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I got a quote for an aircraft hanger door last year. I need to get that updated so I can get it ordered.


Looking for pricing on a 38'x10' Bifold Airplane Rental Hanger door with a remote opener. Please include shipping to zip code 54138. Located in Wisconsin


Need a quote for two bifold doors going on an aircraft rental hanger. Clear opening on second door is 40 ft w x 12 ft high. Please include cost of delivery and installation. Remote openers too.


Doing preliminary pricing on a Rental Hangar; please send along a pricing for a bifold strap door listed below. Thanks. Please include design specifications for the building door frame support structure.


looking to build a rental hangar 60x60, and trying to decide sizing of door and cost. Bifold strap door with auto latches will need clearance for up to a 185 on amphibs. what would height of building need to be for that opening. thinking somewhere in the 44' wide range. Thank you. Garrett


Need a quote for a bifold (liftstrap) and hydraulic door for new rental corporate jet hangar. Size of door opening is 80'x25. We would like to get at least 23' height clearance . Hangar will be built in Florence, SC


Hi. I am looking for pricing for a 80'x20' bifold Liftstrap door. This would be installed on a new rental hanger build at the Carroll County Airport (4M1) in AR. Thanks, Chad


Good morning - I am bidding on a project in Youngstown Ohio - Warren Regional Airport and they are spec'ing out a 36'x 16' Bi-fold hangar door for lease or rental purposes. Please call me for details.


Project is new construction pre-engineered metal buildings for rental T-hangar bifold doors. Location for building is Baldwin Field, Quincy, Illinois. I've heard you have short lead times once I place my order. We're looking at six T-Hangar doors all measuring 39' x 14'.


Need a quote for a 50'X14' hangar rental door. Would like one for a hydraulic as well as a strap door. I probably will choose a Schweiss door that opens and closes the fastest.


I am needing a price on a 110'x28 Bi-Fold doors for a hanger in Nashville TN that we are renting.


Need a quote on a tilt up hanger rental bifold door. I have plans/specs if you could get me an email address to send them to I will do that.


I'm looking to build a 60'x46' rental hangar. Please give me a quote on your bifold door. 1. 45'   2. 44' Eave height is 16.6'. I'm not familiar with construction. I'm just getting a quote so I'm not sure about *side column type *End wall/ side wall But will build the building to your recommendation.


Could you please give us some idea of what bifold door installation should cost? Four bifold doors are required for this rental hangar. Please quote these doors delivered to Aurora, OR. Hangar is approximately 70'x 245' Two are 60' wide by 18' high clear opening, and Two are 60' wide by 20' high clear opening.


I have multiple hangar rental bifold doors I need to get a quote on for a project that bids at the Bentonville, AR airport. The PEMB bid portion got moved up to the 16th so I am needing a quote fairly quickly. (6) @ 48 x 16 - Sidewall (1) @ 55 x 16 - Endwall (1) @ 96 x 23-6 - Separate price. Endwall


Hi... I would like you to update a quote for a bifold  hangar rental door, quote # 12216-MP. The actual building opening is 40ft wide by 10ft high. The building is wood framed with Hardi Plank siding and steel roof, all with 6inch studs. I am looking to place an order in the next week or so... thanks


Pricing for a bi-fold rental hangar door 44 x 12 (14), and 46 x 14 delivered to C08 (silverwest airport), with optional insulation package as line item project located in Westcliffe CO 81252


Have a price from HP whom we have used prior for our aircraft hangar rental doors. 46W x 14'6", 115, MPH ASCE 7-10 wind load in closed postition for Palm Springs CA. Could use your


Hello, Your bi-fold strap doors were installed on one of our aircraft rental hangars approximately 5 years ago. The building has been under construction for the entire time. Upon walk through inspection the question was brought up as to what maintenance needs to be done to the rental hangar doors and at what intervals. There is no literature available at our facility outlining this. I am requesting an owners manual, maintenance requirements, and any other pertinent information regarding the safe operation and upkeep of these doors. Thank you for your time.


Looking for prelim dimensions for a bi-fold Rental Hangar door to accommodate a G550. Thanks. David


Need to replace an old original door on our rental hangar with a bifold liftstrap door. Door opening is approx. 35x10. Not certain what is the best option and looking for recommendations and quotes. Hope you can help


We are looking for a price quote to install a aircraft rental hangar on a 42ft by 14ft hangar at our air park home.


40x12 clear bifold hangar rental door, strap lift. Please send design information so I can send to Sukup for design Thanks


We are looking into doors for hangar rental  buildings: Clear opening of 40' x 15'


I have your bifold strap door on an airplane rental hangar and need some servicing. How can I find someone to service it?


