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New construction and need a hangar door for an opening of 44 x 16 feet. Need an estimate and warranty info.


Need a hangar door - bi- fold. 40 X 11:3. Hangar in Texas. Frankston. ( T25 ) Cost estimate Please


I am engineering a steel hangar for a client who wants to install a new 50'X16' bi-fold door. Could you please provide product details to facilitate this, including weight, installation/anchor points for the door, and any other relevant specifications? Thank you.


Building is still in it's beginning phases. Roughly I was thinking of a 60x40 ft hangar with a door 12ft high * 36ft wide. I'm open to seeing what my options are before committing to a specific size. Thanks so much in advance!


I am building a hanger that is 40 feet wide and 14 feet tall and want to put the most affordable door on as possible.


Looking for a quote on a Insulated strap bifold. 60ft wide by 16 ft tall We are at the Huron SD airport KHON.


Looking for a dealer in Pierce County, Washington or one nearby. Building a hangar in Buckley, WA. Thanks


Need pricing on 3 hangar door 50x16 40x12 40x12 Availability, pricing and lead time. Colorado Springs East airport


Hi, I'm working on a new hangar building and would like to specify your bifold standard door. Our opening is 60'-0" long and 25'-0" wide. I'd like to understand if that door size is available, get a ballpark price to the Owner, and understand the weights / loading for our structural engineer. At this time the door will not have glass, but I do like the idea and would be curious how much cost that may add. Thank you!


We would like to replace our homemade door to our hanger as it was damage in the hurricane. Please reach out to discuss dimensions and get hanger door quote.


I need a quote for (1) door to replace wind damaged Wilson bifold door on 60' X 80' hangar building.


Looking for a quote on a 12h x 45w foot bifold hangar door with built in man door.


Interested in a quote for a bifold door. My hangar iwill be 40x50 with a 40’ end open for the door.


We are building a 8400 sq ft airplane hanger in Michigan. Steel Building. Need bifold hanger doors sizes as follows; 1 door 54 feet wide x 17 feet high. 2 doors 45 feet by 13 feet high and 2doors 40 feet wide by 10 feet high. We need pricing for the doors and installation- Thank you.


Looking for 40x12 hangar door. Interested in the Bifold Door.This will be going on new wood construction.


Please provide a price quote on a 45' X 14' door that will go on a hangar to be built after the first of the year in Loco, Oklahoma (zip code 73442). Send quote for the one piece hydraulic door and the strap bifold door.


Talked to Brent just now. requesting a bi fold strap door 56 wide 17 high. Need specs for door before I can request quote on hanger. thank you, Richard


Need pricing for a 65' by 20' bifold hangar door to be installed in Plymouth Massachusetts


Looking for a hangar door from schweiss. The actual door size is 48'4" x 17'0" Are these insulated? If you could give me a quote for a couple different doors that you have for the size of the hangar, that would be great. We do get heavy winds at times, so it would have to hold up to the wind gusts. Thank you


Hello, I am looking for a hydraulic power lifting door from Schweiss for my aircraft hangar door. Most of my friends in the aviation community have your doors. Look forward to working together.


I would like a quote for a Schweiss bi-fold door. For hanger on my property in Ridge Landing Airpark, FL


Overhead door company looking for a price on (1) 44'-6" x 14'-0" Bifold (10) 41'-6" x 12'-0" Bifold New hangar development in MO


I am building a 50x50 Airplane Hangar with 16 foot walls and am looking for a bifold door with lift straps. I was wondering if a 45 foot door would work and would like to get a price quote. I am looking for it to be insulated and since I live n west Texas the wind blows so structural strength is important. I could do a 40 foot if it would be better. I am not apposed to a hydraulic door also. Thanks, Cody


Need to get quote for qty 8 bifold hanger doors: 110' wide, 28' clear. This is the first time I have requested a quote, so I need someone to walk me through all the information that is needed and what bifold door upgrades are available. Thank you, Trent


I need a bifold automatic strap latching hangar door 42'wide ( /-) with a 14' open height. Please advise what are options, cost and availability. Thanks Mark


This is for a rough order of magnitute. The project is a maintenace hanger so not decorative, but will want a walk door and remote opener. If 19' high is not a typical dimension then please advice accordingly. Thank you Anita


Need to get quotes on hydraulic doors for a hangar project and compare between hydraulic and bi-fold to determine which fits best into my hangar door budget.


I purchased a 40' bi-fold door with straps in about 2009 for my hanger at home, it's still working great. Last fall I built a hanger at Big Falls, MN Airport. This is a pole structure 42'wide by 12' high. I am looking for a price on a Liftstrap and auto latch door for this unit.


Building a 50' x 50' hangar. Have a Piper Malibu with 43' wingspan. How wide can we make the bifold door? Is 47' possible?


i talked with Mike Schweiss at Oshkosh. i'm looking to replace my hangar door with a bifold Liftstrap door.. the opening is 40x10 currently and looking to see if i might adjust that to 40x12. What is cost and availability? i would also need advice as to whether current slab and/or door framing are of sufficient strength. Best, Phil


I'm interested in the cost of one of your bi-fold doors for an aircraft hangar 50'feet wide with a 17' open height.I'm wondering if I'll need a freestanding header for this heavy strap door? Thank you and best regards, Mike Moore


I am looking at building an Airplane Hanger at my Residence. I would like a standard bottom driven, Bi-fold Liftstrap door with auto latches and remote opener, 14' X 40'. Do you have an Alaska dealer? Do you have a standardized premade door that would be about the correct size I stated? Herb


I am building a 50x60 hangar, and would like a quote on your both you bifold and hydraulic door. Probably will not be ready until November. Door will need three windows and auto latch and remote opener systems.


Would like a variety to bifold strap door sizes and prices with a door big enough to handle my Cessna 180 on floats which has a wingspan of 35.10 ft. and height of 12.2 ft.. Not sure what size hangar to build but the minimum door width would have to be 38 feet and I'd like it to be 14 ft. tall to fit my plane. Price to include remote opener and automatic latching system.


I am looking at a 50x 80 steel hangar with a fiberglass and wood door. I would prefer a quote for a new bi-fold steel door. I assume that I will need to source the door skin panels myself or do you have options for those?


Need ballpark quote on 40' x 14' bi-fold strap door installed on new hangar. Projected timefram is Sep-Oct 2021.


neeed quotes on a good 40' x 12' bifold liftstrap hanger door to be installed with a Steel Commander steel building for an Aircraft Hanger! Thanks Bob


looking for a 40 door for a hanger about to be built, what is a general price? what is the lead time? likely 18 foot eves 22 foot ceiling. Liftstraps, auto latches, remotes.


I called a few weeks ago regarding a 100' x 28' bifold strap door and received a verbal back of the envelope quote. We have since revised our specs to a smaller door. We are building a hangar at VRB airport and are considering Bifold strap doors with auto latching system doors. The hangar will be 100' x 100' with an 80' x 25' office structure attached at the rear. I would appreciate a quote on a 90 foot wide (clear opening) by 26 foot high (clear opening) bifold door, hurricane rated to 160 mph. We are using a Florida fabricator for the steel building and would need door specs for their consideration. We also need power requirement for the door. We would expect construction to begin early to mid summer.


We are a company that buildings steel buildings and currently have a customer wanting a bi-fold airplane hanger door with your liftstraps and automatic locking attachments, size is 38 wide x 13 tall. We work with Action Garage Door here in Idaho and they would be the ones installing the door, just need a price for a door and what the shipping would be to get it here.


Looking for standard hanger doors that will accommodate a 30 foot wingspan, so I'm thinking 35 to 38 foot wide door by 15 feet tall. Please advise what you think would be best for my situation, also need to keep cost down for two bifold Liftstrap doors. Please submit quote for two bifold hangar doors with liftstrap option, thank you very much. Best regards, Paul Kaleta psqd633@aol.com 619-569-7037


We are looking into pricing for an Hangar door 50' Wide x 16' Tall with installed in a Metal building located in Panguitch, UT. Can you tell me the cost of your interlocking insulation panels, what a clean look they give to your bifold doors.


We are a design build contractor that is working with American Buildings Company on a 100'x300' building. We have an 18' tall 80' wide hangar door that we are looking to put into the project. They have suggested you as they mentioned they've worked with your company in the past and would easily be able to provide the load information and related specs to make sure we have everything matching between the building and one of your superior built bifold liftstrap/ autlatch door. this lead to me emailing you as we need a price on the door materials. Please contact me through email or via phone. the number I listed above is my cell phone. We are looking for a price and specs so that I can make sure our building is spec'd properly and I also am presenting a price to our customer Thank you and talk soon Aaron


We are preparing a proposal for a contract that shall not exceed more than 5 years. It consists of performing the maintenance and repairs of approximately 175 hangar doors at Hunter Army Airfield (HAAF) and Fort Stewart (FSGA), Georgia. Please email me stating that you are capable of performing this big hangar bifold job. Then after, I can send the scope via email. Thanks, Hunter


Hello- We are building a hangar in Mattawa, Wa (M94 Desert Aire). We are looking for a 48x16 Bifold liftstrap hangar door with windows and are at a point we need to provide our architect / engineer specs for permits submittal. Can you help us out with some information and quote some options. We are close to submittal and will begin construction in about 5 weeks (assuming we get submitted for permit in next week). Best contact for questions on phone is Carl.


Hi, I was wondering what if may cost to have a 25ft by 10ft bifolding liftstrap door installed for a model airplane club hangar? It would be nice if it had some windows to let light in. I can go greater in detail on the project over an email. I hope we can figure something out. Thanks


looking for a quote for a Bifold hanger door with lift straps and lots of windows. size is 20' x 80' long. project is in Muskoka, Canada


hello, my name is john mclaughlin; recently i was hired by a contractor, james lavold inc., to do a refit of 14 existing cable powered bifold doors to the schweiss strap setup at the vero beach airport. in addition to myself i worked with another welder, william smith, of smith's welding based in sebastian, fl. here is the problem, the job was run by the owner's son, who under other circumstances might be adequate as a lead man for a less involved install. however, for this job he had no knowledge of welding and welding practices and actually purchased a 110 volt mig welder and attempted to do the install of the first door with it. (check with your welding foreman to see how well that would work.) here is my issue. at the top of the door you have fabricated a small U-shaped clip that the strap passes through on it's way to the ratcheting takeup unit. this bracket was placed at the bottom of the top horizontal member and welded in place. however, the rear of the bracket could not be welded without much repositioning and possibly switching from the flux cored gun i was using to run E71T-11 wire to a stick electrode. so william (bill) and i were instructed not to weld the backside of the clip. both of us suggested that that was not a good idea. i emailed and texted my concern to jim lavold and on several occasions raised the issue with the foreman, mike lavold. i stopped when i could see that this news was not something he liked or wanted to deal with. i did a screen shot of the page that displays the clip with the door fully opened and explained to him that the direction of force on the clip made it advisable to weld the clip all around. i asked him if he had a copy of dwgs with weld symbols and if he did that i am sure the arrow would have indicated - weld all around. What would you suggest, sincerely, john mclaughlin 772 welding llc 772 834 9077


I am needing a quote for a 40' Strap lift bifolding hangar door 11' tall. No windows or man doors, but include remote opener price. Thank You


I would like a quote for a 60 foot wide x 20 foot high lift strap bi-fold hangar door with windows from floor to ceiling. If 20 feet high is not standard height let me know what the standard height is, and send a quote for that as well! Thank you very much! Also, let me know standard width!


New hangar door. I would like to get a quote on a door that is 76'.wide x24' tall. And also one that is 54' wide and 18' tall. Bi fold or single piece hydraulic.


Hi, I just bought a hangar and I need a price quote on a door for a 42'x 11' hangar door.Looking for the most economical unit ,that you offer. Want the door delivered to my area. Thanks


looking for a no frills bifold hangar door - pricing NEED 60' wide x 18' tall opening. Not sure if that means 62? 64? wide for safety factor? 18' tall clear opening is fine. thanks, tim


Looking for a price on 7 bifold hangar doors 40' long by 12' high with a man door installed in them.


Have a Schweiss Bi-fold door on my 50' X 50' hangar. Would like to know the approximate cost of converting from the cable system to the belt system. Hangar was built in 2001/2002 time frame. Jerry Engel, former owner, had hangar built and door installed.


Our flying club needs a new hangar door. The dimensions are 60 feet wide, 20 feet high. Could you please provide me with planning costs on both of your designs hydraulic & straps. The door would have to be insulated as well. Also, could you provide literature on your two designs. Thanks, Kim


We are considering building a small box hangar. I would like a quote on a 12'x45' bifold door and the same size hydraulic door.


I have a project in Dutchess County, NY to refurbish an existing 20' X 60' hangar door. Is this something you can help with? Please reach out to discuss thanks Marcus


Trying to get a idea of what a hangar door would cost, needing a 40x12 bi-fold. Location could be on either a side or end wall.


I would like a quote on a 40' bifold door... 14' high. It is for a small residential 45'x45' hangar/ shop.


We are building a hangar and want an 80 ft x 23 ft hangar door opening. Interested in Bi-Fold, not hydraulic. Can bi-fold doors do this large work reliably? If so, what cost for this size of a bi-fold with the usual options.


I'm looking for a quote for a bifold hangar door with a clear opening of 50' x 15' for a customer of mine.


I am in negotiations with contractors in Foley, Alabama. They will be building the new hangar and I am curious on cost difference between 12 feet high and 14. The data below states 12 feet as I feel that is minimum but would like quote for 14 as well if that is OK.


Looking for quote for Hanger Door going into Waukesha, WI. Door Size 45' wide x 18' clear. Door will fit into endwall of Star Building. Let me know if you need anything else. Thanks!


Have a hangar 100' X 130" Looking to add a new door for a min 48' wing span would like 54' would like min 22' clear opening height best 14' I have the room for either door style door. Price could be a factor, if both are about the same price, then the bifold would be my choice. This would be a August or later construction date. The current building is tan with red trim. Building is 25 years old. 90% of the time this door will be closed Dec 1st thru April 15th Used during the warm weather. Building unprotected from North wind, Door will be on the West wall. 20 to 30mph winds are very common here and 50mph to 70mph at least 3 or 4 times a year. I am looking for a easy door to open, 95% of the time I open the door. This building holds boats in the winter months and Airplanes in the summer, I own a Marina next to a grass runway, no snow removal so no planes land in the winter. I have 4 fork trucks and a large payloader to unload anything. This door will replace a sliding door so the opening will need to be enlarged to fit the new door. I will need to beef up the building to hold this new door. Head room is most important for large equipment to enter the building.


