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We are bidding the West Calcasieu Airport Southland Field, New Hangers A and C. Schweiss Bi-Fold Door is the approved Manufacturer for these doors. To whom do i reach out for pricing and Installation for these doors. Project Location: West Calcasieu Parish Airport 70663


I am building a 60X 60 hanger at Lake Elmo Airport. I would like to get an estimate on a bi fold aviation liftstrap door. Chris Bliska 612 940-4568


Good afternoon, I am a project coordinator for Nucor Metal Buildings. I have an aviation airport job order in house that we are providing the framed opening for your Bi-Fold strap door. The opening size is 80' Wide x 27' Tall. I am wondering if you could send me your preliminary specs to make sure we design the framed opening correctly. This is for a Hangar building in McGregor, TX our customer is Mitchell Construction out of Waco. Thank you, Jennifer McKibben Project Coordinator NBSTX


I am building a 60X60 metal aviation airport hangar and would like a quote on a 14 foot tall bi-fold strap door. Thanks


Need a quote for a aviation airport hanger door for a project I'm working on. Door is 80' wide by 22' tall. No cables, only straps. Project is taking place in Port Clinton, Ohio.


Hi, I am trying to quote a steel building for a client who is considering a 30x12 bifold aviation airport strap door, uninsulated for a small aircraft hanger. I can't quote a price until he has decided on a door so I wondered if you could recommend a door that I can base my quote on. I will pass that on to the customer and leave him to decide I don't need pricing at the moment.


I am purchasing a hangar at the Waukegan(KUGN) airport. I'd like to put new bifold liftstrap doors on the hangar. I am interested in your strap bifold system with remote control. The doors are 50' wide not sure height wet 16' I might want to reduce back door and add a door for cars to pull in.


Please contact via email. I am currently overseas for the next few months. Building is in planning stages. Building will be located at the Leesville Louisiana airport, zip code 71446. Looking for a quote for a 54 x 12 bifold aviation airport


We are looking for costs for both bifold with lift straps and hydraulic doors for a customer we're building a aviation airport hangar for. Hangar is wood frame steel sides. Door size is 50x16 Thank you! Cyndi


In the planning stages of a Aviation hanger and would like pricing on both type of your doors (bi-fold and hydraulic). I need pricing for doors, 50x15, 50x15 and 60x14. with remote openers. Delivery to zip code 76049. Thank you, John


Can you please send me a quote and availability for a 60' x 16' bi-fold aviation airport strap door with four windows, a walk door and automatic locking and latching system?


Planning stage of steel building as a municipal airport airplane hangar. Wings span is 38' so want 40' opening. Planning on a 45' wide building (does 2.5' on each side give us enough room for either of your Bifold Liftstrap door designs with automatic latching system? Plane clearance is 9'4" high, so thinking of an 18' high wall with a 4'2" peak (2:12 slope). Guessing a door height of 15'. Want hangar door built large enough for larger aircraft that may come along in later years.


Aviation Aircraft Hangar to be located at: Apalachicola Regional Airport 8 Airport Rd Apalachicola, FL 32320 Aviation Airport Liftstrap Door for 11' H x 52' W opening Request quotes and required building eave height for (in order of preference): Superstructure hydraulic Hydraulic Bifold


I have 2 of your doors on my Hangar at the Wellington AeroClub in Wellington, FL. I am looking to build a Hangar in Lexington, KY and I am needing 100 foot X 20 foot bifold aviation airport door. I would appreciate your input. Thanks


I am building a wood framed hanger in Manitowoc WI at the county airport. Not sure yet if it is a post framed or conventional 2' cc stud wall construction. The building size is 42' wide X 40' deep. Would like the bi-fold strap door with remote opener and autolatch system to clear my camper which is 12'-2". Probably means a 14' wall height? Insulated would be a nice option. Let me know about outside sheeting. Any question please call above # or email. Project will be built this summer. Thanks for your help, Randy


Hi folks, I am interested in pricing on a 44W x 12-13 clear opening bifold strap lift aviation airport door to go on a 50 x 80 hangar. Hangar will be in Sandy Valley just SW of Las Vegas 45 miles. Time frame for project is 12-18 months for delivery. I know that any price you give me now may well change, but I need a ball park number for project management. I see that you also offer installation. Does your crew that would do this also erect a steel building? I am working with Rapidset,


Interested in receiving quote for (2) new bifold aviation airport hangar doors for new construction project located in Kiln, MS. Please email at your earliest convenience and project drawings and specifications may be provided.


