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Would like a quote for a door on my private hangar. Rough opening is 40’ x 12.5’ would like windows. Pedestrian door not required.


Good day. I have costumer that needs doors for his hangar. The opening is 15 meter wide and 5 meter high. I would like to know what options you have for me. The doors must be dust and water proof. The hangar is standing in the extreme sun. I will appreciated it if you can give me advise. Kind regards.


Hi! We’re needing a rough estimate on a hangar door either the bifold door or the hydraulic power lifted door. I included the info below. Would prefer a text or email. Thanks!


Good morning. In the process of planning an out-of-state move. Will be moving to Southeast Idaho next year. Unfortunately, I cannot find hangar space there, but it looks like I will have the opportunity to build a hangar. I am gathering data as part of the planning process. I am leaning towards a corrugated steel building with a schweiss bifold door. The questions I have include: What structural considerations are needed for the building endwall to accommodate a bifold door? How large would the endwall dimensions need to be to fit a 42'x12' door? I'm planning to heat the floor of the building and use closed cell foam on the walls/ceilings. What works best on the door? How would 2-3 windows factor into door insulation? What are the electrical supply requirements? What is your time between order and deliver? What is the approximate cost of the door described above? Thanks


My previous hangar in Craig, CO had schweiss doors and since moving I would like to build another hangar and am checking costs for 50x16' door either hydraulic or bifold, whichever is most cost effective. This would go on a 50x60' steel hangar. Thanks Jon


Hello, Purchased an older hangar and would like to replace the sliding doors. Could you send me a quote for a schweiss door. I would like to see pricing on the hydraulic and the bifold door. Also how far out are your sales? Thank you, Jimmy


Hello, looking at purchasing a hangar door from schweiss doors but would like to speak with someone about my existing building and what options I have regarding door size.


Interested in upgrading my hangar. Right now it has old sliding doors and I'd like to get a one piece hydraulic powered door. Can you get me some pricing information?


Looking for a "budgetary" quote, with freight, on the following private hangar bi-fold door (strap type). Project location: Palm City, Florida Door size 50' x 16' 2020 Florida Bldg Code Wind Load: 167 mph Exposure Cat: C Please email if additional info is needed. Thank you!


Looking for a 40x20 or 36x20 bi-fold hangar door for an airport/home situation. Final size may be smaller but looking for options and budgetary info. Details submitted are not final. Requesting engineering notes to help the mechanical engineer develop the structure to accept the weight of your bifold lift strap private hangar doors.


I will be building a private hangar in Alaska next summer and plan on door size of 55 x 16. What cost am I looking at for a bi-fold with lift straps and auto latches vs hydraulic?


Purchasing a 52 wide by 55 length by 18 feet height building. I need a Bifold liftstrap airplane door for my single engine airplane. Wingspan 35.5 feet length 25 feet height 8 feet. I also need a door for my 10 wide 42 feet long and 13.5 feet height fifth-wheel RV.


I currently have a Schweiss private strap door at my hanger at the Butler County Regional Airport (HAO). I need to raise the opening 2'. the gentlemen who built the hanger is was Bob Beckman and he passed away last year. Can you please have someone call me and let me know if this can be done.


Could I please get a quote on a 42-6 X 15-4 Hydraulic and a bifold liftstrap private hangar door shipped to Lewiston ID 83501. Thank you


Hello, I run the FBO at Duluth International, but I am considering building a hangar off airport for personal use. My current design calls for a 60' x 60' hangar, most likely steel frame, with a 45' x 14' bi-fold hangar door (clear opening dimensions). Do you manufacturer doors to support this size or is it preferable (cost wise) to go with a more standard size door, or does it matter? Thanks, Mike btw, we installed a strap door on one of our hangars and it has worked well. We are now considering converting our other cable doors to strap systems.


Need a quote on a bi-fold hanger door to accommodate a Cessna 206h. This will be new construction private hangar on a 40 x 50 metal building. Bifold absolutely has to be a strap door, no cables!