We have a project to quote a hangar at the Klawock Airport. Was quoted one a few years back that is located there. We want a 41' wide by 14' high clear opening. Loads and codes: Loads and Codes - Shape: Hangar Building Code: 2015 International Building Code Structural: 10AISC - ASD Rainfall: 4.00 inches per hour Building Risk/Occupancy Category: II (Standard Occupancy Structure) Cold Form: 12AISI - ASD 3000.00 psi Concrete Roof Live Load Wind Load Snow Load Seismic Load Roof Live Load: 20.00 psf Reducible Wind Speed: Vult: 145.00 (Vasd: 112.32) mph Ground Snow Load: 60.00 psf Spectral Response - Ss:44.10 %g Collateral Gravity:2.00 psf The 'Envelope Procedure' is Used Flat Roof Snow: 45.36 psf Spectral Response - S1:35.10 %g Collateral Uplift: 0.00 psf Wind Exposure: C Design Snow (Sloped): 45.36 psf Seismic Design Category: D Wind Enclosure: Enclosed Rain Surcharge: 0.00 Soil Profile Type: Stiff soil (D) Base Elevation: 0/0/0 Specified Minimum Roof Snow: 40.00 psf (USR) Diaphragm Condition: Flexible Topographic Factor: 1.0000 Snow Exposure Category: 1 Fully Exposed Frame Redundancy Factor:1.3000 Brace Redundancy Factor:1.3000 NOT Windborne Debris Region Acceleration Ratio Frames:0.1216 Acceleration Ratio Bracing:0.1309 % Snow Used in Seismic: 20.00


I'm building a new hangar in Utah and looking for a price on a 18' by 60' clear strap type bifold door. There is at least one additional hangar being built at the same time as mine, so if there is a multi door discount available please let me know. Thank you. Jillian


Good morning I have a hangar door that will need to be replaced It is 30' x 60' in height Tampa, fl How soon can we get a door installed? Cost? Nick


We are building a new hangar here in GA and we would like to have quote for the following items: 1. two (2) each 20' x 10' bi-fold doors. 2. one (1) hydraulic door panel 60' x 22' Please call me if there is any question. Thanks, Charlie


I am reconsidering the door on an upcoming Hangar build. The Hangar is 42ft tall with 10ft top to bottom clearance. I cannot recall side to side clearance, but it is likely 39 or 40 feet. I have a hydraulic door at present in my specs but may need to downsize to lower costs. This is where your hydraulic and bifold door come in. What would the approximate cost be for a bifold given the specs above? Hydraulic? Lastly, we will likely install ourselves unless we run up against time. What is the rate for your installer? The location is in SD. Prefer email contact at this time. Thanks.


I'm putting together plans and specifications for a new hangar to be built in MS. The bi-fold door clearance is 55'x17'. Will you provide preliminary information for this door? I plan to specify Schweiss. Thank you, Samuel, PE


Looking for some budget pricing on a hangar door 70'x16' or 70'x18' Hangar is in the design stage so if there is an nominal size that helps cost that information would be helpful. Thanks for your time, Ben


Looking for a price on a lift-strap bi-fold hangar door, 60' wide x 20' high; IBC 2015, wind load 148 MPH, South Carolina.  This would be delivered, tax included, siding will be supplied by another company.


We have a hanger project on PIB Island off the coast of Lake Erie near Toledo, Ohio. We need a quote for a 40' W x 14'6" H clear opening one-piece Hydraulic Door. Please provide rep contact info and pricing. Thank you, Mark N.


I am requesting some information about the maximum size of a Bi-Fold hanger door. I am working with hangar doors that are 108 feet wide by 29 feet tall. Please let me know if we have to change the specifications for it.


I would like for you to quote a project of mine in Lynchburg, Virginia that has a large hangar door that is 110'x28'. Thanks, David D.


I am building a new hangar in Minden, NV. I am looking at two building concepts. one with two doors and one with a single door. i would like a quote on a door 75' wide with 18' foot tall and another 60 wide with 18 foot tall. If there is a significant price difference, i would consider a 16' clearing. Thank you, John W.


I am in the planning stages of building an aircraft hanger and am leaning towards a wood building if I can get the headroom I need with wood trusts. I am also leaning towards a bifold door but again it is probably going to depend on what kind of head room I can get out of my building. I would like a 14-16 foot door opening by 40ft wide. I will be putting my hanger against a 100 year old barn(which is why I have a height issue) with cedar bat&board siding on it and would like to continue the siding on my hanger to match the barn but am worried a bifold door will not be able to handle the weight of that much wood. the cedar siding is a true 1" thick board. Would either style door be able to handle the weight and if so what kind of price range would I be looking at ? Thank You, Bryan D.


I'm looking to gather price information for a Schweiss one-piece hydraulic door measuring 65' wide and able to open 18' high. This is for a new hangar facility we are trying to budget for. I'm not looking for anything special as far as finishes go, just plain metal siding with 4" of insulation. Thank you.


We build a hangar in 2008 with a Schweiss one-piece hydraulic door. I think the doors were 40'x 16'??? It was a 4 unit hangar. We are building another hangar identical to this one. I need a quote for this project. Thanks, Daren


We need your offer urgently for our new hangar. Please provide references to your customers with lift-strap bifold and one-piece hydraulic doors of similar or greater size.


Looking to build a hanger and would like to know the cost of both of lift-strap bi-fold and a one-piece hydraulic door in a 40' by 12' opening.


I called today and spoke with you guys to request a quote for a bifold hangar door that was the same as a door ordered a few years ago from you and installed in an adjacent hanger. I woulds like to make a couple changes to old order that I went over with you guys. the height remains the same but the width is a few inches smaller. We would also like to reverse the walk door to the right side viewed from out side the building and have the control panel mounted the hanger wall just inside the door. we also would like this door powered by 220-240 volts please also include a shipping quote if not included normally for your door. I also wanted to go through any options or changes or upgrades that may be available from the last door a couple years ago. I would like a price for the door plus shipping only we will handle the installation Thank you Stan


I have one of your bifold doors on my hanger and my friend/ adjacent hanger owner is interested in a bifold hangar door also. Wondered if you had any specials and would like a quote. Thanks, Rick


I'm still trying to weigh out options, but I think that the inside of the hangar will be 12' ceilings. I would like to have a minimum 10' opening from the floor to the bottom of the door. I see that both doors lose no headroom, but I'm leaning towards a hydraulic hangar door. Thanks, Bryan


We just bought a house with a Schweiss bi-fold garage door. It works very well and I want to put one on my hangar as well, please call me with information. Thanks


Client looking for budget price on bifold hangar door for at the Manitoba airport. This is design build. Door to be 100' x 30'h Thanks Darren


Need to get a price on a hydraulic hangar door. Its a new build. It will be 50' and I would like the door to be weathertight and insulated! Thanks,  Robert


I work at an Iowa airport. They have one of your powerful bifold doors on a large hanger. It is very impressive and I would like to install one on my own hangar. Thanks Glen


I am building a 46' x 60' steel building with 17' sidewalls. Hangar door will be a bi-fold 40' x 14' or comparable installed on the gable end. Job is in East Texas. My metal guy needs specs on a door. Please contact me for further information. Thanks!


Hi, I have a 80' by 80' hangar in Caldwell, Idaho with one of your 60' wide lift strap bifold doors. In the past I have also had a hangar in Texas with a 60 x 18 Strap. I am building an 80' wide by 100' deep stick built hangar in Stevensville, Montana and want to order a 60' x 17' or 18' lift strap bi fold door. Can you give me a quote delivered. Also, can you arrange installation? Thanks, Gavin


 I need a price on a Bifold Liftstrap Hangar door roughly 58' x 16' Please send me an email with a contact, I'll be wanting liftstraps, autolatches and remote opener. Have question on access door and windows.


I am looking for Schweiss door spec's on a Bifold strap lift door that will be 42' wide with and open door height of 16ft. I am planning on installing it on a Steel building and need door details to quote the hanger. Thanks, Rob


I am looking for an inexpensive solution for a small hanger door for my aircraft. Door opening size is 8 ft x 27 ft minimum. The color would be red. What do you suggest, a bifold liftstrap door or hydraulic one-piece Schweiss door?


I would like a quote on a bifold liftstrap door for a small aircraft hangar. The door opening size is 40' wide by 10' high. The hangar is only for cold storage, so an insulated door is not required. Manual door latches will do.  Thanks


Looking to construct new 50 foot wide hangar. How much for 48 foot wide bifold straplifting door and 14 feet tall. Need pricing for windows, walk in door and remote control operation.


Building a hangar looking at the strap bi-fold. need rough in dimensions for a 60' wide by ? 14' to 18' tall...what is typical for light aircraft doors? Also need same door for a 45' wide opening. trying to get the metal building quoted. Do you offer bifold door installation in Ohio as well?


I am converting an old barn into an fixed wing aircraft hangar. So, I would need a free standing door frame and a bifold hangar door installed on an end wall. The aircraft door needs to be wide enough for a Stinson 108 with a wing span of 34 feet. Price for a hangar door to accomodate this aircraft and a door tall enough for agricultural equipment as well. 


We installed a strap type bifold hangar door last year and found that it lives up to everything Schweiss Doors says it is. They are faster, smoother and safer doors. 


I am in cost-estimating phase of erecting a 40'x50' aircraft tail hangar door on our airstrip / family farm. Provide door specs, door comparisons and costs for liftstrap bifold doors and hydraulic doors. The door should maximize width of a metal hangar with a 40' end wall. This insulated hangar door will need a clearance height for a single engine aircraft, such as my Piper Cub. Will a hangar door eave height of 12' be sufficient, or do I need an eave height of 14'? I would like at least 18" door clearance between the opened door and the plane's vertical tail. Provide a rough estimate of man-hours involved in unloading, erecting & hanging tail hangar doors, as well as the shipping costs? 


Need quote for four ultra glide hangar doors. Size of opening is 55' by 16'. Only interested in Schweiss bifold liftstrap quonset building doors. Price walk door, auto latches and remote opener.


Need quote for a 54' wide x 14' high bifold hangar door for a small uninsulated 50 x 80 Hangar. Please provide the price to include liftstraps, remotes and a side entry lockable door.


Looking for a 44' x 15 remote opening metal floatplane hangar door, bifolding liftstrap door, non hydraulic, electric fully automated door.  Price best windrated hangar door and price door upgrades separate.


Looking for info regarding maximum sizes for bifold doors on a new experimental airplane hangar. Our opening is 58 meters wide by 14 meters high. Can you make suggestions on whether or bifold hangar door or your one piece hydraulic door would be better for a large aircraft hangar door? Can Schweiss Doors be windrated doors.


I need quotes for 2 Bi-Fold Hang Glider Hanger Doors with liftstraps: 31' x 8' 7" with walk door and auto lock/unlock (115 volt) 54' x 14' frame only (220 volt) Please quote door freight and door delivery time also. 


I am interested in a 55' wide, 12' high Schweiss liftstrap model bifold door for a hangar that I plan on building in Missouri. I would like to get a budgetary quote along with ordering information details, such as available options like a walk door and remote opener. Email would be the easiest way to contact me. Thanks, Bart


I'm looking for a bifold door for an airplane hangar with Schweiss patented liftstraps and remote opener. The approx opening is 55' X 15'. No insulation. Can you give me a price? Thanks Scott 


I have an older metal hanger that is about 25 years old. The door opening is 48 wide x 16 Tall. I'm wondering what it would cost to get one of your Schweiss doors and what options would be the most affordable ie: bifold or one piece. The hangar currently has sliding doors on it and may need a free standing header, please price that as well as a remote opener with extra handheld.  Thanks, Glenn


We are doing another hanger and I am looking for a quote for a 40' x 12' Schweiss liftstrap hanger door. I am also looking for specifications for the truss load so I can get them engineered and quoted. The door is going in a 48' wall and was also wondering if you have any engineering for 4' on either side of the door. The building is 2x6 with 14' walls, (which if I remember correctly), may not be tall enough to accomodate the door when open. The foundation is a monolithic slab but will have reinforced footers and hold downs on either side of the door. Door to be shipped to Alaska. Thank you.


Building is a 60 ft by 60 ft wood frame hangar with steel siding and roof. Door on end wall with 5 ft of siding on each end. Wind loading 105 mph. Snow loading 90 lb/sqft. Need door in early July. Please include door weight and shipping cost with quote. Quote both steel and aluminum frame, insulated, walk door, windows and remote opener. Thanks.


Would like quote for new liftstrap Schweiss bi-fold insulated hanger door. demensions 18'H x 57'L in both aluminum and steel W/ lifting straps and autolatches.  I've seen a number of your bifold and hydraulic doors in Alaska and Canada. You put together a quality built hangar door and what I really like is the attention to detail. You treat your customers the way they should be treated.  Great doors.


Hi, I am looking for Bi-Fold Door with Schweiss Lift Straps for my new all metal hangar. The cutout size is 43`x 12`. Send me an price offer and the delivery. I will need the doors to be shipped in CZ latest end of June or July 2013. Waiting for Your offer. Thank You very much. Best regards. PS: I will be at Sun N Fun, will talk to you then.


New hangar planned for Brookings, SD airport. Would like entry door frame installed in  bifold liftstrap door. Also would like to know what size header is required.


We are interested in bifold hangar style doors. We'd like to get a estimate on a 7' x 9' door. Can you send us information on the door? No need to send anything on liftstraps, I already know that they are what I want. Wouldn't even consider a bifold door if cables were my only option. Cables can be a real pain in the petoot!  Look forward to hearing from you!! Thank you, Murph.


Please send info on 50' x 15 aircraft hanger Schweiss liftstrap bi fold door with autolatch feature and backup system costs....location to be used. 88101.


Pricing out to build a Hanger, door opening would be 50'x 18', either a bifold liftstrap or a one peice Schweiss hydraulic. Is this something you could supply the pricing for me? My company would be doing the erection of the hangar building.


Looking for a Schweiss bi-fold door on an existing hangar, steel building, opening 15x50 with one pass through door. installation date; summer 2013. Provide three windows equally spaced across the width of the door in the upper panel. Window size approximately 6' x 2'6"   Please quote.


Currently in initial process of hangar construction. Mainly interested in Schweiss Hydrolic door but would like to see other Bifold liftstrap option costs.


Pricing bi-fold (liftstrap/autolatch) doors on an existing hangar for our client. The existing structure currently has no door, just the clear opening sizes mentioned below. Please call or email with questions. KAS




The Bifold Schweiss liftstrap hangar door I just ordered from you is to be installed on a existing concrete block constructed hangar with pre-engineered roof trusses and wood door framing. The location is at  Englewood. Florida. Looking forward to seeing your installation crew come down. I'll show them a good time. Do they like to eat alligator tail?


I am in the process of designing a hangar and was wondering what the weight and price of a 40 x 14 bi-fold liftstrap door with autolatches and man door would be. Thanks 


 I'm building aircraft hangar in Watertown Wis. Need quote on 46' wide bi-fold door with 14' minimum clear opening. I price (and quality) shopped and found your door is the best deal for the buck. Door is for spring delivery. I am an EAA member. Best place to initially reach me is my cell.


We are designing two 50' x 50' x 16' hangars and would like information to select the type of door, Schweiss hydraulic or Liftstrap Bifold, to include in the design. What Schweiss door are most pilots putting on a door this size.


