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I now have hangar space available and am looking at you produce for a residential hangar home property I am about to purchase. It has a one car garage with an opening that spans about 48ft and is about 18ft wide. In the detailed information section I listed the building as wood, but it is actually a brick home.


I am looking at building a hangar at le Sueur MN airport looking for pricing on a 40x12 bi-fold door. I need to get more hangar space.


I now have purchased some hangar space. Need to get a quote on a 40 x 14 bifold hanger door. Needing spec to put in building plan. Wanting a lift strap door.


Hi Now that I have hangar space available can you send me a quote for a bifold liftstrap hanger door 14ft height (clear opening size ) by 44 ft wide. I would like price on both hydraulic and bi fold. The siding will be hardy plank. The building is ICF construction. The project is at the above address. Thanks scott.


I've just acquired a lot and hangar space to build me a hanger at local airport at the city of Gladewater, TX. I am looking for a bifold strap door that will allow Cessna 182 to go through.


Hello I just closed on the hangar space property listed above and am going to build a hangar. I am still pricing things out. But I was told to figure the Schweiss Bifold hangar door out first. I am thinking 42' by 13ft clear opening and hydraulic door. Thanks -Derek Barrington


Need a quote on 60' wide X 18' tall bifold strap door, exploring building Hangar now that I have hangar space available. I bought a 70' x 20 from you before.


I am planning to build a 60 x 50 hangar on a recently purchased hangar space property. I am looking for a quality door 18 x 42 . I have a supercub so I want to limit the overall height of the door and the building. I am thinking of a total height of about 20 feet. I need to size the steel I beam for the door itself. I need to get the weight of the door so the beam can be sized. Open to a Single Panel or a bifold. Not sure what the cost or the weight difference is. If I go with a bifold door please price it with lift straps and auto latching system


Looking for options and quote to install a bifold Liftstrap hanger door 47' x 16 now that I have hangar space available. I would like a few windows in the door if possible and a remote opening system and backup system in case of a power outage is mandatory.


I am interested in building a hangar in the very near future as I have lost my current hangar space, but now have a line on some hangar space available. I am most interested in the one-piece hydraulic doors but am unsure that I am able to afford it. Would I be able to get a quote on a 50x14 hydraulic door and a 50x16 bifold. I am wanting to have a total of 14' clearance after installed. That is why i would like the different heights. At this time we are exploring the difference in cost between steel and wood buildings. Likely will be a wood building. Thanks, Aaron


I am needing an estimate to replace our hangar doors at our Airport in Frankfort. Now that we also have additional hangar space available, I would like to have someone meet with us onsite to provide us with our best option. Please let me know, thanks.


Id like a quote for a hanger space available rental door that has an opening of 50 x about 14 tall Both bi fold and hydraulic. Thanks so much.


We are bidding to build an airplane hangar that will have hangar space available for rent. We would like a quote or estimate for a 40'x12' strap bi-fold door installed. If you need more information, I can call. This is just a bid right now. We have not gotten the project yet. Thanks Rich


Now that we have hangar space available we are working on a Small T Hangar (PEMB) and the owner wants to accommodate a King Air 350 in one bay. I am looking for some general information regarding the clearances we'd need on each side of the door framing (for attachments, controls, etc) and how much room above the door we need. We want to be sure we have space for what's required but not more than we need. We are interested in the bifold liftstrap door with a remote opener and auto latch system. Thanks!


I have ICF construction and have obtained some hangar space available. The frame of the hangar is wood. The contractor currently suggesting roll up steel door. I would like to get a quote, because the bifold liftstrap hanger doors looks much better. Please leave a message to if I don't pick up the phone. I will call right back. Thanks.


I need a quote for a bi-fold hangar space available door. I have digital plans I can email over to someone to provide more accurate estimate.


Building a new hanger now that I have hangar space available. Still getting quotes on your bifold liftstrap doors. Hanger may be all steel or "pole barn" Steel-clad wood frame. what must the opening height be for 14' clearance?


We now have some hangar space available and are planning to build a new hangar and would like some quotes on bifold strap doors for budgetary purposes.


I have bought a hangar space available property with a Schweiss bifold hanger door on it. just the frame no motors or hardware. I was hoping to get a value on it to sell and a parts/price list to make it operational to give to the new owner. So they may order from you the stuff needed to put in in working order . Thanks in advance Jake Whittaker


looking to replace the current bi-fold hangar space available doors we have with new can you please send me an estimate


Building a hanger, wood frame construction on my hangar space available, Wood trusses, looking for a 58 FT Wide X 14 ft High . Bi-fold hanger door.. Assuming Bifold is cheaper than Hydraulic??? Door would be delivered to New Hampshire. Thanks Jack Belletete


Hi, I'm looking for information on your strap conversion kit for my existing hangar space available bi-fold door. Thanks in advance for your assistance.


