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Hello, I have built a garage 25 ft x 30 ft with an opening of 8 foot high and 16 foot wide. I am interested in your product. thank you, Mike


Hi, Could you please give me a quote for several options for bifold doors with several windows, and to be insulated, to be used for a garage? How much will it be to ship to Burlington, Ontario? Option one: 10’x9’ QTY 3 Option two: 12’x9’ QTY 2 Option three: 18’x9’ and 12’x9’ The garage eventually will require one of these options.


A client has requested a bifold door for their garage. Rough dimension of opening are 18' wide x 10' tall. The client wants mostly glass with a frame to support.


opening a wall on a non load bearing side of my garage. would like a 12 wide by 8 tall single hydraulic door. bifold is also an option. inside ceiling height is 10'


We want the bifold garage door to be installed for our garage. We are in Milpitas, CA


Looking for a Black Frosted or Clear All glass bifold door for residential application in a home in Isleworth fl was looking at the STANDARD BIFOLD DOOR VERTICAL TOP DRIVE size of opening is 16x8 needs to be wind loaded for fl Block home


I have a customer that would like dark glass aviation style garage doors. The customer would want qty. 2 9’ wide x 8’ tall doors. Is that something your company manufacture ? And can help me source? Please call me. Thank you


I am interested in getting a quote for a bifold garage door. The pre-mounted vertical drive system with manual latches would fit my needs. The opening would be 10 feet high by 14 feet wide (these dimensions would be adjusted to your standard sizes). I live in Phoenix, Arizona, Zip Code 85032. Do you have installers in my area? thank you


hi I am trying to build a garage door that would be a bi fold each side would open indepently I would like to know if you have hardware for a project like this Thank you


Looking for a 18x7 bi fold garage door for our residence. We are installing a auto lift so we need a bi fold garage.


I have a standard garage door that is roughly 10x26 feet.im interested in the cost of a basic, insulated strap bifold door. My current issue is the loss of headspace and inability to build a structural wall.


Looking for pricing on smaller doors for a custom garage we currently are building..2 doors 12ft W X 10ft H 9ft W X 9ft H


I am looking for a 16 foot wide bifold garage door for a residence and I see several examples on your website


I have a carport off my house that was built as a flat roof. The standard applications for garage doors will not work due to the inside clearance being 7.5". I was wondering if you made something that would open out or open flat to the ceiling trusses. I have two openings 6'x7' and 8'x7'. I know its small in comparison to what you normally do but was curious if you made something fairly inexpensive that would work for my application.


Looking for a quote on a single opening bi-fold garage door. Opening is approx 8x8. Looking to wood siding (cedar) to match the house on the bottom, and glass on the top


Do you offer bifold garage doors for standard size residential property in my area? Could be metal or wood. Interested in Schweiss Door options for residential doors.


I am trying to find resources and prices of bi-fold garage doors for a project I am working on. Please let know what Schweiss Doors can offer.


Looking for options to do a 18'W X 9'H door for a private garage. Looking to hear recommendations and price point from Schweiss Doors.


Small residential application. Most likely solid wood similar to a traditional residential garage door is the desired finished look, possibly with upper lite. Possibly just door frame for field installed architectural covering?


Hello, I have two projects which I would like to pursue with Schweiss Doors. First we have a carport, it has two garage doors, 195x85" and 105x85"; they are 4 panel tall glass and metal frames. I would like to replace these with hydraulic single doors. Additionally I would like to replace the doors in my shop. It has four 14x14' garage doors which I would like to replace with bifold or hydraulic single panel doors; there is additionally an oversized door and full height window (85"wide x 96"tall, combined) which I would also like to replace with a matching door. Thanks, Sam


I would like to talk about one of your doors for my garage. Similar to some of the Schweiss Designer Doors. I look forward to hearing from you.


Came across schweiss doors through google. Just exploring a concept. Is it economically practical to build a 24’ wide, 8’ high bifold door (using strap lifts is ok) for a garage. What’s the minimum width the end upright supports can be. Thanks


Hi, I have just seen schweiss doors online and they would be a great idea for me to get more space in my residential garage but I have no idea of cost. I have a 16 x 7 door and would like an approximate cost for a bifold door. If reasonable I also have a 8 x 7 door too. Thanks.


I saw a lot of hangar doors for commercial use, I was wondering if you all did overhead residential garage doors, a door that is bi-fold 7ft tall and 8ft wide.


My storage building is 32' wide and currently has a 16' wide x 10' high overhead door. Side walls are 12' high. Would like to find out the cost and benefits of a wider bi-fold door so I am able to park 3 cars wide versus 2 in the building.


i would like to install a bifold garage door with low head room is that possible? the total height of the garage is around 8.5 ft and the door is about 8 ft high, and it's a double car door width


We are looking to get a quote from Schweiss for 3 x garage doors for a new build. 9' x 8' 9' x 8' 9' x 10' Please email quote


Hello, I am looking at upgrading the garage door on my home and would like the advantages of an outward/upward bifolding door provides. I was unable to find this specific configuration on your website so could Schweiss please send me a quote for the door? Thank you, Rick W.


looking for a schweiss bi-fold or single cantilever door for a car garage - 9' wide by 8' tall - glass panels - 4 in total - no idea of the possible cost for the doors thank you


Seeking to replace my current manual garage door with a Schweiss, bifold garage door 9' x 7'. I prefer insulated, if that is an option.


I am looking at options for garage doors for our detached garage we are building. I love the look of the schweiss bifold glass doors (and also the hydraulic glass doors) and wanted to know if these would be an option that we could have. One endwall will be a 12x8 and the sidewall will be 16x9


I am remodeling my garage wing at home. It was previously 2 standard adjacent garages (2x20x20). I removed the dividing wall and now have 20D x 40W. I’d like to replace the old standard sectional roll up garage doors (2) with a single door that does no intrude into the garage ceiling space. I could do a schweiss bi-fold (18’ Wide) or other suggestion. The 2 garage door openings are standard 18’ Wide x 7’ Tall. Can you recommend a solution?


I am looking for an 18' x 8' garage door. When I saw what schweiss doors are doing with bifold doors, I thought, "I would love to have a door that gave shade in the summer and some protection from rain. Can your door be installed where a typical home garage door would be installed?


Hello, I have a project that specifies schweiss product for the garage door. Please let me know where I can send the plans to get it quoted! Thank you,


Talked with Mike Schweiss at Oshkosh EAA AirVenture and saw bifold and hydraulic doors in action. We are impressed. We are planning a project in Pennsylvania, a new-build wood residence with two-level heated garage, workshop, and apartment. We want our pair of garage doors to be all glass and well insulated. The door dimensions will be approximately 18' wide by 10' tall. Since we are planning for a wooden structure, we are hoping for input on cost and appropriateness regarding installing the doors as superstructures or by building in additional bracing.


I am looking to get a schweiss quote on 2 garage doors for my residence in California. The opening is 16 ft wide and 8 ft tall for both. Would like to have either clear or frosted glass. With an 8 ft tall door, what is the clearance height? Thanks you


I have a residential home and I'm looking for an overhead door outside of the usual rollup. Looking through your website have me some ideas for what I would like for my home with custom cladding options. Please contact me with more information on your designer doors. Thank you, Ray


I am interested in getting more information about your residential garage doors. I have rough plans and I believe the owner was looking for something like these beautiful garage doors. Please let me know if there is someone I can send preliminary DD drawings to. Thank you. J


We are building a new house and are installing a bike garage close to the front door. In need of a Canadian overhead door. It will be 5'W x 7'H...I would like it to blend into the siding. What would the approximate cost be for the parts so our contractor could add the siding. We are currently in Omak, Washington, but the house will be in Naramata, British Columbia. Thanks!


Good morning, we're looking for a overhead Bifold garage door please the attached link for the residence. Please see Pg. A3.1 Thank you, LS


We are interested in a bi-fold hangar style garage door for a garage we are building. We are looking for a door that is aluminum framed (bronze) with opaque glass inserts. The door size is 12’ tall x 18’ wide and we need to have an 11’-8” clearance when open. Please contact so we can discuss if this would be possible. Thanks, Bob


Hello, I am Looking For a residential Bifold garage door 24'x14' and 10'x10' I could send picture of the building if necessary.. Thank you J


Looking for rough pricing estimates for a bifold residential single car garage door. I found your site and am seeing lots of great options large and small to explore the technical implementation details, but I'm not finding much on pricing for bifold doors.


we are looking for a folding garage door, but have limited opening height and want to see if bifold garage door would work. also looking for a wood door, not glass. trying to find out if your doors will work.


Hi I was wondering if you have a schweiss residential door model to replace a roughly 16x7 2 car garage door?


Would like pricing on a hydraulic garage door. Can provide concept drawings if you email me. Would like an embellishing door for this garage. Thanks, TC


I would really like to do an elegant and effective bi fold on my house in southern CA. my SUV doesn't fit under the current opening by a lot. is there a bi fold that could accommodate my situation? thank you


Hello, We are looking to install a garage door on the shop we're building. I came across your hydraulic doors and I'm interested but I have no sense of the price range. The door we want to install will be roughly 14 feet wide by 10-12 feet high. Are you able to provide a price range for a door that size, please? Thank you


Interested in getting a quote for a garage bifold door for our garage connected to our home. We would like a few windows, but could be finished with a faux wood look or some modern metal look. Found some ideas in schweiss designer door page.


I have a pickup that lacks about 20 inches of fitting into a garage. Single car garage stall. I need a "bump out" garage door that would close with my pickup in the stall and allow us close the door with the truck in the garage stall. I was so thrilled to find schweiss, your site, and designs. I believe you may have the solution to this problem. I have photos I would like to convey. They will assist my explanation.


Hello, We are currently designing a new residence in Long Island, NY. We are looking for bifold designer bifold door options for a (3) car garage. We'd like this to be (1) large door - 30' Wide x 8'-0" High. In looking thru your products we'd want to discuss the hydraulic door and potentially a bi-fold door (need to understand height limitations when open). Can we do solid metal panels in lieu of glazing? This residence is a hybrid of wood and steel construction. The basement level where this door would be installed is concrete walls. We may also want to explore wood. We have the below code requirements: - Wind Speed of 140 MPH - Can these doors be insulated? - U-Value requirements - Insulated Metal 0.06, Uninsulated Metal 1.20 Thank you, Rachel


I am building a garage with a garage door on each end - technically a drive through garage. One door on the street side can be a bi fold and solid The interior door I would like to be a tilt up so it can act a "roof" for the area once opened. The interior door I would also like to have a person door so I could enter w/o opening the main door. Not 100% sure on choices below. But would love to speak with someone. Thanks! Nick


Hello, I would like to implement the bifold or designer hydraulic doors on a new residential project for the cars garage, I would like for someone to assist me and give me recommendations so it can be done the best way possible. thank you.


I want to check a price bifold garage door black straps with three windows above the fold, 12ft wide by 8’ high residential


I would like some information and pricing on a bi-fold garage door for a residential one car garage we are building. Structure will be 6" CMU, door size approx 10'W x 7'H. Steel framing will be installed at the face for the door support. My intent is to maximize the clear width opening of the door by eliminating any side space requirements and having the mechanical components located over the width of the bifold Liftstrap door.


I am a contractor out of Southwest MI. I have a 3 car garage project coming up where I think 3 of your doors would work wonderfully. Please give me a call so I can get some additional information and a ball park cost and lead time estimate. Also would need some design specs as we will be cladding the bifold door with a heavier wood cladding and insulation, so we can build to fit your product if we go with it. Thanks, Robert


Looking help and pricing for a 10’x10’ bi-fold Liftstrap designer garage door for a new garage addition.


Hello, We're going to be building a 45'x45' hangar and were wondering what size bifold hangar door would be best for this hangar. We'd like a 12' of clearance (when open) bi-fold with lift straps


Looking for a 38'x9' residential bifold Liftstrap designer style garage door. Would love to discuss some options.




I have a project for a residential customer adding a detached garage at his home. the project calls for a 10' or 12 ft. bifold


I am looking for a residential bifold door with straps, to gain ceiling height in my garage an insulated aluminum door


I am interested in a residential garage bi-fold strap doors with automatic latches for a 24 ft. x 12 ft. two car garage opening.


I have a single car width garage and would like to replace my current roll up door (which rolls back into the garage along the ceiling) with a bifold door so that I can put a second car in the garage on a lift. Do yo make bi-fold doors for garages this small? Or could you direct me to someone who operates in this space? This is for an existing, concrete building in West Palm Beach FL


I would like to discuss a glass I folding bifold strap garage door with you at your convenience


We are looking for three custom made bifold lifts rap


I would like a budgetary quote for a 8 feet high x 15 feet wide single hydraulic or bifold lift up door for a garage structure. The exterior finish will be a natural wood and I would like photo eye sensors and a remote opener with two handheld remotes..


We are building a home and would like a one piece door for the garage like we have for the hanger. Only difference is we want to have it match home cedar siding and it needs windows for natural light to come in.


Have a customer looking to install a hangar style Schweiss Designer door on his garage- 24x14. Can't seem to find any local providers/installers. Wanted to see if you had knowledge of anyone in Colorado who can provide this service.


We have a client in Evergreen Colorado that is interested in one of your bifold Liftstrap designer style garage doors. It would be dimensioned 10 ft tall and roughly 10 ft wide. Can you give me the contact information for installers in the Denver Colorado area. I also need a specification sheet that shows the proper rough in openings for such a door and any special framing required (if any) for that unit. We are both the designers of the project and the likely builder.


Hello, Does Schweiss export to Canada? If so, I would like to inquire about a quote for a bifold designer style door for a garage in Whistler BC.


Hi I am building new home i would like to put in a large Schweiss designer style garage door Thanks Robert




I am considering a new home build and want to get an estimate on a garage door that would be, for the lack of a better term invisible. Looking at your website I noticed a couple of Schweiss RV doors installed in Washington and Minnesota that would probably do the job to side swipe the covenant problem. This would be required for a residential neighborhood with specific Covenants and Restriction on the elevation. The door when open needs at least 12 feet of clearance


What is the approximate price for a 9 ft. x 7 ft. residential bifold garage door. Just steel with raised panels. The door must have Florida Product wind rated bifold door approval.


I am building a timber frame barn in Burke VT. I have a need for 2 bi-fold liftstrap custom made Schweiss garage doors. Is there a kit we can buy for a 9' wide by 8' tall garage door? We plan to custom make our wood doors.


I'm looking to get 2 glass bifold strap lifting Schweiss designer doors on our garage. The first is 12' wide and 8' tall. The second door is 8' wide and 8'tall. Thanks, Aaron


Hi, I have a residential property and i was hoping to get a fancy Schweiss glass bi-fold door. I just need a quote to see if the project is even worth doing. My current garage door is 95"W by 79"H approx. Just an email will do at this time. If the price is agreeable, I'll be looking into getting this project done. Thank you.


I’d like a quote for 2 custom made Schweiss garage doors. Width 16’ x height 14’ Width 12’ x height 14’ Concrete walls, new construction, commercial warehouse Florida hurricane/ impact Clear anodized aluminum or gray paint aluminum Glass impact rated gray tint


I would rather be contacted by email. I am stick building a 32x80 garage with 12 foot walls. I would like to install a 24x10 bifold door with windows and your automatic latching system. Does your company supply such a size door as this or custom build one. Or do you have a standard size close to 24x10. If you could email me first so I could look things over then call. Thanks Terry


Requesting quote and lead time for a single 12'wide by 10' tall bifold strap door used in residential garage. Thanks


Hello, we are remodeling our residential lower garage and would love a clear door that lets in a lot of sunlight and that will give maximum headroom for my car lift inside. Current door dimensions are 16' 2" wide and 81.5" tall. Could you please send a quote or let me know what additional pieces of information you need in order to quote?


Hi there, Just love the bi-fold doors! I am looking to replace a metal roll up door to give me additional headroom for a car lift in my garage.. Thank you


I have two garage door standard 9 feet wide X 7 feet high. I was looking at those bifolds hangar doors, that it will remove the hardware inside the garage and give me additional headroom, i was wondering if you have a product for residential garage door and when open if i lose any height and if yes how much. thank you.


View residence on Google maps Want new bifold Liftstrap garage door, bifold, to have similar look with no windows Vertical lift preferred with no space required inside garage Who is your local installer?


