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Hy, I would like to install one bifold door on my work space. May I send you by e-mail my plan of my structure. Could you please make a cotation for all the elements for doing myself one schweiss bifold door in Paris. Best regards.


Hi, I'm from Beng Shutter Doors International Pte Ltd, a roller shutter company located in Singapore. We have client looking for bi-fold door with wooden fluted panel. The door clear opening size is around 5200mmW x 2600mmH.


We are doing a custom container with a pivot hydraulic door in it. Is it possible to have a kit for on parts where the rams and hydraulic unit are sent for us to install? If not do you have any UK dealers that could quote a build and installation?


Good Day. We have a hangar project overseas in France and are looking for a door. Preferably a Schweiss stand alone bifold door. size 59feet wide and 18 feet tall. Can you deliver such a door to europe? Thank you


Hi - want to build a single piece hydraulic door for Hangar. 15m wide, 3.9m high opening. I'm in Adelaide, Australia. 1. Do you have any dealers here? 2. For the build your own door, how much would the required parts cost (hinges, powered hydraulics, mounting points 3. Can these be attached to the shed structure if sufficiently robust, without needing a subframe? I'm trying to maximise door width/height availability, and also the ground I'm building on moves a lot, so it's common for buildings to get out of alignment. I'd prefer if the door just closed up onto the entire outside front of the shed.


Hi Schweiss, We are are facade design and engineering company based in Sydney Australia and are currently working on a 40 story new building in the Sydney CBD. We have 3 hydraulic doors to design and install and are wondering if Schweiss can offer their services with the hydraulic cylinders and pump system. Please contact me on my email address and we can discuss further.


I am building a new hangar and am interested in the actuation part of the door. Hinges, hydraulics, and door plans. The hangar is in Timișoara, Romania so it's probably not cost efficient to ship the whole door here. If you could please get in touch. Looking forward to hearing from you. Kind regards,


Hello and Good Morning, we are based in Kingdom of Bahrain and saw you through Linked-in. We cover the whole Arabian Gulf from here. We are distributors and Installers of Industrial Products since long and have a very strong and reputable presence here in Bahrain. We have now urgent Quote Request for hangar doors. We can manage the all shipping etc. We have the drawings we can send to you. Kindly let us know.


My garage door measures 14ft wide and 8ft tall. Can you please offer for the suitable bifold door hardware that we can ship via air to philippines. The door weight after fabrication will approximately weighs between 500 to 700 kg so please consider offering me accessories that can hold 1 ton weight. There 2 doors which is for front and back door. It's not very heavy door so I prefer manual opening only. Thanks.


My garage door measures 14ft wide and 8ft tall. Can you please offer for the suitable bifold door hardware that we can ship via air to philippines. The door weight after fabrication will approximately weighs between 500 to 700 kg so please consider offering me accessories that can hold 1 ton weight. There 2 doors which is for front and back door. Thanks.


Hello I am writing from Montevideo, Uruguay, and searching for a an hydraulic door for my house. Is there any possibility to get your products here?


Dear, We are an architectural firm in Belgium (Europe) and are researching hydraulic facades to implement in a current project. We are wondering if you have a European dealer or installer? Kinder regards


please kindly respond back. thank you Dear Sir/Madam, We introduce our company as "OVERSEAS ENGINEERING and TRADING COMPANY". We are one of the largest and most successful registered holding firms in E. Africa region and international. We specialize in procuring government projects and private entity, franchises, logistics Clearing, business valuations. Below is the project in progress =SUPPLY OF HANGAR DOORS we would like to list us some of the types you have remember the project will go national wide among all airfield with Hangars NB


Dear madams dear sirs , do you sell and transport to Europe (Luxembourg) ? I am interessted into your bi-fold and hydraulic garage doors. The hole is 4.5m heigh and 6m wide(5950mm). Thank you in advance


Hello, we are an engineering company based in Melbourne, Australia. We are interested in becoming a dealer for your products in our market. Please contact to discuss. Thanks in advance, Best regards


Good day, is it possible to send and possibly manufacture the gate system within the EU? I would also like to send the catalog. Thank you Best regards


I have a hangar door 15m x 4.5 m High, and I would like to install a bi-folding door. Is there an agent in South Africa, if not, what can you suggest. Could I import the components and manufacture in SouthAfrica, possibly become a Schweiss Door dealer.


Hi , I was interested to know whether you have a representive in Australia or if there is an opportunity for manufacturing under liscence . Looking forward to hearing back in the near future. Best Wishes.


We are main contractor located in UAE and we want to know more about your product- Bifold door for our villa projects. Please provide us with your local distributor here in UAE or in Middle East region.


I’m from Australia and am interested in purchasing a system for a single piece door and the hinge systems. It will be fitted to the side of a 20” container to open ip the side for an awning


Good Day I have a client that is looking for a Schweiss Bi-Folding Door. 15000mm W x 5000mm H. I would like to see both options: Strap driven and Hydraulic. We are based in Johannesburg, South Africa.


I have a project in Mexico so I would like you to help me with the mechanism and components so I can install it in Mexico. The door I want to build is a bifold kind and as I can see the straps seem to be a good idea. Plase email me so I can sand you the idea I want to build.


Hello I am interested in buying a hangar door. Unfortunately, I live in Poland, which is associated with additional customs fees and transport. If you have the option of shipping to me, please give me the price of the door and shipping costs. An alternative solution would be a DIY kit, but I see you only offer hydraulic door kits... Best regards


Interested Bifold garage doors for Colombia We have a trading company and warehouse in Miami so that you could ship there, this can be an interesting new product line to sell in Colombia.


Good afternoon, I am writing to you from Hamad and Firoze Trading and Contracting Co. W.L.L. in Kuwait. Our company has been specialised in industrial doors in the Middle East since 1975. I have received an inquiry regarding bifold doors and was wondering if it would be possible for you to provide me with the contact details of someone i can speak to regarding this. Thanks


Hi, I'm in the UK and want to use one of your Build Your Own Door kits for a hydraulic door to my garage. The door size is approx. 15' wide x 8' high. Please can you send me a quote for this ? Thanks


Do you have dealers or installers in Australia? I’m interested in your hydraulic doors


Hola buenos días, estoy interesado en sus productos para expórtalos a España. Un saludo Hello good morning, I am interested in your products to export them to Spain. All the best


Hello, We have a big project in Brasil. We build a hangar home airport with 270 hangars. I am surching for a company which makes bifold doors. I cannot found a brasilian company. So now i have the idea to make a deal with your company. Would you give me a call, so we can talk about it.??? thanks in advance


Hi, We are looking for a possible supplier of a hangar door for our project “HANGARS” located in Bataan, Philippines. We are requesting a quotation / estimate for the said project. Please see attached file above for your easy references. If you have questions, please let me know. We hope to hear from you soon. Thank you!


Hi, We are looking for a possible supplier of a hangar door for our project “HANGARS” located in Bataan, Philippines. We are requesting a quotation / estimate for the said project 46x20. Please see attached file above for your easy references. If you have questions, please let me know. We hope to hear from you soon. Thank you!


Dear Sirs I am an architect from Poland, actually working on new, modern form of elevations in residential building. This will be Trespa panels system. I have also garage doors with doubled concrete rainforced lintel. Intention is to install garage doors facing wall Trespa panels. The perfect product to match my needs - Schweiss bifold door. Dimensions of gate opening 525 x 259, 213cm. Please send information where is possible to order Your bifold construction in Europe, Poland. House construction - traditional masonry, door with Trespa siding


Hi, We are Aluminium and Glazing company in UAE and we are looking for specialized vertical bifold doors for one of our project in UAE. Please let me know if you are supplying your product to UAE


Hello, We are currently planning on the door design for a new building that should be built this year in France. The building is industrial type and is planned for aviation activities. While there are several door designs that could be suitable, the bifold offers some advantages that we are interested in. We saw that you delivered doors in Europe in the past. Could you provide a rough quotation for two bifold doors of 75x18ft including shipping to "Vannes, France" (an other identical building will be built at the same place for an other company). Best regards, Bastien Le Roux


We made a design with five bifold doors and your solution looks perfect to this occasion. Is there a possibility to see your doors somewhere in the Netherlands/europe? Our time difference is 7 hours so the start of your workingday will be our afternoon. We have some images of our design I will send them to your general adress. Thanks for the first information/quotation.


Hello, Im interested in bifold doors as they have some advantages compared to conventional german door systems. I have some older building i could use as a workshop, But sectional doors (Common german Design) take Too much height. Have you ever sold doors to Germany or do you have a dealer Here? Best Regards, KH


Hi, We are looking to specify a 9.6m a 5.5m vertical bifold door for a project in London. Do you have any commercial representation in the UK? Would be great if you can get in touch. Tadeas Tadeas Riha 6a architects London WC1N 3LJ www.6a.co.uk


Hi there. Does Schweiss Doors ship to Europe? Door we are looking for need to stand 190mph wind Best regards GE


Does Schweiss Doors sell overseas? Is there a manufacturer over here? If not, do you ship? Could I get rough estimate for just door and door shipping?


Hi, Does schweiss doors sell in the UK market directly or do you have wholesaler/manufacturer over seas? Is that possible to get a quote for the UK? Thanks in advance


Good day ma’am/sir Hope you doing well I am from NAVROOP ENGINEERING. I saw your product on YouTube- you created an amazing door. I had never seen bifold door or hydraulic doors in India. I'm looking for something more in the hydraulic style around 12x10 Thank you .


Hello are you able to ship to Paris? Do you have a manufacturer in France? It's for a home door (garage). Thanks a lot


Hi We are a construction company in Costa Rica. Right now we have some projects that need the bifold type of door from schweiss. we are interested in importing them to Costa Rica. We need al least 15 doors of these type. Here is a link for you to see the system we are looking for. Please call me as soon as possible. Thank you so much


hello first question is do you sell and ship to England (UK?)? Second question would be about getting a quote on a door but please kindly confirm if you export to my country first! thank you very much A: We do ship overseas. We will email you a quote with your specified door size.


Dear Sir/ Madam, Could we request an official quotation for Schweiss doors one piece? Ship to Jamaica? Awaiting your response.


Hi, was wondering if you have any schweiss door dealers in/near Austria. If not, do you ship schweiss doors overseas? Interested in your architectural doors but need to know cost of shipping before any planning begins.


Dear sir or madam, I have seen your garage doors on Pinterest. Now I'm curious, if you also have any local distributors in Germany, or if there is any other way to get your doors in Germany? With best regards, TO


Good morning- located in Germany and I need a price tag for a bifold door Width 45 ft and height 14 ft Are you able to send overseas bifold doors? Price tag for shipping bifold door overseas? Thanks


Switzerland based company looking for a hangar door. New construction overseas. Need hangar door shipped to switzerland- is this available? Can you please send me a quote? I look forward to hearing from you and possibly doing business.


Hi, what prices do you have in your offer? Existing structure wood constructed. in Netherlands. Bifold or hydraulic door overseas Please give me your business contact phone number to make a deal!


Hi, interested in schweiss door products- how much does overseas shipping cost for hangar doors? Do you have any schweiss doors representatives in Europe? Thanks, Luka


Hi there, I am reaching out to understand if you have a contact of a specialist contractor who can deliver your range of products here in UK. We are working on an office building project that requires a large span door to its loading bay. Thankful if you could help. Kind Regards, Gianluca


Hi, Looking for an aircraft hangar door to be installed in France . Width: 12 meters, height 3 meters. Do you have some dealers in Europe and can you at Schweiss Doors arrange for shipping by container overseas. ? Thanks. Thierry


Hi I am interested in using your Bi-Fold vertical Liftstrap designer door mechanism for use as a garage door. I am not sure if this is something that you would be able to manufacture. The door opening measures 280cm width by 250/260cm high. I am interested in purchasing the metal frame and structure and the mechanism. The frame will be clad with wood panelling at the bottom and glazed units at the top. The area for the door is highlighted in red. The thinner lines correspond to the frames for the windows which will be clad onto the bi-fold frame. I have also put a horizontal line where I think the fold could be. I am not sure of the clearance from the ground to the bottom of the opened door either. Hopefully we could achieve 2 metres. I can be contacted on this email or my tel no is 447821172406 and based in the United Kingdom. I would be grateful if you could tell me if you would be able to export to the uk. I sent a mail earlier from my other email address sales@redorwhite.co.uk with a drawing on.


Dear, I am coming back to you with regards to our request of information regarding a Barduva / Hangardoor product. We are a Brussels, Belgium based acclaimed international architecture office with multiple Mies van de Rohe EU Award nominations and we are working on an important public building in the capital of Albania. I take the liberty to contact you with regards to the new National Puppet Theatre in Tirana, Albania – for which we are currently designing the execution design. Construction of bifold Schweiss strap doors planned in 2023. I would like to request some more detailed technical information about the (architectural) bifolding door (horizontal top drive with strap latches); - Availability in Balkan region, - Max. / min. dimensions in custom made projects, - Dimensions and details (dwg) of the hinges and shaft transmission rolling drums, - Rough idea of price (without exterior cladding). This would be for the façade of the Puppet Theatre in Tirana, where the bifolding doors allows the stage to be used for the planned exterior auditorium, as well as the ‘shutter’ for the secondary hall. The cladding would be a custom aluminum corrugated sheet instead of the standard composite sandwich panel. The bi-folding door purely acts as a rainscreen and not as the insulating watertight façade. Looking forward to you input. Best regards, Pieter Coelis XDGA / Xaveer de Geyter Architects -- t : 32 2 218 88 86 / f : 32 2 218 88 87 Handelskaai 48 / 1000 Brussels BE www.xdga.be / info@xdga.be


Dear Paul, Refer to your email of 21/2/22 which we have unable to send through our reply of 22/2/22 to your good company, please note that the bi-fold door cannot be opened and we need to adjust the straps. Appreciate if you would send us video showing how to adjust the straps, by today. We have been using the hand crank to open in the mean time


Hi, can you please tell me if you have a bifold door Schweiss dealer in the UK please? or if you are able to dispatch a bifold door unit [mechanism only, not the full door!] to the UK? thanks


Hi We are just after installing a new Peddinghaus (300 N Washington ) Angle Master Machine here in Ireland we now need to Load Machine from the side and we require a 41Ft x 8Ft Bio Fold Door we can make up the Door. Would it be possible for Schweiss Doors to do the custom design from specs we can email you with accompanying photos. This needs to be a Schweiss Liftstrap door. Include price for setting up shipping container arrangements.


Hensel Phelps was awarded the P-317 Combined EOD Compound Design-Build project in Guam last year. We are going to break ground in a few weeks. There are 8 EA 14’W x 14”H steel bi-fold doors. Would you be interested in providing a quote? Bifold Liftstrap doors with auto latches and backup systems. Include cost for shipping overseas.


Hi Do you shipp to europe? I want a biflod garage door to my garage. The opening of the garage is 287cm wide and 237cm high. It will require windows across the upper half of the door.


Dar Sir, We are interested in your bifold lift rap product for our building could you advise whether any agent in Singapore, if not, can you arrange for bifold door container shipment arrangements?