Good morning, When you have time could you please let me know if Schweiss can manufacturer a bifold aviation airport door that is 23' clear in height and 85' wide? Or would you suggest a different door. Hope all is well. Thanks, Marsha


I am looking at getting construction quotes for a 40' deep x 55' wide hangar I plan on building. Before I reach out to contractors, I want to have an idea of the structural details for the bifold aviation airport hangar door opening which will be ~ 50'. I know there are special considerations with an opening this wide and want to ensure I am have all the necessary details before requesting a quote. The hangar will be a conventional stick built structure resting on a full foundation. Walls will be framed in 2x6 lumber. My current thinking is to span the hangar door opening with a glulam wooden beam resting atop the side walls ~ 2.5 in long. Embedded in the side walls will be vertical glulam columns which will take the load of the beam and door. I haven't settled on hangar ceiling height yet but it would be between 12' & 14'. The bottom of the door beam would be at ceiling height. I am planning on using your bi-fold liftstrap and automatic latching door mounted in a recessed fashion in a bottom drive configuration. I am taking this approach as I believe this will be a stronger structure overall. I am also hoping it will greatly simplify the roof truss design (end truss will simply lie atop the door beam). Additionally, I am hoping this approach will simplify the bracing details as well. But, I want to reach out to you for your expert opinion and advice. A few question I have at the moment are: - Will this type of structural approach work? - If so, assuming the door beam is 6" think, what sort of depth am I looking at? (I can go fairly large with this dimension as the hangar will be in Zone 3 and I plan to have the field roof trusses built with a heal so I can insulate thoroughly. Beam depth would then partially drive heal dimension.) - If I mount the door near the top of the beam to maximize the open height, would this then limit me to a face mount style? - How big would the side columns need to be? (assuming 6" wide to match 2x6 framing) - Since I am using a full foundation, the side columns would be resting atop the foundation and not embedded in the ground. Any special considerations to ensure the columns are firmly attached to the foundations? - Would it be possible to purchase framing drawings for the hangar door opening without purchasing a door? Thanks Andy Kavie


Please quote bifold door to replace an existing door for an aviation airport airplane hangar. Existing clear opening is 40ft x 11ft9in. Existing door size is 40ft3in x 12ft7in. Also include options for seals and cold weather protection.


Looking to source two aviation airport hanger doors for new construction. One exterior 15x35, one interior 20x35. Need cost options for both Bi-fold and for Hydraulic Tip-Up aviation airport doors. Both interior and exterior must support 3" IMP Wall Panel. Also looking for schedule durations in weeks. (Contract award to shop submittal, and fabrication schedules for both types). Seismic Zone 4.


Want to price a aviation airport hanger door for a 50 x 50 hanger. Need a door to accommodate a Cessna 182T 36ft wide Exterior height 9%u2019 4%u201D. Front of building is 15 feet high on each end. Would like a 12 foot high opening.


WE are looking to build a new aviation airport hangar that will be 50' x 50'. We are researching our options for bifold strap doors and are looking for information on the bi-fold auto latching system door. The door opening will be 40' x 12'. Can you provide pros and cons of each door type; do they have their own support system or does that need to be included in the hangar building design; cost estimates for each type of door. Thank you.


