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Good Morning, We had a 40' x 18' Schweiss strap bifold door installed on our new building addition, (SN 27430) and I wanted to download electronic copies of the manuals that we received, (installation, maintenance, electrical, etc.). I found these manuals on your website but there is no link to download them. How can I get electronic copies? I was also curious about the warning lights and horn option, is this a kit or something that is custom built? I would be interested in pricing if this is a kit. Thank You


I want 12’ of clearance and a 38-40 foot wide door. Currently in planning stage, but looking to build this summer. Wondering if I can get a quote?


Do you have a pdf of the manuals you sent us with the door? We need: Safety Decals -Manual 50 Bleeding the Hydraulic System - Manual 700 Hydraulic Safety - Manual 710 One-Piece Hydraulic Doors - Installation Manual 725 Manual Wind Pins Hydraulic Doors - Instruction Manual 745 Steel Building Structural Support for Hydraulic Doors - Manual 960 (9150) We have the hard copy of these manuals but we would like them in pdf format. Thank you


I am in need of a door with open dimensions of 20'H x 36'W. What is the cheapest option? Is there a required/recommended eave height for this type of door installation? We have not constructed the building (60' x 100'), yet. Please contact me by email.


What is a standard door size on a hanger? I am trying to put together a 40'x40' hanger with a standard door size and height. The details will depend on what I can get for a door. I am thinking bifold, but could be hydraulic convinced. TBD there.


Do you make the bifold door any size? My customer is interested to get one of this. Approx size will be 11' x 9' wood door please let me know if it possible and I will be back to you with more info. Thanks in advance


I am getting a building quoted to me and am interested in getting a bifold door for the opening. Gable steel is the building manufacturer. As far as matching tin, do I get that from them or does that come with the door? Anyways, no need to call but if there are questions that a call would help with then no problem. I'll fill out the opening details below. Thank you!


My father previously purchased a Schweiss bifold door. I would like to obtain a copy of the maintenance instructions. My father has passed away and I would like to use the door but I want to make sure that I perform proper maintenance before using it because my father may not have done any maintenance in the past few years due to illness. I would also like a copy of any instructions available for manually closing the door.


I have one of your doors here that was bought from you in maybe 2017. I just greased all the hinges, rollers, and pulleys. Your grease ports are really helpful. Now my attention turns to the two motors and possible oil needs. I could not find in the manuals, info on this. Is there an oil chamber in the lower section of the motor and where can I find info on accessing and servicing these 2 motors? Thank you.


Building a 50x50 Hangar attached to a home. Working with Builder. Would like to understand options of a wood structure, pros/cons of bi-fold/hydraulic, clearance on the door when opened, etc.


The 24'-0" height is the opening size in the building wall, so it does include the wedge depth.


Would be interested in a hydraulic door with some windows and lights on it. Windows to allow light in when closed and lights so when it was raised we could use the space under for work with the light at night. Wondering about the safety of the door in the up position. how does the door stay up if a cylinder leaks or hose breaks.


Hello, I am looking to further understand the pricing for a door for a large timber frame shop that I am pricing out to build next year. It will be my shop. R.O is sitting around 30' wide by 14' or so. Design is ongoing. I am wishing to understand the price differences between bifold and hydraulic. Your instal vs me. A glass "designer door" vs a insulated panel door with windows added. Ect. If money was no option, I would purchase a fully glass door prepped for cold weather installed by you. The current design is a wood framed building with posts/ header for door being steel to support roof loads. Wind exposure is high. Thankyou for your time.


Just trying to get an idea of costs for planning new workshop. Not sure if steel tubes or I-beams would be more appropriate.


We are a general contractor building a guest house/shop with a sports court. Looking at ways to open the indoor sports court to the backyard. We like the bifold doors, but have reservations. 1. Material must be unbreakable for balls, etc. 2. Would like the best climate control options. The door will be facing west with direct sun, but we also have cold winters. Heating and cooling is a huge worry. 3. Worried about long term maintenance. The door would be 9 feet tall, but unsure on length. The court is 60 feet long, and we’re looking at multiple options from 1 16’ opening, to multiple doors, to one larger 30-40’ door. Would like some feedback.


We are looking into option for overhead door in a pole building addition at the landfill. One main thing is clearance in the opening for our equipment. If we have 18' side wall what would our max opening for a bifold verses a hydraulic out lift. Right now we need a min. of 16' clear but looking to get possibly 6-12" more. Thanks


Customer wants to replace the steel siding on the door with polycarbonate. Is this OK to do?


I’m putting together an estimate for a hanger and would like info on doors and who I would need to contact to get guidance and pricing.


Hello I have a customer that is very interested in possibly two bi-folds. I have worked on a handful of bi folds but have yet to install one. How difficult is it to install one?


I am interested in installing a door in a building with a 16' eve. Will this be adequate or will the building need to be taller?


Hello Sales, I would like to make an inquiry about some products. But before I proceed, Please inform me on: - Shipping to Belize, Central America (if possible) ? - Accept Pick Up ? - Minimum order quantity ? - If a credit card is accepted ? - Delivery lead time ? - Price sheet ? I would be awaiting a reply as soon as possible.


Do you supply 2”. Foam core white finish insulation package + attachment hardware? How is the top of bifold door weather sealed? What kind of seal is at the bottom? Is the steal door frame painted? Will you supply the truss reinforcement specs for our building structural engineer? Will you supply and cut the proper metal trim for the metal cladding that we will supply? Can you install a man door in the bifold door?


Do you supply 2”. Foam core white finish insulation package + attachment hardware? How is the top of bifold door weather sealed? What kind of seal is at the bottom? Is the steal door frame painted? Will you supply the truss reinforcement specs for our building structural engineer? Will you supply and cut the proper metal trim for the metal cladding that we will supply?


Good morning, We have a project for which we are looking at specifying your doors. We had some questions for proper sizing. The building is a steel framed lift station in Santa Clara, California. Currently, the client has a requirement for two doors, one at 16ft wide by 18ft tall, the other at 12ft wide by 14ft tall. Both sets of dimensions are for clear openings. We are also considering doing one large opening combining both openings into one at the higher clearance, 30ft wide by 18ft tall. We're considering both the pivot and bifold options. Our greatest limitation at the moment is a maximum building height of 20ft. Thus, we wanted to ensure that these are the proper solution to the problem given the wedge. Could you confirm what the overall out to out dimensions are to allow us to have the proposed clear door openings? In addition, can the motor be exposed to the elements? Given the nature of the building, there won't be a weather proof roof. Thank you kindly for your time.


I have a remote control for my bifold and had to change battery. Not sure if it list programming? Tried to look on website for instructions on how to program remites and couldn’t find anything. Could you email programming instructions. Thank You Jason Hartke


Hi, I'm buying a property with one of your bifold doors, and I'd like to download the manual, along with any material on maintenance and electrical diagrams. I can't find anything on your website. Thanks!


I would like to request a quote for a project I'm working on. Do you install? Where do you ship out of? What is you lead time? What are you standard door details for structural requirements?


Hi , We are interested in using (Schweiss Doors) in our project. It is a living building project that needs to have red list free materials. I was not able to find information about the material mentioned above. I'm wondering if you can give me more information about the ingredient discloser. If disclosure of 100% of ingredients is not possible due to proprietary ingredients or other concerns, please provide the following: · A minimum of 50%, by weight, of the product’s ingredients disclosed. · A confirmation in writing from manufacturer stating the percentage of the ingredients being withheld (maximum allowed is 50%) and that all ingredients used in the product are compliant with the Red List to 100 ppm.


I want information about replacing straps: how to identify when straps should be replaced. I also want a quote for ten replacement straps for a 70'x25' door. Thank you.


I just purchased a new external, upper door seal for my hanger door. Does it lay on the outside of the door assembly? Or fit behind the door? I see where I install the 120 sheet metal screws. But the old, destroyed seal is behind the door.


Looking for someone in my area to do general maintenance on my hangar door. Do you have any dealers in my area?


Good Afternoon! I'm just checking in to see what your lead times are on your bifold doors? I have a couple of customers that are looking to put them in and I was told to contact your company. Please let me know at you soonest convenience. Thank you!


Hello, We operate a Schweiss SCH 4 Bifold door. Our safety committee is looking for any wind limitation documentation for the operation of the door. If you have any information you can share that would be helpful. Will provide serial number if needed. Best Regards


I have acquired a hanger with a schweiss bi-fold door installed around 2002. The door currently lifts for an opening of 102". I would like to adjust the door to open at lease 108". Each panel is 70" high. The inside door frame height is 135". What would the recommended maximum opening size for my installation? Thanks


I recently purchased a property with an 1800 sq ft outbuilding red steel structure with 2 interior mount roll up doors. The plan is to condition the space and be efficient so I just had the insulation (roll) removed from the ceiling and installed spray foam insulation (open) keeping the walls as insulated. Each roll up is set inside and have appx. 6 to 7 inches to the outside face/surface of the metal siding to have a insulated door placed in front to provide additional security and seal for the 2 door opening. Want to ask for some advice, suggestion of style or type along with a quote. I plan to head there today to measure each opening. Thank you in advance.


Need help with what all parts are supplied with door and what the Metal Building Supplier needs to supply.


Just curious if you guys could design a screen that would prevent birds and bugs from coming inside the hangar using one of your large bifold strap doors on a hangar?


We're planning to use one of your bifold doors for a 3 car garage for a an elegant contemporary home. You've given us a preliminary quote 33123-SD on 3/31. I want to show the client a video of your bifold door in operation, preferable a wide, solid door. I can't find a video on your website that just shows a wide, simple, solid door in motion. Plus most of the videos have a sound track that I can't send to my client. Please tell me if you have a video that I can show my client.


How much does the bifold door frame need to overlap on the sides where the columns are? What type of header is needed uptop for a door this size?


Do you offer a 10-year baked enamel or powder-coat finish warranty of your Bi-Fold Doors either it be standard or extended?


I'm in the planning stages of constructing a cold storage farm machinery building, and I'm interested in possibly having bifold strap doors at one or both ends. I am new to bi-fold doors and would appreciate any advice or considerations I should be aware of when comparing them to overhead sectional doors or sliding barn doors for this application. I'm seeking a rough cost estimate to decide if further consideration is feasible, as well as costs for alternative design options (cost difference between a smaller (30ft?) door at each end vs. one larger (40-45ft?) door at one end. This would be new construction, but is there any reason to consider a "free standing" door vs. designing the building to support the door itself.


I am trying to find a garage door that has an air tight seal (or close to it) and that can be clad with siding. Can you provide specifications for your door? Any insight you have is much appreciated.


We currently have a set of 20x45 hydraulic doors on our barn. Very happy with the doors but want to look at possibly adding the hydraulic wind pins.


I put a bifold door in this last summer. I am wondering what I need to do to have the door open and close without having to hold the button on the remote or the 3 button controller the whole time it is moving. Otherwise, I like having the door and am glad I purchased the door. Thanks A: In order to change your door from "constant contact" to "one touch" you need to have safety devices for opening and closing the door.


Hello, I am the Facilities Coordinator for Life Flight Network and also in charge of hangar door inspections. We have many of your doors on our hangars. My question is do you have a check off list of some type for your inspectors? Many of our inspection vendors have gone away from inspection check off lists when checking our hangar doors. Because safety is very important to Life Flight, we need a check off list. Thank you for your time - Denise Condon


We have a Bi-fold door in our facility in Ohio. It's been installed for years, and we want to maintenance the door. Do you have an instruction manual? Thank you, Walter Dodge VP Kelly Aerospace Thermal Systems


Our current hangar has Door Model S12 No 381 S/N 3252. Its coming up on 25 years old. We are residing our building and doing some hangar maintenance. We would like to look at any options to increase reliability for the door / opener / locks. I would like to speak to someone about options. Thanks


My Schweiss Bi-fold door is about 22 years old. The grease/oil in the tank is low. Please tell me the specific grease/oil that I should put into the tank to fill it properly. Thank you.


Service Support - - - I manage two hangars at the Honolulu International Airport, one hangar has two bays each with Schweiss Bifold doors. The other hangar has electric panel doors, I'll get the manufacture information later this week for that hangar. I need a technician to come on site in Honolulu at least annually to inspect and service doors. Also want a spare drive motor purchased and placed at site for emergency swap. Shipping could cause significant delays if motor fails, would prefer to have motor standing by and just have Schweiss tech fly out for repairs should this be necessary. Please call, I will be on-site all month December so if we could get a tech on-site in December would be ideal.




I have a bifold door on the hanger that I bought two years ago. How often should I have it serviced? Also, who do I get to service it? Located in Texas. Thanks, TD


Looking for hangar doors in Muskoka, which is 2 hours north of Toronto. Do you service this area?


Hello , I have a technical question regarding one of our Schweiss Hanger Bi-Folds. Would you have an email I could send a few photos to? Our door is Model S224, No. 9-2, Serial No.6959 We would like to apply a spray foam insulation (3") thick on the inside surface to help hold a bit of heat in our hanger during winter months. This would add around 1200 lbs, evenly distributed to the overall weight of the door. Would this be ok from an engineering standpoint?


We currently have three Schweiss hangar doors at our facility. I do have the physical Strap Bottom Drive Jackshaft Bifold Door Installation Manual 100. I'm requesting a digital (PDF) version on this manual, if possible, for our reference and availability in our internal digital library. Thank you


I am looking for an installer for upward bi-folding sectional doors for an airport terminal project in Mason City, Iowa (50401). Could you email me Schweiss approved installers?


