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I'm looking for 3 glass bifold doors from Schweiss that will open from my living area onto a screened in porch. Rough openings are 12' wide and 8' tall. walls are concrete block


I am building a beautiful "micro resort" in southern Missouri. I need a 9'Wide X 4' high glass bifold that will come down to a bar top. I like schweiss doors glass wall concept and think this could work really well.


Project is an indoor pool building with five 16' X 16' folding hangar all glass doors.


we are looking for a bigger opening up front. We have a glass front with glass doors. could a schweiss door be engineered to work with the glass doors as part of the main entry door? As soon as I get an email from schweiss i can reply with the concept picture. That way you can see if one could be made.


I need a quote on 8x12 residential bifold “hangar” style and same size “window wall” swing up doors. Please also send available appearance and glass options. Is there an installer in the middle TN area? Thank you.


We have a new multifamily residential project in D.C. Do you have a D.C. rep I could contact to inquire about a commercial glass garage information?


I am looking for 4 glass bifold doors for 4 openings of the same size at 12ft wide and 9ft 3in wide. The openings are on a brick/masonry building. I would like to know if doors can be set on the brick wall or if I need steel columns. If steel is required, can you please specify. Also I am interested in standard drawings. You can reach out to me anytime. Thank you.


I'm looking for a budget price on a glass overhead bi-folding door sized at 35' x 18' for a project in Dayton, Ohio. Thanks


We have 4 bays approximately 15' wide by 10' high. We would need the 2 end bays with man doors as well. We'd like all glass as much as possible to be able to see the views.


I'm an Architect designing a home with a 20'-60' indoor-outdoor pool, to be bisected with an operable glass wall approx. 20'w. x 10'-15' h.. Can you help?


I’m an architect working on a project in Rhode Island. The design includes (3) glass (~10’ W x 8’ T) garage-style doors that open up the kitchen to the patio. Can you send some info and ballpark pricing on your bifold glass doors so we can review with our client.


Hi, we are exploring options for an all glazed bifold doors for a project in Detroit and have few technical questions.


I am interested in getting a quote for a glass window wall. I would be interested in a 8x8 wall that opens with the door to the outside instead of going inside.


My firm is designing a residence in Big Sky,MT which contains an indoor pool in a dedicated double height space. At the end of the pool we’d like a glass bifold door that measures 28ft wide by 24ft tall. Is this something your team could help us develop a basis of design for? We’re looking for details and structural requirements to coordinate with out structural engineers. Current the project is wood framed but we’re considering a steel moment frame and columns at this location.


Looking for a custom Window Wall. 7 foot high. 8 foot wide. Will provide more precise details after I get a general price and lead time to see if it will fit in the timeline and budget. Glass needs to be clear glass, NOT Low E. Black Frame.


Hello. I'm converting my residential garage to a studio. If you offer frosted glass and an insulated door then I'd prefer that. If the frame comes finished, I would want that in black or dark gray.


We would like to get quote for a 48'Wx16'H hangar door with full glass. Either a single or bi-fold door. Thank you


Hi There I am interested in a hydraulic steel/glass door that's 16'w x 7't. I am also considering a vertical lift bifold door. Can you please provide me with some information about installation?


Designing a new Innovation Hub for Williamson County School District. I am interested in the cost of 2 glass, bi-fold doors. Approx. 12'x10' or comparable. I am collecting information on the probabilities of adding doors like this to their project. Thank you,


Hello, I am building a new free standing garage/workshop with two large openings and am interested in the possibility of using your bifolding doors with all glass. We are in a CA Urban Wildland Interface Zone and will need to meet the applicable 20 minute fire rating for glazing. The building is framed and we are ready to order the doors. Please have a local sales rep contact me. Thank you.


Looking for a quote on all glass bifold door, size is 6'2" x 4'. Clearance above is 24". There is Four of these opening side by side, thanks


Looking for a quote on all glass bifold door, size is 6'2" x 4'. Clearance above is 24". There are four of these opening side by side, thanks


Request a quote for hyrdaulic bifolding with vertical top drive fully glazed w/ black anodized finish. project notes list double pane insulated glass.


I am looking for a 35'x16' glass, bi-fold door. Hopefully self-supporting. It will be installed on a metal building. Thank you!


We need a quote on glass bi-fold garage doors. G1 = 14'-4" x 14'-1" G2A = 13'-6" x 11'-6" G2B + 22'-0" x 11'-6" Tinted glass, impact resistant. I can send plans.


I’m interested in an insulated glass bi-fold door approximately 30’ in width and 10’ in height for a new garage/accessory building.


I am looking for glass bifold doors for a metal building entertainment area 12'W x 10'H. Could you tell me if this is something I can order from you and how much the cost would be per door please.


I'm looking for a solution for a 12x12 opening on an existing barn with a glass door. I'm converting part of a barn into a game room. The opening is framed with a standard weld up metal building. Thank you,


We are looking for 3each 60"w x 90"tall bifold glass doors for a CMU block building, the project is in a 171mph wind zone. What kind of options do you have available?


Good morning. I have a client who is interested in a bi-fold door for a patio; Operable with aviation-grade stainless steel 1/4 cable system. Thus, I need a quote for this project. I would like to a comparison of an all aluminum all-glass bi-fold door VS an all steel all-glass bi-fold door. OR we can as well, substitute the glass and install plexiglass instead only if it is recommended (Client prefers least amount of division on lites). Dimensions are 20' wide by 9' tall. The electrical motor has to be hidden on top of the attic and be controlled by phone. On that same quote, please provide a the dimensions of the columns and free-standing header for the builder to go off on since the builder will set wood thrusts on top of that header for the attic. Lastly, the client would like to see a simple diagram or sketch of the design.


We are a custom home design-builder and have a project in need of an 10'w x 8'h glass hydraulic or bi-fold door


I'm looking for some options and pricing on a bifold door (or possibly hydraulic) with as much glass coverage as possible.


16'width X 14'High One piece Hydraulic door. Our metal building is built and sided. Just wanted a beautiful ( lots of Glass ) Hydraulic door. Looking for a price quote. Thank you.


Im looking for price and availability for 2-14'8" W x 10'H bronze Glass Doors With Clear Single pane tempered glass Motorized 115 V Single phase


Requesting an estimate for a custom glass bifold door This will replace an existing door/ window leading from a swim spa room to an outside patio


Hello, I completed a metal barn at our house and am interested in the glass bi fold garage door. The size is 12' x 12'. Can you send me the pricing on these and the instructions how to install? Thank you!


I would like some budget pricing on seven 16' x 12' Hydralic horizontal bi fold doors. Painted finish to be clad with glass. Installed if possible in Guerneville Ca.


We are interested in prices to replace two garage doors we have on a shop/garage building. We are interested in all glass or maybe part glass. Door sizes are 12'w x 14'h and 16'w x 10'h


Can you please give me an idea of the cost of the custom window wall picture you have on your web site. I’d like to replace my garage door by a similar system Thanks


We are designing an indoor pickleball court for a large residential project in Madison Club, La Quinta, CA. We would like the side, exterior glass wall to open up in a hangar bi-fold door application. I see the metal shutter house project in NY and I think we prefer how those doors open to the interior of the space. I'd like to begin the conversation to see what is possible.


I am working on a project in Kemah Texas and am interested in your all glass bifold door system. I would like to discuss and get information on a system that is impact resistant as the project is located east of HWY 146. The structural wind load requirements are as follows, 144 MPH, exposure with risk of category II. Please contact me at your earliest convenience.


I have a client that is looking to maximize his internal garage space and I'm looking for a glass bi-folding door. Tinted glass. The door size is 11' x 11' - black Can someone get back to be either with a quote or with more info. Thanks


I am in the very early stages of looking at a bi-fold door with straps. It is for a home and would be primarily glass. Can you just give me a ballpark price. When we get closer (a year or 2), I will reach out. It would be about 35 feet wide and 12 feet tall. Primarily glass and frame. Don’t spend too much time on the estimate. I am just trying to get an broad idea of a budget number Thank you!


Hello, I am an interior designer working on luxury apartment clubhouse project in Tucson Arizona and looking for a single automated bifold steel and glass door system approximately 6' wide x 10' High. Is this something you can help us with?


We are working on a middle/high school project and are looking for an exterior bi-fold door to bring in props/construction material for stage productions into the building. The door is located at the end of a corridor, so we'd like to provide as much glazing as possible while maintaining thermal efficiency. It needs to be 8' wide with a 14' height clearance. Would you be able to provide approximate pricing for us? Thank you!


I need a quote for a 10’x10’ bifold, all glass door -black frame, clear glass and 10’x10’ bifold, all glass door -black frame, tinted glass


We are looking to provide one of our customers with your hydraulic opening one piece fullview doors. We were sent over a specific style to try and match 18'0" X 7'7" 6 Pane Black Frame w/ Clear Glass We would need this to be shipped to Oklahoma if possible


Looking to install a hydraulic lift glass door to an exsisting outbuilding, the current size of the garage door is 16x7 feet.


Please email me with a quote for a black, full view bi fold door to fit an opening of 10x7. Can you recommend an installing in Utah?


hi please send budget, trade pricing for glass 7x10 wide bifold aircraft type doors, low e, insultion and air penetration are an issue. manual operation.


I am doing budget pricing for a general contractor on a project here in Portland, Maine. The plans are 50% and there is a note and an elevation on the door schedule noting Schweiss as the basis-of-design. One door is a 16' wide x 8'8" high with a double pass/swing door. The other is 17'8" x 8'8" and there is no pass door. This is the ONLY information available at this time. I will send you the elevation on a separate e-mail. If available, assume clear, tempered insulated glass. Please let me know if you can price this. I am looking to send this out on Monday the 18th. THANK YOU


Looking for Glass Tilt Up Door/Window Quantity 2 Size : 13'-8" x 9'-0" Dark Bronze Anodized Finish 1/4" Clear Tempered Glazing


***We are a DBA for Overhead Door of Southeast Missouri*** I have a customer who is interested in a pivot hydraulic door for a 21' x 13' opening, wood frame structure, full glass with black frame. His helicopter is 11'1" tall, can you include a basic drawing with the quote? Feel free to call my cell with questions.


Would like to get a price for a barn door . 16wide by 14ft high . Glass . I need 4


Do you have a Florida Product Approval for your bifold doors? I have a school window replacement project and these could be a good candidate for the new system. The existing openings are a primarily a concrete frame.


We are looking for strap bifold, frosted glass with black anodized aluminum frames, quantity of 2. We like the clear opening height but only have 24" from the bottom of header to a window above. Is that enough space? Who does the install and warranty work? What is the lead time and cost? Are there shop drawings? Can you run me through how this order works?


I am looking for a 20" glass garage door for a project in Edwards, CO. Interested in both the bi-fold and the hydraulic options. My architect may also be contacting you about this project.


I spoke to a rep earlier today, have a few questions. I sent some of the photos off your website of the Blue Ridge Mountain residential project to client. we are thing of (1) 10' x 10'glass door, and at least ( 2 ) 8'wide x 10' tall . understand we supply glazier. what is your turn around time? we can provide accurate field measure drawings. can I get suggested rough opening size requirements? do you prefer a steel vertical channel or "h" column to attach to? can you send me a suggested jamb framing detail? water tightness at perimeter of what you provide?


We are looking for a door similiar to the Geneva on the Lake door. However our dimension are: Qty (2) Aprox 15ft wide x 12 ft high. OR Qty (1) Aprox 30ft wide x 12 ft high We can send photos of applications to a direct email if possible.


Hi, I’m building a house in CO and considering a hydraulic opening glass wall. The operable wall/window would be 23’2” wide and 10’ tall. -divided into four glass panels. There are W10x49 i-beams surrounding the opening on the top and sides. I can email an engineer’s drawing to match stile width and such, but I’m curious for a ballpark estimate. Do you supply the glass wall as well as the hydraulics? Thanks for the help.


Hello We are building a hangar and are looking to have 2 - 62' wide x 20' high open clearance, Hangar doors made to have double pane glass on the whole door. We saw a picture of a door like what we are wanting on the internet and it looks like yours. A self supporting door that doesn't rely on the building structure for its strength. Can you please give me a quote on a door of this size please. It will be going into a concrete tilt building. We are in Abbotsford BC Canada so a quote on shipping would be great too. Also what is your lead time once these doors would be ordered and a deposit paid? Thankyou


Hello I'm working on a residential project. It is a detached garage for a fairly large car collection, it will also have a shop/work out studio above which will be clad completely with glass. A portion of that wall will be operable as well as the garage doors below. The project is set into a hill. It might be easier if I am able to send a drawing set as well


need a budgetary quote for a 7-- 10' wide 14' tall vertical glass bi-fold doors. This would be for a new wedding venue I'm designing.


I want to see if I can get a price for a 12' x 8' insulated glass hydraulic bi-fold door - the specs say Schweiss type 4. This is the only information I have on the drawings from the architect if you need something else please let me know and I will talk to the home owner/ architect. If you could e-mail me a quote along with any material for the door quoted I would greatly appreciate it. job name: EC Moore Thank you


I would like to inquire about the lead times to procure 7 approx 12'Hx22'W glass bi-folding doors for a commercial construction project. We are bidding on a project that lists these doors as a product and need to get an understanding of how long it takes to get the material onsite after a contract is in place and the materials are approved and released for procurement. Thanks,


Hello, I'm working on a residential estate in McLean, VA, and have a pool/entertainment building that we'd like to do something special with for the large glass door facing the river. We'd like to learn more about a top driven bi-fold door in this application, approximately 16-18' wide and 9-10' tall. The building is Concrete. Email is the best way to get in touch. Thank you


I have a customer who is wanting an 8'6" tall by 15' wide full-view glass door that bi-folds horizontally. Black frames with single pane clear glass. Is this possible? Could you provide a quote? I have never installed one of these, but I am up for the challenge. Do you have instructional material?


Do you make a one piece glass hydraulic door with a mandoor in it? I have to get exact measurements but roughly 7.5ft by 20ft. The building is a boathouse that is cinderblock with a concrete roof. Thanks


Hello, This is an inquiry for a residential hydraulic glass door that is 11'0" wide. Height is approximately 8'0". We are currently working with a contractor and can make some changes to opening. I'd like to understand the costs and order process. Additionally, I would like to get engineering information to my contractor. ANy information is appreciated. Thanks.


