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Building a hangar for sale in Mesquite NV. Need a bi-fold liftstrap door of 42X14. Since we only have 12 or 24v dc power, need solution for DC or Hydraulic opening source. Ken


Need a price on a 60x16 bifold door. I am locate in Cartersville GA. I am having a new hangar built that I'll be putting up for sale. I want a strap door. Thanks Jim


I need a couple quotes: 20 ft high by 90 ft wide bi fold door for aircraft hanger that will be going up for sale. Second bifold strap door is 20 ft. high by 55 ft. wide door


Working with a client on his hangar that he wants to put up for sale. He wants to replace the sliding door on it with a liftstrap Schweiss Door. Client's name is Rick Anderson. Building is going to Remus, MI 49340. Customer will be contacting you directly for door quote and to order door.


looking for quote on the following please - 40' x 16' bifold door for aircraft hangar for sale - man door in lower section as option - windows in upper section as option - insulated as option


Hello, I need a quote on a 42'x14' Hydraulic Door for a hangar for sale, the building will be steel construction (Butler). Option for fast up/down Option for remote operators ALSO NEED ENGINEERING/LOADING to provide to steel building manufacturer for building material quote.


Just wanting average price for the bi-fold door, so I can give a more accurate quote to client for building his for sale hangar with a bifold door.


The Teton County Airport Commission recently purchased a hanger for sale located at the Choteau MT airport that has one of your Bi-Fold hanger doors. We have no documentation for the door and would like to obtain any operating, maintenance and parts information available for the door. Model S2 No. 324 S/N 3745 Thank You Jack Hinman


I have a hanger for sale that needs a bifold strap door. I would like to see options. The clear opening is 50' wide by 14' tall. Thanks, Tim


I bought a used Schweiss 60 foot bifold hangar door in Louisiana and want to build a hangar for sale in Arkansas. Can you provide the exact dimensions of the door, and suggest how to pick it up? It's Model S2432 No. 9E S/n 8230 Thanks, Dick Adcock


Looking to build a hangar for sale in metro phoenix. Looking for a ball park price, overall dimensions, and engineering details on a 80 foot wide by 22 high bi-fold door. Thank you, Daniel Diethelm


Designing hangars for sale in Ardmore Okla and have one 100' x 28' bifold that I have some questions about. Please give me a call.


I am in the planning phase of building three more hangars for sale in Wyoming scheduled for mid-May 2020. I am interested in the bifold and hydraulic door options, seeking to achieve the widest opening (end-wall to end-wall, if possible). One hangar for sale will be 52'x60' (16' header), and the other two will be 60'x60' (16'-18' header). They will be steel buildings, 110 pound snow load and 85mph wind load. I travel out of the country so if you call, please leave a message (email works best). Thanks, Dan Carey Star Valley Aeronautical Services, Inc.


Building several new hangars for sale and want to use hydraulic and bifold strap doors I would like to know how long it takes to open a 100x35 foot Schweiss door Project to start 2nd quarter 2020


I have a 50' opening, looking for the cheapest bifold door I can buy. It's a private use hangar now up for sale and only used a few month a year.


I am building a 60X60 aircraft hangar for sale and looking to install a 12X45 bi fold door with auto locks and remote.


Looking for a quote on a bifold hangar for sale door... Thinking 80 ft. wide by 20 ft high. Would like a quote on a no fold hangar door as well as a fold door. Thanks


I have an airplane hangar for sale that is open on both ends. I would like to put up doors on either end, but the structure wasn't built to withstand hanging the door in the opening. Reading about your self-supporting bifold and hydraulic hangar doors, I thought that may be a good option for me to get this hangar sold. Kind Regards Ed Baker


I have four Erect A Tube box hangars for sale with 60' bi fold doors. I am interested in your strap conversion to make these hangars easier to sell. Do you have a dealer/service in Arizona? I would like an installed quote.


I have a couple existing hangars for sale with your lift strap bifold doors. Planning a new hangar for sale with a bifold door and a retrofit of older one. Wanted to get prices on your tri leg stand alone hyd doors. In Alaska I have seen other hangars who have had to beef up the structure quite expensively to handle the load on a one piece hyd door. Think your system may be better for a new structure I have planned. Would build the main structure in normal build, then use your stand alone for the door structure. And maybe one will work for the retrofit door in old hangar. Can you give me prices on one 60' wide 16' clear opening/ with option for 18' clear opening for new const hangar. And one 40' wide 14' clear for a retrofit/freestanding yd. If you have any costs for shipping to Anchorage, please include those to. Thanks, John Schwamm


I need a contact person to quote a bifold hangar for sale door for the ITD Hanger at the Boise Airport. Thank you


i need a quote on a bifold door to fit a 58'-8" wide by 19' bottom of header opening for a hangar for sale with a total of 2 what else do you need to quote that?


