipping to Alaska? Do you offer insulated doors?


We are looking for a 40' by 12' schweiss bi-folding hanger door with straps and auto-latches, hangar is currently being designed. Anticipated delivery to Ossipee, NH in 5 weeks. Please forward me design specs and pricing.


Looking for a price for a bifold hangar door. 40 feet wide, 12 feet high. Retrofit on existing hangar. Door and hardware only, no installation. Thanks


I hope to be framing up a 50' wide by 66' long hangar with 12' ceiling near Wasilla, AK later this summer. I specified your type of hangar door when they designed the trusses. SBS designed the roof to have double trusses at the door gable end with 2x10 bottom chords. I will need installation instructions for a 42' wide by 12' high schweiss bifold door and, of course, costs for a strap bifold door Wasilla AK and available options.


tender needs to be completed today...as we have not purchased from you in the past, please feel free to call the office to discuss specifics. . End user requires this vertical lift door with lift straps for a private airplane hangar. with thanks for your quick response.


we are bidding on the County Airport in Pennsylvania I need pricing on ten doors, 41'6" wide by 14' high. Electric operated and latching. The base bid is steel framed building, with an alternate for insulation. There is another alternate for timber framed building. Bids are due on May 19th so I need your pricing by May 18th.


I'm building a hanger this summer and need a 42' wide, 14' 5" high Schweiss folding door with Auto strap latches. I plan to use lap siding on the outside and 3/8" plywood on the inside with spray urethane insulation. Framing will be 2x4's 2' on center. This figures in at about 3.5 lbs per square foot. Also there will be five 2' x 5' windows installed. Can you engineer a bi-fold door that can handle this much weight? Thank you, Dean


I'm starting a hangar project in Wasilla, Alaska. I'm pricing door systems for a stick framed hangar. I would like to know the price differences between 44x12, 46x12, and 48x14 foot schweiss doors. What is the price structure for your doors? Do you offer common sizes, if so what are they? I am interested in both your strap and cable door systems for a by-fold door. What are the shipping options? Thanks for the help, look forward to hearing from you! Lonnie Williams


I looking to put together a budget number for a project in Scottsdale. I will need a schweiss bi-fold hanger door. I have used your doors in the past on a project in Scottsdale and the install and operation went well. Can someone please contact me.


I am interested in a price for a air plane hanger door. Bifold style. 60 feet wide and 14 ft tall. It will be going in a conventionaly framed building with a metal exterior.


I am looking to build a 40x50 hanger in the next 2 months. I am looking to get a quote on a door to get a 40 foot clear opening.


I am building a couple Hangers. I believe Jim has been talking to someone about this for a few months. I need to make sure that we have the exact opening info. on your bifold doors.


Metal Building: 100' x 200' 37' eave Bifold Doors needed: Two (2) 40' wide x 32' high - hanger doors need price ASAP, please call if you have questions.


Good MorningI contacted you several months back about a bifold door that I need for my hanger I am building. I the mean time I have been hung up with every government agency I can think of getting approval. Ithink I am there short of turning in the final building plan. Could you take a look at my preliminarybuilding plan that is attached. I originally asked you to quote a 40' door which I have now changed to 42'. What we are interested in is door attachment to the header and bottom roller supports. This will allow us to move further along on the building design in regards to loading and attachment of the door.


Good Evening, I am quoting a small hanger in North Central Arkansas. The door size is 44' x 12'. Can you provide me with the weight for a Bi-Fold Door of this size.Thanks for your help


Would like to get a quote on a bi-fold hanger door for the above project. Dorr is 50' x 12'. Needs to be insulated. Alternate price on electric lift.See drawings for additional information.