We have a hydraulic Schweiss one piece door on one hangar & are thinking about retrofitting another hangar space available door. Would like to have info/speak with someone about options and costs...We are at the Waterloo airport in kitchener Ontario. Thanks Bob


Need a bifold hangar door for hangar space now available for two, directly attached, 200 x 300 ft buildings 48 feet tall. desire two hangar type bi fold doors with straps


Hello we now have additional hangar space available and are looking at building two new hangars with Schweiss bifold liftstrap doors. Could you give me a price on the most cost effective 45 foot wide doors ? We are thinking about wood framing with 16 foot wall height . Thanks


Your website is very informative with many "big" projects. Do y'all have a door solution for a "basic" hangar that has hangar space available? I'm having a new hangar home constructed: wood frame, 18' garage door opening. I like the look of the bifold door and the "cover/shade" it can provide when opened. I have someone that can perform steel tubing frame fabrication. I would need the door design specs and the additional framing support for this hangar space available design. Is this project too small for you? Thanks.


Sold on your product - can't find a contractor. We're looking to replace cables on a bi-fold door for straps on our hangar space available for pilots. If you have local service providers, I would love to hear from them concerning installation. I also have interest in your superstructure door product. I have a WWII hangar type that needs a retrofit door. The opening is approximately 80' x 20'. Rick


Now that we have hangar space available please quote (1) 65'-0" wide by 14'-0" tall bi fold door with the patented lift straps. The project will be at the Shawnee Oklahoma Airport. It is a new PEMB. Please send the specs as well. If you can get me the quote by Monday, that would be greatly appreciated.


I'm building a hangar in woodruff wisconsin that will have hangar space available for rent or lease. looking at your bifold strap door. would want remote control to open and close est. size 48' x 18' high thanks Joe


I already have a hangar with a Schwiess bi fold door. I have been approached about selling it and now that I have hangar space available I need to build a new hangar with bifold doors. The width is flexible by 5 feet either way, less if it would be a large cost saving, more if it would not be significantly more in cost. The construction is new and would be more than likely wood or masonry, but there is a possibility that it could be steel.


Need quote and drawing for bifold to provide 45' x 16' clear opening on the new hangar space we now have available for public and private hangars. The bifold doors will be used on a new construction steel hangar building.


Need a quote for (2) Bi-Folding Hangar Space Available Hangar Doors - Do you also do the installation? I am mainly on the road, you can reach me quicker through email.


Please quote the following Hangar Space Available Bi-Fold Door 46'0" x 14'0" non-insulated bi-fold door post frame structure Palo Alto County, Iowa Call w/any questions


Do you know anyone who has hangar space available in Texas. The hangar has to have a Schweiss bifold or hydraulic door on it. The doors on it need to be 40' wide.


The Hangar Space I have available will need a bifold door on a concrete block building 50 X 50 X 12 foot Clearance inside.


I need pricing on 3 bi-fold hangar space available doors sizes to be installed on hangar buildings at the Eldon Airport in Eldon, MO. 12 x 40 clear opening size 14 x 40 clear opening size 18 x 50 clear opening size


We are soon to start building an all metal, hangar home that will need hangar space available for two small planes. As far as the hangar door we were thinking about one or two bifold strap doors. That being said, we would like your input. Although value (price) is important, safety and quality are equally important. Details: Exterior skin will be R-panel Insulation on building will be open cell, spray foam insulation. Inside of hangar will have Schweiss r-panel, liner panels up to 18' tall. The end wall that the door will be placed in, is 49' and the overhead clear span will be 18' thinking the door dimensions to be about 46' wide by about 18' tall.  Let me know if you need more information and I look forward to your reply.


I've got a 100x100x26 hangar space available and am needing a 90x24 strap-lift bi-fold door. This is for an estimate that is for budget purposes. The building is going to Windsor, CA with a 110/C wind. Wondering if I can get pricing with the weight of the door by tomorrow.


I have aircraft hangar space available with a Schweiss bifold door 40' x 12'. I am doing an annual lubrication maintenance and would like to get  information on the GearBox oil replacement. How to do it, what kind of oil should I take, volume of oil needed, etc... Please email to me all maintenance information to support this job. 


I am soon getting into some hangar space available and am  looking for an airplane hangar bi-fold door quote. specs below. Thank you. Also open to other suggestions for my client


Need to compare pricing for a 47'X14' hydraulic door vs. a bi-fold hangar space available door for a new hangar in Mason City, IA. Would also like remote controls for the doors if available as options. Thanks, Andy


I acquired some hangar space available and now am looking for a hangar door 40'x12'. I live on the highway but don't have grid power. I was wondering if you had the option of a 120 volt door motor and if there was a manual door opener available. I would be interested in strap drive and delivery to Alaska. I look forward to your response. Richard Gardner


Hi, I was wondering if you have a dealer/distributor in Australia? I'd like to look at installing your doors on a couple of hangars that now have hangar space available for rent.  Thanks


I can no longer find nearby hangar space available. Looking for ball park cost on a bifold galvanized hangar door with glass window. It would be 36x18 feet, not sure what is involved with this if it must be electric powered. It cannot be a cable roll top style opening, on liftstrap option, etc.