I am looking into getting some budget pricing for a 70'0" Wide x 24'0" High Overhead door, intended for an aircraft hangar. I would be interested in comparing a bifold liftstrap design door to a hydraulic "Red Power" one. I would greatly appreciate if you could assist me with the inquiry.


Need a new Schweiss Bifold straplift door for an existing hangar delivered and installed in the northern Vermont area. Opening 49'x16' Do you have a local distributor? How soon can you get the door to me?


I would like to get a quote on 1-40X16 BiFold Liftstrap Door with remotes. (Airplane Hanger) FRAME: Wood New Construction WIND LOAD: Approximately 90 MPH With a Single Phase Operator. ******WE WILL BE FURNISHING THE SHEETING. ******How much headroom will this require????


I am requesting a quote for a hangar door, 45'0"x12'0", for a new hangar. Ordering of the hangar building package is pending a final door selection for coordination. Order will be placed within the next 60 days and quantity will be 1 or 2. I want a liftstrap Bifold door with autolatches, horn and lights and walk thru door.       


Gentlemen, I need a hangar door, currently have 40' by 10' framed opening. Need the width to be full 40' at wing height. Finished height not critical. Would appreciate Quote on both Bifold and Hydraulic door. Liftstraps and Red Power Hydraulic Pump. Walk-in door and remotes too. Thanks,


Need a quote and product information on a replacement hanger door . Getting rid of my old sliding monster and want to replace it with Schweiss liftstrap Bifold door. Current door is 30 yr.old erect-a-tube. Want insulation and steel ext.or alum ext sheathing


Hi, I need a quote for a hydraulic Red Power "Hi-Swing" one piece door. The dimensions are 25 meters X 8 meters tall. Please let me know if you need pictures of the hangar. Thanks, Alejando in Xalapa


We're building a hangar in Boone Iowa using a engineered building. I need a budgetary price for a bifold door w/straps large enough for a Pilatus PC-12. We current'y have a Cirrus, but I'm building with growth in mind! Thanks,


I have a customer with a Schweiss bifold door on his airplane hangar. It is Model S12, No. CL9, Serial No. 1120869. How high will it open? We open it fully and measure it the opening is about 12' 7" high, but the door appears to be able to sandwich another foot or so tighter/higher. I have a client with an airplane with a 12' 8" tail height. Can this door be adjusted to fold higher than it does now?


I am modifying an existing steel building (40x56) into an aircraft hangar and would like to install a 40x12 or 40x14 bi-fold Schweiss Liftstrap door on the side. If you could please provide a quote for both door sizes. Thanks


We need a hangar door (bi-fold strap lift): width 15,30 meters, clear 3,50 meters with insulation, electic or hydraulic operation. Your quote should include shipping, time to delivery and installation (if practicable) to Hamburg, Germany. Thank you


I am bidding a job with 2 hangar doors in it. I bought a bifold door from you 10 years ago and it is still working great. Please price out the 2 doors for me. This would be new construction and have some variance for a good deal or a way to be more competitive with your lift strap system.


Please price the folowing Bi Fold door with straps and autolock straps and alternate on Hydralic one piece if possible. This is a hangar door. I've seen a number of your doors in Ontario and am quite impressed with their workmanship.


I have a hanger that has 2 sliding doors that always hang up and are very hard to open. The total size of the hole is 14.6" tall by 40' wide. I do not know if I should look into the bi-fold liftstrap door or the single hydraulic door? Can you give me an idea of the price I would be looking at? Best Regards       


Please send your price and delivery time. VERTICAL BI FOLDING DOOR : SIZE: 8500 x 6000mm QUANTITY: 12 DOORS SIZE: 6000 x 6000mm QUANTITY: 10 DOORS Specification: Vertical Bi fold lift strap Schweiss hanger doors manufactured of steel tubing & Cold-Formed steel structural members. Seals : Header seal & Bottom Loop that Hugs the Contour of the Ground. Locking Mechanism : Jamb & Floor locks Automatically Lock & Unlock when the door is operated. Upper Override Disconnect : Standard mechanical back-up switch that disconnects power to door if upper limit fails or if limit is overridden. Control Box: Momentary contact, 3-button controls (Up/Down/Stop). Lift Straps to provide for soft starting and stopping. Drive Shaft: The drive shaft is mounted on the bottom panel and runs continuously along the entire width of door. The cable drums are an integral part of the drive shaft, ensuring an even lift of the door at all times. The door is equipped with a completely pre-wired bottom drive, including all necessary mounting hardware and limit switches to prevent the door from traveling beyond designed opening height. Button rollers : Extra heavy duty roller bearings on 75mm wheels. Door shall be equipped with Automatic Jamb and Floor Locks. The door equipped with weather stripping at the heads to prevent the flow of water into the door installation. Sills shall have a special fabric reinforced high-grade rubber astragal. Electric Motor Operation: UL listed electric Operator. Input voltage 220 volts Single phase. The motor shall be located on the bottom section of the door. The gear motor equipped with an electric brake. Upper over ride: This safety feature is designed to prevent the door from traveling beyond its clear opening height. If the door passes its full clear opening height, it will activate the override and stop the door automatically. Side Lock Switches: On manual lock systems these switches are designed to prevent the door from operating while the side locks are set. Door Base Safety Edge: This edge stop the bi-fold door automatically and reverse it when it comes into contact with any object. To prevent serious injury or property damage, clear the door%u2019s path of travel before operation and keep others away from the door during operation. Devices cause the door to stop and reverse if an obstruction is within the door opening. Optional Remote Control allows for easy opening and closing ( Includes Two Transmitters, Receiver & Remote Antenna) 


I am Considering one of your Bi-fold doors. Can a door be installed in your door big enough to get a car or small truck in and out without opening the Bi-fold?? My hanger door opening would be 40' wide By 16' feet high? If a door that large cannot be installed what is the largest door that can be installed in your door?


I need a quote for a hanger door as follows; 40%u2019 x 16%u2019 bi-fold with liftstraps and autolatches. Wind load: 130 mph FOB: Elizabethton, TN I also need an alternate to make framing galvanized.


Hello I am writing to you from Estonia. Renovation floatplane hangars. There is a glass façade for the gates that move up and down. These regulate the light. Are you able to offer a solution? Do you have a dealer in Europe? I attach a description and some pictures.


For airplane storage. Steel framed fabric covered building. Budget is big factor, but I do want lift straps on this door. I can insulate the door myself.


I would like a current quote for a Liftstrap Bi-Fold Hangar door 44 feet wide and 14 feet high with windows and a walk door. Please include what the delivery cost would be to NC 27028


I have a hangar with a bifold door opening 40 Feet wide and 12 feet high. The structure is wood with metal cover. The 40 foot width is spanned by wood trusses constructed with plywood gussets and 2x6 and 2x8 lumber. I plan to replace metal bottom roller doors. Please provide a quote for one lift strap  door. I can supply photo and drawings if you wish. 


Sirs: I am interested in either a single piece hydraulic or bifold Schweiss door for an aircraft hangar I propose to build near Midland, Texas. The size will be 44' x 18'. Please send me an estimate for both. The bifold should have lift straps and I would like it insulated, moreso for airconditioning and as a sound barrier as I have a small shop in my hangar.  I will probably install the door myself. 


Hello. Could you calculate please the cost for aircraft-hangar (one-leaf) hydraulic Red Power doors the size of 12X4 meters with insulation. Thanks in advance, Regards, Nikita


I own a hangar at KBLI, Bellingham, WA. Currently my hangar door slides to the side. The owner of the adjacent hangar and I are interested in upgrading to a bifold or hydraulic. Could you recommend a contractor to work with in installing your doors? I want to make sure I get the measurements right for these doors.  Or how would you recommend starting the process? Email is the best way to contact me. Thank you, 


I am looking at an addition on the back of my hanger at the Little Falls airport. My hanger currently has a 36' Schweiss bifold door and the addition will have a 40' door. My building will be 44' wide with the opening on the gable end. Is there something special I will need to do for the gable end rafter. (I planned to doubleup the gable end rafter.) The old bifold is still working like a charm, but am looking to convert it to lift straps. What will that run me and how much of a challenge is it to retrofit?  Steve


I have a wood frame, metal clad hangar that was constructed in 1996. The hangar has a 12' x 40' door which rolls inside on cannonball hardware. There is only one truss above the door, and I would like to install a wider door for the hangar. Therefore, I would like to enquire about a free standing insulated bi-fold door with lift straps approximately 48 ' wide x 12' high. What would be the approximate cost, how easy is it for me to install?


We are looking at building a large size hangar and would like to maximize our door opening. We need an opening to be 150' wide by 28' high. We are open to suggestions as to whether a bifold or hydraulic one piece door might be best.


Sirs - I recently bought 4 hangars, one of which had a Schweiss bifold door. I called to get an owners/parts manual and also literature on new doors for my other three hangars. Just want you to know that I received the manual promptly and will be getting back to you with door dimensions on the the other hangars so you can shoot me a quote. I want this job done before winter and assume you will tell me if that is possible here in northern Montana where winter sometimes comes early. I'll be wanting the metal doors insulated with remotes using your unique lift-straps. Out of the four hangar doors, I can honestly tell you the Schweiss bifold works much better than the other cheaply made doors on the other three hangars. Looking forward to doing business with you. 


We are designing a small aircraft hangar. Our requirement is for a 58ft wide X 16ft high Schweiss  bifold door. The local design wind speed is 85 miles/ hr. Can we buythe mechanism only and locally fabricate the door to your specifications as this would greatly facilitate shipping.


 I need a quote for a horizontal bi-folding hanger type door. Email me so I can sent specification and additional information if required. I'm in Arizona. My neighbor has one of your hangar doors and loves it. But I would like a remote with my door.


Good morning. I am looking at getting a price on a 32' wide hanger door. My customer's total height of his building is 21'. He is wanting to get the max height he can on this door. Can you help me with the information you will need to give me a quote? We are most interested in the Schweiss bifold door, but will consider a Red Power hydraulic lift door if you think that will be better for this size building. Sally


Hello, I am quoting a group of hanger doors and would like to submit a spec to have your company quote on your bifold door options and accessories. Thank you


Please quote on (3) Hanger doors 40' x 16' high bi-fold and (1) 40' x 14' high Bi-fold. Each bifold to have (1) 3' x 6'-8" high metal door. Lift strap design, remotes, and insulation. Delivery to Ontario before winter. Early fall would be better.  Reply back with an email address to get the plans and specs. Suzy


I am working with the North Dakota Air National Guard on options for remodeling a hangar and came across your doors. I am looking a budget number on both your bifold and Red Power Hydraulic doors. I do not need a firm quote at this time, as the project if it went forward would need to be bid out. Call me in two days and I'll give you the dimensions.


I am interested in a new or used or repo single panel electric/hydraulic overhead lift door for my small airplane hanger. The dimensions are 9 feet high by 34 feet wide, including shipping to N.D. Do you have any used doors?


Used steel building 40' by 50' Gable ends measures 50' Side walls 10' increasing to @ 14' at center of building. Getting ready to pour concrete and need a door plan. Building to house a Supercub so @ 40' opening required. This is for a Schweiss bifold door.


Please provide a cost for a Bi-fold & a hydraulic door for new construction hangar. The door opening will be 48ft X 14ft. If I order the bifold, I want lift straps, if I order the Schweiss hydraulic, I want your new Red Power pump.   Thanks Damion V.        


I would like a quote on a 40ft by 14ft hangar door I'm thinkin of a solid hyd door. I live in Canada, but I would be able to pick up in minot ND. Door needed is a bifold with remote opener and insulation.


I am looking for pricing on a 48'x 18' bi-fold upward acting hangar door for a project in Eudora, KS. Please give me a call so we can discuss. Thanks! Vernon H.


Good Morning Through this I would say hello and ask the same way you quote two hangar doors. The dimensions of these are as follows: 18.00 meters wide and 5.00 meters high. wind speed considered in this part is 90 miles We require they are bifold doors with windows. Supply in Laredo Texas.


Sometime inqueries comes to us for hanger doors and as we are not so expert in hanger door ,so we were thinking if U can help us with collaborating in designing the bifold doors. please let us know how we can work together


Mike, Wanted to say a big thank you again for your hospitality at the air show this week and look forward to placing that order for a half dozen hangar doors we talked about. I really enjoyed the air show thanks to you and Dave. John and Dave sure added to the fun, really enjoyed their company and humor. Dave the P51 visit was a dream come true and I will have many envious friends when I get the pictures back. Again Dave THANKS. I did tell my wife you may get tired of working some day and pay a visit to Colorado so I told her not to walk in front of the sofa so your bed would stay fresh!!!!  Kerry M.


Wanting a quote for a Schweiss hangar door with opening of 44' 2" wide by 11' 1" tall. Need it to be insulated and with a walk in door, possibly one window, as you recommend. Maybe a quote for the door and an installed price roughly. I am a member of the EAA......


I am needing a quote to replace metal on a large bi fold door on an airplane hangar. Please call or email at your earliest convenience. Thanks! Marcia


Need a quote on the following door for a hangar project in Turlock, CA. There will be two doors - this is the first of the two. Both will require lift straps and extra remotes and don't need to be insulated.


Dear Sir / madam We require some prices on your bi-fold liftstrap hangar doors. We require 6 off with sizes 11 000 mm W x 9 000 mm H (36'x30') Complete with operators in 380 Volt 3 phase 50 Hz. Push button control 1 station per door. Kindly provide ex works as well CIF to port Durban South Africa. Regards Marvin V. Sales Director


I currently have a Schweiss bi-fold hanger door which I really like. However, now it doesn't give me enough height for a new piece of equipment I bought. The door opening is 14ft high and 46ft wide. I need to have a 13ft clearance. Will a Schweiss hydraulic door give me the height. If it can, I can sell my bi-fold to my neighbor who really wants to replace his sliding door.  Bob S.


I am looking for 16 ft. by 40 ft hangar door insulated. What would be my installed cost for your bifold door product. Thanks D.


Please quote Bi-Fold door for airplane hangar, 58 ft. wide, 15 ft. height. Also quote hydraulic one piece door with Red Power pump. Found out about your company from your Internet web page. rgds, Jose


We have a customer interested in a budget price for a bifold hangar door, and wondering if this size is available: 80ft wide X 24ft high (clear opening size) They could go to 60ft wide but the 24ft high is necessary. Should be insulated well.  Please quote with recommended options Thanks




I am planning to build a hangar for my Maule at my farm. I am interested in pricing and installation of a Schweiss bifold door approx. 45-50' x 13' with 6-8 windows in a row in it. Possibly two doors. Remote openers and lift straps please.


Need a door to have bottom drive, top and bottom rubber, manual latches and about a 30" wedge. No doors or windows. hangar will be on concrete slab with 32" high block wall, balance is wood stud frame, siding and trusses. Include design info on a free standing header option and hurricane wind ratings. Remote control, lift straps.


We are building 2 hangers each with 3 bays so require a total of 6 doors. two of the doors (middle bays) require 44' doors the other four require 42' doors.


