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Good Morning, We are looking for a quote for some tilting hangar bifold lease doors: (1) 44 x 16 (4) 90 x 22 (4) 51 x 18 (8) 61 x 18 Thank you.


Building a 70x75 hanger in Wasilla, Alaska. I would like to get a endwall bifold hangar for lease door that opens to 60W x 18H. The building will be hybrid design by Worldwide Steel Buildings. Shipping would be FOB to the Port of Anchorage. Man Door and Windows are not required.


I have a 45' x 11' (approx) opening hangar and desire a hydraulic or bifold Liftstrap hangar door with a personnel opening on the right side. The Schweiss door will be going on a hangar for lease. The building is 6x6 posts with bar joists across the top. I tie the top of the door to the bar joist (reinforced with 1/4" 2x2 angles on both sides of the lower part of the joist), and secure the sides of the door frame to the posts. The upper bar joist is supported with triangulation to the top of the next joist, and on a 40' x 11' door this works great (hydroswing). Located at 35773 (AL93 airport). Can you please give me a rough idea how much a door that size costs? Chris Barber


I am in the very beginning of planning an aircraft hangar for lease build. I am looking for approximate pricing on a bifold liftstrap hangar door, and would like the pricing on bi-fold and hydraulic, advantages/disadvantages of each type etc. Depending on what I do, the hangar door opening will need to be one of the following: 60ft x 16ft 55ft x 16ft 40ft x 12ft I don't mind a call, but would rather the pricing be by email.


Looking to build a hangar for lease in Cedar Key, FL. Would like to get an estimate on a bi-fold door with lift straps/remotes. I need the height to be 14' and a width of probably 38-40'. Also if you have a recommendation for a company for the hangar building itself I'd be interested to hear about them. Thanks in advance for your help.


Hi Schweiss Need a quote for a hangar lease door that will cover an opening 10' x 40' or 11 X 40. I have to upgrade my hangar to bring it up to code. I can modify to suit. The hangar is at Spanish fork airport SPK zip 84660 if you want to estimate shipping, Thanks Cory


Needing a quote on a 40’ x 14’ opening, hanger door. What are my options to keep an affordable price? What other info do you need? Thanks, Bart Ferguson


I have a hangar for lease bifold door that I need to open 6" more. Is it possible to adjust the travel limit? I pushed it up with my forklift so I know it will go higher.


Researching hangar doors for a 60x80 hanger with a 16' high door that will be leased out at the beginning of the year. The building will be a Wedgcor Steel Building. Project located in Coeur d Alene, ID.


52 X 14 clear opening bifold hangar door going up for lease. I need a quote with shipping included please. Address will be in Spring Hill, FL 34610


I have a client in Ione, CA who has talked to you about a door in the past. He sent over some preliminary information, but we need to get a purchase order together for his door. The door is a 66'x14' lift strap door that will be used on a hangar for lease.


Hi, I am needing bugdetary pricing for a bifold door for an airplane hanger for lease. The door is 16' high by 60' wide and will need windows and a walk door and remotes.


Planning on building a airplane hanger for lease- Door will be 60' X 16' Would like to get prices on both the bifold and hydraulic doors with and without automatic latch systems and battery backup systems.


Hello, I'm building a 60x60 hangar for lease in Afton, Wyoming. Opening will be 56' x 19'. I'd like to get a quote on a bifold liftstrap door please. Also, if you have any Oshkosh deals (or whatever you'd call it this year...) it would help me a lot. Either way, I'm totally sold on your high quality doors. Thank you.


Interested in a quote for a 40' x 14' opening Bi-Fold strap door for a small hanger for lease in Clinton, MO. Am planning on sending in a quote request to the building manufacturer tomorrow afternoon.


Request price on a 40’ X 40’ X 18’ bifold door with straps and a 3’ personnel door built in on the right side of the hangar door. Also advise the approximate delivery time. Door will be delivered to the Priest River Municipal Airport and bifold door will be used on a rental or lease hangar.


I'm looking for ballpark Schweiss Door pricing information for a 36' wide door x 14' high door for a hanger that we will be leasing out. I'd like to consider the lowest pricing option, but don't want to substitute quality for price.