I would be interested in speaking to someone from the company about the possibility of collaborating with us at the Elks Lodge in helping us with a remodel idea for our suffering lodge building. We have a great patio space with an ugly block wall to the building. We have the idea of installing a clear panel garage door or similar to allow light into the lodge, a view of the patio from inside the lodge, and possible summertime access to the patio from inside to outside. You bifold option would work well to act as a rain cover for a possible outside beverage service station underneath the door when opened. We don't have a lot of money to make these types of improvements to the building we are housed in; we donate most all of our gambling proceeds to area community organizations and causes. We are a benevolent and charitable organization at our roots; serving veterans and youth and Americanism. Would there be an opportunity for Schweiss Doors to give some charity back to an organization who's sole mission is charity to the community with us? At least have a conversation and a walk around of a proposed project at our Lodge?


We are looking for a large glass door to replace part of a store front. I can send existing drawings when a contact has been assigned.


I'm an architect here at Miller Architectural, and I've a project for a renovation of an existing Community Center in the City of Redlands, California to include incorporate new glass hanger doors to existing exterior building CMU wall. I've a floor plan w/ possible location of doors. Need to get a preliminary cost estimate so I can propose to client.


Interested in getting pricing for two different doors on a project I am currently in Schematic design on. looking at Glass Bifold doors or glass window wall for two different openings on and adaptive reuse project and our considering using one of your doors but do not have a good idea of what my client should plan on budgeting for this. Door #1 is a 10'wide x 10'high opening Door #2 is a 12' Wide x 10' high opening Love help with understanding the different systems, pros and cons, as well as cost ramifications for our project. Look forward to hearing from you.


Building a residential hangar . It will be all Glassdoor. I need estimate and who does the installation?


I have a customer looking for one of your pivot type glass doors. But he wants it in a small 8' x 7' size. Do you offer something that small? What is my cost for that if you do offer it. Have a great day


I'm an architectural designer needing general pricing for a client on a bifold - glass door. Door opening is 10 feet width, 9 feet high. Looking for designer doors for an Event Room of a small amenity center.


We want to replace a 6ft wide x 7ft tall window with a single glass door that flips up.


Looking for some options and pricing for glass folding door for single family residence.


Hello we have a project in Fresno, CA and would like to add glass bi-folding doors to a new storefront system we are designing. I am hoping to get more information on how we may integrate 2 bi-folding doors into that system.


Good Afternoon, We have a residential cabin that are remodeling the southern prowl wall in which we are replacing all of the structural supports and windows. We are currently exploring options for large scale doors and would like to know more about both the hydraulic and bifold door options. My husband works in aviation so we are loosely familiar with these types of doors, but would like more information about the structural needs of the building (since we have the opportunity to reinforce) and total costs for the system. Our rough dimensions are potentially 15-20' x 15-20', and because it is a feature wall, we would like to have as large of glass panels as is structurally sound. If there is a contact in our area we would love to be connected. We can certainly provide more details if we determine this is a viable option for us.


Hello, I am a designer at The Miller Hull partnership in Seattle WA. I am interested in a glass designer bifold door, similar to the Metal shutter house, SciArc or Red Bull Projects for a project in Bend, Oregon. The opening would be about 14' high. Do you have any typical details for doors like this and are the products NFRC rated? Thanks?


I am thinking about putting a hydraulic glass garage door in my cottage. The opening will be 8x8. I am curious about the cost to do this. We would install the door. Thank you.


I need about 10 doors but I want to start with one. The door needs to be well insulated, it will have about 1/3 of the surface area as glass and must be wind rated (it is close to the ocean and gets heavy winds from time to time). Location north of Everett, WA


Quoting a new hangar in Salem Indiana. Owner wants to look at a building with 18' clear door and an option to provide 28' clear door. Please price both options Thanks


Looking for a 46' x 16'4" hydralic door. Frame to be filled with storefront window system. To be installed in existing CMU hangar.


I'm building a house and would like a folding glass garage door door the gym over looking lake. please call asap.


(copying email sent to Schweiss@SchweissDoors.com for reference images please open email sent to inbox) Dear Schweiss, We are considering the implementation of your fold-up all-glass doors on a façade system in Manhattan. Currently we’re looking at having 3 vertical folding glass doors that would replace the fixed glazing leading out to the terrace. The panels would be 10’-0”x16’-4 1/2” (X2) and 10’-5”x16’-4 1/2” (X1) (See drawings below). The final effect would be a seamless indoor-outdoor connection (adding images for reference) The design intent is to have the door as minimal and clean as possible, with no visible motor no visible hydraulic arms, and to match the lookandfeel of the base building currently under construction. We are particularly interested in exploring two options that we would like to share with our client on Monday, your timely response would be very appreciated. 1/ Hydraulic glass door (full height with no straps or exposed motors), hydraulic pump hidden in a closet nearby 2/ Pivot Hydraulic Glass door If you can send us details and photos of all-glass installations that can be shared with the client for both options We were wondering how such façade system is possible to achieve with your product, and what are the supports needed for such a system? What is the biggest size door we can achieve in this configuration? Let me know your thoughts and I look forward to speaking with you soon. Best, Reem


Looking for a Black Frosted or Clear All glass bifold door for residential application in a home in Isleworth fl was looking at the STANDARD BIFOLD DOOR VERTICAL TOP DRIVE size of opening is 16x8 needs to be wind loaded for fl Block home


We are designing a wine tasting/brewery/restaurant for a local business in Hermann, Missouri and are considering options for a glass door that could be opened to connect an indoor dining area to an outdoor dining area and are interested in exploring options with your bifold glass doors. We are still in the schematic design phase and haven't made final decisions on many details yet, including construction type or finishes, but are hoping you could send a rough quote to present to the client for budget purposes. They want all glass with metal frame (in a basic finish or something that would match a historic aesthetic). As I mentioned, we haven't decided on a construction type yet so if you're able to send a quote for wood and steel framing for comparison purposes that would be appreciated, and at the most basic level of installation (this is a new build so we can build around the door instead of having to fit it in existing conditions). The quotes can be sent to the provided email. We appreciate your time and feel free to reach out to the provided contact information if you have questions or need additional information. Thanks!


We are replacing an old overhead door to a bi-fold glass door. Is this something schweiss can help us with?


Need a quote for schweiss residential bifold wall. Measuring roughly 21ft x 11ft. I'm interested in a possible glass/cladding mix or all glass wall if that's also available. Would like to get some pricing on those options and what the cost is for shipping as well. Thank you, BD


I would appreciate if you could send me a quote for 3 Bi-fold doors: 18’ wide x 10’ high x 2 doors 18’ wide x 8’ high x 1 door I am looking for glass doors or with wood paneling. If you could give me and order of magnitude number for these 2 options, it could help me decide if it makes sense developing a more detailed quote. Thanks LM.


interested in different glass options for modern look or traditional all ribbed steel 2 tone to match building projection 3' up from bottom New steel building- interested in both the hydraulic and bifold door. How does each door change glass application.


Hello, we are doing a custom project in Delray Beach Florida. The doors are 12'x12' and we would prefer to do a horizontal bifold metal and glass door. We have 3 of them. We hope you can help us with this.


Hi, I'm reaching out about a hydraulic one-piece glass door we are trying to spec for a brewery project here in Seattle. The brewery has a fixed existing opening with CMU columns on either side and a steel beam spanning (although we expect supplementary steel structure will likely be necessary). The fixed R.O. we're trying to fill is approximately 10'-5" high x 23'-1" wide. Would you be able to give me some more information on how the frame and glass install work? Additionally, we'd appreciate some pricing and structural loading/deflection we could pass along to the client and our structural engineer. Phone or email is fine. Thank you, RR


I need a quote for (1) 80' x 22' bifold hangar door with straps traditional steel siding and steel beams on end wall of metal building. Also need a quote for (1) 50' x 14' glass bifold hangar door. full view glass steel beam support by metal building. This is for new construction project at Centennial Airport.


Architectural project-Looking for pricing on a 12x12 and 10x10 glass garage doors with black trim. Bifold door please.


We're looking for a general cost estimate for a bi-fold door for an adaptive reuse project. Is it possible to get a Bi-Fold Glass door without lift straps?


Hi - I'm specifying a standard vertical bi-fold glass door and would like to know if schweiss doors could provide specifications and details (autocad or revit). Thanks MM


New construction 2 byfold doors 16ft. Wide x 8ft. Tall Wood with glass on one side top to bottom Thank you


I have a customer interested in a 16'x8' overhead door that will swing out of his garage. Can you please send me a quotation on the following? 1-16'x8' Your website has a "Window Wall" White in Color Insulated Windows and Styles Please price both hydraulic and bi-fold Thank you, AB


We are working with the Lavida Group on a Project in Lewes, DE-Cape Henlopen State Park. We are in the design development phase and the Owner has requested we use Schweiss bifold windows on our project. In the past they have used all glass commercial overhead type doors. We have the following openings: 3 each 16’ wide x 9’ tall 9 each 12’ wide x 9’ tall I can provide you a set of the design development plans. Is this a project you may be interested in assisting us on picking the product/system and budget pricing. Please feel free to call or email me with any questions, thank you.


I have a barn to lakeside indoor/outdoor entertainment space renovation project in NE Ohio. We are looking at installing three schweiss doors- (3) 8'w x 8'h glass bifold or custom bi-fold hydraulic if possible?? doors on one side of the renovated barn overlooking the future pool deck/patio. I need information on how to go about designing the doors themselves, structure to support them, etc. As well as information for design/aesthetics


We have a garage door and window company from Monterrey México, we have a customer that requires 2 overhead doors each measuring 18’ in width by 14’1-1/4” in height (they could be one-piece hydraulic or dual panel (bi-fold) that you could send glassed or KD and here we could glazed them locally). The idea is a see thru doors since the space its going to be like a personal showroom of a couple of old semi trucks. In Bronze anodized, KD or Clear double temper IG. Please propose us (quote us) based on our measurement's (2 doors each of 18’ wide by 14’1-1/4” tall the bifold and the hydraulic options). With your instructions we know we can handle the installation without any trouble, so please quote considering a delivery to US ZIP CODE 78049 in Laredo, Texas from we would import it to México. Thanks in advance for your prompt response. Sincerely, Mr. Martínez


i have a residential application. either a bifold or single hangar type glass door. opening is 9' wide and 8' tall. do you sell locally in or near sioux falls, sd? what is the cost of door and install? open to all options to make the door more cost effective for me.


I'm working on a residential garage addition near Seattle, WA that requires a 32' wide, 9' tall door with glass panel infill. We are moving into design development and would like to get preliminary pricing for a hydraulic door as well as some generic details to begin understanding how this will work with the rest of the addition. I would be happy to forward some preliminary plans/elevations to assist in pricing.


Sales team I am looking for a schweiss one piece hydraulic powered door or bifold door garage door for a residential project underway. Flexible on size but ideally looking for a 10' x 10' clear glass door and metal frame. Look forward to hearing from you. Best Ed


We are interested in getting an estimate on Schweiss all glass bifold doors for a roof top terrace for a restaurant. Locate in GA. Please email a quote over. Thank you


I have a project with a private gym that they would like schweiss glass bi fold doors on. 2 doors with openings 24x14 and 24x8. full view doors.


Looking for Glass window walls that fold up for our music venue. 2 - 10'H x 10'W 1 - 12'H x 10'W I got a quote from schweiss doors back in 2020. Im sure the prices have gone up.


I was considering a schweiss bifold liftstrap glass designer door for a I beam covered patio opening roughly 16 feet wide 9 feet tall 4 of them or 55 feet wide by 9 feet tall either option I belive would work. I also would consider a hydraulic glass door too it would gain the rain cover/shade better and would lend easier install for the 55x9 option. Can you add walk-through doors?


Hi, we're in process of finalizing our master plan for a new industrial park in the Cayman Islands. We would like to get a better understanding of Schweiss door pricing before using schweiss designer doors in our drawings. Would it be possible to price us a 10'X10' NOA certified glass bi-folding door?


Talked with Mike Schweiss at Oshkosh EAA AirVenture and saw bifold and hydraulic doors in action. We are impressed. We are planning a project in Pennsylvania, a new-build wood residence with two-level heated garage, workshop, and apartment. We want our pair of garage doors to be all glass and well insulated. The door dimensions will be approximately 18' wide by 10' tall. Since we are planning for a wooden structure, we are hoping for input on cost and appropriateness regarding installing the doors as superstructures or by building in additional bracing.


We are building a new winery outside of valentine and are looking to install a large glass door for the view but do not want regular overhead door tracks to show in the winery. We would like a luxury door to enhance the view and experience the winery offers. thank you for your help


I have a project for an outdoor patio space that sits under a 33" roof. I am trying to fully enclose it for the winter, but not lose head space under the roof as I have heaters and fans that cannot be obstructed. I have seen your bi-fold and hydraulic doors and think it could be a great solution for us. Can you give me a call or send me some more information on your products. I would ultimately need 2 doors approximatley 15-16' wide and and 12' tall. They would need to be glass doors as we have dinners in the space when they are closed they need to look nice for dining. Thanks Constantine


Glass specialty doors- one piece hydraulic or two piece door -need 3 doors two 8' 7" wide x 7 7" high glass one 12' wide x 7' 7" high glass


Looking at putting in a sunroom with a large folding or hydraulic door. Want chic overhead door. Need estimate for 7-9 ft high 16 - 20 ft glass design with black grid.


Hi, Looking for 2 bifold doors, 8ftwx10ft tall. Would like as much glass in them as possible. Its going into a metal shop building located in Texas.


I have a project in Port Saint Lucie, FL that requires a 38' wide x 9' high glass door. I think your schweiss bi-fold all strap door might be the perfect fit but I'd love to see if you have some other options that might work better for us. Thanks Joe


Hello, I am working on a commercial space in downtown Lexington, KY looking to do a window wall with a black iron/steel frame. In looking through photos on the website, the Metal Shutter House in Manhattan looks similar to what we would be looking to install. A big difference from what I've seen on the site is that the architect is doing this as an interior door separating the space into two smaller venues (as opposed to indoor/outdoor separation). The size below is an estimate - still in the planning process - but near that size. Thank you.