Can I get a PDF of the Electrical System for SCH-5-21? I was asked to look at neighbors door. Somebody borrowed the manual and then copied it and gave it back to them. I can not read the wiring diagram very good. The customer that has the door is Wayne Lanphier, lives in Humboldt, Illinois. He lives 2 houses to the North of me. His door is acting up when raising. If you press and hold up or down button the contactor keeps clicking and raising or lowering a little at a time. This is hard on contactors. What is the purpose of the time delay relay and the reverse relay? Is the reverse relay just used in case of overtravel?


I have an older bifold door with cables and when I try to open the door it just buzzes . I havent a clue how to trouble shoot a garage door opener. any information would be a lifesaver for me . Thanks


We have a client who is using one of your schweiss folding doors and motors for a residential garage door. It is not going to be very large- just a 2 door width. They have a SCH-H1-5 electrical panel for the motor, and I had some questions on us connecting it to a home automation system we are installing. I cannot find this product on your website, but looking at a wall control switch in your catalog thats the same as what we have for the site, it describes it as a dead-man type switch. Is this true with this SCH-H1-5 control box? If so what is the purpose of the stop button at all if you need to hold down the open or close button? We would prefer a one-touch operation- we can program that in with our system easily but just wanted to clarify your unit's operation.


I would like to become an installer of Schweiss Doors company. I was hoping to get some information. Thanks


Hello, I'm needing to know who the closest Schweiss dealer to my area would be. No phone calls at this time please, just wanting to know who the representative is for my area. Please send me contact info.


I need help determining if I need a fuse for my hangar door or if my motor is dead. I have a photo of the wiring and I believe I sent it to the parts department but I’m not sure if I have the correct email. Thank you


Do you provide wiring instructions for the 3 button opener? I’m wanting to know if it can be wired so when I push open, it opens until either I push stop or it reaches the limit switch when completely open. Right now to either close or open the door, you have to push and hold close or open until done.


I want our Schweiss Bi Fold Hangar door to be one push of the UP button and the door goes all the way to the top automatically and not have to hold the UP button for 4 minutes. Down button, I understand, needs a person there holding it. But, up, want it to be automatic. How can we make that happen? Thank you!


Hello, We had our Schweiss door installed in our building that opened in 2018. Door is great, we love it. I'm just curious if there is any sort of routine inspection or maintenance I should be aware of. Thanks for your help!


Technician to provide a general maintenance service on the couple of Schweiss doors currently in use by Lewistown Airport.


Will a universal door opener work with a bifold door or do you have to have special opener?


Pivot Bifold Aircraft Hangar Doors I have a question about cleaning the inside insulation cover of the door. What's the best or preferred method to successfully clean that surface without damaging the insulation (ie: is it okay to hose it down, etc). I am in Alaska so please keep that in mind if you choose to call. Thank you!


I own a 5,833 soft hangar at Cobb County airport located North of the Atlanta Airport in Georgia (KRYY). I believe the following data relates to the installed door. Optum Construction Group installed the door. I'm unsure if the following relates to the door. Pro-Sch 4 182 703-53. I believe the door was installed 11/12/2008. I am searching for a reputable company that services Schweiss Bifold doors and believe that Optum would be a good place to start. Can you recommend a company or individual who services these large doors? Thank you


The company I work for has recently purchased a property, that has Schweiss Cable and Strap Bi-Fold Doors. I have been attempting to find as much information on your products. I have found the Parts guide as well the "call out" guide but haven't found the service/maintenance guide yet. So any links or guides would be appreciated. -Andrew


Looking for a quote on on (2) 40w x 20 h bi fold doors with straps. Site address is in Plentywood, MT Will these doors need to be free standing or will they need to be supported by our structure?


Do you have cut sheets for standard impact bifold vertical top drive or CAD files? I am designing a hangar for small to medium airplanes. Thanks


Hello from Alaska, We are servicing one of your older bi-fold doors and have a few questions: Ref: Model S22, NO:L9, S/N: 4913, cable operated, approximately 40' x 14'. 3/16" x 7 x 19 galvanized aircraft cables. 1) What type/weight/specification of oil to use in the gear reducer? 2) What is the oil fill level or amount of oil required? 3) Date of Manufacture? Thank you in advance, Rob


Hello, I have a schweiss bifold door and I have some questions about the limit switch setting after installing the new strap latches. I lost the manual so if someone could walk me through the steps.


I need the installation manual for your aircraft hanger doors to do maintenance on an existing hangar door.


what is the required clearance from the top of the framed opening to the eve of the building? looking for 10 hangars, 56x12, new steel construction. need more information on bifold overhead door clearance.


There are approximately 20 privately owned hangars at the airport (KBST) that have both strap and cable Schweiss doors. Placards in the hangars suggest periodic servicing. Do you have recommendations of companies in mid-coast Maine that are knowledgable about your doors and that we might contact regarding periodic inspections and servicing?


I am interested in hangar bot app for my phone to monitor and open and close my Schweiss bifold door Thank you


I have a 55' Schweiss bifold door that I got in 2016. I was wondering do I need to do any maintenance on the door. It seems to be fine but I would like to do some general maintenance on it. Thanks, Tim


We have your door for our airplane hangar. We have decided to insulate the door. Do you have any contacts in Cody WY that do door insulations. Thank you


Schweiss maintenance contacts-Seeing if you have a dealer or repair crew in the Liberal, Kansas area. I have an older schweiss door- Model S9 1704 that is in need of repair. Electric motor and cable replacement. Thank you, Bill


Hello, We purchased one of your doors and are forecasting the installation with our equipment. I am looking for a quote for install, supervision, and final inspection and startup. This project is based out of Plattsburgh NY and is slated for end of September. Please give me a call or reach out via email. Thank you


We have a building built in 1968 with round posts and would like to take the sliding doors off and put a bifold door in the end-wall of the building. The building is 44 feet wide with a 6 12 pitch and we would like to install the widest door possible. I'm thinking around a 31.5 foot wide opening by 14 high rough opening would be the size door we need quoted. I am having diamond doors quote one also. Is there any advantages to your door over there door I know they have cables and you have straps is there any other differences from one to another. We can pick the door up from Minnesota so no shipping needed. 6 Thanks


Greetings to you.


We have 6 Schweiss bi-fold doors in our shop. We need to have them serviced and find out what photo eyes we can use for them. Please contact us if you can help with pricing and installation of Schweiss photo eye sensors. Thanks, Chris


Hello, We would like to have our hangar door automatically go up and down when the open or close is pressed on the control panel without holding the buttons in. I believe the serial number is SCH-421-CPC. We would like to waive the liability of the door doing damage to any aircraft or persons. Please let me know what we need to do accomplish this as it is something the guy in my neighboring Schweiss Door hangar has done with his hydraulic Schweiss door. Thank you.


Hello I am an active duty military member with the 820th RED HORSE squadron (sq) in Las Vegas, Nevada. My sq is a speciality construction group that specializes in large scale construction. I have been tasked with erecting a Pre-Engineered Building for another base here in Nevada and the building has 2 of you doors that were purchased to be installed. I have never installed any of your bifold strap doors in the past but I do have experience in over-head doors and roll-up doors. The doors to be installed measure 70' wide and 20' feet tall. The reason I am emailing you is to see if you have any installation training videos or pointers to putting in such a large door for my first time. I do have the owner's manual and information packet that was sent with the door and they have great info in them. I am more looking for info on the process and steps of a typical installation of a larger door. On the packing sheet it has a door # 26786-2. It is a Bi-Fold Door. I would really appreciate it if I could speak with someone who has installed a door like this so that I can clear up a few questions. Thanks for your time


I need to know the actual Clear Height of a 18" Bifold apartment designer bifold door please. If you have a document showing the dimensions and specs of your bifold doors I would take that as well. Thanks!


Hello! I am the publisher of a new farm magazine focused on DeWitt County, IL. We work in cooperation with the DeWitt County Farm Bureau to publish spring and fall editions of a full-color glossy magazine and mail it free to Farm Bureau members in our county. We also have copies available free of charge to local businesses. I would like to share advertising information with the appropriate person in your organization. Thank you.


I am a Contract Specialist with Charlotte County - Purchasing Dept. and I am inquiring about companies in my area that repair your doors i.e. removing/replacing approximately 200 feet of 12" rubber seals. I have one company, Miner Corp. that I am aware of but was curious if there were others in my area that are closer and more experienced with Schweiss Bifold Doors. Please advise. Thank you!


We have your doors in our Goody Goody restaurant. One of the serial numbers for your reference is 22993-3. I need to know who in the Tampa Bay area can i call for service? Doors work great, just thinking it's time for preventative maintenance on our bifold doors.


Trying to locate someone in the greater San Francisco Bay Area that can service my Schweiss bi-fold with Straps door. It's working fine, just want to make sure it continues to function correctly. Thank you


1. I am thinking about building a hangar 60' x 80' x 18'. What length door do I need on the 80' endwall? 2. How often do straps have to be changed? 3. Please send a quote. What is your turn around time once I lock in my order.


Interested in a mechanical latch Schweiss Door system for my bifold. Auto closing system we have is working well but would like the mechanical over-center type for when door is not used for extended periods of time. Do you have that type of latch that I could purchase from you? Please advise with details and cost. Larry


Hello, We have your hydraulic door, what is the proper maintenance interval for the hydraulic filter and the hydraulic oil? Door works great.


Hello, I have a Schweiss bi-fold liftstrap door. In the instructions it says you should check the gear box oil level. Looking over the gear box there are several potential gear box screws to check gear oil level. The manual does not indicate which screws to check or in what position. Can I call you from my door for telephone instructions. Request information.


Working on some new construction; would be best if I could share my plans and we could walk through it a bit for details on your Schweiss bifold door. Thanks.


I have a 40 ft bifold door installed in 2015 stuck in the open position after a power outage- can I get the name of installers for Fort Worth-Waco area? Or could you instruct me over the phone on how to get it going again.


Hi, my father Eugene Payne had you install a hydraulic door on his pole shed here in Alexandria, MN. I believe it was back in 2014 or 2015. We are trying to sell the property as he has passed away. I am trying to gather bifold door information about what he all has paid for his building, so trying to get what he actually paid for the door, and your installation and cost to travel. So basically what the entire cost of the door and install. Can you please call me, or better yet, please email the information, you would have on this account. Thank You, Kim Payne


We have a strap that has come loose on one of our hangar doors, and the strap may need to be replaced? How can I tell if I need a new strap? It seems to be the right length and isn't worn out, even after 10 years of use.




I have a limited height on the sides of the door making it tough for a full height opening. I was hoping to see if your door could work. Would it help for me to send you photos and approximate dimensions in order to obtain a fairly accurate Schweiss Doors quote.


I have a Schweiss Bi-fold cable door on my hangar. It is model S22, No. 9, Serial #62151. I just recently bought the hangar and the door was in need of some maintenance. I purchased one of the cables from you to replace a frayed one. Everything has been greased and lubed now along with correcting cable adjustment. The stops on the motor have also been adjusted. The only thing I have left to do is to service the motor transmission but I can't find any information on the procedure, type of oil and quantity. Can you please tell me where to find this information or if you have it could you please e-mail it to me. If you have the information on my door can you tell me when it was manufactured and installed. I'd also be interested in one of your Liftstrap conversions.


Hi there, I have a schweiss Liftstrap hanger door (electric, cable) and I need to adjust the limit range. Cana you send me the information/manual on how to do that. Thank you.


Im wondering if there is a way to make our Bi-fold doors go all of the way up and down automatically with one push of the button rather than having to stand and hold the buttons the entire time...?? I'll sign a bifold door waiver if need be.


Hi...do you happen to have any maintenance personnel in the Austin, Texas area? I purchased a cable-lift door from you about 8 years ago and I would like to have my door checked. I do my best to maintain it but would like a once-over with maybe tightening cables, etc. Thank you.


Project is requiring a 40'w x 10'h (clear opening) and the client would like to use a bi-fold door, assuming a wood tone at present (options?) Is the door custom made for desired size? Are there standard details for required opening sizes (specifics on required ceiling height, etc?) How much wedge space is required above the clear opening space, etc.... What's your turnaround time for strap doors. Thank you for any assistance that you may provide.


This door will be going in the Side Wall, with 18 side wall, what's the max reasonable height I can go, below I put 16, but if I can easily go 17 or 18 I would, even if I have to use your hydraulic door instead of your bifold sidewall door. The building has already been designed and will be put up over the next 2 months. Does your quote include install? Thanks!


I have exactly 12 foot ceilings in my garage. What is the headroom required? The highest garage door I can fit is 11 foot, can I get a higher one with a bifold or an outside mounted hydraulic Schweiss door? I have a wooden construction, is a bifold to heavy for a wood building? Does it need to be a steel structure?


Need help diagnosing bifold door strap wear on existing door, beginning of spool wrap, or start of opening door. I would like to email a photo? Then have a conversation. Thank you, Howard


Hello, I would like to place orders for some of your bifold door with Liftstrap products, I would like to know if I can place orders with my credit card and if I can arrange to pick them up from your store/warehouse by a private freight company. I would like you to kindly get back to me with your product price list or catalog so as to enable me to select my interested items. I will be looking forward to your quick response soon. Thanks, Kevin Derrick Store 30 Av. surSan Miguel, El Salvador Phone: 208 656-4901


HI There, wondering what kind of grease we are supposed to use in our door. And also yearly maintenance checklist. Had it installed many yrs ago and it's still running like a clock. Order? Serial #11037 can provide more information and pic. You can call if necessary.