I am thinking of replacing my garage door with a One Piece Hydraulic or bifold Liftstrap door. The door is 12' wide and 8' tall. Is this something that can be done and can I get a remote opener and photo eye sensors?


I am a custom home builder based in Salida, Colorado. We are interested in using a bifold Liftstrap designer door for a 2-car garage. Include price for remotes


I am interested in installing a power lift door in a garage. Could you tell me how it functions with heavy snowfall? Do you have to plow in front of it or is it powerful enough to push 2-3 ft. of snow? I'd also consider a bifold Liftstrap door. What are the door widths that a stand unit powers? what is the door made of? Why do all the photos have the gate across the front of the door at the bottom? Thank you Elaine


We just erected a 24x24 building fully insulated, with a 12' ceiling so I could put in an auto-lift, at our residence. When the contractor's door guys showed up they were going to install a regular garage door with interior track and lift. That would have greatly limited the auto-lift height. What do you have to offer I would prefer insulated. I see on the Schweiss Door website that both your bifold and hydraulic doors can be installed without loss of headroom. What do you think would be best for me here in Minnesota? My rough opening is 107.5"x121", what do you recommend? Because we have no Verizon cell phone reception here we are forced to use WIFI calling, to make matters worse the phone doesn't ring so unless I see it is ringing I cannot answer. Email is best.


Building resident Looking for garage door Favor industrial/ metal finish - Florida garage door code Icf construction


Looking for bifold garage doors for a client. I am hoping to find something that has wooden door facades similar to a stained hardwood. There will be no windows on the doors, but I would like a remote opener


I would like to get a quote on a bi fold door for my small garage. I'm not sure what I want to do for a door, but I know I don't want to loose any space inside the garage. This garage has a 2nd story to it. I would be open to putting all the motors and such in the 2nd story or as a top mount bifold door.... if possible.


I am looking for a replacement residential bifold designer style garage door. Is this something one of your quality bifold doors are capable of doing? If so, what would be the rough opening and requirements for a 20'-0" wide x 7'-0" door?


I'm currently working on a ground-up Single Family Residence in Santa Monica and am looking for bifold designer garage doors for the garage and carports we are proposing. Both are for single car entry, and the building material is likely going to be standard wood framing with a bit of steel structure. I'm looking for a spec sheet and a quote for the doors and remote openers, if possible. Please contact me for additional information, if needed.


We're designing a garage for a private residence in Brooklyn NY, and would like for a quote of a bi-fold garage door about 16'10"W x 7'H size, with IPE finish.We like black lift straps and photo eye sensors. Please let us know if this is something you provide, or if you suggest a different finish? Thank you.


we are looking for custom finish designer bifold garage doors 36 nos . if you can do the same please reply back


I am building a garage and need 2 Schweiss designer garage doors. Each is 12 feet wide and 9 feet tall. I am interested in a bi-fold hangar door instead of a conventional garage door. I like the overhang protection from the sun when open. We want some glass in the doors as well. I am also open to a one piece hydraulic door as well. The doors will be going into a concrete block opening poured solid on all sides.


We plan to redo siding and paint our home in the next couple of years. We would like to upgrade our conventional garage door using a Schweiss designer style bifold Liftstrap door at that time, and hopefully turn the garage into a flex space.


Request the possibility of manufacturing a bifold garage door for a project in Seychelles. We have the team to install the same with some technical assistance from your end. We've heard you have a great set of bifold door install instructions to follow.


looking to install a bifold designer style golf cart garage door 6ft x 7ft and was looking to use your expertise. I wanted the door to look flush and unnoticeable unit opening please contact me as soon as possible thank you very much


Please give me information about a flip up garage door, the kind with lift straps. I'm interested in something that seals well for AC leakage and has mostly glass. Current OD is 10' X 8' Thank you, I'd appreciate any Email correspondence. Lee Douglas Nashville, TN 37027


Looking to replace our existing garage door and love how this bifold Liftstrap door solution preserves ceiling space in my garage. What options do you have for a standard residential door for a two car garage.


Hi there. Truly, you have a staggering array of options! Can you help me narrow things down? I'm particularly interested in the "build your own door" approach, but curious about other options, as I certainly have other projects which would love to take that time... I have a new garage under construction with one 18x9 door, and one 8x9 door; the original plans call for lifting up-opening (vertically split/hinged) bi-fold doors, four panels on the wide door, two panels on the narrower door, but this isn't etched in stone. Thanks, Jesse


I'm curious about getting a bifold Liftstrap door to replace my home garage door. It's a small house, and recovering headroom from the track-and-chain garage door system could go a long way towards making our garage more of a multi-use space. The outside opening of our garage door is about 93" wide x 82" high. I know that's microscopic by your usual standards. But it's also not the smallest door I saw in your galleries, so I figure no harm in asking! Love your bifold Liftstrap concept.


I'm in the process of building a detached garage and looking for garage bifold strap door options that do not take up ceiling room.


I have a few potential uses for your bifold liftstrap/automatic latching garage doors, but the one I would like to solve is as follows. I have a 10-4 high to the wood header, 11-foot wide space between brick columns, currently with a standard 10-foot wide garage door in it. I would like to hopefully make the entire 11-foot wide space, or as much as structural requirements would allow a bifold glass door. For reference, similar to the Stanford global example on your website but in a different color. Could you send me a quote on this and some information on what the structural requirements/ framing if any are and possibly have one of your representatives contact me to discuss, please? PS will need to discuss side columns Thanks, Randy


I have a 22 x 22 foot residential garage with an existing 12 x 8 rolling metal door. I am looking to replace it with a glass door, bifold, that will give me additional headroom. I also want to add a 12 X 8 with the same look. I would like either a hydraulic or bifold door. Can you provide a quote including delivery to Toronto, Canada.


Looking to get pricing for a 18' tall x 12' wide garage door. Hydraulic or bifold Liftstrap pivot door with automatic latching features. Basic slab, as we will skin exterior with either corrugated metal or wood siding. New construction on building Wanted to know ceiling clearance needed inside garage. Do you have installers near Charlotte, NC?


Building a garage with high ceilings and a wide garage opening. Standard doors don't fit and I thoughtthis would be a great option. Looking to do 18 foot wide by 14 foot high bifold door with windows and remotes. Any recommendations?


I’m looking for an initial rough quote for a Liftstrap bifold door for a residential garage with 18’x8’ open space in Alberta. Possibly building in the fall. Also interested in the installation requirements structural wise. Is there remote opening options as well as insulation and window options? Thanks


I work at a mine with only wifi so email is best contact. I'm looking for a highly low maintenance bifold door solid for my garage at home. The dimensions are 7 feet tall by 9 feet wide. Let me know what yall have for ideas and quote.


This is a residential application. I am installing a single 2 car lift to convert my 2 car garage to a 4 car garage. I need a fast opening liftstrap bi-fold garage door. My opening is framed in concrete block and is 81" high and 191" wide. I want it to work on a remote. Windows are not required.


Looking for a bifold door for our house we are constructing. We will be cladding the door in a synthetic wood (we have a company that will do this). we are looking for quotes on the garage door that utilizes your bifold liftstraps. Can you price windows for me? And a remote opener.


Need some information (catalog/Prices) for (6) 10'X10' Bi-Fold Designer Glass Garage doors. Building structure is Steel framing.


Do you sell residential bifold garage doors? I have 1 - 16’x8’ and 2 - 8’x8’ Garage doors. Problem: The openings are 24” deep Polished CMU so can only mount inside the jamb and not behind the Jamb. Thanks.


I have a shop on my ranch on which I need to put two garage doors (12'wide x14' high). I'm working on the ventilation system, fire suppression, and lights, and I'm having a difficult time with the amount of space roll-up garage doors take on the ceiling. I HAD opted for barn doors, although I can't stand sliding doors on shops. Then I saw your hydraulic and bifold door systems. I'm wondering how the cost of your doors compare with traditional roll-up doors, how long it might take to get them to Northwest Montana, and how "simple" the installation might be (as I will probably install them myself).


Looking to replace 3 roll up garage doors with a single liftstrap bifold 40' x 12' opening at B19 in Biddeford, ME


I have a customer that has 3 garage doors that we want to retrofit with Schweiss Bifold Liftstrap doors... when researching some options, I came across your site. Wondering if I can get a quote and information on 3 standard size residential garage doors, single bay.


I have an existing overhead garage door want to install a bifold car hoist door that is a wide 16ft x height 7ft concrete block Fort Myers Florida


Putting in a garage and was interested in a bifold liftstrap door. Main concern is head space/ceiling height on the first floor. Will also consider a one-piece hydraulic Schweiss door.


Building a residential home with: 10x 8 garage door 20x 8 garage door All wood or wood looking. ICF construction. Hoping to get more details about how your Schweiss automatic latch system works. Do you have installers and service in the area?


Would you have a bifold liftstrap designer door available for a residential garage with an 18x7 foot opening?


Hello, We are looking for an overhead bifold strap door for our home garage that is 14' H x 12' W. We are installing the door in our basement which is currently being built out of ICFs. What are our options for finishes, what are the power requirements, and what can we expect as far as pricing? Also, what are your lead times? Do you have anything in stock or is everything custom built? Thank you for your help! Sincerely, Sean


Have a customer that needs 2 each 9'x9' non-hydraulic upward acting insulated bifold garage doors with operators. Needs ASAP. He wants to know if he can do the install.


I am thinking of using your lift strap bifold garage door on a new residence. How big must the door be to have a clear opening height of 9'? What is the vertical dimension of the "wedge" that is created by the door when it is open? I'm looking at a double door to house two pickups with a little extra room on each side for rearview mirrors to clear.


Looking at bifold garage door for my standard size double car garage. I can't afford to lose any headroom, so I would also like to get an estimate for a hydraulic garage door. I am in Northern California and am trying to get a cost estimate for this product. Thank you.


I’m looking at your upward bifold liftstrap glass designer garage doors (12’x7’) and also am looking forward a upward glass bifold window (7’x4’). I have a local contractor for a normal glass garage door but like the option to have zero railing inside the ceiling space of my new addition. I don’t love the look of those lift straps but maybe you can show me how they look with the glass panel doors or offer them in a more neutral color like white or black.


Looking for a quote on a bespoke garage being designed by us. bi fold garage door clear opening is 10' tall and 17'6 wide. Looking to keep the clear opening over 90" to allow a 4 post car lift to roll out under the wedge. Let me know what you can do! many thanks, email is best


We are building a garage right now and are interested in your offer for a bi-folding horizontal door with translucent glass filling using Liftstraps and a battery backup system . We are ready to place an order this week for delivery asap. We actually need 2 garage doors. We would appreciate it, if you also can offer a second door with just corrugated metal cladding. Lowest cost option. Please call, if you have any questions. Regards Udo Clages


Just would like an estimate for a residential garage for the bifold door with Liftstraps and two remote handheld openers. Thank you


I am looking for a bifold system un mexico but I had no success on it. I am planning to buy the system in the US and bring it down to Mexico. I love your bifold liftstrap door design. One question. Is it to hard to install? Or any company who inatall automated doors is able to install it? I am planning g to install it on a common size garage. Regards Alfredo


Hello! I am a sales rep for a garage door company for California, and I have a customer that is interested in a quote for one of your bifold fullview glass designer doors. Can you please send along a catalog for him to pick out his door? I will also need a contact to reach out to for a quote. We have a local company that can do the install. Thank you, Cole


I'm a distributor of the Carriage House Door Company for Atlanta, GA. I have a prospective customer who wants a decorative double door for an existing garage that has a low headroom beam that prevents a standard sectional door. Will your bifold door work for this or will I have to go with a one-piece hydraulic door?


Hi, Curious about a 16x8 bifold garage door with Liftstraps and remote opener. Just about to start a garage rebuild and would need a bifold vertical lift door cause of height restrictions inside garage because of auto lifts. Looking for a standard looking white garage door with transom widows along the top. Need roughy cost (most likely strap or cable). Builder is curious of framing size needed also. Thanks, Ed Feel free to call or email me. If you have installation specs via email that would be great also.


I am looking for a bifold door with Liftstraps for my single car garage in my home. I can't lose an inch of headroom. I would also like to know if you have installers here in CA? Thanks


Good Morning! This may be a long-shot but i am looking for a unique bifold door solution for my one-car garage currently using a tilt style door. I want something more attractive than a roll-up but with the same benefits of giving me more headroom door space. Your site came up when searching these criteria but i'm not sure if you make something on this small of a scale or if it would be cost-effective. Thank you for your time! Anders- PS- My late Grandma and Grandpa are Leone and Walter Hedlund of Atwater! Small world.


I have an existing opening for a carport bifold garage door, 19’ wide x 7’4” high and clients want a garage door. There is no ceiling height for a standard interior garage door. Would like pricing for your door and Schweiss Autolatch system.


Hey to whoever this may concern, I am a contractor in long island, New york. I am working on a project in Massapequa, in Nassau County. I was curious to know if you guys have anyone in this area to come to the job and give me and estimate, for a 17'x 8' high-end bifold garage door. The porject requires a bifold type door, because of the space I need inside the garage for head room. Please contact me ASAP at 631-889-0373 to let me know what the situation is and how we can move forward. THank you, Blake.


Hi- I am looking for some CAD/ BIM files of the Bi-fold self-locking garage door with the all-strap design. We are looking to use the Bottom Drive or the Horizontal Top drive applications. I would appreciate if you could provide me some details in Revit/ CAD versions. Thanks


I am interested in building my own garage doors. My door opening is 12x14 feet. Can I get a price for the bifold and one piece door kit? Also send instructions for installing these doors


Im looking for a door that spans 22' by 8' tall. Its for a carport and I was considering a bifold liftstrap carport door because I think there will be to much sag in a standard one. If you make or have the ability to do so please let me know thank you Josh


I desire to replace my overhead with a bifold liftstrap or quad fold door. Standard Garage opening 7x16 Thank you, Paul


I'm looking for a garage door that opens out due to the design of the house. It would need to be able to stand up to harsh coastal conditions so I'm thinking an aluminum frame bifold might be the ticket. The house is right on the beach on the north Oregon coast.


Moved into an older house with a narrow garage. We're making it wider and and want to install a bifold door with lift straps (quieter, save space in the garage, aesthetics, etc.) We should be able to set up what ever support the doors require. Would like a quote for the doors with lift straps and photo eye sensors, delivery etc and info about installation (can our builder do it?) Thanks


Hi, I am building a new house and am interested in a bifold glass door with remote openers for my garage. Rough opening is 18 x 8. Please call or email with a rough estimate. This is for a new construction house (currently framing) in Malibu CA. Thanks, Greg Lefevre


can you please send me more info about your residential bi-fold door and pricing? I m building a 2 car garage and i would be interested by your bifolding door with lifting straps product. Thank you, Maxine


We are building a new detached 25' x 25' garage in an historic district. Need a bifold or hydraulic door to match style of adjacent existing carriage house. I understand your door systems can handle all the exterior cladding weight we will probably use.


I would like to get an estimate for a 40 foot wide by 12 foot opening bi fold garage door with lift straps and your best backup system. Please


Trying to maximize clearance on detach garage with finished up stairs. Looking to maximize header height to fit my truck in garage approximately 7.5ft tall. Looking for a 16x ~8ft bifold liftstrap/ remote operated door. Like to know clearances/options/prices to complete this task.


I am building a shop and am interested in your product for the garage door. Do you sell standard garage door kits? Do you have installation guides or do you require a contractor to install the door? Will I lose any headroom with a bifold strap door?


I have a 40x80 garage. 8’ doors on the side walls but no door on the gable ends. Ceiling is 12’ tall. Wondering about getting a door installed to be able to use the full 12’ ceiling of my garage. Have one big door 12’ high by 16’ wide. Bifold liftstrap and automatic latching door. Is that an option if so what would the price be to install that. Are the doors insulated? The garage is a stick built building. Looking forward to hearing from you. Thanks.


Looking for a door that’s 12 x 12 my city ordinance will not allow me to go over 8 feet in height with my door. I want to do something just like you show on your Must See Photo section that was done in Washington and Minnesota.


I need some information on price and options for a small garage door using the bifolding type lift door with straps. It’s smaller than regular garage doors.


Looking to do a bifold lift up garage door on a commercial building. Approx 10 ft x 10ft. Want an aluminum with panes in it, and lifts so that when open/lifted, the door becomes a covering...do you do California?