Hi. I am planning to build a hangar for lease next year. I am looking for door options. My hangar will be 40 x 30 feet. and door should be tall enough for Cessna 182. I assume the door height of 10' 6'' or 11' would do it. And the door width is should be 39'. Do you offer such doors and at what price? Thanks,


I need a quote for a 54x16 clear opening bifold door with a remote actuator. This is a bifold strap door for a new construction aircraft lease hangar.


hi there I need a bifold liftstrap door for a wooded hangar for lease with a 14x30' opening what do you recommend best ted


We are building a new hangar for lease at DVK and wish to consider a 18 x 70 and a 21 x 80 bi-fold door with nylon straps. We are very pleased with the bifold hangar door you sold us several years back! Rob Caldwell


I have a hangar for lease and would like some pricing on both a king air 90 or so bifold liftstrap and auto latching hanger door and a t hanger 45 door. thx! coleman


I was just contacted by a customer looking for a Hanger Lease Door 30'-0" W x 18'-0" H. They would like an insulated door and they asked for a quote on the Bi-Fold as well as the Hydraulic Model. He also asked for basic drawings as they will be building the Hanger around the hangar lease bifold door style they ultimately choose. I did not remember if you provide the skins for the door and insulation or not, let me know. Please feel free to contact me with any questions. Thank you! Jeff Labuz


I am at the preliminary stages of designing a hangar for lease at my airport property in North Georgia and am considering your bifold liftstrap hangar door. Since the hangar will be built from scratch, coordination with hangar builder is possible. Have not yet chosen one. Don't need a phone call initially; I assume that your web page contains all the information provided in your catalog, and if not, please email me a pdf copy and please don't send me anything by mail, I consider it a waste of paper. Sincerely, Jorge T Blohm


Hello, We're looking for One Piece Hydraulic and Bifold Liftstrap Hangars For Lease Door applications. Could you direct us to link of its Revit Family? Thanks


I already have two hangar doors that need to be maintained. I am looking for an installer that you recommend to work on my hangar for lease doors for cables adjustments, locking mechanism, and servicing. please proved contact info in Louisiana for a good installer of your doors.


Good morning, I am Minh Ngo from Allied Steel buildings. I'd to have your help on quoting some hydraulic swing doors for hangars for lease structures as below: *(03) doors sized as 60'-0" x 18'-0" *(05) doors sized as 51'-0" x 18'-0". Please help to notice that we should need door design calculation/reactions for our structural design and also submit to county for review/approval. Please also help to include pricing/fee for installation of these hangars for lease bifold doors and shipping to project site at PEMBROKE PINES, FL. Please feel free to contact me via email Regards, Minh Ngo.


I am a structural designer and working a hangar for lease that needs a 40 ft wide door with 14'-0" tall opening. I am looking at the Bi-Fold hangar lease door with the strap latch tensioner. It will also need the cold weather package.


Quoting a hangar lease project at the Stewart Airport, Newburgh, NY 12550. Possible 5 hangars, please provide a proposal for 2- 50' x 28' bifold liftstrap hangar lease doors. Call with questions. Thank you, Gary


We are the general contractor for a project in Castle Rock, Colorado called Montaine Amenity Center. There is a specification for a custom bifold liftstrap/autolatch hangar for lease  door and your company is an approved manufacturer. Do you have a list of approved vendors/dealers we can solicit? There are two (2) different sizes: (1) 12'-0" wide x 8'-0" high (1) 8'-0" wide x 8'-0" high


I am planning a 60x60 hangar for lease from KY Steel. I would like a quote for a 14x50 and a 12x50. Bifold hangar lease door.


Looking for a quote on a hangar for lease door for my hangar. I'm planning on having the hangar be 48x48x12.


96'x96' PEMB - door dimension to determine height. Need (4) 44'x14' hangars for lease bifold doors - (2) doors per endwall


This is for a hangars for lease construction project on KBJC, Rocky Mountain Metropolitan Airport, Broomfield, Colorado. There are 6 bifold liftstrap doors required with delivery needed.


I have a standard 40 ft wide T-hangar with sliding doors. The doors on the hangar for lease are now very hard to slide. It is located at Fulton County airport near Toledo, Ohio. Is it possible to replace the sliding doors with a folding strap door. If so, how much power does it take to run the door and VERY roughly what might the cost be? I would need the airport permission to make the change. Just getting an idea if possible.


I need to build a hangar for lease for Pilatus PC-24. Could you tell me how much maximum it cost to build approximately?