I am looking for a Bi-Fold door to go on my fathers hanger. The building is a wood structure and the door needs to be 41' x 14'. If you could please offer me a few different options and the best bang for my buck. I want a good quality door but price is an issue. Thank You, Sulley


We are building a hanger in Spicewood TX at 88r. It going to be 60x100x22. I would like to have Schweiss liftstrap bifold doors at either end as wide as we can get, I'm guessing around 57 ft. And 18 ft tall or so. I'm not sure what the best or standard ht is. The building will be insulated. I have never seen this where there are two bifolds at either end but I would like to do it if the building can structurally take it. I would like to know what the cost is and if you think this can be done. Thanks Daryl R.


I am interested in the price of an installed bifold hangar door 23' high by 60' wide to be installed in a hanger in Garrett County Maryland. I assume it will come with your lift strap design.


We are a Steel Building Contractor and are getting more and more calls to build Airplane Hangers. We are looking for Doors to price with our turnkey hangers. From what I've seen there are considerably more Schweiss Doors on southern state hangars I've been too. I see by your website you offer bifold and hydraulic doors. I'd be interested in both. Can you give me a call so we can discuss a few things.


I am looking for a bifold hanger door for a bid I am submitting. Project is in Fredricksburg, Texas. Door is 80 foot long by 20 foot high. please quote door with installation and any building requirements for door structure. Side note: for a door this big, would I be better off going with a hyraulic Red Power door.


My wife has a horse farm and needs more hay space, I'm building a Zenith CH750 kitplane on floats which will have a 29 ft 9 inch wingspan, 11 foot high tail. The building will be 40x60x14 foot post frame with the hangar door on the gable end. With potentional high winds and heavy snow loads I'd think the insulated bifold with lift straps would make more sense. What do you think.


I am pricing out an aiplane hangar and need an approximate cost of your bi-fold door. It would be 46 ft wide and 14 ft high. Just an approximate cost including insulation, installation, lift straps and remotes for now would be great. Thank you. Jasmine


Please mail info on a bifold door for my garage as I do not hear well on phone.  Thank you, Shiney Smith in Harrisburg       


We are looking for a bi-fold hanger door and require a quote dimension: 23.695 mtrs wide 5.8 mtrs height do feel free to suggest different solutions and door types as well as shipping instructions. We look forward to your response. We are based in Tanzania, East Africa. kind regards Deven K.


I was referred to your website by Heritage Building Systems, whom I have contacted in regard to a hangar to be constructed. Can you give me an estimated price for a strap-type bifold door, 36'wide and 12'high? Non insulated, but with two remotes and auto latch system.   Thank you.


I am beginning to look at building a hangar for my airplane. I would like a quote on both bifold and hydraulic one piece doors as I try to determine if and when to build the hangar. I am going to look at conventional metal buildings and at a quonset hut style also. I am researching doors first and will look at buildings after I have decided on a door. Thanks for your help, Monty M. 1978 Beech Bonanza V35B


I have an airplane hangar that measures 12 x 48. Will you please give me an estimate for a hydraulic door and a bifold door? Include safety features available and price for extra remote opener.


Quote on bifold door, would be for a high school building addition. the doors would serve as an access point for a courtyard space. Safety features a must. Can we have this door open by remote control only. We don't want the kids pushing a button to open it.


Trying to get a general idea of cost for a bifold lift strap private hanger door. 40x10 apx. located near Tacoma Washington. Should have extra remote and carry a good wind load. Also looking for insulation and labor cost. Thanks Maury L.




Looking for a quote on your Schweiss bifold door. I am buiding a hangar currently 44 depth & 50 wide. the door will be on the 50 side. I don't know the average height but I would think 13' clearance. I will also need to have this built to withstand high winds.   Please call or email with information so I can make the right decision


Hi, I am putting together a proposal for a new hangar for my EAA chapter. The building will require three 40' x 12'high bifold doors and one 65' x 16'high door. Can you please send me pricing on how much those would cost, including lift strap mechanisms, etc.. Thanks, Stuart


Hi, I am looking for availability and pricing on the following steel and wood doors listed below , respectively : 36" x 80" 6-Panel Inswing (Bi-Fold) Steel Door Model #: RB1130RBM Glass Style None Rough Opening Width (Inches) 38.0 Lockset Bore Yes Glass Caming Yes Prefinished No Construction Other Glass Insert Shape/Style N/A Blinds Between the Glass No Optional Additions Available None Brickmould Yes Sidelite Width (Inches) 0.0 Transom Shape None Door Style 6 Panel ENERGY STAR Qualified Northern Zone Yes ENERGY STAR Qualified North/Central Zone Yes ENERGY STAR Qualified Southern Zone Yes Door Swing Inswing Jamb Width (Inches) 4.5625 Door Width (Inches) 36.0 Door Height (Inches) 80.0 Rough Opening Height (Inches) 82.0 AND WOOD DOOR : 5-Panel 2-1-2 Premium Top Rail Arch APPLICATION: Fire Doors WOOD SPECIES: Alder, Knotty STICKING & PROFILE:C4 DOOR SIZE: 3/0w x 8/0h x 1-3/8t Pre-Hanging :: SWING: Left Hand JAMB STYLE: 4-7/8 (2x4 wall, 5/8" drywall)/Stain Grade/Flat Jamb w/Stop SILL OPTION: BORE OPTION: Single Bore (for Passage/Privacy/Keyed Entry) HINGE COLOR: US4 Dull Brass Hardware :: VENDOR: None INTERIOR STYLE: EB25/KB40 Metro EXTERIOR STYLE: INTERIOR COLOR: Silicon Bronze Rust EXTERIOR COLOR: Pre-Finishing :: DISTRESS LEVEL: Medium STAIN: Stain and Topcoat TOPCOAT SHEEN: Interior Satin Sheen (approximately 20%uFFFD) Moulding :: MATCHING BASE & CASE: 3-Step SM-25/ SM-24 EXTERIOR MOULDING PROFILE: Stucco Mould SM-65 Let me know the cost per door type listed above and also the methods and terms of payment you accept , so I will advice on the quantity per door type to be orderd. Regards, B. Harvey Los Angeles, Ca, 


Looking to put a bi-fold hangar door on a pole barn. the dimension of the opening is 14' x 40' would be great if someone could call me. I'm in upstate New York. What range do your remote openers carry. I want to open the door while I'm still in the air. Give me a list of safety features.


Our client is interested in installing a bifold or  hydraulic door for his float plane hangar. He has previously contacted you and your bid number was 111411-sw (Steve Weber). The overhead door opening for this project will be framed with a structural steel i-beam header supported on HSS columns. Do you have any straight forward standard details for connecting the overhead door frame to a steel structure? Best Regards, Samuel 


Planning to build a 50 x 50 for Cessna 310. Need 11 foot clearance for the tail. Hangar fronts runway and setback is problem. Thinking of bifold with straps. How far outside of the hangar would the fold protrude? The hangar is to be on in LA


I have an airplane hangar at LeSueur airport with one of your bifold lift strap doors on it that you built for Jack S. in about 2004. The opening is 42 feet wide and the building has 14 foot sidewalls. I am building another building right next to it, and want a price on another door. I hear your bifolds now have a lift strap system. I think I would like that much better than cables. Price it!


Hello. I need a quotation for the following bifold lift strap doors for our hangers. Please sharpen your pencil, and I am purchasing this week. 1 - 14x40 bifold door, w/h hydraulics & without hydraulics 1 - 14x40 bifold door, w/h hyrdraulics & without hydraulics Please quote and fax all these quotations to the attached numbers above. Also, please quote the following independently of the door system. Thanks, Mark 


I am adding on to my existing hanger after purchasing a larger aircraft. I am in need of 12.5' height, which is restricted by my 13' ceiling. What are my options in hydraulic doors vs bi fold. In the videos, it does not appear the bifold will give me the 12.5' given the hinge is at 13'. I am looking for something 36' wide. Budget costs on both doors? I'm sure you may have more questions for me. Thanks


Please quote 70'W x 18' clear height bottom drive with strap lift. Top override jiggle switches, 3 button automatic switch, door base safety edge, automatic locking device. To be installed in a 80' W hanger building for the Hartington Airport Authority, Hartington, NE. 


I purchased a Schweiss hangar bi-fold in 2003 and was thinking about installing auto latches and updating to lift straps. I also would like this door to have a remote opening system with two remotes. Please send me a price quote.


I talked to Dave Schweiss at the Anchorage Show 5-6-12. We have a hanger that needs a new door on it and need an estimate price delivered to Homer Alaska, as well as the door installed and operational. The door would need to ship in 4 sections for freight purposes. The hanger full width outside measure on the steel upright beams is 57' 10" with clear opening of 56' 6". The upright beams are 8" wide. The clear opening from ramp to top cross steel is 17' 9". I'm considering a bifold or hydraulic door with Red Power and/or lift straps. Can you tell me again what advantages one door has over the other so I can make up my mind. Cost isn't that big of a factor. All your doors are quite reasonably priced.


I have a hangar I have built that needs a 12 by 42 foot insulated bi-fold door. Do you have someone who locally installs that I can meet with at my job site? Warren P, Fairbanks Alaska


I am building a 60x60 hanger this summer and am interested in your 50'x14' hanger door. What is the price for an internal truss bifold? For a hydrolic door? What is the shipping cost to Alaska? Will you be in Alaska again for a show? Thanks, Gerard


I am pricing out a airplane hangar with up to 12 doors the size of the doors would be 40' wide with 12' clear when open. Can you price out your low end Bi-fold door with lift straps and the cost to do them with hydraulic. Also do you have a company to recommend for the main building.


  I'm looking for quotes to remove a three section roll-up garage door style hangar door with either a Schweiss bi-fold or hydraulic door. the opening is 15 ft 8 in. the two side sections are four ft shorter than the middle section which will need to be enlarged.


I need a price for a 48 ft wide 14 ft high bi-fold door for a hanger project in South Carolina. Hanger being built is 50/50 of steel construction can you itemize the lift strap option and remote system Does Schweiss doors also install? Add price for install?


Dear Schweiss Doors, job in hand in dubai Big aircraft hanger 4 with openening Height 25M x wedth 27m. we requist adoor for this opening should be hydrullic or other you suggest your reply soon highly appricite with qutation Huisan Balabadil,  Manager


I am thinking about building a helicopter hanger and would like some prices on your Schweiss Hydraulic doors. I want to go with a hyd lift but would consider a Schweiss bifold.


I NEED A SCHWEISS DOOR FOR AIRCRAFT HANGER (100'CLEAR SPAN X 160' LONG X45'HIGH) would like a bifold door that can open (100'x45') Also how much headroom due you loose with a bifold door.


I NEED A DOOR FOR A HANGER THATS(100'CLEAR SPAN X 160' LONG X45'HIGH) would like a bifold door that can open (100'x45') so let me know if thats possible.WHAT'S


Bidding a Hanger for airport in Iowa. Need 2 Schweiss doors 55' wide and have to have 18' clear when open. They also each have a walk through door that is 3'x6' Hollow metal door with glass (specified to be provided by Schweiss bifold door manufacturer. Could I get some info on this and approximate price of doors?


Developing hangars at Airport. Taos NM. Aprox (12) 65 x 62 and (12) 45 x 4. Please give advice and quotes on Schweiss bifold and hydraulic doors. What are you windloads on aircraft bifold doors?


After a quote for both a Schweiss bi fold and Schweiss hydro powerd aircraft hangar door roughly 75 feet wide by 18 feet tall delivered to Australia.


Would like to receive your best recommendations on bifold and/or hyrdraulic design and configuration for the supply of Schweiss Doors metal hangar gate for aircraft with the following characteristics: Width, 30. meters Length, 20. meters Clear height, 6. meters Front-gate (opening = 5x20/25 meters span) Location; Brazil (200mts from the beach) what is your most effective treatment to be used as corrosion resistance. Approximate weight and delivery times.


Looking for a quote on a 55ft. X 16ft. hangar door. Approximate delivery time from Schweiss Doors to Ohio.


Do you supply and fit in Europe? I have 4 hangars in one row, with sliding doors. We wish to change all 4 units t replace the sliders with Schweiss bi-fold doors. Openings are 17.5m x 5.5m roughly. The hangars are 17 years old. Look forward to hearing from you.


I have a aircraft hanger that i am going to build it is an 80' x 80'. It has a door opening of 65' by 18'. I would like for you to quote me one of your Schweiss bifold doors with straps and insulation. Also after the door is installed and lifted in the open positon how much clearance would i have?


Does Schweiss Doors sell and/or install sliding aircraft hanger doors. I am working on a proposal for a hanger opening that is 326 feet long and 30 feet high and requires bifold or hydraulic lift doors.


Next month, I intend to start construction on a 75 x 50 hangar in Texas and would like to obtain a quote on a 65'x18' Schweiss hydro power door? I see Schweiss Doors does a lot of business on bi-fold and hydraulic doors in Texas. Thank You.


Looking for a Budget price on a supply and install of a Schweiss bifold door for an opening that is 110' x 45' for an Aircraft Hangar.  We have a request from a prospective client to give them a price on a building that is to be 120' x 110' x 50'. Let me know what Schweiss Doors can do for me.


I need pricing on a Schweiss bi fold hanger door measuring at 14'x44'. It does not need to be a Schweiss hydrolic door, but if possible, pricing would eb appreciated on that as well.


Looking for a price(s) on a Schweiss Bi fold 14'x44' hanger door. It does not need to be hydrolic, but I wouldn't mind a price on one that is too.


I am renting a hangar at  (Rice Lake, WI) and am in the process of insulating and heating it at my own expense. It has a Schweiss Bifold S12 model door with cables on a 40x12 door. I would like to use 2"polyiso rigid insulation and then the same steel sheeting on the inside as is used on the outside. Menards says each 12'sheet weighs 27# and for 14 sheets, it would increase the weight by 378#. Can we do this and use the same motor? I would say it is the smaller 2hp one. I would certainly like to use it as it is, since I don't think the airport commission would upgrade it. Thanks, Johnny Brohnson.


I have a 60 x 60 hangar with a Schweiss bifold door. It does not close all the way nor does it seal properly. I need to use additional "cargo" type straps to cinch it down at the center on each side. Other hangars in the same area with the same doors seem to be just fine. What do you suppose is wrong with my door? Do you think it just requires adjustment or replacement? It's only about 10 years old. I've had somebody who is experienced with bifold doors work on it, but it still does not function properly. Any ideas on who you would recommend around Marrieta, California? Thanks.


I have a 45' x 14' Schweiss Bi-Fold door on my hangar in Lake City, FL. It was installed over 12 years ago and has worked fine ever since. I am building a hangar in Myrtle Beach, SC and am considering a Schweiss Hydraulic one piece door. The size would be 45'x 14'. Would you please give me a quote for this type of door delivered to Myrtle Beach, SC. I will be attending Sun & Fun and will most likely be ordering my door at that time. The show provides an excellent opportunity to compare products and prices. The hangar structure will probably be a "miracle truss" type building.