I have a customer that is looking to build a private hangar in Woodruff, WI and it looking at two different bifold strap door sizes. 80 x 22 and 80 x 16. Once we can get in contact with each other I can forward you a drawing. I am a Bulter dealer so the building would be a Butler steel building. Thanks, AJ


Looking for a price on a door for a new hangar in Rockland, Maine (KRKD). Not sure I'll get approved to build a new private hangar there, but trying to budget for the building and would prefer one of your bifold aeronautical strap doors. I'd like a 60', but would also like to know how much cheaper a 50' or 55' door might be. Building/door height still TBD, but has to be high enough for a Seneca and a Stearman to fit, so at least 14' high.


I have a customer that is looking for us to manufacture a private hangar door for his hanger in Pines Plains, NY. 12567 I will need to engineer the building around the door can you provide specs. for a 40x12? Include separate quotes for auto latch system, remote opener and three windows.


I am planning a 70x70 hangar with 20' walls constructed out of SIP panels I would like the bifold liftstrap private hangar door to be 18' or 19' high I am checking prices and delivery times. My project is planned for March of 2021 Thanks, Wayne


I would like a quote for two private bifolding hanger doors. One 90' x 20 and one 60' x 18' clear openings. I will need to know the weight of this door with four large windows in the top half so my contractor can beef up the header.


Looking for pricing and specs for 70'x20' high opening strap bifold and 60' x 18' high opening strap bifold door going in my private hangar being built in Middleton, NH


Looking to re-build my personal private hanger with a bifold door. Would like to go with a 40' X 10' bi-fold liftstrap door. The hanger is a wood frame Pole Building.


Need pricing for a private hangar in Mascoutah, IL. I need three 60' wide strap bifold doors 20' clear at the door power actuated and also with remote openers and battery backup systems in case of a power outage.


I am in the planning process for building a hangar on my property in southern Georgia. I was hoping you could give me a rough quote for a 40’ wide by 10’ tall, bifold Liftstrap powder coated hangar door. I may side it with either wood (log siding) or metal. I hope to do metal so it matches my garage. The location I will need it shipped to is Townsend, GA 31331. We are about 6 months away from the actual build, but I am working up the project costs in order to secure the financing. How much lead time will you require once I place my order. What other add-ons do you offer such as remote openers, windows, horns, lights, walk doors, etc.


I built a 48x48 private airplane hanger. Opening for a bifold Liftstrap door is about 10', 12' by 40 feet. What is the least expensive self supporting door with remote opener? I appreciate the fact that your bifold and hydraulic doors have heavy duty easy to lubricate hinges.


I am putting together a budget to build a small hangar, approx. 48'x40'x14'. 10' minimum clear height is desired for this bifold private hangar door. Comments and suggestions are welcomed.


Am in the planning stages to build a hanger for my RV10. Will need hanger on or before Jan 1, 2021. Considering a metal 50' x 40' hanger with 14' eve height and a 36' bi-fold liftstrap private hangar door.


I’m investigating the cost of a bifold liftstrap door for a 50x60x20 aircraft hangar and wanted to get a ballpark for how much one costs. We’re evaluating the cost of building a private hangar in Westcliffe, CO. Depending on cost we may consider having two doors on this hangar for drive-in and drive-out convenience. Include in cost a price for remote openers and automatic latch systems.


I may be building a 40'X40' private hanger and am looking for installed door prices that would work with a 12' ceiling. What price would a big bifold liftstrap door with automatic latches cost installed?


Need a 48x12 Bifold door for a private aircraft hangar we are building in Rimrock AZ. If needed, could you also supply a freestanding header for this door?


