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I would like a quote on a bifold door for a hangar. The hangar size is 120x100x26. Door size approximately 100x22.


Hello, I recently purchased a used hangar that needs a new door. I already have one of your bifold doors on my current hangar and it’s really nice. I might look at the hydraulic door for my recently purchased hangar. It will need a pedestrian door and couple of windows also. Looking for pricing and will probably do this project this summer. Thank you, Jeff


Hangar door opening is 50'W X 14'H. What is the Form, Fit and Function price. I am not sure which door is better for my needs. I have homemade Bi-Fold Hangar door now and would like to replace it.


I'm needing a quote on 2-16'x16'BI-Fold Hanger doors. Manual Latch 460 volt 3 phase motor. Thanks Tyler


Good Morning, HITT Contracting has been awarded the Patrick HC-130J General Maintenance Hangar project. This project is located at Patrick Space Force Base in Patrick Florida. Looking to get a turnkey number on schweiss hangar door scope of work. I have attached the plans and specs for your review. please let me know if you are interested in taking a look at this for us.


We are bidding a project for 3 hangers that have schweiss doors called out for Johnston Corporate Hangers in NC. Can you submit a quote for schweiss doors complete or direct me to local certified contractors?


Looking to construct box hangars and fulfab declined due to lead time on joists and lead me to you. So looking for a building manufacture to use to go with your doors. specs We would shoot for a TBM 930 size aircraft. Wingspan 42’10” Nose to tail 35’2” Height 14’2” Looking to build out (8) box hangars, so need to determine what our final building size would be to lay out on a site plan (LxWxH). The boxes would be side by side all next to each other with the hangar doors facing the runway, so a large rectangle. Based on the plane size above can you prepare a proposal for us? I would need to know the lead time for approval drawings and fabrication after approval.


I working with Morton Buildings on a pole barn and want to coordinate a schweiss hanger door with them on the build in Noblesville, IN 46060. I need to discuss pricing and timing. In need a 14 foot internal height opening door.


I am having a hanger built in Red Lodge, Montana, this year and I'm looking for a reputable hangar door dealer such as yourself at Schweiss. It is a 50' by 50' hanger, post and beam construction. I also need to know if there is an installation team that can install the door. I am not sure that the building contractor can do this, especially if specialty equipment and tools are needed.


I'm looking for a hanger door manufacturer such as yourself at Schweiss Doors to build a 44'x50'x14' hangar on our property. Please send me a quote for a 46'x14' bifold door.


We are building an 8 unit hangar in Massachusetts and want to use Schweiss bifold lift strap doors. We want to know what hangar company uses your lift strap conversion doors. We have been using Erectatube and are not happy with the quality of their doors. We are not ready for a quote yet the hangar will have 7 48 foot doors and one 670 foot door. Please give me a call at your convenience at the 5086270023 number Peter Rogers BenDavid Builders


Looking for cost effective hanger door option from a reputable bifold door manufacturer. Opening is 10’8”x40’. Thank you.


Building a new aircraft box hangar, steel construction, 70x70 feet in size, scheduled completion date June of 2022. Camdenton Memorial Airport (KOZS), Camdenton, Missouri. Looking for a reliable hangar door manufacturer to help plan a 60' wide by 18' tall bifold hangar door, insulated. I plan to adjust building height to fit the door. No windows or human-sized doors required within the hangar door. I am interested in the automatic latch options and remote control for the door. I would like an emailed quote that includes delivery, please. Thank you! Zane Williams


I'm searching out hangar door manufacturers to provide price of 40' x 12' hangar door using liftstraps, also delivered cost to Madison, Wisconsin.


I require a bifold door for my hangar with the approx dimensions of 15.800 m wide by 4.900m high. My questions are 1.do you have an agent or hangar door manufacturer in Australia ? 2. Do you sell the mechanisms separately as I would imagine the timing along with thecost of shipping the door frame from the USA to Australia would be prohibitive versus having the actual door frame made here in Australia to your specifications? Regards Rob Sherrard


I would like to purchase a single bifold or hydraulic one piece door to replace the existing or to retrofit a door unit to the one I now have. My hangar door arrangement uses two bi-fold side doors and a single one piece in the center measuring 20 feet wide by 11 feet in height. Originally the hangar was called "port a port" it is quite strong and made of steel on my property. I have never been totally satisfied with the mechanical spring operated lift arrangement but your lift strap design I believe will be most satisfactory. If you could retrofit the existing mechanism that would be great.


Working up a hangar build, and I will need a 50’X16’ door. Bifold or hydraulic. I am open to both styles. Here in Kansas we seem to prefer the big hydraulic doors because they offer such a nice shaded overhang when open. Thank you, Michael Snow


I'm Dr Grace, I live within the City, A relative you helped to fixed Windows and Doors directed me to you because he said you were a reputable door manufacturer.


Budgeting for a hangar and for a reliable hangar door manufacturer like Schweiss. Will break ground 6-12 months. Insulated, man door in the bi-fold, and auto latching mechanism.


I was looking for a bifold liftstrap and automatic latching hanger door manufacturer and was told Schweiss should be my one and only pick. I am building a hanger and I have an opening of 95' x 34'. I am thinking it might be best to do a 80' x 30' door. Please let me know if you agree. I would be interested in a hydraulic door or bi fold. Is there a style you make that you would recommend? Call if you have questions


Hi there. I need to replace my hangar doors and would love a bifold door. But I could use some advice and expertise from a proven hangar door manufacturer such as yourself.