Just bought a hangar with a 20-year old Bifold. I know very little about these great Schweiss doors, so curious what to look for in a few areas: What is proper maintenance like? How can I assess the condition of the mechanical parts? What insulation options would you recommend for it, for both the sides and main panels? Any info to better inform me about your product would be awesome. Photos included in link Thanks!


Do you install or have dealers that install bifold Schweiss Doors in Cincinnati, OH? I am interested in bifold glass to cover an attached carport at my home.


I'm a building designer and am trying to get a better understanding of how the a Schweiss Bifold strap


What air infiltration test data do you have for your hydraulic bi-fold door? Our design has the door framing covered with aluminum curtain wall with insulated glass and metal sandwich panels. We design a similar door with your product in 2017 at RIT Magic Spell Studios in Rochester, NY. Schweiss PO# 23980


I am a boutique designer/builder, looking to get away from standard residential garage doors. I've loved your Schweiss lift strap vertical bifold door for its functionality/practicality for a long time. I have the opportunity for a 25' wide door, I am looking for pricing on this so I can understand what to expect. Couple questions: 1. regarding the strap system, what kind of motor is winding the straps. What is the noise level on them 2. can we get a system where theres a remote control, or better yet a wifi enabled system to work off a phone and also an exterio keypad system. 3. How is the air infiltration on this system? I understand there are seals on them, but what about the sides. What is your practical experience. 4. How does installation work? Do I need certified people, or can my team handle it in house? Thanks! Jamie


One of my customers has one of your doors at his air plane hanger Model SCH-4-21 N1 Order # 271634 SN#SBXN1R000000S4C00180 We started doing work in his building and says he has to push and hold the buttons continuously until its fully open or closed. What can be done in order for the door to go up or down with one quick push of a button. Im looking at the drawings and it looks like it should stay in a maintained state until the limit cuts out. Please send a bit of advise. Thanks Dennis


I have a home made door 39’ by 11 1/2 feet high. Frame is made with 1 1/2” by 3” rectangular tubing. Horizontal tubes are 1 1/2” square tubing. Top hinge appears to be a 4 1/2 or 5” steel tube with approximately 5” strap supporting the tube on the top of the door. The builder was a professional welder??? These hinges appear to be bolted to a doubled 2 by 4” truss. This appears to me to be the weakest part of the system. It has however been in use for a number of years and I see no sign that it is not working as designed. The door is built with counter balances that allow it to be opened by one person by pushing the door out 12 to 18” at which point the counter balance weight pulls it to open and holds it there. To close one must pull a line attached to the bottom of the door downward, pulling hard when the door is part way down until it is almost closed and then it is easier. I am considering installing or having installed a hydraulic system to open and close the door. Can I send photos to better describe what I want the hydraulic door to offer. Do you folks do that sort of instillation and if so what estimate would you give on the installation?


We have 16 BiFold and hydraulic Schweiss doors in our building that are 15 years old. We have 2 big questions: 1). We have heard that it would be good to replace the Hydraulic Oil in these units. What is the specification for the oil to replace in the power unit? What is the Quantity? I see a "Drain Screw" and what looks like a "Fill Screw"; is there any recommendations on how to do the replacement? 2). Some of our owners complain that the doors make a lot of noise and there is one door (of the 16) that is very quiet; what makes the difference and how do we "quiet these doors down? 3). Your website says


We are a general contractor in central Wisconsin area. We built a steel frame commercial structure for a sawmill operator in Athens, WI. Through numerous people designing and ordering the building, we failed to leave enough room for a 14' x 14' overhead door as we placed a mainframe 11' away from the opening. Looking to see what options there are on a strap lifting bi-fold or a hydraulic door in this opening. I have some drawings that could be emailed over when your sales contacts me. Thank you - Jeremy


Hello. I have a client who would like a unique pivoting bifold strap door on an upcoming project. Wondering if you had any suggestions. I have photos of the design intent I could send over. Thanks Trevor


We have just installed a model 960 Bifold door on our pool room. I have a tech manual, but I am trying to write an SOP for our staff when it comes to opening and closing. The do's/ don't's, Maintenance procedures, etc. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


I have an invoice for a bifold Liftstrap blast door that you all priced to Thoroughbred Aviation. They have asked us to help them install this door in their existing hangar. Can someone help me to better understand the exact door system that you supplied to Thoroughbred and what exactly is needed to properly assemble and install the door?


I had contacted your company a couple months ago about arranging a servicing and inspection report on a bifold Liftstrap hangar door that was involved in a fire. Door appears to be in pretty good shape except for a couple of lift straps that were damaged. Your employee Jeremy provided name and contact info of an HS Williams, whom I presume handles your on location service calls. Inspection has never been completed and I've lost his contact info. Please send me contact info of Mr. HS Williams. Thanks Jeff Doran


Local airport has a 12x50 door from an other manufacturer. Metal welded frame. Wood panel exterior with windows Door needs updated what option are out there? Looks as if wood panels just bolt to the welded steel frame. Can this door be beefed up to Schweiss door bifold Liftstrap standards?


Hi, We have the Bifold Liftstrap Designer Door (30'-0"x11'-6") attached to the glazing curtain wall system, and I would like to confirm that we specify the right product for our design, and I need some helps to document the details. Best regards, Bohseung Kong


We purchased a 44ft x 10ft bifold door 10 yes ago. I am wondering what the door would cost now. I need the info for an appraisal and also as a replacement door. Thanks, Raina


I have a Schweiss bi-fold hanger door, without grease fittings. How should I grease the hinges and how often? Are replacement pins available that are drilled for grease fittings? Great door, my pilot buddies wish they had one. Thanks, Dave


Will I save any money putting the sheeting(tin) on myself? We have a local company that rolls the metal and will cut to any length. Only 20 miles away. I love my bifold door, can't wait to tin it out.


-- Hello Sales, I would like to make a general bifold door parts inquiry about some products. But before i proceed, Please inform me on - Shipping to The Bahamas (if possible) ? - Minimum order quantity ? - If a credit card is accepted ? - Delivery lead time ? - Price sheet ? I would be awaiting the reply as soon as possible. Sincere, Mark Johnson MJ Enterprises Ltd 34, Retirement Road,Nassau Bahamas 1 949-392-1552


Can I get a quote on two hydraulic deck/platform doors. We are turning a box truck into a marketing vehicle. Basically a mobile bar. One side and the back would fold down into decks. Both around 7' tall by 8' wide. Would this scenario also work with a bifold door. If so, quote me on that reliable door as well.


Can you please send me a digital catalog? I am particularly interested in the hydraulic and bifold doors that will be needed on an upcoming designer door project. Thank you.


Would want the bifold strap door with automatic latches installed also, comparing in price to an overhead door with opener. What about time frame on install?


I am looking for a vertical parallel opening bifold door hinge for a small truck hatch... It doesn't have to have grease zeros, is this something that your company can help me with?


Hello, At Metro College in Omaha Ne we have two of your bi-fold strap doors. Can you please tell me where your nearest authorized bifold door maintenance


I am looking for a hydraulic stair lift into an attic space from my garage, very similar to what was featured/mentioned in the attached link/post. I am in NH, so wondering what availability you have for this, and we can install it ourselves, or what you recommend. Can something like this be done using your bifold liftstraps?


Needing a quote on two bifold strap doors. All installation will be completed by JDCS. Exterior metal will be purchased separately. (2) fixed windows will be installed in the door


hello I'm the commercial appraisal supervisor here in Las Cruces NM (Dona Ana County) I have some hangars with bifold door with strap and hydraulic. Were doing a re-appraisal of hangars at out county airport and our city airport. You wouldn't happen to have a cost sheet that we could utilize to make adjustments based off of the cost of these Schweill bifold doors in our appraisal? Any information you might be able to provide would be greatly appreciated. Julie Vackar


What are the max width and height of the bifold strap door and hydraulic one-piece door? How thick are the door structures? Do you provide CAD, Revit, or 3d drawings?


This customer has a scwiess door but needs more height to open Must have a minimum open height of 13, 6". we are either going to raise the header on the existing building and add a 16' by-fold or just replace with a hydraulic door. Would you have any helpful suggestions on a door choice or fix?


We are working on a project where we are considering using a bifold liftstrap designer door. Do you have CAD details you can send me? Our application is going in a per-engineered metal building. Chris


good afternoon - I am looking for maintenance instructions/recommendations for your standard bifold door, bottom drive. This is a liftstrap door. It works great, I just want to keep it working that way. Love my Schweiss strap door.


I have a bifold strap door ordered through your company and anticipate delivery in 4 to 6 weeks. I've contacted Crane Works in Mobile Alabama to assist in providing a crane and other equipment as necessary to unload the door upon. The Branch manager requested pictures and illustrations to assist in ensuring necessary equipment on hand for unloading the door, and later lifting door into place. For some reason I am having difficulty downloading information to an email. I am able to find illustrations in your literature on line. Please assist. Thank you very much.


Hi, I bought a hangar with a Schweiss Bifold strap door. The motor unit is SCH5. The up/down is momentary, i.e. I have to hold the buttons or the door stops. I would like it to be latching, so that up/down starts the motion, which then stops on the limit switch or STOP button. How do I set that? thank you, Jim Ketcham


I am interested in a bifold strap door for the sidewall. Do the doors have tension springs to offset the weight of the door? With the doors being only 8'x8', is it necessary for a lift?


I need to know how to manually open my Schweiss bifold door. It is a: Model M13 Number M261 SN 5957


Can I get a Revit family for a bifold liftstrap door that is 46'w x 9'h? Or CAD details so I can build a Revit family that is reasonably approximate to a Schweiss Bifold door? Thanks.


I want to know how much clearance I would have under an open 10' x 10' bifold door. How much vertical space does the open door take up? What accessories such as remote openers, windows, walk doors, etc. are available


Hello, We are based in a flying community at Naked Lady Ranch Airport and we have a set of large hydraulic Schweiss doors. I am looking for information regarding the oil filter/changing procedure on the main power unit. Questions range from where I can get the oil filter from your company to the proper procedure of replacing the filter on the unit. Thank you and look forward to hearing from you, Alec Walter


Have a large 250'x 80' high opening for a large plane hangar. In addition to building a bifold liftstrap door for me, do you work on repairs to the clutch, electrical top rail and new bottom rollers?


Are insulation values and air leakage information available for the bifold strap door types? We are interested in using a folding door in application to a public market type installation.


I have 3 bifold strap doors.. each 40ft by 16 high Could I switch one of them over to top drive.. How much would it cost.. could I buy a kit from you to convert to this type


I’m considering building a block building. Would I be able to add a hydraulic door to that? What would I have to do to beef up my rafters to accept this door or a big bifold 55 ft. door?


Greetings, I am the BIM manager at JRMA. We do a lot of aviation projects and I was wondering if you had Bifold Revit models available of your bi-fold liftstrap doors. Thank you. Sincerely, Jaime Paredes


Hi, I have BI-FOLD STRAPLIFT DOORS and 876 T20 Remote system has been installed in my garage. According to this article which I send a link, it says "The bifold doors can also be opened controlled by an iPhone app". Can I upgrade my system to operate with such an app and what do I need? Alternatively, if I upgrade from current "TELE-RADIO - REMOTE SYSTEM" to "TRANSMITTER SOLUTIONS - REMOTE SYSTEM" then can it be controlled vie car homeland system which is same 433 MHz? Please advise me, I really would like to update my garage door system. Best regards, Takuma


I have a bifold door with tje bottom jack shaft riven cable system. Can you please provide me instructions on how to open the door when the power has failed? Do you have a battery or generator backup system for bifold doors?


Hi, Simple question... are your bifold strap doors standard sizes or do you build any size I want? I need a good tight fit.


Is a Bi-folding door aprox 46'W x 12-14'H available in a Triple-Leg stand alone bifold door configuration? This would help greatly with structural support of the load of the hangar home with a living space just above door opening. ~Love the new design of the one piece hydraulic triple-leg door! Thank you, Ed


Do you make tilt up or bifold doors for residential garage doors? I’m in desperate need of replacing two 9’ wide by 7’ tall doors withonly 3inches of clearance above but no one seems to make flip up doors anymore and I need every inch of headroom I can get. Someone told me you make doors that don't use up any headroom.


We are in the process of designing our shop expansion. The addition will have 20 foot clear ceiling with 18’x35’ door maybe 18’x38’. We are looking at the bi-fold liftstrap/autolatch doors. Want to have 18’ of open door height clearance. We are just wondering what type of bracing we would need to have for the door also what the true dimensions of the door is to have 18’ minimum clearance to drive through is. The addition will be wood building with metal siding. Would like to have two windows, and insulated.


Bottom Drive Automatic Strap Latch Bifold Door


My question at this time is ... does Schweiss manufacture residential garage bifold strap doors (12 wide x 8 high) If so, would / could your product meet Passive Hose standard / code for residential construction ... stand alone ? ... in combination with an internal sectional door ? For a new PH construction Thanks David


we have a winery bifold strap door in Napa, Ca 94558 and looking for a service on this door. Do you have a contractor who can service a bi-fold door in Napa


We are putting together a budget price for a project in St louis mo.63104 There are going to be up to (6) 12 x 18 bifold doors on street level.Can you provide quote inclusive of freight to 63104. We will do the install but would like your opinion on how long it would take to install your bifold strap and auto latch door?. Regards, Tripp


I have a steel pipe frame with vinyl sides and roof, 12 ft by 30 ft by 14 ft. The vinyl has ripped in the wind. I have replaced the sides with 1/4 inch plywood and vinyl siding. The back is still of vinyl and the front is going to be replaced with the bifold liftstrap/autolatch door. Is this possible?