I have a 12 ft wide overhead garage door that I would like to convert to bi-fold to gain the full height garage door to fit my car lift. Can the bifold be ordered with black lift straps and photo eye sensors?


We just had some questions regarding whether you custom build for garage doors or not. We have a garage door we need built and only hydraulic doors would fit because of the garages position. We like your liftstrap doors and designer doors.


Our client is considering installing 3 each 16'-0 wide x 10'-0 clear height all glass horizontal bifold garage designer doors. We would like to know a name of one of you authorized installer in Southern California to help us with design, details and pricing. Thank you!


I would like to get a quote for a bi fold designer style garage door for a building we are putting up Glass with black frames Approx size 10' wide x 9' h please let me know the next steps thanks


Good morning, I am looking for a modern bifold garage door with dimensions of 20' wide x 9' high. The door needs to be flush with the exterior finish of the building and with remote opener. The project address is Marco Island, Fl.


I live in a residential building and I wanted to investigate the possibility of adding a Schweiss designer glass bifold garage door to my garage. There currently is no door and the opening is roughly 11 feet wide x 7 feet tall. I can send pictures of the space once we get the ball rolling via email exchange if there is a possible path forward here, where I would be interested in purchasing a door and the installation. Ideally, it would be great if a rep could examine the space in person to assess everything, but if that is not part of the purchase model, I completely understand. One concern I have at the moment is height clearance once the bifold door is open since the opening is currently only 7 feet tall, so if possible to equip my garage with a bifold door, do you have a rough estimate of what the clearance would with the bifold door open (e.g. 6 feet)? Would a Schweiss hydraulic glass designer door give me more headroom? The information below is an estimate for the quote, but can provide confirmed information once feasibility is better known and work w/ the sales team, as appropriate (for instance, not sure about the side column type). Thanks and look forward to hearing from you. Mike


I am doing a project that requires a 9'0" x 8'0" opening for the garage. The garage will have a lift in it. I'd like to use your strapped bifold door in order to increase my headroom.. This is a residential job. The door will have to be insulated. ,The wall construction will be 2 x 6 x 12'. I can structure the wall and header as needed to accommodate your door spec. Stephen


Looking for details for a bifold lifting strap door for a small single car garage. Door dimensions 8' x 8'. Would like the exterior (wood clad) face of the door to match the exterior (wood clad) face of the wall -- ideally, the door would be "invisible", just like those pictured on your Schweiss Doors website.


Hello, I'm working on the design of a 7,000sf new construction single-family residence in Sun Valley, Idaho. The client wants to incorporate bifold garage doors for the garage. One concern I have is the clear height dimension of 10' being compromised by the way bifold doors exist in the open position. Any general dimensions or details at the head/sill/jambs would be greatly appreciated in order to move the design along. Should that be a problem, my client is also open to purchasing a hydraulic door.


I am consider replacing a residential roll-up model garage door with a bifold liftstrap door and interested in getting a ballpark price. The opening is 17'1" by 7'4". Wood and glass panes across top.


Hello, I am interested in bi-fold doors for my home. I have a two car garage with two single garage door openings. The garage doors are roughly 8x7. Would it be possible to get a quote as well as options for 2 bifold liftstrap doors with windows? Thank you, Dennis Lauder


Looking for a quick, rough quote on a selection of bifold liftstrap garage doors. Design-/appearance-wise as standard as you can get. Installation quote not necessary. Basic wood door. Small windows at eye-level. 6 doors, 8’ wide, 8’ tall


Hi! What is the approximate cost for a 30 /- foot long bifold strap designer door for a garage in California? Garage is most likely going to be 12ft tall. Garage is going to be mostly dug out, so will most likely be cement around and whatever we need for the front to hold the door.


Hello, I would like to know the price for a glass bifold liftstrap door and hydraulic power one piece window. The dimensions are 8’10” wide and 8’ height. It’s a new residential build and will need two garage doors. Thanks. Darryn.


I have an ADU being built and we are interested in exploring your bifold lifting strap doors for our garage which will technically be a work space. Happy to share details when we connect. -Cody


Do you supply to California? If so, could you provide a quote for a residential bifold designer style garage door delivered to Sacramento, CA (95817)? The door size is approximately 117”W x 85”H. Cheers, Erik


would like to have a price on a folding garage door...10X8...strap lift..plain, no windows, using your best backup system in case of a power outage...and if it is possible to have it delivered in Quebec City Canada...or...do you have dealers here in Canada Thanks


Hi, We're evaluating the use of a bifold designer style liftstrap garage door for a residential application. The opening is about 8ft wide x 7ft high. It's a very small door compared to what is typically shown on your website. Can you please provide a price range to determine if this is a viable option. Thank you


hi, im in toronto canada i need 2 garage residential doors 9 feet high and 9 feet wide clear. i like the inside mount and only want doors with lift straps. can you price me also on what two or three windows would cost. thanks


I saw your Bi Fold strap[ door at Equinox in Marina Del Rey. I’m interested in a Bi Fold designer garage door for a new home construction that should be ready in one month. Both walls are solid concrete.


Hello, I am looking at a Bi-Fold Liftstrap Door system for a garage at a new residence proposed at Miami FL. Could you please provide a section drawing of this? Any details would be greatly appreciated. Garage Door Dimensions are 10'H x 16'W Thanks,


We have a residential 176.5 inch wide garage door we'd like to have a bifold door. Are your bifold garage doors manufactured to be custom-made to the inch?


Inquiring about 16' x 7' garage door, bifold as an alternative to other types of doors that don't maximize headroom like your strap doors do.


I am doing a residential garage project and I want to price two (2) 16' X 9' garage doors. They will be on opposite sides of a 30' X 50' shop/garage. I need price and delivery estimates on your liftstrap designer style garage doors with windows and the price of a walk door on the larger bifold.


I am starting the planning on my detaches garage / shop, and want to build the structure around your bifold liftstrap doors. Not sure where to start... Can any 20X10 opening support your doors? What is the ballpark cost of a 20X10 strap vs hydraulic?


I am purchasing the above addressed home. It has a 16’ W. X 7’H Finished garage door opening. Can you quote me a replacement flush mount bifold door? Please include price of shipping, bifold lifstraps, automatic locking system.


I am interested in a bifold lifting strap hangar style garage door with glazed panels approx 6m x 2.2m in needs to look cool! Include cost of shipping to the UK


Wood frame home with existing tilt up garage door. Beam in garage prevents a sectional garage door, and roll up not desirable. I have photos to show design of garage door. Thinking a bifold strap door would be best for the added headroom it provides, but want to chat with a sale person.I will send photos to the email above.


Hi, I'm looking for a bifold Liftstrap quiet opening door for a house garage door 7'x16' with the special Schweiss interlocking insulation and company installation. Due to space constraints on the inside to roll the door (will hit a beam ~5ft away from the door. the bifold door looks like the perfect solution to fit the automatic system and the door without losing any headroom. Can I have a quote for door door opener, windows etc, etc and installation, please? Thanks, Mircea Dan


Looking for budgetary estimate for either type of Schweiss longer lasting hydraulic or bifold Liftstrap door for a residential garage door with glass to take advantage of natural lighting.


Have a difficult large opening for a bifold door for a three car garage, we can veneer, but need lift, door, etc, installation done by you. Can send drawings. thanks, TLL


Hi, I’m interested in a residential bifold glass designer garage door. The opening is roughly 9x 6 feet and I need as much headroom as possible. Can you provide a quote or connect me with a dealer? I’m in the Seattle area. Thanks


Hello, I'm looking for a hangar or bi-fold strap door to put to use in a residential setting. 8'0" x 7'0". Customer is trying to install a vehicle lift and to replace current sectional door with a bifold garage door in order to give him needed headroom for his vehicle lift inside.


Looking for a 18 ft wide and 12.5 ft high opening garage door insulated bifold strap. Location is Belton TX. Building is wood framed and masonry walls outside and drywall inside. Please send a price quote as well as installation quote and cost to have remote opener and auto latches. I can send you detailed specs of the opening with appropriate photographs. Thanks Mack


BIFOLD Residential Garage bifold liftstrap door. Door. Size: W=19'3" x H=9'-0" We are looking for a combination between Flush Panel with frosted long windows on top. Color white. Insulated.


Inquiring about price information for a vertical bifold designer double garage door (16ft x 7ft) that is glass panel. Current plan calls for a sectional garage door but I would like to keep the inside clear of track. Thanks! -Brad


We are building a large custom home in Park City, UT. I'm wanting to put a 20' x 10' garage door on a sport court. I'm looking into bifold and hydraulic doors and are wanting to understand more about them.


I need 3 standard size bifold liftstrap garage doors for my house. I am looking to bump out my garage 3' and bifold doors allow me to not have to go out further with the existing header on the house.


We have a single car garage, and we are thinking of turning the door into a bifold liftstrap door opening. it's a tiny garage and the ceiling space would be awesome to use for additional storage. Looking for a quote on a basic door with minimal glass for privacy. More contemporary then traditional.


Last stages of laneway/carriage house construction. I’m the owner working with GC and architect. Need vertical accordion or bifold liftstrap designer garage door 7’ x 15.5’. Would like to put you into contact with GC. Time sensitive.


Just getting an idea of prices for bifold garage doors with liftstraps and windows for a home garage standard size of 16'x7' as well as a small bifold garage door with a size of 6'x80" (size of a double wide standard door). We would be purchasing and installing them at the same time - so additionally what would be the cost to have you install them in addition to the base cost.


Hello, I have a garage door business in Perth Western Australia. I want to build a small scale version of your lift up door. Can you advise me or direct me to where I can purchase electric struts to suit a door 2400mm high x 4500mm wide max 200kg door weight? Also if you have any technical info on what position to mount struts in conjunction with hinge point? Your website is very good too, love you bifold garage doors! Regards Paul


Hi-- I'm in the early stages of planning a large, residential garage/workshop build. I was hoping to get price estimates for budgetary purposes for either 1 or 3 bifold liftstrap designer garage doors. The front is planned to have 2 fairly standard doors (9' wide by 8' tall) and the back will have 1 glass door (9' wide by 8' tall). The front doors need to look like standard panel-type garage doors (building code).


looking for a single panel garage door to close off an outdoor kitchen, metal frame, single-paned glass, 14' wide 10' tall. do any of your doors come with a spring opening such as a bifolding garage door or just hydraulic? Looking for a rough quote, exact measurements are being worked on. thank you, Kevin-


I have a Trailer garage that has a 20' wide by only 11' high opening and with a conventional garage door only opens to 10'6" and I need at least 11' to accommodate an rv I want to buy. Can I convert to one of your bifold doors that can be mounted to the outside of my garage to save headroom? Do I need a bigger opening to make that work?


I have a 40'x40' steel I-beam structure that is used to store vehicles and is also used for family gatherings. I would like to have 1-2 bifold liftstrap doors installed. One side is currently unfinished with a 40' opening. Would like to close it in with at least one door approximately 18'x17' (possible new super-structure frame as I would like the bifold door in the center of the 40' wall and there are currently no supports). I would like to look at options to allow as much light as possible as it faces south. The second door would be approximately 18'x12', again with options to allow as much light as possible and aesthetically pleasing as it faces our house (this door would need to be bifold as the snow slides off the roof on that side). The other two walls of the structure are covered with James Hardie batton and board concrete siding (I add this comment as I would like to continue the trend of the aesthetics (not just metal siding) I can send photos as well as the original plans for the structure. I am east coast time and would be available Wednesday 8am-noon but if I don't get your call please leave a message.


Good day. My basic question is do you have "residential" applications that are not for instance RV height etc. We have standard garage door height; but want a bifold or hydraulic garage door that opens out and does not obstruct the garage ceiling. Your product is wonderful; even if I cannot use your service. Thank you , Jim Clark


Please email me with a local distributor if you have one. I am in Southern California in San Clemente. Most of my projects are custom residential but I also do commercial. I am interested in your hydraulic and  bi-fold liftstrap garage doors with clear glass as a substitute for "La Cantina" bi-fold doors. Thank you. Christine Lampert


We are working on a residential project for a new construction custom home. This home features a walkout basement that will be finished at a later date. This is a modern style home and we think a bifold liftstrap and auto latching garage style door with a remote opener rather than a traditional sliding/folding door would be perfect! We would like to obtain a quote and discuss installation and style options.


I'm putting together a bid for a single family home in Beverly Hills Ca. The plans are specifying a Schweiss bifold designer garage door 18' x 9'. Vertical bifold . I need to determine a cost for the door and all hardware/equipment required and a possible installation by you or someone in the Los Angeles area that you guys would recommend and what the cost of installation would be. Please call or email me regarding this matter at your earliest convenience.


Hi I'm looking to get a bifold door for my garage. It is a 10' opening. I also need for it to be insulated. Let me know if this is something you can do and how much it would be. Thank you.


Looking to install very simple strap lift (or maybe hydraulic depending on cost) folding mancave door on my garage to save space on the inside and to provide a little shade on the outside when I work on my truck in the driveway. I currently have the original 1950's aluminum lift up door. (with handle on the bottom and 2 helper springs on the sides) on the house now, and I'd like to keep the new mancave garage door as close to the original design. Do you do these small type jobs? Do you have a local installer in Los Angeles? Can you give me an idea of the costs for a basic unit?


Looking for a specially designed bifold 10 ft wide garage door that is mounted at an angle to the building so a regular track can not work.


My inquiry is for bifold liftstrap patented door for a residential attached garage. The opening height is 10ft and is 16ft wide. My question is what would the price range be assuming the strap lift option? Please let me know. Dave


Looking for a bifold liftstrap style door for a new residential garage I'm currently building. Opening dimensions 12 ft (W) by 9 ft (H). should have insulated panels . do you offer this style of product and if so can I get an approximate price to include a remote door opener.


I have a unique issue for trying to get a car lift in my garage. I have a low ceiling 3 feet out from my garage door and I need to have as much room as possible to fit a car lift in. I was wondering how much it cost to have a bi-fold style garage door installed.


We have been asked to build a residential garage with a car lift. They want to install a lifting bifold strap door, about 8' wide by 9'6" tall to access the lift. In looking at your website, I am not sure if you offer a small lift bifold door. I would like an estimate and local installer for this garage project who services the Portland Oregon area. Email response or phone call is OK. Thanks


Our garage door opening is about 8 ft wide by 7 ft tall -- we are interested in information on folding Schweiss designer garage door for this opening. Preferably insulated, with translucent ("frosted" type) glazing. Please send me applicable information, thanks. Installation would be in Prescott, Arizona.


My fiance and I are looking into getting a house built soon, and with what we would like to do to the garage we are looking at a custom Schweiss bifold liftstrap garage door. Looking for a ball park price on a 16x7 metal bifold garage door! Thank you


I am looking to open the side of my single car garage with your Bifold door lifstrap drive style, the horizontal top drive specifically. I need to know pricing and lead times for delivery and manufacturing. Please call after 8 a.m. PST. Thank you


Good Day - We have a garage door project in New York City called 100 Vandam. Our company is providing a 9 car automated parking system for the ownership. There is a request to provide bi-folding overhead doors in front of this system. These doors will have to be color matched to the architect spec, as well as have see-through panels - glass or poly. We traditionally offer sliding doors, with glass fillings but I cannot get the finish that the architect is requiring. I would like to send over some plans to review if possible. Please email me so I can reply with plans and renderings. ryan@hardingsteel.com Regards, Ryan 


I am interested in talking to you about a small bifold door for my one-car garage. My mid-century modern house has a one-car carport which I would like to enclose and convert into a garage. However, the front of the roof slants, and the overhead clearance is insufficient for a "normal" garage door to slide beneath the supporting beams, so I would like an approximate price for a Schweiss bi-fold door, or even a hydraulic door if that saves me more headroom. Width of the space is approx 13' total; obviously the door would not need to be that wide; single-car garage door width (8-10') is fine. On the left side, attached to the house, the height of the underside of the roof is about 8.125', with a beam that hangs down 9". The roof and beam slant downwards at about a 4 degree angle to the right, where the underside of the roof measures 7.125', again with an approximate 9" beam hanging down. Is it possible to attached the door to the beam underneath the roof overhang (there is no fascia), which I'm sure has the strength to handle it? Or could I build a structure in front of and attached to the beam, to hold the door? Please give me a call or email and let me know if this is possible. I have some photos and a rough drawing if that would help. Laurie


Current garage door is one piece 19' x 7'. I wanted to add a garage door opener, but since there is a roof truss in the way, I cannot swap it to a 3 sectional garage door. So I am looking for alternatives, either one of: 1- a garage door opener for an existing one piece door. If it exist. 2- a horizontal/ vertical bifold liftstrap or swing out garage door.


