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Hello. I am looking for either a hydraulic door or bifold door for my hanger. I would like to discuss my options with someone to see how I can customize this for my hangar design. Thank you.


Could we get a quote on (4) bi-fold doors with a pedestrian door in each. Manual lock. No insulation.


Hello, Im looking for quotes on a couple different size hangar doors. I am planning to build some hangars at Sparta/Upper Cumberland Regional Airport in Sparta, TN (KSRB). We will be building a total of three 70' wide hangars, and one 80' wide hangar. I would like a quote on strap bifold doors, please. Thank you


Hello! I am reaching out because I am planning a hangar construction project at the Leadville, CO (KLXV) airport. I am still pricing out everything and I would like two quotes for two different project options. The airport is offering two ground lease options- one for a 100x100 hangar, and the other for a 50x50 hangar. I would like a quote for a reasonably sized door for both options. I've included information below for the 100x100 foot option. We have not yet selected a building vendor yet, but it will be a pre-fab steel building on a concrete pad. If you have any suggestions for steel building suppliers, I'd love to hear those too! To contact me email is best- I am an airline pilot so phone calls often result in playing endless phone tag as I typically return calls after hours and on weekends. Thanks and looking forward to working with you!


Header above door opening is a truss design 4' high. 3 trusses are attached together to form the one truss structure. Top board across the top is a 2 x 10 for all 3 thicknesses. So the wedge would be approximately 40 inches above the 10'- 2" door opening. I am thinking the door would best be attached to the center of that 2 x 10 header. So roughly 14' high door. I am interested in insulation options and also install by your crew.


I’m a building contractor in northern maine. I’m bidding a project at the Frenchville airport and part of that project is replace the hanger door. 17’ x 50’wide. I’m looking for a dealer


I'm building an airplane hangar with a width of 70'. What is the standard width for your bifold door? I would like a door between 50' and 60' wide. Thanks


We are pricing a hangar project and looking to include the bifold door system. We do a few hangar projects and would be a good fit with our custom PEMB buildings.


Please forward contact e-mail and I can send drawing for a proposed private hanger. As drawn, we are suggesting 3 hanger doors, possibly with a man door in each. (2) 62’-0” W x 28’0” H (1) 88’-0” W X 28’-0” H. Thanks Jaime


I am building a 70' x 70' Hangar at Burlington Municipal Airport in WI. I would like to understand a cost for the widest door I can put in a 70' wide building. Thanks!


We are in talks with Miracle Truss for a 50 x 50 hangar kit to erect at KPHN in Marysville Mi. To determine the wall height we need to know the rough opening for the bi-fold door. I am in need of a 44 ft wide door that will have a usable opening of 14 ft when fully opened. Miracle Truss says that Schweiss has a worksheet available that they would need to complete the building design and properly quote it. I'd like to get the door opening information to Miracle Truss as well as a quote for the above sized door. Please give me a call to discuss. Thank you


We are a garage door company and would like a quote and availability of a door for an airplane hanger. Projected rough door opening 45'


Need a price on hanger door 45 x13.5 want a person door in it and 2 4x4 window opening bi fold door. Thant you bob


i have some hangar projects in afton wyoming that will be starting spring of 2023 need a quote on a couple styles of your doors


Hello, I have a project that is calling for hangar doors and I would like to speak with someone regarding this project. Let me know and I can send you the specifications for the job as well. Thank you for any help that you can provide. I look forward to speaking with you soon. Thanks, Zach


Need door for 40’ wide pole barn hangar. Looking for cheapest option. Hangar located in Spruce Pine, NC. Avery Co. airport. Bid hydraulic doors and bifold door.


We are a General Contractor, in Midland Texas, pricing a new hanger with a Schweiss 90 x 24 bifold door. Please contact me the project plans and specifications.


Hi: Do you have installers in the Seattle WA area or Bellingham area? I plan on having a company build a Pole building hangar, what kind of framework will be required to support your door? The door opening will be 40 long by 12 feet high. Thank you


We are looking at building two new hangars, one that would be 146' wide and one that would be 137' wide on the gable ends, 16' clear opening vertically, and trying to determine options for doors. We're interested in your bi-fold doors. What is the maximum opening width and height for a bi-fold door, and do you have any recommendations for an opening between 130-140' wide? We're located on Jekyll Island, GA and would need to be rated for 130mph Exposure C. Thanks! Brad


I have two separate customers looking to build airplane hangars in the near future. I have been around your products most quite a bit and would like to be able to get my customers your product. Both customers will need bifold doors for different hangar designs and sizes.


