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Currently have 3 roll up doors that have movable post. The post are starting to rub the ground. I would like a self contained solution that would reinforce the header. Leaning more towards the Hydraulic door - 48x16


I am looking for quotes on a couple different options in hydraulic doors. I would like to see the stand-alone vs a building mounted door.


I’ve bought 2 of your bifold doors over the years and am ready for a hydraulic one now . Please advise what I need to do to order one, my shop has a 14 high by 16 wide approximately opening. I would run it but would like best idea for insulation. Would like it to be built with a frame not relying on my support beams entirely.


Please quote hydraulic door with self supporting structural header and column framing as an option. Include interior attachment for metal liner panels.


I just received an email from you guys, and I am very interested in "Self-Supporting Hydraulic Door". I have a hangar that is 40' x 80'the current door consists of four 10' x 12' doors on rails. I would like to replace that with this new offering that was in your email. If I am understanding correctly, you should be able to install with it not requiring in building support. Can you please give me a rough estimate on cost to purchase, deliver and install?


I work for Plymouth Engineering, Inc in Newport, Maine and I am currently working on an aircraft hanger that will be located in Pittsfield, Maine. Our client would like to use a self supporting hydraulic door and we need to design the foundation. Is this something that your company has information on? Or do you have reactions for the self supporting frame that could be sent so I can calculate the footers?


Schweiss, Please quote me a 40'x14' Hydraulic Door. Working on a 60'wide by 72' wood building, 16ft ceiling. The customer wants a 40'x14' hydraulic door on the eave side. We will need the Schweiss stand alone steel header/columns. Looking for preliminary quote with building tie-in details. Also would like to include installation on the quote. Job location, Indianola, Iowa. Thanks. Ryan


I’m looking to replace my T hangar’s sliding doors with a hydraulic door that has a self supporting frame. I'm interested in the Schweiss superstructure freestanding header and hydraulic door.


Customer has a airplane hanger with (3) 20'x 20' leafs. They wish to convert to a bi-fold or hydraulic door with 2 rows of light windows above 7' from the ground. The building is built for sliders so weight requirements or a freestanding header may be needed. Thank you


Need a quote on the hydraulic door below. Also need the design criteria so we can get the correct quote on the Prefabricated building to support the door. I understand your hydraulic doors have a self supporting header.


Hello, I'm currently working on a project in AL and our client wishes to use Schweiss hydraulic doors. We're looking in to the free standing header away from the building. I understand that the connection designed back to the building must be provided by the customer, but is it correct that Schweiss would provide the materials for the header assembly? Could you please send more information on that?  


Hello I have an old ID pole shed with a 12 high 15 foot wide door I want to replace the sliders but I can not lose any height, there is 2 2x12,s for the end rafter what are my options. Can I go higher with a hydraulic door that sits within its own header  frame?


What are your options attaching a hydraulic door to a 50 year old hanger? What support, such as a freestanding header is needed across the top? Can just addition side bracing be added if needed. I could sent you pictures and measurements?


will need additional support for door. Overhead truss will not support the weight of door. I was looking at the web site and I seen your free standing header, I believe that this is the way to go.


Hello, We have a 1974, 60'x100'x16' steel building with 25' bays. It is a very well built shop as compared to a new steel building from today. Both end walls do not have the "full size" beams that the "inner spans" have. Then end walls are more of a "self" supported design. We need to add at least a 30' wide x 15' tall Hydraulic door, or maybe up to 35'wide, to allow for our large farm equipment to enter the "long way". Can your new Red Power door be tied into this "lighter weight" end wall or would we have to add a full size end wall beam? We are willing to add an additional frame work and footings to the outside of the existing building and tie it all into the new cement drive way or does the new Hydro Door come with a free standing frame that is designed to be tied into new footings that would be on past the existing building floor and end wall? Also, how fast could this new door be delivered to Colby, KS. We would start the cemment work as soon as we have the design and before the ground can freeze up. Thanks.