We are in planning to build 3 airplane hangar space in Iceland.The house is 39X13 meters which will be divided into 3 parts each having a door opening of 12X 3,5-4,0 meters. Looking at your HP I can see that your Bifold doors have good rating, is it feasible to ship such doors to Iceland? Could you give a proximate cost of such doors with bifold straps and shipping time and container arrangements. Best regards, Ómar


Do you have a contact in Germany? We need one electric hydraulic door for an airport-hangar with a size of 22 * 3,5 m. Is it possible to distribute and to build it in germany?


Hello, I would like to receive more information regarding your hydraulic/bifold door series for a house project we are making in northern Mexico. Can we send a truck up to pick up a 34 ft. bifold commercial door?


Hi, I’m with a group planing a hangar for some 10-15 aircraft of “typical GA size”, meaning an opening of some 12m wide and at least 3.5m high. I understand you do also ship internationally - could you give us some rough price examples for what bifold doors that size would cost? At this point we need input for our budgeting and to figure out what kind of doors are at all viable options and a bifold lift strap/autolatching door is what we’d all like if we can motivate the cost. Best regards, Per (flying out of Linköping in Sweden)


Hello, We are searching for all styles of bifold and one piece hydro hangar doors, and maybe the bi-fold could be a good option. "Hallgruppen" is a big contractor in Scandinavia and we build a lot of big storages and hangars. Now we are searching for several 15m x 4m hangar gates.


Hello, We have a client that would like us to manufacture a Airplane Hangar roughly 60 FT wide x 50 FT deep x 18 FT in Height to hold a Hawker Beechcraft. This will be built in the U.S. Virgin Islands the Airport (STX). The building needs to be able to sustain winds of up to 220 MPH if possible. We are looking for a Bifold Door roughly 50 FT wide. 1. Do you have any structural details as how the door is supported? 2. We are also looking for pricing? 3. How would the Components be delivered? 4. Do you have Install Crews or is that something our team can do? 5. Door clear height is pending; you may have set sizes so i need to check. 6. Does your company provide the Structural Steel top hold the Door? 7. Doors would be shipped by land then sea via Fort Lauderdale to St. Croix Any idea of a turnaround delivery time on this big bifold door to Renaissance Port, VA?. We'd handle the shipping through CROWLEY.


Hello! Sales, How are you doing ,My name is Mr.Bennette Cowper and I would like to purchase some of your products. inquiry if you can ship directly to the new zealand Do you accept credit card payment? Hoping if you Could send me your samples and their prices if possible .Would also know if you would be willing to ship components such as Liftstraps, hydraulic cylinders and pump in order to cut down on weight and cost and leave building steel framework to us. I would be very happy to have an amazing business with you ,I will be waiting for your feedback ,thank you Regards Bennette


Is the smart hinge design suited for a door frame 3.9m wide x 2.7m high. The left and right of the door is curved to create an oval shaped door, with a flat top and bottom. Is this bespoke design on your bifold strap door possible? Do you ship to Sri Lanka or Turkey? the Door frame is covered in a tensile fabric, tensioned on installation. Does the smart hinge design lock in the open position to avoid falling and injuring a person? Does the smart hinge design lock in the closed position for security


Hello, I would like to place orders for some of your products, I would like to know if I can place orders with my credit card and if I can arrange to pick them up from your store/warehouse by a private freight company. Could you also tell me what it would cost for you to make shipping container arrangements overseas.


Hello, I am an architect based in Ibiza. I need your bifold mechanisms, straps, motors, etc. for a project, and it is being quite dificult to find something similar in europe. I wonder if you can work here or know any similar product at this site of the sea. Best, Alejandro


Hi. I am looking at using your door for an airfraft hangar. The opening is 19metres wide x 5.5 metres high. Can you give me a price please and tell me if I have to do anything to set up arrangements for overseas shipping. Thank you. Regards, Craig Mossman


I have received your contacts from an Aviation company here in Denmark, who want me to build a hangar for their aircraft. The building will be 153.3 feet wide and 90 feet deep, and will have a clear height in the gate of 23.33 feet, the building will be built in steel. I would like to have two bifold Liftstrap doors placed on each end of the hangar to make it a drive-thru hangar.. I am sending my request to the USA, but would like to ask if you have an organization in Europe, and I would like to ask if you have an organization that also assembles here in Europe. You can call me or write by e-mail if you have any questions. Can you make an offer for me that I can have preferably tomorrow Friday. Thanks in advance


We wish to know if your company is able to design and install a bi-fold Hangar door 27.3mW x 7.4mH in Malaysia. I hear Schweiss can arrange the overseas shipping requirements.


Dear Sir/Ma, We are interested in the 1. Hydraulic and one bifold strap lifting door for aviation. get back to us with your final price. And how many do you have in stock? Looking forward to hearing from you soon. Best regards, Mr. Abudullah Gary Azad.COMMERCIAL DEPARTMENTAL BARAKAH SAIBA INTERNATIONAL GENERAL TRADING LLCAL-BUHAIL ROAD, BUILDING 28BDEIRA, DUBAI. 00971UNITED ARAB Nurahillah tradings nurahillatradings@gmail.com


We have just purchased a Pilatus PC-12 and therefore we are building a new hangar to accommodate the aircraft. The hangar will be build so it can handle larger aircraft (I.e. jet, Phenom 300, Challenger 650 etc). I saw you product on a hangar in Germany today, and I’m keen on learning more about the prices and solutions needed to ship a door overseas and lead-time needed for delivery.




Hi, Do you have a dealer in Europe ? I am in France and looking for 6 Bifold doors complete sets for 6 attached light aircrafts hangars in South Ouest of France. Saw your bifold doors on another hangar in France, I'm impressed and want some too.


Hello Sales, I would like to make an inquiry about some products. But before i proceed, Please inform me on - Shipping to The Bahamas (if possible) ? - Minimum order quantity ? - If a credit card is accepted ? - Delivery lead time ? - Price sheet for a 45 ft. hangar door with lift straps? I would be awaiting the reply as soon as possible. Sincere, Mark Johnson MJ Enterprises Ltd 34, Retirement Road,Nassau Bahamas 1 949-392-1552


Good morning, do you have a contact or a branch in Italy or Europe? Specifically for your European bifold Liftstrap doors. Thanks Kind regards


Good Day . I was mandated by the Southwest development Commission (SWDC ) to source for a reliable and a reputable company that can supply them with your Bifold and Hydraulic Door Products. Are you in position to supply the Southwest development Commission With your Products ? Please kindly get back to me with the unit price quote . Destination Port : Apapa seaport , Lagos , Nigeria Please write back to me and send the CIF prices quotations. I am waiting for your valued response. Best of regards, Ade Olaniyan


Hello, Do you have a bifold and hydraulic door distributor in Australia? If so, please share contact details. Thank you very much.


We are a shed manufacturer in Melbourne, Australia Looking for a Bifold 34 ft. x 14 ft. shed door system. Can you quote it complete and give another quote that includes everything but the frame. Also want a remote opener.


Hi, I’m putting up a new shed with 5 x 6m wide 5m high bays. Looking at doing bifold doors. Can you supply a kit to Australia? We have a fabrication shop so would be able to follow plans if required. The strap idea looks fantastic and your doors appear to be very strongly built. Do you have any distributors in Australia?


I am in Wagga Wagga Australia, I need a 7.3m x 4m Door. Limited options in Australia. Are you able to send components and we fab door locally? prefer Bifold with straps but open to hydraulic door options.


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Are you able to supply a bifold door system to Australia? I am interested in a aircraft hangar door 30m x 6m (approx). Would also be interested in a quote including a walk through door and windows.


Hi I really like the bifold doors and would like to possibly get one made for my garage. Not sure of what your minimum requirements re size are. The Garage door measures 240cm wide by 220cm high and would have to be shipped via container to London, England. Not sure if it would also be possible to have the top half glazed and bottom half with a wood panel. Do you have any companies in the UK that stock/install your products. Thanks and regards Gareth


In Mumbai from which vendor I will get your product. I need a hydrolic or bifolding doors opener for my shop


Hello, I am looking for a price on a bifolding Liftstrap hanger door for a new hanger here in Australia. Opening needs to be 12m wide and 3.2 high. I like the look of your lift strap doors but would be happy with hydraulic lift if that is easier to get to Aus., so price both. Happy for you to call between 4.30 and 5.30 pm your time should be morning here. Otherwise am happy with email. Thanks


Hi. I need a quotation for a bifold hangar door bottom drive, The clear to cover is 12 meters wide and 4 meters high. Quoted at your plant and quoted for delivery overseas.


Looking for two Liftstrap bi-fold design doors for regular garage. 8’x8’ openings. My project is in Costa Rica. Shipping components from Tampa area. I could make my own panels, but would like the other components. Winds resistance up to 70mph Thank you. Robert


Good day We are currently busy with tender documentation where they want to install Bi-fold doors to Airplane Hangars. Bi-fold Door should have lift straps and include a Pedestrian door (size 900mm x 2000mm) (0.035In x 0.079In) Could you possibly assist or is there possibly a Company that you know of in SA that could assist.


Hi Sales, I'm looking for a lift up bifold mechanism suitable for joinery use to hide internal kitchen similar to link below. Hidden Kitchen. Required in Australia. Size and all details TBC. Happy to call and discuss if easier, I'm situated in Sydney Australia which may pose some time difference challenges. Be interested to know if you have a bifold door Liftstrap system suitable or can undertake custom system. Regards Richard,


Hello, I purchased a hangar from the US back in 96. Sliding door needs replacing so would like price please for bifold Liftstrap door frame and electric lift mechanism. bifold. width is 42 ft and height is 16 ft. can you quote me price please. motor needs to be 230 V 50HZ, You might also give me a price to convert the existing sliding door to a strap lift as perhaps it will be more economical to have the frame made here. thanks


Hello, I was wondering if you have a reseller in Australia. If not, I am interested in purchasing two bifold liftstrap hangar doors.


I am Raymond of Polyfair, specialist company of curtain wall and aluminum door in HK. My Boss introduce you to me that your brand is the expert of Hydraulic Garage door. We have a project in Caine Road, Hong Kong Island and the client (Henderson Land Development Company Limited) request one set of canopy Glass designer style garage door, the door size is 2400 X 3200 and each square is 800 X 800mm, after our checking, the mechanism is same as your pivot hydraulic Door. Please provide the product information


I am looking a three bi-fold liftstrap and automatic locking doors for hangar 50ft wide x 16ft high. Do you provide these in a kit? Will you supply without the door frame for ease of shipping to Australia?


Hi I will you ship your products to Australia? I am looking at your hydraulic door hing with grease zeros and pump units. Will you sell them to me and if so could I please get a Quote. I am looking at building a shed and the door opening would be 12mwide x 5.5m high. We would manufacture the door but would like to purchase your hinges, rams and pumps. Thanks Andrew


I'm Masiea Mokhomo managing director of naleli joinery, we are based in southern Africa Lesotho, I'm interested on contemporary bifold liftstrap garage doors. Can we make an arrangement to buy from you and sell here in Lesotho. Best Regards M.Mokhomo


merci de bien vouloir m'envoyer votre documentation technique et la liste de bifold vos revendeurs en France.


Best offer along with the feasible options of sliding / bifold / dropdown type doors with their technical details considering the hangar opening size of 47100mm x 10500mm. minimum door width not less than 35000mm x 10000mm. What is the opening time for this size door?


I have a hangar in Temora NSW Australia. I would like a price to supply your bifold doors to fit a 12m wide by 4m high opening. I'm starting to see both styles of Schweiss Doors at airports around Australia. They seem to be the door of choice for all the pilots I've talked to. Kind regards, Robert Russell.


Hi We require 2 Bifold Garage Door Frames


Dear Sirs or Madam, For our project in Bulgaria we looking for 6 bifold strap doors with clear width 18.00 m and height 7.0-7.50 m. Please, give us your offer. If you need we can send you a drawings. Best regards Stoyan Minkov


Hi there, I'm Gladwin from Airmax LTD, Belize. Im in need of a liftstrap hangar door with a galvanized door frame. The opening is 16ft high x 65ft wide. Could you give me an estimated qoutation for it. I would prefer bifold,but depending on the price I may do hydraulic door.


Please send a quotation for three bifolded doors. Each door has a clear opening 25m wide by 8m height. These strap doors need to be shipped to Cairo, Egypt.


Good Morning, We are an italian manufacturer of steel windows and doors. We are actually bidding a project in NY where your bifold apartment style designer door product is specified and we would like to use it. Would be possible to be contacted also via email so that we can send you the pdfs with the request? Thank you


Hi, I'm Italian and I'm making a bifolding door with a steel structure. I have viewed your products and wanted to ask if it was possible to ship a lifting kit with schweiss straps for my door. Do you ship to Italy? How much does a kit cost?


good day could you send me a quote to supply a fast opening great sealing bifold autostrap door to southafrica opening size 2526 mm wide by 2182 mm high automated system kind regards Taylor from AGT


Good Day I am developing an airport in Cape Town, South Africa, and am looking to build 200 hangars used to store light aircraft. I am interested in your bifold light aircraft hangar doors with straps. Do you have a supplier or agent based in South Africa that I could get in contact with regarding your products? Thanks Mark


Hi Guys, Your bifold strap doors look fantastic. Just wondering if you have an Australian distributor? Can you arrange for shipping?


Kindly quote to design supply mild steel hot dipped galvanized frame, motor unit, controller and fitting accessories folding up bifold strap door, infill with 5mm thk alum perforated panel 1) LD 01, size 8000mmW x 5000mmHt 1no 2) LD 02, size 3500mmW x 5000mmHt 1no 3) LD 03, size 5000mmW x 5000mmHt 1no 4) LD 04, size 7500mmW x 5000mmHt 1no 5) LD 05, size 4000mmW x 5000mmHt 1no 6) LD 06, size 3500mmW x 5000mmHt 1no We looking forward for your reply Best regards, Peter Poh Director Turnon Engineering Pte Ltd 30 Kaki Bukit Rd 3 #03-01Empire Technocentre Singapore 417819 t: 65 6745 3356 f: 65 6743 8531 m: 65 98553356 wechat: 859321523


Hi, I'm working on a aviation hangar project in France. We're looking at options for a 30meters x 4.5meters (approx, dimensions will change) door and I fondly remember bifold doors from my time in the US. Insulation is a must for us. Also, we would like some degree of transparency - the more the better. The whole building will be made of wood. What are our options there for bifold door building support on a heavy door? Best William Le Ferrand PS: email is best because of the timezone difference.


I need a quotation for a hangar door, the measurements are 14ft height and for the width is 48ft 2 3/4". Also it is for exportation to the Far East. Are you able to make the shipping arrangements for a bifold hangar door?


Hello. For general aviation hangar we need 2 pcs of doors in dimension 15 x 4 meters. It is steel construction hangar, covered with 5 cm (2 inch) sandwich panels. Please include pricing for shipment overseas to Poland.