I am getting preliminary numbers together to build a 80x80 hangar. I will be wanting a 60ftx17 ft door. could I please get an estimate on both Schweiss bifold and hydro as well as the building height to support each. I could get by with a 56ft door by barely if there is a significant price differenct.


I need a quote for a Schweiss Doors hangar gate. The aperture size should be: width 15.5 meters - higt 6 meters. Me interesa la cotizacion EXW, luego analizaré como importar a Argentina. I like the quote EXW, then discuss how to import to Argentina. If you are unable to import (Argentina has many customs barriers), I would appreciate information can offer to build it myself. Yours sincerely.


I am working to design a hangar-home in Michigan and looking for an estimate on Schweiss Doors door price, and whatever direction available for the builder to prepare the building correctly. I'm planning roughly a 46' wide & 14' high opening on a building with outside width of 50'. I'm also not certain what side column is required and need your direction there, as well as what is needed for a header. I'm mostly intereted in the Schweiss Bi-Fold door but would like to know the differences between that and the Schweiss hydraulic door. Also, give me information on your new Red Power Hydraulic pumps.


Looking at Schweiss Doors door options for my existing hangar. Finished opening is approx. 10. I am concerned about maintaining the most opening height when choosing a door option. Should I be considering a Schweiss Bifold door or one-piece hydraulic door.


We have two hangers to get doors: #1 opening 14 X 40 in 100 mile house area and #2 12 X 36 - in the British Columbia area.. we would price and availability for Schweiss bi fold and or Hyd doors INSTALLED.. diamentions and frame [wood] support needs to be verified Installed spring early sunner 2012? please respond via email


We would like a quote for a service call on our hangar door. The door is ~4-5 years old. It is out of adjustment and you can see day light on both sides and it isn't flush on the bottom outside corners. Also, it has never had a vendor safety check since installation (ie cables, etc.) Are you a vendor for Air Methods Corporation? If you are not a vendor, I'd be interested in replacing their door with one of Schweiss Doors hangar doors. Come to think of it, shoot me a price on your Schweiss Bifold and hydraulic doors. 


Thank you for the preliminary quote for a 40x12 Schweiss bifold door in a stick built hangar. Do you have any references of local contractor with installation experience? Thanks


Ref your quote 33108-NC 3/31/08. Please review and update this quote, based on a 70' wide Schweiss  door as opposed to the previously quoted 60' wide Schweiss door. Price required at your earliest convenience. Can you confirm if you offer a floor mounted pulley to pull the aircraft into the hangar. Apparently such a thing exists and is mounted at the rear of the hangar.


Looking to build a hangar on the island of Molokai but can take delivery of the door in Oregon and then I can ship it to Hawaii if that is cheaper. I'll need a Schweiss bifold or hydraulic door that is 40' long and when opens has a 10' opening.


I am quoting a 100'x 100'x18' 1:12 pre-engineered Hanger Building for a small airport. The doors are to be located one centered in each end wall. They are requesting quotes for Schweiss Bi-Fold Doors, and Schweiss Hydraulic Lift doors. Please send me quote for each you have available. Thanks for your Assistance.




We are looking for an approx price for a 38' X 14' Schweiss door. We are in the process of establishing a budget for a hanger in an air park in Townsend Georgia.Give us info on you Schweiss Bi-Fold door and your hydraulic door, also need recommendation on you new Red Power Hydraulic pumps for these Schweiss Doors.


Can you operate a Schweiss hangar door from your airplane using a distinct radio frequency to trigger its opening or closing? Or can you use a remote controller to trigger the door opening and closing?


I purchase a property with a ten year old hanger MOD S-13 Ser. #8213. They apparently failed to install a limit switch for the door which is 50 foot. I have the switch it's a Honeywell Micro Switch never used. Can you tell me where it goes or how to install please? If there is a Schweiss Doors manual for the door with the information I would be happy to purchase it. I received the cable I ordered from you and direction it was easy to install thank you for the fast service. Schweiss Doors rock!


Project to be at 341 Salal Way, Sequim, WA 98382. New metal hangar, 40' x 40' with clear interior height and door-opening height both at least 10 ft. Can you provide a Schweiss door as wide as possible (40'?).


Looking for a Schweis door for an existing hangar. Door opening is 48 x 16'6" Current usable opening under existing bi-fold door is 14'. How much additional clearance can I get from a one piece Schweiss hydraulic door? Also looking for budgetary quote. Thanks


I expect to finalize my hangar design very soon and I need the cost for these size doors in both Schweiss hydraulic one piece & Schweiss bi-fold doors configurations. 45 X 12 40 x 9 55 x 18


getting ready to build a private hangar 60 x 50 foot and would like your Schweiss bifold door 45 ft on the 60 foot side.


We are working a quote for an airlane hanger and we are unsure of what you need for clearance on your Schweiss Bifold or hydraulic doors. the building will be a 45 x 30 x 14. what size door can we get in there?? Thanks


I have a hangar 42x42 with two slide doors and would like to convert to a Schweiss Bi-Fold Bottom Drive Cable system. could you giv me a approx cost for the door, and cost of installation. Thank you.


I am thinking about building a new hangar and am interested in a door price. Do you require your crew to install the door or can my contractor do the installation? What is the cost for your crew to install a Schweiss Bi-Fold or Hydraulic door? Thanks,


send me a quote on 2 50x15 Schweiss hydro doors and one Schweiss bifold door same dimension.. looking at building hangar at my farm south of atlanta, i have purchased two doors from you already for airport project. Schweiss Doors are great!


Building is an existing hanger that needs a Schweiss bi-fold or hydraulic door. Construction is 40' wide x 36' deep x 10' eaves. Opening is in the end, 40' wide x 10' high. Pole building type construction with 6x6 treated posts, 12' bays, trusses on the two middle bays, girts and purlins between, framed gable end over the opening, exterior covering Additional quotes on a new building, steel truss, 3/12, wood girts and purlins, 18' eaves, opening is 24' wide x 16' tall in gable end of 40' wide end wall.


Planning on building a hangar at 28 Hidden Valley, and would like an estimate for a Schweis bi-fold door. I would like to compare pricing for a 40 and 50 foot wide door.


good morning! Please could you give me price of a Schweiss bifold door 75 'long x 19' high, I had specifications of the structure of the hangar how can i send you


We FINALLY FULFILLED a lifelong dream and built our own airplane hangar and we LOVE IT.....the SCHWEISS HYDRAULIC DOOR is BY FAR the MAIN REASON that our building is SO USEFUL,SECURE,and CONVENIENT....I have been around airplane hangars for my ENTIRE FLYING LIFE and THIS DOOR MAKES THIS HANGAR SUPERIOR in EVERY WAY, ITS JUST a FACT, Jack Carson, Big Stone City, SD


I have an 8 ft high x 38 ft. wide hole in my hangar/house and was looking at your one piece Schweiss hydraulic door. I'd like to mount the door/ assembly on the outside of the house effectively not loosing any headroom. I currently have a I beam spanning the hole a with vertical wall above. Thanks! Call if questions. Fridays are best to call.


I have a wood frame hangar with sliding doors. I would like to know what type of footing needs to be installed for a one piece door. What type of Schweiss door frame you have. Cost of the Schweiss door and frame. Shipping time and cost to 96022.


I am designing for a remodel to an airport hangar. I will be allowing for 2'of exterior headroom above the door opening. I would like the Schweiss lift straps door with the bottom mounted motor. We would be installing.


Schweiss Doors:  I am quoting a hangar project and need pricing as well as design options. Please contact me in Kentucky. 


I have 2 hangars at the Kenosha, Wi  that need the doors. Schweiss Doors, we are told, is the place to contact. The street address is on Ruth Harmon Drive -they are right next to each other. If you contact me, I'll get the specs for you. Just thought I'd give you a heads up so you can provide me with some advice as to what type doors I should put on these hangars. Not sure if I want a Schweiss bifold or Schweiss hyrdraulic door.


I need to get a quote for a Schweiss hanger door for a project in Downer's Grove, IL 50' x 16' hydro-power(hydraulic) is what I'm interested in.


I recently had one of your Schweiss bifold doors installed in a new hangar and the installer has lost the manuals. Can I get a replacement set please? It is a flush mounted 50 foot door that was ordered by hangar builder


We are pricing a project that includes a hanger door 46' wide by 17'high. Do you have a local distributor in Washington or can we deal directly. 


We are 14 hangar owners at the  Airport, in western Canada.  We have the tent like structures erected on site with the trusses anchored to 30 x 30 x 60 concrete blocks which would also now support a Schweiss bifold door as you design. We might lace the existing fabric to the door panels. 39I can send you drawwigs from the hangar manufacturer but unable to from this site. Please submit a unit price so I may present it to the other hangar owners. The quantity is unsure at this time. The hangar locations on the airport don't have power so a 12 V motor option might work? If you would give me a call I would be happy to fill you in with more details. Thank you


I am in the process of getting bifold door quotes for a new 80X100 steel hangar. I would like for someone to gall me about 2 bi-fold doors. The hangar will have taxi ways on both sides.


Please provide a rough estimate for a 60 ft wide 17 ft tall opening strap hung bi fold door. Uninstalled. We are contemplating a 66X60 ft hangar with a 59 by 16 ft clear opening door. Thanks much, 


One of our regular customer built his own hangar, He needs 2- bi-fold doors   42w x 14h and 46w x 14h. The hangars are all steel and ready to recieve a Schweiss Doors. Feel free to give us a call for more detail. Thanks


I am building a hanger in Poplarvill, Ms. We are getting quotes on the building from Heritage Buildings, They will provide a framed opening for a 60'wide by 16'High bifold door system. They recommended you for the door. This is a private hanger so I need the most economical system you sell, be it straps, hydraulic, etc. One question, I understand that you furnish the frame for the door and all the hardware to attach, I will need to purchase the sheeting from Heritage? Please clarify. Thanks.


I will build a new hangar and would like to consider using the Schweiss bi-fold or hidraulic doors. The width of the door will be around 90 feet and the height has not yet been defined. The hangar will accomodate 4 airplanes, 2 rows of 2 aircraft, the size of a Piper Malibu (PA46) or Baron B58 each. Please suggest what you think best suits for me and give me an idea of the costs (FOB) involved. Thanks.


I need an idea what a schweiss bifold door would cost for a seaplane hanger with building width of 56'. Can you please include straps instead of cables. Also how much room is need at each end of door to house door?


Hi, we are extending our hangar at the moment and would like to know, if its possible to install a schweiss bi-fold door which is approx. 20m wide and 5m high. Thank You




We are trying to put together a rough estimate to see how big a hangar we can justify building in place of one that we are going to tear down. We originally planned a 2 plane building 92X36 with 2 doors but may have to scale it back to a 60 X 36 with one 44 X 12 bi-fold door. We currently have several of your doors and would like to add another when we build. Can you give me an estimate for a strap lift, bi-fold, with a 110v motor (no windows or pass door) for a clear opening of 12 X 44 ft? Thanks!


we are building a hanger on our property. We are having plans drawn now and are planning on a 13'x40' schweiss bifold door. The wall height is 16'. Please contact me with a quote on a cable operated bifold door and the finish opening size you recommend.


I would like pricing on several different doors for a project we are working on. Please provide pricing on the following ... 12 - 50'wide x 16' high hangar doors. Delivered to Ontario and 12 - 42'wide x 16'high hangar doors.


Looking at both types of Schweiss doors Designing a New hanger Would like to have your great drawings shown on website so I could work with them. They don't print How much head space is required above a 20ft high bifold  door? need to be able to determine eave height. Would like as much info as you can get me. Lonnie F.


I am currently bidding on an airport hanger in Rusk County, WI. and looking for a bid on your bifold and hydraulic Schweiss doors. Call or email


Hello, Have a hangar with sliding doors and very interested in the schweiss folding door with a 10' high by 40' wide opening. Looking for a quote - would like to be able open door remotely.


I am building 2 hangars, One is 52wx54dx28h, 24ft eaves. The other is 80wx70dx28h, 23ft eaves. The schweiss door will be on front on each. I prefer bifold with strap lift. I'd like the highest practical door width and hight.


I have a hangar that I am pricing up for Prior Aviation in New York and i have a need for a cost on a 80'-0"wide by 20'-0" high bi-fold door with lift straps. This is going in an addition to an existing hangar in a Butler building. Please furnish the following information as soon as possible...For Bi-fold door, I would need to know hinge locations, hinge heights, loads for each hinge and each door jambs, vertical deflection criteria for frames, minimum door jamb flange thickness if required. Thank you so much for your help in advance.


25 bi-fold hangar doors; Budget pricing; I have preliminary layout of private single hangars; Building sizes are as follows: (11) 48'x48'x21'3" hangar (6) 48'x48'x17'0" hangar (8) 33'x42'x14'6" hangar Door size to be determined within Building hangar and your limitations and needs.


Our local door company in Montana, said you may be able to help me with the door we are looking for. We are bidding on an airplane hangar and need a small hangar door for it. The door the client is requesting is 12' high x 40' long. There is not a specification for a door style, so maybe you have a couple of options. Power will be available to the hangar, but the client said a manual door may work also. Thank you for your help. "BUDDY", Hamlin Construction


I am planning a 50' end x 60' length steel hangar. I would like a bi-fold door with straps. It will be located at Sportsman's World Airport (TA65) in Texas. I have a Cessna 172. Questions: 1.) Does 44' x 14' sound OK? 2.) The planned eve height is 16 ft. Is this right? 3.) What are the power (volt and amps) requirements on the electric motor? 4.) Can you recommend an installer for the area? 5.) Quote please.


Have an existing hangar that has sliding panel doors. Would like to know what a replacement bifold would cost. Hangar door is approximately 15' high by 50' wide (would need to go measure for certain if I decide to replace current door. Would need someone to install door.


I am taking quotes for a door for a new hanger we will be building at the Fremont, NE. Please quote single peice and bifold door in a 60X18, 70X18 & 80X18 sizes. This will be a new construction steel hanger with concrete floor.


looking for quote for hangar doors to fit opening 114" (9'6") tall by 46' wide. Both folding/strap and hydro door types please.


My company will make Hangars for the airplane Cessna 182 and we would like to ask you how many feet wide is needed for the door? 50' or 60' please let me know and give me your quote for Hidraulic and a BI-FOLD with straps.


Please quote on the following bifold door. We are still at the design stage for the hangar so we will use your criteria for loads expected. More than the price, it would be extremely helpful to receive the wieght of this door ASAP. My clear height is 18' and width will be 60'. The quote should include freight to Roseburg, OR. We will provide sheeting. Thanks for your assistance.


I need suggested products and pricing for 2x commercial grade operable folding hanger doors, insert in the quote a price for lift straps and auto-latches, full insulated low-E glass (14'h x 20'w) and constrcudtion details. thanks


I am building a steel hangar with an opening of 40'X 10'10" and would like pricing on on both the Schweiss Hydraulic and Bifold doors. Thank you, Mel


I need a pricing asap for a schweiss bifold door 80' wide and 30' H to be installed on a new hangar building. Seeing how this is a very long door my GC is going to need information on weight, load and wind stress.