Need pricing for a 70x20 bifold hanger door going to Hamilton, MT 59840. Please include option for installation if you provide that service. Thanks, Building Systems


Hi! I'm looking for a bifold hanger door for my hanger. I would prefer the lift strap arrangement. Could you please include a price with and without insulation? Thanks! Best regards, Calvin E.


looking at building a hanger in SK Canada looking at a 60'x60' with a 55' opening and height of 17' looking for a quote on both hydraulic and bifold door. also what kind of lead time to get shipped thanks chad


I am trying to get a bifold door that will work on several aircraft hanger openings. my openings are 45'x 11' could you recommend something for these hangers


We are starting to get a lot of requests for hangers and hanger doors. I have a customer who is ordering a 110' wide building he would like the widest hydraulic door you make and 22' high. Can you let me know if you make a door that big. thanks


We ocasionally get inquiries on bifold hanger doors. I Fly and find customers in the course of my hobby. It would be good to not turn this business away considering that no one else in the area does hanger doors. A start up package would be appreciated for our information, including installation suggestions etc Thank you Terry




On 4.10.06 you provide us quotes on your quote numbers 11105-DB and 41006-BS for a Hanger Door. We are in the process of bidding a new hanger for the same owner. The delivery address will change slightly to 2852 Nevada Ave, Lemoore Ca. The Bifold Door size will be 60'-0 clear opening X 16'-0 clearopening. Please bid all options as add on pricing to basic door bid. Please bid both biford and hydraulic. Please bid auto lock and remote control options. Please bid strap and cable options. Purchaser will be Bill Stone/Stone Ranch your previous customer.Building conditions will be the same as previous door that was ordered in '06.


I would like INFO FOR A 35' X 16' BIFOLD DOOR FOR A POLE BUILDING can I buy the door frame and all parts except for the steel covering? or isn't that the way it is done. Do We supply the labor? Ihave a customer that is very serious but you can tell I don't know much about hanger doors. ithere a better option than bifold door ?


I am starting to plan for the building of my hanger. The opening will be 14' x 49'. I am looking to get a price quote on a bi-fold hanger door.


Hi good evening, I would like to get a price on a 46'X 12' hanger door. The bifold door is for a hanger I am building in Sarteneja, Belize.


Just purchased a hanger with your bi-fold door. I'd like to see if I can get sent another set of manuals. Also, there a safety stop switch installed at the top so the door doesn't open too far, right? Thank you


I'm quoting a 120'-0 x80'-0 x 24'-0 hanger. Do you offer a hydraulic Red Power door that is 120'-0 wide and if so what height is it offered in? Thanks - Donald


Is your company bidding on the hydraulic hanger doors for the Airport hanger project in Ohio


We have some leads on hanger doors requests and are looking for a great door product like yours at Schweiss Doors to move with our line of door equipment.


Working on a house wants to put a hanger in the walk out basement need some help with that to install a hydraulic door.


I am now building the hanger. The door opening is 49' X 18'1". The framing and sheeting will be done in about 2 weeks. I'd like to get a bifold door for it.


We are looking at replacing our hanger door. The beam is getting older and we need to replace. The hanger is 23' high Height to beam is 20' Door width is 60' Hanger is 66' wide, your recommendations on a hydraulic door vs. bifold.


Hi, We are going to put a door on our hanger, the opening is 10' X 40', could you give us a quote on the bifold doors you have to fit that size opening. 


Hi I am specifying a Schweiss Bifold door for a hanger I am designing. We have very limited head room and am wanting to know what 'wedge' distance to allow for to achieve a 5m (16' 6") clear opening to the underside of the door when open. Can we have 12"? The width of the door is 10.6m (35' approx). To achieve the minimum wedge size possible, do we use a top drive or a bottom drive using your strap system? I look forward to hearing from you at your earliest convenience. Kind Regards, Liam


Daer sir, We require BI-Fold Hanger Door size 40 feet x 14feet. It should be 12 feet after opening. Please send us your lowest quote with delivery period.


Customer in Ashland WI looking at putting hanger up on Madeline Island. Looking at a 60' wide by minimum 16' high bi-fold door. need pricing and specs noting height we need to provide in building. Walters will provide exterior skin for bi-fold. Schweiss to provide delivery, materials and labor to construct and hang bi-fold. Customer is in a bit of a rush (have you heard that before?) but if you could provide asap that would be great. Send info via e-mail if possible. Thanks much, Larry


I need an estimate on a 70 x 18 clear, Bi-fold door for an airplane hanger with lift straps, and one man door,with r-14 insulation. The door would be for Central Oregon, so please include an estimate on shipping cost. Thanks. I look forward to hearing from you. 