I am looking for a quote for a bifold hangar design door to be installed on an unheated 60' L x 40' W tension fabric building.


Please provide a quote for a Hydraulic Hangar design door. The door OPENING dimensions are to be 105' wide by 29' tall. A clear of 28' is absolutely required. Thanks, Eddie Hernandez


I’m looking for a quote on a bi-fold 40x12 airplane hangar design door. This would be delivered to Menomonie WI 54751. Thank you


Hello, I'm conducting early research on suppliers for an aircraft hangar design that I am working on for a client's hangar in northeastern Tennessee. We are looking for a Bi-fold liftstrap/autolatch door for this application. So, here are my questions: - Do these come in standard heights and widths? - Assuming a 22' height, what is the estimated cost difference between a 70' width vs. a 90' width? Does going to the 90' width significantly increase the complexity of the structure thereby significantly raising the price? Thank you!


I'm look for either a hydraulic or bifold door for a new hangar design I'm building. Door dimensions are 42 x 12. For the bifold, give me a quote to include lift straps.


Yes...I want a phone call; but, please leave me a message and I will call back. I use ROBOKILLER to filter my calls. I plan to build and design a 40'x40' hangar on my property. I have a bid for the building with a 36' opening and a 12' eave height and 3/12 pitch roof slope. The left end wall bay 2 has the 36' opening with a 10' header. I like your bi-fold strap door. I need an 8' door opening height and wide enough to enclose the 36' opening. I prefer to use sheeting (26 gauge) and trim from the building manufacturer so the colors match the building. The building location is 177 FM 2929 Huntsville, Texas 77340 I own 18 acres with a runway at this address. Is that enough information to get a quote? What door stresses on the building do I need to tell the building manufacturer to make sure the building structure and foundation can safely handle the loads? Thanks for your time.


Would like a quote on a hangar liftstrap design door. Finished opening needs to be 12' tall. Would like quote on bifold, hydraulic, and self build hydraulic. Thank you.


We have an old hangar building that is in need of a new door. The one piece hydraulic door looks like it might be an option for us to research, but we are more enamored with your bifold liftstrap model door. We would like to request a catalogue and perhaps some pricing information. The door is approximately 10' high x 50' wide.


Really early in the estimate of a hanger. Need a really rough price on a 150' wide by 80'high bi-fold door. Will my hangar design affect how I order this bifold strap door? Can you help?


Need a quote for Bifold hanger design door: 52'4" X 10'6' Insulated, with straps. Existing opening zip code 87035 Please and Thank You


36' x18' one hydraulic ultra-light aircraft strap door,Price Option for 36'x18 bi fold door, Price. Feel free to call with questions


Looking for pricing for a 12x45 and 10x45. Working with builder to determine which height bifold door


Building plane storage building designed for customer who needs 40'x15' opening to park his plane. Send me price on bifold strap door that will be equipped with remote openers and walk door.


Interested in an economical bifold liftstrap aircraft hangar design door approx 15 meters long what well priced options do you have ? Would be keen to know more Regards Mark Goldthorpe


I am pricing a new hangar design, 68 x 68 it will have a 62 ft bifold liftstrap door. Net headroom of the door will be 16 ft. I will be using a Nucor building and the do not want door load on the building. I purchased one of your doors several years ago. That door used nylon straps to open the panels. Would that style work in this application or should it be hydraulic? Looking forward to hearing from you, Tim


Need rough pricing for a top drive 36'x16' hangar design door. Youngstown Airport Storage. thanks


Looking for a price on 40'x14' bifold strap door for a hanger at Fleming Field in South Saint Paul. Building height is only 14' grade to bottom of truss heel. Can that be done? It would be on an end wall 3 feet in from the corner. After seeing several of your bifold hangar doors here I believe my hangar design should comply with your bifold strap door quite nicely.


