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Interest in getting quote for standard bifold door to secure the exterior of an off-grid cabin (no power). the door would be outside sliding glass patio doors.


I have dual straps motors on my bifold. I want to be able to open or close during a power outage. I would like information on a bifold door hand crank or drill motor crank system. Thanks, Mark McClone 530 409 6039


Looking for the door spec sheets to quote a building for a customer that is planning on using Schweiss 35 ft. Bifold liftstrap doors. Please also price your hand operated backup system.


I am looking for a price on a 40' x 10' bi-fold door with the strap lift system. This door will be for a small hangar in Fallon, NV and I would like a delivered price to zip code 89406. The siding will be provided by American Buildings so just provide framing and hardware. Also please provide the basic power requirements I would need to operate the door. Unless there is a manual hang crank option, I would go with that route instead of electric.


We are looking for a hand operated bifold door with glass panels. Opening inside dimensions are 7 ft wide by 10 ft tall.  The panels do not need to insulated. Building is wood framed with 6x6 posts and 6x12 header.


I have a 42 foot strap lift Schweiss door. Explain the cost and installation of a hand crank emergency door open option, along with upgrading to the automatic latch strap system. Thanks Paul 


Bi fold Liftstrap Schweiss hanger door, May 2013 delivery, 44'x14', would prefer a means to open manually in absence of electricity. Insulated. Remote opener and insulated.  Regards, Matt, V., Director Aviation Business Development


like bi-fold, but need overhead room. opening 26'6 1/2"W by 12'2" high in a morton barn. door header is a steel beam w/about 12" to roof line. storage building so power operation is not needed. however a swing up door wont due because of snow factor. cheper is better than expensive in this case. strap operation may be possible.


Need a quote on two bifold doors, one 30x18 & one 32x18. I will be constructing a potato storage building that burnt down. A couple of lites in the 32x18. The owner wants hand latches, not self-locking. The 30x18 will be in a "wet" area, can the operator be mounted in the attic space? 30x18 in endwall & 32x18 in sidewall.


I am looking into a back up system for a Bi-fold cable driven hangar door. What I mean is if the power was to give out or the motor fail I want something to open the door as in hand crank or ??? Do you folk carry anything or suggest anything. Thanks. 50x30


I would like to put hangar doors across the entrance to the parking area behind my apartment building. Can these be free standing, or do the lifting parts require a weatherproof installation? I would like two doors, 18 x 7, that would install side by side, unless it would be cheaper to make one large door. Either way, I need one doorway built into the hangar door as well. Also, I have a municipal hangar that I rent for my Mooney, and am sick of the three-part sliding manual door system. How much would we be looking at to install a bifold door, but I would need it to be manually operated? Patrick Merkle


Please provide a quote for a manualy operated unit, 22'w X 14'h. Let me know if there are any further questions. Thanks, Chad J.


We are building a fully nested tee hangar (4 stall) Each of us seem to be loking at a different type of door. The rough opening is approx 14' high x 42' wide. I am interested in approx pricing on your type H (hand operated bi-fold and type "A" aluminimum frame. I realize that you may not give approx costs but I need a ballpark figure to know if I can even proceed with looking at one of your doors. This could be just a single door or all four of our doors. The building frame is being finished (probably this next week) Red iron steel frame.


Randy I have signed the liability release to change my doors to automatic open - but I lost your instructions - please email them to me or fax Presently - I want to close them myself but automatic open - however give me instructions for fully automatic in case I change my mind Thanks Dick M.


We have a 60' SCHWEISS door in a small remote hangar. Our problem is...we have to use a generator, and, we keep having problems with either the motor, or start control, etc., and I fear that comes from the generator. It has enough total wattage, however sometimes generators cause problems with systems such as this. It would be cost prohibitive to get line power to it. My question...is there some type of manual system that would suffice for this system?? Regards, Bernie G.


looking to build hangar 75'x75' with 50'x18' door of some type. Manual or powered door optional. please let me know if you can help. Starting construction on block hangar 10/28/08.


We will be purchasing doors for a A/C hangar facility that is located in a remote location where we sometimes loose electrical power. Can these doors be opened and closed manually in this case?


I have 4 openings. Three openings are around 12' wide by 14' tall and one is 17.5' wide x 15' tall. I am considering a bi-fold and would like to have it manually operated if possible. Also, I would consider putting my own siding on the outside. I believe what I am looking for is the frame and hardware. I would install inhouse.


