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Iäm sitting at my farm in Sweden right now and will be going back to Oregon soon. You can see the farm if you google map "Älgered 89, Bergsjö, Sweden." I am at about the same latitude as Talkeetna, Alaska. I am working with a friend designing productive greenhouses at a very northern latitude. Olaf has already built a six unit apartment building that is energy neutral. This is the first energy neutral living complex this far north. We want to take this project and use some other bifold door ideas to build "low or no" outside energy greenhouses. I was looking at your door designs and wanted to adapt them for roof assemblies. I want them to be able to keep heat in, but also act to redirect sunlight into the greenhouses in the winter. In addition to the reflection idea, I want to incorporate solar technology into the mix. We have an incredible mix of high tech professionals in the area that know solar, and bio energy systems, remote controls for hydraulics and industrial fabrication. I would like to speak with someone from Schweiss about bifold green door roofs that open. I cannot imagine that you have not dealt with this yet. I will be back in the US by mid November and would like to speak with someone on your staff. In the meantime, I can start a conversation via email. Your thoughts? Thanks for reading this far! Mark


Project (North Loop Green) bidding August 4th. 1 door system to be priced with lift straps, auto latches, remotes and backup systems. Please contact so I can forward bidding documents/takeoff. Troy 651-261-1444


Are your doors intruder resistant and bullet or blast proof We are going to build a 99% green home that is also a safe home so we decided to use the Schweiss door system. I would like to see the specs and data on your doors because the garage is the largest point of entry and we are all about safety and protection.


I have a metal building with 3 each 12’ x 10’ sectional garage doors. I wanted to see if you could provide price and avail. For your bi-fold green doors. Interested in putting them on my shop. Thank you.


I am looking for two (2) 8'-0" x 9'-0" bi-fold "green" doors set up to be glazed with full vision glass. Please let me know if you have any questions. Thank you.


We have a residential project that is commercial/industrial in style and have a few "green" doors that are needed for the living and entertainment spaces. We've been researching doors and like the bifold liftstrap and hydraulic one piece door options. We want the doors to have windows in them, but need them to be energy efficient as the entire project is being built with very energy efficient materials to meet green door standards. We would like to use your bifold or hydraulic door mechanisms and use your Schweiss interlocking insulation materials with windows to match the look of the rest of the building.


Looking to replace wood garage door with a bifold green door. Garage ceiling is lower than standard due to changes made to garage attic to make a bedroom. Current sliding door was changed by homeowner to roll in a tighter space. Worked for about 40 years but needs replaced now. I can explain better in person. Would like to know process for getting estimate and having work done. We're in Northern Ohio on Lake Erie between Toledo and Cleveland.


Looking for more information on the BiFold doors you produce. We are a greenhouse operation located in Cresco, Iowa and are looking at the possibilities of putting in a 24' wide by 14' tall green bifold door in one of our greenhouse structures. Thanks John


I recently purchased a 40' x 12' Schweiss bifold green door, and I am thrilled with it. Unfortunately, I had a contractor install the rubber weather shield at the top hinge points, and he did not follow directions for securing the ends, cutting it SHORT. IT LEAKS. Also the white vertical door seals are short by about 5". I would like to purchase about three feet of the top rubber, and if available, I also need about a 1' piece of the (white) vertical seal material. Do you have any short remnants available?


I'm building a modern home using Insulated Concrete Forms (Nudura 10" ICF with a 4" Foam Insert and 6" Concrete Pour) and a Hambro Flooring System. I wanted to clarify since the only options below for building type were Wood or Steel. I can set steel beams if necessary. A few questions: - How long would you estimate the Schweiss green door door opening/closing be (In seconds) for the opening size noted below? - What are the thermal green door properties of your doors, and what are the various [if any] options? I'm not actively going for Passive House Certification but I would like a well-built home. - Do you provide drawings for the install? - If you provide drawings - or even if you do not - am I able to achieve a flush appearance using wood cladding? Example: See the link. Thank you so much!