We are in need of a vertical bi-fold liftstrap door with phooey sensors for a car gallery inside a basement. To meet the city requirements, we need the door to be 2 hour fire rated.Do you offer this type of rating with your doors? Thank you, Greg Shain Shain Development, Inc. 310.968.7827 cell 424.280.4188 office Email | Website | Instagram | Facebook


I have your bi-fold door on my hanger. It works like a champion and I want to keep it that way. Can you give me the name of a local company that services your doors?


Please respond via email. We have a 44x16 bifold strap door. The problem is that when the door is opened the created vacuum sucks the ceiling tiles down. We have just installed the ceiling. I’m thinking if the door speed could be slowed it may fix the problem. Can the bifold door be slowed down to limit this vacuum? Could a chain sprocket size change be a possibility? Can the door speed be adjusted so that it starts slowly for a few seconds then return to the normal up speed? Thanks for your help, other than the vacuum issue we like your door.


Hi! I am wondering what your recommended design snow load is for bifold doors with steel siding in the open position. I assumed flat roof snow load (Pf) from ASCE. The ground snow load from my project is 60psf. Please let me know if you have any recommendations. Thank you!


One of our airport clients has several hangars with Schweiss bi-fold doors installed, and are looking at how they can open the doors in the event of a failure. The initial door has the strap system. We understand that doors should not be opened in greater than 30 mph winds. Is there a recommended way to open the doors in case of a power failure?


Hi, I have two questions: 1) Can this bifold strap door be fitted with door remotes? Are the straps a safety issue in this case? Would hydraulic one-piece


Hello, I am working on a glass-clad designer door project that is currently showing some bifold door. What is the maximum size that you can go with these doors? For the cladding material, how much weight can these doors handle? Thanks, Derek


We are providing a client with budget prices for 3 building that may be hangers or converted to hangers at a latter date and looking for help selecting doors and wondering how I will know how to support the building for the weight of your doors.


Interested in range of prices for the upward folding doors for a typical single car garage and separately for a three car garage. Interested in both designer door glass and non glass options all models that fold upward. thanks


I am the owner of one of the hangers just built at New Garden Airport (N57) I would like to know what is the regular maintenance for the Bifold door with the Lift Straps. Looks like the building will be turned over in about a week. Looking forward to getting the building. Sure glad we went with Schweiss, I'm starting to hear bad stories about other companies who have gone out of business and not returning door deposit money or doors.


This is a request for a 'rough quote'. Starting to plan for a new hangar and don't have exact dimensions yet. We will need two bifold liftstrap doors on the same end-wall. Building front will measure approximately 94', so let's start with two 45' doors. Don't know if 4ft is enough space to allow for the side and the middle support for the two doors.


We have a Schweiss bi-fold that you installed a few years ago, and need to adjust the straps that control the latching arms. Is there a way to get a pdf of the adjustment process or can I stand by my door and have one of your technicians talk me through it on the phone?


We bought a 47' Bifold strap lift door from you back in 2012. Order #19533. It has come to our attention that monthly lubrication to the door hinges was rarely done. The door works fine and hinges look OK. Going forward we are thinking of getting into a routine of monthly lubricating the hinges with WD40 white lithium grease in an aerosol can. The hinges do not have grease nipples. Would this be good enough or should the hinge pins be removed one at a time and greased? Also the gearcase oil should be replaced. Is regular gear oil good enough and how much oil does the gearcase require? We are a volunteer SAR group and would appreciate your advise. Everybody here loves your door.


Do you offer bifolding sectional doors? The kind with yellow lift straps. What are some sample dimensions of sectional doors? Do you offer 40' x 20' sized sectional doors?


Evans Bldg Co bought 6 bi-fold doors from you for a job called Meter Engineers in Kechi (N Wichita), KS- The owner asked if these doors could be made for momentary contact open and close by use of photo cells or ? You can call or reply by email Thank You


I have one of your bi-fold strap aircraft doors installed on my hanger in LeSueur, MN. It is of the lift strap type and has been trouble free since you installed it in 2004. It is 42 feet wide and has automatic latches. I have been and continue to be very happy with it. In the Maintance instructions it recommends changing the grease in the gear box periodically. Looking at the bottom, it does not appear as if there is a dedicated drain plug. Unless I’m missing something, what do you recommend for removal of the old grease? A return email to the above question will be appreciated. Thank you, Brad.Berntsen@yahoo.com


Hi, we have an slightly used bi-fold doors system (SCH-4-23 with two 2hp electric motor) that we want to reuse but the wiring diagram is partly missing or damaged. So I was wondering if you could provide me a pdf copy.


Quoting a building in Enis Montana. The customer mentioned a Schweiss door would be used. 100 wide x 30 tall Customer mentioned the clear would need to be 27' and the wedge would be 84". Does that sound correct. Seems like the wedge would be smaller. Just the same, Schweiss builds a terrific door, both in bifold and hydraulic. I have one of each.


Customer is looking to install two doors on their wood kilns. Temperature inside the kiln is 200 F and ambient temperatures outside. Due to the high temps inside, could a bifold strap door work, or should I stick with cables or even a hydraulic door? Moisture is a big issue so they are looking for a door that will not rust inside structurally or outside. Components will be subject to Illinois winters, specifically Georgetown, IL and motors will be out side of the kilns. The kilns are made of concrete and the customer will modify the openings to accept the Schweiss Bifold Doors should they choose that design. Do not hesitate to call me at (309) 275-8257 with any questions.


Is there someone in the Spokane, Washington area who services your bifold doors? My husband had a hangar built at our place west of Cheney in 2012 or 2013. He was killed in a plane crash in 2015. I want to make sure that the door is properly serviced. It is still working well. Thanks. Karen Runyon






We have a 15 year old hangar with 16 of your 41' width bifold liftstrap doors installed. Since we went to lift straps there hasn't been anything to fix, but is there any "inspection" or "preventive maintenance" that your company offers on your doors? Is there a typical charge you have to come and do a survey of our Hanger Doors and do any necessary repairs?


Greetings from Synergy Inc in El-Salvador. I would like to place an order, However i would like to know type of payment you accept if you do accept (Master Card or Visa Card)I will appreciate if you return to us by email with your new latest website. Waiting to read back from you.Kindest Regards, Purchasing Manager,


Hi Schweiss Rep- I am building a new house in Fond du lac Wi, you guys being somewhat local I thought I would give potential sale to, or see if your bifold or hydraulic residential door products are right for me. I am in the design stage/trying to get permit for around a 32ft (28-36ft depending on what the local code guy will give me for a variance for the lotline/well/septic lot issues we are still working on that) wide house, barndominium. I am having a question on the insulation value/air leakage of your bi-fold interlocking insulated panel door system. Are these only meant for garage door level sealing or could they be sealed enough for our climate for a primary house wall seal? To that same vein of questioning would composite/wood insulated panels be more beneficial to stop thermal bridging vs glass and what types of both do you typically recommend on your system? I have a nice view so glass would be nice, but it if it is bad outside it is going to be closed up. I see you have a DIY setup for the hydraulic option do you have one of those for the bi-fold strap system? Lastly I'm doing a 2 story building setup, would I be better off with 2x 10ft tall door systems stacked for each floor, or 1x 20ft tall system to cover both; and what would be the reason other than cost and how do you calculate the cantilever force for that to do the building wall load calculation? Thank you for your time, I look forward to hearing back from you. -Chris


Hi - I have a Schweiss bifold door with lift straps which was installed about 3 years ago. I haven't used it much but it seems like I ought to be doing some kind of maintenance by this point even though it is working properly... unfortunately I don't have any documentation for it so I don't know exactly what's recommended. Any advice on greasing the hinges, and anything else that needs to be inspected aside from overall condition? Thanks.


As a general concept for top-drive bi-fold doors, does the motor lift the bottom of the door via some cable/strap, and therefore whatever drive within the motor supports the entire load of the door? From the concept sketches I have seen, it appears the motor housing is attached to a header which will be required to support the motor system and the top hinge/attachment of the door to the header is there for stability/bracing of the top of the door, only (there is no door load, other than wind, at this connection point). The load of the door is transferred through the motor to the side of the header at the attachment point between the header and the housing. Is my assumption regarding the load/support of the door correct?


I have a few questions and would like a phone call to discuss... Are they available with Black Annodized Aluminum? Can the glass be insulated? How much head space is needed for the ceiling mounted motor? Can the lift straps be positioned so they are minimally noticed from the outside when the door is closed? Love your strap doors - no more cables for me.


It's been three months since installation. What grease do you recommend for the bifold strap door? It's still running quiet and smooth and I want to keep it that way.


I am working on a large bi-fold liftstrap custom-made commercial grade door with curtain-wall attached to the front. Do you have 3 part specifications? I am wanting to understand the operation and safety devices, motor sizing, options available such as walk doors, windows, photo eye sensors, backup systems, etc.


How big of an opening do you need for a 36 foot Schweiss bifold strap door with auto latches, 14 feet high and can you get one that size? What size would you have that is comparable? How much would this cost?


I’ll be installing a 60x14 strap door and I was hoping to get the install instructions ahead of time so I can see if anything has changed in the past 10 years. Strap doors should be easier to install than cable doors, right?


Need wire diagram for Schweiss bifold door. I need to know where the power to switch connects. Please email it to me.


we have a 45 foot bifold strap 2003 ish would like more imfo. on greasable hinge pins can we replace just hinge pins iam sure you will need to know pin lenght and diameter also do you have any thoughts on a Jacor bottom seal thanks. As far as I know, Schweiss is the only door manufacturer to offer grease zerks to lubricate their door hinges. Larry


Do you have a computerized revit model of the bifold doors, looking to put into a residential pole barn. Rough dimensions @ 34' x 14'. thanks


Do you offer manual doors? Or are all Schweiss Doors powered by electricity or hydraulics. I have a customer looking for several doors similar to an airplane hangar door or large barn door. I have several doors needed so rather then entering all the info in this form please have your inside sales send me an email I can respond to. Thanks, Mike


We have a customer that needs a bifold door approximate opening is 15’8x7’10 with no head room. Can you guys send just the hardware and let us use sections from other manufacturers? They want a specific wood grain look cladding on the exterior and interior of a bifold strap door. Thanks! Nathan


I need my Schweiss bifold strap door (aircraft hangar) adjusted, inspected/greased. How do I find a local Schweiss rep - My door is working great, I only want someone you recommend. I’m in Caldwell, Idaho (a suburb of Boise). Thanks Tom


Good Morning, We would like to set up a time to talk to a representative to discuss our project. We have an existing bi-fold hanger door with a cable system that we would like to change to a strap system. We would like to discuss and get more information on how the 'conversion' works, can we re-use existing motors? Do you provide motors if they are needed, or are they by others, do you have a specified requirement for the motors. How much of the old hardware gets reused. Do you tie into structure that was previously used for the cable system? We look forward to talking with you about our project. We can set up a Teams conference call, or we can meet with a rep at our office. Thank you Suzanne Lercel


We have several of your bifold doors (model S86) on one of our warehouses, and are planning to sell them, as we are remodeling the building and will no longer need them. Are you able to give me an estimate of what these doors would cost if we were buying them new, so we can get an idea of what they are worth? They are each approx. 16ft tall and 30ft wide.


I am planning to build a 40'D x 50'W x 14'H hanger. I would like to have a 40'x 12' door opening. The question I'm sure you get asked all the time is can I put this size bifold liftstrap door in a 12' high building instead of a 14' high building and save some construction costs? Any help to determine the correct size door to use would be helpful. My building will be pole style and I am leaning toward the Bifold door because of the extra forces a hydraulic door puts on the building and wind concerns. Can your team at Schweiss advise my contractor on how to beef up my building to accept a door of this size? Thanks. Darrel


Do I need electricity to run the Schweiss bi-fold strap doors???? Is there a manual crank backup


Hi, I'm inquiring about a hanger door for a shop/hanger I will be constructing this summer. I was wondering exactly how dose this process work. This summer I will not be installing a door but would like to structurally build one wall for a bifold strap door in the future. How does this process work? Do you guys build each door to spec of the building? If so what exactly do you need from me to design spec a door. Thanks Rick,


Hey guys -


Hello, My name is Nik , I purchased a Home a few years ago that has a Schweiss bi fold door with the strap system installed. Previous owner didn’t really give me any info on the door except for the manuals I have found. After perusing your website I didn’t find much info on if you guys have people that can run through the door system with me and show me proper operation and preventative maintenance. I live in southern Maine. At this time I think the door might not be going up and down correctly it appears ever so slightly off. If so what does it usually cost to possibly get this done. Hope you can help.Thanks in advance - nik


I have one of your bi-fold doors installed on my hangar. It utilizes an 820 BW-2-1-208/240 controller. Unlike my neighbors older schweiss door mine is set up with a dead man switch. Is it possible to add interlock so that it opens without holding the switch. Thanks, Randy Baxter You can call if you need more information.


I am looking for a Schweiss Bifold Door Installer or someone who is familiar with Schweiss Doors to come to McCall ID. 83638, and give my Schweiss door a Tune-Up. I know of several other people with doors who would also like their bifold and hydraulic doors serviced. Do you have a list of vendors in the McCall area who can provide the service? The Doors are cable. Boise ID. is the nearest big town. Please send list of vendors who you recommend. Thank you.