Hi there, Do you have a partner or a contact in Europe that can provide your bifold and hydraulic door products? Also do you comply to any European standards? I am calling from ireland - so 9-11am your time would work for a call and if not an email works just fine also. Kind regards, Jeff


Guten Abend Da ich für meine Garage noch ein passendes Tor suche, bin ich zufällig auf ihre Seite gestoßen und hab mich sofort in das Torsystem verliebt. Mit den gängigen Sektionallösungen bin ich nicht so ganz zufrieden. Bieten sie überhaupt etwas für den Privatbereich an? Wenn ja, was würde mich so ein Tor (5m breit und 2,13m hoch) elektrisch mit Fernbedienung betrieben in etwa kosten? Für Rückfragen stehe ich gerne zur Verfügung Grüße und noch ein schönes Wochenende Patrick Berchtenbreiter 0049175 2726360 Telefon und WhatsApp patrick-berchtenbreiter@gmx.de


Hi there, I am based in Australia and looking to fit a garage bifold door system using your exclusive liftstrap system and anything else similar to what you provide. Do you have local representation in Australia? If not, I can get the door done at this end, in line with your specifications, and get the hydraulic system imported from the US. Please advise options and indicative pricing. Thanking you kindly


Hi our overseas firm is one of the leading companies in the fields of gates, barriers, rolling shutters and cetera . we need for one of our clients an bifold door sizes width : 15 meter high 4.5 meter (clear open) . we need only the truss with the 2 motors ? (i think) the cover will be maid in our country . 20 years ago i imported the exact size from usa (dont remmember the name of the producer, I believe it was a Schweiss cable lifting door) . let me have an idea how it is going to be send to us . is it in containers ? or in boxses / or maybe other way .


Dears Sirs, Good Morning I have the project to build a new house with aircraft hangar on an Airpark in France. A friend of me - who fitted his 3 hangars with your bifold lifting strap doors - advised me to do the same using no other company than Schweiss. So, could you please give me some elements in order to appreciate the financial weight of this ? Waiting to read of you soon. Kind Regards Patrick Ferreri


Hello, Please send us a quote for 5 doorframes for new overseas aviation hangars on EHMZ. Bifold with straps, strap latch, internal truss, Column Follower, (A1) FACE MOUNT, sheeting weight will be 16lb/m2 ( square meter). European moter! I bought a door in 20 years ago. Still going strong !! Regards, Enno


We are a bunch of 50 PEB detailers in India. We do jobs for USA Bi-fold door detailing. We need the following information. Please guide to make better use of Schweiss Bifold Engineered Doors. 1. Detailed information of all of your products. (Soft copy of Catalogues) 2. Detailed forms to be filled in for Door data. 3. The following checked boxes. Thank you Ashish


I would like to place a bifold and hydraulic door


Dear All I represent the purchasing office of an Italian's company (Venice area) specialized in curtain wall For a bifold door project that we have acquired in NYC-USA, in order to send a request of offer please send me the e-mail address of your foreign sales manager


Hello, Good day to you. Please quote corresponding RFQ. Please give us your Best Discount price for resale BIFOLD LIFTSTRAP DOOR WITH SHIPPING TO GERMANY. Code: BIFOLD FP06P-58A QTY: 6 I hope in a your prompt reply! Ich freue mich auf Ihre Antwort. Vielen Dank! Mit freundlichen Grüßen / Best regards Grace Cai


Good Day , I would be interested in a bifolding door system , similar to Sams Tavern on your website , what would the exact sythem cost ? I do not have yet a messure, as I am still in the planing phase of the building


Pls send us a quote for glass bifold garage door to be shipped within a container overseas to Ireland, 8.25m w x 2.6m h. Glass can be arranged and fixed locally.


I am civil consultant from Karnataka Mlore puttur Uppinangady in the Philippines. I would like to know the details of hydraulic or bifold doors for one building entrance. Same location client is utilizing for the apartment entrance and car parking space as well . Space size around 12feet width and 9feet height . Suggest me with your suitable gated courtyard designer door products and its cost


Dear Sir/Madam, We kindly inform your company about a Government tender supply project in Ghana, and they are also interested in your products for a Government contract supply project for the supply of various equipment This Tender is open to Foreign suppliers whose company products meet international standards. My company is registered with Project Board as government contract negotiator and facilitator. My commission in every successful contract awarded through my recommendation is 2% of the total value. Terms of Payment: If the Order is given to you, An upfront payment of 80% (T/T) will be made to your account, while 20% will be paid before shipment. Your company will pay my 2% commission after the contract has been consummated and the supplier receives full 100% payment in their Account. You will need to do official tender registration with the Project Board when you are submitting your Supply/bidding documents for approval before award. please let me know your company interest. Best Regards DOMINIC AKUFO Consultant Agent Plot 45 Sarpong Avenue P.O Box 2159, Accra Ghana. Tel:+233236211048


Dear Sir/Madam I have the license of the Government of Ghana under the auspices of NATIONAL PROJECT REGULATORY AUTHORITY(NPRA) to inform your esteem company about the on going tender supply here in Ghana for the supply of quality product. This Tender is open to Foreign suppliers whose company products meet international standards. Terms of Payment: If the Order is given to you, An upfront payment of 80% (T/T) will be made to your account, while 20% will be paid before shipment. NOTE: You will need to do official tender registration with the NATIONAL PROJECT REGULATORY AUTHORITY(NPRA) .when you are submitting your bidding documents for approval before award. And i would like to know if your company will be interested to participate in the tender. A comprehensive details on the procedures will be provided on hearing from you. I'm looking forward to hearing from you. Best Regard, Michael kwatey. Consultant Agent Plot 207 industrial Road P.O.Box 793 Accra Ghana Tel:+233236211048


Hi, I would like to know the price for this: Mechanical Bifold Liftstrap Hangar Door with 80m wide and 16m height. Door leaf size is 5m wide sliding from middle to side Wind load is 280 kph May i also ask details for the allowable deflection of truss for top connections. Hoping for your immediate response with this matter. Thank you!


I would like to order two bifold liftstrap doors where I have a setting room facing the Swimming pool and the garden the size of each door is Each one of them has a length of 430 cm. And height of 240 cm It is exposed to harsh wither humidity and high temperature so I wanted in cast aluminum material and the glass need to be double glaze with high UV with reflection Need super isolation of heat when closed I can manufacture the body of the doors with the glass if that is better but I need a supply of all the mechanical hydronic system with related motors , hydronic kits and all other kits Regards Khalid Alkaf


I have a door that is 6.2 meters wide and 2.7meters high and am looking to use the strap system . Do you have anyone in Australia? If not will you sell me parts required for the door? We can complete all fabrication work as we just need the parts of your great Liftstrap and auto latch bifold door system Thanks Andrew


Dear sirs, We have a commercial aluminum door frame company in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. We work closely with architects on design and installs. We are interested in your custom design residential and commercial doors. Can you quote me on a 3000w x 2900h bifold door. I understand Schweiss can do all the shipping arrangements. Please call.


Hello I wish to put a bifold liftstrap door on an outdoor barbecue shed i am about to build. The dimensions are approx 15 mts w x 4m h. Do you supply to Australia? Could you give me an idea of approximate cost of your doors and what shipping costs will be. Len


I was talking to Jeremy earlier regarding options of shipping a door to Australia. I would look at the option of having the complete door shipped to us in a 40 ft shipping container. In the interest of saving freight costs we have the ability to fabricate the door ourselves if the vital components could be shipped in kit form, supplying the frame steel and cladding ourselves. Kind Regards, Malcolm Bruce


2 steel/glass top opening bifold hotel doors, size about 12*12 ft. I was wondering if you do delivery to China. You were reffered to me by my architect and designer. Please get back to me via email. Thanks, appreciate your help.


Hi all, We installed a helicopter hangar in 2016 which had a door supplied by Schweiss. Do you have agents who undertake installations in the UK? We have been approached to build another hangar and the buyer only wants a Schweiss bifold strap door, no other manufacturers doors will do.


We are an architectural firm in India looking forward to represent solutions like your company offers in the Indian market. We are specifically at this time interested in your Schweiss hydraulic or bifold lifting strap doors for numerous apartment complexes. Please advise how we can collaborate together on shipping and door delivery times to take things forward.


Are there any suppliers of Schweiss bifold strap doors in Australia. I Have a 10m wide by 4.4 m height door required. I've seen and used your bifold doors and they are high and above others when it comes to quality and design.


Hi, SBS LFTZ is a newly established steel fabricator (pre-engineered buildings and conventional hot rolled structures) in Lagos Free Zone Nigeria (plot 60,000M2; factory 20,000M2 etc etc. There is tremendous demand for steel buildings and steel bifold and hydraulic doors in our markets and we're interested in complementing that demand with products not found here, such as Schwiess bifold and hydraulic steel doors. We're quoting a couple of projects that would benefit from this type of door. (also quoting 2 new hangars at the int'l airport requiring 45M X 12M (clear) doors). would like to establish a relationship with Schweiss (formal representation??) rgds Ken Krieger


G'day I have a customer who has seen your doors in the states and requested I install one for him. I would like some information regarding a Hydraulic or bifold liftstrap door for a shed, it is 6m wide and 4m high. Is it possible for you to supply drawings for engineering modifications to the structure and supply all components for the hydraulic or bifold strap door operation as a complete door kit to be shipped to Australia.


Can you send me a price for 3 x Bifold helicopter hangar lifting strap automatic doors to suit opening 11000mm wide x 6000mm high. delivered to 53 connors RD, Mackay QLD, Australia 4740


Hi! We would like to know if you have a sales person or sales company here in Brasil where we could purchase your amazing bifold or hydraulic door products. Hope to hear from you soon. Best regards


I am an architect in Australia designing a hangar in Antartica and looking mainly at bifold door options. Can you tell me what your maximum door opening (length x width) is for Bi-fold and Hydraulic doors? I am looking for a door approx 120'wide x 20'high. Is that within your capabilities? What would you recommend hydraulic or bi-fold?


Hello, We are looking for 3 Nos.garage Bifold lifting strap doors Size, 4.3H x4.6W Power data 220/1/60 380/3/60 Delivery to Saudi Arabia, Riyadh. Pls. Quote best price and delivery time, and advice if you have a dealer in gulf region. BR Ihsan Baslan


Ich möchte eine bifold liftstrap door, um eine Outdoor küche zu schließen. Kann man eine Türe bestellen, was kostet diese bei ca. 4 Metern Breite und


We want A bi- fold electric liftstrap door, door opening is 3,60mx6,62m. We want an elektric door opener. What can you offer us, if you can deliver to the Netherlands and what would it cost us including the Shipping costs. Thank you up front for Your reaction.


Hello, I am from the door and window factory in Shanghai, China. I am very interested in your products, because we have a project that needs folding Windows (bifold) just like yours. Do you have an agent in China? Or how can we buy your products?The attached drawings are our project drawings and effect drawings. We are looking forward to contacting you.


Hi, We are building a 50' x 60' hangar for our Avionics business at Murwillumbah Airport located in northern New South Wales - Australia. We have decided on a full aluminium hydraulic or bifold liftstrap door which will be manufactured locally, with hydraulic rams performing the lifting function. I have access to a metal engineering workshop who are capable of production of the door but I would prefer tp utilise the hinge system you have designed. Would you be willing to sell me the hinges suitable to the above door opening. Regards Mark Denny


Hello Team i have a request for one of your hydraulic or bifold doors 3600mm high x 3300mm wide and have been asked if this can be acoustically rated 48-58decibels. could you please get back to me and i look forward to working with you moving forward. Regards Andrew


Good Afternoon... I am currently pricing a bifold door scheme for North London Waste, Edmonton, North London, England Please can you contact me to discuss the scheme Thank you Adam 07766602976


I am interested in a bifolding liftstrap and automatic latching door for installation on a garage in a new build house. Is it possible to add wood cladding to the outside of this structure? Do you have any distributors in Norway/Europe? Do you deliver the engines with standard 220v ac/dc? Is it possible to connect the system to a knx system? Please send all technical installation information? Regards, Eirik Aasen


Hello I am the Head of a Small airfield in Germany And we are looking for new doors for our hangars 2 bifold liftstrap doors 30 m 4,5 m high 2 bifold doors 20 m 4 m high Can you give me a rough estimate for these doors with Transportation to Germany Thanks Dr Nikolaus Mueller


Hi Do you have an Australian distributor? I am wanting a hangar door with liftstrap top drive  opening function. Thanks Russell


Hi, I am David, working on semi prefab housing for Bali Indonesia, each Unit includes Bifold designer doors made out of wood side 3,90 x 3,00 Meters. Do you have any distributor in Indonesia?


Dear Sirs We are based in India and we require Vertical Bifold Door for 14 openings in new construction at our place. 1. The bifold commercial grade door should be of heavy construction and should be completely covered and no glasses or see through. 2.With locking system for safety purpose. 3.We would like to purchase 1 no immediately and on fixing the same we shall procure the balance quantity. 4.Please quote for both motorised / manual type doors with detailed specifications. We await your reply regards


Hello We have 2 folding doors in Germany 14x5 meters on contract 41216-EZ. What is the service time of the straps - when they have to get replaced due to aging? Best regrads Erwin Zurfluh


Hello, we are building a private house in Latvia. We are interested in a bi-fold or hydraulic one-piece garage door that could open up the covered shed in front of the garage. The dimensions of the area 5x2.4m. Open height should be at least 2m. Do you have a partner in Latvia able to perform installation of your garage doors? What could be approximate price for such Bifold Liftstrap Door solution? Thanks, Edgars


Good Morning, I am from Bison Constructions in Australia. Do you have any distributors in Australia? I know you have you exported to Australia because I have seen your bifold and hydraulic doors in Queensland.. I am currently working with a client that is going to build a 40m x 24m Aircraft Hangar. Wants two openings of 20m and therefore we are looking a door options. If someone could kindly get in touch with me - that would be much appreciated. Many thanks


Hello, We are looking to specify an electronically controlled b-fold shutter for an end glazed gable on a residential project we are working on in Sheffield, UK. We are also having great difficulty finding a UK based manufacturer of the hydraulic systems of your Schweiss quality you have and wondered whether it was possible to get your products delivered to the UK or whether you had a UK based distributor? Many thanks Darren


We Need Hydraulic Doors and at least one bifold strap door for one of our projects, The location of project is in Mumbai, India. Can you please share any contact details of distributor who deals in India / Asia.


Can you please give me a price for your bifold door bottom lift strap system. My door is 2.8meters high and 7.2meters wide. Thanks Anthony


Please send a quote for a door with 25 m lenght and 6 m height. I want to export this bifold door to Colombia, please send details, kind regards,


Hello I live in rural Western Australia, and I am renovating an old church into my home. I want to convert the double timber doors into an awning or agricultural kinetic architects door as I have viewed on your website. Is there a supplier for the hydraulic Schweiss doors in my state or in Australia please? Kind regards Marnie


Dear Sirs, for a project in Switzerland we are currently looking for companies that can produce bifold and hydraulic operated hangar gates in RC3. We would be grateful if you could let us know if you can provide such hangar doors and if you could also let us know any reference projects. Best regards, Ingeborg Grosse Project Assistant Fassmann Partner




Hello, I am contacting your company because I am interested in the hydraulic system for door lifting. On the one hand I was wondering whether you have a contact person either in the UK or Europe. In addition to that, I could not see in your website any bi-fold door powered by hydraulic systems. However I have seen that in other manufacturers. Do you have any experience with that sort of doors? ( I would be thinking of a exterior bi-fold door, with glazed panels, of about 6.6m wide x 5m high located in a F&B area)


We are a interior design house and seeing for the vertical bi-folding door/window. May I know as below. 1. Do you have a distributor in Hong Kong or Asia? 2. May I have any information for the vertical bi-folding door /window? Thank you.


