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You previously provided quote on 8/23/22 for a 50'x 11' opening door on a steel building. I have decided to go with a wood frame building and want the door to have a 50' x 14' opening. Hangar will be 56' x 56' x 16'. Thanks


I have a 40x40 airplane hangar at KSPK (Spanish Fork, UT) that needs a new door and lift etc. Not sure who to reach out to get this done, so trying you. I'd like to get it installed before March 10 if possible.


Hello, we are a post and frame builder who is quoting a new airport hangar for a customer. We need a quote for (10) 46' wide, 18' high bi-fold doors. We have a growing number of commercial customers and would like to option to be a smaller dealer for your doors as well if better pricing would be available to us. Thank you.


I am currently bidding a 60 x 60 Hanger. Can I get a price for 50' wide bifold hanger door?


I need a quote for a 60'x18' strap bi-fold door for an installation at a new hangar in Mineral Wells, TX. Please contact me to discuss schweiss options further.


Phone call or email is fine. I don't mind BUT I do need a quote and installation specifications for a 42' by 16' Bi-Fold Hangar door with Nylon straps. (He wants the clearance under the door to be 16' so if we need to adjust the height we can do that also. I am not sure about the Side Column Type, I selected Steel Tubes.


I'm considering buying a 50 yr old wood post and galvanized steel panel aircraft hangar. The current door is a DIY wood/plastic piece of junk. This quote is just preliminary to get an idea of what a new door would cost to factor into the hangar purchase price. A bifold door with straps can be as simple as possible but should include insulation.


Hi Schweiss team. Please provide a quote for (3) 60'x17' bifold liftstrap auto latch doors each with (1) 3'-4" x 7'-2" framed opening centered in the door. IBC 2018 Wind = 106, Exp C Ground Snow = 65 psf SDC = D Thanks and please contact me with any questions.


Good Morning, Could you please provide me with the Florida Product Approval Number for the Bifold with lift straps doors that are hurricane rated? Thank you


Hello, Our hangar has a Bi-Fold electric strap door. We were wondering if there is a way to manually close the door in the event of a power failure. If not, can I use a battery or generator.


Budgetary quotation for (4) 40 wide x 12 (clear when open) bifold aviation liftstrap hangar doors with lift-strap autolatching devise. To be clad with 26ga. exterior metal wall panels with 3" blanket insulation. Please include freight to Angel Fire, NM 87710.


I have one of your bifold strap doors on my current general aviation hangar. I am looking for a quote for a new door for a hangar that I am building. 50" x 16' opening. Insulated panels, add windows. lead time and amount of deposit? Love your doors!


Could you recommend a company on the West side of the lower peninsula of Michigan to do maintenance on our bifold general aviation corporate jet hangar doors. We have a corporate hangar built by you with 3 doors at 65'. Looking to get more than one quote. Thank You! Beth Ranger 231-796-5600


We are building 2 hangars at KSSI. each hangar will be 60x60 with minimum 16' clear. I'll be wanting bifold Schweiss liftstrap doors for these aviation hangars.


I am looking for a quote on a Bi-Fold general aviation door for an aircraft hangar that we will be building for a client in South Saint Paul. It will be 70' x 18', installed on a 100' wide end wall, 20'H with a 2:12 roof pitch. I have no specified product, so assume standard specs. Insulated with remote opener and adequate bifold door backup support system. Please feel free to email me with any questions. I would like a quote by the end of the week, if possible. Thanks.


Call if you have questions but we are interested in a quote for an aircraft general aviation hangar door. Need a bifold door with lift straps that fits a 36 foot wide and 14 foot tall opening. Please price your newest Schweiss interlocking insulation.


Versalog is a company dedicated to the representation and manufacture of industrial doors, at the moment we are in need of a hangar door for the Valdivia Airport in southern Chile and a bifold liftstrap door from the Spanish Roper factory is specified, we contacted them and I They just answered that they are not in a position to do the door, I found you on the internet and I would like to know if you are interested in a quote. the characteristics of the door are: Medidas puerta : 18.000 x 4.550 x 50 mm Resistencia al viento : 100 Km x Hora


Bidding a general aviation door project for Salina (Kansas) Airport Authority, new project: Box Hangar Building. Project specifies Schweiss Bifold Strap Doors. Requesting a quote.


Looking for a 50’ wide general aviation no frills door 16’ height strap lift door for a hangar in Kalispell Montana. Projected construction date in August. May consider 12’ or 14’ openings too depending on price


We have a 70’ x 18’ Schweiss general aviation bifold


looking for quote 50ft 18ft tall bifold and hydraulic door for my 60x60 general aviation hangar please. thanks doug


Hello, I'll be building a hangar at the Crystal airport in the next few months. It will include a bi-fold general aviation hangar door, 42 - 48' wide and 11 - 14' high (actual opening). The final size will depend on cost, structural requirements, etc. I would love to talk with a sales person regarding options available, cost, lead times, etc. Please feel free to give me a call at your convenience. Thanks! Jason


We are building a bifold door general aviation hangar for small planes. We need a bifold door which is about 14 meter wide and 6 meter high.


