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Hi there, this is a 60x60 metal airplane hangar, built in 1973. The original door is made of 3 independent panels, with sliding poles to hold them closed. The door frame is 52'x10'. The top of the door frame is C-pearling and the sides are I-bean. The C-pearlings are reinforced by 2 vertical pieces of I-beans at 16'1" from the edge of each side of the frame. The same edges (vertical sides) are made of I-beans and are 12' tall. The door has been a real pain in the you know where and I'd like to know if you can rip it out and replace it with one of your bifold strap doors. BTW, I don't know what does "End Wall or Side Wall" means. I can submit pictures and a basic drawing if it would help with the estimate.


We are at the Eagle County, Colorado Airport and currently installing the 82' x 28' door on a new hangar. It looks to be going well. However, my question is regarding having Schweiss look at an older cable lift bifold door (approx 30 years old) and perform a tune up on it or upgrade it to Liftstraps. I can send some pictures of it. Can someone give me a call?


We are working on a draft estimate for funding purposes and the scope include; * Disconnect the existing feed rail systems and replace using suspended cable/draped or liftstrap draped bifold door system in 5 hangar doors with door opening approximately of 160 LF from door pocket to the center of hangar. Can you help me with an approximate cost for the 5ea suspended cable/draped systems, so we can include enough funding for these repairs. Thank you in advance for your support.


Looking at existing Hangar rehab in City of Jamestown. Need to verify clear working headroom between bi-fold and hydraulic options. My present hangar door is beyond repair and besides that the cables are outdated and a pain in the you know what.


I have a hangar bi fold Schweiss door that I purchased in 1999. After 18 years of perfect service, the seal at the very top of the door is deteriorating and needs to be replaced. The opening for the door is 48 feet 8 inches.


We have a Bi-Fold hangar door at our hangar, it appears one of the staff had tried to open the door with one of the arm latches still attached, which has bent the plate on the side. Our door still operates, but cannot be fully closed due to this. I was looking to see if we can have someone come out and take a look and possibly give us an estimate on a repair. Thank you, Daryl


We need a new floatplane hangar door. It has a 12 feet high by 40 feet wide opening with an old two piece sliding door that is hard to open. Want your bifold hangar door with liftstraps, autolatches and remote opener. Please quote.


You know what I really like about your Schweiss Liftstrap hangar doors? I don't have to constantly be repairing, replacing and fixing on them. That's big money saved as far as I'm concerned. Schweiss Doors is the only way to go. Keep on truckin!


Remember the guy I told you about who needed some hangar door repair? I just found out he doesn't have a Schweiss Bifold door. You might want to ask him about that before you show up at his door.


I just put in a order from Schweiss Doors for a big 70 ft bifold door for my new hangar. I own another hangar which I hope to sell soon, but it needs some repair work first. When your Schweiss installer shows up to put in my door I'd like to have him take a look at this smaller door and tell me exactly what I'll need to get it back up and running. Nobody will want to buy a hangar with a hangar door that needs repair. Besides that I want to get my money out of it when it comes times to sell.


Is it true that your Schweiss Bifold and Hydraulic hangar doors are built better than others? Can you give me some examples why. I'm in the market for a new bifold hangar door, but I want a good one and am willing to pay more money for a hangar door I know will not be having me to repair it down the line or a door that will malfunction and do something bad to my helicopter.


Remember two years ago at Oshkosh when I told you about all the bifold hangar door cable  repairs I was faced with over the years? The Schweiss hangar door straps have put a stop to that. Luv 'em!


My hangar door needs some repair work, nothing major I hope, has something to do with the cable system and drums. Can you guys at Schweiss Doors  come out and take a look at it.


I have 2 bifold doors that I purchased when I built the 2 hangars. I built the first hangar in 2007 and the door is 70' wide and is 26' with 22' clear. Recently the manual latch hasn't worked well but with pampering it works. It failed completely for the second time last week and this weekend we replaced all the cables with your fantastic liftstraps and a Schweiss Door autolatch system. Now I'm flying high and feel my hangar door repairs are a thing of the past. I should have gotten rid of those cables years ago.


