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I'm building a hangar at KBUU and am trying to get pricing on a hangar door. I need a 46 x 14 or 44 x 14 bi-fold door priced out. Two of the builders I've spoken to have optioned that I purchase the door separate from their bid package. Please contact me via email if you are interested in supplying the hangar door. Thx


I'm needing a 40ft by 12ft door pre-mount I'm guessing what are the costs associated with this?




I'm trying to get an estimate and some hangar information on a 45' x 12' bifold strap door for a hangar. This is for planning purposes. Thank you!


We can start our conversation via email; looking for a quote on a bi-fold liftstrap/autolatch door for airplane hangar/toy barn. You have a client named Jody Jasmer, my neighbor, who bought from you and is very happy with his product. Pull his file for reference as my build is identical to his. Thanks


I would like pricing for a 27' clear height x 80' wide bifold aviation hangar door. Preferably, bifold with straps. Does it matter if my hangar is steel or wood?


Im in immediate need of information and a bid for a basic strap hangar door, qty of 12x of them, opening to be 40x10. they will be installed on a "pole barn" style building, so it would be a wood jamb/post install. materials would be delivered to job site in Ogden, Utah. spec requested states "weight of door to be approx 2720lbs" or less. please advise of time required for bid. thank you. james


I am building a 80x100 steel hangar at KTTA. I would like a quote and some hangar structural information for a door that is transparent (ideally glass) verses a standard door.


We have an existing hangar opening that we are considering reinstalling a bifold hangar door on and I need some hangar information. This door will operate to separate the small hangar from the large hangar. Can you please advise an rough estimate on cost of a couple of bifold liftstrap and automatic latching system hangar doors? Thank you in advance, Hannah Gordon


I am looking at some different hangar construction options and would like a call to discuss both bi-fold strap and hydraulic door options. We don't get a whole lot of snow in Maryland, so either door style will work for me.


We are Design/Build Contractors and have some aircraft hangar projects in the design phase. I need some technical information and general design guidance for extra large bifold strap aircraft and helicopter hangar doors.


I need some hangar information regarding your bifold strap door. I'm just starting to design our next hanger. Building site, building max 52' of width. Want to have 50'X 16' door. Is this something you recommend? What are the options for us. Thanks, Bud Van Deusen


Hello, I am interested in the bifold strap lift matching cladded door. We have about a 56 x 16 foot opening on our hangar/barn. We have several friends with your bifold strap lift door and they have highly recommended it and said to make sure to order the bifold with automatic latching system and remote opener. Would like to get pricing estimates on it as well as door delivery lead time. Thanks, Amy


I'm in the process of designing a workshop/hangar/garage and I'm trying to see if it would be within the budget to put a large bifold strap door on the end of the building. I am partial to the bifold doors, but if the build-your-own-door kit is substantially cheaper that may be a worthwhile option for me to. I don't know how sensitive the price is to the size of the door, but the minimum size I'd like is 18ft x 12 ft, and if the budget allows I could go up to 28ft x 14ft. I'm also interested in any information you can provide on sealing and insulating the door, and the lifting speed performance of a bifold vs a rollup or sectional in that regard (I assume the bifold can be much better insulated). The finish would probably be a basic corrugated steel or something similarly economical. Note: I'm currently overseas, so due to the time difference I'd rather not get phone calls in the middle of the night.


Hello, We are in the very early stages of designing an aircraft hangar for our local airport. I am the CADD Operator on the project. We are intending to use Schweiss bifold liftstrap hangar doors as the basis of design. The hangar will have 4 separate bays with total clear openings 97'-6" x 28'-0". We would like to include a standard walkdoor inside of the bifold door to each bay. Due to code requirements we are required to have a door in the exterior wall every 150'. Looking through your images I see that these doors are always placed close to the edges to the bifold door. Is this is requirement or would we be able to place them closer to the center if needed? Thanks, Chase


I am doing the final design on a hangar and was needing a copy of your drawings and hangar building information to complete it. For locations of the door supports as well as weights and clearances. Haskell Airport Inc. Coweta, OK. 74429. Schweiss bifold and hydraulic hangar doors are the best in the business and I wouldn't settle for anything less.