I am looking to build a private hangar for GA aircraft. Most likely a 40 foot bifold liftstrap door is best. I would like pricing and warranty information. Also info on time lines for orders. Options for both bifold and one-piece door. The door would be shipped to Southern IL. Also hanger door opening sizes/structure requirements as well. ALSO, Would you offer either a military discount and referral money? I am being referred to you by a two time customer. Thanks Tom


This bifold private hangar door will be for a airplane hangar at The Brantford municipal airport. This will be privately owned. Thankyou


I have your strap (39') private hangar bifold door and I was thinking of installing two windows (vinyl frame two pane) horizontal. What in your opinion is this a good idea or not. I need light in the hangar in the winter time plus reception from ADSB Reception and from local control tower. Location I am thinking Top two center panels or next panels down. Also location of window frame in that panel, connecting window frame to Rigid bifold door frame at its top ( horizontal edge ) or in the middle of the door frame? I have pictures of the window and my inside door. Thanks Ron


I need a quote on two 64'0"x23'0" bifold private hangar doors for a hangar I am quoting in Latham, NY 12110. Thank You


 I need to build or buy two private hangar bifold doors for two separate 40x40x11 hangars. Due to lot sizes, the max outside dimension of each hangar is set at 40ft. What will be the available inside (clear) width after the door operator mechanism is subtracted? Thank you, Harvey


I am PEMB contractor in NW NC, erected your bi-fold strap door on last 2 airplane hanger bldg done this area. have customer in Banner Elk, NC want private hanger. Owner is Jim Plettner, he been discussing private bifold hanger door options with you They want 80' x 21'bi-fold strap. My bldg supplier will be Inland Bldg( part SBS group), then need your pemb requirement help price job. Think the owner will purchase your door direct but probably help me to get your quote & info. They ask me quote door install.


I helped a pilot build his own private hangar using your bifold liftstrap door system many years ago. I am interested in pricing for a bi-fold strap door. I am considering building a hangar from wood frame big enough to hold a Cessna 172 or similar airplane. Thank you.


I am looking to get quote for two doors on a private hanger were going to build. the door opening will be 16'H x 42'W.


We have a 50' wide bifold private hangar door. We continually have cable issues with it. Could you quote a strap conversion?


Putting together a small project hangar home. Want to know what is the most cost efficient (least expensive) private hangar door to order and if the door comes in a standard size. The hangar portion will house a Piper Cherokee 140. I believe 40ft x 12 foot seems to be a common size. Thank you for any help you can provide.


need quote for Schweiss Bi-fold strap doors for project bidding in El Reno, Oklahoma. Project name is New Private Airport Hanger, El Reno Airport.


I am building a personal hangar and want to see if a horizontal bi fold strap door is a possibility cost and application wise.


Looking for a price on a 43' x 12' Private Hangar door. I like the Hydraulic lift doors. but am curious of the cost difference on the bifold


Need design criteria for Searcy Airport private hangars with bifold hangar doors, 80 x 22. I am the DSM for American Buildings quoting the steel building. Thanks, Wade


Hello We are a service company that services all makes and models of private hangar doors. I have a customer that has one of your bi-fold private hangar doors that still utilizes cables and they would like to convert it to straps. The model is SCH-500-21-C Serial 121610300000014 Would like pricing on a conversion kit


110x24 Bifold Private Hangar Door installed in An All Steel Building Jobsite is at Kalamazoo Airport in Kalamazoo, MI


Hi, Building a private hanger and Greenfield Air Ranch in Idaho, main door will be 55' wide x 18' high going in a 60' x 50'hanger. Also have a 15' wide x 18 high additional door for large RV and automobile. The will be a wood frame hanger and need trim to match exterior, HOA will not allow metal. Can you please let me know pricing of bifold private hangar liftstrap doors and get me some submittals? Please call me with any questions. 


12x34 glass private hanger door. I need glass hanger door is it possible with 10 g budget ?