I have a residential customer that is very interested in 4 Clear Glass Bifold doors. They are after a dark bronze color. The door sizes are: 8'2"x54" (Bar), 8'6"x8'1", 14'10"x8'2", and 5'6"x8'. All have 16" of headroom above the inside of the opening, and the roof goes up on a 4/12 pitch. They are all side by side along a hallway of sorts, and there is 12" posts between them at the moment. I have pictures of the inside and and outside of this building if you want to see what he is after. Thank you


Looking for a residential glass bifold garage door--client wants to vault ceilings in their garage and have it be a golf room with virtual golf/storage/etc. Can't have a track for a normal garage door because would impact golf swing for, the virtual golf. Won't be using it as a garage at all but they still want to have a garage door for some reason, and they want it to be glass. If this is something you could help me with I'd appreciate it! A quote and lead time would be super helpful as well. Thanks in advance!


Would like a price and availability on a black frame all glass 10x7 hydraulic door I’m converting my garage into a living space


I have a fairly large 2nd story patio. I am interested in adding a luxury glass bifold to at least 1 of the 4 open sections. Possibly all 4 if the price is right. Do you have anyone that you recommend for installation on my general WA area?


I need a glass bifold door for a new construction building. Looking through your website I want the door in the style of the Blarney Stone Irish Pub doors on the schweiss


Looking for glass dark tint bi fold doors for a residential house 11Ft high and 18ft wide. I’m hoping this is something your company can do. Thanks


We are interested in getting a quote for a glass hydraulic garage door installed on our building.


Good afternoon, I'm interested in talking with a salesperson referencing three (3) new tilt wall structure projects located in Las Vegas. Each project requires thirty (30) 21'-0" W x 12'-6" H Bi-Fold Glass doors. Cheers KH


Schweiss Specialty Glass Door- I’m interested in a 12’ x 12’ glass bifold door. Could you please tell me my options and cost as I’m doing my building budget now. Thank you for your time, Kelly


I am interest in the schweiss


Looking for a quote on a specialty bifold glass door that is 16’ wide and 14 feet tall We are in alaska so a double pain or insulated glass design Thanks


We are a glazing contractor in upstate NY and we are bidding a bifold glass designer door project at Gore Mountain, they are looking to build a new ski lodge and your bifold doors are listed in the spec and they call out curtain wall framing to go onto your system. Just curious if you guys furnish and install the entire system or how it's done. This job bids on 3/22.


looking for bi fold door for 20' shipping container to be used as a pool house all glass bifold with lift straps similar to the New York pool house on your webpage.


Hello, I need a quote for a full glass tempered window door in both the bifold design and hydraulic. I would also like to see both options with mounting inwall and exterior to preserve head room at the opening. I can provide drawings for the opening if it would be helpful. Please let me know if more information. Is required.


I am looking for a price on a bi-fold designer door that will have glazing installed over it.


Thompson Garage Doors 171 S. 18th Street Sparks, NV 89431 775-356-6601 thompsongaragedoors.com We are garage door dealers / installers in the Reno-Tahoe area, and I would like a quote on the following for a Reno customer: 1- 16' x 8' Hydraulic single swing or bifold door with a grid frame and full view double pane dark tint glass panels (15 total) panes. Quote me for insulated frame w custom powdercoat color. Thx Mitch Sperling (Thompson Garage Doors) 775-357-4802


I am working with a nonprofit that is utilizing our advertising classes' skills in marketing and design to revamp and improve their efforts to reach their target audience(s). A part of our campaign plan requires that we replace their old garage door--which services as their main entrance--with something new and inviting to people walking by but also provides security for their office space. I believe you bifold glass door will be perfect for this endeavor. The type of door with black Liftstraps. They currently have a white metal garage door with windows along the top in place that needs to be replaced with an all-glass door that can open automatically. Please get back to me as soon as possible.


Looking for a glass bi-fold door (10 ft wide x 8 ft tall) with black Liftstraps and auto latch system for transition from home office space to my courtyard. A large sliding glass door currently fills the opening.


I am looking for an all glass bifold hanger door, 14 X 43. Is this something your company Can provide and what is the cost?


Pricing on full view glass garage door various standard sizes (building is not yet built). But if we need to, will you custom make a bifold strap door to the exact size needed for a specific clear opening.


Looking for four glass bifold or hydraulic doors to be used in an acquatic center. Size needs to be 25' wide and 24' high. These will be installed in a metal building and should have top drive motors and remote openers.


Im looking in to your bifold door with glass applied. I have 2 garage doors that are 17'6" wide x 8'10". Im not sure if we will have enough head room. If we do, I would entertain using your bifold lift strap garage doors or if need be, your hydraulic model garage doors. Will you please email me or call me.


We are in the design process for a custom house and we are planning to install a bifold liftstrap designer quality overhead glass door with a single man door inset. The overall door size will be 16' wide and 8 to 9 feet tall. It appears as if you would be able to put something like this together, we will need to be able to provide title 24 calculations for the design review. Thank you, Robert Mannon


Looking for a see through glass or lexan garage door about 12-14 feet high and 16-18 feet wide. Bifold with lift straps or other hydraulic style door.


Looking to get a budgetary qoute for a 30' wide and 20' high(Clear) bifold designer door. Prefereably it would have some glass, ideally it might be all glass.


Job: Sugar Factory Detroit Finish: Black anodized Glass: 1" clear Ins.Glass Need quote for a 28 ft. x 12 ft. tall engineered door.


Our Art studio is moving to a warehouse condominium. Per the regulations of the condominium, we are not allowed to remove the current warehouse door (metal overhead door). We would like to install a glass door inside the warehouse right behind the current metal overhead door, so when we open the overhead door we are able to close the glass door to allow for full light and insulation from the weather. Would this be possible with the use of either your bifold Liftstrap door or your one-piece hydraulic condo doors? Thank you, Laura


I have a client interested in getting preliminary pricing on (3) 12 x 7 or 12 x 8 All glass bifold hospital doors. Also the construction details. I haven't done any of these doors yet so I am willing to learn !


Looking for a 8'x8' bifold designer style glass hanger style door, need budget to see if it fits our project.


We have a job in Minnetonka MN. I'm wondering if you can do the glass bi-fold door with a remote control door in it. I can send plans. Please call or email me.


If we purchase a large bifold glass door - is there someone local to Sacramento that has experience installing that you know of? Can we have the bottom half of the glass frosted? What happens if a section of the glass is broken - how easy is it to fix?


We're interested in using your bifold glass doors on a project we are working on a 33,000 sq ft addtion. Which would have about: 4 doors facing the south at about 16' x 16' and would like to consider all glass maybe in the One piece design, or just the frame and would locally cover. The glass is first choice but the cost is a huge concern, is this something that you contract out, or provide in house? There would two more doors one 30' and one 24' these probably will not be glass, but highly insulated. Once finished the second phase would be to replace 4 doors that need to be replaced on the existing building we would also like to consider glass on 3- 16' x 16' and one 16' x 24' size. A rough quote today or Friday would be awesome from some budjetary purposes. I look forward to hearing back. Thanks Shane


Hello, I was wondering if i could have a quote for a 15'9" wide x 10' bi-folding liftstrap designer door, 2 1/8" thick, all glass with black frame. The door will have a operator. I have a customer doing a new building that is need of one. If you need any more info, please let me know.


I have (2) openings i'd like to install glass bi-fold liftstrap or 1 piece hydraulic doors. one opening is 15'-2.625"w x 8'-10"h; the other is 14'-9.5"w x 8'-10"h


I have a customer looking for Glass window walls I think they need to be one piece hyd but would prefer bifold liftstraps, the measurements are 1- 8'7" clear opening high x 36' wide then they wanta quote for 4-8'7" clear height x 8'8" wide and could they use 1 hyd pump with seprate valves. Thanks, Corky


Looking for a simple fold up glass door for an outside porch. Replace screens that are there. I'd like glass to just cover the top half of the bifold door.


Designing a 20 x30 addition want a clear garage door and far end or bifold door. 15 x 8. Wondering what type of glass is used on your bifold doors.


Just curious how much it would cost for a glass bi-fold door with black straps that would be for my residential basement project rather than a track door. This is for my home office space on the back side of my walk-out basement.


I have a set of plans I can include in a email as an attachment once a sales rep emails me. Looking for a price quote on a 18'x10' hydraulic door all glass and a 8'x8' vertical bi-fold door all glass.Both of these would be considered designer doors.


please quote bifold liftstrap/autolatch doors 20 ft wide X 8 ft height white aluminum with solar ban 60 safety glass


Hi there, Looking to add a bi fold glass door to my artists shed. Size is roughly 8ft x 8ft. Can I get an estimated cost for this? Thanks, Wendy


I am looking for a translucent glass designer style Schweiss bifold garage door with black lift straps to install into a residential new garage addition. The dimensions of the garage door is 8 feet wide and 9 feet tall.


Sir/Madam, We have a project in Vancouver, BC, Canada, that requires budget pricing for a Vertical Bi- Folding Glass Door. Glazing will need to sealed (double pane). The approximate size of each door is 25' wide x 24' high and the project requires 2 sets. One designer bifold door will be installed on Level 2 patio and the other on Level 5 patio. I have some preliminary design with me, so would appreciate a call back if interested. Regards, AR


Would like a quote for a 14 foot wide and 12 foot tall bifold designer glass door and also wondering what your eta would be. Best regards Wouter


we are building a new office and would like just ROM pricing on 2 of the bifold designer doors in all glass. standard height of 8' and 16' wide. we are located in San Diego, CA. Much appreciated.


I'm looking for a glass bi-fold door system for a pool cabana. We are located in Oakville, Ontario (near Toronto). We want the doors to have a contemporary look (all glass). Does this look OK with the lift straps or is hydraulic an option? Otherwise maybe a 1 piece hydraulic door would be the better option. Rough size would be 8' tall x 10' wide. Please give me a price on both style styles if both are workable.


Do you manufacture your bi-folding liftstrap doors with glass? I am a PM for a construction company that has a client that is interested in a price for a 23'w x 12' h bi-fold door with glass for there night club / restaurant. You can call me on my cell.


We have a residential bifold glass door project in LA and want to use two fi-fold glass liftstrap doors in the amenity space. The two door sizes are 8'-11"H x 7'-8" W (on a counter top) and 10'-9"H x 7'-0"W. Both door panels are glass. Do they require any additional motor for operation or people can manually lift and close them? What is the maximum door size can be operated manually. Thanks,


Hi, I am interested in obtaining a quote and lead-time for a 16'x7'6" (or 8ft) glass-clad bifold strap-door. Style is contemporary glass panel, with frosted glass or regular glass (preferrably double-pane/argon-filled if available). (Similar to Cafe Intermezza in Atlanta in your website profile.) I would also like to receive the rough opening requirements for the door


There will be (16) 4040 windows that will be installed in the door. The sill height for the windows will be roughly 21'. Can you engineer a glass door of this type that we can install?


I have a room that backs up to my pool area. I was thinking bifold window with counter, or a full length. Glass. Bifold glass door has to look good when closed, inside and out. I have 10' ceiling. There is no opening now. The bifold, can be as wide as 15'. I would like to see cost. That would help to determine the size purchased.


To whom it may concern, I am in the permit drawing stage of an accessory building for a residential property, and I would like to inquire on glazed operable partition options you may carry on your bifold liftstrap designer door line, or a hydraulic (one piece) scenario. I would be interested to learn of pricing, lead time, installation instructions, warranty, and any other information you may be able to provide. Thank you in advance for any feedback, Mark Longo




Need to get pricing on three all-glass bifolding commercial grade doors to see if it is feasible for our project: Door sizes: 20' X 14' 12' X 14' 18' X 10'


Need more info on glass folding panel bifold designer doors 40'-0" by 12'-0" or 16'-0" high. for UNLV medical center.


Residential house with 19' x 22' garage. Door size is 16' x 8' House is currently under construction. Door is supplied by the builder and we are not currently at that stage of installation yet. Would like to install it with a Schweiss Bifold setup that will have large windows or a glass window wall.


We are building a house courtyard, 50 feet by 50 feet. Three garage doors, openings 16 feet each with and top three metal HSS posts, 12 feet high. we need some sort of vertical fold or front up doors, all we need something that we can open and make wide-open space and close after. we need glass bifold designer style doors as the top roof is glass as well Peter Bassi


We have a client with a pool house that would like to get pricing to replace some Pella sliding doors with a Bifold lift strap glass door. They saw a door at Barrel and Bushel in Tysons Corner Va. and pool house bifold glass doors as shown on the Schweiss Doors Must See Photos display.


I am interested in installing a hydraulic or bifold liftstrap glass garage door. Please contact me at your earliest convenience. Your long overdue door will replace a cumbersome sliding door.


Harmon, Inc. has a subcontract agreement to provide contract glazing services for 2 office buildings in Arlington, VA. While working in a design assist capacity the design team has requested pricing and product data for automatic bi-folding doors with liftstrap design. The project includes a requirement for 6 doors that fit into a rough opening of 15'-9" x 12', consisting of glass panels, each door is 3 long x 3 high.


Can you give me a quote for 2021 install of a glass hinged over head bifold designer door? Qty 3- 10 x 11 door


Dear sir, I have customer interested in Glass bifold door system. W.16 m x H. 5 on top have Glass of IGU 24 (6 10 6) mm. with 8 sets. Please give me price. 1. Price with FOB. or any other. 2. Price without Glass. 3. Please include your installtion advise. Any info please feel free to ask. Thank you. BR. Anothai.


We are planning an event venue in northern Wisconsin with the concept of a 46'wide by 12' high wall of glass. We were thinking the hydraulic one piece would work well and serve as a roof over a patio when opened. The building would be a Morton pole barn design. The size of the glass in the door is not an issue so it would be whatever is best for the design. For budget planning will you please provide a bifold glass door quote too. Thanks


Bifold designer door will be all glass. I will have to beef up sides of door and tie into end walls. I can also sink beams or tubes into concrete or install anchor bolts into concrete column.


Hi I have a standard 16 x 7 garage door opening, looking for a mid century bifold privacy glass insulated design door... split folding vertical Look forward to speaking with you!