I would like an estimate for Schweiss bifold or hydraulic door 21512-HG. I might buy a hanger designed for this door...depends on door cost...or other options such as remote openers, lights and horns. Thanks, Mike


Hello I am working with Encore Steel Buildings and they have given me your name as the best company for hangar doors. What I am looking for is possibly a bifold door (roughly) 46' wide x 14' tall with options such as straps, auto latch, emergency backup system. Thank you Jeff Griffin


Need estimate on 44' wide x 18' tall (clear opening) bifold door want to discuss hangar information bifold door options: interior steel liner set up; spacing of structure for windows; hinge height ceiling (bottom of wood truss) height 20'0"; centered in endwall of 81' wide building w/ 3/12 roof pitch Job Location: Riverton, WY Schedule: Summer 2020


I need a quote on a 45' wide 15' opening bifold or hydralic opening hangar door for a customer. I'm sure there's questions or hangar information I need to ask, please email a form or send me questions , so I can get a Quote


We're looking to build a shop/ garage/ hangar using two of your bifold or hyrdaulic doors. At least one in a fairly similar fashion to this LINK The other one will probably either be the same as the first but smaller or maybe more plain as well. I know the dimmensions that they're wanting are 50' long with clearance under at 14' and the other door to be 30' foot long and the same 14' clearance. What dimensions or bifold door hangar information do you need from me to continue from here. If you would like to discuss you can call me anytime at the number listed. Thanks, Eric Also it'll only let me put one door into the detailed info


My client is building a red iron building to use as a hanger and needs a 50'x 12' bifold door. I am needing pricing and hangar door information. Please feel free to call or email if you have any questions. Thanks! Jenn




I have a client who is looking to build an airplane hanger and he needs some hangar information. We are needing a bifold hangar door that is 45' wide x 14' tall. Looking for any information and pricing that you can share.


Customer is looking for price comparision of small hydrolic doors versus overheads. A phone call with a couple budget options and hangar information could get us moving in the right direction on door choices on their building.


Looking for some pricing and hangar info on a bifold for a hangar. It's for a residential home with attached hangar...interested in a rough cost comparison on door sizes (width and height) My rough starting dimensions are 40 x 15.


I already have a hangar with a hydraulic swing door but I am interested in a bifold door because it is less likely to hit something as it opens. I am not sure the framing around the door is adequate for a bifold so that is a consideration. The door I have now is insulated and I am interested in having a bifold insulated door. The hangar is at California Missouri (MO23). The door is 41 feet wide and 12 feet high as far as I know but it probably needs to be measured exactly. Give me as much hangar information on this hangar door as possible.


Looking for a quote and hangar information on Bi-Fold doors for new home hangar build and the build time.


I'm not looking for an exact quote just a rough guess. I wouldn't dream of trying to hold anyone to it at all. We have a building open on two sides and we are curious about hangar door information on what it would cost us just to cut down draft and snow drift with a bifold door.


I am building a hanger and need info on the structure required to support a 40 ft wide by 13 ft. clear height bi-fold door.


Starting to figure hangar (and door!) to be constructed in Ellensburg, WA and will need some hangar door information. Lot is 98' x 110' so can build whatever size desired. I'm thinking 55'wide door to accommodate many different possible planes we may want in it over next 30 years! Your professional hangar information advice of any sort would be appreciated. Email is best, but if you don't mind leaving a VM if I can't answer that is fine, too! Thank you- Chris Collins


We are beginning a T-Hangar renovation project for approximately 25 hangars; please send hangar information, pricing/catalogue links for door seals (top and bottom) we will be replacing all of them. Thank you.


Hangar information needed: We have a bifold door that is suposed to be 80ft long by 18 ft high it came in 2 sections i understand that one section opens up and u pin it but there no detail to assemble them together to make the 80ft long. I'm needing hangar information, do u put the doors end to end and weld them so it makes it one section 80ft x 18 ????


I am working with a customer and need hangar door information on a hangar project. The building will be steel I-Beam construction and designed around the hangar doors. The customer will be contacting you directly for the purchase of his doors. I need specs for a 50x14 Bi-fold Door and a 84x16 Bi-fold Door. Please let me know if you have any questions. Thank you, Joe Ferguson


Call me if you questions, but I may need hangar information on bifold strap doors. I need a price on. 48 foot wide 20 tall opening on building so i would like 46' wide opening if possible on my hangar door. Give me a price on bifold and price on one piece hydro swing door too. Design for windows across the front at about 8 ft height. I will put my own sheeting on. I will use wood instead of metal. the building will be 50 wide with a 5/12 pitch on the roof, straps instead of cable. I'm not sure if one is more cost affective and if one is better. I use both now and like my cable one, but the strap door now seems the only way to go. Call me with questions or e mail and need price and delivery time Jim


I am needing to get a quote and some hangar information on a Bi-fold, strap lift, bottom drive Hangar Door. Switch location on the inside left. It is 60' x 18' OH door with factory finish. It is for the Utah State University (Logan, Utah) FL-10 Airport Hangar. Please let me know if you need anything else. Thank you,


I need hangar information and a quote for a bifold door for our new hangar museum project. We are a 501c3 non profit museum...If there is a designer typeŁ door close in size to our needs I would be interested in visiting with a salesman about it, as our building is still in the planning stage Thanks. Jim


We are working on a project for an airplane hangar and I am in need of some hangar information regarding Schweiss folding doors. Door dimensions are 19' Tall X 65' Wide. Can I get some pricing on these bifold custom-made hangar doors please?