Do you have a bi-folding garage door for a residential use? My client has 1-car garage door. Due to limited headroom we cannot have a track on the ceiling inside the garage, so the Schweiss bi-fold is by far the best door option.


My company has a garage we are building from the ground up in Los Angeles that the owner would like a bi-fold garage door with straps, windows and remote opener.


We are expanding our RV garage to 13' high and 12'wide. Can you send literature on what Schweiss RV doors you have that would fit this description" Email would be fine. We are looking to compare the hydraulic to bifold doors. 


Need a price on bifold garage door 9 ft long by 7 ft , Looking for basic price on your best quality bifold liftstrap door, but nothing too expensive thank you!


Building garage to accommodate my current travel trailer...or RV. Structure will be approx 16Wx35L. Even though my travel trailer is 9'Wx30'Lx11.5'H, I am thinking I would probably need a 14x14 door. Wondering the cost of such a bifold door and if you have a dealer network in South Carolina. Thanks


Looking for pricing for a single 8'-0" by 20'-0" garage bifold door, no glazing. Project located in western North Carolina, near Brevard.


I am looking for this size Doors 1 - 10' x 10' Bifold 2 - 8' X 8' Bifold No time soon just looking. Haven't started building or grading yet and also looking at The Carolina Carports?? Would these door work on this style of building? Maybe with out any exterior covering where I could use the same as what is on the rest of the building??


Hi I am looking to get a bid for a garage door installation in Pasadena, CA I want to speak with a sales rep and send down some plans. Is there someone that can please call me? I need an installer who is licensed in California. Thanks


Dear sir/madam, We are building a one car garage and we are looking for a modern bifold garage door with industrial look. We would like to know if your company makes bifold doors for residential customers. If yes what are your standard finish options, lead times and price. Our rough opening is 96"wide and 80"tall. Can you please let us know if you have any dealers in New Jersey? Best regards, Oscar 


Hello, I'm working on building a garage door, and I want to include lift-strap bifold door. I am trying to decide between using one 8' x 16' door and one 8' x 26' door, or three 8' x 14' doors. From what I've read on your site, it sounds like the width of the door is not a major limitation for the lifting motor, is this correct? Thank you


I need a garage door for a restaurant in Manhattan, the bifold when it opens has to keep a clearance of 7 ', the garage door will have wide glass.


Hi we're looking to have a 16' lift-strap Bifold for a garage with a blackened steel finish. Thank You


I'm looking for a quote on a 16'x8' bifold door for a detached garage I'm building.


We would like to replace our garage door with a lift strap bifold door, and we would like to field apply the siding for the structure onto the face of this door. Thanks!


I have a steel building with just the front being open. My problem is I need a door that will give me a total height opening of 12' 9" or more so my rv will be able to enter. The building guy built it such that there is not 20" above 12' 9" to fit a rollup style canister door and it is 6" too low even for a panel type home garage door system. The building is 18' wide and has 12' vertical upright legs and a pitched roof so that a 12' wide door centered has around 13' 4" at the peak centered. Since your bifold exterior mount door folds outward I was hoping we could mount one of these type doors and obtain the clearance under the door header of 12' 9" or more. Ideally a 13' tall opening would be great for future rv's etc. I have an experienced garage door installer who can weld up the necessary front frame kit to fit your prehung door system and finish side panels etc. What would it cost for an exterior mount, non insulated panel strap operated system with a clear height of say 12' 10" and an opening width of 12'? Shipped to my address here in california.


Hello I am curious about your doors, I am planning on building a new garage/barn and do like the idea of the liftstrap bi-fold door. Any information would be greatly appreciated. I wound need to know what steps would need to be taken during building to accommodate your door Thanks Meryl


Rebuilding a detached garage to the ground and making the garage more of an outdoor living place. The bifold door fits as the garage will not be opened often and will allow for a system to be in the room that does not have traditional garage door frames in the center of the outdoor comfort room. In the end the structure would open to the street through the bifold door, but help provide the living space we are turning the structure into. What power is needed to operate the door? Or for that matter, what type of hydraulic pump if that were a route we went? What is a basic lead time of a door? 18' x 8' for a household car garage?


We are planning to rebuild/replace our garage. It has some space constraints as it has a very tall ceiling but we don't want to obstruct it with standard garage door rails. The door opening is 10ft x 10ft. We are looking at the option of replacing it with a bi fold door or a hydraulic garage door. Could you tell me what the price ranges are for those types of doors? We would not be looking for a particularly fancy door with windows or anything. Thanks Amy


I have a large barn that I want to convert to a garage. Hoping you might have some installers on Long Island to come and give me some ideas and estimates. Thanks!


Do you make an inexpensive garage door, 16 feet wide? Bifold. I'm making a western store front street with barn wood facade. Thanks, Doug


Do you have bifold door installers in Tucson, AZ? If not is installation difficult for a tradesman skilled in framing and electrical? My door is for a residential garage and will be 20 X 10.5. My main reason for wanting a bifold door is that they mount to the outside of the opening which will give me about an additional 12" of useable length inside the building. Thank You


We are looking to install stucco over the face of a garage door and are concerned about the following: 1. Weight 2. We don't want the stucco to crack. Any Ideas? Also we like your bi-fold system but are concerned the exposed large top joint with the rubber flashing will be too visable and ugly. Any ideas?


I am in search of a residential garage door that meets the following... 1. fully opening to the outside to accommodate car lift on the inside of the garage which does not allow for traditional garage doors. 2. Garage opening is roughly 16x7. Garage is made from brook on the exterior with wooden frame. 3. single slab or bi-fold 4. Automatic opener hopefully via remotes from vehicles. 5. Aesthetically, I was hoping for a modern, full-view, frosted glass, black metal frame appearance. I may need to sacrifice this for price though. Please let me know what my options and rough price ranges look like. Thank you, Harold


I am building a house in TN and need a garage for my 42 ft motorhome. Please send me additional information that is on your web page. Please enclose estimated costs. Door opening will need to be 12 x 14 at a minimum. Thank you. Perry


Hello, Do you have any stock doors/styles (and pricing) or is everything custom order? We are looking for a 18' -20' wide garage door and like this bifold option. Thanks! Mark


1. Garage Height: 10'7". Need door: minimum 10' maximum 10'4" 3. Fold up or side folds will work need motorized 4. 18' wide 5'. Standard insulated with windows This is a residential home Stucco framed 6" wood Please send estimate


I am looking for a retro fit; there is no garage presently. I have a residence with low entry and ceiling for my garage. the height is a around 2 meters. Do you have any suggestion as to how I can gain as much headroom as possible using your Schweiss bifold liftstrap garage door? thanks very much. Ron


I have a client who is converting their car port to a garage with a 7'2" ceiling. There is an existing wide flange header but the door needs to be flush front. Would like to discuss. Thank you, Sarah


Hello, We will build 6 houses with garage for airplaines in our country, looking supplier for doors, need 12meters or 39,37feet. Thinking about bifold liftstrap garage doors Can you offer for us?


We are looking for bifold liftstrap/autolatch doors for car garages. For a house in Seychelles. Do let us know if you would be interested in supplying the same.


Hello, I'm looking for options to do a bifold door for our garage door (new construction, contemporary design) Opening is 20' wide, 9'-4" height. The side attachment is into concrete, the top will be attached to LVL header beam. Would you supply to frame, hardware and mechanics, and we would do the cladding? Or would you do the entire custom made  bifold garage door? Looking for rough pricing information as well, for our planning. Thank you! Kai


Please quote and send us bifold liftstrap designer garage door info. The door widths will be over 10 meter The q'ty will be 45 doors, delivery time will be end of 2018. Thank you Ann 


Hello, We're working on a project that requires a few bi-fold garage doors of approximately 7' high by 10' wide. We're trying to find details of your bifold liftstrap and auto latching system to show how it works to our client. I'd appreciate it if I could get any detail drawings that could help us integrate it with our architectural and structural intentions, and be able to inform our client better. Thank you.


Hi, I am looking for a garage door to install in my new house, currently under design. I want a large door to access my garage without columns in the middle so I can use all the space. I am not sure whether to use bi-fold type over one-piece hydraulic door, but I know that I would like windows in the door.


We are starting construction on a three car residential garage. Second project is on same property and is approximately 12ft wide 10ft high boat house door. Boat house is existing and concrete block construction. feel free to call or email with additional questions before quote.


Good afternoon. I'd like to install bifold garage doors on a modern, residential 3-car garage. They will be typical car garage door size. Can you give me a ball-park estimate for a single door with lift mechanisms? Thanks, Alex


I am VERY interested in an overhead, exterior mount, bi-fold garage door for my residence to replace the existing traditional double garage overhead door. Is there a dealer/installer in my area of FL? Thanks, Peter


I would like to replace my garage door with a lift-strap bifold door. I am interested in the "build your own door" option as well. How can we get started? I have a detached double wide garage with space above the opening where I would like the door to be when it is open. The opening is 7'4", but the wall is 10' high, so the new door could be 10' tall, and leave an opening of at least 7'4" when open. The garage is basically a square building, with 2 feet on either side of the door opening. I am open to the whole door being stand alone in front of the existing building if that is possible. I can send pictures if you need.


I m looking for Bifold garage door pricing(by sq.ft estimate if possible. Also if we could do a normal insulated metal vs. insulated glass pricing if available. If not by sq. ft. we are looking at using 10'x12' normal garage style bifold and a 10'x12' glass bifold.


Was wondering if you had a dealer in the metro Detroit area that could come out and look at an opening we have that we would like to put a bifold garage door into. It would have a weird step in the bottom panel and not sure if that is able to be done or not.


Hi. do you supply the mechanism and control units for building the door onto self built glazed garage doors? i am interested in the rams with ball screw actuator. Thanks, Chad


Hello - I'm working on a Residential project in Northern California and we're converting an old airplane hangar on the property into a garage. We'd like to use one of your bifold doors in lieu of the existing large sliding doors in the hangar. The opening is approximately 11' high and 22' wide. Can you help me figure out which one of your bifold systems is most appropriate for this opening, and what kind of costs we're looking at? Thanks! Dirk


I have a 7' tall by 9' wide, looking for a new garage door and would like to use a lift-strap bi-fold door. I see aviation hangars that way. Do you have anything that would work for me. My problem is low head room in the garage, but I see that you offer no loss of head room in your designs. Please send pics and prices if you do. Thanks


I have an old shop that needs a new garage door. It is 18 ft wide by 9 ft high. I am interested in a Schweiss one-piece hydraulic door, but I am also curious about a lift-strap bifold door.


Hi, I am an architect working on a high-end residential scheme in London and I am interested in your lift-strap bi-fold doors as the street level doors for our basement parking garage. First question, do you supply to the UK? then; are your doors suitable for 7 openings/hour. Also what is the typical opening speeds, we are looking for around 1' 6"/s. Anyway, I look forward to hearing from you. Kind regards,   Alan


I am looking to install a lift-strap bi-fold door on my RV garage.  The door opening is approx. 14' high by 12' wide. The door needs to be attached to the external (front) face to allow clearance for the nose of my camper.


We are currently working on a rather unique project and I was looking at either the lift-strap bifold or one-piece hydraulic door for a garage in Toronto. The rough opening is 8' x 16'. Would love to learn more about the system, what customization options there are for the garage door finish and timelines for fabrication and installation. Thanks, Joel L.


We are homeowners working on a residential outbuilding project. Instead of a traditional roll up garage door, we are thinking about lift-strap bi-fold doors. The clear opening desired is 8' by 8'. It looks from your website as though you do indeed manufacture doors this small. What would be the approximate cost of a strap bi-fold, with automatic open/close? And what is the add on cost for insulated glass windows and insulation? Thanks much! Dave and Alice


Interested in hangar style one-piece hydraulic door for my garage/workshop and have a few questions. Could you have someone in sales please call or email me? Thank you in advance. Sam


Hello, I am really interested in a Schweiss lift-strap bi-fold door for my garage. The opening is: 2200mm x 2780mm (height x width). The walls are concrete and cinderblocks. Please could you send a quote? What cover material do you propose? Is there a manual backup (crank, handle)? Is it possible to ship by container (sea freight)? Thanks in advance. Best regards, Carl


Looking for an 18 ft x 7 ft horizontal lift-strap bi-fold garage door for residential application. The structure is brick.


I'm looking for 2 residential garage doors for my home in CA. I want 2 bi-fold garage doors that match the style with the rest of the neighborhood. Thanks


We are specifying the bi-fold in one of our residential projects and I would like to get some info/confirmation if we are able to do a 17'10" wide x 8'0" high (clear) bi-fold garage door and an estimate of how much it will be.


Do you have details describing the preferred Bifold garage door attachment to a concrete wall? Responce by email is best.


I am looking for a door for a custom garage. The door size is 8 feet high by 24 feet wide (minimum width). What do you recommend, I'm leaning towards a bi-fold garage door, but a hydraulic door also looks pretty appealing? What is the price for the door, with and without installation? It will go into a garage with a stucco exterior, single story, "flat" roof. Any suggestions are welcome. Thank you.


Residential - Tandem garage where side wall to open to garden with lift-strap bifold garage door. Door Size - ~16' w x 7' h Door Material - ideally wood / glass but can be changed depending on cost or weight restrictions. Building is hipped roof. 2x4" walls 8' 2.5" high to top of double top plate. Wall reinforcement will be restricted by existing overhead front door that is ~13" from the side wall used for new bifold door. Questions - ~ cost and shipping. ~ header requirements. local contractors in Toronto area.


Hi, We are working on a residential project and wanted to get a quote for (2) bi-fold garage doors with lift straps for use in the garage. We would prefer manual operation. - Minimum R5 insulated doors - Finished face of doors to be either gray metal panels or gray cement board - 4 story house is partially built. Garage walls are concrete and currently poured in place. Floor plates and the structure above the garage is framed with steel and wood.


I am working on a restaurant project in PA. The client showed me some photos of a bifold garage door, but I think for his project the hydraulic garage door may make more sense. Is there a local rep for Eastern PA? I will need more info for either option. Thank you,  Stewart, Architect.


I am interested in both the bi-fold and the hydraulic garage doors. I have a residential, one-car garage, and am wondering if one of these could be affordable. The garage opening is 8 feet wide by 7 feet wide.


Hello, I'm looking for quotes for lift-strap Bifold and Hydraulic one-piece lift door options for a single car garage. Happy to send pics and additional measurements.


Hello, your lift-strap bi-fold doors look really nifty, and I'm thinking about designing them into a large residential garage / shop here in Colorado. I was wondering if you have any rough pricing for a bi-fold door that would be 22' wide by about 12-15' tall. Also, are there options where I can just get the framing and install my own siding? Are there any discounts for multiple door purchases (even if they are of different sizes)?


I am very interested in a bifold garage door solution for my garage doors. My current home has two separate 8' w x 8'6'' h single piece manual doors. Due to the space constraints of the garage and it has been next to impossible to find a suitable cost effective residential solution other than replicating the old cantilevered doors I currently have. I was hoping your bifold garage doors may provide the ideal solution. If not, I am looking at fabricating a solution of my own utilizing your lift strap system.


We are buying a home with a 2 car garage with no door. the ceiling height would be to low for vehicles if we hung the opener and the opened door from the celling. I am looking for more information and I think one of your one-piece hydraulic doors doors may work. Thanks Bill


We are building a residential garage in NYC with 11 ft high ceiling and a 26ft wide door. We would like the door opening to allow at least an 8ft high vehicle. We expect to use steel for the framing and could use tube or I beam. Would a bifold door work in this application and if so, what is the cost range? Am I right in thinking that more windows mean more weight, more cost and less insulation? Many thanks, Carl


We have an elaborate circular garage with a front opening with no door as it was a carport per se. There are triangular skylights in it and curved planter boxes with huge plants around the side. It is two car. Ideally we would like to install a Schweiss liftstrap bifold door with photo eye sensors across the front with as much glass a possible as the city will allow that, keeping the nice street view of the most unusual carport. Could you handle that when we are in California and if not do you know a local company who does bifold glass doors? There is a six inch difference in the floor height from one side to the other but perhaps you have an idea to handle that, to keep dust off the cars? How many Schweiss glass panels would the door have and is it possible to have the frames by grey in color? Schweiss horizontal bifold is perfect. Guess we could get an 8 foot door and install framing to the top as structure has a sloped roof with beams to support it and we would build wood beam behind the 2 X 12 front beam to add the door behind it. the opening from the bottom of this 2 X 12 is 7 ft 9 in on one side and 8 ft 3 in on other side. Floor is brick facing over heavy beams. How heavy would be door be? The sides of the opening are double shingle but we would install a perpendicular beam or remove shingles on the interior side to join up door to the wall.