Thank you for your quick reply. I would like to explain the reason for contacting you. Our company has been producing and installing aluminium constructions, rolling shutters and different types of gates for more than 10 years but we very often have requests for bifold and hydraulic doors on hangars that are for lease. We also have our own working areas and well-trained staff. Furthermore, our company has regular major partners and customers with whom we work on the construction of industrial and commercial buildings. So we are interested in your commercial bifold and hydraulic doorsproduction, and we would like to promote the products produced by your company in our market in Russia, in particular in Moscow. If you are interested in our offer, then we can discuss the conditions of our possible future work.       


I have a 16 x 44 high fold hangar lease door I'm interested in converting to straps. Can you give me an estimate of cost and availability? Thank you


Need to replace an existing side rolling type with new Schweiss bifold strap doors. Not sure what would work best. The hangars for lease door openings are approx. 14' tall and 60' wide. The airport is located in Kentucky


I am looking for a quote on this bifold hangar door as well as the weight and bearing details. Would I need steel side posts for this door or could I use laminated wood columns? It will be going on a 45' wide gable end of a post frame building. I have other hangars for lease and am wondering what a strap conversion would cost me.


Please quote a 40x18 clear bifold hangar for lease door with straps. Installed in endwall of new Butler Building. Please send design specifications so we can send to Butler for design. Door to be insulated and lined. Prep door for liner thank you and happy holidays


We are Quoting a project, it will be a Varco Pruden steel building 80'x60'x16' airplane lease hanger. Local building code is 2006 IBC. Can you give me a quote on two airplane lease hangar bifold doors that will be 45' wide x 20' tall.


I am looking to build private municipal hangars that the city can use as rental or lease hangars in the next 3 to 6 months depending on how fast the city works. As soon as I find out the bifold hangar door details I will get that information to you so we can get started as soon as possible.


Need quote on both doors this week. Finishing Feasibility Study this week on hangars for lease. Please confirm receipt of this hangar lease door submittal by email. Unsure what you mean by side column type Is this your bifold door frame column or metal bldg. column


Dear sir, On a hangars for lease project we have here in Vancouver BC, we would like to have glazed bi-fold doors or single panel doors. The height is 14 feet with a width of 28 feet, bay to bay, clear opening will actually be less. We would need to comply with the NFRC rating for these doors. When open, will need to potential carry some rain water if there are horizontal mullions, but joint glazing would be nice too, would limit any rain water collect in mild temperatures Can you please forward further info on your hangar doors, perhaps a sample shop dwg so we can review parts if your door is suitable and pricing. Lease Hangar Doors should be motorized as well If I can get an email, I can forward a plan


I am just starting the design specification phase of new hangar lease and hangar for lease bifold door project. I like the bifold doors. Building needs to be Miami-Dade Wind load of 160 mph and 3" minium foam insulation 30' wide clear opening 16' high clear opening preliminary building design is 25' at the eves STAR metal building with 3" Foam filled double sided galvanized metal walls Structure for door opening to be determined. 


I have a customer that needs a new door on a hangar for lease. Opening size is 56' wide x 18' high. Biggest concern is wind as the old door was damaged by wind and it a common high wind area. Please advise what door would be best for use as a lease door.


I am looking to build a hangar for lease in Sheridan, WY and would like to get quotes on both style doors for a 60' x 16' opening Thanks, Wayne Meyer


This is for a new construction hangar for lease door project. I need (1)14'-0" x 8'-9-1/2" upward acting hydraulic door for a project in Needham, MA. I do have a spec taht I can send you.


We are leasing a hangar with an existing bifold door ~60' x 30'. Roughly how much would it cost to replace the lower half of the hangar for lease door with glass?


Looking for pricing for 80' x 20' bi-fold door for an airplane hanger for lease that we are contracted to build.


Planning to put up a leasable hangar with a bifold door. The strap lift door needs to provide a 40 foot width clearance and a 10 foot height clearance. Need estimate for door including delivery on site.


I would like a quote for a bi-fold military style aviation door. I am building a 60'x60' steele hangar for lease with a 16' ceiling. How wide and high of a clear opening would be possible? I am still taking bids from steel building companies, do you have any suggestions as to lead time? I contacted you because I know Schweiss specializes in big bifold doors. Thanks, Matt


Can I get a rough quote on a 12' high by 42' wide bifold OR hydraulic door. Building a t hangar hangars for lease complex with 12 hangars and comparing against a erect a tube or fulfab quote.


Hi My name is Robin and our company just leased a hangar in Fernley, NV. and it's equipped with a set of your bi-fold doors (cable actuated). I found a pile of safety placards for them in the corner of the hangar and wondered if you had any documentation on their placement and how their normally attached (their all on aluminum plates) so I can get them installed on the hangar for lease doors in the appropriate locations. Any help in this matter would be greatly appreciated. Best regards, Robin VanDorst Safety coordinator at Flirtey Inc.