Because of steel arch I cannot use an overhead door. Because of being in a corner -cannot use a sliding door. Please give me a quote using a hand wench for opening. Thank You kindly


Getting ready to put up a 56' x 56' hangar with a 10' x 40' door on each end. Looking for least expensive bi-fold doors. Manual is fine, if available. Thanks, Randall E. R.


We have a small project in the Salt Lake City area where we would like to have two bifold doors on a small shed. The doors are 8'-9"W x 7'-4"H. Can these be manually operated?


We are looking for a bifold door for a shed to be built in our water conservation demonstration garden. The architect called for doors that open out as it is a small shed and doors would not be able to roll up inside of the building. We have the plans of the shed which are available upon request. The doors would be opened manually and would not need a motor on them. Please contact us so that we can get pricing information.


I am working on an extremely large project and love your bifold doors. We are aware that they use an electric motor, however, we are utilizing an energy efficient building plan. We have a large number of doors needed, and due to their energy consumption we are hoping that they can be operated either by manual crank or a pulley system. Please respond as soon as possible. Thank you.


I looking for 4' wide bi-fold doors, manual operation only, no need for automatic opening. big concerns are the need for heavy insulation and very tight seal when closed. thoughts?


Our contractor, Star Inc. of Amherst, OH, is installing 3 of your doors in a building we have purchased. The installation of the doors is nearing completion, and I have been on-sit for the first trial lifts. I am confused as to how one is expected to use the emergency hand crank when the door is in the full up position, as it appears as that is not an option? I also would like to know if you can share any experience you have as to what different materials have been used as an interior sheeting material. The outside is being sheeted with steel and will be insulated, but I am hesitant to use the steel sheeting inside and wondering if you have seen and could reccomend any interiors finished with plastics, fiberglass reinforced plastics, or other materials of similar nature. Thanks, Dick P.


we are looking for a vertical opening door the site is on the coast in a windy position,the doors to have maximum windows possible, if possible manual operation if not possible electric, sizes are 8200mm wide x 8000mm high clear sizes, site is in dorset england. We have to submit ourprice on Tuesday morning !! Do you have a supplier in England ?


mini storage r.v. 15'w x??'h x50'd can this sizebe hand operated? mimm higth is 14' with a 30" door in the bi-fold. cost per. door with out shipping....paul


I previously asked for a quote on a 52x16' door for a new building. We are nearing construction and I need an updated quote for a bifold door with automatic latches and remotes. I also need rubber seals and strap lift. Also include optional pricing on photoelectric sensors, warning lights and horn, weather seal kit and hand crank. Please respond by e-mail or phone. Unfortunately, I need the price soon to decide and proceed with ordering this week. Many thanks.


Hi, We bought your equipment for fitting to our own door in 2002 and the system has worked perfectly since. Now we have a major power out at our field and it will be some time before power is restored. We bought a 5.5kva generator for the club but it will not open the door. Can you please tell me if we can open the door manually. The motor is single phase, 2 HP, 50 Hz. fitted to a 50:1 gearbox bottom mounted driving strzaps. The door is about one metric tonne in weight. Regards, Sean W., Chairman, Waterford Areo Club.


We have customer that requires security for a parking area. Opening is 30' wide by 12'0 high. We cannot use our stand sectional grill, or sliding grille due to lack of clearances. Can you provide a price on a door frame for this size of opening - manual operation


What voltage are your motors for the bi fold doors. Can the doors be opened manually if there is no power. How many limit switches on a door. Is it two one at the top and one at the bottom. Thanks Peter


We have a bifold door on our new hangar system. It is operated by two 2.7 HP lifting bottom drive lifting motors. They are rated 208V 3 phase. Is there an emergency Manual operation system for this door? Is there a generator size that you would recommend in the event of a power failure? We are an Air Medevac service and must be able to open the doors in the event of power outage.


We are bidding a nested tee hanger in Oklahoma and wanted to know if your company handles a manual bi-fold door.


I am looking for prices on 2 hangar doors,(2) 36 ft by 10 ft rough opening bifold doors, one manual and one electric opening or hydraulic opener. please contact me as these are for clients with existing or under construction hangars. thank you, dan


please bid on 20' wide by 12' high hangar door. prefer manual chain and pulley but quote what you can. 2 panel bifold and 1 panel if you can..both swing up and out. Will need installation too. Aobut 45 days out...I will be installing wood siding to the door to match building.... Thanks Don L.


If something happens, power or mechanical failure, can this door be opened manually with minimal effort.


I would like also a diagram of the hand operated bi-fold door as well as the weight of each option. How difficult would it be to open by hand?