Looking at replacing my old wood lift garage door on my house. I need to keep as much headroom, length and width as possible for my new F-150 truck to fit in the garage. The size below is approximate and probably will not be any larger. The attached garage is standard 2x4 wood frame construction with a 4x wood header built in 1958..... I am a general contractor and was wondering if installation of your bifold lifstrap garage door with auto latching system  would be something I could do myself or is wise to have you do the installation? Maybe your doors would be a solution that I can fit into my budget.... Thanks! Rob


Hello, I'm interested in obtaining ballpark pricing for a small bifold garage door. We are looking to install two Schweiss garage doors in the facade of a studio/ garage building and would like to consider bi-fold if it would fit in the budget.


I am working on a permitted project where the architect has called for a Schweiss designer garage door. I would like to receive a bid for purchase and installation please. Please email me to receive a copy of the construction plans. Thanks, Troy


We are looking to get one lift-up bifold garage doors for a residence in Washington, DC. Let us know about your products, options, and prices.


I would like a price on a designer garage door bifold 30 foot wide 13 six high and specs on it to include windows, remotes, walk door.


I have a client that wants a garage door on her carport design and does not have the clearance required to do a normal door. I was wondering if you could give me some pricing information and details for a simple architects kinetic door design for a 7' high x 8' wide bifold door. Thank you, Jess


We are building a kinetic architectural designed custom home and would like a quote for a bifold garage door- wood or fiberglass wood-look exterior, "carriage house" style. Plans still under review by client- please let me know who I should contact for a quote. Home will be constructed by this fall.


I live in Los Angeles CA..I would like Schweiss non wood bi fold doors for my garage. Is this something that you can help me with?


What would a beautiful Schweiss door like this cost? Supply only. FOB your plant. RE: HOME OWNERS PRIVATE GARAGE pictured on the Schweiss Doors website. This 38' x 14' One-Piece Hydraulic Door located in Denver, Colorado was purchased by Bruce Hamon in 2011. I am going to mention it to my client when I have some sort of a scale of cost. I have installed many bi-folds and  hydraulic hangar doors so am very familiar with the systems, and Schweiss doors are by far the best quality and trouble-free. Just looking for a quick and dirty budget number range. 


I have designed a project in which I would like to use your bi-fold latch strap door system. The door size is 26'-0" wide x 15'-0" high. The Owner is storing RVs in an oversized Garage. I am in need of all the engineering that will be required, most importantly the header required for the lifting assembly.  We are located in Southern California and look forward to working with your company on this Schweiss RV door project.


I have a small garage with a 10 foot ceiling. I would like to put a bifold liftstrap insulated door or hydraulic insulated door on it. I like the hydraulic door clean look and the fact it has fewer moving parts.


Hello, we are looking for a bare bones vertical folding or one piece hydraulic operated garage door for a Chicago, IL residential garage. The present door is approximately 18 feet wide and 8.5 feet high. While your website shows some gorgeous custom made doors, we would be looking for a more basic and generic door, which would be very cost effective. Due to the limited short garage, I think either type of door would be best. It is a brick garage with frame side columns. Thank you,


We have a tuck under garage with two single garage doors separated by a 24 inch wall support. Is it possible to have these replaced by a hydraulic door  or bifold garage door? We have to find someone to retrofit our MD house and install it? We can't get a conventional double overhead door because of the support beam for the upper part of the house that runs perpendicular to the garage doors. The present doors are narrow so to enter the garage we have to fold in the pickup mirrors and our Odyssey has very little side clearance also. Could you give us a base  ballpark figure for  a bifold door and a Schweiss hydraulic garage door approximately 20X7'? Just to get a feel for where we're starting at? Thank you.


Small garage on an alley. 24' wide (on the Alley) by 22' deep garage. This is a lean to, type building with the slope of roof to the alley. Door will be on the short end of building, on the alley. Insulated for ND  Sub Zero Cold Climate. No Man door! What will the actual open clearance of a 9'6" door be. We may have to make the garage taller, as I have an 8" lifted GMC K2500HD truck to fit inside. Also, how much does the top or bottom lift system intrude into the garage? Truck is 21' long. Would you recommend a bifold strap door or a hydraulic door?


Contemp home limited garage space indoors Thinking bifold, but will consider hydraulic garage door. Need idea of installed price of a 8'widex 7' tall frosted glass door going to MD.


Hello, I am in the planning phase of a WA residential garage build. The garage will be conventional stick and stucco construction. It will be fully insulated, do you offer a low maintenance (aluminum?) insulated interlocking panel bi-fold door? Structurally, what has to be taken into consideration on the framing of the garage? I currently do not know if is going on the end or wall side (either or at this point). Thanks


my garage is door opening is 9'9'' or 9' 6' high 31' wide give me a price on a bifold strap door that will lift heavy cedar cladding ..


Bifold liftstrap garage door with opener - cost and freight to my address or local dealer opening 15' 11" - 9' 2"


I'm interested in a custom bifold liftstrap door for a height restricted garage opening. Do you have a dealer or recommended installer in the Honolulu, Hawaii area? Thanks for your time. Tim


Hi bifold.com! It seems garage doors look so similar, we are looking for something a little bit distinctive or different looking, something with a nice sense of design. We have a small garage door (15 feet 10 inches wide, 7 feet tall), and don't want to spend a lot of $$, we live in Ojai CA. We would also be interested in one piece hydraulic powered  doors that swing outwards. Do you have those sorts of residential designer garage doors available and do you ship garage doors out here? Thanks very much


We are interested in folding doors for our twin garages. The Dimension of the garage door is 9'4" by 7'3". We want your fast opening liftstrap design with remote openers. 


This is a residential garage door 9'-0"wide by 7'-0" tall. We are looking for a garage door that opens outside of the garage space. IE... a vertically lifting bi-fold liftstrap garage door. City design constraints and need for a car lift limit choices for operation of garage door.


I have a low headroom garage space, and I'm not excited about having tracks and rear torsion springs inside the garage space. Can you provide a budgetary quote on a bifold strap door given this opening size? 7'x16'. I have a deck that overhangs the opening, can you tell me the minimum headroom required for the external bi-fold opening?


Our project is for 5 hydrau-lift or 5 bifolding liftstrap Schweiss doors (4 different sizes). The location is on Mt. Desert Island, Maine. We are building a two section, 4 vehicle garage (75' long) and a 60' x 30' boat shed that will have 3 doors. The structures will be engineered lumber and the siding and roof will be zink. The structures will be 125' from the shore so will need adequate windrating. We are interested in the system with 6" clearance when open. Look forward to speaking with someone - we can email CAD drawings ASAP. 


I'm building a car barn with car lifts so I need clearances without garage doors in the way. I'd like quotes on (3) 8'x8' fast opening straplift bi-folding doors.


I have a problem with a RV garage. I am not sure if the door will be the solution but what is the cost of a 12' X 16' tall bi-fold liftstrap door. Could 2' X 2' windows be added to the top half of the door? Could a stucco texture be added to the surface of the door as well? 


 How much would it cost for a single 24'x10' hydraulic door or bifold liftstrap door cost with a carriage door finish and high R insulation rating for a garage? My wife and I are planning on a new house with a larger garage space and I'd like the bifold or hydraulic door for head room above but I also want something rigid and can withstand high wind speeds. Also would like a safety where the door will lock and have protection from closing onto something (with an override). For curiosity do you have any hydraulic or vertical bifold doors that are engineered split into 2 doors with no division in the middle, allowing it to be 1 large opening and 2 independant doors? What do you think the cost would be for this kind of option?


Need a budgetary quote for a metal bifold strap door to be installed on a parking pad next to an alley. Should be enough room for you to install.


Please provide me a rough estimate of the cost for two bifold garage doors (hangar style). Each door would be 22'-0" wide and 9'-0" high, and would have wood cladding on the exterior. Only liftstraps, no cables.   Thank you


I am building a garage with (2) 10'4.5" -or whatever size close to this that is efficient-folding garage doors, we plan to hang custom siding on the garage door to match the siding on the garage, Please advise to which model, bifold or hydraulic Schweiss door is best for my job?


I would like a heavy duty one piece hydraulic door that opens to the outside. Steel outside frame that mounts flush or outside of the building wall line. I am trying to reduce headspace with a very secure door. Door will be mounted in a above ground enclosed parking structure. I need min. 16' wide and 14' high in the clear. Please contact soon as the building is in the design stage and the door type and manufactor will determine wall & ceiling height. I am a CA Lic A,B,C-10 contractor in CA. 


I'm interested in a bifold liftstrap garage door, residential. the size is 8'x7', something with glass to let light in. horizontal or vertical.


We need a garage door sized hangar door. Would like to clad the door ourselves, so we just need the hardware and the frame. Door type: hingeway or foldaway door installed by owner. Door fastening points every 10.5 inches across the width of the steel. Holes in the door frame tapped to accept size 8, 32 thread/in bolts. Interior door  finish, none - exposed frame. Door glazing, none. Door insulation - typical. What is the finish of the door insulation? Is it foam board or sprayed foam? We may install garage door insulation ourselves. 


I have a new detached garage and want to place a large bifold door on it. Garage is 60x80 and drive thru so was looking at a liftstrap / autolatching door 34' wide. Garage door cladding will have wood on it and it will be an insulated door.


I need three Schweiss bifold/autolatch shed doors for my garage. Both automatic garage doors 12' wide by 9' high with remote door openers.


I have a older bus garage door (36'x18'), the rollers are broken/bent on the bottom. I'm thinking now is the time to retrofit to one of your fine electrical lifting Schweiss bifold straplift doors. Tell me what you need to know. 


I need a garage door for a residential project. The outer skin of the garage door is to be flush with the wall clad in vertical timber. I am in Australia and have access to fabrication tools to make door panels but would like to utilize your unique bifold door lifting straps. Can the electric lifting motor be above the door rather than mounted on the door? The door is approximately 5.4m wide by 2.4 tall. the cladding weighs about 15kg/m2. I have a light gauge steel door frame in place but there is a massive 360UB sitting on 250UC above supporting the floor above to brace the vertical tracks onto.


We need two Schweiss bifold garage doors with photo eyes and auto latches. We want the fastest strap-style bifold doors. Looking for a door quote and also a spec sheet to give to builder. Residential garage doors are each 14 ft. wide x 9 ft. tall. Remote door openers please.


I am working on a private residence and would like to order your Schweiss straplift bi-fold garage door for a detached single car garage. A simple 10' wide door opening is our intent. I would think an 8' tall door would work. Door design intent is for the garage door to appear flush with the exterior wall cladding, effectively disappearing. Price without entry door. But needs remote door opener.


Please email me a door quote. We have four garages already built for standard size bifold garage doors, like your liftstrap garage doors. We like the Schweiss Doors idea better because they are virtually maintenance free doors. Can we install ourselves, or are there local garage door installers?


We would like a residential garage door that is 23' feet wide and 9' tall. The door is to be glass with as few divisions as possible. We are open to a straight one piece hydraulic door or the bifold door with your liftstrap design. Please give us your Schweiss Doors expert recommendation.


Hi there, I am interested in a quote on a bi-fold for a residential 2-car garage door. Need to have liftstraps and will be clad in cedar and insulated.  


We have a four panel rollup double car garage door. I would like to retrofit door to Schweiss Lift Strap door technology with a bifold strap door.  Door is 8'x16', and needs to be a insulated door.


I'm interested in a bifold strap type or one piece hydraulic garage door 12 ft x 18 ft with windows. Must be capable of being a stucco covered door to match house and mounted flush. Will stucco adhere to one piece doors best.


Garage has a new foundation put in with 3/8 thick square steel tubing in concrete 5 feet deep goal posting for the opening of the garage door. The garage is 18x18 feet. There is a 4x16 header spanning the door opening. How do the Schweiss Door lift straps work, I would like them on a small garage door like this?


I would like to know if I can buy your folding strap door for my new garage directly from your Schweiss Door factory. I want a 16 ft. x 10.5 ft. garage door with windows, a remote control opener and photo eye sensors.  


Our garage opening is 84 1/4 inches high by 16 feet wide. We'd want a solid Schweiss bifold garage door, 2 inches thick. Include both door and door  mechanism, lift straps and remote door opener.


We have Japanese client who will renovate with a small low celling garage door. We are interested in the Schweiss bifolding garage door. Quote the folding liftstrap garage door with steel, W 8' x H 6', shipping to Tukwila WA. 


Do you install bifold liftstrap or cable style garage doors for residences? I saw images of those on your informative Schweiss Door website.


I'm working on a new residential door project. Clients are interested in bifold doors for their four car garage. They want 40'W x 9'H doors on both the front and the back walls of the garage. Call to discuss door material options, structural door loads, and similar door installations to refer our clients to.


I have a special request door, opening is 163 inches tall x 96 inches wide. This custom made door is a RV and truck storage shed door. I want a weather tight door with manual door locks and a separate entrance door within the main door.


We'll be presenting a bi-fold garage door option to our clients for their residence. We want to get a wider door opening than the standard 16' overhead doors. Looking at a 20' wide by 8' tall door, clad in wood siding. With wood cladding will this have to be a reinforced steel door, or can we go with standard aluminum frame bifold strap doors?


I have a residence in Palo Alto that I might be considering for this type of Schweiss Bifold strap  door. If my door size is 7'-0" and this folds up? Can you park a car or SUV inside? is there enough clearance. Please call me to discuss further. thanks


Hello; I'm building a 40 x 60 x 16 garage and I am interested in a Schweiss bi-fold liftstrap door in one end;14 x 24. There is going to be a 12 x12 side door also. I'd like glass on the 24 footer.


We are looking for a garage door into a undergound parking area for a project here in WA. It needs to be a grille style door that allows the air movement into the garage for the mechanical requirements. I got the idea from one of your Schweiss Designer bifold doors you sold in Chicago. The door opening is 10'-0" wide and 7'-4" tall. The head room from the top of the opening to the slab above is 15". Do you make a horizontal bifold door or a hydraulic door that might work in this location? Do you have a sales rep. in the Spokane area? 


Hi, I am looking at purchasing (2) 12'-0"W x 8'-0"H doors and (1) 15'-0"W x 8'-0"H Door or most economical around these 2 sizes (Width & Height flexible). I am also interested in a garage door 16'-0"W x 8'-0"H. What cladding options does Schweiss Doors offer. I'm looking for something in wood with decorative round windows. 


We are currently working on a project that requires two large garage doors: 11' wide by 12' tall. We are interested in using the bi-fold liftstrap doors with custom wood paneling outside. Can you give me a rough idea about the price for a Schweiss door like this with a remote controlled opener?


I have a unique garage door condition. The house is a 1953 modern post and beam style construction with a few "I-Beams" exposed to give credence to your liftstrap Bifold design. I do not have any clearance beyond a couple of inches above the height of the door jam of the garage (14'-2" x 6'-10"), so the bifold design seems interesting to me. I am wondering if I may speak to a rep regarding the possibilities of this. Thanks.  


I am interested in an insulated Schweiss bi-folding strap door for a garage/studio application, measuring between 12-14 feet wide (this width is somewhat flexible) and 9 feet high, although it could be lower. The bi-folding door does not need a window in it, although a man-door may be a good idea if possible. We would like to put wood on the outside. However, metal is fine if wood proves to be too expensive. Please call me asap as the project is moving ahead quickly and I need to figure out what the structural requirements are for the door. The garage is being built out of wood framing, but I am using a couple of steel columns around some windows, so I could use steel around the door if we need to-- Thanks!!