I have an aircraft hanger pole building %u201C wood%u201D with a 38ft wide and 9ft tall opening for a private hangar bifold strap door, an estimate please


Looking for revit models of bifold private hangar doors similar to those in featured in your "California Bike center" project. Please let me know if you have any BIM models available to show the client and have spec'd in the project. Thanks! Jordan


Looking for a private bifold hangar door quote. Hangar will be 80x80 and wanting a 60'W x 16'H door. I'm undecided on whether to do a full swing vs bi-fold. Thanks


Schweiss Designer Doors, We have (2) beautiful bi-fold private hangar doors from Schweiss on our property in San Jose, CA. The private hangar doors are flush with the fascia of the building. The architect has designed and we have installed an 8" tall waterproofing band at the top of each door. This works very well unless there is heavy wind - then the bands bang loudly against the face of the building. We are wondering whether Schweiss has a standard waterproofing detail that would work for these private hangar doors. Thank you


Looking for quote on two private hangar doors. 10 high 17 feet wide. Bi fold or hydraulic. Designer doors with clear thermal poly glass. Thank you, Stan.


In the early planning stages for a 40x60 pole-building with private use bifold hangar doors. Is a 38'bi-fold door feasible? I read all your info on beefing-up the structure & bracing. I'm also looking gor a ballpark price for hangar door planning purposes. Thanks.


I need a quote please for a private bifold hangar door 56' x 16' also needs a man-door in it. Please quote strap and hydraulic. I have no idea which is more expensive? We are looking at a Rapidset Metal Building. Prefer that you communicate via my email. Thanks Doug


Need price on a 60'-0" x 14'-0" clear bi-fold private hangar door, 3'-0" wedge max, going to Santa Teresa Airport, NM.


Plan on building private hangars 50' wide 40' deep, 10' high stick framed walls over a monolithic slab. I'm looking for a quote on a 40x10 insulated door to go on the 50' end of my building. 4/12 roof pitch...hopefully it'll fit. It's new construction, with private hangar doors so I am open to whatever header or side column construction makes the most sense. Thanks!


Hello - At my residence I am looking into installing bifold doors on my private hangars. Looking for pricing on bifold T-Hangars.


Building a private hangar size 60'x55' Need a bifold private hangar door 55' wide by 20' height. Please contact me for a quote. Ship to Front Range Airport, Watkins Colorado.


I am looking to build a private hangar at the Haller Airpark in Green Cove Springs Fl. I would like a quote on a 40 ft. by 14 ft. high bi-fold private hangar door.


HI there, I'm a metal fabricator here in Maine. A contractor that I work with has a private hangar he wants to put a set of Bifold doors on. We have talked about building the doors our selves but after looking at your website I'm sure that your bifold door and  strap lift mechanism is beyond what we want to attempt. Can you give me a price on a set of private hangar bifold doors with lift mechanism. We can take care of fitting and installing the doors to the building and needed structural work. A licensed electrician will do the wiring. The door opening is 16' tall x 42' wide. Let me know if you need more info. Thanks


The county has taken over a private hanger with a large 60 x20 bifold cable door built by another company that went out of business. I was given your company's name and told you might be interested in removing and purchasing the door. We want to remove the door and replace it with two Schweiss bifold liftstrap hangar doors. Please let us know if you do this and if you are interested in the door. 


I have a post and beam private airplane hangar, 40 'x30'. Opening is 41ft , 11ft 10in. I would like to have a bifold door installed for me. Can you do this, and give me an approximate price? Thanks.


We have two 74' X 18' Hangar doors on private hangars that we need to replace with bifold fast opening doors. I look forward to speaking with a member of your sales/estimating team.


Looking for a replacement access metal door & frame for a Schweiss bi-fold private hangar door. The opening is 26' x 72'. Door/frame was damaged due hurricane. Does Schweiss hurricane proof doors so this doesn't happen again.


I 'm going to construct a small hanger in the next year.I am interested in a bifold private hangar  door. Am wondering if it is possible to order any size door.The door needs to be roughly 40' 10'.


We have two private hangar doors that currently have cables but we'd like to obtain pricing to switch out the cable with lift straps please. How long would it take to swap out to bifold strap private hangar door systems? The first door is approximately 79'2" wide x 20' high while the 2nd door is about 90' wide x 25'7' high. Please contact me via email only as I am in and out of the office throughout the day. I can be reached M-F 8a-4:30p MST. Thank you.