I'm with W. Moore enclosure engineering and we are working on a high end sports venue that will use large glazed bifold doors to enclose part of the seating area. We are looking for something similar to the Red Bull HQ or the Sacramento Kings arena projects you show on your Schweiss Door Must See Photo website. We are looking to enclose 5 bays that are 37' high by 43' to 50' wide. I have some diagrams of the building I can send, please give me a call or let me know where I can email the information to. We are interested in information on the size limitations of the doors, weight allowances for cladding, pricing, and warranties. Thanks.


We're currently working on a project for Boston University where there is a need for a large portion of our Atrium glazing to open for Smoke Exhaust as well as natural ventilation, not exactly similar to the skylight doors Schweiss offers. We came across images of the RedBull facility and thought this might be a perfect application. We'd like to investigate that type of glass door to open a portion of our Atrium. The overall opening size is approximately 36' wide by 36' tall. I have a few renderings that depict the door in operation which I can forward. The automation of the door would have to be tied to the smoke evacuation system so that if a fire occurs door opens automatically. The door ties into a glass facade and we would want the reading of this facade to be as seamless as possible with the door. Would you add curtainwall to the door structure or just the glazing? We look forward to hearing from you. Regards, l KPMB Architects




In the design phase of an outdoor patio. Looking at the option of enclosing it with glass panels so that the space can be used year round. Would need two Schweiss designer style glass doors 18 x 8 and one 20 x 8 (including frame). Have some flexibility in the size (can increase or decrease by a few inches) Do you have the option of including a man door within the above?


A building was recently purchased and we have about 6-8 months to evaluate, make decisions and complete improvements before relocation of equipment. We are looking at replacing a roll up door with a Schweiss bifold liftstrap glass designer  door. Would like to let natural light inside and have a door that seals better. Current roll up door measures 12 feet 6 inch wide by 15 feet high. Height measured is from floor to top of bracket that holds roll up mechanism (about 1 foot above exterior opening). Width is from outside of bracket to outside of bracket that holds roll up track on each side. Can measure opening more exactly. Glass can be insulated or non-insulated (max low temperature maybe 40 degrees F, max high about 90 degrees F), combination of milk at street level and clear or slight tint glass higher up a possibility. Can send pictures of building opening where door would be installed. Building is concrete tilt up construction.


I'm working on an innovation center in Rapid City, South Dakota, and we are looking at a glass-clad bifold door within a curtain wall system in a major public space in the building. If you contact me via email, I'd love to pass on some drawings and renderings of what we are thinking for our application, and get your input for the best approach to achieve our design intent. 


Wanting either an 8x12 or 10x15 frosted glass hydraulic designer hangar door. Please send me estimates for the door and installation. Many thanks.


I am not sure what type of glass you normally install with these bifold and hydraulic Schweiss doors, but they are requesting insulated clear tempered glass, and clear anodized finish for the frames.


Please provide pricing quote for 9 doors: (6) 16'W x 10'H (3) 14'W x 9'H - Powder Coated Frames - Frosted Glass Panels - Interior Locations - Price installation if available - New construction, Event Center - Ship to Cedar Falls Iowa Thank you


Hello, I am looking for a door to fill a space 8' wide x 9' tall. I am looking for all glass for the rear wall of a restaurant. Double pane glass. Can you give me a ball park idea of price. Thank you


Looking to install Bi-fold doors in my place - my rough opening is Width 8' 6" Height 9' 0" I'm interested in having glass in my door for light etc... Do you have installers in New Jersey?


Please price three packages Single panel hydraulic doors. Restaurant application Finish (black) Glass Size 12'x 8' Call me to discuss further


I am looking for a bi-fold door with clear glass, double glazed, panels above 4' with insulated panel below 4'. Possibly a 20' x 10' opening. Do you make such a door? Where do you fabricate your doors? Do you ship to Edmonton, Alberta, Canada? Thanks.


I would like a quote on your all glass bi-fold door. See additional details below.


This would be all glass door similar to the one you did for the NC Art Studio. Please also quote at 30' wide by 15' tall Thanks Allan


We are looking for glass doors for an indoor outdoor space the opening is going to be around 17 ft wide and 7 ft 8 inches tall. We are interested in the lift strap bifold glass garage doors. How much would one that size be? This is for a home addition.


Hi, I'm building a house in the British Virgin Islands. I'm interested in an overhead glass bi-fold door to give an indoor outdoor feeling to the house. I have no idea of price range for your doors. The largest space that I have is 16'w X 8'h. I'd love to learn more about your system and see if it can fit in my budget. Kim


Good morning, We are building a new FLOATING convenience store at our resort. On the SECOND floor we have an opening of 146" wide and 82" tall. We were going to use a sliding door with two 3 foot fixed glass panels and then two sliding glass doors in the middle one sliding left and one sliding right. HOWEVER, we would consider putting a man door in one side and then use a GLASS 9 foot plus or minus door on the other side which would hinge in the middle and give us as nice opening. I see similar larger door/glass/window combinations on your website. do you make small ones like I need?? Thank you, Grant


Looking for budget pricing for a bifold lift-strap Glass door in a 10'-0 x 10'-0 opening. Furnish and install. Please include any additional scope required by other trades. thank you, Karen


I am looking for two 7'w x 12'h clear glass (insulated) horizontal bifolding doors for a restaurant that we are building. Do you guys make something like this? Thanks


A Schweiss bifold glass door is specified on a job we are bidding in Urbandale, Iowa. I would like a quote from Schweiss. Thank you, Larry


Interested in a glass bifold door to fit an opening approximately 27'w x 11'h for a restaurant storefront. Would it be more economical to purchase two doors 13.5'w x 11'h? This system would potentially be used at 2 locations on a mixed-use building in Castle Rock, CO, construction to start this fall. Interested in feasibility and pricing at this point. Thanks, Ben


Quote for (2) 12' x 8' Hydraulic or Bi-Fold doors - Mill finish for paint by others. - Glass stops for insulated glass by others. - Add alternate for custom color power coat. - Add alternate for insulated solar cool grey/clear glass.


Please email. We are just looking at options for a glass door. The room is an enclosure for an indoor pool. Currently, we do not use the room/pool in the winter. We are a ways off from getting started on this project as the pool itself needs some work first, but would like to know a ballpark estimate so we can budget accordingly. Thank You, Jacob


We are quoting a customer a 50'x100'x20' building and he is wanting a 40'x16' glass bi-fold centered on one of the 50' endwall. He would prefer the strap option for lifting. Call or email if you have any questions. Figure freight here to our plant in Sweetwater, Texas. Thanks again, Terry


Replacing an existing window and pony wall in a residential condo with a retractable glass door. Would like to install a glass bifold door. Weather seal and security are both important.


I am an architect interested in a bifold glass hangar door for a community center located in Charleston SC. Dimensions are 18'-0" tall x 25' wide, impact resistant, small missile. Would appreciate pricing information for. Thank you!


I have a 40 x 16 high opening need four 16 x 14 glass bifold doors can you help? New house, I can make the end walls out of anything you want. steel, post and beam wood Conventional framing.


Looking for pricing on a one-piece hydraulic opening glass door that is 12' wide by 8' tall.


We are an architectural firm in Tempe, AZ. We have a project where we are looking to use your vertical bi-fold glass garage doors. I was hoping to get some details, weighs and electrical load requirements for your system. This project has a really low head height to get under the concrete beam (6'-8"). We can mount to the face of the beam, but I need to know where I would need to mount the top of the door to make sure we meet the 6'-8" when the door is open. Doors would be 12'-6"w x 6'-8"h clr opening). We are looking at the side wall attachment. Also do you have REVIT models? Appreciate the help, Mark


We are bidding an aircraft hangar project in Terre Haute, IN. This project bids the morning. Please send a proposal by the end of the day. The plans call for a 50' wide by 15' high Schweiss glass, self-supporting, bi-fold door.


looking for a quick quote on a 10' x 10' bifold upward acting strap lift glass faced bi-fold door like Ontario Municipal Operations Center, Canada project on your website. quantity would be 8 of these glass-clad designer doors for commercial office building in Redwood City, CA


Hello, we are planning to use your bi-folding glass doors in a restaurant /lobby application to close off a part of the buffet when not in use. We would like to have more information on the maximum width of the door, the possible finishes and the requirements. thank you!


I have a customer looking for a 10' x 8' bifold door made of glass they want to have installed inside of a building. 1st do you have anything that is that small? 2nd What kind of clearances would be needed? 3rd what kind of price range (ball park)?


We are working on a Design-Build project that has a requirement from the owner stating, "include one large motorized insulated glass overhead door sized 30' wide x 20' high minimum, centered on the back wall for large equipment access." Would you be able to make such a door, and would you be able to send me a budget number for such a door?


We are working in San Antonio, TX on a residential project where they would like to have two hydraulic steel and glass bi-fold doors open. We are hoping we can get your system to work in this application.


I would like to get a quote for (3) 8'-0" x 8'-0" bi-fold glass overhead doors with liftstraps for a brewery and taproom in LA. Please include shipping in the quote.


Looking for approximate price on a Schweiss lift-strap bi-fold door that is 18 feet wide, 8 foot tall. I want glass panels with a white frame.


Can you please send me a quote for 2 lift-strap bi fold overhead doors, one 12'H x 14'W and one 12'H x 30'W? Both have all glass with 1" insulating glass. If possible please include materials, labor and taxes but exclude supporting steel. This is to serve a hotel renovation and separate a pool area from an outdoor deck in Iowa. Thank you. Rita


HI, I'm building out a 14' garage and I'm interested in getting a quote. The opening is probably 12' w x 8'h.... I'm interested in glass doors and would like a glass lift-strap bi-fold door. Is that something you guys can do? Measurements are rough in order to get a quote. Thanks, Jim


I am in need of a quote on a 50'x12' glass lift-strap bi-fold door. Please also quote an option for free standing header installed. We need engineering data as well.


I was wondering if you have a sales rep or installer in the santa cruz area. looking for a price on a bi-fold glass door about 10' by 12' need to verify height. could be a 10' by 14' building is concrete tilt up. Thanks very much. Janet S.


I'm looking for glass vertical bifold doors, or doors with glass inserts. They will be 16' wide by 12' high.


We would like to explore the cost and implementation of building a similar door with glass and steel. See the link: https://www.pinterest.com/pin/344103227751997206/


We need a quote for a 96' wide by 18' high glass bi fold door to be shipped to Bessemer, AL 35222


I own a Schweiss one-piece hydraulic door and would like to know if Schweiss Doors can install glass windows into them? I would like to have this done by fall if possible. Thank you, Dave


I am looking for a quote of some sort for four 12x9 full view lift-strap bi-fold doors. I really like your strap design and the glass doors pictured for Federales Tequila & Tacos restaurant and bar. I don't know much about the door style and designs but have a contractor looking to put these in on a job.


I need a quote for a Full View Aluminum Schweiss Lift-strap Bi-Fold door. This door will need Clear insulated tempered glass. Can you please include motor, Wall Controls, and freight in your quote. Thanks for your time. Martin


Hello! We are looking for pricing on a horizontal bi-fold garage door. It will be a retrofit in an existing 64'W x 8'H opening. We are looking for clear, safety, low E glass in an anodized aluminum frame with the widest possible distance between mullions. Please feel free to call or email anytime. Appreciate your help! Kind regards, Shawna


Hello, We are looking for the glass bi-fold door, do you have this product? Thanks, Jessica


We are working on a project in Oswego that consists a "greenhouse"/conservatory structure (tube steel beam and header, glulam beam) and would like explore the possibility of using a bi-folding glass door on both side of the building so that it could be a semi outdoor space during the warmer season. We would like to learn more the system (like the one for the Federales and Barrel & Bushel shown.)


I have a room opening that is 98"W X 90"H. I am interested in a quote for a bifold solution that is mostly glass. Karl


Wondering on pricing for a glass bifold garage door for a living space off of our garage build in the backyard. Dimensions would be a 9 ft door 7 ft high. I figured your guys costs to ship and install might get expensive vs just going locally somewhere but I found your website and really like your doors so I thought I would just check and see what prices would be. Thanks! Terry


Interested in pricing on the black framed glass bifold doors for a residential application on an enclosed sun deck. I am located 1.5 hrs east of Vancouver BC. Would like to know pricing in 8, 10, and 12 foot width. Unsure of standard heights but assuming 8'? Thanks, Benny


I have a current project in which I'd like to use a metal and glass hanger-style bifold door or a one-piece hydraulic- whichever is less expensive. Dimensions are 12"-0" wide x 10'-0" high. The glazing needs to have U-value= .30 and the finish I'd like is a dark bronze. I'm interested in getting pricing for the door. We will have 3 of these in the project. The project location is in WA. Thanks!


Good afternoon, can you provide me a quote of a small Bi-fold garage door please, with clear glass like the Federales restaurant from your Photo of The Day story. Measurements 9'x 8'. Thank you.


We Are Assessing Various Options For A Large Operable Glass Wall System That Would Be Appropriate For a Performing Arts Center Door Project We Are Working On Location in Alabama. The Project Is A Performing Arts Center For Auburn University. Part Of The Project Includes A Secondary Venue To Accommodate Both Outdoor Performances And Closed Indoor Performances. The Opening We Are Designing Is Approximately 30' wide x 50' high And Will Require Insulated Glazing. We've seen other Schweiss University Door Projects on your Schweiss website. They are quite impressive.


Have porch with large openings between posts. Want bi-fold doors with as much glass as possible to lower in winter. Want to use doors as windows not as pass-throughs. Bifold Doors will fold up and in to ceiling during spring/ summer. Down in winter. Height of door can vary with design. But for ease let use 105 inches with a post width of 5.5 inche (or can mount of inside surface of post). widths vary from 95" down to 75 inches. Not expecting doors to have window-like weather properties. Can you make? I believe such a product would be a big hit....at least in the South. 


Glad to see a manufacturer like Schweiss that offers all custom made bifold doors.  I would like a ten foot wide by seven foot six inch tall bi-fold restaurant  door with all temper double pane glass?


Hello, We are working on a project for Boston Beer Company (Samuel Adams) and we are looking for a Schweiss curtain glass hydraulic / bifold door that will open up completely for the loading dock but that will also have a man door combined with in it. I am trying to see what possibilities we could do with the man door combined within this curtain glass bifold/ hydraulic/rotating door (what ever it may be..just not Schweiss bifold garage style). Dimensions: Width: 11'11" max Height: 14' max Height of door: 8'6" Width of door: this will be based on the custom design of the mullions and if there will be two man doors or one. Project time frame: Boston Beer Company is looking to get this going quickly! Ideally, construction would start in April and be completed June/July. 