I contacted you two years ago about a Schweiss bi-fold door. I am closing in on that project now so here we go again. I have a 18 w x 14t garage door today. The door is framed into an old dairy barn converted to machinery storage in the late 60's. The hay loft was removed and everything below that also. It looks like I can get between 23 and 24 feet wide and and still maintain 14 ft tall. Question 1. My roof is self supporting so end wall only holds up itself. My understanding of your straplift bifold  system is that your door is self supporting and ships with its own frame support. The current fiberglass garage door is framed with 3 2x12 all around. This has stood the test of 40 years. What is your recommendation for framing your bi fold door? Question 2. Can you custom build your doors to fit my opening after we frame it up per your recommendations? Question 3. What is your current lead time for a 24 by14 bi-fold door? Question 4. What is my cost on such a door with walkdoor and windows, shipped to address above Thank You for your time.


I am building a garage / shop on Vancouver Island. I saw your doors on a hangar in Alaska and they look really good. Are they practical for a door much narrower than a hangar? I am thinking of an RV door, say 16' high by about 14' wide. Schweiss Bifold liftstrap design. Is it possible to get them for Vancouver Island BC and are you able to provide an estimate? I have not built the shop yet and so it will be possible to include whatever design details are necessary to support the door. Thanks very much 


Folks, I am planning to construct a garage with an entrance 26 wide (for a single Schweiss hydraulic door) or double 10' wide doors with a a 6' wide walk-through door between then! Height to clear with vehicles is 9.5'. I like your single piece doors with hydraulic lifting rams. When the doors are open in the summer it would provide shade. Which would be less expensive a single 26' wide door or two 10' doors? Please provide an estimate as I am doing the design work and hope to be ready within a few months. Also, if I installed a system for the door or doors could it also provide hydraulic power for a lifting work table for bikes? Also, I would need two remote controls for the vehicles. Thanks. 


Due to low ceiling height and lolly column placement in my 2 car garage, I currently have two large swinging doors that are sagging, and don't open when there's snow on the ground. I'm interested in a single bifold door as a practical solution to my problem. Does Schweiss Doors have a dealer nearby, or can you give me a rough cost estimate?


Hi, Any dealers or installers in Toronto for the standard single garage doors (X2)? How much does it costs for a one piece Schweiss Hydraulic door with us doing the installation? Thanks. Regards, Ken


We have a residential project upstate NY. The owner is looking to install a Schweiss designer style liftstrap bi-fold garage door with glass panes, and likely aluminum frames. Simple and inexpensive in terms of design. We also need optional pricing for (4) 20'x14' Schweiss Hydraulic doors for two farm machinery sheds in this same area of New York. What would quickest delivery time be on the farm doors. Garage door not needed for another two months.


Looking for 2 overhead bifolds for a residential garage. I have height issue with wanting to have a car lift. Looking for info on Schweiss Bifold door with straps or frame so I can finish outside myself. Thanks.


I'm looking for a residential garage door in 18' an 16' wide by 8' high, wondering if you have something we could possibly put vertical vinyl siding on, or something that would match a house with standard vinyll siding. What works best for this, a hydraulic or bifold Schweiss door?  Thanks


Hello, I am planning on building a garage/storage 40' depth x 60' length with requirement for a Schweiss Doors liftstrap bifold with autolatches to clear my ultralight aircraft of 33' tip to tip wingspan. What would the door size you recommend? What is the detail cost? I like the bifold for their uniqueness plus an extra shade in the summer. Thanks! Looking forward to getting this done this spring


I will be moving a metal garage next spring and raising it up. I will be taking two roll up doors out of the end and would like to put in a bifold door. 21' wide x 14' high. I am curious to know a ball park price on one with your liftstraps. Is there a price break if I purchase two doors. Thanks, 


I would like to see one of your doors (lift strap bi-fold) in operation. Do you have a dealer anywhere close to my Virginia locale or a door in use locally? I have a block (8") garage with roughly a 22 ft. opening. There is no header at this time. I've used this bldg. for years with no door but now I'm planning to close it up. I like your lift strap idea better than a cable. I'm in Virginia but just across the state line from Tn. If you have one anywhere close I'd like to see if one like it would work for me. Your web site describes good qualities about your doors, just would like to see one in action. 


I have a three car garage, with an 8' x 8' door and a 16'x 7' wide door. I put a lift in on the 16' wide side and before I modify the rafters I thought I would get an estimate on replacement doors. Bifold (with lift straps) would require less modification.


I have a three car garage, with an 8' and 16' foot wide door. Both are approximately 7' tall. I would like to replace both doors with bifold design to allow room for a lift. Straps are fine. My existing cheap steel doors are not insulated and need to be replaced. Hence I would like to get a quote on your quality built Schweiss bifolds that I've heard so much about.


Found the company on YouTube and love the idea of having Bi-fold doors with lift straps. My garage isn't as big as what you advertise but hope it can still be done. What would a garage door 15 wide by 10 high run me?


I have a high-end whole house reno/addition where a horizontally bifolding door system with lift straps and outdoor lighting has been requested from Schweiss Doors. The opening will be 11' 6" wide /- and 8' high /-. We want to make this two panel door out of clear annodized aluminum and twinsealed glass (similar to an aluminum/glass overhead garage door). The door will be located on a south facing wall in the kitchen/dining/family room area so it needs to look finished inside and out and given our climate must be neatly weatherstripped to handle rain and wind driven rain. Do you manufacture your product with the refinements in aesthetics and function that our designers/clients would be happy with?? 


Find attached a drawing of the garage, we have circled the two sections of interest to you. Please manufacture the bifold liftstrap door to those dimensions. If our interpretation of the drawing on your website is not correct as shown on the attachment please notify me by phone. If correct send me your shop drawings for review.


Hi just asking for a price: a Schweiss bifold door with lift straps/autolatches and insulation for a 18\' wide 7\' height garage door.


Please price the aluminum framed, polycarbonate panel, bifold lift strap garage door as shown on A800-802, A820, attached. Thanks and we look forward to receiving your quote.


Hi! Are your Schweiss doors approved by the Miami Dade or South Florida building code? Are NOAs available? FYI, house will be built in Davie, Florida (Broward County). I'm looking for a one piece hydraulic door for a garage which will be 19 ft. wide or up to 22 ft. wide going on an attached residential (secondary) garage. Ideally we need doors with do not compromise internal usable height. Code will not allow regular garage doors over 18 ft wide and it does not allow for roll downs either. I appreciate your feedback.


Looking for info and advice on provision of a Bifold liftstrap garage door for a door 7\'8\" height X 20\' 6\" Long. We wonder if we can have a support / drive shaft spanning the opening at the head of the door opening for structural support and mechanism for raising lowering the door. See attached detail section. Are there distributors of your Bi-fold product in British Columbia, Canada?


Could I please get a quote for a hydraulic lift or bi-fold lift strap garage door for rough opening of 16 x 24 ft wide? I am located in Rock Dell, MN which is 18 miles SW of Rochester, MN.


We are building a garage on a farm near Toronto, Ontario, Canada. We need 4 doors - approx. 10' high x 9' wide. They are to be automatic, Schweiss bifolding lift strap doors with a UV resistant polycarbonate cladding in a dark gray or black colour. Please send me a rough budget price, including shipping/delivery, for the doors.


To Whom It May Concern, Attached are some architectural drawings for you review and estimate cost for (2) bi-fold liftstrap overhead garage doors. Approx. size of 10' wide x 9' high , (12) lites, aluminum framed, (3 lites wide x 4 lites high). Aluminum frame to be finished custom color 'Kynar 500' complying with AAMA 2605. Call or email with any questions. Best Regards,


We are looking to replace two standard size garage doors. I would like to do them the same as the "San Francisco Architects Go Bifold" doors with lift straps. Could you ballpark price for this with self install? Thank you 


Need quote on two types of Doors: 1. Overhead vertical folding garage door, two panels folding in the center. 2. Hydraulic door garage door Door specs: - glass panels with metal framing - 20' wide x 7'-2" tall (finished opening) - existing 2x6 framed building. Please quote the price of the doors and what shipping costs will be. Our contractor will install door. Please let me know if there are special support requirements other than the 2x6 framed walls. I have drawings of the application in pdf files. I can email them to you. Please include insulation cost and I for sure want the lift strap and auto-latches. I understand the hydraulic door comes with your new Red Power pump and backup systems.  Provide 3070 service in each door. Thank you!


We are doing a project where we are designing the provision for 2 overhead Schweiss bi-fold doors, each approx. 10' wide x 9' high. I realize this is a small door and although we really like your bifold door with lift straps, we would consider having you make a hydraulic door for us if you think that it would be a better option for our garage door use. We also want stucco siding on the door to match our home. Any help is appreciated.


Would like some information on large Schweiss bi-fold doors for large residential ( 40 - 50' frontage) garage structure. Include windows and locking walk thru door. No insulation needed. Shipping to California. After reading your website, we absolutely want the lift straps and autolatches. Outside skin needs to match exterior of garage. 


I would like a quote for both door types (Hydraulic and Bifold) for a residential garage where I need as much vertical inside as possible but need a nice outside appearance which precludes using a roll up door... Is it over kill to use your door systems on a 8' X 18' application? Saw a garage door on your website that I really liked that matched the exterior of the home. Do you do stucco?  Thanks


We have wide span garage (23'10" wide x 9'8" high) that has limited interior space for an overhead roll up door (limit track space due to angled concrete wall). Your bi-fold overhead door looks like a solution and I'd like to discuss advantages of lift straps over cables. Door will be used multiple times each day. No insulation needed.


Hi. I love the Schweiss liftstrap doors - we have a new 40 unit project in Hawaii - On the island of Oahu, community of Kailua. The project is located on an 8 Acre hilltop I would like to send you the first unit house plans, match a garage door to it and put a cost on its as well. Send an e-mail address I can use to transmit the house plans. We are almost ready to submit for building permits. To get an idea of the project search "na pali uli" on google and look at the idea books. There is one (1) Schweiss door All of the designs will be one-off designs and I want Schweiss doors to figure prominently in the project. I need technical specs power requirements and such for the garage doors all of which should have their mechanicals in the ceiling and then present the garage spaces as interior spaces. Thank you please contact me asap. Don H.


I am looking for Schweiss bi fold garage doors for a home I am building in NY. The doors need to be about 8' high by about 8 or 9' wide. this is a home so we are looking for a softer look, maybe wood with glass panels all the way the owner wants to let as much light as possible and then be able to open the back end of the house up with the liftstrap bifold doors .... you seem like the best game in town for this, the house is going be brick tuscan style is this something you guys can do


I am in need of the rubber top seal for a 50' bifold door. I believe it is 12" wide. This is a real old door, not even yours. Can you help me out? Please let me know the cost. Thank You, Buster


I have a project where we are considering three garage doors of the bifold type type - sized about 9'-0" h x 10'-0" w. can you please have a local rep call to talk about whether this is an appropriate application of your product. thanks


Looking to buy some garage doors for my house. It currently has manual bi fold doors that swing into the garage. There is a steel I beam carrying floor joists to the second floor that prevents me from installing a typical garage door and opener. Can I get one of your Schweiss bifolds that swing to the outside. I don't know whose invention the door I have on there now is from.


I am thinking of a new garage/shop. I would need two 9 X 10 doors. How do your bi-fold with lift straps compare to standard overhead door prices? I live in the middle of Wisconsin, will be wanting an insulated door?


I'm planning to build a garage/shop for myself in the next 1-2 years, and am taking the time to plan it well and plan it right. Very very excited about your product and am planning to use one of your Flush mount "H" style 1 piece Schweiss hydraulic or bifold doors. Looking to get a ballpark $$ figure on one that is 8.5 feet high and 14 feet long. I would be looking to put a facade on it that matches my house, this may include a stucco finish if that is something that is feasible with your door (if not I will figure out how to simulate the same texture with some other product) Please quote me on shipping to Seattle, WA. Thank you, I look forward to hearing back from you.


We are working on a high end custom garage project in west Texas and would like more info on you glazed, bifold doors. We want your lift strap system, doors need to open quietly. Two remotes for each of the 8 doors. I can send you drawings so we can discuss in detail. Sue


I am looking for 1 8'x8' aluminum and glass Schweiss bi-fold or single section garage door for a residential project. Do you carry something like that? Do you have the option of double paned glass? I would like to have two remote openers. Can you assist me with pricing? Thanks.


Beginning construction of a large three-bay garage addition to my home. The garage is 31' x 50' with three doors measuring 12' wide by 10.5' high. I am considering true carriage style doors because the "garage" is being designed as a multipurpose family room finished in red cedar with decorative concrete floor. The carriage style doors swing out and thus avoid the overhead rails of conventional rollup doors leaving a clean interior ceiling. Also, they may not be as child safe when opening & closing. Seems like your Schweiss bi-fold door could be much better, especially with the safety features you offer that other don't. Could we fabricate it out of red cedar inside and out? Can the lift mechanism be mounted at the top and concealed in "boxes"? Thanks. Cecilia


Glass Glazing Type Panel at 9540mm width x 3600m height for garage door. It is a tender quotation request. Must reply by end of month.


We install traditional overhead garage doors, mostly mid to high end carriage house style. We have a need for a 15 x 7' 5" carriage house design that would benefit from a one piece hydraulic or possibly a bi fold system. My thought is to have the wood stain grade door (approx. weight 400 lbs.)attached to one of your steel frames and Schweiss one piece hydraulic or bifold systems. Since we have no experience with this type of product, we would prefer to sub out our first install. Do you have an experienced installing dealer in our area?


I have a design for a series of standard size garages. I want a cool operator and am looking at a hydraulic ram solution. The exterior finish is a blind cedar wall where the door wants to effectively disappear. alignment of the exterior finishes is important to the look. Thought you might have the product I needed via your Schweiss bifold or hydraulic models. Please let me know.


I am building a garage on the side of my house, and looking to keep that look of a normal house for 'athesics' appeal. Looking for a estimate on your bifold door to get the ball rolling. I want a door that opens and closes with the least amount of noise, so when my wild daughter comes home at 3 a.m. she doesn't wake me and mom up.  Thanks, Mark


I have a garage door opening that is approx. 6'8" high and 11'9" wide with a ceiling to door opening of 6". I have the following questions. 1. Is it possible to install a Schweiss bi-fold door in this small opening with such a small ceiling clearance? 2. Is it possible to have an operator for the door? 3. What is the distance from the garage floor to the door when it's in the fully open position for the above heighth? 4.Is the door all metal construction and is it possible to put wood on the exterior? 5. Approx. cost for such a door. Any other information you can provide me would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Chas.


Red brick home, steel framed, replacing regular garage door. I need the inside of the Schweiss liftstrap bifold door finished: insulated, sheet-rocked, painted, trimmed, weather sealed very well. The outside can look like a garage door but I don't know what my choices of interior materials will be. What do you suggest.




Have an old one car garage that would like to replace the door with an all window Schweiss bifold garage door and make it a studio. Can you tell me how large the windows will be, are they little square ones or big ones. Can they be glazed or colored glass? Give me some ideas.


I'm looking for a Schweiss bifold door 18' wide by 14' tall. It is going on a detached garage. I'm looking for one that has some insulation in it and I want it to match the log home exterior. Please email me a range of costs. Thanks


Hello LOVE your Schweiss designed Long Island Corten steel doors. Firstly I am from the UK and secondly can these be scaled to a domestic garage door? Do you have distribution in the Uk as I haven't seen anything like this available over here? Thanks Judith


We would like to do a Schweiss bi-fold strap door on the garage. The opening is 15' 11 1/2" x 6' 6 1/2". The height above the exterior of the door opening is 1' 3". There is a large header above the door opening as the rafters run to it rather than across the garage. Was curious about cost, shipping and delivery time.


Looking for a residential garage door system such as yours. The room will be heated and also used as flexible space. Don't want the traditional rails and opener on the ceiling. Interested in a product such as yours. Not much familiarity here on the east coast amongst dealer or contractors with anything but the traditional designs. Your web site gave me lots of ideas, you guys at Schweiss do it right!


I have (4) 10 X 10 foot flat doors on a garage which has springs. Would like to replace them with the Schweiss hyraulic lifts and Red Power backup system. Is this possible and the price? Thanks for your information.  


I am looking for a 8x9 Schweiss bifold liftstrap door with a remote opener for my home garage. Can you send me some examples and prices.


New residential garage to house 30' RV. 10' x 14' high door needs to "blend" into neighborhood, which consists of all 7' high sectional doors. Current idea is to make the lower 7' look like a standard metal residential sectional to match an adjacent two car Schweiss bifold door. The upper 7' portion needs to match, and preferably be flush with, the surrounding wood siding which is cement board lap siding. If this is possible, is it also possible to have the lower portion recessed to look like a normal recessed sectional door?