Hi, We are working on a project and we would like to specify your bi-fold automatic latching strap doors in a glazed option. We have two sizes: 11'W x 14'H and 14'W x 14'H. Could you provide a cost for these two doors sizes? What is the thermal performance of a glazed option? These Schweiss Green Doors have been used previously by us in a LEED building? 


I am looking for budgetary numbers for some bifold   or hydraulic Schweiss green doors that would be used to allow access to barges into a building in Brooklyn, NY for loading and offloading of recycled material. There is one opening that would be 90 feet wide and 20 foot tall clear. There are 4 additional openings that would be 50 feet wide and again 20 foot clear to allow access for barges. This is in a high wind environment being on the coast.  The bottom of the door is proposed to be at 14 so it will be above waves and tides.


Project near Lodgepole Alberta, Canada.  One door (hydraulic or bifold strap lift) 4000 mm wide x 6000 mm high Clean cutting shelter. One door 10000 mm wide x 4000 mm high Process Building Please provide e-mail so I can e-mail drawings. Need installation pricing also


Concrete building, with some steel. Bifold, glass and aluminum. We would prefer to have a concealed motor design would be similar to the Ontario Operations Centre 'green' door. We're ok with side track and straps for operations. We need head/jamb/sill conditions soon.


Need a price for a 10 x 30 bi-fold strap green door delivered to Canyon Lake, Texas On road all day best way to communicate is via email.


I would like to ask if the operator for the bifold straplift energy saving green door that can be used to operate a door to the storage under house which are build in the ground.


Please provide a quote for (2) electric powered green doors, both bi-fold with liftstraps. One is 40'x 18' and the other is a 30' x 12'. Please include remote door openers. Thank you, Donna


Wondering if I lose any height with Schweiss bi fold green doors? Can I get a price quote on a insulated liftstrap bifold door 14.5 ft tall and 19 ft wide. I can't lose height on the green door.


Please quote a 20 foot wide by 16 foot tall green door w/straps on side wall. What is the space between top door edge and the bottom of door edge when door is open (meaning how much space is needed on sidewall for the door header and framing of green door).


We are building a new modern passive house that we want a green doors for. Plan on having 4 attached garage and 3 separate green doors. I understand your custom made hydraulic and bifold doors have no size limitations. See green door sizes listed below.


Hello, I am looking for a quote for 2 different green door sizes: All bifold liftstrap, 50x12 door 40x10 door, nothing fancy of either. They will have recycled wood cladding on exterior that we will apply.  If you have any questions, please feel free to call me on my cell. Thanks, Tod


I would like a price for a 14' high by 24' wide green  door. Please price both the Schweiss bi fold (with straps) and the hydraulic one piece models.


Dear, I am a civil engineer, doing final work on a green door project. It consist on concepting and building a wood made aircraft hangar. I am very interested on your Schweiss Liftstrap Bifold doors. I 'd like to ask you some informations about the weight to be able to size my elements. And also,  will be very thankful if you can give me the information about your Bifold door that consumes the least amount of electricity because I expected a roof with solar panels and the goal is to be 100% energy self-sufficient. My building is 29,5 meters between poles axes is 12.5 meters free height. With best regards. Nidhal 


Looking at installing a glass liftstrap bi-fold door in an ocean view home. 15' width with approximately 8'6" height. Automatic with 5 foot wide glass panels. Should be able to seal on bottom. What information would you need to give us a general sense of cost and available features on your Schweiss green doors.


My wife and I purchased a hydraulic door for a quonset building and am in the process of installing solar in our building and need the drive motor requirements for door. As far as the watts and amps that it draws. At this point we run door form L/P gas generator and want to run entire system from solar. THANKS for the assistance!


Dear Schweiss, I'd like to visit with the appropriate people in the afternoon to discuss using Foam Supplies one part urethane adhesive to glue insulation in place on your Schweiss doors, and/or making a foam-in-place insulated door using our Ecomate foam systems. It's non-Ozone depleteing, non-green house gas, and VOC exempt. I'll be in the area, and i hope someone has a few minutes to chat.         