I am building a wood framed barn for a farmer 90ft by 110ft. He has three of the big john deere sprayers that drive in the fields. He wants a Schweiss hydraulic door in the gable end that is 40ft wide and 16ft tall like a airplane hanger door.


Hello, we are very interested in knowing about your hydraulic doors. The opening of the hanger is 15 feet 1 inch high and 95 feet wide. Is it possible to have a hydraulic door of this size.


I Am working on an eight unit airplane Hanger with 50' wide doors, and a height of no less than 16' 6". I need a quote for eight doors with optional ALUMINUM and STEEL, strap lifts, and with and with out windows.


I have a couple of Airport hangers that I need doors for. One is 90'x20' and the other 80'x20'. I need all the dimensions for hydraulic doors of this side.


I am working on a project schedule and need to know the typical lead time for your Bi-Fold Hanger Doors. I need a total of 4 doors in varying sizes: 16'-6" x 45'-5" 16'-6" x 46'-5" 16'-6" x 64'-8" 16'-6" x 38'-0"


I am interested in a free standing bifold door. Clear opening for my door is 40' 2.25" by 10'11". Hanger is on front line and we are not allowed to increase structure height as in an above roof header


This door is for an aircraft hanger attached to a residential home. The fascia will be wood. I would like a price quote for both the bi-fold and hydraulic doors.


We are designing an aircraft hanger in Helena. We are not sure of the size of hydraulic door we will order and need any information that you can provide that will help us plan this building.


Looking to price put an aircraft hanger door for a building we are considering. The height needs to be 10' minimum and the width needs to be no less than 38'. Would prefer the bi-fold type.


Design information for a 70' x 13' hydraulic door for a new aircraft hanger on a residential real estate project in Okotoks, Alberta.


We are currently designing a hanger to be built at the Helena Regional Airport. We are requesting information about your doors that will help us complete the final plans. At the present time we are planning an 18' x 60' Clear opening Bi-Fold door.


I am pricing out some commercial hanger real estate and need to put together a building and door budget. Please send me a quote on a 60'x22' insulated strap-lift bifold. I would like a quote for the bifold door and a quote to have your crew install the door. I recently installed two of your strap lift doors at the Rhinelander airport and they went up faster and easier than I thought!


I just purchased a house with an aircraft hanger which is stucco. I plan to use it to store my cars and motorcycles. Your doors look very interesting, I would like to price out both the Bi-fold and Hydraulic styles.


Need several bi-fold doors for a new T-Hanger, nested. Would like a quote for a 14' height and 16' height. Would also like the price of the installation kits need for self installation.


We have a 60' x 16' hanger door bi-fold door is it possible to change it to a hydraulic door. If so what would it take?


We are planning on building a new airport real estate development with a 10 T-hanger building. Each door opening will be 42' x 14'. I need a hydrualic door quote to work up my budget, thanks.


I am going to build an aircraft hanger, the opening I want is 60' x 18' clear to enter the hanger. I would like your input and a quote on a hydraulic door.


Can you give me a estimated price on a hydraulic door for my 42' wide by 12' high steel hanger. I built the hanger and have all the equipment to do the installation.


My neighbor recommended your firm and product. I am building a new hanger and need a door that is 46' wide by 14' tall. Need the specs on a hydraulic door to give my building company to make sure they build the opening correctly.


I am planning on building a set of hangers on some local airport real estate. I will need 4 60 ft doors and 2 70 foot doors 20-24 ft high Bi-Fold doors. I have heard good things about your doors and believe that they are the type I prefer.


I have an aircraft hanger that now has accordion doors that we would like to convert to bi-fold doors. The sizes of the doors are as follows: 60' X 20' and 45' X 20'. This needs to be a turn-key job. Can you quote a price?


I'm in the process of negotiating for the purchase of a 48 ft. x 84 ft. Hanger that does not have doors on either end. Although it has a concrete floor and pads on the outside of both ends and is insulated it just doesn't have any closures on both ends. I'm interested in obtaining pricing on your bifold doors.