Hi There! I was wondering if by chance you had any stickers with the Schweiss logo available please? Cheers! ~Erik


Our Customer recently had bi fold hangar doors installed and has requested for my company to perform monthly maintenance on these bifold auto latching strap doors. Is there information of what is recommended for the maintenance or manuals i can purchase.


Hello, Do you have BIM models available for your bifold auto latching doors? I'm looking for a glass bifold door that is 12'-20' tall and 60'-80' wide. Is this something you can provide? Both a BIM model and product information? Thanks, Molly


Is it possible to attach a receiver to the Operator on the bifold liftstrap doors. Or if you have any manuals on the operator for the bifold doors that you could send me that would be great. Thank you


Do you provide bifold strap door installation services? If not, I assume the door ships with detailed installation instructions. What kind of equipment is needed for installing the door? Specifically, to lift the door into place?


Need a supply and install number for this. Door to be sided on-site with a finish siding material. I was not aware that you were the specified bifold door manufacturer on the job I am biding. I have a $10,000 allowance for this door. But I would love to talk to someone first thing at 7 am-8 am to see if my number is good before I submit my bid packet at noon EST.


I'm not in a hurry for a quote. Just getting prices. No time frame. This open faced building has 5 openings. If we did 2 or 3 of them with bifold strap doors, would this create a wind issue? There are no internal walls.


I own a hangar with a 12'x40' Schweiss one piece hydraulic door. I'm curious as to the value it represents to my hangar. Thanks


Dear Sirs I must commence by saying we are not looking to buy a aircraft hanger doors, we were recommended to you by Titan Steel. We are a firm of chartered surveyors and have been asked to supply a replacement cost of an aircraft hanger for insurance purposes. Being a small Caribbean island, we have no comparative evidence and therefore we would be grateful if you could provide us with an indication of costs. Titan Steel are able to supply the building but not the doors. Having looked at your website, your doors are different from the six panel sliding doors on the building. However, if your doors are competitive in price, there is no reason why we should not consider them in the replacement cost. The hanger is steel framed building, steel clad, measuring 110 ft x 103 ft with a ridge height of 34 ft and an eaves height of 30 ft. The aperture is 80 ft. An indication of the cost in the US would be extremely helpful. I look forward to hearing from you. Yours faithfully John J Duffy MRICS - Chartered Surveyor


We have a 40' X 60' steel workshop at my residence. The present door opening is 32' X 18.25'. The doors split at 16' and slide outward and follow an overhead rail down the right and left inside walls of the workshop. The doors are difficult to maneuver and are too open for temperature efficiency. Your electric bifold or hydraulic swing-up doors both offer advantages to our present system. However, we do not really need a door larger than what would be used for a large RV or trailer, say 16" X 16" or, using the present height, 16' X 18 '. I suspect that somewhere between these possible door sizes, and rebuilding the present opening to accomodate the smaller doors, there is an economic best answere to our need. I would appreciate discussing your thoughts on our situation.


I bought a house that came with a bi fold door kit that never got installed and I have some questions regarding parts and installation recommendation


The bifold doors: What happens in the case IF all 2 or 3 straps snaps? What will hold the door for slamming down and prevent an accident? Does your mechanism have any xtra secure system to keep the door up? Please explain Fellippe


We are interested in a bifold strap door for a 60 Ft wide building, is installation included or are local builders used. Can you co tact us ASAP.


Do you have some information on how the bifold auto latch door works? I have a 16' height opening... will the door reduce my clear height in the open position. For an agricultural building... Is the door insulated? Building will be heated and insulated.


I took over a bifold designer door project that you quoted almost 3 years ago that is finally getting permitted. My real question is the minimum head space you need for your system to work. We were really restricted with accessory building height for the RV garage which limited the headspace. Do you have a detail for garage door head I can review for our construction set.


Do your bifold strap doors come insulated? What is the electrical requirements? Does your company provide the outside panels and if so, can it be customized to make the door look like sliding barn doors? Do you have installers in west Tennessee? I look forward to hearing from you.


Hi, I have a one piece 36" x 40" floor access hatch that weighs about 100 pounds and I was wondering if you have a spec/recommendation for a set of hydraulic assist hinges?


Hello, I own a hangar at the Glendale Municipal Airport in Glendale, AZ (JAIR #6) which has a bi-fold door manufactured (and probably installed) by your company. The door was probably installed about 20 years ago, and works fine. I purchased the hangar from an estate so there was nobody who could show me what maintenance was required for the door, or the Dayton motor system which operates the door. The manuals I received with the hangar all deal with installing the door, but not maintenance. I would appreciate it if you could send me information on maintenance required for the door/cables and motor system. Thank you in advance. Brian Lee


Looking for door specs for a 36'x18' hydraulic or bifold door so that I can design supporting structural steel accurately. The hydraulic door I'm assuming will need more support than a bifold door.  It is for a job in South Dakota if you need help with wind/seismic loads I can supply those if needed.


I have a question regarding the Hydraulic power unit and whether it can be controlled with 2 separate remotes to operate two individual garage doors. I have a project I am considering for (2) 10x8 garage doors that have occasional water incursion 4" - 6" maximum and require the need to condition the garage space. I am interested in the DIY option or possibly just the Hydraulic power unit combo. Thanks, Pete I prefer email if possible.


Hello, I have a Schweiss bi-fold liftstrap door. In the instructions it says you should check the gear box oil level. Looking over the gear box there are several potential gear box screws to check gear oil level. The manual does not indicate which screws to check or in what position. Please help.


I have 3 of your doors. The last door I had installed had a controller that requires the button be held in to actuate the door. What is required to have a controller that does not require holding in the button? What is the cost to change the controller?


I have a 57'wide x 16' tall opening. The end has 2 each 2" x 6" posts on each side 3 each 4-12 trusses at the end rated at 1750 lbs. each Will this be able to support a hydraulic or bifold strap door?


I have one you Schweiss liftstrapbifold doors and we recently added the the remote controller to it which works fine. I was curious who actually makes the transmitter and receiver and if there is any way to make it work with a My Q hub so I could monitor it remotely like my other garage doors. Thanks.


Hello, I work for Building Envelope Technology and Research (BET&R), a professional roofing, waterproofing, cladding and fenestration consultation firm in Seattle, WA. Would it be possible to receive a binder of bifold and hydraulic and designer door product info and specifications on your hydraulic and bifold doors? We would like to add them to our technical library.  Is there is a regional salesperson I should contact, I would be more than happy to give them a call. Thank you


We are a glazing company was requested to provide glasses on your Schweiss bifold doors. Does the glasses requires to laminated? please let me at the earliest. Thanks!


Regards I am building a Applebees here in Puerto Rico and i need to install one glass designer bifold strap door so i need more info Thanks


Was wondering if the bifold strap door has to be a standard 40 foot or can it be 41 or 42 foot wide? I am not 100% sure of the framing structure. It is new construction and it could be wood or metal. I am building a hangar home.Please leave a good voice mail so I can call you back. Ken


The spring on the up button control seems to have broken. Close and stop buttons are firm but up button is loose. Are there parts to fix this or do I need a new control box? Hanger door is about five years old. Great door, perfect for my home hangar.


I'm in the early stages of designing an airplane hangar. I'll be needing a Schweiss bifold lifstrap door for this hangar home. My first question is are the door sizes standard or are they custom to each opening. Second question is, are there price sheets that I can use to pick the door that fits the needs as well as the pocket. Third and final question is, can I install or will you only sell with install? 


I am very interested in your bi-fold strap system for my residential garage doors. I need something like this that opens outward providing an overhang and leaves the ceiling inside the garage unobstructed. But, I am really confused by your web site. Do you actually sell the bi-fold doors themselves or do I need to purchase the doors from someone else and then convert to your strapping system? May also replace a single door garage door to match. Is it more cost effective to ship them together or does is matter?


I have a schwiess bifold door with 4 straps. It is working and latching fine. I am wondering what is the correct amount of slack to have in the straps? The door is now 4 years old and I think the straps may require some adjustment, other than that this is a fine door that always operates very well. Thx grant


Just looking to get general pricing on bifold hangar doors. I do not know yet whether my building will be wood or metal, or what specifically the size would be. I will own a cessna 180 for general dimensions.


Hello Sir or Maddam, I would like to visit with someone about your bi-fold kinetic architect style doors. I have a client who is needing a 40'x20' bi-fold door. My question is at what height above the bottom of our provided door header does the door attach and roughly how much height clearance will i loose if i have 20' from concrete to bottom of the door header? I need to maintain the 20' clearance going into the building as close as i can. I look forward to your response. FYI I am sure that someone from purchasing has already called for a quote.


Bi-fold door: Does price include vertical column and header or is that locally procured? If there are heights and widths that if you stay lees than the is considerable savings I would like to know that info. Door height I want 17 foot of clearance what ever door height needs to be to achieve that.  Do you have an install team? And is price quoted installed? Is the steel building manufactures that a familiar what the building needs to be for the door? Is the latch strap system upgrade going to be cost a lot compared to if I decide to start with a latch strap?   Thanks Paul


My header is only one roof truss with 2X6's attached to it. I do not have LVL laminated truss header. Is that a problem for a big Schweiss hydraulic door?


I'm trying to get a vertically hinged hydraulic door in a restaurant/bar project. The problem is, its in Miami-Dade and I need an NOA certificate to use it in the project. Does Schweiss have anything that would make it thru the gauntlet of the permit review? 


our company has one of your hydraulic doors for our hangar. is there a hydraulic door maintenance or service manual the door? It's working fine, just want to keep it that way, please let me know.


Good Morning: I contacted you awhile back and asked you about how to fix a noisy door in TN. You told me how to lubricate the door. My neighbor and I did that and now it is much quieter. We also found that some of the straps were not of equal distance and adjusted them to make them work more evenly.  I have a 55' door with a strap lift and I love my door. Thanks for the quick door fix up info. Pat


I have a schweiss hydraulic seaplane hangar door and the 2hp motor. Wonder if putting a bigger h.p. motor on it will speed up the opening. I need a price quote on one if I can. Thanx many, Dean Snider.


Im looking for Schweiss residential home decorative garage doors. Can you ship to HI, do you have stock items or are they custom?


I was looking for the Strap bifold type door frame drawing. What is the width of the door frame? I see the roller at bottom is a 3 in. roller. I am deciding which bottom seal will work on our door opening. You have a seal mounted on bottom of door and another one that mounts on the outside of the bottom edge. Our concrete slab is protruding 4 in from the outside edge of the red iron door frame and is flat with the floor grade of the building. We are getting ready to move forward with the door installation in KS.


I had just had a hydraulic door installed at my WA  property. I forgot to ask, if I need routine maintenance, is there any one local I can call that can come? I love my door.  Please let me know... Thank you


Regarding hinges for hydraulic doors: From what material are these hinges fabricated? Can these hinges be arc-welded to the building steel framework (typical rigid-frame)? Please send answer ASAP. Thanks.


Do you have U-Value numbers available for any of your hydraulic door assemblies. I need to know how they may perform in an energy model for a LEED certified facility in RI.


I have a Schweiss Hydraulic door on my aircraft hanger on the Shawano, Wisconsin Airport. I needed to replace the upper and lower rubber gap seal and just wanted to commend your company on the prompt response to my request. 


Hallo, I'd just like to get a catalog from you. We have been using your hydraulic and bifold doors for the same client in WV a few year ago. We are thinking about using them in the new building. Schweiss doors are the tops.  Thank you!


Hello Schweiss: Do your bifold and hydraulic door systems include some type of safety catch (similar to what an elevator would have) to stop the door from falling should there be a system failure? If so, can you provide some additional information please. I've been told that Schweiss manufactures the safest door on the market, tell me why.


Why would I buy a Schweiss hydraulic door instead of another brand? I'll be ordering a door by soon. Framed opening is 42' x 12'. I've heard from others that Schweiss manufactures a very well built door, but I want to hear it from you. Thank-you, Paul


We just installed 6 bi-folds you supplied at the Watford City Airport in Watford City, ND. we have several clients that want pricing. Everybody likes your liftstrap doors, so do we.   Thanks


We are designing a vertical lift bi-fold liftstrap door for an aircraft hanger and want to finish with horizontal metal panels that match those used on the building interior. The question is, can Schweiss provide matching panel installation, or do you just provide the steel tube framework for application of hat channels and metal siding by others? 


We have a quote from Steel Structures in Springfield Il. That includes a Schweiss hydraulic or bifold strap door. The aircraft going in this hanger has a tail height of 16' 9". We ask for a quote on an 18' door opening. Is there an industry standard, or recommended minimum clearance for aircraft hangars? Is 1' 3" enough of a clearance? 


We had you put in bifold hangar doors around 10 years ago on our t-hangars. I was wondering if it is prudent to have them inspected by your company to make sure everything is still safe with them. If so what would the cost be so I can present it to the airport commission. I understand that parts may be more expense but just your trip down and inspection. We have 3 buildings with 6 bifold doors on each. Have had no problems with the doors up to this point.  Thanks


Can the bi-fold liftstrap door be used as commercial garage entry door which will open and close at least 70-80 times per day? Can we customize the look of the bi-fold door panels? Such as cladding them in glass? How are the maintenance requirements? 


We're looking for an owners manual to a Schweiss bifold liftstrap door. Model # S 5373 Serial # G9L212290 If you could email it, that'd be great. If there is a charge let me know, and I'll give you cc info. Thanks.