I am in the idea/design phase of my new home in Minnesota. I own a south facing lot on Minnetonka and looking for passive solar ideas. I was wondering about incorporating a folding door system with glass or plexi for lake views in my walkout basement with flexibility to open up the doors during good weather onto my walkout patio. I am concerned about thermal performance probably more so in the winter w/heat loss as I could probably mitigate solar gain in summer with overhangs etc...Any suggestions on a system that could do that with some thermal performance? thanks, Steven


We're working on a kiosk project and would appreciate some more information about bi-fold or hydraulic doors. The space is small so we are trying to figure out how to get the designer style doors to fit. Do you have cad details of the overhead equipment and the rollers at the columns? Thanks.


We are specifying your hydraulic hardware on (4) 4X8 doors on a LEED certified project for The Nature Conservancy. I need CSI format specifications and some confirmation on the details we're including in our contract documents. Would someone please contact me? Thanks, Carol


The Build Green Company, manufactures an eco-friendly, steel and foam wall panel system, that can revolutionize the aircraft hangar industry. Perhaps, we can work together in cross marketing/selling our products. Check out our website. Ron H.


I'm an architect working on a medium-sized community center and we have been considering some overhead (glass) garage-type doors to open up some of our larger public spaces, but the custom product you show for the Stanford Ecology Center would be perfect for this building. I would like as much information about installation detailing, operation, r-values and air penetration (this is going to be a LEED 'certified' building), as I can get on a similar system. The project in question has a brick veneer cavity wall over a steel frame, and is intended to look generally 'old-fashioned' but with mode details. Thank You for any information you can provide.


Hello, Two items for you. One, I am considering replacing my double residential doors with one of your doors. My home is in Florida. Do you doors meet the Miami Dade building code? Two, I am in the processing of designing a new Harley Davidson showroom in Massachusetts and would like to incorporate your doors into the building. The building is being designed as a high energy efficiency building with LEED certification. Do you offer doors made from structurally insulated panels that produce a high R value. This would be important for my LEED score. Sincerely, Michael G.


Hi, We are renovating our home and need information regarding a 18 foot wide bi-fold garage door. We saw one of yours on the cover of "Green Source" magazine featuring the Global Ecology Centre in Stanford, California. We are in Calgary, Canada. We need as much ceiling height inside our garage as possible for a car lift so an outward opening door like yours would be perfect. Do we purchase the door from you and then have someone here finish the door with the wood, trim, etc., that we want? How much does a door like this cost approximately? Do you have 18 foot doors in stock for shipping? Thanks.


Saw you bi-folding door on the cover of green design mag here in the office. found same door in your photos under designer doors. i am interested in finding out details of construction, do we skin the frame with our own window system if we want all glass? i would guess the doors i want to do are about 8 feet wide and between 8 and 10 feet tall. can you give me an idea of cost?


To whom it may concern, My name is Marisol and I am working with the University of Puerto Rico Solar Decathlon Team. The Solar Decathlon is a competition sponsored by the United States Department of Energy in which 20 teams from around the world compete to create a house powered by solar energy. Each house has to be transported to Washington DC to the National Mall in September 2007. We are now in the process of researching materials and detailing the construction drawings. The team's search has focused on new, innovative, sustainable materials. It is the intention of our proposal to use these forward-thinking materials as a showcase and as an educational tool. For this reasons, we are very interested in your Bi-fold "Lift Straps" Doors. It's clear your product is our best option. If you have any questions about the competition feel free to go to our team site. Feel free to contact me with any questions. Looking forward to your response, thank you for your time. Marisol


I am an architect currently working on the design of my own house in Austin, TX. I've come across your product when looking for a new take to residential garage doors (thinking about opening a 3 car bay with just one door). After I saw your Designer Doors used as openings on what looks like a residence, I am now actually thinking about using your product as such. However, we hope to build a "green" and energy efficient house and I wonder how well-insulated and energy efficient can your glass doors can be? In Texas we have the concern of long HOT summers, but also very cold icy weather at times. Can your glass doors perform as well as double glazed windows, like Anderson Windows? Thanks! Domi S.