Do you have an installation manual and electrical requirements for a Schweiss 40X12 bifold hangar for sale door? Thank you,


Need pricing on bifold hangars for sale doors 43'6"x 15'4"tall and 41'10"x 13'10" tall. These measurements are the size of the openings. Thanks


I am an architect working in Toronto on a new industrial aircraft heritage site that will offer hangars for sale and access to 600,000 sf of advanced airplane & helicopter door and office space with public areas on the ground floor and upper level roof terraces. We are looking for information on Schweiss industrial look vertical bifold liftstrap hangar doors with all. the bells and whistles. Thank you in advance for your input.


Email is best method. I'm about to buy a hangar for sale, it's a 50'x30'hangar @ Dayton Valley NV airport. Have oppty to inspect the hangar with your company bifold hangar door before the sale is finalized. Do you have someone nearby who is qualified to do so in next 2 wks? Fee for inspection? Thx!


Hi, I'm looking at prices for an 80 ft bifold hangar for sale door with a max height of 19 feet. I'm not sure if it's end wall or side wall or steel beams. Thank you, Corey


Working on a budget for airplane hangars for sale at Sarasota Airport. Looking for 4 - 58'wide by 19'high bifold doors. As these hangars will be for sale, I want them to have your best bifold liftstrap hangar doors on them.


We have a customer with hangars for sale with your schwiess bifold doors but they did not come with a weatherstrip package. Is there something you recommend for the cold temperatures, they have come across a foam tape but would like something more durable


Looking for some hangars for sale with bifold doors for a customer. I realize you are in the hangar door business, but thought you may come across some hangars for sale also with your doors on them. Do your doors pass Texas Windstorm requirements? Thanks


*Prefer e-mail response if possible* We've got an airplane hangar for sale or lease at T67 (Hicks Airport, Fort Worth, Texas) with two large four-strap bi-fold doors. Hangar was built ten years ago. I would like to get a ballpark guestimate how much it will cost to get a couple of remote control setups for the hangar--one for each door. I like the idea that the remote works like the wall control switch in that you have to hold the "up" or "down" button down and that it is not like a garage door opener. What comes with the kit, what is the difficulty of installation, and what is the approximate price for two kits (one for each door)?


I have a 64'x42'x14' hangar for sale. The entrance opening is currently 40'x12' because I have double 6"x6" posts on each front corner and a 2' framed and sheeted wall below the 2 ply structural truss on the gable end. I would like to know what the bifold strap hangar doors need for attaching to the building and therefore if I can remove one of the posts on each corner (to gain one foot of opening width) and the 2' wall to increase the opening from 12' to 14'. I would also like a quote for each type of door and to know where your nearest dealer is since it would be great to speak to someone directly or even to have someone visit to view the building. Thanks you, Greg


Firstly....have purchased two doors from Schweiss also steered a couple at our airpark when hangars were for sale. Working on a hangar design for Alaska (no building code area) need hinge locations on a 12' by 40' and a 14' x 40' (overall door size) for truss design (minimal opening 10')....want "one" motor wireless opening doors ...no storm/wind...minimal door...metal sided.....want lightest possible....price delivered Homer, Alaska (maximum distance)... Thanks


I plan to build a hangar for sale that will have a Schweiss bifold door of about 40' wide and 10-12' tall. Seeing that you sell a variety of door styles for this application, it would be helpful to get some budget quotes for bifold and hydraulic hangar doors of that size. Also what utilities does each door require? The barn will be a typical pole barn ... wood frame with metal sides.


I think my bifold is a Schweiss door but not sure. The hangar for sale I'm offering is 50x50. Would like a price on conversion with me doing the installation. If I succeed maybe interested in local dealership. I can supply photos of door if that will help.


We are building a 60x84 hangar for sale with 16' high walls and need a hangar door. I like the bi fold with the straps. The bifold hangar door needs to be as big as possible for that opening. The frame of the opening is in Steel. I would need the door shipped to the Barge Dock in Seattle Wa Price and lead time is what I need to know.


Considering building two Hangars for sale ... one 40 x 165 with 5 forty foot doors. The other 135 x 40 with 3 forty foot doors. Could you please quote. Thank you. Rob.


Need a price on a 44x12 Bi Fold door for an airplane hanger for sale located in Forest Lake, MN. With your bifold door on this hangar it will greatly improve the value of this hangar and hangar door for resale purposes.