We have a large (55ft) Schweiss lift strap bi-fold door on our building located in South Louisiana. It has been in service for 6 years. Can we have the door inspected and maintenanced including changing the lift straps if needed. Does your company provide this service or is there a qualified vendor you would recommend to do this work? 


My name is Robert, a Lieutenant in the New York City Fire department. A few years ago we noticed that a new style door was installed in our area. We spoke to the owner of the property with our concerns of gaining entry to the building with the bi fold doors closed in case of fire. He assured us the gates will remain in the open position because the store is open 24 hours. I was recently contacted by another officer in Brooklyn who noticed that a building in his area was being installed with a similar door. I would like to speak to a technical representative, if available, to discuss this matter further. I think the design is great but we are not used to such a high quality door/gate. Our SOP for gaining entry to buildings with traditional roll down gates is by cutting the gate, the one we have in our area looks to be made of 1/8" steel face with 2" steel framing along with electrical wiring for lights Any information would be greatly apreciated. Thank You


I am working on a project that is using one of your Bifold strap doors. It is a metal building with a 28' door on each side. This is not going in an endwall like all of your details show. This is going in the sidewall between the mainframes. The mainframe spacing is 35' c/c. Do you have any details for this condition? On an endwall condition you brace back to the next mainframe. Do I need to have an extra beam between the mainframes to brace back to, or do they brace back to the roof purlins? 


I am considering building a structure with two eight foot flush mounted bifold liftstrap doors (or one 16 foot bifold door) on the gable end of a building. I am considering building the structure with SIP panels, with a center load bearing ridge beam with a post in the center of the gable end. Would this design present problems for a flush mounted bifold door? What sort of re-inforcement would be recommended for the gable end of this structure?


Your website indicates you provide on-site training for facility maintenance of bi-fold doors and hydraulic doors. We'd like to take Schweiss Doors up on that. Let us know your schedule.


 I have your one piece Schweiss hydraulic door, 18 metres x 5 metres. I open it to the point where the hyd. door rams are horizontal but now need to open it more so the door is horizontal. The hyd. pressure was 1100-1200 PSI so I increased the pressure just a little bit and now have a faster horizontal hydraulic door. Is this OK?


I have a 40 X 60 ft steel building. I want to install a Schweiss bifolding steel door in the end of the building, utilizing the max width I can get out of the 40' end. Will this take slight modification. What are your door recommendations?


Looking for the list of qualified door installers in Washington state for when my Schweiss bifold ampitheater door arrives in April.


Can you tell me how to adjust your Top Limit door  switch setting for a Schweiss bifold hangar door which is 18' high but which I set to stop at 14'. I now need to get it to open to maximum height. The door is your bifold remote door with lift straps.


Do you have a certified Schweiss door service technician that can inspect industrial factory doors on an annual basis? We have several 30 w X 15 h bifold doors that we are required to have a "factory" safety inspection on. Let me know our options, we can perform the door inspections ourselves if we know what to look for. 


Wondering if you ship to Canada, and if you have a local Schweiss Door representative I can speak to for technical residential home door details. 


Just to let you know, our Schweiss 50 ft, 2 motor big hangar door opened like a charm in our unheated hanger. It was -15F. But wondering if we should we change the hangar door lube to a lighter grade? Hanger should be heated soon.


I'm looking at a steel truss hangar door with a Schweiss Straplift & Autolatch Bi-Fold door that has the header attached within the front truss. Is it possible to widen an existing hangar door 2 ft.? The vertical structure on each side appears to be easily moved out 12" on each side. Current hangar door opening is 35'.


My door is bifold Mod S12: No 19 : Ser 9331. I need a top rubber seal because my door and building were spray foam insulated. I want it to be a clean looking Schweiss door like it was before.


We sold a 30'x16' hydraulic general use door that was just installed. The customer is wanting to know if he should have "diagonal and horizontal" door braces on it. Are they necessary on a small door?


Can you to join us in Vancouver for the largest gathering of the Canadian Helicopter industry Annual Conference & Trade Show. Many of our pilots are interested in your Schweiss hydraulic and bifold strap helicopter hangar doors.


I have two Schweiss strap door motors on my hangar. I would like to do periodic hangar door maintenance service on the system and the door hinges. Can I do this on these Schweiss low maintenance doors?


Is there a door safety device to keep cables taunt on a Schweiss bi-fold door like your lift straps or latch strap doors have? If not, I'd like to convert my cable door to liftstraps. Can you provide a price for a door strap and autolatch conversion kit? Door is 38'x14' hangar door.


What is the lead time required for you to install the bifold shop doors you quoted for me?


Our building does not have ceiling height or I beams above the museum door opening beyond 24", how do we avoid the use of the "lateral brace"? Is there a beam dimension that we could use as a header to eliminate the brace?


The Schweiss airpark door owners at our airport are trying to schedule a group hangar door service call to conduct ongoing preventative maintenance for their hangar doors which are both bi-fold and hydraulic one piece doors. This can be a webinar door call or by having a factory door rep here.


We have several of your Schweiss bi-folds on our hangars. Do you have a suggested checklist for annual maintenance? Our first door is now eight years old and hasn't given us a lick of trouble. We'll be your customer for life.


Great Schweiss bifold door but just need to know how high I can adjust the opening. Best website I have ever seen in my life. Now I know why many want to know the last 200 questions someone asked. Your whole website answers most any questions anyone would ask. Thanks Minny


Dear Sir/Madame, I am an architecture student from Hungary, and I am working on my thesis in this semester. I would like to use your bifold strap hangar door in my building, but I couldn't find any drawings that I could import to my programs. How can I get one? Would it be possible to send me some drawings in dwg, or pln, where the dimensions are correct? I would be really glad!


We recently installed three 24 meter wide bi-fold doors for hangars at an Airfield in Brunei. This project is for Shell Aviation. I am required to turn over electronic copies of all manuals, installation manuals, etc. Where can I find .pdf electonic copies of the manuals? If possible can your attach them to an email?


I'm an architecture student from the University of Auckland and am interested in using your product for my architecture design, was wondering if you had a revit/autocad file of the Schweiss straplift bifold door? thanks.


We purchased some Schweiss bifold liftstrap doors (job 20319, Dallas TX) and they were delivered about a week ago. Do you install? How much would it cost to get these installed? I was hoping I would have the time to install them myself, but things suddenly got busy around here. Doors look great.


We would like a catalog or brochure from your company. We are a design/build firm in California and have been getting more projects lately. Our firm is interested in working with you in the future and would like some information to show our clients. We've seen a couple of your Schweiss bifold strap doors, but would also like information on your Schweiss Red Power hydraulic door models.   Please mail the requested information to the above address. If you have any questions, please let me know. Thank you, Christine


I am getting ready to order a 60' by 120' building and am in need of a 55' wide by 16' high clear span door. I am currently looking at a single panel hydraulic door so that I can keep my building sidewalls to 18', but I realize the bifold doors are cheaper and impose less stress on the structure, so I'm not sure if paying for a higher sidewall to accommodate a bifold is worth it. Could you tell me what the total frame requirements would be for a bifold door that offers a 55' by 16' clear span opening? Any input on one vs the other? I am fine with a Schweiss bifold, but am trying to keep my sidewalls of my hangar as low as possible so that the size of the hangar does not overpower my house that will be nearby. Your bifolds do come with liftstraps, correct?


Could you give me the pin placement on my Schweiss Bifold door so when activated the door will go up w/o holding the open switch. I don't want the door to close unless the button is pushed for down. SCH-5-21-W-70-1 Thanks 


Which of the door types have the most clearance, Bifold or Hydraulic, and which one is better in the high winds of Kansas?


Hi, please can you tell me if you have an Irish or UK agent, We have your liftstrap bifold doors on our Hangars in the states and want to install a couple overseas. Your doors are everything and more that you told us about them. Thank you.


Thanks for faxing the quote to Bob, we need to know if you can mail us some brochures, we are out. thanks Deb. Also, we are getting many inquiries on your Schweiss Designer and Glass doors. Can you send some more brochures on them as well. 


I have one of your Schweiss bifold strap operated doors, 45 ft wide, bought about 3 years ago for a hangar. It's doing fine, but I have done no maintenance on it, and don't seem to have any guidelines on what should be done. Particularly, I'm wondering how often the hinges should be greased, there are grease zerks on the hinges. I'd assume you have some info on this? I sure love this liftstrap quiet running door, never poses any problems.


Hello, I am a member of a Hangar Association that has 14 T-Hangars all with Schweiss Bifold liftstrap doors at Merrill Field in Anchorage, AK. Is there anyoneyou recommend to do preventive maintenance here? Also we are looking at setting up a maintenance program. What is the time interval you would suggest? We all REALLY like the bifolds with straps, they are hands above some of the cable doors we have here. We are discussing retrofitting all our Schweiss cable doors with straps. Keep up the good work.


We have a Schwiess bi-fold door already installed and I am tasked with its upkeep. However the owners maual has since been misplaced. If I could get a copy of a sevice manual for model M30 COBRA serial number 10086 that would really help me out. thanks for your time on this matter, Billy 


To whom it may concern I am a Grecian University student of architecture and i am interested in your product bifold liftstrap Schweiss door for my project title. I need information about this system product and if possible drawings of the component parts. attentively


My self and the 1st in station visited a hanger in Ottawa with your bifold straplift doors installed. They appear to be very impressive in their design and operation. One concern we have is their ability to withstand high heat should there be a fire in the hanger with the door open. I am not sending this as a complaint, simply clarification so that we can take the necessary steps to keep crews out of harms way in attempting to extinguish a fire in this building in the conditions I mentioned above. Is there anything that would hold them up should the straps be exposed to high heat and what is their approximate rating? Thank you very much Denis, Safety officer


We are doing work for Customs here in Arizona, and we need the serial number for the hangar door. Where can we find it, and is there anyway we can get a copy of our ordering history with your company so we may see if it is documented in our paperwork. Any help would be GREATLY appreciated before our door gets ripped off and stolen! Thank you for your time.


We are interesting in using your Bifold or Hydraulic one piece door product for a new building. However, the door is on a busy pedestrian street, and we would like more information about the speed at which these doors typically go, and whether or not it could harm pedestrians. Thanks!


I would be very interested in becoming a dealer for your doors in our area. Please contact me. I have several customers considering putting in your fine Schweiss Bifold's with liftstraps and hydraulic Red Power doors.


Have projects coming up were looking to start designing with hanger doors on some commerical building. At this time looking for information and catalogue on both doors please forward sale person information so that I can contact, looking to show our customers your liftstrap bifold and Red Power hydraulic Schweiss doors. Thank you.


I own a Schweiss bifold door with remote control. Can I program the remote to open the door with a single, momentary press of the open switch versus holding the open switch until the door is fully open?


We purchased a hangar door from you for our Boeing project. It was purchased on our PO 280.621333. I am doing my closeout on this project and need a copy of your warranty. Please email to the address above. You people at Schweiss Doors have been a joy to work with. Your knowledge of doors is the best in the business by far. And what great doors.  Thank you.


We are interested in the ability to increase door size and expand our product line. Possibly becoming a dealer/distributor. I believe in my metro area, I could sell dozens of your Schweiss designer doors. I would be willing to come and meet you at your Minnesota factory.


We purchased a Schweiss Bi-Fold strap operated door about 5 years ago. The contractor that installed it thought I should lubricate some of the rollers and bearings, but I have no information in this regard (i.e. type of lubricant, means of application, which items involved etc.). Just wondering if this is necessary. By the way your door is operating perfectly. Sure like the straps, much better than the cables.


I am a steel building contractor and have had some interest in your Schweiss well built hydraulic doors. Do you have any dealer information I can get or do you sell factory direct thanks. I'm seeing quite a few of your hydraulic and bifold doors in northern Minnesota.


Hello, We will be building a Wash Bay/ Semi storage shed this spring and are looking at Schweiss one piece hydraulic doors as options. We would have 3 of them around 24 ft wide. My question is how do your remotes work? When we pull the truck out to take off can you just hit one button and take off or do you have to hold a button until the door is all the way shut. Thanks


We are metal building contractor in east central Iowa. We have customers interested in your doors. Most of them really want to know about your new Red Power Pumps on the Schweiss Hydraulic doors, others are showing great interest in the lift strap Bifolds. Can you give me a call, I can supply you with some names and phone numbers so you experts can better describe your Schweiss doors to them. They are coming up with questions I can't answer.  Rick


Please email Schweiss bifold and hydraulic door standard head sill and jamb details as well as product data sheets. Our project is located in Fairbanks, AK so we're specifically concerned with thermal resistance. Feel free to call with questions. See tons of your doors up here. Very fine doors!


Pricing a building that is 16' tall with 4" borrowed from available height for concrete floor. Do we have enough head clearance for either unit? Customer indicates a need for 15'x30' door, with a radio operator. Has formerly had one of your bi-fold lift strap units and says he will buy from no other manufacturer because your doors are the best. This unit will be insulated. Do we any special provisions for that on either?


My customer is purchasing the door direct. Customer is in Dodge City, KS. I need the specs to price my building for his door. He told me you have given him a price, but not the specs for design. If you can find his bifold quote that would help, if not I know it has a 24" wedge and we are doing a 40x14 clr opening. Thanks for your help..


Please provide me with an email contact so I can send you an RFQ for a Bifold door project I am bidding. Thanx


In addition to a quote on your bifold doors, was curious if you have any contractors local to West Fargo, ND that you work with so I can get a quote on a complete building.