I'm building a 50'x50'x16' hangar and am looking for quotes. The finished bifold stucco clad hangar door opening is 44' x 14'. It should have entrance lights and a door warning horn to accompany the remote opener. Project is located in Sahuarita, AZ. Please quote for this door shipped to the above zip code or send me any applications you may need. Regards.


I need pricing for a 48' wide x 15' high steel bifold strap door, latest models for purpose of checking my hangar insurance valuation. Please include tax and shipping and installation. Hangar location is Agua Dulce Airport. Does hangar design play a part in this?


Trying to understand cost of 'All Glass Hangar Door' in 16' W x 12' H. Bifold with straps would be great for this hangar design. Thanks.


I am working with a customer in Oxford, ME that is wanting to use a 40x12 Schweiss Bi-Fold Door on his steel hangar design. The Wind Load is 115mph and the snow load is 90 psf. The customer will be contacting you directly to order the door. I need door specs so I can design the building. I'm wanting a Schweiss bifold liftstrap door due to your superior workmanship and heavy duty doors.


I need 2 quotes on 2 different buildings 1 ea 74' x 20' 6" 1 ea 106' x 20' 6" The hangar design for each door is the same. Both going to the Afton, Wy. airport


Need pricing on 2 Bifold Doors 12' tall by 40' wide for 2 small airplane hangar designs. I'm trying to put together a quote to build the hanger design and need a contractors price on the doors. Thank you, Cary Smith 770-828-9559 cell


I am working on pricing for a local confidential hangar design project that is planning  9 ea 30' wide x 20' high all glass bifold hanger doors. Design is preliminary. I would like know a budget to carry for furnishing and installing this type of hangar doors all with remote openers and liftstraps.


Hi we need a hangar design doors for aviation dimension 60f x 20f in quebec canada thanks Steve


Please email me a quote for a bifold hangar design door for me to fit a Cirrus Vision Jet SF40 (50%u2019 wide x 40%u2019 deep x 18%u2019 tall with 13%u2019door)


Good morning Do You deliver to Germany we have 5 Hangars where we would like to Exchange the existing doors they are up to 100 feet wide and up to 15 feet high How much would These doors cost in a bifold hangar door design in the US? We do have a manufactor for steel Hangars in our team thanks for your answer sincerly Nikolaus


I would like a price on a door for a hangar design door with a 50 ft x 15 ft opening.


I am a general contractor pricing a t-hanger for hangar designs project and need electronic bi-fold door pricing I have drawings and can send them to you if this is something you can price?


I have a 40x40 airplane hangar design with manual quad doors. I'd like to look at putting in a powered bifold liftstrap/autolatch door. I looked at several websites and saw several good reviews of your company. Can you give me a quote for providing and installing a powered door? I can send pictures and measurements. Thanks,


We will be constructing a new hanger. Would like to get a price on your strap lift bifold door. 48' x 10' for the hangar design on this building.


We have a new hanger design project we are in design stages on, need to discuss Bi-Fold Doors with you. Please have someone call me tomorrow in the morning, if it goes to voice mail please leave name and direct line number or extension and I will call back immediately.


Need bi-fold door quote for door that will fit within 35'X10' hole for small plane hangar design. Wings are 28' wide and height of plane is 7'8"


45x14 clear please send hangar door design specification so we can send to building supplier Need quote for labor to install as well Thank you


Looking for pricing on a 50w x 18h bifold or hydraulic  hangar design door. Hav'nt decided on which yet


I have a hangar design with 50 ft front wall, 40ft opening that currently has a concertina door. I'd like to replace it with a bifold liftstrap door (12ft height). What would this cost, delivered and installed in Delta CO? Please email the reply.


Looking for someone to do hangar design door maintenance on our bifold doors can you send me a list of someone i can contact thanks.


Looking for a quote on a bifold hangar design door 50 feet wide with a 10 foot clear open height.


My hangar design has a 57'wide x 16' tall opening. The end has 2 each 2" x 6" posts on each side 3 each 4-12 trusses at the end rated at 1750lbs. each Will this be able to support a this big Schweiss bifold hangar door?