We have a aviation airport hangar on the Wrangell, AK airport with bifold/cable lift door. 2 cables are gone, a third needs to be replaced. We are looking at retrofitting with your bifold door strap system. We need pricing and availability. Is this a kit that can be owner-installed? We live in WA state, but I am currently in Wrangell working on the hangar, so I can send pictures as needed. I can be reached at the above number, please note the 3 hour time difference! Thank you, Marina Backman


I'm planning a aviation airport hanger for my new property. What is the cost of a 40 x 15 bifold liftstrap  door? I need something to put into the budget. Thanks


The job is at the Torrance Airport -3301 Airport Drive, Torrance, CA . We need to provide a new bifold liftstrap aviation airport door and they do not want a hydraulic version. Please see attached pictures for what they are requesting. The existing door design has roller hinge bearing on the CMU wall. Let me know if you need any additional information. Possibly you can make the door and ship to Torrance for us to install or do you do installation as well? Please advise.


MY customer would be purchasing the 62x20 bifold aviation strap door direct from Schweiss...this is in Tucson at the Tucson Internationl airport building is 65x65x27 hi side 1/2:12 roof slope. I need the spec's that will be required for the building to accomodate the door. it is will be a bi fold door with auto latching system. thanks Patf@bungersteel.com


Hello, I'm looking to get more information on your bifold aviation airport doors. I am working on developing plans to construct seven 40'x40' aircraft hangars here in Cincinnati so I will need seven doors for each box hangar. Height of the hangars is TBD based upon the door. I would like to discuss solutions for doors, pricing, and how these doors can be incorporated into my notional design. Thanks! James


Looking for a quote for 2 aviation airport bifold doors plus an optional 2 doors. I would need the walkin door to be in the bifold door.


Looking for a 60x16 bifold door for an existing metal building aviation airport hanger to replace existing doors


We are bidding two (2) new hydraulic  or bifold doors for our aviation airport hangar: 45'W x 18' H with a 11" wedge 80'W x 19' H with a 12.5" wedge


Hello, I am building new Aviation Airport hangars and looking for a door. Aviation airports hangar is heated for winter purposes and therefore so should be the door insulated. Building has steel frame and one large opening 12 m wide and 3,5 m high for aircraft.


Bidding a job for Resicum International at the Gulf Shores Airport (Jack Edwards). Need a price for a aviation airport bifold hangar door 80' wide by 22' high. Will design building around the door.


We are bidding on the Windom Municipal Airport project. There are two aviation airport hanger doors we need pricing on. Bid date is March 14th. Let me know an email and I can send the specifications and drawings to you if needed.


We are bidding a project this Thursday that calls for one of your aviation airport bifold doors. The New Workshop for Madden Contracting. Designed by Prevot Design. The Door is a 40'-0" x 16'0". I can send you the specifications if you need them. Basically calls for your Schweiss Electrically operated Strap Lift Door.


Can you give me a quick quote for two 45 x 16 bifold Aviation airport doors for 2 buildings we are designing / quoting for Texas A and M. 1 door in each identical building that will sit side x side. Do you install the doors? I know we have provided sheeting and trim but never have we actually installed the doors and hardware.


email is preferred contact. Time is of the essence. In three weeks we start construction on 7 hangars at SkyRanch Airport in Hurricane UT. We will need 4-45'w x 14' high aviation airport bifold doors and 3-41' wide by 14' high doors. I would be interested in a quote on bifold and hydraulic single panel doors. The top of the opening is a steel girder truss (36" high)and the sides of the opening are precast concrete columns. Ship to address would be the aforementioned airport. My preferred contact is email and I am very responsive to emails. Thank for looking at this at your earliest convenience. 


Need a price for an aviation airport hanger door. Would be looking at bifold door that is 12'-0" clear tall and 40'-0" clear wide. We would like to have Schweiss do the installation of this liftstrap door.


We have a large Schweiss bifold door on our Aviation Airport Hangar. We were wondering if the Strap Latch System can be retro fitted to our existing door? If so, what is the approximate cost?


I have 38' bi-fold cable doors on my 4 aviation airport hangars. The doors are 18 years old and now and I would like to convert them all to liftstraps.  They still work great, but I'm tired of dealing with frayed cables.