Hi, We are working on a project that have vertical folded ( glazed) doors as part of a (glazed) curtain wall . Your company seem to provide what we are looking for. If you ship your products internationally or have a representative in United Arab Emirates (preferably) we can take this further.


Hello, good afternoon. I am interested to obtain cost information for a hangar that could hold 2 A320's. Please note that I am in the Dominican Republic (Caribbean Island) and we have the hurricane season from June to November each year. Appreciating your attention. Best regards Ronaldo


Hello sales, My name is Gerald, I'm the CEO of my company. We are certainly willing to make some purchase of some item in your company or store but before we proceed answer the question below. - Is shipping to Belize( if possible) or you accept private pick up by our forwarder? - Do you have access to process Credit Card payment? - Can you send me your website to view your product or wholesale price sheet if possible ? Kindly email me if this is possible to ship to us with out any problem . I will await your reply Asap Thanks, Regard's Gerald. (CEO)


Good day, Please i need the catalog and price list about the door i will do the welds in my factory and how i can do the agent in the Middle east


Hello, I am building in India, what would be the price for W 5500mm x H 2400mm bifold and hydraulic door with triple glazing? include rough shipping cost to India.


Do you have an agent in Australia? I need a hydraulic door for my hangar, opening is 5.1m x 7.8m. Thank you Mark


Hi There I am very interested in your product and am emailing to see if we can work out some sort of shipping method. I have included the sizes one the door in your form below, the door will be for a hangar. Is it possible to have the door partially built and shipped in a container so that i can erect on site? please let me know what is possible. There is also quite a potential we will be asked to do more doors of this style. Hope to hear from you soon. Door size Height : 5 metres Width : 19 metres Regards


Do you have a Uk agent for the build your own door system? I am looking at a hanger type door for my new build workshop which will be 3 meters tall by 3.5 meters wide Are you able to give me a rough quote for this


I work for a poultry stock and poultry farming system installing company in Japan, looking for bifolding doors that would match to our client's farm houses. Could you inform me if you can export to Japan ( on CIF base ),MOQ and if you have any agent for Japanese customers.Your reply with an email shall be appreciated.Thanks in advance.


Hi, I would like to know if you supply your products to Australia. We are interested in the hinge design for Hydraulic doors. Hope to hear from you soon. Gerry


Morning. Based in New Zealand and Australia we're looking at additional door models / types to meet the market requirements and compliment our locally manufactured Rapid Door Systems. We're NZ's onl Dsigner and Manufacturer of Rapid Door Systems. Recently we've been asked to provide options for a Super Mall here in Auckland, NZ where your designer door system looks to be perfect both functionally and aesthetically. We also work with Airports and large Industrial Facilities. At this stage I'd like to initiate contact and have a discussion around the opportunity to source and design bespoke systems to suit local market requirement. Any links to video of door operations and wind load reference etc would assist. thanks. Regards


We are currently elaborating a price estimation of a project to present to our Client in Malta. We have considered one Bi Fold Door Systems. The door dimensions are W=4800mm and H=4180mm. The door will have a metallic covering of rectangular hollow bars of 30x60mm with 60mm spacing. What would be the price of this product?


Looking for proposals for bi-fold doors at an 8 acre RV Storage facility in India. Let me know what information you need for a proposal. Thanks.


Dear Sir, We would very much appreciate if you could kindly advise models of hydraulic cylinders appropriate for 20Ft container side doors, with export prices to India. Regards


Hello I like for a window 3m x 3m for my sale room Do you have a distributor in Europe? Thanks


Hi there, I am looking for a horizontally pivoting glass door in a steel frame for one of our architectural projects. We are based in the UK. Do you have any representatives based in Europe I could get in touch with? Regards, Arthur


The project is actually based in London, UK. Please can you let me know if you have distributors in the UK? Many thanks


Best regards. We would like to know if you provide solutions for hydraulic doors outside USA. We are an architecture company in Colombia, Southamerica and need to develop a solution for an auditorium main entrance. The protection of open door allow us to protect people from intense sunlight and rain. We do need five big size units, each one has 20 feet wide x 18 feet high. Please, let us know if this is possible, then we will provide further information as plans, views and sketches. Yours sincerely, Geraldo, Architect


Hi, I'm David from Hong Kong and i'm a Senior Project Manager of PMB Cyberwall Limited (one of Curtain Wall Contractor Company in Hong Kong). My Clients intended to have open top roof (a pitch roof type) for operate the Building Maintenance Units sitting on Roof level (aprox. 120meter from ground) for their New project in Hong Kong. Therefore, asking us to design a open top roof with a operable hydraulic door (which made by aluminum grilles without any water-proofing required). Would you please advise any possible solution for this door ? Thanks !


Dear Sirs. I am owner of company we are manufacturing and installer of gates and automatic doors in Lebanon, please we need your advice for a new garage door dim: 6/4 meters, and we need to change the sectional existing door, for another type of doors like your folding style... The capacity of garage is 500 cars but the door keep open all the day and remain closing at night, but between 8 and 10 pm it will open and close for about 50 cars... Please We need quotation for a complete door with motor drive system. Or complete drive system for a door to manufacture here according your instructions.. Need your advice asap... Regards. 


I have a few sets of bi-fold doors for a new modern restaurant in the Bahamas. The taller doors sit 13 1/2" in front of frameless glass railing. (6) 17'-1" wide 8'-11 5/8"clear opening (2) 11'-0" wide 8'-11 5/8" clear opening (10)11'-5" wide 10'-1 1/8" clear opening (3) 18'-11" wide 10'-1 1/8" clear opening I have sketches of building sections showing the confines of each application that can be sent to you. My concern is the visibility of the operating mechanism when the door are in the opened position. I am interested the the Designer series with the applied wood slats. The shutter is intended to be used for hurricane protection to protect large frameless sliding glass doors.


Good afternoon, I am in Kuwait and looking for 25 doors sliding up bifold manual transparent doors with 4000mmX4000mm dimensions. Please advise. Best


Hi there, I have heard many good things about your bi-fold doors. Are they available in Australia (we are in western NSW)? If so, how do I proceed with a quote? Email response would be best given the time difference. Thanks David


Good morning, I am looking at installing Bi-fold liftstrap doors on a hangar project here in Indonesia. Shipping an entire door here would be cost prohibitive. My question is, would you work with us for design and parts to build a 60'X18' (opening size) bi-fold door? Steel we can buy local and weld here on site. We would need your expertise of design, drive motor, hinges, straps, drums, etc. Power here is 220 V 50 hz or 380V 3phase. Thank-you for your reply. Chris


I have a project to retrofit 10 doors to existing garage openings, each about 16' wide by 8' high. I would like to use your bifold liftstrap doors with remote openers. Do you ship to Israel? What would be the minimum wedge height for that size door?


Can you please give me a quote for a residential garage door hangar type. 8ft high 10ft wide liftstrap remote operating doors only steel frame so that i can put a wooden frame on remote controled electrical and manual operated plus transport to Malta thank you


Dear Mr./Madam, we are Turkish company and have a project in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia in this project we have two vertical bifold garage doors one length : 3100 mm , anothers is 8115 mm, also will send the project detail to your mail address. Best Regards, Yusuf


Hi, I'm interested in your bi fold garage doors do you have any distributors in Australia If not would it be possible to purchase the necessary hardware from you direct?  Kind regards, Marcel


I am a project manager working in the uk refurbishing and rebuilding hangers and runways at Rochester Airport in Kent England. I see that you supply the UK and I am would like to get a quote on several hydraulic hangar doors. Thanks


We have cabled bi-fold doors installed on 2 of our hangars in Belgium and we are looking to upgrade them to your lift strap system. Therefore we would like to know if you could send us a listing of the European companies that have the knowledge & are authorized to retrofit our doors. thanks in advance for your support, Best Regards, Eugene


Hi, Our two hangars are fitted with bi-fold hangar doors with lift straps, but cannot find local (French preferred, or european) company to repair/maintain them. Can you give me a contact in France (preferred) or Europe ? Regards, Charles, Safety Director


I am working for a foreign company that is doing an Automatic Gate in China. We have a project need the door similar as "Lift-strap Bi-ford Door" doors. We need Schweiss Doors' catalog about this product at the moment. And please let me know how should we working together for the Chinese projects. Best regards!


Hi guys, being in Australia, I didn't believe you guys operated here, but I was pleasantly mistaken. I am hoping to get a couple of bifold doors to use in a residential setting (man cave). I don't want to ship out whole doors, and I have access to a suitable welding capability. I am hoping that you can help me out with all the fittings. Each door is roughly 2.65m wide by 2.4m tall. I plan on using 2x2 square tube for the frame and glazing the finished product. I want a top mounted motor using the strap lift. I have perused your website which mentions the 'build your own' single hydraulic door but not the bifold. The Australia thing also means 240 volt. Hoping you can help. Regards, Mitchell


Hello We are interested in your lift-strap bifold door system for a project here in Switzerland. Do you have a retail manager in Europe? Enquiry for quotation as selected below. Thank you for your time Kind regards, Patrick, Sales Administration


I work for a international architectural firm in the Netherlands. For the extension of a museum in Arnhem we want to use a Bifold door in the facade. Does your company have contact persons or suppliers in the Netherlands or Europe (Belgium, Germany)? Best regards, Tyler


We wants to buy bifold doors which open and close very fast, also air tight. Size is 19.6850 Feet x 19.6850 Feet ( 6 meter x 6 meter ). You can divide it in two bifold doors like 6 meter wide x 3 meter height ) so total flaps will be four for one door. We want it very strong air proof, water proof and very fast. Our first trial order could be 250 doors. If you want we will send our drawings. We have to install it in India. Our annual requirement is 5000 doors. If you can make more fold than two it will help us to get fast speed. This is continues requirements. Price is no problem if you can make as per our drawings and specifications. Thanks and Best Regards, Vihaan, Mechanical Engineer


We came across your contact online. We are an international hospitality design consultant based in Kuala Lumpur. You can browse our company detail from the website below. Currently we are developing a service apartment for One & Only First City Hotel in One Zaabeal, Dubai. There are 94 guestrooms involved. It's part of the 490 rooms hotel development for ICD. Part of the operator brief is to have horizontal bi fold doors for the kitchen.Seamless effect when not in operation. We are trying to develop this detail for our construction drawing for the kitchen. Should it work we will specify them part of the tender specification. Can you please propose which system from your range that could cater for this design requirement. Will discuss in detail should you system/mechanism be able to achieve this detail. Ideally something not too industrial. Or at least something we could conceal somehow & hydraulic. Something light weight for guest to handle By the way do you have a distributor in Dubai? Your prompt attention is appreciated. Regards, Shamir, Interior Designer 


To whom my concern kindly asking to get contact in Europe for delivery 1 set of Bi Folding yellow poly strap doors needed for aviation hangar with door of size cca 15m x 4.5m. Best, PP


Need 5 Schweiss lifting strap hangar doors for B737-400 35m wide x 12m high Installation location is Maracaibo, Venezuela we are manufacturing the buildings which are 60m wide x 70m long x 14m eave height please call if you need any additional information thank you


We're much interested in your hardware for the hydraulic door. We currently are carrying garage doors in Vietnam and would like to expand to cover the hydraulic door style for industrial usage. It'd be appreciated if you could provide information of your hardware parts with some pricing.


We have a project that requires six doors. Each opening is 7 meters high by 5 meters wide. They are for a chiller room and require soundproofing. The location is Bangkok, Thailand. Are you interested in perusing this kinetic architural door system project and what information do you need. It is in the design development stage at the moment. Thanks and best regards.


Hello, We are currently pricing the facade for the commercial ground floor areas in a London large scale project called Caxton Works. In the kinetic architectural door system specification it notes that the Schweiss Door Shutters are required. - The bi-folding type that folds upwards. Do you have a UK manufacturer of Schweiss Doors that i can get a price from? Or do you know of anyone else we can obtain a price for these from? We are needing to get a price in for this by Monday next week, so I would be grateful if you could respond with an answer. Thank you. 


Greetings from Ardeevin group, We are a professional organization in Dubai, UAE dealing in Automatic doors, revolving doors as well as operable walls. Our clients constantly require vertical folding doors. We understand that you are a leading company selling hardware and profiles. We require vertical bi-folding doors as per details below: Requirements: 7430mm clear opening width 2400mm clear opening height 4 panels 3430mm clear opening width 2400mm clear opening height 2 panels, Schweiss patented straps and auotlatching system.  Please send your best possible prices for materials. Please send your technical catalogue and drawings also.


Dear all My firm is searching for one of our frenchcustomers two doors, kinetic architectural type bifold. in meter the measure are 17 meter in large; 5.5 meter high We would like with electric motors ( 380V three phase) Do you have certifications for this products in europe? Is it possible to have a quotation for the goods Is it possible ti have a quotation for transport Thanks in advance with your answer. My apologize with my bad english Best regards


Dears: We have a school project in Okinawa Japan, and looking for quotation for the following doors and applicable hardware/ accessories and controls: 1. Double Panel Vertical Bi-fold w/glazing (ref. dwg. sheet A605/spec 08 36 19) Type F = 6 each Type F1 = 29 each 2. Bi-Folding Smoke Partition (ref. dwg. Sheet A605/spec 08 35 13.13) Type K = 1 each Please let me know how to send drawings where I marked up the information you will need, and specification of each type of Schweiss hydraulic and bifold liftstrap doors.


Hi, I am interested in installing Schweiss bi-fold strap doors on my hanger in South Australia, we would like to build the doors ourselves using your specifications and purchase the lifting motor and mechanisms depending on price and availability. Top drive is prefered, we have 240 volt single phase power. The shed is built to category 2 wind load and we can provide more structural details and photos if necessary. Do you have an Australian agent and if not is it practical and cost effective to ship to Australia? 


Dear Sir/Madam, Does Schweiss Doors deliver hydraulic and bifold straplift doors to Russia or do you have any European/Russian subsidiary? I have seen some of your Schweiss doors in Russia.


I'm currently developing a rough order of magnitude for a client's maintenance operation at a port near Istanbul, Turkey. I'm looking for rough Schweiss Door budgetary numbers on the following: (1) clear opening clearances: 60'w x 55'h bi-folding door. The door will be insulated and cladded by us; likely corrugated steel and foam board unless you can suggest a better alternative for a mining application. If you have guesstimated loads or cutsheets for support framing & header sizes that should be considered, would be much appreciated. I'd like to know how many sea containers would be required for packaging the system above. Would be shipping from a port in virginia beach, VA - would like a 'delivered to port' $ number - does not need to include tariffs or taxes at this time, TBD. Very prelim stages, quick guesstimated numbers /- 10% will suffice. Thank you!