I am building a 50 foot wide by 60 general aviation hanger in Ft Myers, FL. The door opening will be 45‘ x 11‘. I am interested in how much your hydraulic or bifold strap door would be for my project. Door will have to be Florida wind rated. Thank you.


I would like a quote on a 40x18 hydraulic general aviation hangar door and a 50x18 bifold door. Thank you! Project will be in Sulphur Springs TX 75482


Looking for a bifold door to cover a 9 foot high by 40 ft wide general aviation hanger door opening. Needing a price as a kit for door and trim and opener.


I'm interested in price on a general aviation hangar door in your Superstructure Bifold and Hydraulic for comparison. Building to be new construction wood pole frame type. One concern is building may have long period of no heat. What effect does that have on the hydraulic operating option ? Keeping in mind this located in Montana where temps often go below 0 degrees F., Certainly like it does in Minnesota. Thank you.


Hello, i purchased a General airplane hangar door Schweiss bifold door system for my home garage door. Used for the garage door (huge and heavy) for two years and we have switched the door out to your bifold strap door system. Looking to sell the hydraulic system. Might you be interested? Thank you very much, Michelle Matisse


Hi Folks I'm putting some numbers together to build a personal airplane hanger that will need a general aviation bifold door with straps for a small Piper Cherokee. I will have a wood frame building approximately 50x50. I am interested in a price on a 45' Bifold or Hydraulic door. Probably which ever is least expensive. I live in Ohio, so I need a quote for a highly insulated door please. Thank you for your time Fred C. Pond


I'll need bifold doors for a General Aviation Hangar in Elbert County Colorado. Opening will be 16 feet high by 40 feet wide.


To whom it may concern, My name is Jeff and I work for Richard Gay at WCMA Construction in Sandpoint Idaho. We have 2 Schweiss Bifold Liftstrap doors that id like to get the cut list weights for. The general aviation bifold door would have to be delivered to Priest River, Idaho. This will need to be a designer hangar door similar to the ones you sold at Sandpoint a couple years ago.


• Project Location: Cooper Landing, AK 99572 (Kenai Peninsula Borough). • Allied can provide sheeting (panels). Need a general aviation door large enough with a foot of room on all sides and top to take in a Super Cub on floats. Bifold model with straps and remote opener.


My building is wood frame it has a 30 ft. Wide 18 ft high clear opening. Will I lose any width or height with your new self standing general aviation door.


Had a few general questions regarding your general aviation bifold hangars doors. We have a older hangar and are looking to possible replace the doors and are wondering if we need the extra support a freestanding header may invoke. Door size would be 48 x 16 ft.


Please forward base proposal for 40’x14’ hydraulic general aviation hangar door with two windows and a walk in door.


$ Estimate, shipping, and build time This hangar building was constructed in 1999 and the structure was not installed to Support a regular bi-fold general aviation hangar door I am interested in the new super structure tripod product 100’X 100’ Whirlwind building 16’ walls Building height 22’ 92’X 14’ doorway Thank you for your attention to this matter, John Heitz


I am in planning stage for a general aviation bifold hangar door with straps. I want to construct this summer 2021. I am considering either a bi-fold or single leaf hydraulic lift door. Opening us nominally 44' wide by 14' tall. Can you provide budget price so I can compare and decide on door type. Text, phone call , email response is fine.


I Own a hangar at Avery County Airport (7A8) in Spruce Pine, NC. Hangar opening is approximately 44 feet wide and 11 feet high. I am interested in having you install a bifold door with straps. Work will be done this summer on these general aviation. doors. I am interested in receiving a quote from you which includes both the door and instillation.


Looking for a price for a 30x16 bifold or powerlift on a Morton building near Champaign Illinois that will need Schweiss general aviation bifold doors. We would like to install our steel and trims. An email response would be best.


Planning to build a new hangar that will need a general aviation bifold or hydraulic hangar door and am in the design phase. In the interest of over-engineering everything, I have also started considering your hydraulic aviation hangar door as an option. Will be interested in approximate pricing, power requirements (shed will be solar, off-grid), and framing construction specifics. Note, this is a ground up design, I have flexibility on door size, framing material, etc if there are break points in cost, or quality. Open to suggestions.


I have a 42' hanger. Would prefer bifold general aviation hangar door with walk in door. The door would be for 40ft. The height I'm unsure of 12ft I think. Need to know price completely installed and ready .


Building an aircraft hangar that will need general aviation doors, 60 x 80. Would like to put a 45’ hydraulic door in the 80’ side. Would like a price quote please.


We are manufacturers of basculant and bifold doors located in Beirut - Lebanon . We have extensive experience in basculant doors operated by electric motors and balanced by counterweights . Recently we find a promising market in the Middle East for bifold doors and hydraulically operated general aviation hangar doors . We thought if we could cooperate with your esteemed company to buy from you the hydraulics parts needed and whether you are interested in allocating us as your agents in the Middle East . My best regards Khaldoun taleb TALEB


I called in and spoke with someone yesterday about sending me a cad file on a general aviation hangar door. I need a 40' wide by 12' tall bi fold with the motor on the door. He said he would send me something but maybe he got the email wrong. Any chance I can get you to check and see if the file was sent? I realize the doors are custom built but I just need something close in dwg format. Thanks!!!!!