We are planning a new production of a steel hangar and need a hydraulic door about 65 ft wide and about 20 ft high. I need 4 windows mounted in it. Should be good isolated and in compliace with the regulations of energy savings.


We need prices for Hangar doors ...could you contact me. We need a door 88 x 26 feet, please give me opcions doors construction and prices on both styles, Hydraulic and bi-fold. Tnks


we are looking at specifying a bi-fold hangar door for an exhibit hall. we need a 45 ft wide x by 22 ft high door. i am looking for a conceptual budgetary price for the door and an estimate of installation costs. Please add to the pricing of making it out of aluminum instead of steel.  


We are considering building a hanger in B.C. Canada in harsh condition with heavy snow loads. At the present time, we do not have specific dimensions but would like to be able to handle multiple aircraft. Generally, there would be no more than four or five in the hanger and needs to be able to store small jets,TBM as well as something as large as a G-4. We need to see layout options on your Schweiss bifold and hydraulic doors from your experience. There is also the potential for wind which must be taken into account. It would require heat and lighting.


We are building 2 hangars using Schweiss Bi-fold doors. One door is 46' x 16' (13'-6" clear). The other is 50' x 16' (13'-6" clear). The design on your preliminary spec sheet calls for stub columns spaced at 11", 49" & 72" from side columns. I have the following questions: Is a header required when stub columns are located at this spacing? If a header is designed as a load carrying member & hinges are attached to the header, must we still maintain this spacing for the stub columns. Our Engineer will design either way. I am just looking to give him a couple of options for his design so we can take the most economical route. Thanks.


I am interested in information on a large bifold hanger door. We are looking at designing a hanger with a 80' to 100' wide, 28' to 30' high bifold door. Thanks


I am looking for quotes on bifold and hydraulic doors of the following quantities and sizes for use in a hangar project. The heighth dimension given is the clear opening required. 25 qty - 37'W x 16'H 4 qty - 57'W x 20' H 4 qty - 77'W x 20'H 9 qty - 108'W x 28'H


Just thinking about building a new hangar with a Schweiss bifold door, wanting to get estimates for total cost before proceeding.




We are looking at modifying our old ARGG building and making it into a maintainence hangar. To do so we need to replace the current vehicle doors with an aircraft bifold hangar door. The dimensions are approximately 14'H x 40'W. I would like to get a cost estimate for a door. Thanks Mike Hanson


Hello, we built a new hangar recently and had a schweiss bi-fold door installed. I was wondering if you had any quality control folks that would be able to come by sometimes in the future and look at our install and give us any input as to the quality of install, maintenance, and upkeep? We are very happy with the quality of your door ..sure glad we went with the Schweiss brand doors


I'm looking for a quote on this new Hangar in Menomonie, WI Please see drawing and let me know if you have any questions. I'm thinking a cable lift door but it would be nice to quote a strap door also. I need numbers by Monday or Tuesday of next week.Thank you


We need a price for an 8 panel bi-parting  hanger door. The door will be 160'-0" X 28'-0". The door panels on each side of center of door are 3-19'-0" and 1- 23'-0". This project is located in West Palm Beach, FL. The door needs to be designed for winds of 140 mph with an exposure C. We need a price by 11/12


we are planning to construct an airplane hangar 82 feet (end wall) by 65 feet and looking for bi-fold doors. pls contact us.


I need some contact information so i can forward a package for pricing. Schweiss bifold doors is the specified supplier so i need to get this to you. Thanks Dave


I am currently planning a hangar project and will have an opening 49 feet wide by 14 feet tall. Can you give me pricing on a hydraulic door to fit this opening? Can you also tell me the electrical power required to run the hydraulic doors? How is this door product shipped? I have limited access to my work site and cannot get large trucks to the site. Thank you


Not ready to buy. Just getting my ducks together. Considering the cost to buy the lot and build a hanger. I have the price for the hanger less the bi-fold door. So, I'm just looking for a ballpark price for a bifold or hydraulic door. The building will be 75(W)x55(L)x18(sidewall)


I purchased a bifold hangar door from you about 3 years ago and I havn't had one problem with it. Now I need another one. It will be 80' wide X 20' high. Please send me some quotes. Thanks, Richard


Dear Sir, I need a quote for a Bi-Fold Door,to be instaled in a new hangar, to be designed, including side bars, motors etc. No instalation. Width 72 feet Height 16 feet Whatsh the difference with the Side Wall Door and End Wall Door ??, Price ?? or instalation or better finshing? Please respond by email, Kind regards, Lonny


good afternoon, i need a price on a flush mount hydraulic door for an airplane hangar. this is a replacement of a bifold door and measures 54 feet 6 inches wide by 19 feet tall.


I have one of your bifold doors on my hanger at Friedens Pa. I can phone you with the model and ser no. if you need. Its about 40w x 14h, gearmotor with cables. I need to install a 50w x at least 16h so I can rent lease to bigger planes. We build experimentals, and need to get bigger. I,m the owner so please call and discuss this with only me via phone. Or u can e mail me. I need to price this in the next two weeks. Dave S.


I plan to build a hangar this summer. I want a 50 foot wide door that will clear 15 feet verticaly. I assume that a Bifold door would require 18 foot eves, but with a hydrolic door I might get by with 16 feet. Could you recomend the best and cheapested setup. Also could you include structural engenering requirements for the building so I can compare costs for wood or steel buildings. The building will be 60 X 60 and the door will be on the end wall, centered or on one side, what ever is easiest. Thank you Reagan


Please provide a quote for both Schweiss door systems. This door is for a hangar. Please provide a list of what the unit comes with. Thank you,


Please provide a quote on a Schweiss Bi-Fold Door and a Hydraulic Door We are required to submit a bid for End User Customer as follows: Price (3) Bi-Fold Doors for 42 X 14 Framed Opening Price (4) Bi-Fold Doors for 42 X 14 Framed Opening Price (1) 54 X 16 Hydraulic Doors for New Construction Hangar Should you need further information please call our office.


Hello: I am a project manager with West Virginia University, and we are preparing to replace the existing bottom rolling doors on hangar that we own. The existing opening is 116'. I would like a quote on two 50'x20' bi-fold doors (one with a 3' man door). Please contact me via email if any further information is required to obtain a budgetary cost.


To Julie, Please requote bid number 11508-RM Fax: or phone 4 We are still interested in purchasing a hydraulic hangar door in early 2013. Thanks Harry


We need bi-fold doors for straight hangars of 50ft width x 50ft depth with height of 18ft door. Can you please quote for this me


Please price a 48 ft bifold door for my upcoming hangar home. It will be located in Gladewater, Texas. Please, If you need to call, use my cell number. Thanks


I am working on Hangar Project in Alpine Wyoming, I would like as much information about your hydraulic and bifold doors as I can get.


I'm going to build a hangar and need to figure out what size to go with. Please e-mail a price on the following: 50x16 clear bi-fold & Hydraulic 42x12 clear bi-fold & Hydraulic 42x14 clear bi-fold & Hydraulic 60x16 clear bi-fold & Hydraulic


Hello: I am building a personal hangar at Wright Brothers Airport. I am undecided as to purchasing the door direct and having you install it, or having the building contractor do the work. Meanwhile I need to decide what Bi-fold I want. I know the smallest size is 45'x14'. Please provide a price for 45', 46', 48' and 50' x 14 doors so I can decide (No man-door or windows). I would like prices for options of: Auto Latch; Straps; Remote Operator; Installation. Thank you.


We currently have bi-fold hangar doors and are looking to put in the insulation. What we have is 60" wide and has a heavy vinyl backing(interior). Any help would be appreciated. Thanks,


Please provide pricing for the following bi-fold hangar doors going to Panama City, FL. There is a base price and several alternates consisting of the same door "groups". The base consists of four groups and all the alternates a single group. Please price each "group" of doors separately including freight and I will apply them to the different alternates. The base quote consists of GROUP #1, #2, AND GROUP #3 X 2 for a total four groups (34 doors). GROUP #4 will be a separate alternate and as stated above all other alternates will be a single group. GROUP #1= Six (6) 59'-6" wide (clear) x 18' tall (clear) GROUP #2= Eight (8) 47'-6" wide (clear) x 14' tall (clear) GROUP #3= Ten (10) 41'-6" wide (clear) x 12' tall (clear) GROUP #4= Four (4) 49'-6" wide (clear) x 14' tall (clear) Doors are to be designed per Florida Building Code with wind speed of 130 M.P.H. Exposure "C". All buildings will have doors in sidewalls. Please provide overall door dimensions for each size Thanks, Gary


Please provide a quotation to furnish FOB Lodi, CA. the hangar building or just the bifold door systems for the proposed facility. Comply with all San Joaquin County, California building department requirements. 70' x 100' x 45' clear under the frames 2 ea. 25' x 45' clear opening doors centered in the endwalls 4 ea. 3' x 7' man door framed openings %u2013 doors and hardware by others 3" scrim faced blanket insulation in the roof and walls Standard rib siding / SSR roofing - both KXL finish The owner will consider standard rolling hangar doors but would prefer a door system without a track across the opening. Thanks, Dave


I am interested in a price for a 40'x 12' bifold door for an aircraft restoration hangar in Whitefield, NH. Also, is an insulated door available and if so what is the R value? Thanks, James B


I have a hangar for my airplane and require a hydraulic door. The opening is 13'4 high (from the concrete to the beam), and 48'8.5" wide inside measurements. I'm looking for a quote on a door this size. Your early attention to this would be much appreciated. 


We are interested in a bifold walk door for a hangar. The width of the hangar is 63 feet and height on 20 feet. please supply quote for same to be shipped to Miami fl.


I need to get a quote for a 60'w x 20' tall door for a aviation building, w/ metal exterior. I am assuming we put the mtl. siding on the door? Also do you have some one who has installed these hydraulic Red Power doors and units "Correctly" in our area?


Please quote for 40 x 12 bifold door. Please call with any questions. Construction is starting on my aircraft hanger next week.


Thank you for the quick response to my request for a quote on my hangar door. Questions? 1. I want to make sure, is your quote in U.S. dollars or Canadian Dollars? 2. Is there any additional duty that I would have to pay at the border? 3. Can I pick the product up at Fairfax rather than having you ship it to my address. 4. Is there any siding or insulation included with the bifold price. Thank you Jim


Hello, I am considering buying and building the following hangar and I need to know if your door will fit in it. The manufacturer of the hangar said some bi-fold doors fit and some don't. How much of a header is needed for your door. I have seen your bifold and hydraulic doors at the Alaskan Airmans trade show and I like them. Seems like a lot of other Alaskans do too, because I see them all over the place.


Looking for information on Schweiss aircraft hangars for general aviation aircraft. 50 x 50, 60 x 60, and 60 by 80. Our plan is to build 38 of various sizes in 3 to 5 unit buildings. 60 x 80s are planed for business uses and will have additions for office space. Please have Schweiss Call!


I would like quotes on a 40x10 and 40x12 hanger door (endwall). I live in Mandan, ND. Thank you Keith L.


We need to get a estimate on new Hangar doors, they are 75 long feet by 21 feet tall.. Can you send us a quote. Thank You Sarah


Am interested in receiving a quote on: 48 x 14 bifold hangar door 46 x 14 bifold hangar door Thank you.


Purchased a door about 7yrs ago and very happy. Thinking about moving and building a new Hanger, will need a door.


Are you familiar with this project being bid in Manitowish Waters with four hangar doors? If not I can send plans and specs.


We have an existing bifold door on our hangar, but it has an old winch system instead of the hoist system your current doors have. Could you quote the cost for upgrading our old bifold door to your hoist system.


Please provide an approximate cost for a bifold door spanning 61' x 16' for a hangar located in NM. Thank you, Barton L. Tate


Dear Sir, Madam, Please make a quotation for Bi-fold hangar doors only frame and electrical mechanism. 10 items 3,5m x 11m cleared doorway, 2 items 3,5m x 12m and 1 item 4m x 17m. Metal cowering will be on the place with corrugated steel sheet 0,7mm. Include please shipping costs and term for production. Thanks and best regars


Looking at building several hangers and would like to understand your system, schedule & pricing


Can you please provide engineering data and door weights for the following. This is a hanger building 90x125 going to LA. The framed opening size will be 80x17.


I am planning to build a 50 by 54 hangar in Wisconsin and am intending to put in a 44 by 14 ft hangar door. I am interested in options and prices. Thanks Greg T.


Hi There, After a price for a bi fold door that folds upwards for a hangar. Can you supply: 1)Drawings for the door system 2)Approx Manufacture & delivery time Do you supply a manual on the installation of the door for our installers? Cheers Look forward to hearing from you Nic


Howdy! Looking at building a hanger-need bi-fold approx. 45 wide with 14/15 slab to bottom on door opening! Would be building this summer in ak. Would like pricing for door, also do they come in 46/48 dimensions for width. Thanks Dorin D.


We are just completing the construction of seventeen hangars all with Schweiss Bifold doors. The contractor didn't order the doors with weather seals on the sides or in the middle. Could you please give me price and availability for the seals required to seal the sides and the middle of the door? Approximate door dimensions are 42%u2019 wide by 15%u20194%u201D high.


Can an aperational bi fold door be manufactured for a hangar opening to allow a Airbus A320-200 through?Dims: 12m height by 47m minimum opening.Please advise asap, for upcoming U.A.E. hangar client presentation meeting.


I am bidding the NC hanger project and need a price on a bifold hanger door. 80' wide with 20' clear height and exterior panels with vinyl faced rigid insulation inside.


would like price for a 44 foot wide bifold door for hangar. 10 feet tall is plenty high. If savings for lower height please let me know; could get by with less.Thanks--email only, no calls.


I would like to get some pricing as well as more detailed information. Thank You Bo. I have a 60' x 16' hanger that i would like to get priced.


I need to get a price for bi-fold door for a hangar project in Concord, NC. Could you please tell me who the local rep is for this market?


I am working a new hangar project for the University of Michigan. We are looking at a 70'-0" wide clear opening by 16' to 20' clear height opening. Bi-fold fast strap system preferred. Truss can be external if needed.


Building new hangar, 45 x45 with 16' eves. Wood pole/truss const. Door 42 wide by 15 high. In design stage. Need quote delivered to Salem.


I am putting a 42x48 hangar up in May. Could I get a price installed for a 42x12 bifold door. Roger W.


This is an initial quote only, so dimensions are approximate. I am looking into building a hangar and would like to get an idea on the cost of the door.


hi we are in the process of building a hanger, we would like to use your type of door system, the door width is 35'6 and the height is 9' could you supply me the cost of the motor. the drive. hinges and fold runners, also i beleive my collegue contacted you and that you are able to supply us a copy of blueprints for the system.kind regards Roger E.


Dear Sirs, we are building a hangar and are loking for a door which wouldn't reduce the headroom available. The hangar is a bricked up steel construction with wooden roof truss. The eyelet: with 19.1 m (62 ft 8 inches) height 5 m (16 ft 5 inches) All electrical device should be designed for the European standard which is 400V/50Hz! I am looking forward to your offer. Best regards Pavel S.