Hi, I buy hangars for sale and then upgrade them as resale hangars. I am looking for hardware to use for bifold fold up shutters over 5'x6' windows. They could be manually operated. We've been imaging the shutters as steel frame with horizontal wood strips. Do you make a product like this, or do you know of a company in the US that makes hardware like yours on a smaller scale? Thanks for your help. We're having a lot of trouble finding what we're looking for. The project is in Sonoma County, CA


I have a 48' x 13'6" bi fold hangar for sale door I need a conversion kit for in order to sell it quickly. Need it to have a motor opening system with remotes.


I am working with a customer who wants to put this hangar for sale in Sulfer Springs, TX but he needs to put a new bifold door on it to replace slider door. The customer plans to use a 40x10 Schweiss Bi-Fold Door. The customer will be contacting you directly to obtain the door. I need door specs so I can design his building around the door.


I need price for 30x10 hanger for sale door installed, building is 40x60x12 pole building with 30x10 framed opening on 40 foot end wall I will supply steel sheeting. Need prices and opts. for other hangar for sale doors. 


I would like to install two of your bifold liftstrap doors in an existing hangar for sale.  The current opening is 116wide x 30. Would like a price for 25x50. And a 25x75


building a hanger home for sale and need a quote on a 44 x 14 bifold with strap lift insulated and windows if available Thanks


I can't seem to find any hangars for sale so I am putting together a bid to replace 4 sliding hangar doors on a small airport building your quote would be a great help. If at all possible I could use the price by week's end. Sorry for the rush I just got the info myself and I am trying to get it together quickly for the deadline. Thanks.


Hi there, I am building 4 hangars for sale, each will need a bifold door. The opening is 4m high, 14.26m wide. Can you provide a quote please? Many thanks Chris


we are in the initial stages of hangar estimating to build this summer. I believe the door will be 40' wide and 10 to 12' high. at this time we need just a ball park cost for the bifold door to install on the hangars for sale we plan to build. 


looking for information on a 50'x16' Bifold hangar for sale door with insulation package for use on an airplane hangar.


I'm interested in installing a bifold door in a new construction hangar for sale built with ICF block. Could you send me some information that shows how to install the door to ICF. I need a minimum of 12'6" of clearance and would like to keep the ceiling as low as possible. The hangar will only be 44' wide.


Just completed my hangar for sale. Looking for a price on your bifold strap hangar for sale doors. My opening is 38ft x 15.5ft tall. Would need all the hardware including motor. Thanks. Dave.


We have a hangars for sale project for Trident Technical College in North Charleston, SC - the design team has been looking at your hangar doors. I'd like to speak to someone at Schweiss about budgeting these doors.


Looking for a quote on a By-fold hanger for sale door. Electric to be mounted in a new steel building. Project: Mora Groveland, Ca. 95321 Door to be 48' wide x 16' clear height.


I live in Windsock Aviation Village at West Ossipee, NH. Please put me in contact with your local representative about installing one of your bifold doors on a hangars for sale building I have. Thank You


I have a 45x13 bifold hangar door that I would like to rig with your strap system before I make this a Hangar for sale. I have the drive motors and associated electrical components. I need straps, associated rollers, and drive bar, etc. Could you provide me with a quote for all the materials I would need to retrofit my door with the strap system? Thanks, John


I need to be contacted asap. I have a contractor who built two airplane hangers for sale and needs a door. Looking for a bi-fold door to fit a 40' x 12' opening.


I'm putting my hangars up for sale and am interested in looking at your bifold doors for remodel job. Doors would be 40 x 16 in height. please let me know who I need to contact for an estimate.


I have a 12'x42' opening on a hangar. I sold the plane but am looking for a bifold door that is economical to make this hangar for sale. Recommendations?


I have had luck buying hangars for sale and I am planning to upgrade a hanger with a 60' door. Sidewalls of steel building will be 19'. What is needed for the header and good height for door? I need 12' height or taller. Thanks, Chris Knox


I'm building a residential hangar for sale in Willow, Alaska with approximate size of 40' wide x 20' high and am interested in a bifold, strap-lift system. - Do you have dealers/installers in Alaska? - What are options and prices? - Do you have engineers who can work with my builder? (Covenants require an engineer to approve the structure; is this something you can assist with?)


I am building hangars for sale and I want to have a clear opening of 40x16. What would be the eave height? Bi-fold door requested. Thank you,


have a customer who is building a airplane hanger that he will put up for sale or lease. He's looking for a hangar door for sale. 46'wide x 14' high has 16' walls probably a bifold thanks ron


I am looking into purchasing a hangar that needs a new door, do you know of any hangars for sale. Door width needs to be 40', height is between 12-14'. (I haven't been able to measure yet). Could you give me a rough idea of cost for both your hydraulic single and bifold strap lift doors? Thank you, Sean