Looking for a hangar rental door solution for a 60' wide by 35' tall opening in a concrete advanced airplane hangar. Would like a bifold door for this rental hangar that is 45' x 19' with a walk door and windows.


Interested in a bifold liftstrap door on a new hangar rental project. opening 60 wide by 15 tall just need rough quote at this stage please use email, not phone


I would like a quote on a 50x18 bifold liftstrap door or a standard size that you make. It's for a rental hanger door with 60 wide by 50 deep dimensions


I have a airplane rental hangar I'm quoting that will need (6) rental hangar doors. I have a drawing to send if needed. Thanks for your time. Tyler


I am a supplier/erector of steel building systems and metal wall/roof cladding. I am also a private pilot that offers hangar rentals. I have had multiple requests from my renters to replace their cable and sliding doors with Schweiss liftstrap hangar doors. I am already in contact with Jeremy in regards to a door for my floatplane hanger, but would like quotes on liftstrap conversions and replacement bifold hangar doors for the sliding doors.


I'm interested in learning about pricing and options for a 40'L x 13'H hangar rental bifold door to go on a metal building I'm planning on building this summer. Thanks in advance!


I am looking for information on the 3" Lifting strap equipment to place on my cable operated hangar rental door. I need information for the lifting strap and the motor replacement.


planning to build a rental hanger home at Collier Airpark, in Foley, AL. would like to know approximately what a bifold and hydrolic one piece hanger door 46 x 12 like the one on your home page that look like a double wide barn door and two windows. Travis.


This is a metal building hangar. The hangar rental building is 40'-0" wide x 40'-0" long x 14'-0" eave height 2:12 roof slope. I am not certain what size door we need. The metal building columns will be 8" square tubing (1/2" thick wall). Please email me with any questions. 


Thinking of building a rental hanger 40 x 50, would need a quote on a 38' x 12' bifold rental hangar door. Thank you.


Please price a 54x18 Clear bifold hangar rental door installed. Prep rental hangar door for interior liner panel. Please also send design information so that we can send to Butler for pricing the building. Thank you.


Currently I am contracted until the end of summer for a hangar rental. I plan on building a new hangar with 1 HYDRAULIC H 65' 18'. I am usually on the run. We have received quotes before, but now we are serious about quitting spending money on hangar rental.


We have a Steel Master Quonset hut style aircraft rental hangar that is 28 years old and I recently discovered that the header beam has deteriorated due to owls nesting in the beam. The door opening is 54 feet wide and 14 feet high quad style door of 4 independent doors opening from the center outward. I can provide pictures to give you a better idea of the door opening and size. There are no side door post at the edge of the building where the door and building meet just a straight end wall. The insurance company has declined to replace the beam leaving me to fix this hangar rental property on my own. I am interested in you door, both as a build your own or as an installed unit. Please have someone contact me to discuss our options. Thanks, Leslie Nash


This hangar rental that I want a bifold liftstrap/autolatch door for is a wood frame with braced steel I beam columns and I beam header. The I beam columns and header are 6"x17 3/4" x 3/8". The columns are externally braced with diagonal 2 1/2" x 2 1/2" x 1/4" angles secured to a concrete footing.


I am planning a 60x60 rental hangar 18 ft. opening Steel frame construction 4/12 pitch roof On concrete pad. Hangar rental specs call for a keyed entry.


Need a quote for a bi-fold hangar rentaldoor and a hydraulic rental door for my hangar. My door opening is 36ft X14ft


Need a quote for the following Hanger door for rental hangar project in Sugarland Texas. 28' height 95' width Would like to see a bifold or sliding door quote.


I am looking at having a bifold rental door made for my airplane hangar located at Del Rio (TX) international airport (KDRT). The width is 40' and hight approximately 14'. I do not have power at my hangar yet. Can you make/provide a door for my hangar with a battery backup system and if so, what ballpark figure am I looking at for delivery and installation?


Insurance claim : my client needs a price quote for a all steel 60'x24' hanger rental bi fold door. He will need to replace it so we need a quote to turn in. The current hangar rental door was damaged during Hurricane Irma in South Florida. Please provide a price for new door. Thank you! Have a wonderful day


We are looking to bid a 80 W X 24 H bifold hangar rental door for FAA airport job in Shelby MT. Are interested in quoting the project?


Requesting pricing and door specifications on a 44'-6" x 14'-0" clear opening for a bi-fold hangar rental door. Wind speed for the area is 115 mph. I also have additional hangar space available that should have sliding doors replaced.