I have two very old hangars (1930's vintage) that I need to decide whether or not to replace the doors. I need to know my options and the cost of replacement and installation. The size of the openings are approximately 60ft X Do you have a dealer in the Massachusetts area? Someone who can look at the project? Look forward to hearing from you. Thanks, Fred G.


hangers not built yet - I am exploring the possibility of building hangers to rent out to other pilots.


Request pricing for a 52x16 bifold for our new hangar going up in April in Milaca Minnesota. We're trying to costs at a minimum.


The hangar is newly completed in Altus AR. I hope to install a door sometime in late April or early May. I will be leaving Illinois for FL this coming Saturday and be gone for about two months however my mail will be forwarded and I hope to check my phone calls daily.


my new hanger has 55ft door w/ cables and auto locks. the contractor jor c. screwerd up the instalition and didnt give me the manuel. i need instruction manual to adjust the door to try and get it to upen.


Need a "RECOMMENDED" hanger building company to build an aviation hanger with one of your doors ? Please email recommendation .




I am building a hanger 40' by 48' with a wall height of 14' I am interested in a quote on your bifold door.I need the door at least 13 by 38.Thanks Cathy


Our company is looking at bidding a job to replace fourteen 42' x 14' Bi-Fol doors on hangars in Galveston TX and I wanted to find out the cost. I can send a copy of the specifications to clearify the door requirements. Thanks, Matthew E.


I need a quote for 1-60' wide x 19' high bi-fold hangar door and motor operation, with freight. We would also like some literature/binder on your door products and a credit application to become a dealer/distributor. Thank You, Ernest W. J. III


I have some drawings i would like to send you for the project we are building. It is a hangar "Condo Complex" so there are numerous doors. Let me know which doors would be correct for these applications.


Hello: I need a hangar hydraulic door, frame and equipment, the size is 36 ft wide and 12 ft high, what do you suggest, could you also send me the spec. and price. Thankyou Margo


I would like to install a door on my otherwise enclosed hangar at the least possible cost.


Hello Gentleman, Am considering installing your bi-fold doors on my hangar. Will need five 50x17' doors. Need an approximate cost figure. Thanks, Peter D.


I am purchasing a Hangar at the Rapid City airport that has one of your doors on it. I am trying to evaluate the value of the hangar. Could I get a price on what the door is worth. It is 15' x 50'. It has straps on it. Thanks.


Interested in talking to a representative concerning a proposed hangar door to be installed on an existing hangar located in Kinston NC. Please furnish a local contact name and number. Thank you


Looking at building a 48x48 hanger next spring, need quote on bi-fold door. 40-46 wide not sure? Thanks Larry K.


Looking for information/pricing on doors for new hanger building (6). need 16x16 clear after wedge


I was wondering if you would quote me a hangar door for a project that we are bidding. The project bids Thursday November 20.


we will be needing approximatley 20 hanger doors over a period of 18 months, the houses we are building have openings 14 metres wide by 4.5 metres high, if you are interested in submitting a quote for the project please contact myself on the above details. Regards Damian


Can you please give me a price quote for a hangar door for an opening 47' wide by 13' high.


I already have a bifold hanger door and would like to install your standard side latches. I would like prices and ordering information please. thank you.


Please quote two bi fold doors, 18' x 66'. These will be for two new hangars (one door on each hangar)


Hi - I'm looking for a estimate on: - 1 or 2 hanger doors (still TBD, just wondering if there is a pricing difference ordering two) - 60' wide - 21' clearance Please let me know if you have additional questions.


I need to get a handle on the cost of a pair of bi- fold doors for a pair of hangers. Each door needs to be 180'X 27'-6", and seven 115'X25'-6",( these will most likely be bi-fold as well)all installed at the zip code above. Jim M. Sr Projects Mgr


We are in the process of building a hangar. We require a door 44'long and 12' high. We require an openner and remotes. Please provide a cost for the door shipped to us, the required openner, and the estimated time to install.


We require a foldable hanger door of size 90 m wide x 14 m height with necessary supporting system.


Hello, I would want to know if you can sell us portail or mobile hangar for a Boeing 737-200 aircraft


Hi, Please let me know if you guys will be able to throw me a budgetary number for a bi-fold hangar door that will be installed in Greenwood, IN. It will be great if you can breakout installation.


Hi, I'm looking for a door for a hanger building. The Hanger building is 150'wide X 150' deep X 30' tall. Can you please email me the styles that you have and the prices. waiting to hear from you. kind regards, Liza P. Executive Assistant


I have a customer that is in need of a 20 x 80 bi fold on a hanger I am bidding. PLease give me an idea of what a door like this might cost.. Thanks Stu


Replacing existing rolling doors in 60' x 100' hangar. will need doors in both ends. This is a city funded project and they will be requesting bids from the companies we get information from. We are in the research phase of this and would appriciate any additional info you may have regarding application and installation along with any cost estimates.


I am in the process of buying a new hangar in Colo that is under construction. It will have your 58'X16' opening size bi-fold door installed and I wanted to see what you might have available in windows for that type of door. Is there single or double pane windows as an option? What sizes do you have? Let me know at your convenience. Thanks in advance. Ted L.


previous purchase of 40x14 hangar door looking for a quote on a door for a clear opening of 34'x10' with max height of 15' to work with


Preparing plans for new hanger. Looking at housing minimum of 2 Kingair aircraft (type 90 to 200).


We are looking to build a hangar 100' x 120' for up to 4 citations with room to grow into something larger.


Constructing a 3 unit clear span rental hangar for single engine and light twin GA aircraft.


We would like a quote on (1) 45 x 16 and (1) 50 x 16 for our project "Z. F. H." in Selah, WA. We are planning on a 16' framed opening. Building drawings are available if it would be helpful. Thanks, Richard


We are bidding hangers in Moore County NC. Please contact me so I can help you access bid documents.


We are quoting 2 Hangars in Lampasas, TX. I need a price delivered (and possibly installed) for 1 door 18' High X 64' Wide and 1 door 18' High X 60' wide. There is also an alternate for an additional Hangar with an 18' High x 60' Wide door. These will be mounted in the end wall with a top drive motor. Have you heard of this project? I also need Loading for these. Wind speed is 90 MPH. Bid date is 7/30. Can you get me a quote by tomorrow noon? Thanks, Sincerely, Mark T. D. Project Manager


Have you developed a bifold door that allows a small 8'X 7' garage type door (for vehicle traffic) within the larger bi-fold door? We are in the permit process for building phase one (70 hangars) and more often than not we are not able to place the garage doors on the side or rear of the hangars. Please let me know. Thanks. Rick A. Managing Partenr


I am preparing a proposal for a hangar building in the Memphis Area. The building will have (4) 60x16 BI-FOLD doors. The project timing is 2009. Could you give me a budget price for each door with an escalation percentage for material price increase. Also, I would like to know the vertical clearance dims. Thanks, Bill H.


Hello, My father is building a 70 ft hangar and would like to equip it with a bi-fold door. What size would you recommend for a hangar that size? And what would be the associated costs of the door? Thanks for your assistance. -C


I am quoting a hanager and would like to speak with someone. The opening will be 14 or 16 x 54 Thanks


I am sending this request for my father who does not own a computer. Do not call him! He is going to build a 40x50 hangar in Southern Michigan and is looking into the different door options. I believe he is planning on a 40 foot door with 10 or 12 feet of verticle clearance. Can you please send him a catalog and a few rough estimates on your different styles of doors. Thank you, John P.


Building a hanger at this time. Local truss manufacture said to get the hinge location information for the prebuild of the trusses. 40' outside to outside of wall, 2"X6"X10'. Location is Fairbanks Alaska, cold weather, bifold door, thinking electric motor / cable or strap. Could I get an approxamate cost of door also.


my hangar is going to be 50x50x20ft. how big can i make the bi-fold door to where there will be enough clearance at the top of the biulding. can i get the door at 17 or 18ft high?


I like the doors. What about the Hangars? I need a Hangar for size of B1900 and Dash 8-100/300. Any idea's or contacts for Hangars? Best Regards, Gilbert


Building hanger for helicopter. 50 x 50 Interested in door that would give 36 feet wide and 18 feet high clearance. Thank you.


I am looking for a price for a 20'-0 (tall) x 40'-0 (wide) folding hangar door with installation.


Good Afternoon i am writing in regards of a price on your product that was listed in our specs for: Project New Hanger Facility in slidell, la.


Could you please provide us with pricing for a 60 by 18 ft. door for our new hangar ? also info on a European dealer is welcome.DFO Allan H.


I am looking to price out the replacement of bi-fold hangar doors on an existing hangar. The doors are approx. 16' high by 40' wide. If I know what the replacement cost is (approx.) I can tell the owner what the approx. cost will be (for budgeting purposes). Any information would be most helpful. Fax, email or phone will work. Thanks, Joe F.


My hangar will be 100' wide with a 22' eve height. Will this accommodate a 90'x20' hydraulic door?


We are in need of an 80' wide by 20' tall (clear opening) bifold for a Hangar in Bend Oregon. Does Schweiss have a high lift option that would reduce my eave height for a door this wide? I have not installed a Schweiss door for a number of years so am looking forward to the opportunity. Could you provide pricing for the door, including freight, and lead time. Thank you, Duane


I am going to build a hanger and shop on my new airstrip in the country. I have been talking to various steel frame builders and am not sure if I should go with pole type or ladder frame type construction. From a purely strength consideration for either a bi-fold or one piece hydralic, which would be the best for your doors? I know your doors work with both types but am told that the pole building is overall stronger than ladder frame but I am not sure. Thanks, Russ


Please provide price on two(2) 100x28(clear)hangar doors in Portland Maine Please provide required opening height and deflection requirements


Hello, I'd like a quote on a 55 x 14 bifold hangar door. there is a 90 mph wind load, and it would be delivered to Palenstine, IL 62451. Thanks, Andy


I've got a Schweiss door on my hangar and am looking for the manuals on-line. Are these manuals available in electronic copy (computer files)? Safety Information and Operations Manual - 300 Safety Decals Placement Guide Manual - 310 Bottom Drive Jackshaft - Strap Installation Instructions Manual - 325 Photo Eyes / Safety Edge Installation Instructions Manual - 415 Remote / Receiver Installation Instruction Manual - 875 Photo Eyes / Safety Edge Installation Instruction Manual - 880 Top Override Safety Switch Installation Instruction Manual - 885 Auto Side Latch Installation Instruction Manual - 903 Auto Wind Pin Installation Instruction Manual - 930 Thank you. - Mike L.


Pricing for 60' x 20' bi-fold hangar door, delivered to Fillmore, Utah. Price required on or before 5/27/08. Can e-mail drawings/specs if required.


Need a 55' W X 12' H bifold hanger door delivered to Lago Vista, TX 78645. PRICE SENSITIVE (low cost). Please quote.


We're planning the construction of an hanger for delivery for next November. We'll need a 50 ft wide door. The clearence inside will be 18 ft under the beam. The roof on the door hanger side will be around 26 ft. Would it be possible to install a bi-fold door in this conditions, if yes what kind of budget are we looking at? Regards Eric B. Logistic Specialist


Please price a 30' wide x 14' high bi fold hanger door. Shipping to Bloomsburg, Pa. 17815. Do you install also?


We need quotes for seven doors. We are building 6ea 60X60 hangars and a larger 125 X 60. The 60X60 should be 59' wide with 20' clear height. The 125 X 60 should also have 20' clear height but could be as small as 100' width.


Have a 60X60 hanger with a 20x45 wide opening just curious how much it would cost to replace with one of your doors? Thanks Tim


In the design stage of a hanger and would like to know price of door 14' high approx. x 45' wide either Bi-fold or hyd.


I have a port a port hangar with a one piece tilt up center door and clam shell side doors. Do you have door that would replace just my one piece door? If so, price and shipping charges to CA please. Door dimensions are close but approximate.


I need a quotation on one (1) hangar door with a clear opening of 19' x 56'. The customer I am working for says that your company has recently supplied this door for Sane Construction on a project in Tullahoma, TN, and Heartland Construction on a project in Lebanon, TN. It's my understanding that I am quoted the same structure as these two companies have already completed, so that may be of some help.


We are building an (8) unit hangar complex and will need 8 doors. All bifold doors will be 50' -0" wide with the heights different due to terrain (3) at 16'-6", (1) at 16'-10", (1) at 17'-2", (2) at 17'-6", and (1) at 17'-10". All doors will have lift straps, 30" wedge, 240 1ph, bottom drive, int. truss, 12" inch top rubber, weather seal kits, and auto latches. Please include shipping to Juneau in your bid. Please also quote all safety options that could work on these doors. Also please quote optional insulation package. Individual owners may choose some of these options. Also please quote on a separate form the cost of having you company install doors. We understand there will be travel expenses. We expect to need the doors installed near the end of June. We need to know the lead time to order these doors so they will arrive on time.




looking for a bifold door for a hangar 42'x14', would like a price quote.thanks for any info...


I am building a hangar and need the voice of experience to advise on details: ie the benefits of 12 foot vs 14 foot tall door (over time), this will be new construction, does the difference of metal building or wood building have any impact on the door?, and how do the door options affect cost: ie strap vs cable, bottom or top drive, etc. Thanks, Steve


Could you price out a hanger door for a 40ft wide by what ever size heigth that will give us a clear opening of 14ft 6 inches


I have a 40 X 60 foot hanger enclosed on the 40' sides (14' eves I think) and would like to put a door on the 60' side. Can probably go down to 50' but this would require more construction. I also would like to enclose the rear 60' (no door). I am loacated in Westwego, LA (about 10 minutes southwest of New Orleans. What would be the best solution for me? Please let me know if you can help. If bifold, would like door. Need minimum 12 vertical opening.


I am pricing out three different size hangers and would like quotes for the following framed openings; 44' X 14' 44' X 12.5 42' X 14' all doors white, no insulation needed, must be able to seal well. And all with electric opener, no need for extras as I am trying to keep the cost down. Please Email as soon as possible.


would like information package on bi-fold door and one piece hyddraulic door. I'm planning on a 11'x 44' hanger door for my hanger. would like to know labor cost to install.


I am planning to build a three-bay hanger that has 50'x14' doors. What is the cost difference between the two? The building will be approximately 156'x40' with the three doors along the long wall. Thanks, Blake


We are in the market for two 60 foot bi fold doors. I need pricing, design information for frame opening and anyother information that may be useful as we design this hangar for our customer. Bret


I'm building a hanger in North Idaho and wish to price the hanger door. My opening will be 11'X44'. We will need your modle of Bi fold that can form the smallest wedge at the top position. Art G.


We are building a single row of 5 - 50 X 50 hangars with a common pertition wall seperating the individual hangars.