Need quote for a Schweiss bifold door for garage, no windows insulated with weatherproof flush mount over a 15' x 7' opening. Opening has 18'' on both sides and 24'' to eve. Want good seal and speed that your unique strap system provides.


  I am needing the scematics for a Schweiss bifold garage door for a residential home. Can I get you to match the exterior of my home on the outside of the door. I also would like it insulated. Can you please email them to me asap. thanks


I am building a house with a drive through garage. Siding for house is a green natural slate roofing tile, with some vertical wood siding, and cedar trim at edges, a few bands, and around doors and windows. Garage is 66' long and 34' wide with a 12x14'  bifold door and a 10x10' tall drive-through door on each 34'wide endwall. (4 doors total) I wish to have about 1/3 of each door have glass for natural daylighting in the garage. I was thinking to put in carriage doors instead of the typical overhead door, but my son (this house is for him, a disabled Navy vet operating from a wheelchair now) suggested that Schweiss bi-fold liftstrap insulated doors with remote opener  might be best. What do you have for our situation? This building is energy conservative, with SIP panel construction and with lots of other neat features (in-roof gutter system, snow melt sidewalk surrounding it, elevator, solar heating, off-grid, concrete countertops, etc.) and I expect it to get good press for meeting needs of Disabled Vets, high quality construction, and new energy efficiency levels. I got Minnesota windows and doors, so I might as well get Minnesota built garage doors too? let me know your thoughts. thanks, Zachary 


Can I get a manually operated bi fold for my home garage? Size is 16 x 7. If not, could you give me the cost, on a cable or lift strap Schweiss door including hardware and installation by one of your crews?


I'm doing some preliminary investigation into garage doors. I need to replace a "standard" residential 2 car garage door and am looking to maximize my interior headroom for a vehicular lift and a Schweiss bifold would fit the bill perfectly. Do you build that small of a size with lift straps and what price range approximately would it come in at?


Residential garage for this Schweiss bifold lift strap door installation is built of reinforced CMU exterior walls and precast concrete plank roof deck. We will be providing structural masonry backup for the door installation steel brackets as required for connections. Please contact me by email for more information. The desired exterior cladding dimension is /-9'-0". Thank you, James, AIA


I am interested in a Schweiss bi-fold 2-car garage door and opener system. I am modifying a garage to add a car lift and don't have overhead room for a traditional garage door and track system. I want something fairly basic that can replace a normal 2-car garage door. I would like at least a ball-park price to know if it is an option and also would like to know more about what is required for install - tracks, rough framing dimensions, etc. Thank you, George


Hi- My company used your Schweiss bifold and hydraulic door products on a college project (Westmont College) recently, and I am wondering about sourcing a Schweiss bi-fold strap door for my garage. We have completely torn down the house and have rebuilt it almost as new. The 'skin' of the house will be 1" x 6" horizontal cedar siding, raised up off the building envelope 3/4" by vertical furring strips (hence the waterproofing paper is the actual skin, and the cedar is just a rainscreen). Anyhow, my husband and I are hoping we can afford a Schweiss door. The header size is a 4" x 12" beam, and the rough opening is around 15' 7" w x 8' h. I understand there are clearance issues with the folded door, so I am wondering if it makes sense to install the door higher on the front of the header or to go with one of your one piece hydraulic doors. Is that possible? The jambs on either side of the opening are not wood - they are steel hardy frames, I believe around 3" thick, made from 1/4" steel. I can check to be sure. We would skin the Schweiss frame with 3/8" Luon or marine grade plywood, paint it black, then install our cedar to match the rest of the house. Can you provide an estimate for the door as a bifold and hydraulic if you think that will work better? No need for a remote control, just the basic motor. In case clearance is an issue...can you also provide a quote for one of your Red Power hydraulic motors? Thanks! Dalia


We are designing a custom (modern) residence, including a bi-fold door at the garage. Could you please provide CAD details of your Schweiss Door products for our use in detailing the garage? Thank you, Kyle




I talked to Schweiss Doors in 2008, I am looking into a Schweiss garage door. I have my garage up and I think I need the door. My opening is 19' x 11' high and I can bring it in to 18' if I need to for standard pricing etc. Can Julie or someone get back to me about this door? I'm not sure if I want to go with the Schweiss bifold or hydraulic. Thanks Todd


I am designing a new 2 car garage addition for a mid-century modern property in Palm Springs, CA. I would like to consider using Schweiss Bi-Fold glass liftstrap garage door with a framed opening of 17'-11" wide by 7'-2" tall. I need specifications and physical sizes for a Schweiss insulated bi-fold door, motor, cables, etc. to provide a bi-fold door for a 17'-6 wide x 7' high opening. I would also like information on door front materials & finishes available. Thank you for your assistance.


Will be a new wood building. Need 3070 inside door, will have interior liner panels up 8'. Would like the bifold garage door opening to be flush with exterior.


Hi, We are designing a new single-family residence in Seattle and would like to use a Schweiss liftstrap bi-fold door at the garage. I have sketches of head and jamb details that shows our design intent. These were based off the detail drawings I saw on your website. I would like to email these sketches to someone in your office and we can go from there. Thanks


I have a 1 car attached garage, over the years (when the kids were younger) we turned the garage into a play room. We replaced the garage door with a standard sliding glass door. The kids are gone and I want my garage back to restore my 65 Mustang. With the inside and outside of the garage having been redone, I can not put a regular garage door back in with out major reconstruction. The Mustang will fit thru the rough opening, if you take out the door and remove all the hardwear. The door is under the gutter side of the garage. I would need a Schweiss bifold new door installed. Any info would be helpful. Thanks


My wife and I are remodeling an existing house and adding a large one car (19wide x 24deep x 13high) and want to explore the possiblity of using one of your bifold garage doors, 8 high by 10 wide before framing. My interest is to keep the door outside the garage so I can stack cars two high with a lift. I also want to be able to blend the outside with the other garage doors which will be replaced. I got your name from a friend who has your Schweiss bifold liftstrap door on his airplane hangar (he really likes it) and I then went to this website. Can you give me an idea of cost, including opener, and the time needed for delivery once the order is placed? The 8ft by 10 ft size is the full opening I have before any framing for the door is done. How much height would a bifold take when folded, how about the one piece door? Thanx


I am looking for a custom motorhome bifold garage door that apears to be a carriage door only with siding bolted to the upper portion of the door. Please call me I can send you pics. Thanks, Marvin


Am considering replacing a garage door with a Schweiss liftstrap remote operated bi-fold door. Dimensions are ~ 15'H x 10'W. I would want a personnel door in the bottom panel. Please email some approximate pricing/options. Thanks


I'm planing to build a 35 x 45 garage. I need one Schweiss bifold door with 14'w and 14' clearance. The other 12'w and 8' clearance. Are the door measurements the size of the physical door or the opening. The building will be re-bar reinforced poured concrete. Insulated Concrete Forms (ICF) is being considered. Since it is new construction, I can pour the columns and header to support any load for hydraulic doors but favor the liftstrap bi-fold depending. After watching half the bible belt being blown away by tornados I'm going poured concrete for the high wind load. Which of your overhead doors, one piece or two piece, can be made to the highest wind loading? Do you have (hint - giving away a million dollar idea here) a 12 inch wide x 14 feet high "hinged door" that rests against the outside of the building on both sides of the bi-fold or hydraulic door, that can be flipped (swung, closed, etc.) 180 degrees to cover the side edge of the door. This should be a manual operation and be able to be locked in position. This would provide a wind/rain seal to both sides of the bifold door and provide strength to the door edges for a higher wind loading. I'm sure you already have temporary pole braces from the header to the floor to brace the door every so many feet along it's width. A common thing on garage doors here in Florida. I'm still in the planing stage. I have not, yet, found a contractor who does ICF in south west Florida. How can we work together on this project? Calvin


looking for pricing on a door for a residential garage that will be used as a work space, It is wood construction and would like it insulated thank you for your time.


I would like a quote for a solid hydraulic garage door (no windows) I have a new wood construction garage. Cost of shipping included in quote would be appreciated. What is the R value for insulation on your doors?


I need a one car garage door that folds out (bi fold?) 8 or 9 feet wide and 8 or 9 feet high.


can you please price me a 32'x10' high schweiss bifold door with lift straps and a row of windows about 6' high? will also need the weight for the truss company to design the roof, the structure that it is going on is a wood framed garage. thanks greg


Have a project in the city of Glendale, CA that has lower ceiling height than a typical 8'-0" garage. I would like to find out if we can install a schweiss door that will bi-fold open to outside and the overhead motor can be used on the sides along the hinges to eliminate any obstruction that may occur with normal garage doors. The door will be aluminum/steel panels with frosted glass infills. Thank you.


I am interested in either buying Hydraulic or Bifold garage door. Appreciate your response to my below questions: 1- which door Hydraulic or Bifold is less noisy, given the door will be 7 feet? 2- which door costs less to maintain and what type of maintenance required? 3- which door is more reliable in the long run and requires least amount of maintenance?


Looking for two bifold Schweiss garage doors for each end of a planned building. I was hoping for plexiglass/lexan/glass type doors with automatic openers. Building design is in preliminary stages and a precise estimate is not required at this time - a ballpark will do. Thank you!




we want to custom finish the outside of the garage doors. We have very limited ceiling space in the new garage of the home that is being constructed. we have 3 standard 9 foot garage openings, concrete pillars between openings and concrete outside walls. We are interested in the bifold doors. What would be the estimated price of a standard bifold garage door? What I have seen of your product is that it is heavy duty and this will be factored in to comparisons with other options we are researching. thanks




I want to install a schweiss bifold residential garage door for a customer in an openning of 8' wide by 7' tall. Please let me know the cost. Thank you


I'm interested in more information on a Bi-Fold door for my one car garage. I need a garage door that does not slide into the garage space when opening. I use my garage for multipurposes and am looking to get rid of the garage door 'tracks' that run in along the ceiling. I'm also looking for something more insulated then my current door. Please send me a quote via email.


We would like to use a bifold door but only have a 12" header. Is there optional hardware that will allow the door to open higher. Your diagrams show 2' needed to accommodate the door/motor/stiffeners in the open position. Since this is a small door, can the motor be mounted on the inside of the header with a cable / pulley system to open the door into the 12" header space?


I am looking at a bifold option for a 7' high by 8' wide garage door opening, I would choose to clad with wood. Do you have some options? remotes, walk through sensors.


I do not have my exact measurements, however I am looking for a bi-fold garage door for a one-car garage, attached to an existing wood frame house. I am converting the garage to an office, and cannot have the current garage door hardware assembly and rails overhead inside the garage. Thank you.


This will be a high end residence outside of New Orleans. We want to do a frosted glass bi-fold garage garage door. The wind rating will have to be W5 - 130 MPH, so the glass and frame need to meet those standards. Please contact me for anymore details. Thank you.


I am looking for 2 garage doors - one is 16'wide x 8' high the other is 8' x 8'. I am looking for bifold or similar to make sure no parts of the door are entering the garage - I need the clearance for the auto lift inside. Interested in doors without windows and grey in color. I would probably install myself, but would like a quote for install, too. I am on a project out of town currently, but would want them ready for install around 2nd week of June of this year. Thanks in advance


I'm am currently designing a residential garage/work shop, and I would like to utilize a bi-fold door to allow for full clearannce inside the shop. I am looking to get a door kit estimate to figure budgeting and plausibility for your door system. Could I get an estimate for a system for the included dimensions and a cut sheet/list of what is included in and required for your set up. Thanks


We were previously in contact with Jerry from Schweiss regarding specification and pricing for two garage doors, to be installed at a custom residential project in Waterloo, Ontario, Canada. We had received a full preliminary bi-fold door quote/specs from Jerryin late 2007 (see attached for reference). We are prepared to place an order for these doors soon, but I want to review the specifications/sizes, etc with you again and get a final revised quote before we proceed. See attached file "garage doors 09-03-10.pdf" for all plans, sections, details, etc with dimensions forreference (7 sheets total). As per the previous quote, we need:-two (2) schweiss bi-fold doors for new construction (steel structure)-both are bottom drive w/ cables (the straps are acceptable if they are white, - please advise)- truss design to be interior-we require full delivery and installation by schweiss Thanks


We are currently designing a new hotel in Jamaica, NY and were looking for an overhead door that can be used at the parking garage entry to our site. We were hoping for something that would open quickly like your one piece hydraulic door with Red Power pump and possibly on a remote sensor. We are looking for something attractive as this will be part of the main facade of the building. Please forward any information if you manufacture a product that meets these criteria. Thank you.Best regards


I need to purchase three guarage doors for a restuarant that was originally a ford dealership. I wish to put the guaraage doors back in the original door locations, but I want them to look fancy like your Schweiss designer doors. Thank you Kevin


I need two bifold garage doors for a new building. One door opening is 10 feet wide by 8 feet high and the other is 16 feet wide by 9 feet high. Nothing fancy needed for these doors. Need not be insulated and no windows needed.


what is available in a 8'x10' one piece guarage door for a residence. Have 4x12 header and 4x6 posts in 2x6 walls. Thanks, Spence


I am looking at different alternatives for enclosing a 24' wide car port with a bifold door therefore making it a garage.


To whom it may concern, 1. Do you do standard garage door size ranges? 2. And If So, would they be cheaper then a custom made garage door? Also could you give me a price list for standard bifold garage doors? Regards, Ulrich


I have design a car port in Washington DC and the owner wishes to install a overhead bi-fold door 8 feet x 14 feet, with acrylic and translucent material panels. Please advise if this is possibleand what do I need to provide. Stephen R. Architect


I have a 24 x 26 garage with a 10 x 16 door opening and am looking for door suggestions and prices to replace an older existing door with your one piece hydraulic. Total cost is important to me.


How much is a standard double hydraulic garage door, nothing fancy? Also could we use your door instead of an 8'x 6'8" sliding door from our house to the screened porch? Very interesting! Thank you,


I have a need for a door. I have an 11 X 11 opening on a 24 X 48 shop. It currently has a door which slides along front. Would like to know an estimate of an electric style regular bifold garage door with opener.


looking at buying a brick building needs a garage facing the alley--only 15 feet to the building directly behind our would be building, Will there be enough room for your hydraulic door.


My construction company is located in Victoria BC, Canada We are requiring more information on your bifold garage door system for a project we are currently working on. A Sketch-Up model is available that I can email, do you use Sketch-Up? The doors would have to incorporate all of the best insulation/sealing options available. Sizes required- 1 @ 20'x8' and 2@ 10'x8' Please either email or call me to discuss further.


I spoke to you on the phone a couple weeks ago about this project for a bifold garage door. We have reviewed much of your website info. You will note that it is a small door and we would like to extend the door and bottom roller tube beyond the opening and truss stiffeners to allow the door to cover the front of the building flush. Please provide a quote or estimate for this door and any input you would like to offer to our approach. Thanks, -Jeff


That was fast. Yes, I have looked at your website. I realize you can do more or less any dimensions, but for the immediate purposes just think in terms of a series of single and double bifold garage doors, all of which would be the same height of between 11 and 12 feet. Regards, Bill


Hi Sir, I need 4 bi-folding garage doors for USDA Forest in NorthBend WA. I send the specification to you to make the doors and hinges, hardware and lock....completely everything as specification need including installation. Please give me the quote for completely the 4 bi-folding garage door on the warehouse as in the picture. Thank you very much. Nguyen


I need the price for a doublewide garage door..standard height. Do you make such door in in a single hydraulic door? Will it retro fit the current opening?


Do you make bifold doors for small Garages. 9'x7' opening. If so how much would that cost with install? If not I'll order six hydraulic doors.


How much would a bi-fold / carriage/craftsman like garage door cost for a standard two car garage opening? - shipping to California?


Have a garage door measuring 8'.1"x 6'.6" trying to enclose garage & expand kitchen. Are these bifold doors weather proof in the interior once installed?