In the process of purchasing an airpark home but all they have here is hangars for lease. The home doesn't have a hanger built, so one must be built. Plan on constructing the hanger using wood as homeowner's association prohibits steel structures. Expect the hanger to be 40 /- feet wide and 36 /- feet long. Sitting on concrete pad. Would like to know which cost more...a bi-fold door or a hydraulic door. How long would it take to produce then ship to Washington state? And the costs? Thanks


We were contacted to replace an existing Bi-Fold hangar for lease door at Chandler Field in Alexandria. So I'd like a quote for a 43' x 14' bifold hangar liftstrap door. One pedestrian door, no windows. Straps Not Cables Call with further clarifications. 


I am a PEMB supplier and am working on a 3 bay lease hangar building to be built in Carson City, Nevada. I need a Quote on 3 49'4" X 15 bifold hangars for lease doors.


I am currently in the preliminary design for some aircraft hangar for lease and would like a bifold hangar door replacement for the cable door on it now. Please send installed cost for two 55' x 20' electric bifolding hangar doors.


Do you have a price list for bifold (or even one piece ) doors to add to 50 x 60 metal lease hangar? Thanks for your help! CB


I am going to have a Hanger for Lease built at Sugar Springs, Michigan (5m6) early this spring. The hanger will have a hanger door measuring 40' X 12'. I have looked at the various doors and suppose a bifold or Hydraulic would be good. I would like the door to be insulated and probably have three windows. Can you please tell me approximately what it would cost to install such a door. Thank you very much for your help. Jim O'Dea


Working on a hanger for lease at the Janesville Airport. 56x16 door needed same as one you installed on the hangar for lease there last year. Need specs for building design work.


This is for budgetary purposes. I am pricing out a 50x50x14 hanger for lease with a 44ftX14ft. bifold strap door. If you could please give me pricing for bifold and hydraulic doors through my email address. Thank you. 


Looking to build a leasable hangar in early summer. Would like pricing on a bifold door. 50'W X 18'H. The 18' dimension would be the clear height and not the actual opening on this hangar for lease.


We are to do the hangars for lease install for the builder. At the site visit yesterday they had a spec sheet. I am requesting the info about the install, weight of door and anything that is involved with an install of these hangar doors. 


Hello, I would like a quote for a non insulated bi-fold & hydraulic door option to replace the sliding doors on a steel Quonset hangar for lease door, opening is 24 ft wide & 15 ft high)


I need prices for (4) 70' X 18' bi fold hangars for lease doors and (1) 80' x 18' bi fold door delivered to Corona Calif. I also need an alternate for all strap on all doors. Thank you


Currently have a requirement to replace hangers for lease doors. one would be 65-70 foot width and one would be 35-40 foot wide bifold door. 14- 16 foot in height. Hanger location is in Riverside county, Ca. Can you advise me of a company in the area who can accomplish this work


HAve a 42 foot hangar for lease with sliding homemade doors. Want to look at getting a bifold  door to replace.


This is for a aircraft hangers for lease. Construction will start soon so we would need to know how to prepare concrete for hydraulic door. FOB your factory would be best. I could send our truck down. Please let me know quickly as decisions are being made. Would like windows included in quote. Also would like to know up and down times.


We have 4 sets of your bi-fold hangars for lease doors with bottom drive cables. I would like a price quote on the 3" cable pulley with bearing(18910P) and for the UP-DOWN_STOP switch. 


Hi, I'm curious about using your product on a hangar for lease project of ours in Wisconsin. Could you provide me with some preliminary pricing of a glass bifold door using your lift strap and hydraulic systems. Could you price out (2x) a 10'H x 8'W & 10'H x 10'W. Thanks


We are very early in the process of working with an owner of hangars for lease in St. George, UT. I need to find out what the cost is for bi-fold hangar lease doors, 14 ft tall and 80 ft wide. It can come "naked" with no skin. What is your lead time after approval of shop drawings? I prefer email contact at this point.


Good Evening, We have some Schweiss Airplane Hanger Doors here at the store and I was looking to get some Spring Maintanence done on them so we can continue our hangars for lease program. I wasn't sure if you had any local companies that you work with to service your doors. Thank you very much for any help!


Looking for a quote for a 10'-0" wide x 7'-0"  bi-fold hangar for lease doors - residential air park door project.