I need a quote on a strap bi fold liftstrap fast opening  40'.10" x 12' aviation airport door


We bought a 40' bifold door from you last year. We are building additiona hangars at aviation airports and would like an estimate on the exact same setup only a 45' ft. and 50' door.


Planning on building a aviation airport shop addition and looking at door options for it. Really like the looks of the strap lift bi-fold doors. Also curious as in general price comparisons between your hydraulic doors and bi-fold doors. Wanting to get some generic pricing for various width aviation doors. I'm thinking from 30' and larger...up to say 75'...just want to get rough estimates at this time to see if the bi-fold door option will be feasible and affordable for me. Thanks, Andy


Afternoon, I need a bifold door for a small aviation airport aircraft hangar located in Crandon, WI at the Crandon Municipal Airport (ID: Y55). I'm in the process of upgrading the 40' X 40' structure and am interested in having a visit from someone from your company to discuss replacing the existing by-sliding doors with one of your hydraulic doors. Please feel free to contact me at my provided contact information soonest so that we might make arrangements to meet at my hangar. Thanking you in advance, Tim Bahr


Looking for a quote on a aviation airport door for 40'x20' i would like it so i don't loose any height from the sidewalls height of 20ft. Thanks Tyler


Please price 65' Bifold Aviation Airport Door. Our building will have an 18' eave height. We would like a 14' clear opening. Jobsite location: San Andreas, CA. Calaveras County. Thanks, Casey


The ceiling height on my hangar is 12. The aviation airport door is going on the gable end. Is it possible to hang a bifold door a little high on the exterior of the building in order to get as much height with the open door as possible? You sent me bids for a hydraulic and bifold door last fall. We have decided to go with a bifold. Please either resend the bid or rebid the door. I promise to save the quote this time! 40' wide x 12 foot tall all necessary hardware, motor etc delivered to Willow Alaska Thank you for your help. How soon do I need to order to assure I get the door early next summer? Jim


Hello, Please provide a quote for the following: (2) - 78' x 16' clear height aviation airport bi-fold door.    Aviation Hangar Door would be installed in a steel building (gable end wall). Wind Load for Eastsound, WA = 110 mph Exp C 26 gauge PBR panel installed on door (supplied by Com-steel) which weighs 0.94 lbs. per square foot. Door is to be insulated with 3" MBI (supplied by com-steel) Opening is framed in steel Freight to: East Sound, WA 98245 It is located at the airport on Orcas Island. Please let me know if you have any questions. Regards,


I'm building a 50x50 Pre engineered metal building and need a aviation airport hangar door with a 16 foot eave height. I'd like to install a bifold/strap lift door approximately 45 feet wide with a 12 foot min clear opening. Highly insulated bifold door and  include a man door and remote opener. Can you provide an approximate cost delivery to Gladewater, TX.


We are steel fabricators in Hawaii. Designing aviation airports on two different islands. Would like to use at least 1 hydraulic door. 38'wide and 20' high. Would like to build the door ourselves because of the shipping costs to Hawaii.


Bidding aviation airport hanger job in Waynesboro Miss Plans call for bi - fold hanger door 70' wide by 22' clear opening.


We are considering a project to build 4 - 8 aircraft hangars at aviation airports in the Dallas area. We will likely require 3 different size doors. For now, I would like quotes for aviation hangar doors 60'WX20'H, 60'WX15'H, and 40'WX15'H. Opening dimensions are approximate, as we are still in the design phase. Thank You , John Lohmar


Looking for a ballpark quote on aprox 55x16 bi-fold door for an aviation airplane hangar in Three Rivers, MI. New construction. Due to cold weather conditions we want a fast opening bifold door. Thank you!