Are there safety features built in to your bi-fold doors to prevent a door from falling down in the case of a cable or lift strap breakage. I hear Schweiss Doors are the safest doors on the market and have numerous backup systems in case of electrical blackout failure.




Morning Guys, thanks for the latest contact I have just returned the information today, the reason for a bit late is that I have just returned from the city of Melbourne after doing a builders Expo, had a lot of great and serious interest in both your doors. Seems they were impressed with the Red Power pumps and liftstraps that set your doors above all others. What I will also do guys is that when this first order comes through, I will purchase the next lot of catalogues from you, I will put through money to cover me for at least 30 catalogues, I am sure Mike does not like giving things away ha ha , anyhow I think we are really close now in doing some serious orders, talk to you soon.


Do you know of anyone that can sell and install air plane hangar doors. Something like 50%u2019 x 16%u2019 white bi-folding insulated?


We are currently working on a hangar project in Stuttgart, Arkansas. We are still in the design phase right now, but I am in the process of working up the specifications for the Project Manual that will accompany the drawings for the bifold and hydraulic Schweiss Doors and motors. Could you please provide me with an architectural specification in Word format that I can use for our Project Manual? Please call me if you have any questions.


I need 3 copies of Operation & Maintenance Manual for the bi-fold door we purchased last fall (Order No. 17519). Is this something I can download from your web site or do you need to send them to me?


I spoke to you about a visit to your hi-tech bifold and hydraulic door facility to pickup some tips on preventative maintenance and regular maintenance on our Schweiss doors at the airport. We have arranged to be there on Friday sometime in the afternoon and will be available the following morning also. Look forward to meeting and visiting with you folks. I will call a couple of days prior to solidify our plans.


I recently purchased a first rate hangar that is equipped with a first rate door -- a Schweiss Bifold Lift Strap Serial Number: C184C17NC3B Unfortunately, I do not have the manual that must have come with the door. I am very keen to obtain a manual so that I can keep my door operating optimally. Can you help me with my quest? Thank you.


You guys sent info on door for my hangar bldg. quite some time ago.  I was quoted a price for std. cable lift. CABLE??? I thought Schweiss only sold Lift Straps or hydraulic??? And I asked for a local rep to discuss door issues. Please contact me about this door. I have many questions about many details


We are a general contracting firm located approximately 80 miles west of Winnipeg Manitoba, Canada. We are interested in talking to someone on pricing for your insulated Bi-Fold doors, the ones with the lift straps.


We are looking to install a 55'W x 15'H bi-fold airport hangar door. In ball park numbers, about how much will a door of this size weigh? Thank you!


Can you ship a bifold door to me or do you have to ship to dealer? If so where is nearest dealer to me? Harrisonburg,Va.




We are getting some renewed interest in bifold and hydralic doors lately. We would like to have some literature we can put in our new building information packets,when quoting a building. Can mail or ups to adress above in Indiana.


I have a quote #81110-JC on on 8-11-10 from Julie on a Schweiss bifold door. This procect was pushed back due to OBAMANOMICS. We are now ready to move forward & need to have this bid updated. Do you have any reps. in our area.


I saw your ad in Snap magazine and am interested in your Schweiss moving walls product. Can you tell us more about it, i.e. by sending door photographs, general information from others who have done this, benefits, costs and options. Looking forward to hearing back from you. 


Today, most business is conducted on the internet --- a highly complicated marketplace. Looking through your Schweiss bifold doors website answered all my questions regarding bifold and hydraulic doors. Your company is quite impressive so say the least.


Building a floating boat house. Need to price one of your schweiss bi-fold doors. Needs to be as lite weight as poosible. We live in meeker county  Dock framing is aluminum. Jon Edwards


Can you please email me a Schweiss Doors install manuel for order # 19170 bid number 61511-PR, we are installing on Tuesday, and I would like to review the install before we dig through all the boxes to find the manuel, since it is not real close to our shop, thank you


We have 2 of your Schweiss Bi-Fold doors. One set did not quite close all the way due to an accident one of our employees had with the door.. All of the hardware was within the specs in the installation manual. Thanks for the recommended fix for this? I'm back in business and my next business will once again be with Schweiss Doors. Your service after the sale is outstanding.


Need everything for a Schweiss Doors free standing door. Weight and shipping area. Estimate FOB Seattle. Need info to tell Northland Barge to get freight estimate.


We are a pre-engineered building erection company that also supplies Ceco buildings. We would be interested in being able to quote Schweiss doors to our customers.


You have been one of the pre-approved supplier for the Middle School Project in Coquitlam, BC. can you please forward me some Schweiss Doors information to the system and contact me? Thank you,


In The Best of Farm Show, your article said "The Schweiss doors are very interesting : Schweiss doors look good on your building (They are rugged, functional as well as pleasing to the eye.). Self-supporting frame work -(Schweiss Doors has installed doors in the windiest regions of the United States and they can provide testimonial proof that their doors have wind load capacity that is the best). I have a Schweiss bi-fold door and trust Schweiss Doors company.


This is a follow up to our phone call last week requesting Schweiss manuals for my 50 foot bi-fold door that the installer lost. The door was bought by Rnd M of Idaho and serial number from the plate on the door is 18509 Thanks


Mike,  How much do you want for that Schweiss show trailer?  I want to strip it and use it to haul my kids quads to the races.  I have used it in the past but now there is a certain stigma attached to it.  Let me know.


We have a customer that would like to get a quote on 2 doors. He can not figure out if he wants a 35' wide x 40' high or a 40' wide x 40' high bifold door. Can you please give us a quote for each door system delivered to Baltimore


Hi...met you at Bonefish. Great fun! Talked with Jerry about you looking for a Hydraulic Farm door...can call her when you want to check out Ocala and surrounding areas... Hope to run into you all again!


need specs for quote and specs for bi-fold door to fit into framed opening 50 x 24 - this is my overall clear door opening


I am planning to install a hydraulic door wind shield for up to 40 mph wind on a patio with a opening 8 ft wide and 8 ft high, what thickness of Lexan would you recommend if supported at the 48" widths


Location is approximately 90 SE of Dallas. Jip code 75763. the finished door is to be flush with the building.


I'm looking to create a door that will form a seal around the sides and bottom of the door to keep water from getting in. Do you think this type of door will do the trick.


I am looking for an electric (or other type) of motor that attaches to the back of the hanger and can whench my airplane into the hanger. There appears to be a conntection point at the back of the hanger but, I can't find the actual device anywhere in your website. Is it a 3rd party device? If so who is that 3rd party?Thank You.


please send information about your products. please no sales calls. no sales solicitations via email will be answered. thank you


Hello, I have a Schweiss bi-fold door. In the instructions it says you should check the gear box oil level. Looking over the gear box there are several potential gear box screws to check gear oil level. The manual does not indicate which screws to check or in what position. Please help. Thanks Larry C.


My building is 50ft wide and the post at each end are 6x6 wood pressure treated. The end walls are not enclosed yet but the side walls are enclosed with alum siding. The floor is already concreted so installing a header for your door will be a challenge. The side walls are approx 13' tall. I do not need a door 50' wide but per your advise in this website, 30' may be too small. So, I am guessing a 40' opening would work which would give me 5' on either side of your door for additional bracing. I do not know what the height is at area as I am unable to measure in my present condition. I am assuming it is between 14' to 16' high at the edges of the door if it is centered in middle of the 50' opening. I am afraid to ask what you recommend but I really dont know what size to get. I have been looking for a door for about 4 years now and so I am really not in a hurry. thanks, cj


Recieved all the information requested today. Just wanted to thank-you for the quick response. That's great customer service


Will be adding to an existing building Need to know how much clear height I will need to have under structural frame Need to know approximate weight of unit What would ba appromate delivery time Ready to procede ASAP


nice looking web site Mike& Julie!!! I'll need to get plans from you on the opening sizes this springs for the Novotny job. I'm really looking forward to working with you on this building. Dann M.


Dear Sirs, Thank you for your kind email. It would be hihgly appriciated if you kindly send us your latest catalogues of your esteemed products by EMS Express delivery. So, that we can manage relative customers for our mutual benifits. Awaitng for your kind earliest reply Best regards, Yours sincerely, Bishwo B. J.


I just want to say your web site is awesome. You definitly have a very good web master. It will be nice to do business with someone who cares about there customsers.


I have just installed a bi-fold that we purchased from you earlier this year. The door came with a windpin and a pulley immediately above the wind pin, but no instructions on how to wire the pin through the pulley. Could you please provide some guidance. Thank You MArk A. H.


We would like to outsource the maintenance for our hangar door. Can you recommend someone in our area that is qualitied to perform the maintenance for us? Thank you, Jennifer


I called your office for installation information and was instructed to request an installation DVD. I would appreciate receiving the DVD at your earliest convenience. Thank you!


Hi: Do you have white rubber membrane for top-of-the-door seal? If so, what dimensions and prices are offered? Thanks, John




Good Morning, Hope you had a Happy New Year's. I'm presently leasing a hanger for my Mooney with a bi-folding door. My door faces north so it doesn't get any direct sunlight. The bottom of the door has a hollow rubber seal that sometimes freezes to the concrete floor and has to be released by one method or an other. Since you are in the bi-folding door business, I thought you might have an answer for this problem. I was thinking of a variety of methods, since I own an independent oil & gas equipment marketing company and have to do this kind of thing in other applications, of some type of de-icing fluids or heat-tape applications. If you have an solution to this problem I would be very interested in purchasing it and marketing it to other pilots that have this problem. Thanks. God Bless & Happy New Year! Kent G. B.


Do you sell direct or do you have suppliers in the Kansas City area? If I were to give a potential client your information could he buy direct from you?


Hello, The door would be located in Lovelock Nevada. They use IBC 2003 code with 85mph wind.


I have been servicing hangar doors @ SBP for about 15 years, My local supplier of 1/4" cable went out of business, do you know where I could find about 3000 feet? Thanks,Eric.


I belong to a 100-year-old church, which has two sets of solid oak double doors. There is a considerable gap between where the two doors meet, which allows a substantial amount of cold air to enter. We don't have the funds to replace, or repair, these doors, so I'm trying to find an inexpensive way to correct the problem. My first thought is to add a strip of insulation along the vertical edge of each door, but I don't want it to look tacky. Do you have any suggestions as to what type of insulation would be best in this situation? (The set of side entrance double doors is 8' high, while the main entry set of double doors are 12' high.)


Not sure if Creative Door Services have an account with you, but I did have an old brochure. If you have any up to date sales catalogues or brochures that I can submit to Architects, Engineers, and General Contractors, that would be appreciated. I have one project that requires bi-fold doors at this time. North West Terminal Bi-Energy. Original door opening requirements were spec'd to be (1) 12'0" x 12'0" and (1) 12'0" x 14'0". Sizes may vary at the time of order, according to site dimensions.


Hi I resently had a hanger constructed by Lowepete Const. useing your doors here in Juneau Alaska, my question is should my bottom seal be made up of 2 peices, Lowepete has installed my bottom seal made up of two peices and if not do you have new seals available. Your response would be much appreciated. Thank you, Jeff L.


Jeremy, What is your e-mail address ? I will send you some pictures of the door in Nacogdoches. Thanks


Please provide pricing for the (2) doors below, both are the same size. The proposed building is in the planning/budget stage, so building dimensions/components can be adjusted to fit actual door needs.


...This is new construction, finally have a firm CO date. Would like delivery of door 1/6/09 or later. Thank you


Looking for weather strip 14" wide 65' long screw on in dark brown or black rubber composite


We are very interest in your products. Would you please sent me your catalogues and pricelist.


In addition to the quotes for 2 doors (second set of specs will be submitted after this one), can you please provide general timing on manufacture and delivery to California? Thanks.


i need to know where i can purchase some bottom rubber seal for a Schweiss door? thanks for your time.


I am the pre construction manager for the U of M solar decathlon project for the US Dept of Energy solar competition. We are looking for information on a 24' wide x 18' or 20' high it will be used for a build site for our entry next year and in the future. we may only need to have a 22' wide depending on price and info. Could you please contact me By Monday with any of this info. Special order requirements Estimated cost (if possible) Ordering time required


I'm in a hangar complex with 11 of your cable operated doors, approx 5 years old. 42'x16'. We want to put an annual service checklist together for our owners. Can you send me any documents to help? I don't have any manuals for the doors.. We are having a group meeting on Thursday night. It would really help me out if I could get the information today, or early tomorrow. Dave


Could you please send a few brochures? We had one of each, and handed them out to a customer. "One Piece Hydraulic Doors" - 30 page brochure "Bi-fold Doors" - 42 page brochure "Door Comparisons" 10 page brochure. Or if you have any smaller, less pages, that would be fine, as well. Thank you!! Cindy


welding the doors frames together. we have welded the splices how critical is it to weld other sections of the frame work together around the splices.?


I am interested in the bottom rubber option/feature. I have an automatic pool cover that, when covering the pool, leaves a ~3" gap between the 4" square end tube and the concrete. This allows leaves and debris to enter the pool freely. I am looking for an item that can be attached to the square tubing and close the gap. It must be flexible to slide across the concrete, but stay in place when the wind blows. I would need a little over 16' of the product, and it would be shipped to Pendleton, Indiana. Cost? Thanks for your help... Darren


We had requested a quote once before. Our sales person was Jeremy Rieke. The building has now been redesigned and we would like to get another quote reflecting the changes. We would also like to know a bit more about the framing needed for the door. Can it be a combination of wood and steel, how big does it need to be, etc.? Thank you.