We would like a quote for a 45' X 20' hangar door. (Similar to the hangar design bifold door sold to us for Stoney Run Farm. Our order number was #21320.) Freight allowed to Rockingham, VA 22801


Would like a quote on a 80 wide 20 high hangar design bifold door. This is a new aircraft storage hangar being built. Please price your traditional strap door and the hydraulic door. Need to know what height the building needs to be with both doors. E-mail is best


We are in the early stages of hangar designs and constructing 4 separate hangers and we are looking for a cost on a 40' x 14' =/- Bi-Fold strap door with remote openers on each hanger. Feel free to contact me if you have any questions. Thanks, Ron Zwick


I need a quote on a bi-fold door for use in a future hangar construction design project.


I'm currently on "vacation" but we are building a new hangar design so we have more hangar space available. Love the look and operational features of your  doors... We would need a bi-fold strap door, with an opening of 54 feet and clear height of 18 feet. Can you give me an idea of cost? We're looking at a steel hangar... Figuring door specs will determine size of front wall. Do you sell the hangar designs, the actual bifold doors, or both? We are located in Gananoque, Ontario... So shipping Canadian hangar doors becomes a bit of an issue. Thanks!!


Building 42' wide hangar, to accommodate a 40'x 11' bifold door. My hangar designed door will be mounted to face of building approximately 18" above door opening to give additional clearance. I need to determine if corner posts by door will be wood or steel. The engineer for the building is requesting preliminary engineering info on this hangar design door before proceeding. Will wait for a call. Thanks Gwain


We are looking at a hangar designs for a project where space in front of the hangars is limited, and ADA-accessible man-doors are required within the hangar door opening. Do your hangar door design  systems have a provision for this? There are 14 doors of varying width and height.


Would like price on: 2 - 24W x 14H manually operated bifold hangar design doors. The hangar design will call for a bifold strap door with auto latches and remote openers


40x16 clear bifold door with strap lift. Please send hangar design specifications so I can send to Butler. Bifold hangar designer door will have interior liner panel. Prep for that. Thanks


I'm considering a pole building type hangar design requiring a 40' or 42' wide by 12' high bifold automatic latching strap door. This would be constructed on the Burns, OR (KBNO) airport. Could you please send me pricing information. Thank you.


Looking to confirm the information in the FAQ. For bi-fold t-hangar design strap doors on a 10-bay t-hangar, clear opening 42'x12', your preferred door opener uses a 2hp motor, and runs on 240V input? Thanks, Ryan 


Would like a quote on a strap conversion kit for a bi-fold door (not Schweiss).  Measurements for my hangar design door is listed below. Thanks, JF


I am looking for a quote on a 50' wide hangar design  door. I would like a price comparison between a Schweiss bi-fold and a hydraulic hangar design door. Also if you have any special framing requirements to support the door framed on a gable end. Thanks 


I own a company that sells pre-engineered steel buildings, fabricated steel and roll-up doors on Guam and Saipan. Saipan recently had a major typhoon that caused a great deal of damage to the aircraft hangers as well as a number of our clients other facilities. They would like to purchase a hangar design bifold liftstrap door to replace a roll-up door that was destroyed. I have information to send but basically we are looking for one of these doors (the client will be ordering four more shortly for different hangar types) that can withstand 200MPH sustained wind-loads with ultimate wind load to 220mph. If your hangar design doors can do this we would like to secure a proposal. Can we talk when you wake up? I am currently in the Philippines but return to Guam by your evening. We are 14 hours ahead of the US mainland


I have an existing hanger design with a 3 panel rolling door. I'm interested in a 60x18.5 bifold door...basically needs to be a free standing door with h-beam side supports just like one you sold in Lewistown, Montana a couple years back.


Looking at replacing our current hanger design door 46 by 12 (measurements at this time are within a couple of inches) Bifold liftstrap or one piece hydraulic door All glass or at least a clear product so we can view outside


Need a quote on a 14 foot high X 22 foot wide door for my Motorhome garage and aircraft hangar  building. Need inside space needed for hardware and spec for attachment as I plan to use lumber but could see how I may need steel beams placed to attach since I have a steel hanger design door on another hangar by your company with a 20 foot high X 60 foot bi-folding door now ! Thanks


Looking for an idea of pricing for a bifold or hydraulic door approximately 14'high by 32' wide. My hangar design should work for either Schweiss hangar door.  Thanks for your time, Luke


Need another bi-fold door also, 54 wide & 15'6" High, new wood construction hangar design door. Also; Schweiss automatic latch system and remote hangar door opener.