Would like a quote for upgrading a large bifold hangar door on hangar space we have available. I am  at KRTS airport. The door is approx. 80 feet wide and is working ok but would be improved by your door conversion to wide strap lifts. Thanks. 


I have aircraft hanger space available and built a hangar this summer and need a bifold strap door for it. The door needs to be 55-6-' x 18' or - high. I don't need insulation and am only considering a strap- raised bi-fold door. I would like to get ball park prices and door weight so I can engineer the building to accommodate


I have a 50' Wilson bi-fold in my hangar with a 15-16' opening height, with more clearance outside. I am doing a hangar addition this summer now that I have hangar space available and residing the existing hangar and want to get info on a bigger door. I'm moving a Caravan in and out regularly and need more width and height than I have now. I would like 54-55' width and 15-1/2' tall clearance Schweiss bifold strap door. I will have to get exact measurements but what info can you provide to get started with that? I'm looking at either your hydraulic or strapped door. If you can get me started with what you need that would be a big help. Thanks Mark Meyer


Hi, I need a hangar space available bifold hanger door for a small hanger (38' by 12' clear opening). Can you provide a quote and information about what is needed for the building. I am planning on a steel building or pole barn. Regards, Mike


Looking for a door for a hangar space available  aircraft hangar. Wondering pricing for a door 70 feet wide 25 feet tall. Also for 100 feet wide 25 feet tall.


I'm building a 46' wide hanger now that I have hangar space available for building. Please give me a quote and information on a 42' strap bi-fold door. Opening will be 12' high.


Hangar space has now been made available to me so I would like budget quote for (2) 48'x15' bi-fold doors to replace the sliding hangar doors. This is for late spring installation. A shop drawing would help to provide necessary structural support for metal building design. I do not need the quote until after the new year. Thank You


Looking to build a hangar space available hangar next fall and would like to get quotes on doors. Thanks, Andy


I have hangar space available and want a 24 x 24 garage attached for a man cave. It will have cathedral ceiling and therefore I am interested in the bifold door. Is this something my contractor would be able to install? What R rating is possible. Thnx


Planning to build a duplex hanger to give us hangar space available for hangar rental, each side to have a 42 ft. x 12 ft. bi-fold door. Hanger to be constructed at the Buena Vista, CO airport (Central Colorado Regional Airport). Expect to need delivery in November.


I now have hangar space available and will require a price on a Bifold liftstrap door. clear opening of 75' x 22' going into a metal building, door will have R-20 insulation and metal cladding on the exterior and interior.


We have a helicopter hanger 20X60 insulated door. Needing replacement in a couple of years as this door will be used for hangar space available for rent or hangar lease so we are looking for a quote. This is for a budget item Thanks for your time


Hello, Can you please give me a quote for a hangar space available bifold door opening 32'x14' for a bifold door delivered to: Coeurd'Alene Idaho, 83814? Email is the best contact. 


I need a quote of a total of 10 doors. This is a budget number for a municipal hanger project that will be rented out as hangar space available doors. 


We currently have a client that is requesting a bi-fold aircraft hangar door for our hangar space available program. What would be the cost estimate for a door approximately 20 X 80 Ft. delivered and installed at Gilmer TX Municipal Airport? No windows or personnel doors are being requested for these hangar space available doors. Thank you, Phillip


Please send dealer, subcontractor or representatives names in around NE Louisiana. (Monroe Louisiana to Jackson Mississippi) Hangar Space Available Project is in NE Louisiana


We live at an airport community in southwest Utah, Grassy Meadows Sky Ranch. Our current Schweiss bi-fold door is 45x14 purchased in 2000, could you provide an estimate for the cost of this door as we now have more hangar space available that will need a new bifold door? We are considering selling our current home to build our "dream home" on adjacent lot. Knowing the approximate cost would help us on both selling and building. Thank you, Caroline 


I need to get a price for one of your bi-fold doors with your lift straps. The opening is going to be 60' wide by 17' tall and it is going to be delivered to Queen Creek, Arizona 85142. I should be in your system since I purchased a door from you about 5 years ago. I need all the hangar space available and think the bifold door will do this for me. If you could email me the quote as soon as you can I would appreciate it. 


Please send pricing and design criteria that we can forward to Star Metal Buildings Manufacturing so they can price hangar space available to prospective pilots. Door dimensions 45 X 14 Bi-Fold


Looking to build a hangar and would like to get a price on a bifold door and compare to a hydraulic door so I'll have more hangar space and headroom  available. Hangar to be approx. 50 x 35. Would like a quote on 40' wide and 45' doors please. Hangar will be 16' tall. Door would be 14' tall. Thank you for your time.


I am looking for a vertical bi-fold garage door approximately 10' X 10'. This is for a retail hangar space available application. I can send you a plan view if you send me an email address. I need some ballpark pricing. Thank you


Please quote door installed, 16' clear. Please email and fax quote as well as design specifications so I can send design specifications to Butler so I can get hangar space available ready for lease or sale and for custom quoting building. Thank you.