Please give us pricing on the following sizes for Bifold Doors for a new aircraft rental hangar project we are working on. 1 each 60 foot wide x 12 foot high 1 each 50 foot wide x 12 foot high Thank you in advance for your prompt response. Al McCall


I'm looking for a price on a bi-fold door, standard non hydraulic, for a hangar rental door project next spring. The opening is 40' wide by 12' high. Include shipping to Finley Airport, 196 Airport Road, Finleyville, PA 15332. The building is concrete block with wood trusses. I intend to triple the trusses at the front for door support. Thanks.


To whom it may concern, I am interested in just purchasing 25' of the bottom foam cushion kit including the rubber boot for my bifold hangar rental door. Do you sell this by itself? If so, what is the price and the leadtime? 


we are building a modern vacation rental in the mountains of North Carolina. we are looking at a Schweiss moving hangar rental wall that is all windows. in our search for windows on the internet we came across your product. at this point we are looking to do some price matching to see how much more expensive you product might be. we are open to either the bifolding door, or the one piece hydraulic. we would want the whole thing to be glass panels. the dimensions are roughly 10' wide and 8' high. I look forward to hearing from you. you can email, or call.


Hi there, I am considering building an aircraft hangar. I like your rental hangar bifold doors - I use one currently in a rented space. Thanks. Louis


I have a large bi-fold rental hangar door [ horizontal ] split at Anoka county airport in need of service. Is that something you do?


I'm currently renting a hangar space for the business and the landlord has agreed to consider updating the hangar door at my cost and in lieu of freezing my rent for a few more years. The bi-fold rental hangar doors are a strong contender. I look forward to speaking. Thank you for your time Tricia 


Our EAA Chapter is building a hangar rental building next spring on Ford Airport, (KIMT). We are looking for a quote on a 14' (clear opening) by 60' bi-folding hangar door.


I am bidding project with a rental hangar door 80' x 20' bifold door. I will be glad to forward any plans, specs or any other information needed for you to provide me with a quote. Thanks, Jim 


Looking at hangar rental space for my ultralight. needing ideas for the door. No one around me knows anything about how to install these types of doors. wingspan is over 32 feet.


Looking for a price on a fully sealed snd insulated bi-fold hangar rental door. Looking to fit a 20' tall and 40' wide opening. Internal truss. Looking for a ball park price. Would be mounted in a 60x120x24 bison steel building. Thanks


Have a project in Van Horn Texas and need a price for a 43'-4" x 35'-0" hydraulic or bi-fold hangar rental door


I am looking for a rough order of magnitude for a 42' by 12' bifold door to go on a Rapidset Rental Hanger. The rental hanger door is 46' by 36'. What height do you recommend with a 12' door? In very early feasibility stages.


I'm interested in the feasibility of converting one or two hangar rental doors to a bifold style. The doors are modest in size - 38.5' wide by 18' high. This would be on an existing wood-frame construction hangar.


Please quote on a 55' wide x 16' high bifold door for a premanufactured steel hangar rental building. Steel building is 62' wide and 20' high. What is the weight of your door please so I can input it in our building design? Scott B.


We are providing a budget cost estimate to construct a six unit hangar rental project for Columbus Municipal Airport in Indiana. They are asking for 48 by 14 Schweiss bi-fold hangar rental doors in each unit, strap lift mechanically operated with manual latches and a man door


looking for price on 40'x 13'Clearance bi-fold strap hangar rental doors Looking for delivery and installation of door, and Morton Buildings employee's will install siding and trims on door. Project location is Traverse City, Mi.49685


Schweiss, I have rented a hangar with one of your bifold (40' wide) doors. The electricity hasn't been run to the hangar site yet. Other people are using portable gas generators to open their doors. We think it has a 2 HP motor on it and were wondering what watt size generator would we need to safely operate our hangar rental doors? Thanks, Les Field


I own a 40x40 foot rental hangar with bi-fold doors, similar to but not schweiss. need top and bottom weather seals. can you give me a quote? hangar rental is located at KAPA, centennial airport, Denver Co. thank you.


Hi - I'm getting ready to build an airpark hangar that will be used for hangar rental and am just looking for a rough idea of what I'm looking at for cost of a bifold hangar rental door. The hangar will be 50'x40', stick-built, with as wide of a bi-fold door as I can manage along the long wall. Target clear opening height is 12' and I'd also like to know how much header to have the architect plan for above the door. I am currently at the Sun-N-Fun airshow in Florida and your booth display is right down the aisle from where I am working. Your guys were very helpful when I went over to ask questions, so tell them they are doing a good job! thanks, - Matt


We are bidding the cambria county aiport hangar rental project in Johnstown, PA. it calls for the replacement of 5 hangar doors. Your company is listed as a manufacture we can use. DO you have a price on this project, and do you have an installer pricing this out? Thank you, P.J.