Hi I'm looking for a hangerdoor and it will have to open into the building, it can not be on the outside of wall. Is that possible. Arnar H


I'm looking at a project in Northern Minnesota, and need a price on (2) 50'-0" x 16'-0" bi-fold hangar doors. Thank you,Jerry


I'm planning to build another hangar. I have bottom cable drive and am very satisfied with it. I need a price for a 45' bi-fold, bottom cable drive. The sidewall height will be 14'. I would also like the price of installation at New Richmond, Wisconsin? Just starting to get bids on 60 x 54 building, so I have no clear openings as of yet.


My neighbor Mike S. recommeded your firm and product. I am building a new hanger and need a door that is 46 wide by 14 feet tall. Please get a quote to me ASAP. Also need the specs to give my building company to make sure they build the opening correctly.


I just bought a hangar with your door. The opening is roughly 13'. I have no idea how high I can open the door. I do know how to adjust the stops on the screw jack mechanism. But just how high can I go with the door? I have a motor home I'd like to store in there along with the plane. Needs to open about 12' 3". Can you advise? Dave


Hi, We would like ti receive a quotation for: 4 hangars doors to be fixed on a concrete frame


Please price a 40' wide door for a hangar with bottom of trusses at 12' I will be needing it in Dec 2007 Thanks Parker B. Troy, OH


I would like a budget estimate on a 50' wide bi-fold door. The door will be in the end wall of a 20' eave height hangar. I am assuming a clear opening of /- 16'. Thank You for your quick response. Steve S.


can you price out some of your hanger doors? I am sorry I can't give you a specific size. At this moment I am not sure. If you could give me the most common, please.


For a 40' x 10' single hangar bifold, what is the approximate overhang moment when open and motor power req'd? In this application, ohm's law is the enemy and starting current is the concern. Can the door easily accomdate additional speed reduction to use a lower power motor, albeit at a lower lifting speed? e-mail reply best.


I just purchased a hangar with one of your bifold doors with lift straps and bottom power configuration. The door is about 60 feet wide by 12 feet high. It has manual door latches on each side. The door is insulated as is the entire hangar. I am interested to know what a door like that would cost to purchase and install at todays prices? Also, do you have any maintenance guidelines for the motor or other moving parts? Thanks, Steve


Would like to replace a hangar door on an existing building. I wanted to get prices to give to the contractor.


I am getting ready to construct a 60X60 hanger and am looking for a quote for a door. I would like pricing for a 50X14 door. This needs to have an open clearance of 14 feet. Also, please give me the general dimensions needed to fit this door (framed opening). I would also like a quote for the same door in a 55 foot width. This would be shipped to Idaho Falls, Idaho Thank you Craig D. J.


Need a quote on 16 ea Bi-Fold Hangar Doors. 40'W x 12'H clr. with 3'0" x 6'8" man door. Thank you, Robert J.


I am in preliminary phase of building a multi unit hangar complex. up to 21 doors depending on building schedule... door opening will be 65 X 18 clear. I may mix sizes of Hangars with 50' doors depending on local interest. would like quote on most reliable and cost effective, and CUSTOMER Proof door you have.


Hello Iam looking for the most economical hangar door for a 40 foot opening 12 feet tall hangar. please contact me asap thanks Darryl


Do you have a rep in the state of Oklahoma? Would like some pricing on doors for a 50x50 hangar.


My hanger is to be 46'x60'. The door is 38'w x 11'h on the 46' end wall. i.e. I have 4' of wall on each side of the door. Immediately above the door is a 3' rectangular bearing truss which will be the wedge area. In addition to price/shipping charges I need the forces/reactions at points on this end wall in order to complete design of trusses.


This is going to be for a helocopter hanger.I hope I gave you everything you need if not please feel free to calll me.The door will need to installed in Rock Hill S.C.


I would like to know what the best door options for a hangar opeing that is roughly 42 feet long by 16 feet high. Please get back to me as soon as you can.


I will be constructing a drive-thru loadout hanger for an aerial application business and need a quote on 2 bi-fold doors. Opening size is 70' x 16' with a minimum of 14' opening clearance needed. Sidewall height of the hanger will be 18' and opening height for the doors could be made taller if necessary. I would like to have straps instead of cables. Construction will begin in 3-4 months. Please let me know if you need additional information. Tim T.


We are quotng a small private hanger for a customer in Reserve, Louisiana and are looking for the price of a bifold hanger door 40'x14'.


Interested in a 44 ft by 14ft bi-fold door. Please send price quote. Send quote for complete hanger also if you do that. The door will go on existing hanger with open front. We also have land next door which is able to handle 60 ft wide hanger. Thanks Ken


I am building a 60X60 hangar with a 14 foot sidewall. Which door would you recommend and what would be the costs? thanks, Jim


Hi, I am looking for a bifold door 10'x 36' for my hanger. can you send me prices. thanks


Looking for a quote on a hangar door. Looking at building multiple hangars here at the Craig Moffat A/P.


We are designing around a new hangar building addition that will include 2 hangar doors. One door is to be 65' by 17' tall and the other is to be 65' by 16' tall. The owner requests the bi-fold type door. I am working around some height limitations due to existing conditions. I mainly want general information and some assurance that the size of the bifold doors can be done. I also could use some idea of details and clearances needed to accommodate the doors.


Interested in replacng accordion door on 66 ft by 24 ft high opening, both ends of existing hangar.


We are building a hanger in two months and will require a door. The current estimated size is 40' wide and 10 - 12' high. Bi-Fold, please. If there is a standard door that is slightly out of the given dimensions, let me know. Can you provide me with an estimate?


Our schedule for hangar build is around Sept of this year. We will be building a 48' x 56' pole barn construction hangar. Do you have a .pdf install guide available for a free standing door attaching to a wood building? We need information to determine door placement and stresses we may encounter with a 44' bi-fold door with 12' of free clearance. Thanks, Doug


I need a door for my hanger that I am in process of building 42 ft opening need price on the best door for the price please call my cell phone as soon as possible


We are needing pricing for an 80'-0 wide x 18'-0 high operated door for a private hanger. Please call me so that we can go through the particulars. Thank you, Bryan C.




Hello, I will be building a 46" wide hanger in about 3 months and i will need a Hanger door Please send me a price list Thank You Paul


Dear Schweiss, We are building a new hangar and looking for a 40ft bi-fold door. What is your Sun-N-Fun special? We are ready to place an order and looking for the best deal we can find. Best regards, Scott G.


Dear Sir, Kindly provide the price and delivery time for the followings: Aircraft hanger doors= W x h= 30m x 8m= 3 Nos. 16m x 4m= 1 No. Thanks and regards, Kamal S.


I am building a hanger in Breckenridge. I also need to know how big to build the opening on the building. I am not sure what you mean by end wall or side wall. I want the door in the middle of the wall. The hanger will be 60 by 60.


MY door opening is 40 X 12. I have an additional 5" clearance at the top of the door. I also want a small standard 36" X 72" door in my hanger door. I planr to cover the door with aluminum or Hardie Board.


I am in the process of gathering information to have a hangar built. I would like a door opening of 40 or 42 ft with a height of 10 ft. What would be the cost of such a door? Thank you, Len S.


I'll be building a hangar in the near future, and would like a quote for a 38' wide, by 14' tall bi-fold door. Thanks, Ron E.


Please quote for 40x12 bifold door, including lead time and delivery to Dayton, Texas Please call with any questions. Construction is starting on hanger next week. Thanks, Doug D.


To whom it may concern I have received a request for 3 hangars (rather big) and I am just enquiring whether you build big hangars. Tank you and best regards Costantino D.


Plan on a 60x60 hangar with a 44' bifold door. Construction to start in May. Thanks, KPS


What would it cost for an 11x45 bifold hangar door? Also, how difficult is it to install it?


The hangar currently has an opening 39.5 feet wide by 8.5 feet high in the middle and sloping right to left. The opening also has gussets at the top corner each end. Does the opening need to be squared up?


I have an existing hanger pipe construction that i need to install 4 bi fold doors on. It already has doors on one end but is open on the other (which they want to enclose) The height of the existing doors is 13' 5" and the opening between the unright pipe columns is 42'4". Also they want a walk door installed in the bottom panel. Please advise if you have a system that will accommodate these measurements. Thanks Roger S.


We have a 20 acre project in Chandler Arizona in which we plan on building hangars on fee simple land. Please have a rep contact me. Thanks, Tim.


I will be building a 48'X48'X14' hangar in Willow, Alaska this summer. I am interested in the price of a bifold door to go in the end of the building. I would like a horizontal clear opening of at least 40' and as much vertical clear as practical. How much would this door cost? How much would shipping cost?


I am a home builder. I have never built a hangar or a steel building. Hangar may be framed of wood or steel. Hangar will be 60x60. Approximately 45'x14' door.


I am planning to build a couple hangers in the Fairbanks area this year. I would like the price of your 40'x12' door delivered to Fairbanks. Thanks, Ken T. q.


We're looking at putting in a couple of bi-folds to replace some sliding doors on a hanger. the inside dimensions of the openings are 40'1" X 11'10". they have a steel beam for the header. Can you get me a price on 2 doors for these openings? Thanks, Tom S.


The hanger I am building is 50' X 50'. Can you send me more detailed description of how the end wall must be constructed to have the maximum available width and a 13' clear opening height?


Going to build a 45'w x 54'd hanger,16' eaves,4on12 roof. 14'H x 40'W horizontal bi fold door. would like to price the whole package and also just the door.Please contact me, thankyou Ken G.


To Sales, I need to get a quote and a drawing on a door for a hanger door. Openeing is 38' x 10' with 2' of headroom. Please include an option for motor operation. Any questions, please contact me. Thanks, Joe L.


Looking for a local contractor to furnish and install a set of automatic hanger doors. Need to have clear opening of 30 x 14 Insulated doors.


We just got a lease on a lot at the Patterson, La airport. We are getting bids on a hanger but most of the contractors want to exclude the door. So looking for a quote on a 50 ft wide bi-fold door for a 60 x 60 hanger. Door opening will be 12 ft.


I am planning to build a hanger within the next few montha. I would like information on hanger doors. Thanks, Harry B.


I need pricing on a 45 by 12 hanger door for my hanger project in Crawford CO, thank you. Jim


Hello, I have an older hanger at the Anoka County Airport. It is 40' wide, and I would guess the rough opening might be 12' high. Currently it has an older bifold door. The mechanics aren't in the greatest shape, and before putting money into it, I thought I'd see if I can get an approximate cost to have it replaced with a new door. I am interested in the least cost, installed solution, that would be insulated with an entry door. Could you give me an approximate range of costs? Thanks! Ron


We are building a hangar for aircraft maintenance purposes and would like to get a general idea of price. We will have a 70 foot opening 20 feet high. (hangar 85 by 65.)what consideration must be taken into account for the door header? What would cost of a bifold be for this opening and also for a hydraulic one piece door. We are in a windy location with winds regular to 10 to 15 mph and can sometimes gust to 25.. will this be a factor with either door. We are in the early stages of planning this hangar and will also be building a 120 by 85 hangar as phase 2. how difficult is the installation, we have our own construction crew available. What would we be looking at for delivery time to penticton BC Canada and what would cost of delivery be? Please also copy any e-mails to Jim.Thanks


im building a hangar will have a door opening 40 ft wide 128 inches high,would like to get a price on this size door,will be building in jan 07 awaitng you reply , colour of steel siding on door do we have a choice of colours? or can we put our own on,


We are one of three design/build contractors that have been chosen to offer proposals for phase one of a four phase project. Phase Two will go before Phase One is out of planning and of course the carrot is whoever get phase one, will get all other phases. We shall see. Anyway, Phase one is for fourteen 40' x 40' hangers. It would appear from the information I have that most small aircraft that would fit within the 40' x 40' do not exceed a 10' clear tail height. If that is the case, I need a quote on 14 each 10' clear when open doors, that will fit within a 40' opening. What I need right away is what the net clearance will be for that 40' door and what height do I need to make my building to accommodate the door? I need the information on the required building height so that I can get a quote on the buildings. So, if you can get the information back as soon as possible on the building requirements, I can wait until next week, Friday, the 15th for the door quote. Each door will need to have a walk door in the lower portion of the door. I am leaving this morning and will return on Monday, but if I get the information, I will be carrying both my cell and my laptop, so I can get the building quote working as well. Thanks for the help. M. Building Corporation G.W. Michael M. President


New hanger just applying for building permit. Clear height of opening to bottom of the roof trusses is 16 feet. Width of opening is 44 feet. Total outside width of building is 48 feet. Need detail for contractor to build out the opening. I only want 14 feet of height with door open and could get by with as little as 12 feet. Can it attach it to the bottom horizontal member of the roof truss? I have another hanger done this way with four trusses bolted together (for strength) to form the end roof structure of the building. We can talk via phone after I get some details.


I am working with one of my builders on a hanger going into Erie, PA. Builder will be Willow Construction. Please provide estimate, via e-mail, for the door indicated below as soon as possible. Top of door will be at 20'-0. Clear open height to be 20' - wedge. If you have any questions please call Doug


I need a rough quote for some budget numbers for a door to go into a hangar with a 60'x18' wall, as big a door as I can get.


We are currently looking an existing hanger that has two 16' x 80' framed openings. Existing doors where (4) structual framed doors on floor mounted track. Looking for furnished and installed pricing. open for suggustions.PS. 130 MPH Wind Zone Thanks Rick S.


Hi, I have two of your doors and am anticipating building another hangar next spring. I'm wondering if you anticipate and pricing changes the first of the year? Thanks, Dan L.


Dear Sirs, We have one of your doors installed on our hangar, and I'm in need of another remote opener. There was some information on the back of the one we have. You installed this door on our hangar at the Greenwood airport. If you can send me another one, that would be great. Thanks Phil


I have a cllent who is a doctor interested in buildling a hangar. A few years back I had worked with another client who never completed his desire to build one, but I remembered your name. Please, if you can mail me a catalogue so that we can determine size and specs during our drafting phase of this project. Thank you Dan W.


Do you do estimates and work in Washington State? I have a hanger in East Wenatchee, WA that currently has two roll up doors, but was framed for a full width door during construction. Please advise. Thank you for your time, Leslie


Read about your free DVD and would like one sent to me. Also what is your lead time for ordering. Looking at construction in Jan or Feb 07. Actual size of Aircraft hanger has yet to be determined. Planning size is a 60X60 for now. Thanks Larry C.


I need a guote on a 40'x12' hanger door. I don't realy care which style, price is a big concern.


I have a hangar that has a bifold door (homebuilt) that has never been opened or used. I need to see about putting a opener on it.


My building is a aifcraft hanger (30'X 40') Wood pole and truss type construction with steel siding and roof. Building is new construction just completed.


Need info on bi-fold door for A/C Hanger. Door will be approx 80'x20' ??? A/C is a King Air B200A Our Customer would like something automatic/remote operated. Located in East Texas


We are currently designing a project for a local Civil Air Patrol. They have spoken to us about the installation of a bifold door on the hanger of their new building. the door size is to be 44 ft. width by 14 ft. height. they would like a steel door and may possibly like to have an entrance door installed into the bifold door. i would like some additional information on your door and lift systems not only for the client but also for our office as well. thank you. James H