Best way to contact me is on my cell. Quoting job. Metallic and a free standing header for bifold. Have contacted you to design frame. If you need any more information please do not hesitate to call. Thank you, Jim 


I have a 3 car detached garage with a large door and small door (standard width door openings) as a storage shed for a boat and pontoon. I was wondering if the hydraulic door spanning the two openings could be an option, I read on the website that a free standing header could be an option or will this be cost prohibitive. If you can ballpark something like this, It would be helpful. The height of the opening is 8 feet high. The building is wood 2x4 stud 16 on center.


I just spoke to Julie regarding our project. Both doors would have a steel support system (I think she called it a free standing header), and have a ribbed metal, or standing seam type exterior finish. No glass, no insulation. One of the two hydro doors would have a 3' wide man door, unless it is cheaper for them both to be the same. The bifold would obviously not have a man door. If you have any questions, please call me. Thank you for your quick reply!


Looking for a price on a free standing header. Existing pole style building needs a 15ft.h x 50ft.w bifold door installed.Door will be on gable end facing south.


My hangar is 50X50. Need a hydro powered door 48.5 X 14. Do not have a frame to put it on. Pricing please. on the door and a schweiss free standing header.


looking for a 24' X 16' schweiss hydraulic door with a walk in door and remote open to put on an existing steel quonset building... Would like a price and also what do i need to have for door frame to mount hydraulic cylinders to. I reviewed your site and would I need on of those free standing headers that would likely mount the door externally but thats the sort of thing i would like your expertise on.... thanks....


updating doors on a 1960's vintage shop building. The building is 2 x 6 stud walled with barn siding that has been covered by steel. Two openings: South gable end door opening is 17 ft 5 inches wide by 13 ft 10 inches high. East sidewall door opening is 11 ft 5 inches wide by 11 ft 6 inches high. In your opinion am I going to need extra bracing to accommodate your bifold door, or will I need a free standing header.


This building is 80' wide with a 20 sidewall height the door opening is to be 70' wide x 18' high. If necessary we would need a frame furnished to mount on the outside of the endwall to support the door. Can your free standing header handle such a large hydro door?


I would like a quote on a hydraulic door for an existing building made mostly of wood but it does have steel post on the door sides I don't think I'm going to need a free standing header because I have a 8" steel tubing header. Please call or email with any questions. Thanks 


Could you send me a quote on the following doors? customer would like an option of Bi-Fold and One Piece Hydraulic; proposed job would be N.E. of Thompson by 4 miles; and do you offer an Installed Price?? and would prefer a free standing header to make it be "Self-Supporting". 


I have an old wood structure and I am worried that it can not handle an overhead door. Are you able to please provide a metric version of the bifold door loads imposed on the structure for these doors? The loads we have appear to be in pounds but they are extremely high loads. If my conversion is correct can you supply some type of remedy for me. Is the free standing header my only option?


need a quote on a 70' x 22' hydro powered door to go into and existing ag bldg. need you to provide endwall framing with your free standing header to assist the existing bldg,


I have a wood post frame building and would like some information on your one piece hydraulic doors. I would like the specs for the bifold door and include a free standing header into the quote just incase I need it. The opening is 36' wide by 18' high. Thanks, Sammy


Hi, I would like a price on a 40' door 16' high for both hydraulic and bi-fold with a free standing frame. The older barn has old sliders and I have replaced the columns. Thanks


This project is for a backcountry airstrip. I need the specs for loads imposed by a hydraulic door to determine whether we build a(raised)header into the end wall or use a free standing header. Materials will all be flown in by helicopter. Please also provide a quote for the door delivered to Challis, Id.


The building is 44x80 with the 80' side open with 3 bays. I'm considering 3 hydraulic doors with free standing headers. The openings are 26.5' on center and 15'tall. How much will I lose in height on both options and can you use one power source for all 3 doors?


Need 36x17 hydraulic Door Quoted. Please price free standing header separately as well as labor for install of door and install of free standing header separately as well. Thank you