I have a hangar with an older bifold door not sure who made it, problem is as my plane has gotten larger it no longer has the clearance needed. The hangar still has the height needed just not the door. The door is a cable type with the motor mounted at the top would there be anyway to retrofit the door with a Schweiss hydraulic door so I can place the pump in another location to have more clearance or is there another option with the current or new Schweiss bifold door. Thanks, Rick


We own a series of 12 used T-Hangars that we just purchased. Eight of them have Schweiss bifold doors on them that work just fine. I think they replaced the other manufacturers doors about six years ago. Two of the other four have gone to the hangar in the sky and need some repair work done. What we'd like to do is have you come to our airport for a routine maintenance check on all the doors and then send us out whatever parts we need to get the other two fixed. Or at least tell us what needs to be repaired or replaced so we can get them all in working order. Could you also quote us a price to convert the six bifolds that have cables on them to liftstraps. Let us know when you can come out. Thanks for your time and for manufacturing a quality bifold door.


We are owners of 4 large Schweiss hangar doors. The insulation over the years through wear and tear  in these doors is rapidly deteriorating and looks horrible. This is not the apprearance that we would like for our clients to walk into. What options are now available to us? Can you ship out an insulation kit?


I'm not having any major problems right now with my heavy hangar door, but looking closely I think it would be a good idea to replace my bearings with your spherical bearings. Can that be done?


I am looking for 2 each of a liftstrap Schweiss S-style bi-fold doors. Both doors have a width of 65' and a height of 20'. I've decided not to try and repair my two hurricane damaged hangar doors. They've been through the wringer. Include a price for walk doors, windows and remote openers. Thank you Curt in New Jersey.


Looking for an application of a vertical 2-panel glass alum. clad outswing bi-fold door for an airport  aircraft jet hangar. Size 54 X 90 ft. He looking for a hangar door that won't be giving him hangar repair problems down the road and thinks your Schweiss liftstrap bifold doors are unequaled in quality. Currently sourcing for a roll-out program across the US. Can a GC install this product? What is the cost?


I'm tired of making repairs to my sliding hangar door. I'd like a quote on a new straplift Schweiss bifold hangar door that is 45'x16'. Should include remote opener and man door.


I'm considering buying a hangar at the local airport to put my King Air into, but this particular hangar door needs some major repair work and I'd just as soon replace it entirely. I would like to have a steel frame and steel covering (painted) Schweiss liftstrap bifold door with a 46 wide 18 high clear span door. What total height and width do you need for the door installation and what are the header requirements? Send me an installed quote (to Mesa, Arizona) and I'll let you know if I want to replace it. I just think repairing it would be a bandaid and I have to keep working on repair headaches in the years to come. I've seen your Schweiss hydraulic and bifold hangar doors and am impressed with the quality you put into them. Thanks, Riley


Need bifold 39' wide x 13" high Schweiss metal  liftstrap hangar door. Lowest cost metal covered. I was going to try and repair my other wooden hangar door, but it saved me the trouble by falling down all by itself.


Please contact me for a project in California. We are entirely revamping our airport hangars and wanting to put new doors on eight of them. Some need big time extensive hangar door repair, and the others that do kind of work we want to replace so they all look uniform, making them easier to rent out with a good quality Schweiss liftstrap bifold door. Contact me and I'll give you the sizes and numbers. I have a few other questions to ask you too.


I called earlier about a concerns over replacing hangar door cables with Schweiss patented bifold door straps.  I am now sold on the straps. The end users " the Army" were concerned about the cables  fraying. Now the Colonel wants someone from Schweiss Doors to come out and do a complete maintenance of the 10 big hangar doors and if they need fixing to repair those hangar door concerns. Can you send someone out?


I have an older Schweiss bi fold and need springs that take up the slack in the auto latch cable that runs along the top of the first door panel. I could also use replacement springs for the autolatch system in the center of the door that is under the protective cover (2 springs ea. side.) Then again, I would like you to price what it would cost to retrofit this hangar door with liftstraps and autolatches. I think we may be money ahead by upgrading to straps instead of repairing the old cable system. Please quote me on the strap kits before you mail out any replacement springs.