Looking for a glass overhead bifold designer door for residential application. It will be in a timberframe structure with SIP walls, facing SW, at 8,600' so a thermal insulated bifold door is important. Please email instead of phone. Thanks!!!


Cinder block building. Would like bi-fold glass designer door to have glass within the top third or half of the door underneath an 18 inch solid top panel. Bottom half solid. No entry door.


Bifold door with glass for a Schweiss door high end residence-they want to add a large free span concrete deck with living space under-and are looking at multi lifting bifold door but cant get all the features they want with it


Good Afternoon, I LOVE the look of your bifold and hydraulic designer doors and am curious what kind of solution we could possibly come up with for two glass patio doors in my home. The dimensions are below and I can send photos as well if that would help. These are not giant spaces, but I'm hoping that we may be able to work out some sort of folding liftstrap door for these spaces. Especially the downstairs. Please let me know if you have additional questions.  Downstairs: w94.5" x h94.5" is the size of the existing door. However, this measurement does not include dropping to the subfloor. Upstairs: w94.5" x h78" is the size of the existing door. However, this measurement does not include dropping to the subfloor.


I need to see about getting a price on a Schweiss full view glass garage door for the top of a bar. It needs to have a hinge system so it can bifold up. The size is 120" x 55" approximately. It will need to be done in Bronze aluminum. Please call me with any questions 


I am building a restaurant in Boca Raton, FL and have a 25' wide opening by 13'-4" high calling for Schweiss tilt up door frame with an Impact rated glass window attached to it. I would like to send you a set of plans or find a local supplier/installer


Interested in receiving a rough estimate for an upcoming project: car showroom. The openings have not been finalized but we are looking at having either 2 to 4, 10 ft tall x 16ft wide operable glass hydraulic one piece doors with a fixed storefront above. If you can advise use on cost, style, etc I would greatly appreciate. I can send draft drawings of the plans if you have a local rep in MS that would be able to assist us in figuring it out. Thank you in advance.


I will like to enclose a porch with a bi fold or hydraulic glass door. Can you come and give me a price on both styles of Schweiss designer residential doors? I am thinking in a glass completely safe hydraulic door to FL.


A project we are working on in Red Oak, Iowa is specifying a Schweiss Bi-Fold or Schweiss hydraulic Designer Glass Series Door. Is it approximately 10' tall x 28' wide. Who do I contact for pricing?


Hi, I'm looking for a Bi fold with glass panel that would match my glass garage door, I already have in my master bedroom This would have to be a one piece hydraulic operated door for a pool/patio shed, it should be 9'w or 10'w x 7'h. Don't need insulated glass. Could you tell me the estimated price delivered to Atlanta, Georgia ?


I am looking at a project that we think your bi-fold door would be great for. The rough size of the door is 23'X17'. It is being installed in an exterior wall of a WY residence. We would like it to be all glass with your patented liftstraps. Looking forward to talking to you. Mike


I would like to get a budget on 2 GLASS hydraulic  designer doors to NV. Each rough opening is 20'x10'-8" with 5 4' wide panels. Thanks Craig


I was hoping to get some pricing for a project we are in the process of designing right now. The bi-fold strap doors are perfect for what we are doing. We would have two doors (full glass). We are creating an outdoor room and rather than use the Nana doors, your bi-fold system looks like a great option. One door would be approximately 20' wide by 10' tall and the other would be approximately 10' wide by 10' tall. Your response will be greatly appreciated. ps. great website! 


I would like to obtain pricing for a steel and glass bi-fold, Schweiss motor operated restaurant door. 18'w x 10'h and insulated, tempered glazing. Installation is to be in Clemson, S.C. 29634.


My office is working on the design of an addition to a school in Waldwick, New Jersey. We are designing a reception area which will have a counter height of 42%u201D, above which we would like to install a bi-fold glass door window that would open upward. The top of the frame would be at 7%u2019-2%u201D above finished floor. The total opening width, including the frame, is 6%u20198%u201D. This is an entirely interior application. Everything on your site is shown at a much larger scale than what we are looking for, but we wanted to see if it was something that your company would be able to fabricate or if you have smaller options available that might work for our application. Hopefully, your smaller doors also come with liftstraps.


Interested in a glass panel bifold designer door. We have renlita doors specified, but may need to do some value engineering. The schweiss bifold liftstrap doors look like a good option. Please contact me at your earliest convenience. Thanks Andy




We are designing an event space that needs to open to outdoors and saw your bi-fold hangar doors. The dimensions of the opening are 28' wide by 16' high. We are looking at a glass bifold liftstrap door. 


Hi, I'm looking for a quote on a 26' wide x 8'6" tall bifold liftstrap restaurant door set up for dual pane glass cladding and to be shipped to San Francisco, CA. Thank you for your help, Dan


I am in need of pricing for an Insulated Tempered Glass Bi-Fold Liftstrap Door. This is for a patio front in a restaurant. It needs a certified U Value of .55. It needs to be automatically operated.Any help or suggestions are greatly appreciated. Pat


Hi I'm looking for a quote regarding the supply only of material below : Looking for a quote on three Straplift bi fold doors  - glass and anodized , that fold up out side all doors option 1 single layer tempered option 2 insulated tempered two sides , option 3 low e argon gas 1 door 16 wide by 11'10 " tall 2 doors 22 by 17'6" new construction , mounted to steel


Could you tell me if there is any door systems in the area that are open to the public that I can view and see more of the seals and installation? I would like to see a single hydraulic setup and a vertical lifting  bifold liftstrap setup, and both I would like to see with glass installed in it. Thank you.


I would like this quote on 2 Schweiss bifold straplift  10'x10' glass doors to include remotes and autolatches as well. Also, these Schweiss retail designer store doors, one will be on a sidewall and the other on the gable wall will require as much glass as possible. 


I need a enclosed patio/outdoor kitchen space door. I am interested in what you have for designer door applications. From looking at Schweiss website, it appears that the glass hydraulic door would fit the purpose. Are there standard door sizes that are more cost effective? Options to put in an entry door? 


I'm interested in a glass filled bi-folding garage door, it's an upscale retail warehouse door. The dimensions would be 12 feet wide and 7 feet tall. Could you email me some pictures of glass filled bi-folding garage doors as well as door pricing.


Please forward local Schweiss contact info. Glass door project involves retrofit/replacement of storefront glazing with (4) glazed, bi-fold liftstrap doors in (2) single-story building door openings onto a shared outdoor door space. Cost estimate for doors, including tempered/laminated insulating glass door units, and structural steel door frame must be developed now. Pending pricing, confirmation bifold door meets Energy Code and scheduled lead time requirements, and owner approval, would like to schedule conference call with GC next week.


I am looking for a horizontal bi-fold divided door with window 14'x5', interior door opening size. There is a picture of the window door in your  "Must see Photos" section of your website.


I would like price for two Schweiss bifold liftstrap glass restaurant doors. The plan calls for (2) 12090 hangar style doors. If you have a Schweiss door installation contractor I would appreciate it. 


Could I please get rough pricing estimate for a 7' H x 10' W Schweiss bifold straplift insulated glass designer door assembly? 


Looking to install two custom bi-folding glass strap doors with aluminum door frames in a commercial office building (steel stud exterior wall construction with brick veneer) and need more understanding of the custom door detailing. AutoCAD drawings would be a benefit. Thank you.


We have a project in which we are considering using 2 bi-fold glass liftstrap doors clad with a glazing system. (Approximately 8' wide and 11' tall.) In the case with glazed glass system doors, does Schweiss only provide bifold hardware and then its clad w/ other manufacturer's glazing system? Also, cost for a glass door of this size? 


I'm working on a restaurant door installment project in which we are planning on having three large bifold strap doors. We want them to be glass commercial doors, and have our custom mullion spacing. Contact me so we can discuss door details and door pricing, etc. 


We are designing a middle school stage door. Want  middle folding liftstrap door with an insulated opque glass door Stage door opens out to exterior. It is basically an airplane hangar door. Price with all Schweiss safety door items and bifold door backup systems.


Need fast door delivery of an insulated glass door. It's a 16 ft x 16 ft. bifold door with straps. How soon can Schweiss Doors manufacture this door?


I am working with a bar owner who is wanting patio doors using Schweiss glass doors. Currently they have flower beds about 3-4 feet high to avoid. They use drop down canvas curtains to control wind and temperature. Your bi-fold door and hydraulic doors came up in our discussion. The openings are 9-0 x 5-5. There are 7 of them. They would like to have as much clear glass door view as possible. Recommendation on which style door to use?


I have a new designer door project in a lower Manhattan office building requiring 2 Schweiss  corporate glass doors approximately 25'-0" total length. Quiet bifold liftstraps, autolatching / locking feature and remote control operator.


Opening a restaurant that was an old gas station. Has 3 garage doors 10x10. I need to get a price on the bi-fold doors to retrofit old rolling doors. (see attached door photo). Can you provide one piece  glass doors or bifold partial glass designer doors? I'd like two of your bifold doors to replace these three roll up doors.


Looking for a patio deck door. Currently screened in door, looking to have a full glass patio door opening. Can doors be installed by the end user, in DIY fashion?  I'm interested in price quote, estimates for both styles of your doors. Custom deck door needs to be 18 ft. wide x 8 ft. tall.


Process order for translucent glass and metal doors. In addition to the four 10'x10' doors, I also need an 18' wide by 10' high door and an 18' wide by 8' designer door of matching door finishes (primarily glass with clear anodized aluminum door framing)- all bifold concrete building doors.


I like the design of your bifold doors Price me an insulated door, 10' wide by 8' tall glass door. How much wall height do I need to use this type bifold strap door? I am planning on using a standard glass framed overhead door 10x8 about 18" into the inside of my building creating a dead air space and protecting it from hail, vandals and for privacy. 


We are building a house with a Trombe wall. I am looking at using a Schweiss designer style glass bi-fold door for the outer layer of glass and operable glass panels for the inner layer of glass. The homeowners want to be able to open their home to the pool deck and walk unobstructed from living area to the pool. I am sending a link to your website to the architect and the homeowners. I am primarily interested in getting a rough idea of the cost involved. Ultimately, I think they will have five 16' wide x 9' tall doors. Again, this is used in a residence, so I don't think they are going to want to see the yellow lift straps, but may be wrong. Please let me know a rough idea of cost per door as described above. The building will be made of Insulating Concrete Forms (ICF). The wall the doors will be mounted on will be roof load bearing walls. Currently, the house is being designed, so the earlier I can get a door supplier involved, the easier it will be for all parties. Thank you in advance, Jon


I need a quote on a bifold door for a residence. the openings are 8' 0" x 8' 0". Six glass bifold strap doors. I need all the mechanisms; track, straps, etc including the electric opener. I plan to cover the frame you provide with plywood on the inside and outside. additional patterns on the outside - including windows. can you give me a price for all the parts I need? Thanks for your help. 


We're currently remodeling a location for a new Brewpub to be opened in late August of this year, and we are looking at different options of replacing our windows. We've been looking into changing them out with glass commercial garage doors, but I love the look of your bi-fold window wall Schweiss doors and wanted to see what they cost. We have 3 windows that are 5' 10" wide and 6' 5" high, is it possible to get a ballpark figure on doing these in a glass commercial bi-fold, to see if it's even an option in our budget?


I am interested in Schweiss bi-fold liftstrap glass hangar doors for both interior and exterior applications.


We are working on installing four 17'x35' glass bifold doors on the 50th floor of an existing high-rise building for use by a window washing rig. We would like to discuss differnt types of Schweisss doors (or custom) and which may work best for our project. Please contact me.


Hi, I'd like to know whether you have any distributors located in Asia and in particular, Japan. We're much interested in Schweiss Bifold glass doors for a new luxury motel.  Thanks, Caroline


I'm trying to design a large door for what used to be an RV garage that is being converted to a car showroom. Interested in a Schweiss hydraulic or bifold glass wall door. What further information will you need from me.


I need to install 2 glass Schweiss bi-fold doors. width 240cm height 250cm I would like to know more about these doors like insulation values, lifting time, windloads, backup systems, remote openers, freestanding headers, etc. Thank you


I am providing a quote to a general contractor. The specification calls for Schweiss sectional horizontal bifold liftstrap aluminum patio door, electric operation and remote. They want a clear anodized finish. Glass is to be 1" Clear Tempered, Low E Insulated Glass. I have a couple of plan pages that I would like to send to you so you can see what they are looking for. Give me a call, please.


Good morning, I am working on the design of a community center in New Jersey and we are interested in specifying a liftstrap bi-fold door from you. We would be looking for something with a storefront look that is all glass. The building is an existing wood framed building that we would be adding a new 14'-0" by 16'-0" opening in which to place the door. We are currently in the Construction Documents phase and specifiying an overhead door and would like to know what the cost premium is over a glazed bifold door. Please call me if there is any additional information you would need to provide a preliminary quote. B. Smith, Architect


Can you provide typical CAD drawings for: OPTION 1: 3.6M tall glass bifold OPTION 2: 2.5M tall glass bifold We have glass on 3 sides and want to use a system similar to Santa Monica Place. Door with liftstraps, not cables and also add autolatches.


I am interested in the bi-fold full glass liftstrap Schweiss door. I have 3 - 10'x10' openings. What kind of structural system is required for something like this. Can you give me an estimated ball park cost for something like this? Thanks


I am an architect interested in your Two Glass Paneled Bifold Designer Doors. Could you please send me a copy of your handbook, and any other literature with typical details and specifications? I have an upcoming project which will call for three large glass moving wall doors.


Can you provide a cost range for both the Hydraulic and Bifold liftstrap doors. I am looking to put in a Glass bifold door in a wall that is 15ft wide. Is there a minimum height? 


Dear Sir Re: "SCHWEISS DOOR" Auto up side Bi-Fold liftstrap Glass door Glass with 19mm. door size 19ft. w x 16ft.h. with 4.8Kpa Wind lord.2 set.This Project in Hong Kong. Please advise the best price & Delivery time & Detail Catalogue information by e.mail send me , for Submit recommend your this door gear systems. Please follow up on this e.mail, Immediately be send me. We look forward to hearing from you. Thanks Thanks you ! Best Regards, WH Buildings Limited, Hong Kong.


