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Have I got a great Schweiss hydraulic hangar door or am I just lucky. I haven't had to do a lick of repair on it since it was installed 9 years ago. I haven't even done any maintenance to it, and it still continues to work as smooth as the day it was installed.


My old hydraulic door used to have a lot of play in it. Your Schweiss hangar door is tight as my mother-in-law. Is that the way it's supposed to be, or do I need to get something repaired?


I've talked to quite a number of fellow pilots in the five-state area who have told me about having to spend money on hangar door repair. I'll soon be needing a hydraulic one-piece door for my new hangar currently under construction. Convince me that I should order a Schweiss hydraulic door. Some of the other manufacturers give some pretty tall tales about their doors, of which I am not totally convinced. I see you've been in the hydraulic and bifold door business for over 30 years. That's one thing I like about your company. If you were putting out an inferior door, you'd be out of business by now. Just the same, I want to hear more about your hydraulic door and why it is suited for hangar use.


My Schweiss hydraulic hangar door went through a miserable time during a recent wicked wind storm. It's still operational, but I'd feel better if someone from Schweiss Doors came out and gave it a once over so I don't have to have repairs or tune-ups done in the future. Your door held tight during the storm, not like some other crumbled ones I saw near me. You build 'em tough.


Mike, just wanted to let you know that since you installed my Schweiss hydraulic hangar door back in 1993, I haven't had to do one bit of repair on it. That's 10 years running. Bet other door manufacturers can't brag that up. Thanks for the great door.


I am building a hangar/machine shed on my farm. I would like to have a 40' wide x 12' high (when opened) bi-fold door with lift straps and auto-locks. When you come out to do the install, can you service my neighbors hangar door, it needs some repairs to the hydraulics? I'm not sure who manufactured his door, but I know it's not a good Schweiss Door. 


Bet you never heard this one before. I tried to hook up my new Red Power pump to be able to lift two doors, but it's not working. Do you have a part or something you can ship out to me so I can do this. The other door is an old hydraulic with a small motor and pump and is beyond repair. If this can't be done, send me out another one of your new pumps and motors.


I have a Schweiss hydraulic hangar door that I am sad to say is way beyond repair. Seems the hurricane which whipped through New Jersey decided I not only needed a new door, but a hangar as well. My new hangar will be finished about mid-June and I'd like to place an order now for a new Schweiss hydraulic door. Give me the best you got, and don't forget to wind load it to New Jersey standards. I'll need a 44 ft. x 16 ft. steel door. Thanks.


Good to talk to you guys again. Just a comment and a quick question. First off, my Schweiss hydraulic doors are running like a clock. I love them. Secondly, I want another for a new hangar going up in July, same size exactly as my past orders, nothing changed. Need you to do the install again. Lastly, I have a friend who is a fellow pilot who is having trouble with his bifold door which he got from a different door manufacturer. When he heard I was getting a new door he told me to ask you if you could repair something on his hangar door and replace his cables with your liftstraps. If so, I'll have him contact you to give you the specs on his hangar door.


I have a fairly large 80 ft. hydraulic hangar door, but I think the pump and motor on it is too small. Rather than keep trying to give it temporary repairs I would like to retrofit it with one of your new compact Red Power pump systems and a LEESON motor, the largest one you have in stock. This should also open and close my door faster, right?


Repair this, fix that, replace this. I'm sick and tired of all the trouble and extra expense my "Brand Z" door has given me over the past six years since I bought it. Let me know how soon you can ship me out a new Schweiss hydraulic one piece hangar door. I guarantee I'll have this one laying on a heap when you come out to install your top of the line door. Sincerely, Ticked off in Tennessee.


The lower seal on my hydraulic hangar door is kind of tattered and torn in spots. Can you send me out enough to cover 48 ft. No big hurry right now, but want to get it on before the cold weather sets in.


I would like information for the options on  hydraulic hangar door repair. I've got a motor that is starting to squeak quite loudly. I have a feeling the company that sold it to me gave me one that is underpowered for my big hangar door. Can you sell me one of your new LEESON motors? 2. Also, the inside liner panel is loose and flappy, can I get some of that too when you ship out the motor? 3. Do you have more than one perimeter seal option? Can't seem to locate the door manufacturer I bought this from, maybe he's out of business. Guess I should have went with a Schweiss door, hope I don't have any more problems.


Hello, wondering if Schweiss Doors can help me out to fix a problem with a hydraulic hangar door which needs some repair work.  I purchased from another company. I keep getting hydraulic fluid dripping on my floor, pretty sure I need a new tank to replace the cheap plastic one that's on there now. Would you please ship one out to me? Karl


My hydraulic hangar door is in need of repair. Something went wrong with the electrical system and I'd like to buy one of your new compact Schweiss hydraulic pump units. I'll also need instructions on how to hook it up. I'm running on 120v single phase.


I recently purchased a group of hangar doors at the local airport. Two of the five hangar doors need major repair work, thankfully the rest have Schweiss hydraulic doors on them, which aren't giving me any problems. Could you send one of your Schweiss Door repairmen out to see what I'll need to get this repaired. I have a feeling I might just have to replace them with new Schweiss doors.


The size I have listed are approximate. Does that give enough info to give a approximate quote to do the repairs on my hangar doors? Also, are walk-in doors available to give added access to my present  doors? Can you quote me a Schweiss Doors price on two of them?


Our client is planning a new hangar for his helicopter business. This time around he wants a big 65 ft. Schweiss hydraulic or bifold door. He said he studied your web site and thinks your doors are better built than the other one-piece metal door he has on his other hangar which has tallied up quite a repair bill over the years. Also, he was wondering if someone could look at his other hangar door which needs some repair work to the hydraulics. Please forward upgrades and options that are available with quotation.


Please send me a couple of hydraulic hoses for my hangar which lead to my cylinder. One of them got badly damaged by a forklift. Rather than try to repair it, I just want to replace it. It's a Schweiss hydraulic 24 ft. tall door. 


I'm having problems with the cylinders sticking on my one piece hangar door. I'd like to replace them with your Schweiss heavyduty cylinders. We've tried to do some repair and maintenance work on them, but within a week it's the same old story. Those "Brand Z" cylinders aren't doing my door any good. Can I attach the new Schweiss hydraulic cylinders and use your spherical bearings? If you can UPS the cylinders out to me that would work fine. I have a 38' x 21 ft. tall door. Can I use my present hydraulic hoses on your style cylinders. If not, send a set of hydraulic hoses out too.