I have a customer that is looking for hangar design info (specs, sample drawings) for a designer bi fold to be part of a full vision wall that looks out onto the airstrip but can be opened in nicer weather. It would need insulated glass. I don't know if you do hydraulic and strap hangar design operations? Please feel free to contact me with questions etc. Thanks - Mike


I'm looking for pricing on 2 bifold hangar design doors. They will be 30' wide and 14' tall. Thank You


Hangar will be constructed on the Wasilla Airport. Door will be covered with 3" AWIP insulated metal panels, panel weight is 2.41# psf. With this hangar design which door do you recommend?  Thanks.


We have a customer who purchased a building for a hangar design door and they have asked us to get some quotes on bi-fold doors. Dimensions are 40 x 13. Jobs site is Elbert, Co. We need 115 MPH Exposure C wind rating. Cheers


I am building a 130 ft by 110 ft aircraft hangar design and would like pricing on a 90'x18' and 100'x18' single panel hydraulic door and bifold door for this hangar design. Thanks Robert Anderson


I need a quote on a 40'x 10' hanger design door.The customer want the one that just opens straight out with hydraulic cylinders.much like the one in the pic here.Would like a quote installed, going to lexigton sc.


We are in a process of designing our first hanger, the hangar design is part of 12 airport hanger subdivision, therefore I need some initial information, shop drawings suggestions, prices etc I might be interested in exploring the dealership opportunity. Looking forward talking to you soon. Greetings Pete


We would greatly appreciate if you could provide us a budget price for a Bifold Hangar Design Door 75 feet wide by 20'height including all relevant information. Thank you in providing this proposal.


I need pricing for a 40' wide x 10' tall hanger design door (3) and want to know the price difference and advantages between a BiFold and a Hydrolic one piece doors, metal siding, install on a pole building with Perma Column posts.


I'm looking to build a aircraft hanger for a Piper Twin Comanche (PA-30). I'm interested in your one-piece hydraulic or bifold hangar design door. Thanks, Stacy.


I'm building a hangar design shop that will be attached to my hangar with a 14'W X 12' H door, the building is wood 2x6 structure with engineered trusses for roof on concrete foundation. I'm looking for price options... 1) price for the hydraulic package door/hardware/shipping 2) price for the Strap lift system door/hardware/shipping 3) price for the hydraulic package without door /shipping 4) price for the Strap lift system without door /shipping * please note shipping.


I would like a price and engineering details to incorporate a bifold door on a barn hangar I am building. With this hangar design it will be on the front and opening will be about 16 feet wide by 14 feet tall. I have drawings. How can I send them ?


I am pricing a 219' long hangar design T-hanger with 9 strap bi-fold doors which are 44'-6" cl to cl of posts. Maximum 12' opening height.


I have a standard hangar design hangar that i would like to install bifold doors on. Windowless, single color. preferably hurricane rated for cat 5 strength, if available. the hangar is concrete block. How much would this cost? do you install? and if not can you ship with install instructions? thank you


Building my first practice hangar design door on smaller opening 13'6" tall 35'11" wide Please quote me both ways....total kit with door and total kit without the door, I would build the door in the later case, thanks


I have a building that I want to put a 60 x 15 lift strap door. I am looking for prices to see if this is something we can afford. We are making this building for a cropduster hangar design at our airport. This is an old building and we want to tear out a wall and install this door. Thank you. Pete


I am in the process of planning a 60x80 hangar for an aerial spray business and I would like to discus a 60' bi-fold door for these new hangar drive through design doors.


I'm building a hanger house and need price and specs for a 54 x 14 bifold hanger door with auto latch and any hangar design information you can share. Thanks, Ken


I am working on a small storage building project that the Owner for ease of moving equipment in and out would like a 50'Lx16'T BiFold Strap-Lift hangar Design Door. We are in the preliminary stages and needing design information for this type of installation. I like to know jamb & head requirements, loading information, headroom clearance, etc. If there is further information you need please let me know.


Would you please provide me an estimate for a 70x20 insulated aircraft hanger design door. Shipped to Bentonville, Arkansas.


We have a WWII hangar with a rolling door. We would like to replace the current door with a bifold door. We would like for someone to come out and give us a quote for this hangar design project.