I have a nearby customer that is interested in getting a quote on a 28'(W) x 15' (T) Schweiss one-piece hydraulic outswing glass door. He currently does not have the height on the interior for a overhead door. He wants numbers for the Hydraulic out swing and a bifold with straps for comparison. This is to be installed on a wood building Thank you


I have a customer that needs a 42' X 15' door. Please send information on bi-fold liftstrap doors with opener and appropriate lats to be able to mount glass panels on. Shipping to Seattle or California, where I will handle further shipping to Hawaii. I also need the door specifications for mounting, including weights to determine compatibility with our Outback building. Wind load 105, exposure b


I am looking for a glass bi-fold door for a bar project with a outside courtyard that I would like to open up to the outside, also a counter top hydraulic one piece door for a outside / walkup bar element.


Is it possible to have either door with fully glazed glass panels? What are the space requirements for the frames, opening hardware, and hydraulics? What is the lead time for fabrication once shop drawings are approved? Would it be possible to send CAD details for both Schweiss hydraulic and bifold strap systems?


I would like to get an idea of rough opening size and appropriate system to use for a glass bifold door with liftstraps and autolatches. Currently we have room for a frame of 9'-4"H x 12'-0"W frame to frame door in an 8" CMU wall. Contact me asap 


Can you please provide me with a quote for a 24'x14' Schweiss Bi-Fold door? I would also like to know if it is possible to install windows in bottom half of that door? Include lift straps and autolatches in your quote please.


Hello, We are interested in having folding glass soundproof (bifold) doors installed in our Arlington law offices. If possible, I would like an estimate quote on the cost and to set up a consultation appointment, during which, the installation details can be clearly established. Have seen some of your work on your Schweiss website and we're quite impressed. Thank you.


I am looking to put a Schweiss one piece glass door in my dining room. The opening is only 6' x 9' tall. Do you offer a manual product? Would you consider selling the lifts for a steel door that I could have made by a local fabricator? Looking for the most cost effective opening. Thanks! 


I\'m come from Quebec. I have a complexe project to do at school and I\'m interresting about your product, hydrolic Red Power insulated glass door. I want to use it for a 12\' x 12\' door and I want to know if it\'s possible and what are the prices. Thank you very much to help me in my project. :)


I am putting together a project for a high class bar/restaurant and was most impressed with your designer bifold doors on your extensive website. I would like something similar, only utilizing one piece hydraulic Red Power doors. I want them to open up large aluminum framed windows which are approximately 18 ft. wide by 9 ft. tall. Can you forward me a quote at your convenience.


I am in the process of considering various manufacturers for bi-folding doors on a transit station. The 4 rough openings are 20\' high, with widths between 20\'-36\'. We had success using your liftstrap doors on the Showare Center in Kent and would like to use a similar installation, but with glazed units. Can you send information and photos about the glazed units?


I have a question about cost on your Schweiss bi-fold doors. We are designing a chiller plant for a client and they want as much light into the building to showcase the pumps, piping, etc. So, instead of an overhead roll up door, we are looking into transparent bi-fold doors with lift straps. We cannot use sectional doors due to the overhead piping that would conflict when the sectional door opens back into the space. The building is an insulated metal panel with 8 inch CMU backing and steel structure. There are (4) 11 ft wide x 12 ft. high doors. We are thinking of something like the attached two photos and perhaps using some frosted glass. It appears these are aluminum frames and that is acceptable. I am really just looking for a rough estimate installed based on the above parameters. The project is in Columbus, OH. The doors can be based on the simplest and most cost-effective solution for opening the doors, as they will only be opened a few times a month. The project is currently in schematic design, but is fast track. Also, based on the details shown on this page (http://www.bifold.com/design_arch.php), it does not appear there is any structure that sticks inside the space and the structure is on the exterior side. Please confirm.


We are considering a couple of glass vertical bi-folds for interior school openings, i.e at a music room, at a media center and at a computer lab that open to commons spaces. We are seeking a legitimate competitor to bi-fold products. We need to talk to a representative ASAP. We need to have costs and specifications. The doors with lift straps and autolatches are to be approximately 20 feet wide x 10 feet tall. Please contact me.


Need to know the weight of the glass horizontal bi-fold door. Could be as large as 20' wide by 20' tall. Actually all info pertaining to building structure loading imposed by this door would be of help. Can we get an insulated glass door.  Thanks.


Two Schweiss doors: 1 - 16x8, 2 - 14x8 Glass bifold, laminated glass electric operator with remote and lift straps.  Please include installation and local installer reference. Love the looks and quality of your glass doors, couldn't find any other company that even bothers to make them.


I have a customer that would like a price on 3- 18'wide X 8' high all glass bi-parting doors. Could you please call or email me please, this is just for budget number at this point. I directed this guy to your Schweiss web site and he was pretty impressed with your work. Should be a sure sale.


We need two doors 18 w x10 h. With glass panel Approx four panels high and 7 panels wide. We think this will be ideal for our machine shed. Bifolds should have Schweiss lift strap system.




We are interested in pricing (x4) bi-fold glass panel doors that are approximately 14'9" wide x 8' tall each window opening. We would like to have only one vertical mullion sub-dividing each system. We have some 3D renderings and a floor plan which we can send to you to assist in pricing. We are also interested in options for over-cladding the system (by Bi-Fold or Hydraulic). We are interested in lift straps vs. hydraulic. Could one hydraulic system be used for the four adjacent windows?


I would like to ge a ballpark price on a Schweiss bifolding insulated low-e glass door that is 60' wide x 18' tall with a wind load of 80PSF. Thank You


I would like a quote on a 7'x7' Schweiss bifold door delivered to the above address in California. Door should be glazed with lift straps and extra remote opener. Please give estimated delivery time.


Hello, I am looking for a quote for a roughly 13' 7" bifold garage door, preferably glass. I am also curious as to your price for the same door as a one piece hydraulic. Your Schweiss Doors website sold me on your doors. I've checked others and believe yours to be the best quality on the market.    Thank you.


We are looking for 3 Schweiss bi-fold glass doors. 10 foot tall by 16 foot wide for each of them. I would love to discuss our options. Your web site shows some fantastic designer doors, I might be thinking along that line. Thank you.


I am looking for a quote on an aluminum Schweiss bi-fold door, The door need to be an all glass door used as an access point for a residential walk out patio. I would like to price it with insulated glass since the job site is in Iowa. Also, if there is an available color option for the aluminum frame I would like to have it priced in black. Should have lift straps and top override jiggle switches.


Looking for glass pane Schweiss doors garage door system in a restaurant.  These doors/windows (probably bifold) would be located in the dining area and in front of customers. What is the cable system? how does that work? Has this been used at any public space? Which of your many styles of Schweiss doors do you recommend? 


  I have two 8'x8' openings in the concrete wall. The top of wall is protected by 3' overhang (flat concrete roof). I'm interested in putting in 8'x8' window that opens.Can Schweiss Doors help me on this project?


We are the construction manager for a museum in Philadelphia. We are building a separate food structure just north of the main building. We are looking for a -20' wide by 8' high Schweiss Doors glass bi-fold door. We would like as much glass as possible to showcase the pizza oven/kitchen. Please contact me regarding pricing, lead times etc...


I just found your website and your doors intrigued me. I have a house that has a 26' wide x 6'-8" high opening that I would like to enclose to make an indoor/outdoor room. I thought about using Schweiss bi-folding glass doors that fold to the sides but I didn't consider bi-folding doors that fold to the top. Out of curiosity, i am interested in knowing what something like this costs. Also, what is the difference in price if I use 1, 2, or 3 Schweiss bi-fold door systems to span the 26' wide opening compared to one Schweiss hydraulic door?  I have a glulam beam above the opening so it is a structurally sound header. The opening is located on a gable end wall.


Looking for a quote on two insulated glass doors from your company, Schweiss Doors. Doors would be for a private residence.


Im looking at a Schweiss bifold glass door for the covered patio at my resturant in sauk rapids MN. Just starting to shop around and would really like a quote.


i am working on a tenant improvement in Playa Vista CA we are looking at opening the building in two areas 16'w x approx 10'h. We like the Schweiss glass bi fold doors. this will be an opening from the interior office space out to a bbq patio. please contact me with pricing on this. Where do you manufacture your doors?


i would like to get a price for two Schweiss glass folding doors like the ing cafe photo in ny from your photo section. these would each be 14 tall and 14 wide.


I have three metal framed openings in a metal aircraft hangar, 10'-0 x 10'-0. Would like to investigate Schweiss glass panel bifolds. I prefer inward opening. These openings are up on the mezzanine level of the hangar and will provide a convertible enclosure for a large inset patio.


I am designing an indoor pool structure with a 16' ceiling height. I am interested in your Schweiss  glass doors similar to the Red Bull and the Ecology Center at Stanford. These doors would be 12' wide and 10' tall with additional glazing above the doors to the ceiling. I like the bi-fold doors but wondering about the location of the drives. In either top or bottom mount the drive will show. I assume the Red Bull and Ecology Center are top mount above a ceiling or do they show from the interior? Any suggestions for aesthetics in regard to glass doors?


Looking for a glass bifold door dimensions 16wx8h Another 9wx8h a walkthrough slider or traditional hydraulic Schweiss door built in.   Seperate price on each. Thx!


hi i have an opening of 170 inches high and 140 inches wide and like the folding glass doors you offer can you please call me for info. thanks.


I want a quote on a Schweiss liftstrap glass door and the rough opening for a bifold hanger door. I want a clear opening 42 ft wide 12ft high I am having a height in the shop 12 ft 4 in I am using room in attic trusses It has a Concrete floor and wood construction Thank you for the time please contact me for any more info. I am in the process of building now. Travis M


I would like to put Schweiss bi fold all glass garage door on the my sunroom....but there is no sliding door or wall...just open space with roof. I need 2 sides one will be 9x7 and another side is 20x7. I would like to have some idea how much will be. thank you


I am looking for pricing on (2) 8x8 glass aluminum liftstrap Schweiss bi fold doors with the motor at the bottom of the door. There is no headroom inside the garage. The customer is looking for a frosted glass. Can I please get a price and lead time. Thank you. Gary


Please send me information to better understand how to design and specify a Schweiss glass bi-fold door system for a restaurant application in Park City, Utah. What is a typical lead time? This is a fast track project. Thank you.


We are interested in a Schweiss Bi-fold glass door system for our post and beam home. There is 44 inches between each post (five in total with windows) with a height of 80 inches, in-between is single pane glass. Can you tell us if this system would be applicable? Unfortunately the posts in our home cannot be removed to make way for a sliding door system so we were thrilled to see your liftstrap/autolatch system in the new home & architectural trends magazine. cheers,


Wondering and approximate cost for a bifold glass hangar door simalar to the Red Bull door (looked really cool) in a 16 by 40 or 16 by 48. Glass should be for a cold climate. Thanks


Dear Sirs, I am looking for a schweiss bifold (or even single piece possible?) door, where each of the two panels consists of a single glass pane (without any smaller divisions). The dimensions of the opening are height: 9 feet and 9 inches width: 25 feet and 9 inches Thank you and kind regards, Gary Reddman


Looking for two bifold doors - sized 8'wide by 8' tall - all glass- I seen some pictures on your website and it is a really clean look. It will used for north facing wall of pool patio. Clear glass preferred - tempered? can you shoot me the difference if it were made of aluminum instead of steel.


1) 64' X 16' Bi-Fold Door with door 2) 40' X 16' Glass Bi-Fold 3) 20' X 8' Hydraulic one piece door both are to be hung on steel ag storage buildings


I need a quote for 6 17 x 15 bi fold door frames for my warehouse. 1" Insulated glass infill / skin provided and installed by us. thanks Garth


I'm interested in a quote for three 16' all glass bifold garage doors with lift straps. The building site is just off Echo Trail, up in the BWCA.


Hi I need 45 ft of the bottom Door seal 12" wide by 45' long for a hydraulic door  Please call so I can order it. Thanks


I need price on 2- 34.5" x 21" Schweiss Glass Bi-Fold Door. I like the look of lift straps and in the quote can you please put in a remote control. 


We are interested in using a Schweiss liftstrap glass bifold door for a project we are currently working on and would like to have someone walk the site with us to give us input on what we can do. One of your projects at a Palm Springs resort is quite similar to what we would like to do for this project. Please let me know at your earliest convenience if this would be possible. Thank you.


Need a complete quote on a 45 by 16 all glass Schweiss bifold liftstrap hangar door and a all glass hydraulic hangar door Please include all associated costs including remote control operation and what they should cost to install The size of the door can still be adjusted if it would be more economical to increase or decrease dimensions still deciding on a steel or wood frame hangar but hangar dimensions will be 30 deep by 50 wide (could go to as wide as 65 feet) Please advise what would be most economical for the doors The hangar must have a tile roof and side walls must be stucco ... can a steel hanger still work ? thanks


We are building a room to put a swim spa in and we are interested in your doors. The dimensions are 20' x 8. We are interested in pricing for clear transparent type door (Is it glass or plastic?).


We are in the process of starting a remodel to our house in Arizona. I have a workshop that presently has two large double man doors. I am interested in swapping those out for your Schweiss designer style  bifold glass doors similar to what you did at Sanford Univerisity. The opening sizes are 6 foot wide and 7 feet tall. These sizes are flexible because we have not started framing yet.


I have a project that calls for two Schweiss liftstrap  interior bi-folding doors that act as interior partition. One is 12' x 8' and the other one is 9' x 8'. I am budgeting for the general contractor at this time as wondering what these would be worth? The 12' wide door has 12 lts of 1/4" clear tempered glass and the 9' wide door has 8 lts of the same. Finish will be clear anodized. I need to submit this information to the GC on 2-1-11. Thanks for your help.


i am interested in a schweiss designer glass doors. I am planning on building a shop on my property and i would like to have a a 10' x 20' opening. 10' actual clearance. how do i find out about pricing. thanks


We are architects and would like to use a glass Schweiss Bi-fold door for display showroom that we are designing. Can you provide details that have required dimensions needed to fit a door that we would be able to use as a guideline? Or would it be possible for us to send the drawings to one of your reps to take a look at?