I would like a price for the following aviation airport bi-fold doors: (1) 48' x 16' clearance (1) 65 x 16' clearance (1) 58 x 16' clearance The proposed job is the hanger at the City of Mesa Airport, Arizona United Structures of America is providing the Pre-engineered building. The job will have 2 doors, the owner will determine between the 48' or the 58' and we will have the 65'




Looking for the prices on a 22W x 12H bifold strap lift door as well as a 20W x 12H bifold aviation airport door. This is for western Oklahoma so it needs to be wind rated. Thanks


I am planning on building an aircraft hangar soon and would like to get a quote on a aviation airport bifold door. Leaning toward a bi-fold but would also like know the cost of a hydraulic aviation aircraft door. Thanks for you time, Phil


looking for a 40x12 bi-fold for an aviation aircraft airport hangar. not sure if the building will be wood or steel frame yet.


Hi, what's the cost of two 42'x14' strap system bifold aviation airport doors delivered to EPM airport in Eastport Maine and what is the clear headroom dim.? Thanks


Was wondering what the availability and price would be for a 2-plane aviation airport hangar. would want it insulated as well since it gets a lot of afternoon sun. I live in Concord, CA. Feel free to call or email back. thanks, Brian


We are in the process of planning a project to replace a 160' x 25' rolling Aviation Airport hangar door. The new door could be made as small as 100'x25'. I am looking to see if I can get some sort of budget pricing for new bifold strap doors. Thanks


I am considering building a aviation airport hangar at the Gulf Shores, AL airport and was given your name as one who could give me an estimate to purchase and install a 50' wide x 14' high aviation airport bifold doors. I have spoken with Allied Steel regarding the building itself. I can adjust downward slightly on the door width if there is a stock door size that gives me a better price. I have the land lease at the airport lined up if the building and door price will work. I look forward to your estimate. It is best to email. Frank


I am bidding this out for a personal aviation airport door project on a new metal building. The planned building height is 18'. Thanks!


I am needing a quote for a 12X34 and 14X40 hydraulic aviation aircraft hanger door. If you could email me back with information that would be splendid. Thank you


Hi, I am designing a hangar 80' wide with an opening of 18' high. we will be fabricating the bifold door ourselves, however, we are interested in the "Liftstrap" aviation airport door system, what size or capacity liftstrap system would i use on a 80x18 door? And what would the cost be? Thanks, Frank.


I would like a quote on a 50' wide X 18' tall bifold aviation airport door for an airplane hangar. Thanks, Dan 


Looking for estimates on 50', 55' and 60' steel bifold doors for aviation airports hanger designs that will be new construction. Also would like to know what this the widest bifold door that can be put on a 60' wide hanger vs. a 62' wide hanger.


Hi, I am building a private aircraft hangar and I am looking for 44' wide Aviation Airport bi-fold doors. I am looking for somewhere between 14' and 16' clearance through the door when it is fully open. What would the price difference be? My Aviation Airport building will be 60' wide, and this aviation door would be set in the middle of the end wall. How much would it cost for delivery and installation of this door?


Howdy, Just built a 2,500'x250' aviation airport airstrip at our farm in Bennington, KS. I have an existing wood building with a side rolling door which I would like to expand/convert to a bifold aviation airport door in order to store my plane (C185) inside. The space I want to open up to store the plane is 50'x40'. Looking at both option the bi-fold and the single door. Please advise. Thanks...


We are building a new home. In the basement we are having an aviation airport themed bar. The bar is walkout to the pool area and would like either a bifold or hydraulic door. I entered a 9' wide by 8' tall door, but we have some room to play around with this if there is a more cost effective size Thank you Ben


I need an estimate for an 80'x26' bifold aviation airport door with internal framing for (5) 4'x4' windows. Please contact for more details.


Looking for aviation airports bi-fold door for a new hangar at Menomonie Municipal Airport, Menomonie, WI. Approximately 60' x 15'. Construction potentially in the next few months. Have a Crown Industries hydraulic bi-fold hangar door on my first hangar, but those are unavailable now. Looking at Hi-Fold and Higher Power doors as well. What are the advantages of a Schweiss strap bi-fold aviation airport door over Hi-Fold or Higher Power doors?