I own a 40'X40' hangar in Lakeville, MN. It has a manual, counterweight bi-fold lift door. Can your company convert the door to an electric bi-fold hangar strap door? If so, how is this accomplished and what is the cost? I need as much hangar door information as I can get. Is there a bifold door conversion kit available and at what cost? Bill 


Looking for some budgetary numbers and hangar information on a bi-fold door for a steel hangar building we are bidding. This project is still a ways off but we would like to help our customer by providing a rough budget number for a Schweiss bifold door or two. Please let me know if you need any other information for a budget number. Thanks, 


I'm an estimator with VP Buildings and I'm working on a building that has a 50'x14' bi-fold door but they don't have any hangar door information. I would like to base it on your hangar strap lift door. Can you provide me with a 50'x14' clear door specs, please? I don't need a cost, just the specs. I'll include it with the quote so that they have your door specs.


40ftx 14ft bifold bottom of door strap system with automatic strap latching and remote control. I have having a 50x50x16 clear span building bid and they need hangar information details on the door opening specs in order to bid accurately. I desire door to be in an end wall.


I am looking for hangar info and pricing on a bi-fold door for a hanger project. I am a General Contractor.


We are currently gathering hangar door information on our bi-fold parkade aviation door for our remote helicopter residential tower project in Vancouver. Does your company have a sales rep in Vancouver BC Canada which can provide us with the information we need? Thanks.


I am planning a new hangar with a 35 h x 100w door to be built mid next year The new building will be pre engineered steel I have used Hydroswing doors in the past, but have heard good things about Schweiss hangar doors.  I would appreciate hangar information for budget and specs for a Hydro and possibly a BiFold as an option


I need some hangar information on your doors. I am not very familiar with these types of doors.. we will probably go with the bi - fold doors.. so if you could get me some hangar information and prices that would be great.. also would like to no what you guys would need to hang the door from the new hangar that will  be a wood structure.. door size will 48'wide x 14' high or somewhere in that area..


I need some hangar door information. Does this bifold hangar door come with any tin on door or just the frame? Also if the hight is 18 feet on door, what would be the clearing when the door is open? thanks


I would like to get some hangar information and a price on a BYOD hangar door to fit on my existing door opening on my steel building hangar. Thank you.


i am building a 60x60 hangar with one of your doors and need some hangar door information. Besides the rubber loop attached to the bottom of the door, do you have any additional options for securing the end openings, next to the steel wheel, at the bottom of the door to prevent rodents entering the hangar?


 Do you sell veritical bifold and/or hydraulic residential hangar home doors? If so, I would appreciate any hangar and hangar door information you can provide on requirements for installation, cost, and dealers/installers in the Washington DC metro area. I have a situation where I wanted a power lift setup for my current residental hangar home doors and found it wouldn't work due to the garage design (beam in the way). Looks like your vertical bifold hangar design might provide a solution. My door opening are 15' 6" and 8'; both are 7'high. Thank you 


I am building a home in the Falmouth airpark and would like to get a quote on 40' x 12' hangar door and hangar information using your bifold door. I will be sheathing the door in sheetmetal which I will provide I am at sea now so email is how I would like to be contacted        


Looking for a 34'x22' bifold door with windows and a man door installed on my existing farm hangar shop. If you need more hangar information just let me know.  Can someone get back to me please?


Good morning, We are starting design on a new wood building aircraft maintenance shop measuring 55'x50 and looking at door information options. Very interested in a bifold door that we can hang above the bottom rafter to get a clear 16' opening (floatplanes). Any bifold floatplane hangar design worksheets that you can send along would be helpful. Thanks! -Alex


I am in the process of planning a hangar and need some hangar door information. Using a local builder (Look buildings) wonder what the builder needs to support the bifold door frame.


Looking for some hangar information and pricing out what a bifold strap hangar door would cost and want to see what the cost for installing the hangar door would be.