We are looking for pricing and availability from a reputable hangar door manufacturer on a 24x16 hanger door for an upcoming project in Elmvale, Ontario.. Thanks, Eric


I am looking for reputable hangar door manufacturer to give a preliminary pricing on a 20'x 70' bifold liftstrap door for an aircraft hangar. Our company will be upgrading one of our jets and it won't fit with the door we presently have. We are looking for something that doesn't need a lot of clearance. If someone could contact me or even have a chance to come to our hangar to look at what we have that would be great.


I would like your hangar door manufacturer recommendation for a bifold low maintenance hangar door that will be for a 75' X 75' aircraft hangar. Our preliminary door measurements are 65' X 15.5'. The hangar will have a 20' Eave height. Could you let me know which doors you offer and the approximate cost of each option. I was thinking perhaps a strap lift bi-fold door if that is a good option. However, I am a pilot, not a hangar expert, and would appreciate any guidance you can furnish. Thank you very much!


We are looking at building a new hanger. Plan is for a 60x60 or 80x80 hanger. We are working out a deal with the airport so we are running numbers. The newer hangers at the site have your brand, hydraulic doors. Looking for rough cost for estimating but would like some options, bifold / hydraulic and glass options. If you could provide what a bifold and hydraulic door cost and then if you have any rough ideas on additional cost for glass options, that would help us with estimating and to narrow down what we would be interested in. I do know that the pilots here do want remote openers and they also seem to like the bifold liftstrap doors.


Looking for a hangar door manufacturer who can give me a fair price on a bifold hangar door 40 ft by 17 ft 3 in electric liftstrap bifold or hydralic movement. door jamb installation.


This is for a project called "Murfreesboro Airport - South Terminal - Hangar #1 Replacement". I have no specifications, only that I purchase from a reputable Hangar Door Manufacturer like Schweiss and get a quote request for the building and the hangar doors.


We are looking for a cost proposal for a Private Aircraft Hangar Door Manufacturer in Driggs, ID. Size of the Schweiss Bifold hangar door is 45' x 16' clear opening. We would like a furnish and installed price. Feel free to call at 208-524-4689. Thank you.


I'm shopping for a reputable hangar door manufacturer to get me a bifold door on a hangar building for my personal use and most manufactures need to know what kind of door I will be using. So I'm pricing doors. I know it will be either hydraulic or bifold. so those are the two quotes I'm really looking for. Also I would like to know the price on the build your own door, and also on the bifold self supporting door. I want to see the cost difference on the self supporting door with the reduced cost of the hangar structure. Thanks Larry Stahl


Hello - I received your hangar door manufacturer email on the Superstructure Tripod Self-Supporting bifold door. We would like quotes for the Bi-Fold with Lift Straps for (2) hangars in Bermuda Dunes Airport, CA 48' x 12' 58' x 16' For comparison, can we also get quotes for the traditional building-supported bi-fold doors, so we can compare Butler supporting the doors vs. your new self-supporting system. Thanks,


Good day, We are currently in the design/drawing phase of our new hangar located at Carefree Skyranch airport in Carefree, AZ and would like more hangar door manufacturer information and a quote on a bi-fold hangar door. The hangar will be of block construction. Please call or email at your earliest convenience


I'm comparing costs from hangar door manufacturers. Please what could be the average cost for a standard Global 7500 aircraft hangar bifold liftstrap door? Please include all available options. Thank you. Funtua


This is a budget request for a hangar door manufacturer project in missoula, mt. We are looking for quotes for the 2 glass, bi-fold doors explained below. This hangar door project isn't fully designed yet. Would a 24' tall clear opening provide a clearance of 16' when the door is in the open state? We need to be able to provide 16' of clearance with an open door. Could I please get pricing information by March 4? Thank you.


I am interested in budget pricing for a Schweiss hangar door manufactured bi-fold doors similar to the doors I have seen in your articles used in restaurant/bar settings. We are designing a pool house in Wisconsin and looking for doors that will allow the area to be wide open when weather allows but easily closed up when not in use and think these Schweiss hangar design style doors would be a great addition. The approximate size openings we'd be looking to fill are: 1 x 17'w x 9'H 2 x 6' x 9'H Thank you for your help with this!


My hangar door manufacturer of choice will always be Schweiss Doors. I have a Custom build customer looking for singles strap bifold door - 44 ft. Looking for general pricing to suggest to them. Thanks much! hangar home door will be detached from home and will likely have two additional car bays


I'm hearing Schweiss Doors is the best hangar door manufacturer on the planet. Looking for a quote for both a hydraulic and bi-fold door thats 40ft wide and 10/12 ft tall. For an aircraft hanger door. Thank you. Brad


This would be for a residential garage and we are looking for more information from a reliable hangar door manufacturer on these types of doors. Can you include a door opening in the quote? 84"H x Shweiss generic width. Would you also be able to include CAD detailed bifold door example drawings? It doesn't have to match this dimensions stated in the quote. Thanks so much!


I'm looking for a hangar door manufacturer who can supply 3 bifold strap doors. 2-30' wide 22' tall and 1-30' wide 17' tall. What options do you have. I want them insulated, no windows, and white. Please email me some ideas. This will be in a new building being built in May 2021. Thank you