Dear Madame or Sir, I am designing a Garage with some large garage doors and have some questions: 1. Will your system work for a garage door that is 44' wide and 10'-8" tall? 2. In the open position, at what angle do the bifold doors sit? 3. Is there a limit to the cladding thickness? We would like to use something that is 2 3/4" thick. Thanks


Planning a house with (1) 18 x 11(aprox) and (1) 16 x 8 Garage Doors. Insulated and maintenance free are important factors. Looking to get 10' or more clearance on first hydraulic door. Garage ceiling 12'


I am looking for a garage door 7ft by 23ft wide, without the unsightly hardware of an overhead door. Your web site describes that your new Red Power pump units can be mounted anywhere and off to the side. That may be just the ticket. The opening is supported by by a wooden engineered truss but I do not know its weight bearing capacity. The builder said that the truss should be able to support sliding doors. A price quote and/or suggestions will be appreciated. 


I am looking for a residential hydraulic one piece garage door that I can mount to the outside of the door opening.


The interior of garage has 10' ceilings. I have 9 foot tall RV that needs to go inside. Current door is 8 tall x 18 wide. I can increase the door opening to 9'6". Will your hydraulic doors work for this? I currently have a cedar door built on a metal frame. Is this possible with your door. If you supply the metal frame, my builder can add the wood. If that's not possible (due to weight or other reason ) I will go with a metal door and paint it. What is your price & delivery for something like this. I live near Dallas Texas. 


We need to design a garage door for a single family residence in San Francisco. We are interested in your bi-folding garage doors because we will be cladding the exterior with a panel material which requires a 1" furring space for its installation. Are you able to provide the frame for a bi-folding garage door upon which we would apply the finishes? Can we request a quote for a 7'high x 8'wide door like this? Thank you


We are working on a six unit apartment building with a garage for 8 cars. We want to face the front of the garage, including the garage doors, in translucent polycarbonate sheets with as few seams as possible. Your hydraulic doors seem like a good fit in terms of of appearance, but if you have any information on their use in a small, residential setting with wood stud construction as opposed to large agricultural and aviation uses, it would be helpful.


Hello, We are specifying a pair of bifold garage doors for a project in Watertown, MA. The two units are not large (one at 10'-8" wide, one at 7'-8 1/2" wide-both at 7' high) and are interested in your product (aluminum frame, insulated glazing). Could you please forward to us a brochure or architectural binder so that we can explore if your bifolds would work in this application? Thank you, David Please do not hesitate to call or email if you need additional information. David


i have a garage opening that is big enough to fit my suv and my truck in but with the door i have now both vehicles would rub on the door. I was wondering if you had a door option that would give me better clearance. thanks christopher


Looking at options for an small 18'W X 9'H bifold door so as to keep a wide opening. Have you had any requests for this small of a door and is it a practicle cost effective solution to my need?


I have a 16.6' wide by 7' garage door opening that I would like to replace with your product.


I just recently submit a quote for a 18'x8' bi fold garage door. The design has changed and I am getting a new quote for a 18' 3" x 8' bi fold garage door. Antonio.


We have a two car garage with an opening about 8 ft h x 20 ft wide. Can you send me a link? Thanks


Hello: Am building a custom garage. 3 doors. Each apprx. 10ft wide x 8ft tall. Would like to use bi-fold because garage will have car lifts. Std. overhead doors cause head room problems. I am interested in the bi-fold frame/operating mechanism. Face of doors need to be custom to match existing architecture. I will provide door faces. Thank-you, Jeff p.


Please quote a 34'-0"x12'-0" Bi-fold door. This door will be installed in a Garage. (White in color)


Can these be used as garage doors? My father in law has low storage inside is garage that prevents the use of a standard roll up door and your doors look like they might work great. Please contact me at the number above


I am thinking about a garage addition at my home and considering a once piece door with painted siding to match the rest of the building. Looking for a price estimate for the the door operator and framing. I will locally add the siding.


I am currently designing a new home with a very large attached garage that will accommodate my Motorhome ( 13' high x 36'long x8'wide) The garage door must be large.( Probably 40' wide by 13' high). I realize that there are many factors involved in pricing, but I need a ball-park estimate in order to determine if such a door is feasible. I intend to insulate the door since I live in upstate New York, and the winters can be quite cold and windy. Would it be possible to obtain a ball park estimate on such a door?


Our carport opening is 8' high x 24'wide. I would like an estimated cost for a Schweiss bi-fold door to fill this opening.


We are designing a garage door which needs to have a flush appearance from the outside, and does not project in to our 9 foot ceiling height. The door needs to be 9 feet high but does not need vertical clearance of 9 feet when open. I would favor the bi-fold door because of smaller clearance that is needed in front of the door, but I'm worried that it can't achieve the flush look of a hydraulic door. Please let me know what my best options are. Thank You.


Would like to install your door on my garage, the opening is 16'w x 7' h . what would be my price range.


I have an existing carport that I want to enclose into a garage. There's a beam in the center of my carport with two posts supporting it, and I want to frame for two seperate folding doors. From the concrete to the underside of the joists is 8ft, and to the underside of the center beam is 7'4". The width dimensions from where the outside curb walls will be, to the center of the existing support beam are approx.;12'8", and 11'6". How wide do I need to make the left and right curb walls, and the wall dividing the two doors? Also, I plan to run a 12"w parallam beam from end to end, and run the center beam into it?? Can the doors be mounted directly to the parallam? And also, how far down does the door sit when it is fully opened? That's it for now. Thanks.


I am in the process of planning for a 2 car garage. I have drawings for a 24ft deep X 28ft wide garage with a 10ft wall and a 14ft peak. I want an 8h x 16w door, but an overhead roll up will take away space from an automotive lift. Your door seems like the solution. Can you give me a quote for a 8X16 door, with straps and auto opener, shipped to Merrick, NY 11566? - Thank you.


I'm interested in converting my standard garage doors to bi-fold doors. I want to add lifts to my garage and the doors are in the way. I have three standard, single garages. What would I need, both door and automated opener? What would the cost be? I'd need them shipped to North Liberty, Iowa. Thanks, Tom S.


I have a 26 X 34 garage with a standard 10' garage door. I own a motorhome that is 10' 3" and so will not fit in the garage. Inside he bottom of the rafters are high enough for the motorhome to clear but not enough higher for a standard roll up garage door with rails. Do you have bi-fold door installations for residential garages like my application? I needs a size about 10' wide by 11' high. If you have such a door, whiuch might it's price be? P.S. I have already accounted for the work that would be needed to increase the existing door header height.


I am looking for a bifold or outward opening door for a auto garage. The door needs to be for a 16' x 8' opening and usable on a daily basis with an opener. Can you give me prices and options by e-mail please? I would love to have one that looks like a natural wood door.


hi , i'm interested in purchasing one of your bi-fold doors for my garage .... the measurements are 80 inches high by 94 inches wide.i was wodering if it would be possible to get a door with frosted safety glass and double pained for insulation .


I want to install a bifold door inside my double length garage - it would have to have a 36 inch walk through door on the left and span approximately 18 feet. The height of the ceiling is 12 feet.


Is it possible to get a door about 16 to 18' wide by 8' tall for a dumpster garage? I think a bifold could work well. Tim


I can send you a picture of my new garage wich is now built, waiting for a door. Have you a french representative ? Where can I see such doors in North region of France?


I'm looking for a bi-fold garage door with a clear opening size of 3,340mm wide x 2,183mm tall. Please can you tell me what the cost and delivery time would be and whether you are able to ship to the UK (and, if so, what the cost is)? Regards Donal Q.


Im seeking a single lifting garage door for my home (ie 2 car garage). With the option of a pass throught door in the garage door.


could you tell me the min. hight for a bifold door opening on an existing wood garage door opening


I am very interested in the benefits of the bi-fold door versus the standard sectional "garage door" style. Especially the cost difference.


I would like more information and pricing on garage doors. I am looking for 2 single garage doors. Many thanks


I would like to explore the pheasability of installing a three car bifold garage door (I am assuming bifold) The overall width would be approximately 28' and clear height at approximately 10'-11'. These dimensions I will confirm upon my arrival home tonight. I have digital pictures showing current reconstruction of the premises which will show the existing/new steel spanning the distance that I am still contemplating whether or not I should abandon my search for a three car garage door. The website gives me some hope that a bifold door would work which brings me to this inquiry. I have the structual calculations for the existing span/steel recently installed. The best way of contacting me would be the mobile #. Thank-You Sincerely John V.


I am looking for a garage door for my house. The current opening is about 15'6" and 7' high. I don't want to take up any room in the garage, so we are considering building out or putting the door outside of the current opening, so the door size can be larger and so that we don't lose any height going in. What kind of openers are needed? What room is required for the opener?


Please send The Schweiss Handbook. Application is 10'-0" high (distance from finish floor to bottom of building sheeting) by 26'-0" wide garage door. Wood frame building with Z-Wall pre-fab lateral stability steel walls flanking garage door opening. I would like to understand the required head detail for this application (distance from top of clear height to center of mouting holes for single hinges).


I am working on an 8' high x 24' wide vehicular parking garage door. Please recommend a bi-fold door that would fit in this opening. Thanks DLO


This is for my home. I currently have 2 garage doors which I want to convert into one. They are separated by brick (just on the outside, both doors open into one large space. Is it possible to convert the 2 small doors into one large one and what would the cost be?


Hiya. I'm interested in a garage door for an apartment building in Eugene, OR. 22' wide, 7' high. Needs to operate quietly, rapidly and frequently. I also want a absolute minimum height for the door operator. I like the bi-fold style. OK?? chuck


hello for my car garage... 16high 16wide opening. Is this cost effect for a small car garage. T111 siding. I sold my airplane but i always loved your doors, I thought it would look cool for my shop. How much shipped to Seattle? thank you so much for your time Robert


I would like to use this as a garage door as it would also act as a sunshade when opened.


We are looking for a 10' wide by 5' tall hydraulic lift door to be installed over the upper part of a truck garage door that is 10' wide by 12' tall. The idea is to mask the height of the door and make it appear like a standard garage door. We will cover the door panel(s) with the same siding as on the building. We also want a motorized opening system for this door. This door should not interfer with the movement of the existing 10x12 door.


My client likes your bi-fold doors for his new garage. Do you sell through a distributor, or should I direct my garage door contractor to buy directly from you? Also, I need to spec these doors -- they will need insulation and to be covered with 22 guage oxidized, corrugated steel (to match rest of building detail). Is there someone who can work with me so my spec doesn't leave anything out and is good to go? Please email or call. Thanks. Douglas W.


We are interested in a byfold or hydro. garage door 9 feet wide 8 feet high. Thanks Mark


I am in need of a new garage door for more room. I current have a typical roll up garage door but it sits inside the building and I am needing a few more interior lenght inches to house a motor home. Does your custom garage doors fit on the outside of the door or within any range you wish. Please have comeone contact me to clarify this and get a price quote. Thank you.


I want to put a bi-fold on a new garage I will be building next year and need to get more information on design specifics. I expect the door will be 9-10' wide and 9' high. I want to be able to drive in with canoes on top of my van and store them suspended from the garage ceiling - thus the desire for no support system as required for roll-up doors. Construction will be new so design is open at this point. I expect wood frame with concrete block columns between doors (probably a 3 door garage with the bi-fold in the middle). Steel columns could be placed along side or in front of the block columns to support the door. Do you have a design book that provides the data I need to work out the design details?


Hi, I would like a "rough" price quote for a bi-fold hangar door approximately 40' x 16'. The door will be installed on a wood framed garage. Please include the price of a remote entry system as well. Thank you, Shawn


I would like for you to send me info on a BIFOLD garage door with opening of 13.6 feet high and 25 feet wide. I also need specs for a builder. Do you have people in the Birmingham area that install such doors? I appreciate your help with this info and look forward hearing from you.


We have an inside garage storage door opening 10 ft. wide 5 ft. high 2' deep. will your Bi-folds work?


I have 2 openings between rooms that need to be closed off for large parties and other events each opening is approx 10' wide and 10' high I was thinking of some type of rollup garage door


Hi, I have a garage 34ft wide, I have three bays that is 11' 4" wide each. the side bays are 11 ft tall, and the middle bay is 13ft tall and the front is all open know post but the sides. I was wondering how I could do this


Currently have a two car garage and would like to convert to a one door configuration. Total opening is now 18' by 7' high. New door would be 13' wide with a 3' standard entry door into garage seperate. There is room above door for header to attach bifold door since garage is 8' high inside. Door is on gable end of cape house. Is it worth trying to install bifold? Approx. cost of door? Thank you Chris V.


I am building a new home in North Carolina.The plan has two 9'wide X 7' high garage doors.I would like information on a carriage door decor in your door style.Please provide price as well as specifications for this request.


I would like two 9'wx8'h bifold doors installed in my older wooden garage. What is the cost of doors, freight and installation?


I came across our ad and I'm interested in the price for two 12' wide x 8' high garage doors. Will you please send me the models available along with a price sheet. Thanks


We are looking to see if you make a 6ft high x 8ft wide door. We have a door on the garage underneath our house. However it only measures 6ft high. The current one pulls out like your doors but manually. Please advise if you sell this size. Thanks you.


We are in the process of building a residential garage with a hydraulic truck lift and we are looking for a door that would swing out and up so that there is no interference with the vehicle that may be up on the lift. I would like information on available sizes and designs on both doors (Hydraulic & bi-fild) that may fit our needs to accomodate our clients needs.


I am still not sure on which application of you product would best suit my needs. I feel the issue that I have is that is I am not sure how much alteration will be required. I was looking at your products as a garage door replacement. Thank you for your time and attention.


I am interested in replacing my residence garage door with a bi-fold door. I want to put a vehicle lift in the garage, so I need a door and mechanism that will not consume any of the interior space. The dimensions are 15' wide by 7' tall. I have 16" of space above the top of the garage opening. Would you please give me a cost estimate for a bi-fold door? Thanks.


Please provide us with your email address to send you our enquiry of a hydraulic garage. Regds.


Can I get a Bi-Fold door made for a two car garage? What would be an approximate cost? Or do you need specific dimensions? I'm in California. Cheers, Elliot


I am planning an auxilary garage/shop to be used to restore/ maintain my hobby automobiles. It will essentially be an oversize two-car garage. The door opening will be around 9 ft high and 10-12ft wide. I need full clearance inside for a lift. I saw your ad in Flying magazine which makes the bi-fold door look ideal for my purpose. Can the door be made to match my existing (wood door) architecture style? Any special construction techniques required? I am in the Sacramento area --- any local dealers or installers? This is not an immediate project, I am collecting design ideas for when I have a little more time for my hobbies --- So a general brochure with basic cost, design & construction requirements will be sufficient for the present. Thank you!


You were suggested to me by a friend. It's probably to expensive for me. However, what would be the cost of a Bi-Fold door to replace a typical two car garage door. This is a sinlge door opening. Thank you for your time.


We are looking for a solution to living above a busy garage door opening up and down alot which is VERY noisy and vibration comes through the garage ceiling and into the upstairs apartment floor. Would a bifold door work for a parking car garage (inside is 4 cars that use the door). we live above it and it is not very pleasant. The garage motor unit is very old and we are arranging for it to be replaced but the garage door repair man says he cannot guarantee that it will solve our problem...there may still be some vibration and noise. PLEASE help. there is enough noise in Brooklyn..we have to find answer to this to eliminate this unnecessary noise. Thank you. looking forward to hearing from you.


Hello We are looking to place a 7x18' bi-fold door on our garage and we need to know if you could provide us a detailed CAD representation of your door. We need it because we will start building next month and have to know the right dimensions for our concrete wall. Thank you


I am in need of a garage door to fit an opening 10'tall x 15'wide. Originally searching for a sliding door system. Found your site and like what I see. One piece hydraulic interests me. I have concerns about loss of power operation. Please respond with different pricing options and loss of power funtionality. Thanks. Richmond, Va.


I need a ball park cost to buy/install a bi-fold door on my home. It's is standard 2 car garage door. thanks, Richard


I am a contractor on Long Island and have a client that is interested in a 9' wide x 7' high garage door with vertical cedar siding. Would you please contact me regarding this request. Thank you, Rick K.


Do you have doors for home garage I am not sure about the size just standard door sizes im sure


I am going to put a lift in my garage for my cars. I need to have a door that will open outwardly or use sliding doors. I have no room for a true roll-up door. My opening is the old standard 16' I believe. The height may be a little more than normal due to the face I raised it about 6 inches or so. Can you give me a general quote for a wood building door? Thank You, Mark




Looking in regards to replacing two garage doors. Please mail information and Please call soon.