I need hangar information and a hangar door quote on a 65'x16' bifold for a hangar door. Building will be a Butler Mfg. Delivery will be to Alliance NE 69301


Doing research on new shop would like hangar door information and the prices of Bi-Fold doors. Size: 30'wide x 18'tall & 40'wide x 18'tall


Hi, we have a hangar building with one of your doors. It is a bi-fold 45x13 strap lift. We have some basic dimensions on the order but need to get some more details for our framing and trims. we need upright locations, hinge points and so on.I know we usually get a full packet of information, but it must have been misplaced along the way. Thanks, Caynen Klessig Engineer Walters Buildings


Looking for a hangar information solution with a low structure height and trying to achieve maximum clearance for the opening. We have used your bi fold hangar doors in the past and they worked well and are wondering if they might be a solution for this effort. We would like to get around 15'6" to 16' clearance on a 24' wide door. We have perpendicular structure as we are retrofitting a space at about 17' or so. What type of door can we fit in the space. Let me know who I can talk to about a hangar information  solution.


The City is presently looking at moving the Public Works Facility to a airport hanger located at the M. Graham Clark Downtown Airport and we're in need of some hangar information. The bi-fold door is in need of repair or replacement. I need to have an installation cost if that's possible. The door is approximately 43X17. I could get pictures is necessary. The City needs a cost estimate to move forward. Thank you for your assistance. 


Hello, We are designing a hanger in Springfield, Missouri and request hangar information and hangar door quote and design information for the following. Aircraft Hanger Door - 120' wide x 28' clear height designed for IBC 2012, Exposure C, 115 mph in Springfield, Missouri in Greene County. Also provide separate quote to assist with installation. Call or e-mail any questions. Thank You! 


Do you have field personnel or authorized installers available to service existing hangar bi-fold doors? If you need hangar information just let me know.  Thank you, Bryan


I'm designing a hangar to use a Schweiss strap-lift bifold door. I bought one from you before. It was a BIG one. I'm happy with it. I need some information now on the one I'm now designing for is a 12' clear height by 44' clear length (or narrower if necessary to fit a 46'overall building width). I'd like you to call me and/or email me the design detail requirements. Thanks


We would like to receive a hangar door information quote on a 45'x14' bifold hanger door. Do you also install your doors?


Please contact me ASAP, as I wish to get technical hangar door information on your aircraft hanger doors. Regards: Jim B.


I just submitted a quote request on some hangar information in order to submit a request for a bifold hangar door, and the confirmation said it be sent via fax. Pleas e email it to above email address.


Looking for hangar information product binder, detail information and regional contact info. Designer doors and other applications.


I need hangar door information two Quonset buildings which really need new bifold doors they would probably be 20 wide by 18 without measuring. Is installation available?


I need some hangar information. Interested in getting a quote on a bifold door, with motor and strap lift. approx. opening size is 13'1" x 14', with a man door, mounting to a concrete tilt up building. I have a sketch and pictures to send you. How might I do that ? Also, my customers biggest concern is that the door seal extremely well. His most concern with dirt and debris coming in around the edges. He will side it, with steel siding, and insulate it once its hung.


I need some hangar door information. What is the price of a 35 x 16 bifold hangar door delivered to St Charles county airport in Missouri. Zip code is 63373


Hi there, I am in the process of building a new Aircraft Hangar, and friends of mine suggested using Schweiss Bi-fold Doors. Hopefully, the info I have provided is sufficient to provide a quote, if not, let me know what other hangar information you'll need. Regards, Roland


Please provide budget pricing and hangar information for one (1) hangar type door for a 60' wide x 20' high opening


Is it possible to retrofit an old hangar that has separate panels that are manually closed to an automated system? Please supply me with your Schweiss hangar information so I can order some bifold doors from you.


I have a commercial project in Plano Texas I am pricing that has a spec for Schweiss bifold doors. I need to get a local installer and pricing asap. please contact me with any hangar information to accept your bifold doors.


Hello , Just wondering if you have a distributer in Australia , we are looking to build a Hangar in North Qld in a cyclone rated area approximately 30 meters by 25 meters. What type of hangar information will you require to provide us with a hangar door or two. Thanks for your info.


I need a quote for a standard bi-fold door going in a pre-engineered steel hangar with a framed opening of 50'W X 16'H. To be installed in Casa Grande, AZ. Please call me with any questions and hangar information I will need. 520.836.8899. Thanks, Jeff


I am researching the possibility of installing a couple of folding doors on one of our buildings but need additional hangar information in order to support your bifold hangar doors. Each one would be approx. 18'w x 15'h. I am looking for a rough budgetary number and hangar information just to get the process started.