Dear Sir we are rotoprint company located in Casablanca we would like to buy lift straps for our wear house door to replace unruly cables, so kindly please let me know how we can get the lift straps and the price also if possible to know the price with complete accessories , our bifold door dimension is : H : 5 m W: 4,5 m weight: 400 kg Best Regards 


Hi, I am planning to have bi-fold floor cover for my 8x3.5 mtr swimming pool. something similar to the Schweiss door pool video on your website. My plan is to use your revolutionary Schweiss Strap-lift system to close and open doors; achieve this with combination of spring pulley if needed while closing the floor. Kindly share costing of Strap-lift system to cover 8x3.5 mtr area... and cost to deliver the same to new zealand. 


favor de mandar publicidad suficiente,hace unas semanas recibimos un par de folletos, pero no es suficiente.hace 4 anos instalamos una puerta schweiss hydraulic doors en eropuerto de chihuahua mexico de 60pies x20.el negocio tuvo que cerrar por motivos de salud,pero gracias a dios estamos recomenzando y vamos a publicitar schweiss hydraulic doors.saludos y gracias anticipadas atte antonio cejudo loya. saludos a ed martinez que siempre que hablamos nos atiende amablemente y con profesionalismo.


Does Schweiss have a european Germany contractor for the installation to the hangar? If not, do you provide detailed instructions for attaching the hydraulic doors to the building? What is needed at the building to hold the hydraulic door?


1. 12 Nos of Bifold glass window inclusive of metal frame (finishes to be approved by client) strap latch lock system, and all necessary accessories Sizes are: -1.5x3.1m... 1 no. -1.2x3.1m, 1 no. -1.3x3.1m, 10 nos. 2. Modification of existing bifold door (existing-opening inside) modified  to be open outside. Shipping cost to Norway.


Cost of Schweiss Hydraulic and Bifold Strap Aircraft Hanger door complete with all fixing accessories, Packing with SONCAP third party certificate and freight to Guam. Cost to include cost of installation in GU.


We are interested in your product of Schweiss hydraulic doors, and want to use it in a theme architecture designer door project in American Samoa (AS). We have 16 openings of size 3200x4960(ht). to be covered. Kindly contact asap.


Cost of Hydrolic Aircraft Hanger door complete with all fixing accessories, Packing with SONCAP third party certificate and freight to Marshall Islands (MH). Cost to include cost of installation.


We have an 8-yr old 55' wide Schweiss bi-fold hangar door with 5 strap lifts and lubrication grease fittings. What type of lubricants are to be used on these? FYI: Our hangar is located at the Reno-Tahoe, NV Airport where the National Championship Air Races are held each September and our hangar and its door gets a lot of attention and questions from foreign visitors, especially Europeans, Asians and Australians/New Zealanders. Great door!


Hello, As a retired door salesman in the US Virgin Islands, a good friend of me, living in the Czech Republiek, asked me for a price indication of 2 SCHWEISS BIFOLD doorframes, Straps driven. Because of Vasek knowledge of Englisch a write to you, hope you will understand my Englisch. Vasek is building, by himself, a private aircraft hanger near his house. Possible you are able to provide us a adress in Europe where we can see the Bifold door strap system working. In order to reduce cost, we are planning to cover the outside of the doorframe with Kingspan insulated panels weight ca. 15 kg/m2. Size dimentions find below. 


I am looking for bifold doors to be used in a rubber hangar! The hangar will be placed in a very windy location in the Federated States of Micronesia! The requirement for the rubber hangar doors are approximately 10m * 3.5m! There is no electrical power available, but it could be an option to install a battery/solar panel system or a generator! If you deliver to Norway, I would be interested in a quote!? Regards 


 I Am working at window company. I known your Schweiss company at internet learning your product. Our project has 1 door to your existing hydraulic pump door product. I want to know that you can provide it for our project it? if you kindly quote me so we refer All of the door as follows: 1. Doors must withstand wind pressure is P = 1.68Kpa, 2. The hinge of the door must bear the load of at least 3000kg 3. The waiting area (standing zone) must be kept unchanged as designed as other glass wall is mounted so it can not editable. 4. Given the design of waiting area, waterway must be at least 2050mm. 5. The main steel frame and Accessories are included quotes by NCC, including installation. 6. The frame and glass stone will be provided by Eurowindow. The supplemental steel frame structure to operate independently of hydraulic door and refused to link up parts of Eurowindow existing glass wall will be provided by a Northern Mariana Islands (MP) contractor. If you would like to join this project, please provide the estimation/calculation on the structure of the doors and steel frame to Eurowindow's comments and propose to developer for its consideration.


Dear sers I need one offer to install Schweiss Doors bifold door with lift straps in on pice 40mx6.1m or in two pices 20mx6.1m 20mx6.1m Please let me know: can you submit offer for - drawings, all neceserry materialas, lift straps, strap latch, electical devices, suport for the installation ...etc All steel structure and metalic sheets and manufacturing we can do in PR. Please send me calculation and price for this job Regards


Dear Sir / Madam, I am writing from Trinidad to enquire about the possibility of supplying a door for a hangar building with a 157 foot span and was interested in the hydraulic and bifold hangar door options that were available at the shortest time frame. Could you kindly let me know who I may be able to speak with and at what number such that more details could be discussed?


Do you supply your doors in Australia? I am very keen to get a bifold strap door retrofitted as a garage door. Thank you Aaron


Dear sirs, we are a door distribuitor in Chile and a customer talked me about your brand, which he likes much better than ours. I checked your web page and your products os very interest to this market. We want to begin work with you. Waiting for yours comments. Regards


Can you give an approximate cost for a single hydraulic door to Perth, Australia, 3m high and 6m long? Also, are you able to fit the door out with glass panels? regards, Chris


Dear Sir, A friend of mine has your wonderful Schweiss hydraulic door and I would like to quote 2 of them: A) 12 meters long by 4 meters high (including both doors) B) 15 meters long by 4 meters high (including both doors) I would need to have a quotation on each one, plus lead time to get them. On the other hand, is there any remote control unit to open/close the door? Appreciate, 


Hi, Supply & installation for bifold straplift door includes door frame, sub-framing, folding mechanism, hardware, support fixing complete accessories for fixation as the following measurements: 1. Overall size: 7160mm x 6000mm (1 no.) 2. Overall size: 7385mm x 600mm (1 no.) 3. Overall size: 8160mm x 600mm (2 nos.) Your urgent quotation is highly appreciated. I will arrange for overseas shipment.


Hello, I live in France, do you sale in France? If yes, it will be for three doors with the same sieze. But Do you sale only the lift Straps with remote control or do your hydraulic one-piece doors have that too? And i could install the doors myself. Thanks a lot.


Hello, We are a Colombian Company. We cover the whole territory of Colombia and from here we also attend projects in countries like Panama, Ecuador and Venezuela. We are dedicated to the distribution, installation and maintenance of industrial doors and high speed fabric doors. We have a customer who is looking for a option to cover these three holes with your bifold straplift doors. You can propose the system and type of door that you recommend the most. Two holes have a size of 10 meters width x 10 meters height. Here are two doors. The third hole is about 20 meters long x 10 meters height. Here is one door. You can quote different options such as your hydraulic one piece door. I%u2019m looking forward to your news. Thank you!


Hello, My name is Pierre and I work for 3rd biggest French building company. I am contacting your company because we are studying the building of an aircraft wharehouse. In order to differenciate our technical offer of our competitor%u2019s, we would like to equip this project with your hydraulic door or bifold straplift door products. I sent you by email a plan with the main dimensions of the project. I would like you to make propositions of products for this project including shipment and installation. 


Please send us your complete Schweiss Door product range binder; Architectural, door installation and operational door manuals. Inquiry: Residential Garage Doors: Looking for a hydraulic and bifold straplift garage door system, opening of 3m x 2.4m (w x h. Mounting to the concrete ceiling. No vertical or  frame supports. New steel building door located in Dubai.


MKG Network Services in Malaysia. Could you provide a quotation for bi-fold straplift steel doors. Opening width 12m x Opening height 6m 3 units. Price door with your autolatch door system.


I was wondering if you could sell me the bifold door mechanism for a bifold, straps, bottom mount for a door that is 10'x33', I will build the hangar door here in Mexico, but I want your Schweiss lifting door mechanism. 


Do you have a Schweiss Doors supplier/ dealer in Melbourne Australia and if so could I please have their contact details. I see a lot of your bifold straplift hangar doors here and feel they would be good doors for all building styles.


Please make us your best quote for Bi-Fold Strap Lifting hangar door with cleat opening size Width 14500 mm Height 4000 mm. Include price for overseas door shipping to Holland. Regards


I visited Schweiss Door booth at last Farm Progress show and liked your door system for our main shop door. Just put addition on the building and I need a shop door (Single or Bifold ) in order to be able to get machines in and out. Mostly ranch combines and choppers that will need door  clearance of 200 inches (16, 4" ft). For Width 16 to 20 ft. As we are in Mexico and freight is costly, we will like to build the door frame in our shop, we have all machining possibilities, and buy from you the lifting hydraulic door cylinder or door lifting strap system. 


Nice to see your product Bi fold Straplift door. I'm interesting to know about this product ..so pls send the detail of this door ..and also want to know if you have any dealer in India. Thanks be to you. 


I'm interesting in Schweiss's Bifold and Hydraulic business door products. Also your lifting gate and cubicle gate systems. Do you have representative in Asia? If so, please, let me know where should I contact for Schweiss doors.


We need to modify our existing hangar doors to accommodate our larger airplane. Our sliding doors have to go! The hangar door opening will be 70 ft. wide x 25 ft. high. We want Schweiss proven bifold doors with lift straps. Do you have an agent in Australia? Is it feasible for us to buy the door "workings" and have a local fabricator build the bifold doors to your specifications? Do you also handle tail hangar doors?  Cheers! 


I am interested in a bifold strap assisted manufacturing door of the type Schweiss Doors makes. (A) Ship to Australia? (B) Do you make bifold doors at a domestic garage door scale - opening 2700mm wide x 2100 high (approx 8'10" x 6'10")? (C) What vertical depth does the garage door occupy when fully opened (it needs to nest under an overhang and be no more than 300mm vertical depth). What would be the approx cost and time to manufacture door and ship door? 


I am interested in a Schweiss straplift bifold glider plane hangar door. This needs to be a windrated door. Do you ship to Germany?


I am looking for a price on both your Schweiss cable and strap operated powerful Schweiss motors and hydraulic door pumps for a bifold door of 5.4 meter by 5 meter. Freight to South Africa


We would like to know if you would have us as Schweiss door representative in Croatia. Our main activity is producing aluminum doors, windows. We are most interested in your Schweiss Bi-Fold straplift doors. We find them very interesting. We also need an offer for Bi-Fold commercial use doors, width: 10 meters and height: 5 meters,  second doors dimensions width: 8 meters and height: 4 meters and we would need an offer for the price of door shipment too. 


We are a leading door automation provider in Azerbaijan Republic. We are highly interested in both styles of your quality bifolding and hydro powered doors to add to our line of residential home doors. I can call at your convenience. 


I am a door dealer based in Malaysia. I would like to enquire about your door services on whether you can manufacture tip-up doors with the following dimension: Height: 17 metres Width: 45 metres. We are currently looking for a tip-up Schweiss hydro-power or bifolding door system (for aviation hangar doors). Looking forward to hear Schweiss door possibilities. Warm Regards


I'm based overseas in Kuwait. Kindly provide me with information of any Schweiss door agent in Kuwait. I wish to install Schweiss hydraulic metal  workshop doors on 16 meters wide building.


We are an Australian company looking at installing  Schweiss panel lift folding construction doors. Do you ship large industrial doors to Australia?


We are a procurement company based in Nigeria. Have need for a Bi-Fold Straplift Schweiss door. Characteristics below. The bifold aircraft door will need to be insulated (the temperature in the buidling needs to be below 30 degrees C) we will take care of the door shipment, kindly give us your best ex-works door price. 


Hello, I am currently pricing a building to be erected in Trinidad for work on aircraft. Could you please give me a price for doors opening 40feet wide by 16 feet high, and possibly the same width perhaps 18 feet high. Possibly Straplift Bi-Fold, if there is a cheaper option please include that price. If you would also like to include shipping costs it is in Trinidad. Thank you


I'm interested in a couple of Schweiss bifold liftstrap doors complete mechanism. The doors are 3 (about 10') meters high and 3.5 (about 12') meteres wide. because I'm from Israel, I will manufacture the doors frames here. I also need manuals and instruction sheets I'd appreciate it if you can let me know if its possible to ship the above items to Israel, the specs of the required equipment and its pricing. thx,


We are interested on the Schweiss liftstrap bi-fold garage door for one of our projects and we would like to know if your have a local dealer here in Singapore that we can speak to? Thank you.


We have a warehouse that I need to have a very big entry. The opening will be 26.4 meters wide x 7.6 meters overhead clearance. I am interested with your Schweiss straplift bifold doors. Can you provide me a quotation ex-works and also CIF Manila? Please advise me also the resulting forces on the door jamb and header so I can check if I need to reinforce the existing structure. It would also help if you can send me some drawings to see if how I will fit it to the opening. Thank you.


Hello Sir, We are a 25yrs company engaged into marketing of IndustrialMachinerys PEBs& other machinerys related to infrastural development we shall interested in marketing your brand of Hydraulic and Straplift Bifold doors in India, India is a fast growing market for several products. kindly let us have your product literatures overseas pricing. with best regards koush ikgrs 


1. Do you have any agents in Sri Lanka. 2.Need to install Schweiss Bi-folding gate with strap lifts to a two concrete columns of a free standing boundary wall. Desired clear opening 4m wide and 3m height. Wedge height is flexible to suit the requirement. Please let me know the feasibility. 2. Is it possible to make the gate quadra-folding (2 x Bi folding) to reduce the extruded length of the opened gate? 3. Is it possible to by lift straps and associated lifting gear and guide rails etc without the gate frame.


Sir, One of our client is looking to swing a horizontal panel. the panel weight is 100kgs. the dimensions are 3000 x 2400. The same would be divided x 2 of 1500 x 2400. They need a 240v-single phase motorised hydraulic system to open the same and close it. Is it feasible for a horizontal application. Also we would be intersted in your other solutions for offering in the Indian market.


Dear Sir, I would like to purchase some Schweiss Biomass Straplift Bifold and hydraulic door products from you. May you quote the best price and lead time as soon as possible base on the following information: ASH06-FR-SR-MD-10-X1-01 1pc ASH09-FR-SR-MD-10-X1-01 1pc ASH12-FR-SR-MD-10-X1-01 1pc ASH25-FR-SR-MD-10-X4-01 1pc HIPEX-16-11-AL-E-01 1pc ASPR25-P1-32-NC-00-DDD-01 1pc Thank you from Shanghai


Hi. I live in Zambia and own a Cessna 182S. We are looking at putting up a hangar for her on the farm. Unfortunately it would may be too expensive to ship one of your Hi-Swing or Straplift Bifold hangar doors over here but I was hoping we could buy a simple design off you that could be fabricated here. If you could give me a design for a Cessna 182S hangar I'd be more than willing to pay for them. Thank you in advance for your help. Perhaps quote on the same complete hangar and we can look at the shipping cost.