Jeremy my question is: Are you in FairFax or Hector? Can't find hector on the map from the airport. I'm still working with my flight for the 16th next week need your address thanks.


Geremy: This is orlando Garcia, please send me directions from minneapolis airport to the company.. and the exact address. Thanks!!


I recently received a phone call form a gentleman with your company inquiring as to when I would like my door shipped. I managed to delete the voicemail accidentally. I would say that the schedule looks like the door would be needed sometime during the first week of October, although the schedule is somewhat indefinite as I have not received plans from my contractor for building permit submittal. Please give me a call to discuss further. We could wait until I submit my plans and then go out 3 weeks or so. I expect quick building permit issuance. Thank you, Tom M.


Mike: We talked at the Airshow a couple of Mondays ago regarding video surveillance and the Connexed website. If you have time and would like to review our website I would appreciate any feedback you have. You also mentioned you had seven uninstalled cameras. To thank you for your web feedback I am sure I can figure out a way to provide our on-site recording appliance at no charge. If this is of interest we can discuss in more detail. Regards, Craig J.


I am looking for 2 or 3 doors. I have a lean-to building that I will be rebuilding and it is 30 x 60. I would like to get 2 - 25' doors.


Julie Recent quote. There is a note on the quote attachments about a backer plate. I need some clarifiacation on this What loads are on the side jambs What is the size of the cylinder plate We will have two doors share a oolumn, what column width is required Leonard


I have a 45' wide Schweiss door with a clear vertical opening of 12'. Please provide a price for - side weather stripping that mounts to door - foam center seal between bottom & top sections of door Please submit pricing via email. Thanks, Brian T.


Hi my name is Ken H.,could you please mail me a catalog. My computer is not working at present. Thank you for your time Ken.


we would like to speak to a rep about some future ideas wrt to your product. costs, finsihes, glass types, and lead times are of interest. thanks Jonathan.


I purchased 10 Schweiss Doors in 2006 through R & M Steel. I need another door knob for a man door that is master keyed to my existing master key system. One of my tenants left the man door open while opening the hangar door and broke the door knob. We have temporarily replaced the door knob but need to get it back on the master key system. Can you help me with this? thanks Doug F.


Mike Schweiss: Anne's baby born 5-31-08 2:38 am 7 lbs 19 inches long name Autumn Louise Very cute as guaged by Grandfather Hope you caught a lot of fish. Clyde


I submitted a request for a 50x18 door and mistook country for county and put McHenry country. Sorry 1 door will be on end wall and 1 on side wall


Do you have available an electrical lock-out for the man door, to prevent the bi-fold from operating if it is not closed?


We talked on the phone about a week ago. You said you were coming our way soon. If you need any more info please call.


I am looking for 2 rolling doors that will meet in the middle that will be the full width of our new building. The building is going to be around 110' wide x 40' tall. I also want rails in the floor that the doors will slide through.


Hi, Julie and Mike! Were you wondering if I forgot? Was nice to see you both the other night at the OP. For Tootie too. Wasn't a real fun trip for her so she was glad to just get out for a little bit and see some people. I took her back to the Cities that night. She stayed with Wendy and went back to Albuquerque on Sunday. Of course, we could meet at the OP, have some supper, maybe a drink or two, and skip the postal service if that works for you. Take care, don't work too hard, and let's hope spring and warm weather arrive sometime soon!! Thanks! Nice website!


how is one supposed to adjust the cables on a 60' door? how do you compensate for the twist in the shaft? thanks Ken


I just bought 15 doors from you for my Longmont project, and need the warrenty on them to pass on to the people who bought these hangar units. Can you send it electronically? Thanks Cole s.


I am looking for an economically priced door that is robust and functional but without the bells and whistles.


Hello, My name is Grace and I'm currently and Interior Design Student. For a class project we are required to gather samples and information from various sources of companies and manufacturers. I was wondering if you would be willing to send me any information regarding the items that you carry. These items will be shared with the class and be logged in a binder for our personal future use as we begin our Interior Design careers. Any help that you can give me is much appreciated. I will attach my shipping address below. Thank you, from a future buyer of your products! Grace M.


Project bids 3/31/08 . The height and width are clear sizes.Please comfirm by email that you recieved this request and will quote this project.


We were looking to obtain a few more catalogues from you so we can eliminate making photo copys for our customers.


Looking to buy a new seal for a Chicken Plucker door. Any help would be appreciated. Thank You


Hi, Can you please send us information about your company and available products. Our address. Thank you


We are working with Duke University on a student center renovation and are very interested in speaking with a representative for your product.


What is the side of the angle track that is attached to the columns for a runner for the wheels? Also, is it provided by you with the door?


I would like all the information you could send me on you doors. Thank you for your time.


Looking for a quote for the following door size. We are still in the budget phase of the project, so I just need a number that would be close to the final price. With this size of door would like a number for the installation of the door also. Location of project is Fargo, ND. Thank You


I measured the height incorrectly on my previous quote request. My sidewalls are 15 feet. So the door size would be a total of 14 feet 7 inches. Thank you.


Hi, my name is Megan C., I am an Interior Design student, and I have been assigned a project where I need to gather literature about specific furniture items. And I am really interested in your product and I was wondering if you would be willing to send me some literature about your product. Thank you from a future buyer of your product.


I would like to have an owners manual for my new door. The original was lost. Thanks Mike L. Maint. MGR.


Hi, I need to know if my order is on track. It's under Titus G., G. Excavation. Also I need to know if you recieved my check. Please call or E-mail to above address. Thanks


I have a 12'X 7'6'' opening and would like to get some information on options with your products.


I have a question for Mike, I see in reading your history that you are the one who made the snowblowers, I have a model 96 and I need a gear box. If tou would have any information as to brand of gearbox or where parts would be available I would greatly appreciate any help you can give me. Thank you, Dick K.


Iam not sure if i want the door on the side or the end of the building also do the side walls need to be more than 14 feet tall.


Sent both e-mail & fax to Jeremy, I am providing this info as back up for your file. Ref: Doors you provided to Cenac Towing Company, Houma, La. Please acknowledge receipt of my correspondance.. Thanks. Greg M.


We're wondering if we can get interactive photos of the door we're installing in sheridan wy.please send us any and all images that may help us with this install in PDF format. Thanks Bill


Hello Folks, I'm searching for a roll of thin rubber to use for flashing. The roll I need is approximately 8" to 12" wide and 25'-0" long. If you have anything like this I would truly appreciate your letting me know. If so what would the cost plus shipping and handling be? Thanks and God bless. Dave L.


Please send me a quote on the door listed below. The building is 50ft x 110ft. The clear span for the door is 15.5 ft x 24 ft. We would like to set it on a one foot concrete wall to make it 16.5 ft tall.


Mike, Julie and family: Great article in BI Union - impressive! (but wouldn't expect anything less?) Congrad's Ken


Hi, I am a finish carpenter and i was wondering if you had any promotional tshirts for your company? Thanks, Rick


Please send a catalog; If possible I would like two: one for our office library, and another for a client. Thank you and look forward to recieving the catalogs. Please confirm when they are in the mail so i know when to expect them.


Would like to know if you make bifold doors that open side to side instead of top to bottom. Please call me. Thank you Pamela


Hello, I browsed your website it was so interesting, but I could not find any information about technical data and price list of your products. thank you for your concideration.


Please send catalog to the above address asap. Thanks, in advance, for your help. Martha N.


I have a special need to open two different sets of doors approximately 16'X 8' each. Is this possible with your product? If so how do I go about ordering the system and how much will it cost?


I purchased a bifold hangar door from you last year for my hangar at the Alexandria Airport. The door has bottom gaps at each side of the door (concrete not done right). I would like to add the optional "Extra Seal Protection" to my door (approx 2 ft. on each side). What would be the cost of materials to add that? I can install it. Thanks, Dan


Please send a complete catalog with pricing. We sell 100 buildings a month and have 1000's of customers.


Hi, I spoke with someone at Dakota Fest in Mitchell, but he gave me Julies card. My father Gary spoke to someone a few weeks ago. I have taken some photos of the building and can send those to you.


I have an old 1 piece steel kick out garage door. I need a weatherstrip that goes on the bottom. Do you offer anything that would fix my problem. Thanks for any help Dave


I am looking for a roll of 43'x 12" top rubber seal and information to get it to me ASAP Thank You


I'm looking for a replacement man door for my bi-fold door.Originally you shiped a left hand swinging out. I need a right hand swinging in.The diminsions of the door frame itself are 80&5/8' tall and 38&3/4' wide fromouter edge to outer edge. You can checkthe original order it was with Holm Brothers Const. Please get back to me and let me know what options are avaliable; colors,styles,etc. Thank You, Robert M.




Dear sir/madam, I am looking for a copy of a product brochure, we are in the process of building a new large premises and are interested in you door systems. I look forward to hearing from you. Regards, Andy M.


Please send me a company catalog and any pertinent information for my companies library. Thank You, Dan N.


Hi Julie, We are going to sell one of these doors eventually! In advance, I thank you for your quick response to this quote reqest!!!! Charlie




Our new hangar was completed last August and we have one of your very large hangar doors. We do not seem to have any owners manual or documentation including recommended maintenance scheduling. Would you please let me know how to go about getting this infomration? If you need more precise product information from the door please let me know where it would be located as well. Thanks in advance for your help. I prefer to be contacted by email if possible from Schweiss.


Dear Mike, Just happened on your new web site, very nice! My 44' door works great and I still have the yellow VW Bug. I didn't plan on having it this long, but it's too much fun to drive. I have 69,000 miles on it now and have not had any major problems with it. Flynn H.


Please send 3 of your information packets on Bi-Fold doors to be used for sales purposes. Send to address and attention to above.


I would like a quote with no shipping/handling, as I can come pick the door up with my own trailer.


Got a quote in Jan? I think. Need to affirm the numbers, work out particulars and possibly modify the requirements


Love your site, love the pictures. I know you put lots of work into this. Henry Ford did not invent the automobile. He invented to ways to mass produce it and make it available to a large market.


Do you have architectrual detail and specification manuals available? Do you have a rep in this area? Nice products.


we are a Public Limited Company engaged in the manufacturing of Aluminium Extrusions, and Auto Components as per customer requirements with a total capacity of 8900 MT per year since 1980. We have pleasure in informing you that we have received Awards for The Competition%u2019s first place Industrial winner in the Professional Category of the International Aluminium Extrusion Design Competition from Extrusion Technology (ET 2004) for Aluminium Profiles Foundation for end-cap for uranium rod holders used inside nuclear reactors held at Orlando, Florida, U.S.A. in the year 2004 %u2013 2005 and also in the year 2005 %u2013 2006 for design of the Totem Sit-Stand Leg, an extrusion used in office partitions. "This is an exceptional example due to the critical nature and shape of the profile with four screw bosses in one die mandrel, and half radius centre for assembly (Please see details on website http://etfoundation.org/dcpc2006.html#commercial) We shall be obliged if you could send us your valued enquiry for Aluminium for your Bifold doors along with drawing so as to enable us to qutoe you accordingly.


Please visit my website to check on my latest patent You may see this door by going to www.invention.net As you can see this door will permit a very wide door, also does not take up space above the door. Perhaps this will prove to be of mutual benefit to both parties. Sincerely, Robert L. M. Inventor


We request info for a door 55 feet wide and 16 feet high . weight price and delivery time shipping to Greece Regards Elias S.


please mail me info on your doors and how to make an intelligent decision in the purchase of a hanger door and my choice of options thanks


I need some replacement top rubber seal (12 inch, I think) for my 40 foot door. Can I get it from you? If so, how much? Thanks, Bob


Hi, saw an article in "plane & pilot news" regarding a free dvd about your doors. looks interesting Will you please send me a copy? Thank you Dick E.


We've considered looking into your product as another option for our customers that need very large door openings .... where a typical overhead door or sliding door isn't enough. We would like to have more information, a contact, brochure, and even some examples of pricing for a couple of doors. We don't see our customers using your product regularly, but on occasion, we need to give them another option. THANKS!


please provide a binder of your products that includes average lead times for orders current price list sizes available


I was reading my avaition newspaper and saw your full page advertisement. Please send me a copy of the free DVD with pics, etc. Do you have a price list yet? If so, please send to me with DVD. Many thanks! Rich


Please send me your new free DVD you advertized in Cessna Owners magazine. Thank you, Kevin


We are interested in any literature that your company may have. Also, any construction details would be helpful as well. Thank you.




this is for a current project please have the local representative contact me. Thank you.


Hi, my name is Wade . I have seen your ads in the paper for welders. I was wondering if you have ever thought about outsourcing? I have started a small shop north of town. I am looking for small odd jobs that companies hate to do. If this sounds at all like something you would be interested in please contact my welding & repair shop.


I am building a 40-42X64 building and would like to use your door on the 40-42ft. section. Please provide me with a standard door price


I need to know how the doors are shipped. How many sections etc. Are the skins on the doors or do I install skins from the building mfg.? A catalog might explain this if you care to send one. Thanks C Dumont


I am looking for rubber seals for the top, bottom of our hangar door. Do you sell these and if not do you know who would. We need to seal the bottom of the door mainly.


Do you have a dealer program. We sell and install hangers all accross Ontario and have been using bi folds but would like to try the one piece doors. We are installing 2 hangers at our local airport here this spring and would like have more info on your system. Let me know---Keith S.


I looking to put a new Schweiss door on my building and i dont want to lose any head room. The building is 14feet high x 36 wide and i would like at least a 25 foot wide door