Pond Bath House. New Construction. Need two Schweiss liftstrap, glazed bi-fold doors (16x8) with a door embedded in both.


I need to know the size limitations for Schweiss liftstrap glass bi-folds. We are looking at the potential for using these on a local university football stadium press box.


Please send pricing ASAP for all glass Schweiss hydraulic door and standard garage door with windows. Please call if additional information is needed for quote.


This door will be used on an underground workshop. One end of the workshop will jut out into a timbered ravine with an attached deck. The Schweiss liftstrap bifold door will be used to create a wall of glass and allow the shop to open up into the timber and attached deck. We are comparing your doors to large custom made sliding glass doors. This workshop is being constructed to be super energy efficient. I plan to build a vertical bi-fold door on the inside of the building. This door will use structural insulated panels and will seal the wall of windows when the shop is not being used. Thanks, Dave


Need an 8-0 x 7-0 Schweiss bi-fold door, Aluminum or Steel frame with door facing glazed. Operation type is optional, but prefer your patented Schweiss Door liftstraps over cables if the expense is close to cables.


I'm looking for a 9' x 10' Schweiss bi fold liftstrap  glass door. This will be going in a restaurant and separates the inside from the patio. it will be going on an existing aluminum store front window.


I am interested in the Schweiss Doors bifold liftstrap window system you have. Ee have 2 restaurant projects where they posibly would like this solution. one is for a 37" wide by 40" tall window opening. the other is 7 openings that are 54" wide by 70" tall Any info and pricing would be great


We are looking for a 16' high x 28' wide all glass Schweiss bifold strap door. We would like to have the door, in the up position, sit half inside and half outside. Have you engineered and constructed a door like this? Please call and let me know.


I am an architect working on a school project where we would like to use a glass bi-fold doors. We are located in Plano / North Dallas area. Do you have a local rep info we can contact and schedule an appointment?


Sir,Would like an estimate for a 60 ft X 15 ft Bifold liftstrap door, no walk through, but I would like as much glass or transparent material as practical. I'm in SE Alaska, not extremely cold but cold enough to require most of the door to be insulated. A line of windows or glass 3 or 4 ft tall with the center of the opening at 5 ft off the floor would be ideal.Thank you


We are looking at using your bifold overhead doors on an elementary school project. I have found the attached photos on your web site and other sides on the internet. The Schweiss liftstrap bifold doors for the school would be all interior doors being used to close off sections of the school wings and at openings between the GYM and Cafeteria (see attached). Also, compared to other installations I have seen on your web site these doors will not be used that often. They'll normally be open or closed. We'd have 4 openings total:- 12'x16' mostly glass door (will be open most of the time and only used to close off the Gym/Cafeteria wing from the rest of the school, maybe used once or twice a week).- 12'x10' mostly glass door (will be closed most of the time and only used for evening school functions once or twice a week).- 12'x10 metal door w/ some glass (will be closed most of the time and only used for evening school functions once or twice a week).- 12'x10 metal door w/ some glass (will be closed most of the time and only used for evening school functions once or twice a week).I notice some variation in the photos on your web site on how heavy the structure, frames, etc are for some of the doors... especially, the industrial applications. Again, we are thinking the doors for this project could be lighter since they are not used that often.... Plus we'd like a lighter look compared to a heavy industrial look.We like the look of these doors compared to an typical overhead sectional door. I wanted to get a rough idea on the cost of these doors.Also, could you tell me any installations you have in the St. Louis area. Especially any in a school setting.Thanks


I am looking for a Schweiss glass bifold door that is 10'-0" wide by 4'-8" high. Is this something that can be manufactured? If so what would the price be and what would the lead time be? Thanks


Hello - I am an architect in Salt Lake City, Utah and was wondering if I could get some info regarding your Schweiss bi-fold liftstrap doors. We are currently designing a new library that also has a multi-purpose component.We would like to open one end of the multi-purpose room (approx. 70' x 105') using a doorabout 62' wide x 18' clear. The room opens onto a plaza/amphitheater and they would like the option of opening this up into one contiguous space. They would also like to have the door be glazed to allow natural light into the space when the door is closed. It will be all new construction,steel framed with some type of veneer. Any help or info would be greatly appreciated. Does your company make such a door? What would a rough estimate of cost be on a door this size? Look forward to hearing from you. Regards


Hello, We use garage doors in 80% of the homes we design. I prefer your bi-fold. Could we get a quote for a standard 10'x8' all glass?


We are interested in a glass liftstrap Schweiss specialty use bi-fold door for interior use in a K-12 school in Oregon, new steel structure with cmu shear walls. I need the clearances required to locate the steel to support and brace the door as well as the loading. Also, we are proposing using a cmu wall with attached angle, similar to your jamb detail with the tube steel.


Hi -am interested potentially in a glass, Schweiss bifold door for use as a residential garage door: 14' x 7'. Do you have insulated glass? do you have laminate or obscure glass? we are in SW Colorado


I would like to obtain information about the Glass Covered Schweiss Designer Bi-Fold Doors. (Please view attached images for your reference).Our project is currently in its design phase and requires a hydraulic & bi-fold door with the following requirements: Dimension: Height: 2710mm (top of fixture)Width: 3705mm (centered on fixture of columns)Materials: Steel or Aluminum frame Please note that is for a residential application and we require that the motor is not attached to the door panel.Also, I wish to obtain a CAD file and specification details which include dimensions of the product.In addition, if available, we would like your company%u2019s product catalogue for both interior and exterior door systems.Thank you very much. I look forward to hearing from you soon.Kind regards,Architectural Assistant For and on behalf of An International Member of the Royal Institute of British Architects Central, Hong Kong


Looking for 2 Schweiss bifold doors for a restaurant covered patio area. Similar to theTGIF images you have and the residential install. 28.5'X14' Do your systems come glazed?


I was wondering what the cost of the two Schweiss custom glass bi-folds was in the photo of the day. opened up the living room. Also what is the smallest height you can work with. I have an 8 ft high opening. Would prefer straps over cables.  Thanks Randy 


We are designing an outdoor bar for a restaurant in Las Vegas, NV. We came across the Schweiss Photo of the Day showing Bi-Fold Liftstrap Doors at the TGIF Bar and want to design a similar style bar using these doors. Do these doors come in standard sizes? Or is it all custom? We are looking for priciing for three (3) 8x8 or three (3) 10x10 bifold doors with glazing. Please call if you need additional information. Thank you so much for your help. Ava        


Please quote 44' wide 12' high hydraulic door outside truss and 60' wide bifold door 14' high when open and 60' wide 14' high hydraulic door with outside truss, doors will need to be insulated, this could be done on site. Small glass windows at 5 ' across width


Sirs; I would like to use glazed Schweiss bifold doors in a project I am designing. Can you give me a budget price for 7 bifold doors with insulated obscure glazing approx 8'-6"w x 9'-4" tall. thanks


Currently working on a remodel, Shop and retail with 5-large overhead doors 20'x14'h. Could you provide basic cost standard insulated bi-folds plus the price for a glass door of the same size? Thank you


Building is existing brick masonry construction but will be renovated with new steel frame bracing that can accommodate bi-fold doors (one door end will abut existing brick masonry). Bi-fold construction preference is an aluminum frame with glass panels (please recommend spacing and/or maximum allowable sizes of lights). We will do a steel door as well


Custom Glass Bi-fold Doors: One,(1) 11-11 x 12-10 Opening Size One,(1) 11-11 x 13'-5 Opening Size Has existing Sectional Glass Doors that they would like to match.


up coming bid for a College, in, CA. 7ea. bifold designer style Schweiss doors approx. 26x17, sheeting and glazing by others please call to discuss Thank You Mike


To Whom It May Concern: We are a Glass Company servicing may the needs for the top architects on Long Island's East end. Currently we have a project where the Architect is specifing your product. I believe you have already quoted on the project -Garage door size = 21'-4" x 10'-0". Does this project sound familure? Can you forward me a copy of a current bifold designer quote? Thanks


Do you have a metal and glass garage door, bi-fold or flip up? Please contact me as soon as possible. Thanks, Linda


We are designing a K-8 private school in the San Diego Area, and are interested in using a glass bifold door on an art classroom wall to connect the interior space to an exterior "art patio." It is primarily a wood frame structure, with steel in places as required. Exterior finish is a combination of cement plaster and 1" thick thin brick over scratch and brown coat. The opening size is currently 22'-10" wide by 10' tall, but that could be adjusted if it makes a big difference in cost of the door unit. We are looking for something along the lines of the Stanford project that you have pictured on your website. Thanks...


We are looking for a bifold overhead door with glass windows in the center and two 36 inch glass doors, one on either side.


I really liked the look of the bifold glass doors I saw in your photo gallery and I would like information. Durability with glass can be a concern so I would also be interested in any additional options that would allow the light to come through without opening the door. This will be used in a Sports complex and the hope would be to get as much natural light as possible without having to continually repair it due to a misdirected ball. Your suggestions would be welcome.


I need a framed mirrored bi fold closet door measuring 30"x 79". Do you know where I might find one? RD


I'm hoping that you can answer my questions or connect me with a rep for Northern California. I am looking to specify an overhead bi-fold door system in a new steel construction application. The door opening is to be 15'-6"H x 27'W and is currently designed to be framed with W14x68 columns and an HSS14x8x5/8 head. The door surface will mainly be glazed, and as the interior space is a performing arts center, the material will need to form an acoustical buffer. If you could give me feedback on the structural needs for our door size and perhaps some typical CAD details, that would be fantastic. Thank you. Kainoa


pricing for 56'W X 14'H (Clear) hydraulic door Door to be installed in a pre-engineered metal bldg 60'W X 80' D X 16' Eave Ht door to be installed in 60' wall of building need pricing for door, including installation and structural framing requirements to be provided by the metal building supplier for proper installation of the door


Would like to get pricing for two garage doors...please price each door separately. Garage door: 12'Width x 8' Tall Garage door: 12' Width x 8' Tall Price out three(3) glass panel on bottom and three (3) glass panels on bottom. Since the opening is only 8 feet tall...please recommend and price the with different lift options. * The bifold doors will be used for a restaurant/bar with an alley entrance...so I need to be able to secure the doors tightly at night to avoid possible tampering.


We are bidding on a project in Maryland that calls for Schweiss Vertical Bi-Fold Glass doors. Can we get a quote? Thank You.


Hello Jeremy, I am following up on a previous quote for our office. We would like to get an estimate on a revised layout, utilizing the following larger door sizes: two (2) @ 38'-9" w x 9'-0" h one (1) @ 30'-9" w x 9'-0" h All three bifold doors need to have transparent glass ( green house application) and an exit / mandoor, if this is possible. Thanks, 


I'm Looking for four clear glass bifold doors to enclose my back patio. Openings are: 1 @ 10'2"x16'1", 2 @ 10'2"x11'1", 1 @ 10'2"x6'1". The "two glass paneled bifold designer doors" or similar type on your site are what I'm looking for. Can you please give me an approx. cost for these, with or without installation costs. Thank you, David Crowell campcrowel@cox.net


We need a smaller shop door, with windows to bring light into the back. The sides of the opening are steel in a steel building. It measure 8 feet by 8 feet How much for an insulated one piece door, to fit 8x8 with double pane windows in the upper half? How much for shipping? Look forward to hearing from you Virginia


Hi, I am looking into the possibility of using your bifold doors in a future project. It will be part of an outdoor performance stage/assembly hall. The door size is 24' wide by 14' tall. It will be glass panels. Could you give me a rough estimate on its cost? Thanks Colin


We are looking for pricing for approx 56 Bi-Fold doors @ 8x12. The panels are to be prep. for all glass polycarbonate panels. How can we start to obtain pricng for this?


We are designing a gallery and would like to use a bi-fold glass garage door to separate the gallery from an outdoor garden space. Please send me your relevant product information, and any information about the structural requirements for your door. The garage door would be approx 12' wide and 10' high, and have 1' insulated, low-E coated glass. Thank you!


I am interested in receiving information on your bi-fold doors, specifically an glass panel door to match anodized aluminum curtain wall system. This door will be used in a new museum in IA, a renovation of an existing department store building. The door itself will be approx 14' tall by 23' wide. Please email available details, specifications, pricing information. Thank you!


looking for a quote for 2 bifold doors. One door is 12x16, the other door is 14x16. 16feet is the height for both. I would like glass bifold doors.


I have a couple questions about your airport hanger doors. We are pricing one for Angel Flight, which is a charity organization in our area. 1. Who installs these type doors? Our location is in the Atlanta area at P. D. Airport.2. What is the cost difference between bifold and hydraulic doors? Our door is approximately 90' wide by the normal height which i'm guessing is about 30' high.3. Do you make all glass or plastic (translucent) panes in lieu of mostly sheet metal?4. What is the cost difference for the all glass/plastic vs metal?thank you,Bogue


I need an 8'x8' glass door ( cheapest possible) for a small room out in our backyard. Wondering about cost. We live in Chico, California. thanks Wendy and Tom


Hi, I am interested in getting a quote and some technical advice about making two bi-fold glazed doors for a house in the UK.


I have a residential project on a lake. I have a 34' opening, but my need to have two doors due to span limits to support the above structure and roof load. Want a open and unobstructed view and when closed have security and "glass wall" closure. It is West South-West facing so the heat load is great in the summer. Any suggestions. Brian F.


I would like to get some information on your doors. We are a fabricator of curtain wall, skylights and windows. We use polycarbonate for the construction of our products. I have a building that we are currently working on and I need a door (12' x 14') that I can work my polycarbonate into. If you would please contact me I would greatly appreciate it and I look forward to hearing from you.


hi estimator, i need a budget number on a supply and erect of a 50' x 15' clear bi fold doors. it will ship and install in Fairfield IA 52556 if you have any questions please contact me from above information. Thanks, Tim


We are looking to replace existing 10'x10' storefront glass panels (4) panes of glass, with overhead doors that match the existing glass. Is this something your company can help us out with?


I'm looking for a 4panel 4section glass door about 16'x8' that can open out overhead or bifold out like your hanger doors , its for a multipurpose garage / room .This is for a house garage .