We have spoken over the phone and expressed our interest to have both your bifold and hydraulic door  products listed in Qatar municipality and government tenders under our company name. For the time being we need to ship us an sample with 4m Width * 3m height for the Schweiss bifold straps lift/autolatch door with window in the middle of the door for a grage door. Need your best price and estimate for this door and your positive interest to elevate business between our companies Best Regards Nayef


Dear Sir or Madam: We are specialized in the automatic door control and related products field for many years, and we offer quality products with competitive price for all customers. We have seen two of your Schweiss Liftstrap Bifolding Designer Doors in China and are highly impressed with their quality workmanship. We would like to establish business relationship with you in this field, please logo on our website for more if you are interested in cooperating with us. Thanks. Shenzhen city trade industry, Shen Zhen City, China. 


Hi,This is Sinotrans Liaoning Co.,Ltd,my name is Lu Hui(Mr.).We are interested in your Schweiss Doors Hot product "Lift-Strap System" door. So please inform us the unit price and possibility ship to China area. As your webside saying"worldwide sales and ship anywhere".


Good morning! %u0421ould you give the price for the size of the Schweiss liftstrap "bifold" gates, Provided that the gates should be warm. Opening of our hangar has the following dimensions: Door Width - 54 feet, Door Height - 16 feet. It is possible to have your company has dealers in our region? What are the conditions and prices for the delivery (Our location - Russia, Ulyanovsk city. Thank you in advance!


Bonjour, do you ship bi-fold door to France ? Have you a seller and Schweiss Door installer in France or in Europe ? Regards Fred


Dear Sir I am of Kajima corporation in Japan. This is first contact. I am looking for Schweiss  Hydraulic Red Power or Straplift Bifold Door. Please contact me by email. Bests regards Kakii


Need quote for 40 x 14 Bi-Fold for export to Uruguay. Shipped to Elizabethton, TN 37643 for combining with our steel building shipment. Max part length 38' - Truss must be spliced! Door should operate via lift straps and have autolatches. Door needs to be prepped for interior liner. Remote control with 2 handhelds. Will need clear set of assembly directions.


I would like to request your quote on the following sizes, (opening size, in meters) 5.0 x 3.66 = 1 no. 7.0 x 3.66 = 3 nos. 6.8 x 3.66 = 1 no. (with double leaf door) 6.3 x 3.66 = 1 no. (with double leaf door) 6.3 x 3.66 = 2 nos. Straplift Schweiss Bifold Doors.  Shipment cost to Borgholm, Sweden.


Do you have any European reseller for straplift or hydraulic Red Power doors? I've heard there is a Schweiss Door manufacturer somewhere in Britain or Germany. I do see quite a few of your doors in these two countries.  Please include average shipping quote to France if shipping from the USA. Otherwise please give me contact person for European office.


We, The Arab Contractors one of the leading construction companies in Egypt %u2013 Africa & Middle East, are now studying a tender for construction of deportation prison in UAE, one of the required items for this project is Bifold self locking strong  gates. So, kindly advice if you have agent/ distributor in UAE or Middle East in order to contact to get the quotation or advice if we will get the offer directly from your company. Waiting your reply and your prompt action will be highly appreciated. Best regards,


Must fit sea freight container. Second door width is also 39 feet 5 inches height 17 feet Lift straps Free standing header both doors Auto locks Remote controle Export order to north Holland. Last order from you, by the way, arrived without a scratch and was packaged very well for set up. We really appreciate the care you put into delivery as well as the quality of your Bifold and Hydraulic one piece doors.


Dear Sir, I am planning to build our hanger and want to use your Bi-Fold Door with Lift Straps. When we send you a drawing of the Door, can you build the Door and fit your mechanism? What shipment method do you utilize for oversea delivery?  I am looking forward to your reply. best regards, Aiichiro 


Dear Sir/Mdm The existing whole building exterior is constructed by aluminium 50x25mm hollow-finish, as well as the door opening. Hope to hear from you soon regarding your fine Red Power hydraulic and patented Bifold door systems. We look forward to working together with you soon. Thank you! Best Regards, Shutter Doors International Pte Ltd Singapore 


Dear Sirs, We are one of fabricators for Facade Curtain Wall System in Bangkok, Thailand. We are now looking for bi-fold window for one of our projects here. We have drawing with quantity of window which would like you to give us the quoation. Once you get our requirement, please contact us via our e-mail immediately so that we will send the drawing for your ref. Looking forward to hearing from you soon. Best regards,


Bonjour, we are located in France, next to Paris. We would like to change a traditionnal door by a new one (bi-fold) on a aircraft hangar. How do you work with french customers, for shipping details and information to supply a quote? Best regards.


Hi, can you get me a quote for a Bi-Fold door LIFT STRAPS; My opening is 16,00 mts (meters) X 5.50 mts (meters). More specs in ft below. Thank you!


Dear sir/madam, I am wondering if you could ship the bifold Schweiss door with polyester straps to Japan. If it is possible I would like a rough estimate. Also, please let me know about how much it would cost to ship it to Japan. Is it possible to put an angle of about 3 degrees on the lower edge of the door? The entrance of the building is facing on the slope. Thank you very much. Shipment to  Tokyo, Japan


Dear Sir, Happened to visit your website and understand you are looking for agents who are working in Construction Industry. I am presently working for construction group as sales executive and interested to become your agent for Middle East. Presently I have an enquiry also for your Hydraulic model Red Power lift helicopter hangar doors for a cash customer from Yemen and possibly another order for two of your Schweiss Bifold doors with lift straps and auto latches. Please find the available details and please quote us as follows at the earliest. a) Supply and installation at Yemen b) Supply the hanger door with all the accessories to Yemen CIF Regards,


We are an aluminum & glass company here in Doha, Qatar and we would like you to quote us your best price for a bi-fold door for one of our clients warehouse with a dimension of 3.9 meter width and 4.5 m ht.. If possible, please give us two options for this door, lift straps and cables. Kindly include the freight cost in your quotation and your delivery date.


Sir, We are located in India and we have requirement for a strap lift and autolatch bi fold door of size width 8 ft height 6 ft. Please let us know if you supply to India and Do you have any Installators or installations made in India?.


Greetings! First of all we would like to introduce our company, We are the world\'s largest interior contractor which provide a complete range of high-end interior services and turnkey solutions. We are in the process of pricing a Mall project in Amman, Jordan in which your product was specified for a BI Folding Lift Strap door as below \"Vertical\" BI-Folding Metal Door, including all necessary fixings, fittings, accessories, ironmongery and painting : Overall size 12900 x 4600 mm high, to basement parking Quantity of 1. Please provide your quotation as soon as possible in order to complete our pricing process and select your product in our project. Also please advise if there is an agent in the region for installation. Looking forward to dealing with your esteemed company.


I am the director of a small airport located in Hungary. I am writing to you in connection with a purchase of four lift strap bi-fold doors. As you may recall, we were in contact in the past and I have requested your proposal for a bi-fold door (Bid Number: 62309-BA), but that time we did not purchase the door because of the transport costs. Now we are in the position to reconsider your offer, please see details below:- As we are in contact with excellent locksmith companies here in Hungary, we could build steel structure of the door, and we would purchase all the critical parts and frame from you. The elements which we would like to buy from you are as follows: movement - lift straps, latch straps with automatic latch system (without remote control), bottom drive power units- 220V, joints,  hinges, mounting elements, drawings Summarizing the above bullet points, we need all the elements where there is no locksmiths work required, as we would do this part of the work ourselves. Please note, that your offer you indicated Free Standing Header, but now we do not wish to purchase that element. Please note that we would like to place sandwich panels on the metal frame for insulation purposes. The weight of the sandwich panel is 13 kg/m2. The size of the requested door is: 22,75 meter X 7,1 meter (72,18 feet X 22,97 feet). Please also note that we do not need walkdoors to be created on the door. I am well aware that what I am requesting is part of your know-how, but I would like to emphasize that we would use all these only for our own purpose, we would not give any information about it to any other third party. Please, after checking the above, kindly provide your price offer. Also please, kindly indicate the estimated delivery time.


Dear Sir at Schweiss Doors, We are bidding for a project in Dubai airport, it is an airplane hanger building, we are proposing a space frame structure to cover the roofs and walls of the building, we need your best proposal for hanger doors on the 60.0 m width , the doors should cover at least 42.0 m length. We need your best possible and economical proposal for these bi-folding doors inclusive of lift strap movement mechanism. I am attaching a preliminary proposal for the structure, also advise what is required to fix these doors on the space frames (or you need separate concrete frame to support the doors ?). Note that the loads should be transferred to the ground and not the steel supporting structure. Awaiting your early response with proposals and prices . Please advice if you have any local representatives in UAE .


Hello there. We are from Estonia, and we find your web site in the online. We intrested in the Bifold Doors you guys makeng there. First I want to know if you have a Dealer in Europa and if yes ,what is the location and cantact aadress? We are intrested in the, Lift Straps, Engine, Latch Straps and all the parts go to that Door. The Door we are intrested is 13X13 Meters.


I am very interested in your Hydraulic & Bifold door systems for wide access openings here in Western Australia. Do you supply door construction plans and motor kits complete with bifold door straps and fittings? If so do you have costing for plans and Red Power motor kits?? Is there a dealer / supplier in Australia? Your door systems look very practical, but strong and reliable after reading your very comprehensive website%u2026 I look forward to hearing from you soon!


To Schweiss Doors: 1. I saw your storefront door in Wyckoff Exchange project on magazine. Is that the so called Bi-Fold Door with lift straps? What spec is that? 2. We're in Taiwan, so if we want to buy your product, how does the entire process go? Do you have any agent or retailer in Taiwan? Or do you have any customers/ past experience in Taiwan? 3. I saw on website that you can ship worldwide. Do you ship the finished doors or just components? Will it be hard if we have the local contractor install by ourselves? 4. Our door width is 5.5 meters, and height 2.4 meters. How long does it take to fully open to 2.4 meters (=7' 10.5")? 5. Judging from your experience, the door is durable of how many times of usage (one open then close counts as one time of usage) before it needs any repair? p.s. I could not directly reply to your email. Do I have to reply via this website everytime? Or can you give me a email address that I can contact/write back directly? 


For a project mattering on aerodrome we are interresss by your door BIFOLD has belts, to move forward our etude with the carpenter can send us to you elements in French (weight of doors ect) Our batiment contain doors height 500m widths different from 20,30 m Thank you


Dear Sir, Please Quote for the Bifold as per below details, 1)8.50mx4.933m ----18Nos. 2)6.00mx4.933mm ----15Nos. With 1)Wind Load : 90Mph : IBC 2006 2)Electrical : Single Phase 230V 3)Motor Location : Bottom (Std) 4)Jamb Locks: Manual 5)Floor Lock : Automactic 6)Control Box: 3 buttons 7)Others :Redcontrol,Sensing Edge Red oxide Primer And Quote as a option for below listed items, 1)Electric Photo Eye Sensor 2)Door Base. 3)Warning Lights & Horns. 4) Emergency Back up & Hand Crank. We Are looking forward for your early reply. Regards, R. Marajah in India


Hello, within the framework of a new project of house in metallic skeleton, I would need documentation and price lists for your system of Schweiss sectionnelles (bifolding) doors. Have you a contact of retailer in France?


Just wondering whether you could supply plans for a bifold Schweiss door measuring 14.5 metres wide x 5.6 metres high please our postal address is in AUSTRALIA, not far from the Barrier Reef. 


Could I get a quote for a Schweiss bi fold door with lift straps and top override jiggle switches. 29.5m wide x 8m high (clearance) door for a new hangar at Perth, Western Australia. This is almost identical to the last two doors I got from you. Please include current shipping charges to Port of Fremantle. Regards, Melvin


My customer in Panama City, Panama needs a quote and literature for a 50 x 15 Bi-Fold. The best plan would likely be to ship it to our Houston plant to be combined with our steel shipment. Tell me what particulars you need for an accurate quote and I'll get back to you. I told him to look at your Schweiss Door web page to get educated on what you offer. Also, can you recommend installers?


Do you have a Schweiss Door delaer/supplier in England? We are looking for a 24 feet wide door, 7 feet high and insulated.


To whom it may concern, We are a London based architecture studio, currently working on a new-built school project. We would like to specify a metal bi-fold shutter from Schweiss Doors, of approximately 1100mm x 2500mm. Can you supply shutters? Could you please let me know if you have UK based distributors? Looking forward to hearing from you. Kind regards, Tina Queen-Campa


Do you supply doors into Canada (Edmonton Alberta) Need price and avail for a 32' wide x 16' high Schweiss Bi-Fold Door, also pls provide the weight (colored metal for a farm shop) thanx walter


We install one of this Schweiss doors that your company send to ass,back a year and half the buyer was antonio cejudo, i really apreciate if you can get in contact whith me to give you more information and all we need is the estimating price on this particular door also if you deliver only on the states or how far can we get it .


Dear Ladies and Gentlemen, we are facade building company located in Germany. Specialized textile and membrane architecture. I sort of know your products from Schweiss hangar doors. Currently I am working on a project where i thought of using your Schweiss bi-fold door to it. And by playing with that thoughts i seen great opportunity for new markets by using your bi-fold doors in combination with textile facades. So i wanted to ask you if you also deliver to Europe? Then i would like to send you more information about the current project. And if you see any chances to work together. Maybe as an general distributor for you in Europe? We are on the market since 1971 and in the field of textile facades we are market leader.You are welcome to visit our head quartes anytime. I am looking forward to your reply. Kind regards, Adolfus H.


We are looking for a quote on a 65' x 18' Schweiss bi-fold door system do be delivered to Lloydminster Saskatchewan Canada




Dear Sir or Madame, We are a German company established in China in 2000. We are selling and installing Garage Doors and Sun Protection Systems which we import from Europe or other places. We now have a project which would be interested in a large number of doors which fold out to the outside. There are some technical criteria which are crucial if we can use your Schweiss Doors product or not. Please let me know whom I can transmit these technical requirements and you let me know if you can meet these or not, so that we can determine whether to go ahead or not. Looking forward to your kind reply, I remain. Sincerely, 


Dear sir, madam, can you offer us a Schweiss Bi-fold door with a dimension of 22 meter x 6,5 meter. Please advice what kind of frame we have to foresee for this kind of door. Can you offer the price including transportation costs. The harbour where the door should be shipped to is Tamateve, Madagascar. Please inform when I can receive the quotation. Thanks in advance and regards,


I need a quote for a 65'8 x 23'Height Bifold Door. Job is going to Coyhaique, Chile. Assume freight to Port of San Antonio, Chile. If you need more time for freight, in the meantime provide cost loaded in containers (provided by others) on your plant. I need specs as soon as possible to work on the building. We also need to know how long it takes to deliver a Schweiss door. Thanks!


Hello We are already a happy customer with a 15 year old bifold door. Now we need another offer from you for our needs. Please see meshurments below and we do need a certificate of quality, for our insurance. Bi-Fold Door  -BxH (incl. guide beam bar for door) 12.5x5.3m  2 Doors -BxH (incl. guide beam bar for door) 15.8x5.3m  1 Door -BxH (incl. guide beam bar for door) 8.5x5.3m  1 Door Please include shipping to switzerland, we will also getting a couate from our partner for the shipping. inform us for lead time Best regards Ron P.