I have a small hanger located at Delta Heritage Airpark in British Columbia. I am interested in either your bi-fold or hydraulic design. The opening is 35' X 9'. I can give you more exact details and photo's if/ when required. Are you able to give be a rough estimate at what price I might be looking at for this type of door?


I am doing a Airplane hanger project and I need 2- 70'x16' hydraulic doors. Could someone please contact me and give me a price on these doors. Both doors will be insulated with the same wall panels as on the building.


We are designing a commercial aircraft hanger for a Dash 8 model 311. We are bidding commercial aviation doors for the project. Please quote both your bi-fold and hydraulic doors.


I am pricing out a small airplane hanger for a local real estate development which calls out for your hydraulic door. The door is 12'-6" x 40'-0". Need pricing please.


I need an aircraft hanger door that is 40' wide and 10' tall. I am leaning towards the Hydraulic door, but please send me a quote for both the bi-fold and the hydraulic.


We are in schematic design for a 80' X 60' X 22' pre-engineered metal building to serve as a maintenance hanger for a local Airport. The bi-fold door opening is 64' wide by 18' high. Please send a quote for both the strap lift and cable system.


My aircraft hanger is to be 46'x60'. The hydraulic door we want is 38'w x 11'h on the 46' end wall. In addition to price/shipping charges I need the forces/reactions at points on this end wall in order to complete design of trusses.


I will be constructing a drive-thru loadout hanger for an aerial application business. Please quote 2 Bi-fold doors with opening sizes of 70' x 16' with a minimum of 14' opening clearance needed. I would like to have straps instead of cables.


Interested in a 44 ft by 14 ft bi-fold door. Please send price quote. The door will go on an existing hanger with open front. We also have real estate next door which is able to handle a 60 ft wide hanger.


We are leasing 40ft x 40ft hanger from Trinity County on the Weaverville CA Airport. We will be purchasing the hydraulic door as part of the lease. We would like to order soon we are interested in one door.


I have a Bi-fold hanger door. It is 45' w X 12' h with an Aluminum Channel frame and R Panel sheeting. Looking to get a second door of the same size for an aircraft hanger real estate project I'm working on.


Will be building an eight bay T hanger on airport real estate soon and need availability and quote for bi fold and hydraulic doors.


Looking for a quote for a bi-fold door with a clear opening of 45'w x 12'. It must meet Florida 140 mph, Exposure B. Prefer attachment at jambs only if possible to concrete filled masonry block.


I have an airport hanger on my farm. The opening at this point in aprox. 56 ft. with 20 ft of overhead clearance. Could you e-mail me an estimate for different width doors with the straps?


I want to replace sliding doors with bifold doors on an existing hanger TX. This door would be about 45' x 16'. Would like pricing on both bi-fold and hydraulic doors as well as info on installation.


Considering building a hanger 34' x 36' pole barn with a 12ft high hydraulic Schweiss door probably 32' wide. Understand yours is a quality unit.


We are building a pole barn style aircraft hanger approximately 40ft wide with a door opening of 38ft wide and with 12ft clearance on the height. Can you quote both the bi-fold and hydraulic type doors.


I have a client who is in need of 2 40' x 12' airport hanger doors. I would like to get prices on your bi-fold and hydraulic hanger doors.


I am planning on using one of your bi-fold or hydraulic doors for a new hanger to be built on our airpark real estate near Lake Wales Florida. The door will be 46 ft. x 15 or 16 ft. high. The hanger size will be 60' x 60'.


I am looking to build a 65' X 60' hanger on leased real estate at an airport in Durango CO. I just need a 44' X 14' or so bifold door. Can you give me several options with pricing to help me decide.


Your company put in a bi-fold door in June for us. We are looking into building another hanger and would like a price on another bi-fold door with installation.


We are building hangers this year on some airport real estate, and would like a quote on the Hydraulic door to fit a 50' X 14' opening. Price to include everything.


I am planning on building a steel constructed hanger this fall with the door opening about 50' X 14'. I will currently store my 170 in there but am thinking of resale value if I ever decide to sell the hanger or renting it someone with a small twin. Also, can you give an idea what an insulated bi-fold door would cost me.


I have a client looking to have a bi-fold door installed in an aircraft hanger. The building will be 45'W x 55'H x 14'H with a door 40'W x 12'H. Please quote the door to be insulated.