We required a quotation for a 46' x 26' clear bi-fold door for a project we are doing in Medicine Hat, Alberta Canada. We like how your door turned out on the building we built for Dale T. at Bow Island, Alberta Canada.


We're interested in a few glass bifold doors for classroom use in the Los Angeles area. I've looked over your web site. Have you installed any of these doors in San Francisco or the Bay Area that we can visit to see them in place? Or any in Los Angeles's San Fernando Valley (Burbank, Van Nuys, Tarzana, Sherman Oaks, etc.)? These classrooms will contain little kids. Do you see the lift straps or other parts of the door or mechanism offering any problems with this use? Thanks. Jack B.


We have a open building next to a pond with a beautiful view. The problem we have is wind. Many times the wind is so strong that stands blow over and paper items must be weighted down. I invision by-fold door with clear lexan so the view is not elimated and when open they are up overhead and out of the way. The openings are about 9' high and are 12', 14', and 16' wide. We have 6 to 9 openings. We would like to keep the cost around $1100 per opening. Do you have a Rep. in this area that could meet me. Let me know if the product you have may work for us. Thank you, Dean


I'm interested in a glass bi-fold door for a 12'-6" wide by 8'-0" tall opening. I believe the side supports are z girts and may need to be reinforced, but we will handle that. I'm trying to get an idea of what a glass bi-fold door would cost. Thanks, Tyler H.


I need some direction on your bid. The job name is Splash Zone in Oberlin, Ohio.You sent me a bid but I ended up excluding it and only picked up the glazing of your doors now they want this in my price. Can you tell me what the average install time should be on one of these doors?Would you by chance also have anyone in the Cleveland Ohio market who is familier with your doors who I might contact for an install price. Also, what thickness insulated glass can your doors accept? Please advises ASAP the contractor is looking for my complete package. Thanks, Scott


Hi, we are doing a project where your bi-fold glass garage doors might be suited. Can you send us more information on this type of system. Mabye some more imagry of installed system and pdf (cut sheets). the rough dimensions are 21' wide by 12' high (or 2 6' pieces). any information you can give us would help in this initial push so we can start specing them. thanks so much




Please provide budget pricing for a Metal and Glass Bifold Door approx. 20'-2" x 12'. The architect has designed this to included 8 panes of glass wide and four tall.


Please provide separate preliminary pricing for the following: Four overhead bi-fold full lite doors @ 12'w x 9'h Four overhead bi-fold full lite doors @ 10'w x 5'h @ 3'aff Two overhead bi-fold full lite doors @ 12'w x 5'h @ 3'aff Doors are similar to your designer door photo gallery showing commercial application w/ red chair in front.


I need to get a quote on a all glass bifold door with aluninum anodized end caps and center stiles. This aplication is for a storefront. Do you have diferent drive options such as chain hoist or hand crank, and what is the price? This is for proposal purposes only and the door size may change.


We ARe bidding a project called CEI located in Wshington D.C. The Architect OTJ has asked us to provide a price for a glass garage door. The dimensions are approximately 14' wide by 9' high. Please let me know if you need additional information. Thank you.


Our architect has proposed a Schweiss bi-fold glass door for our garage addition project... the door is to act as a large window that can be opened for ventilation. The door should utilize clear glass for viewing. The door is to fit into an 8' x 8' opening. Please provide a quotation and lead-time estimate. Thanks, Pete W.


We are designing a training facility for professional athletes. The training room has to open out onto a large outdoor field. The building is all storefront glass towards the field with 4 bifold doors. We are incorporating some steel columns and headers to accomodate the doors. Bifold doors will will have glass and aluminum frames to match the storefront. Can provide images for reference. Thanks Ben


We are dealing with a restaurant / hotel project in downtown Boston. Would your window system work in existing fixed openings in place of folding windows.


I am a builder in Michigan... and I have a client that gave me your information to discuss a glazing/bifold door unit...


we are retrofitting a metal building and are interested in an all glass bi-fold door (shown in your designer doors). Pricing it with and without a walk through door build in. 8ft x 16ft


I'd like to know a ballpark budget cost for a fully or partially glazed door. The application is for a school building and there would be 6 or 7 doors of this size and type. We have never specified a door of this type, so we don't have any cost history to work from. Thank you for your time.


I would like to have a bifold glass door in my house. Please let me know if you have some one in San francisco or near by to install and design it. Thank you, Juan D.


I am designing a garage/workshop at the back of my narrow lot and would like to receive some info on a single-wide (8')garage door with the possibiliy of having an upper glass panel of the bi fold.


We will be providing the translucent finish material so we just need the structural steel frame to be bid. We would also like the quote to include the autolatches, remote controls, and photo sensor safety device.


Hello - We are working on an overseas project that will include several types of operable glazed walls and are looking for some "how to" input. I wonder if you have ever built a bifold that was inclined and/or of unequal dimension at top & bottom? Thanks for your time and attention. Please contact me at the above email address.


I'm pricing this job for Hobbs Incorporated.Anthony wants me to install 1" insulating glass into your door.It says glass system by others.When you ship this door to the jobsite does it have a frame built into it to accept 1" glass? If not can you build black anodized aluminum glass frames into the door so all I have do is glaze it? They want 8 glass panels in your door(2 high and 4 across). Please send Hobb and us an ammended price and could you e-mail me a picture or a detail on how it would be glazed.It would be cheaper for Hobb if you did the work(and look better. Can you send me this information this morning he told me yesterday that he needs a price by the end of the day. Thank You


We are working on a project in Gibraltar and wondered whether you are able to supply bi-fold doors to this location? We have three doors that are 3200mm high and approximately 2900mm wide. We are looking for as much glass as possible.


Hello, Just a couple of questions. We have your brochure/book for bi-fold doors, and I need to know: 1. We want to get a door with ALL glass panels, and get an approx. cost of what a glass panel door that is 18' wide x 11' high would be? 2. Do you have any edge/jamb details for this type of door in a PDF or Auto Cad version that you could send us? (or fax us) Thank you! I have included contact info above in the required fields. Thanks, Julie R.


Winery St. Helena, CA General Contractor: Hathaway D. Construction I am in receipt of the shop drawings for a Schweiss bifold door for the Winery project prepared by JCR dated March 24, 2008. Please advise if these doors will accept glass in the openings and if so, how. Thanks. Yours truly, Marcella W.


Need 2 bifold doors that are 12 feet wide by 8 feet high. These doors also need to be transparent and have some insulation factor.


We are building a room to cover a pool and these look like an excellent solution for along one of the side walls. Please Provide information on how we can get a quote for a glass bi-fold door. We are thinking we would prefer the frame to be painted black. We would likely prefer the size to be 16' X 7' although depending on price may consider 2 smaller doors instead (8'X7'). Please let me know if you need any other information. Thanks, John


To Whom It May Concern: I am interested in an estimate. I am going to be adding a family room onto our home to replace the roofed patio which goes up to our swimming pool. I saw your windows, and thought it would be perfect to use the Bi-Fold door "Window" to open the room totally to the pool when the windows are lifted. We would need three or four 8ft tall by 10ft wide windows. I want them similar in look to the Santa Clarita Government Center, with safety glass pains giving an elegant look that looks balanced as windows when closed and lifts into an awning over the pool. I think that this could be done with tracks in the end second story supports, and in two other supports dividing the south wall into three windows and the west wall would have one. The lift system could be built into the vertical supports on either end of the windows. The house is in Toa Baja Puerto Rico, so thermal pain is not necessary. The frame could be maid of a low weight anodized aluminum channel. Please contact me to discuss and then provide me with an estimate. Kind Regards Philip R. F.


We are adding on to our home and looking for an affordable doors without "tracks" for a spa room. Can you quote us doors for a 16'6" wall. And possibly a second wall 12'. Both have 10'ceilings. The glass panels would seem to be perfect.


We need a price on a 50' x 15' clear bi-fold door with an alternate for a 60' x 15' clear door. Thank you.


I am currently designing a high school and planning to use all glass (insulated) bifold doors. The current size is about 25' wide x 16' tall. There are multiple of them. These doors need to be installed slightly angled vertically for acoustic reasons.


We are currently working on a new elementary school and are interestd in specifying a glazed Schweiss Bi-fold door in one wall of the school gymnasium. Please send a complete architectural catalog to my attention at the above address. We will be needing to write specifications and detail the installation of this door. Thanks, Keith J. AIA


I would like a quote on this quanity and size bi-fold hangar doors with straps................I would like the doors to be all glass.....................thanks Robert.


I'm interested in obtaining information on glass vertical bifold doors for a retail storefront application.


looking for a bi-fold glass door for a Multi-Purpose building- would like to get approximate cost for budgeting. Thank you!


We are looking for a quote on a hydraulic swing door, 40'w x 15'h. The door is to be all glazed.


please contact me on tuesday to discuss specifications for a 2 hydraulic glass doors bi fold for a school we are in the process of designing thank you scott g.


Can you make a 10' x 10' hydraulic door with glass panels or frames designed for glass panels


The door will be a steel or aluminum framed panel door glazed with 3/4" tempered insulated glass. The facility is an elementary school.


Need one piece hydraulic door, all glass. Prefer clear insulating glass, aluminum or steel glav. frame white. Needs to meet 40 psf wind load. Size 7'-10"w x 8'-0"h. Delivery to Fernandina Beach, FL.


Hello. We are looking into using a glazed bifold door for a residential project. The rough opening is approximately 10' high X 30' wide. I am wondering what type of vertical clearance we would have with such a door when in the open position. Also wondering who I could talk with about cost and available options.


Our firm is in the early design stages of a 12 story downtown condominium development. Instead of traditional curtain wall or operable windows for glazing we're looking into using garage door/hanger doors in each unit to open up the spaces to the outdoors. We really like some of the custom glass bi-fold doors on your site and would appreciate any information you could share with us about things like, price (volume discounts on custom doors as we'll have nearly 90 units, if you've ever done any installations in a mid rise residential condition, if insulated glass is an option in your doors, and because of the building's sustainability goals anything about the thermal efficiency of the doors would be appreciated. We're thinking a door size somewhere around 12x8. Thanks, Ryan G.


Need information on all glass bifold door 24'w x 17'h with concealed motor (probably cable drive). Need insulating glass panels in thermally broken aluminum frames. This is for a residence where we desire to open the north facade entirely to Lake Erie. Noreaster winter storms are a fact of life. Winter surf will spray mist on doors which will become ice. Winter operation is not expected, but weather seal is a concern.


please email me a quote for your "bi-fold door" my rough opening is 7'H x 8'W i would like for the door to look like an aluminium storfront with it bing all glass, or as much glass as possible. thx, adam


Hello. I am impressed with your product and testimonials. We are just starting to draw out our house and plan to incorporate doors such as you offer in the design. For budgeting can I have a rough ballpark price on an 8 foot x 8 foot glass bi-fold door with electric opener and a 10x10. Also, we plan to have the red iron house frame built by Excalibur Steel and curious if you have worked with their buildings so they understand your engineering requirements. Thank-you. -Chris


I am hoping to design an all glass door (with mullions) 20 feet wide and 12 feet tall. Can the motor location and strap rollers be reversed, fixed to the top instead of the bottom of the door? That way when the door is in a closed position, there is no disruption to the view outside (at least down at the floor). Also wouldn't this put less stress on the lifting of the mechanical device, you wouldn't have to lift the motor as high?


We are doing a project requiring two bifold doors that can be clad with glass panals. Please email with a rough quote of available options. Thanks


Looking for CAD details for a 14'-0" x 15'-9 3/4" bi-fold door with glass panels to specify in our winery project.


I am researching using a glass Bi-Fold door in a beach front residential project in Puerto Rico. There will be 3 doors 11' tall and 10' 6" wide used as window walls for living rm, dining rm and bedroom. Can this type of door meet hurricane standards? It is a salt water location. What type of finish would you suggest? Can you give me an idea of cost? Is there a method of installation that keeps the mechanicals as unobtrusive as possible? Thank you






Hi, I'm an architectural designer working on a residence with a modern industrial feel. We are hoping to have a one-piece hydraulic door as part of a two-story glass wall facing the view. The building will be new construction in steel, and we hope to have the one-piece door be framed either in aluminum or steel members with clear glass panels. Right now we have the 20' x 24' door divided into six panels high and six wide--36 panels in all. We thinking of having the truss on the inside. We're just in schematic design right now, but I figured it would be good to get a price quote early on. If there is any way to breakdown the cost of a steel frame vs. aluminum, that would be great. I look forward to working with you on this project. thanks, Ryan H.


Looking for bifold or hydraulic "one piece" door with glazing capability. From a price stand point is it better to go with few doors that are larger, or more doors that are smaller?


Please send images of examples of glass vertical bi-fold doors for residential application.


I would like to request a quote for a Glass Bi-fold Door with a width of 8'-10" and a height of 10'-8". Thank you for your help.


Need price installed for a 40'x14' Clear Bi-Fold door installed at Cumberland, WI. strap lift


I am currently building a house that has horizontal bifold doors. I have the panels being made by Dynamic Windows, but they do not have the hardware. Is this something you can help me out with? Hardware and possibly installation. Thank you, Chris


Hi There, We're currently working on a condo project for a client in Hood River, OR. The condo units will be geared towards people who use the Columbia River for recreation, and therefore need room to store such things as kayaks, canoes, etc. in their garage. We'd like to use a garage door system that would allow the entire ceiling of the garage to be open and used for storage, which of course eliminates a traditional, roll-up door. A bi-fold door is one type of door that we are looking into for this purpose. The doors would not be large (probably 8'x8') but would require having some windows and fit with the look of the project. It is a contemporary design, so there is some flexibility in the design of the doors. One door that caught my eye on your website was a glass panel door (alum frame) used in a retail setting. A similar style may be appropriate for this project, although instead of all glass, some of the windows would probably be replaced with wood, or colored panels. At this point, I am just investigating whether your door system would be viable option. Any appropriate literature and input you could provide would be appreciated. Thank you. Ryan A.


I have 16 window openings 9'-6" wide x 50" tall. I would like to have as much glass and little framing as possible


Need a email for glass Bi-Fold. We intend to have a 6 metre (20ft) wide double glazed unit, each unit 2 metre (7ft) high. the closed position the bottom glass will be in water.


I am interested in product information/ binder for your doors. We are interested in doing glass garage doors, is this something you provide? Thank you, Maria I.