Do you have a pdf document that we can download as reference to our clients? Do you have a representative in South Africa, as Namibia is the neighbouring country, and fairly easy to do business with them. thank you


- Urgent - Dear Sir, We are willing to bid on two construction tenders in Iraq. for construction of aircraft hangars. These hangars of course will aviation hangars doors to fit two Sikorsky s6 helicopters or one Dash8 fixed wing aircraft. please send us products catalogs, drawings and technical details for the bifold and hydraulic door types that can meet military and aviation standards. We are asking for products that already been fitted and worked perfectly against Iraq's hot weather. Please send these data to me with the contacts of the sales representative to discuss the drawings and specifications and complete the quotation as soon as possible. Please be aware that we are looking to buy these doors EX works, and can manage the shipping, clearance and erection at sight. and could cover even the maintenance if required. Please know that we have a state of art steel structure factory if needed for support or manufacturing the main doors frame. Thanks and regards, 


Can you please quote for overhead bi-folding doors for this project : Taj Palace Hotel. Opening size : 6.400mm wide x 4.000m height Are the doors with Thermalpane or single glazed. We prefer thermal. Temps go from 10 to 45 celcius.


i am an architect from india. i read about the residential project executed by your company designer bifold doors. i am very interested in the schweiss products and would appreciate some more information also if you have any associates in india.


Good Morning, We will be hosting a delegation from Ukraine on the 29th of September. I am inquiring to see if you would be interested and willing to host a tour that morning? Three of these men are farmers and have read or heard about your Schweiss doors and would like to see how they are made. Feel free to call or email to discuss the details. Thank you for your consideration.


Dear Sir, I am contacting you on behalf of my employer. He is interested in a Schweiss bifold garage/ hangar door for his Garage in France. First I would like to know if you have a European Agent that I could contact with the details do I can get a quote for a new door. Opening is about 20 meters. More details will follow once I have a contact. I am awaiting your swift reply. Best regards.


Dear Schweiss We have a project that needs a very wide garage door and think your bifolds could work. Ideally the surface would be finished either in timber boards or corten steel, both of which are surface materials on the rest of the project. The site is in the UK. Could you please give us an indication of what the cost would be for supplying these to England? The sizes we have entered below are approximate. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to contact me. Email is best. Thanks Scott


Dear Sir/Madam, I have a question for you: do you deliver to Europe or do you have any European subsidiary?


Hello, Dear Colleagues! I'm interested to buy and install the Schweiss bifold gate with auto latches. The dimensions 14x3m (WxH). Could you please give me the price and terms of producing for this kind of gate. If there is a possibility to deliver it to Moscow, please, give me the price and term of delivery. I also want to ask you to send me technical spec of this gate. With best regards,


Dear Sir/Madam, Do you deliever to Europe too? or do you have any European subsidary? I need a one piece hydraulic door. Size: 2,7 m x 12 m. (sorry, but we use metric system) Best regards


I want to know the bi-fold door's price i'm from Mexico and i need to know if there are people who can speak spanish, because my english is not good. so, i'm really interested in yours products. i need the quote of this doors cause we are building a hangar and i want to know if you need the measures in inches or meters, thank you very much! regards. Jorge S.


We have a project in Abu Dhabi, U.A.E. and we are looking for folding doors for Air Craft Hangers. please advise.


Please quote the following 1-9' x 8' schweiss bifold with lift strap and electric operator. We will be cladding the exterior with Wood siding. Please provide safety reverse device if available. Please include proper crating for shipment to Western Canada. Thanks Randy


Dear Sir, I have visited your web site and very interesting, informative and very comprehensive. I have plan to set-up Aerospace College in Malaysia, including training center to train Pilots and many other applications such as Aircraft Repairs and Maintenance, we have airstrip/runaway to upgrade for all the above purposes. On the Hangars we are building I believe that the Schweiss bifold doors will be ideal for this project. Later to be used for Air Cargoes and also turning the Airport for Disaster relief within Asean Region. Do you have agent in Malaysia or plan to nominate an agent?


Dear Ladies and Gentlemen, heared from a friend that you are building a Bifold door for them. We are building a hangar were we need 2 doors. Could you make an offer for 2 bifold doors? Wide is 16m hight is 3,3m We have 1,2m space over the door till the roof. The hangar is build in steel, insulated with 80mm. We want to have windows (lexan) between 1m and 2m over the whole door as well as insulated with 40 - 60mm. Could you give me the weight and the moments, as well as the price including shipping to germany. Thank you for answer. Best regards


Dear Sirs, I have been researching your product of "Lift Straps & Latch Straps" for a project requirement in Asia an wonder if you could forward more detailed information of your products for our evaluation.


Dear Sirs, I have sent an email together with the information of a potential project here in Hong Kong that will require 7 units of approximate 2.7 meters x 3 meters hinged bifold glass doors for advertising panels in the last few days; The best offer for our client will be pushed onward for serious consideration. Thank you for your kind attention and look forward to your immediate reply. Best regards


Hi, I have recently had an extension garage built where I used to have decking, the space is far more secure now and is an additional garage. I was thinking of leaving it open but I've decided to put a door on it. As the internal span is 8metres, I am struggling to find something that doesnt look industrial. I was thinking of having it done in wood, like a nice light ok, or if costs are too much, a pvc light oak effect. The issue Im worried about is the height. internal I think theres 7ft 10", if the door folds at the front, how much height would it consume? would I be better going for a hydraulic option. Could you give me some prices and ideas of costs for delivery to the uk. Regards Stephen N.        


dera all, we have a an Aircraft maintenance blg in saudi arabia. we need your support to quote for us the external doors for the Aircraft. size W*H*Qty.= 72m*20m*14 & 50m*50m*6. the door should be fire rated. submit us a quotation taking in consideration your doors are heavy duty and High quality. PS: we don't have a specification. regards,


Dear Sirs, First of all I'd like to inquire to have you got any wholesales Schweiss Doors partner in eastern europe, or Hungary? Have your product EC confirmity, or not? Actually we have an property investment activity, and we need at least 6 pcs hangar doors (open size 12m widhtx 4m height), but we are intresting not only as an buyer, but an official wholesale or solid agency company also for Hungary or eastern-europe. If you have any questions pls dont hesitate, contact us. Best Regards


Contacting you from Kingston Jamaica. I have a Citation 500XL and am building a new hangar. Your hydraulic doors were recommended to me by US Buildings because of your high quality, so I am looking for a quote.


To whom it may concern Do you have any representation in Portugal? I am working on a project for a Portuguese heavy civil construction firm that requires a hangar type door for an opening with a height of 8m and a width of 8.32m. The specifications call for an Esavian Type 126 bifold door or equivalent. Essentially, it is a door with rollers and for the project it calls for the door to be divided in two sections. In other words two separate doors that roll off to the sides. The door would require all the equipment necessary to make it fully automated. Also a company professional would be requested to assist with the install. Please follow up. Many Thanks


Hi there, We're building a hangar from scratch here in the UK, 32m x 40m. We're looking into Schweiss door options. Presently, our requirements are for a 20m x 5.5m opening either bi-fold or single one-piece. We'd like to let as much light in as possible so either many clear/opaque panels or totally clear would be good.




I have a distribution Company in Mexico and I need to quote a Schweiss Bifold door with lift straps and aout-latches, this a new product for us, the rough opening is 34 metros wide x 8 metros high, let me know all information you need to quote, thanks and please your commnents... Saludos PD: if you have someone speaks spanish will be better...THKS.


Please forward...... Firstly.....I have owned two Schweiss bifold doors over the last ten years......the door I now have is on my hangar home here in Naples Florida....it is the strap type and it is shown regularly by local and out of town builders as I am the only one in here (airpark) with the strap type (fastest opening door around)  You make a great product and this is the first and only time I have ever experienced an issue .....while it works just fine .... Grateful customer...Kenneth R


I am looking for bi-fold door and how long it's teaks to be in UAE united Arab emirates ABU DHABI


Dear Sirs, Do you have a dealer or representative in Israel for your Bi-Fold Doors?


We need a bi-fold door electrically operated with an open wide of 20000 mm and a height or clear opening of 5500 mm. Please inform about the electrical power required and about the isolation what is possible due to the winters in Germany.


Hello, I'm an architect from Bucharest, Romania. I've found your site and I like your products. I'm very interested, especially in the Bi Fold Doors. I would like to use it for commercial spaces (showrooms, magazines, terraces). Can it be made with glass? Also, can you tell me if you have distributors in Europe? Thank you,


Dear Sirs, we need an estimated priced for two schweiss bi-fold glazed doors with auto-latches ( /-30 m2 each) for a project in Brussels (Belgium). Could you give us a preliminary estimate (without engagement) of the price per m2 (or square feet) for such glazed doors, including shipment and building in Belgium? Best regards


The requested door size is prefered, but the project can be changed if a little bit smaller of a schweiss one piece door would be much cheeper. Due to this - please quote the price for 12meters on 3,5 meters as well. Also aproximate shipping to Lithuania


Dear Sirs, I am contacting you on behalf of my employer who is currently residing in Australia. He is looking for a bifold door with lift straps for his hangar and would like to know what are the maximum measures for a Schweiss Bifold door possible?! I would appreciate a swift answer. Best regards,


need an electrically run bi fold hangar aircraft door 55 feet wide x 18 feet high with a going thru door. To be imported , f.o.b. in your plant . please consider reseller price and deliver date, thyank you


Please confirm that a Schweiss Door can be loaded in a 40 ft container box to be shipped in europe !!! thanks a lot regards. Larry


Hello, Do you have an office in Germany or Europe. We need an offer for a Schweiss bi-fold 20 x 5 m door into Airporthangar. Thank you Best regards,  Kurt W.


Hi We are looking to get a Steel meshe framed upward bifolding door. With the Height of 7.8 Meters and Width of 8 meteres with two acess doors within the frame. If you require more deatisl I can send you the plan and the design and we would like to have a quote for manfacturing and delivery to Sydney Australia. Kind regards Fred K


Good afternoon. We are interested in using a bifold door for exterior in one of our projects here in the Philippines and came across your website (very helpful). May I know if you have a local distributor / representative here in the Philippines? The size of the door is 3m high x 4m wide. Thanks.


I'm looking for a supplier / installer of bi-fold hanger door 65' wide x 18' high for a new build in London. Regards


planning a 40x56x14 pole building in the UK. With scissor rafters hoping for a 26 wide x 15 high door in endwall. One sidewall will have doors too but have not decided. please make a quote on a Bifold with lift straps and include shipping.


Dear Sirs, we would like to have price qutation for the following sizes: 1050 cm w X 400 cm H - 6 pcs. 1550 cm W X 400 cm H - 1 pc. 550 cm w X 400 cm H - 1 pc. fix panel All the above sizes are clear open. also need shipping included in over seas. Thank you in advance. Sincerely yours,


Do you ship to to Ireland looking for a door 3700mm wide x 2600mm high? What do you have for Schweiss installers that are local that you would recommend, please advise of cost all in.


I need a quote on a bifold door very quickly.It will be going to Jamaica but would be delivered to our pre-engineered building factory in Tennessee.The size requires a 58 ft. wide X15 ft. high clear opening.


I would like a vertical lift system, either 50 by 14 or 50 by 18. can you give me prices for each? i am in hawaii. thx, The prices for auto-latches and lift straps to. 


I would like to receive your quote for a Schweiss Bifold door system. We need to fit the door with flat aluminium panels that match the rest of the building's style. The door needs to be delivered to our premises in Belgium. If you would like to have more information about the project, please send me a mail with your questions or remarks. Please let us know as soon as possible whether you are interested in quoting for this job.


Good morning, We are planning a little Hangar in Pamplona, Spain, and we are looking for 15m x 5 metres height bi-folding door for it. I wonder if you could send me some information, catalogue, prices, or something about your products. I also would like to know if you provide this kind of doors to Spain, if you have some company near here. Please contact me by mail, thanks.


Hi, I love your bifold doors. The straps are unique and I'll bet they work great. Can you build some for us in Shanghai? If you cannot, do you know another company in this area? Thanks a lot, Brad R


We are a design-build general contractor from Honduras, with a project coming up in Tegucigalpa, Honduras. I would like you to please suggest a hydraulic door for us for this building.


Do you do sell Schweiss doors in South Africa, or can you recommend anybody here? Thanks in advance.


Hi, we are a Company establish in Mexico and we have a project that require a BI-FOLD Door, This doors are going to be install in a New Warehouse. Aprecciate your information as soon as possible.Best reguards! Homero Vazquez


13meter widw and aprox 3 meter high. what is aprox price for a bifold and hydraulic door with shipping to europe?


We are in urgent need of Automatic Locks with Hydraulic Arms for Two Steel Gates with Electrical Operation Controlled System to be operated from Guard Room. This is required for our project for Embassy Project in Qatar. Could you please provide name of your distribturos in Qatar for quotation. Thanks and Regards


hi, we are locking for same door for our aircraft-hangar. the dimensino are 18meter wide and is 6 meter high and we think on a bifold door. but please let us now alternative the hydraulic door - price to , also both !! what is the shipingcaost to austria -europe !?? thank you very much


Hi there, Please quote for 1 x bi-fold door as detailed below. Also, as this is part of a multi hangar development, please include any applicable discount for quantities of 3 and 6 doors the same. Questions: - Does the quote include cladding? I require the door not clad. - Is the door frame galvanised? - Please indicate price for personnel walk door and windows - Please show price for uPgrading to lift straps. Thanks in advance, I look forward to your prompt reply, NEW ZEALAND


Can you supply the mechanism for a bi fold door to be installed in Mexico? Or can you ship to Texas on the border? Please e mail me. The door is for a single car garage. We cannot use the space inside for an overhead mechanism. F Appell


Hello, while in San Francisco, CA, we came across your awesome bi-fold doors! I am interested in one. I wanted to install this in a city of the state of Jalisco, Mexico. Is this doable? Am I looking at a designer style door, something totally expensive? I don't have the exact dimensions, just yet, however guessing close the measurements would be approx. 8 feet wide by 9 feet high. I would appreciate a quote for this aluminum and glass garage door


I am building an aircraft hangar for my 22 meter wide by 25 meters and 5 meters Fonfara free height of the door. I would like to quote me what the value of a hydraulic lift Schweiss gate to the front of hangar 2 folding wing cam 22 meters wide and 5 feet tall free. I await your reply.


We are a wholesale dealer here in Singapore, and have a customer who has enquired about your product. He's an american designer who has specified to use the bi-fold system. Therefore, i would need your support to present what he wants.


I require a price for 4 off bi fold doors for aircraft hangers. The opening size is 3,600mm x 13,500mm 12ft high x 44.25 ft The opening mechanisim needs to run on 230Volt single phase power 50HZ


We have a requirement for a door system positioned inside an existing building. Dimensions are clear span 6000 mm high, clear span 13000 mm wide. Also, a bifold or hydraulic door system for a hanger 6500 mm in height and 14500 mm in clear width. Regards


When in Spain we saw garage doors that were bifold, except that the pivot point was half way down on the top section so that when open the door closed half inside and half out. Do you have anything like that?