Looking for a price for a bi-fold door for a 45' x 12' opening for a hanger I will be building in Idaho on some airpark real estate I just purchased.


Please quote a 54' x 16' bifold hanger door with auto latches and remote. This is to be installed on a wood pole building hanger. I would also like a price on the one piece hydraulic door if it can be engineered into a wood pole building.


I am building a new hanger 100 ft long x 120 ft deep with 25ft side walls. Looking to get a sturdy hydraulic Schweiss door price range to setup financing. What is the largest door you can put in the 100 ft X 25 ft opening. Types and price range please.


Building a 50 wide x 40 hanger. Building will be wood post frame with metal siding. Need a 45 foot hydraulic Red Power pump door with all backup options available. Any help you can give with detailing for door mounting would be helpful.


I had a hanger built a few years back on some private real estate, I want to put a door on it now. The opening is 14ft x 46ft. Can you give me some idea on cost for an electrical control both strap and hydraulic operation.


Looking to build an aircraft hanger at the Airport in Savanna IL. My hanger door opening will be 40ft x 14ft. Please provide quotes for a bi-fold door and a hydraulic door.


Can you please provide me a quote for a bifold door for an airport T-Hanger development. Dimensions of the hanger are 40ft 6in X 12ft X 32ft. We will need 60 doors for this real estate project.


We are looking to build a hanger this summer and we need a 70 ft. X(20 ft.height clearance) bi-fold door, so if you could get a hold of me about getting a price quote that would be great!


I am quoting a post frame airplane hanger for a local city airport real estate deal and I need a price on a 50 x 14 bi-fold door installed by your crew. We are in the early stages of planning right now.


Please quote for 40x12 bifold door, including lead time and delivery to Dayton, Texas Please call with any questions. Construction is starting on aircraft hanger next week.


Hi, Building a 50'x 50' airplane hanger. Please quote me 42' x 16' bifold door. Regards, Hutch


I am constructing a hanger for my Zenith CH701 and need a bifold door that will fit a 30 X 10 foot opening (rough). What is the approx. cost of doing this? Thank you, David


Hello I am building three houses on some new airpark real estate. I would like info on the one piece hydraulic lift doors I should use for a hangar home.


I am looking to build a hanger that is 60 X 60 X 25. I want the bi-fold doors with the lift straps. What do you recommend for the door size and do you have these doors with an walk door built in them.


I am building a hanger home and need a price on a 38 wide X 10 tall bifold hanger door. Wood construction, Delivered to Washington State.


Currently in the final design stages for several aircraft hangers for the Minden, NV airport. Need assistance on large hydraulic Red Power pump hanger doors.


Hello, I have been contracted to build several hangers for A small public airport real estate development. Just looking at pricing the bifold doors for near future decision.


Yesterday you emailed a door quote on a 45'x 12' bifold for a hanger I'm building. I make a mistake on the size. I need a quote on a 40'x 12' door. I apologize for the mistake. Doug Van Osten


Looking for a 36 ft Bi-Fold door Pricing and Info. We require it to match existing home and barns metal siding. This will be for an aircraft hanger real estate deal.


I am interested in building a residential airport hanger and would like to know more about your bifold and hydraulic doors.


I have an existing motorized bifold hanger door with manual latches. Will your auto-latch and remote control system retrofit?


Require price and shipping on the following. 5- Bifold doors 12ft x 40ft with walk door and lift straps for T hangers.


I am planning to build a hanger within the next few months. Need prices for a 40 x 14 bi-fold and hydraulic door.


We just got a lease on some real estate at the Patterson, La airport. We are getting bids on aircraft hangers but most of the contractors want to exclude the door. So looking for a quote on a 50 ft wide bi-fold door.


Interested in (3) hydraulic doors for new airplane hangers to be built this spring. Would like a quote and comparative price with your bi-fold doors.


I am having a house built on some airpark real estate, and the bifold hanger door opening is 9' ft high x 39' ft wide.


We sell and install hangers all across Ontario, Canada. We are installing 2 hangers at our local airport and need pricing on your hydraulic doors.