I need a door for a customer. We are building him a private airplane hanger which will have 1 60'wide opening, that he needs at least 12 of height clearance for his plane. What options and prices for a private hangar and door would you have for him. Thanks


I have a customer looking to build a new private hanger or purchase an existing one and will be needing a new bifold hangar door in either case. The hanger he is looking at buying has a 46'x14'8" Opening and has a bifold door with only a little over 12' clearance. He needs a solution to get the full 14'8" Clearance for his plane I think actual is right at 14'. The other option is build a completely new hanger and in that case he wants to have 50'x16' Clearance in case he later decides to upgrade his plane. I'd like to get quotes on both doors to help him make a decision. For the new building please quote both bifold and One piece hangar door. That building would be a metal building if he goes that way. He would like to have an insulated bifold door for this private hangar.


Interested in 10 X 40 foot private hangar door, cost difference between bi-fold and single panel door. Hangar at KTHM (Thompson Fall, MT 59873), aircraft C172


Have a customer with an existing private airplane hangar and would like to replace the door. We are looking for a bifold liftstrap door that will not put excessive stress on the existing structure. The new door will be approx. 46'x11' (will verify size if interested). Please send information and pricing. Thanks, Gary


Lake in the Hills Airport will be seeking proposals for the installation of a new hangar door on a private-owned hangar.  New staff, including a full time Airport Manager, is in place and the direction from above is simply, "get it done." Our old bid request included design criteria specifications that the private hangar doors must be able to withstand. Is there an applicable industry code that we could reference in our bids to ensure the door meets standards?


have need for bifold or hydraulic private hangar door, about 35 miles sw of ft. worth texas, door opening is approximately 11 feet tall by 45 feet long


Looking for pricing on a 42' wide x 12' tall bifold door for a private airplane hanger located in Wooster, Ohio.


could you give me a rough estimate of cost for a 27'x8' bifold private hangar door? it would be cover with one layer of plywood and 3/4'' cedar board on the outside.


Roughly 44' wide by 14' tall private hangar bifold door. Installed on a concrete block building. Approx cost at this point. Thx


I have a 12' x 40' wide private hangar door opening and need a bi-fold door quoted. Please email me when you get a chance. Thanks.


Need pricing for a Cleary Building Corp. private hangar building going in Council Idaho. these bifold private hangar doors need to have a 40x13 opening and the plane has a tail height of 11' from ground to top of tail height.


Looking for a quote on a 60x14 or may be a 60x16 bifold private hangar door, no steel on exterior but was not sure the best way to insulate the door, let me know thanks


We have an 85' x 21' Schweiss door on our hangar and we could use some maintenance to replace the sweep seals. This is a private hangar. Can you help me locate someone to come look at it?


I'm looking for an economical option for a private hangar door in private building to accommodate an ultralight aircraft. Door opening 38' wide x 12' high in the gable end of a wood frame building.


In design and budget phase of new 70x90x20 foot private hangers at KFNL airport in Loveland Co. What is the cost of your hydraulic and strap system private hangar doors? Size is two doors 60 foot wide and 14 tall including installation at airport. thank you Roy


I am interested in a quote for purchase and installation of whether a bi-fold strap-lift or one-piece hydraulic door on private hangars. Approx 12 foot high by 42 foot wide opening. Private hangars are located at a home on a small private airstrip in western Washington State. Thank you.


I am building a residential private hangar for a single engine aircraft (Diamond DA40). I am interested in the size for the bifold door. The dimensions for the hangar are 50'W X 40'L X 12'H, does that match with "standard" private hangar doors size and does it give me enough clearance for height? Thanks, Carl


I am looking to price a bi-fold door with corrugated metal exterior and mid-grade insulation on the interior for private hangar doors.


I am looking for pricing for a bifold liftstrap door for a private hangar, private hangar price should include installation in southeast Saskatchewan. Size is 20ft wide x 18ft high, at least one window and maybe a man door. Thank you, Kelly