We are interested in your products of hydraulic and bi fold door for the application of our glazing system projects. Are there any agents located in Eastern Asia for ours further contact? Besides, could you kindly mail a catalogue of the above items for our reference. Your prompt reply is highly appreciated.Thanks and regards,


We are a curtain wall company in Hong Kong. We are tendering the above project. We would like to invite you to design & supply the top-hung electrical bifolding doors system.We have attached with the B.Q., Specification and drawing for your reference.The weight of the door is approx. 5000kg. Please advise a electrical system that can control the door fulfill the requirements mentioned in B.Qand specification. Best regards,


Hi there, I am currently pricing a small hanger for a client in Feilding, New Zealand who has requested that one of your Bi-Fold doors be fitted as the main hanger door. Attached are some general arrangement drawings showing the structure of the building I am proposing to put your door into would you please advise what additional structure I would need to support your door in the end wall of this building. Note that this structure is using rolled steel members bolted together, not welded channels or beams. Also, is there is additional foundation work required for the door posts?  If we are successful with our pricing then we would be purchasing your door through an agent in NZ.


We are Estonian market leader for producing sectional doors. In order to offer for clients full product range, we are contacting with you. At the moment we have received enquiry for bi-fold door as follows. 20 000x 11 000 mm (WxH)I kindly ask you to make us price offer and also send further technical information about this door.Thank you in advance ,In case you need any additional information, please contact me.


We need 6 bifold doors for a hangar wich the clear area is 36 feet by 11.5 feet we are in mexico and you will ship to Laredo texas , I would like to have a quote and you sugentions Thank you


Dear Sir/Madam Can you please send me the full quotations of both buying prices, installations and delivery prices for bifold hangar doors size 10x 8.76m high to South Africa.


Please quote following bifold door for export. 60' wide x 20' clear open height.IBC 2006 code, 150 mph wind exposure C, importance factor normal.120 / 240v, 120 cycle power supply available.Price door delivered to Florida. Door for export, sections must fit on 40' flat rack. Door panels will be a 24 ga. R type panel. Appreciate your assistance.


This has reference to my web inquiry sent on 22 August 2009. I'm a contractor operating here in Doha, Qatar. Your company,Schweiss (USA), is listed as the preferred manufacturer for Bi-Fold Doors of the above-captioned subject, a project which is currently in the tender stage and for which we are actively tendering in.However, no contact person details were provided and I have taken the liberty of browsing your website from which I got this e-mail address.In this regard, I request your kind assistance in directing me to the person responsible who can help us with our request for a bifold or hydraulic door quotation. Kindly provide the necessary contact details including the contact person's e-mail address. Further, kindly provide information if you have authorized agents to whom we could more easily coordinate with in the Middle East, Qatar in particular.Thank you for your time and in advance of your anticipated response. Kind regards,


Dear Sir,We are the leading contractors in Doha, Qatar in the construction field for more than 20 years. Curretly we are tendering the above project for Qatar petroleum. We request your good self to send your competitive offer for EXTERIOR HYDRAULIC LIFT UP INDUSTRIAL DOOR, as SCHEISS is the preferred / approved supplier for this item in this project. The detaIled drawing and Specs are attached.Please provide us your quotation as soon as possible by 21-10-2009 . Kindly treat this as most urgent.If you need more details / clarification, please do not hesitate to contact us.It is also request you to send the name and complete address of your dealer / supplier in Doha,Qatar or in the Middle East if available to enable us to contact them.Kindly acknowledge the receipt of this mail please.Yours faithfully,ENGINEERING WORKS


What would be a basic price quote for this project? I am building a steel hangar with a 45' x 10.5'clear opening. The header beam is a 8" UB beam and can be located 13.5' above the floor level. I would like to install your bifold door system but my contractor only supplies sliding doors so I'll have to fabricate and install the doors myself.Can you supply me with:1. all the relevant mechanical components (straps, bearings, hinges,pulleys, etc) and 2. necessary electrical (motor and controller) as well as 3. specifications/drawings for the actual doors. I'm located in Australia (Sydney) and, of course, shipping the complete doors would be prohibitive so I'd like to have these fabricated locally.We run 240 v 50hz here - generally 220v is acceptable for many devices. Can you provide me with a cost for the above (assuming your electrical will work on our voltage) and estimate the weight/dimensions for shipping (or provide a shipping quote if possible).Thanks in advance. I look forward to hearing from you as soon as possible. but note we are 14 hrs ahead of you so by the time you finish work today, I'll be waking up.


To whom it may concern, Attached please find an image and drawings of the bifold door that we are looking for. Notice that all the glass that should be used on the door is IGU glass. Could you provide us with the information below:- Can Schweiss build such a door?- Could you provide us with some dimensions? Ex. Mullion depths and widths?- Dimensions of equipment that should be used?- Aluminum or Steel structure?- Roughly the Prices Quote?- Last but not least, do you manufacture products in China? Thanks


Dear Sir,I would like to take this opportunity and introduce our company to you. We are a new Interior Design company, Stick, based in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. We specialize in high end hospitality and F&B. We are in the process of building our material library. Currently we are working on an F&B project in Shanghai and we are designing on a bi-fold door with horizontal fold, in glass on metal/aluminum frames as similar to a curtain wall. Approximately the door measures 11 (W) x 6 (H) meters. Could you possibly tell us the price for this? Can you get back to us as soon as possible, we require the information on an urgent basis. Awaiting for your reply.Thank you. Best regards


First of all, we would like to introduce ourself. We are the specialist for the design, supply and installationof aluminium and glazing works for building facade. Our products are wide-ranging for majority of the architectural aluminium requirements. We specialised in Aluminium Curtain Wall System, Aluminium Wall Cladding, Stainless Steel Cladding,Doors, Windows, Structural Frameless Glass Sytem and other architectural aluminium products forthe building and manufacturing industries.We are now tendering for a project in Kuala Lumpur Sentral Station, Malaysia, and need your favour to quote us the price for the Hydraulic Canopy Door System. Please find attached here with the architect design drawings for your kind proposal. Your kind assistance is highly appreciated. Thank you


Good afternoon,We are the company from Lithuania dealing in garage doors.We are interested in automatic hydraulic heated doors. The measurements are indicated in schemes.We will be waiting for Your reply.Yours respectfully,Lithuania


Thank you again for the help yesterday. Since I contacted you first I would like to buy the doors directly from you. So I asked Stevie not to include them in his offer. I need a quote for two bifold doors. One 40' x 10' and another 20' x 10' Our loads here are 30psf snow 40psf wind and 110mph wind speed. Have you sold many doors to Iceland? Earl J


Hello,We would like to ask price quatation for hydraulic lift Schweiss gates for anhar, gates purpose for cover facade from light ,gates supported by metal colums, gate construction from aluminium profiles and covered with metallsheet, look for picture with mail. Gates are opened by electrical motors. If you are interested to makeprice, we would like to send you additional information. Price we want with installation in Estonia. Best regards


Dear Sirs,We are a Estonian market leader in manufacturing and selling sectional doors. We have 16-years experience in that field. In order to offer to our client complete range of products there are also productslike docklevellers, dockshelters, speedrollers, barriers, gate openers included in our range. At the moment we are working with a project where is needed bi-folded door. We found from yourwebsite that you are producing similar doors. Please find in attachment documents about thisrequest.The dimensions of the door (s) are:11490x9600 mm (WxH)12140x9600 mm (WxH)11490x9600 mm (WxH)We kindly ask you to make us a price offer for those bi-fold doors. Or perhaps you do have an distributirin Europe? And one more question: who sells these doors in europe, for example in finland? In case you need any additional information please contact with me.Thank you in advance Best regards,


Hi,Greetings from Singapore.Works is a systems integrator and smart home applicator here in Singapore. We have a client who is building a new home in the ultra high-end district of Sentosa Cove Island, Singapore He has charged us to source for a solution to open up his Living room interior to the exterior. Upon some research, I found your website and the Bi-fold solutions you provide appear to be quite suitable for this project. Particularly to be used in the same manner as your Designer Glass door for the Red Bull HQ. This would be a first here, and the client likes the idea after viewing your online images. Attached are the floorplans of the proposed new house. I have hatched out in red the location for the proposed bifold door for your review. The approximate opening size is 10150mm Width X 8000mm Drop converted to feet and inches about : 34' Width X 26' Drop. This will be a full framed glass wall very similar to the Red Bull HQ shown on your website.If it is viable to fabricate this door and send it here:- We need an approximate quote. quote to include an actual rep from your company to fly down to Singapore to supervise pre-installation and actual installation works.- What information do you need to provide this quote?- What is the usual workflow with regard to processing this order? From concept to construction.- Warranty, servicing and maintenance matters. In the event of breakdown, how and who will service the system inclusive of preventive maintenance?- Shipping. I understand that you have done a project in China. Were the doors broken into smaller modular pieces for re-assembly? Due to site space access constraints, the product need to be moved in in small pieces and then assembled on site. Glazing can be supplied from Singapore- It is likely that the Professional Engineer in charge will need to obtain approval from our Building Authority. This will require detailed drawings, material specifications and lab testing results; for example, testing for the straps.This is what we can think of now. For a start could you kindly respond to the above.The client is a property developer himself and sees this kind of application as a testbed for his future commercial projects.Basement works have been completed and superstructure will start in March. Your soonest reply is most appreciated.


Hello, Kinldy asking you to inform me if there are any authorized dealers for your Schweiss Door  company's products in European reagion? Regards,


Dear, We are very interested in your bifold designer door style. It is very cool. If any chance to do it in our place that is so exciting! Could there have any opportunity of cooperation for us? Looking forwards to hearing from you soon.


Please offer price of Bi-fold door for our car parking size approximated wide 7 m. high 3 m We need your door structure Automatic open driving by motor power supply 220 V 1AC 50 Hz CIF Beijing Price preferable 


Hello, Would it be possible to get a price on a bi-fold door please that is 18metres by 4.8metres 59.04ft x 15.74ft. This would need to include the cost of freighting the door to New Zealand and delivery time. Also could you supply me with information on the suface covering options for your bi-fold doors. I really appreciate your help Kind Regards Chad B. Sales Manager


do you have door dealer in france and can you provide an hydraulic door 12 meters wide by 3 meters can you give idea of total price


Hi, Good afternoon, Your product retain my attention, I want to have quote for delivery and eventualy installation for folding or hydraulic door in France (near Paris) Have some representatives in Europe ? Many thanks for your answers Best regards 


looking for 10 bifold doors. 12.5 m clear width by 4.3m clear height. can u advise a price please. design wind speed ( ultimate ) is 48m/s (110 miles per hour) sizes given below are clear openings. Shipping to Queensland


sir/madam, pls kindly forward us your best price/ technical details/freight charges to port-harcourt, nigeria of the listed items; 1.fluid power part no;sj06p132nu00,material po test; distributor,piloted air model.serial no; 0701-0644,manufacturer;bifold. qty;4pcs pls, treat as urgent b/cos we have limited time to respond to our clients. thanks for your usual cooperation.


we are building an aero park here in South Africa and we will building 70 hangars we and want to use the bi fold or the hydraulic door. Please can you quote for 4 m high and 12m wide and 13m wide door please so we can see if it is feasable to import to SA Thanks


my request for quote is regarding a current on going construction of aeroplane maintenance hanger @ Sharm EL Sheikh in Egypt. please quote a bifold or hydraulic door price EXW - USA and seperate quote for freight : CFR SOKHNA Port, Egypt


We need a suitable door for Corporate Jet Hangar size: 30mX30m, door opening of 20m wide, and a 6.5m hieght. Please provide qoutes for all types of doors (Bi-fold, single, Aluminum or steel) to compare costs before finalizing a decision. Price must be Sea Port, Saudi Arabia. Thank you.


One of our clients is in need of hanger door size 20mt(width) and 6mt (Ht). can we work together? we are representing many other companies in India. we worked for many national and muilty national companies. we need the details technical and commercial information. also the delivery schedule, dose the bifolding or Red Power hydraulic door has a emergency opening facility?


Option 1: We are after price to supply 9 hydraulic hanger doors to 15 meter wide 5 meters hight. option 2 price to design and supply the mechanical equipments. we can fabricate in australia. your assistance would be apriciated.


Good morning, My name is Lewis. I am interested in your bifold/hydraulic Schweiss door products, you have a sales network in Italy or Europe of your materials. 


Shanghai, China! We are looking into using a Bi-fold door on Entrance level at the corner of the building. Specification: North side - 9m wide and 3m tall West Side - 10m wide and 3m tall The folding door will be made of Glass!!! What is the clear opening that we will be left with if we use this system? Is there a formula to find out the clear openning height if we know the overall opening? Do you have experience with Glass? CHINA!! Do you experience working on Chinese projects? Do you have a branch office in China? Do you manufacture bi-fold doors in China? 


Hi,we supply hangars in kit form in the uk, we are interested in supplying Schweiss doors with our kits. do you have an outlet in the uk?


Do you export to or have an agent in Australia? I am building and airport and we are looking at innovative Schweiss hangar/door designs. Regards


We would be interested in talking with someone about your Schweiss Door product and potential supply to Canada.


Could you send us a documentation about your products. we're french architects and we're interested by your bifold and hydraulic door work. Do you have any contacts in France.


Building specs Minimum clear width is 23 meters and must be maintained for the entire hangar depth. Length of Hangar Structure 58 Meters. Minimum Height Clearance is approximately 5.59 meters (at entry point 6.8 meters). Door to be Full Access, Red Power Hydraulic Winch-Operated disappearing Door at one end only. Disappearing door dimensions are 23 m wide X 6.8 m high.


The doors are for an Aircraft hanger out in a Community out bush in Ausralia, The measurements are 20 metres wide by 6 metres high in metric measurements. These measurements are estiments only at this stage, just to get an idea of the cost, can you give us a cost of the complete unit with Red Power hydraulic motors, doors and what ever is needed to construct doors at the hanger,(complete kit), pricing in Australian currency Please if possible. Kind regards


I am working with one of our client in project in Qatar. There are few bifold doors length approximately 270 ft. I am expecting the Drawings in few days. If you are interested in working together please let me know so I can propose your name me being your rep. I will be away next week.


We are interested in your hydraulic range of doors .. We currently have a client who is looking for a Door Size: 4500-5000m high x 23m wide. Could you please provide details and pricing? Also cost to freight to New Zealand if possible? If it is more valuable we could look at buying the hardware, hydraulic pumps etc and fabricate the Steel frames in New Zealand. We would be interested in becoming agents/installers for this type of product in NZ. We look forward to your earliest reply Regards Jon


Dear Sir's For our Hangar project in Hassi Messoud, we looking for a hydraulic hangar door concept, which serves our need. High Temperatures, wind and sandstorms are critical elements of our location. We would like to ask you, if you could provide us with a quotation for the following specifications. The attached drawing shall give you an idea of our hangar project (rough concept). Door opening: Clear width: 40 meters Clear height (sides): 7 meters Clear height (middle): meters Solution has to provide an access to the hangar floor, throughout the whole width of 40 meters. Material used: open for discussion, except solution shall provide a row of windows or transparency, in order to have inside/outside view. Kindest regards


Dear Sirs! We are company situated in SLOVENIA and we have a inquiry from private airplane owners for reachable price. If you are interested please give us most favourable offer for bifold and hydraulic doors written dimensions, type is not important, doors should reach least expensive price. Transport is not a problem, we even have a mounting team so you don't have to give us installation price. Thank you for your cooperation and answer! Have a nice weekend. Kind regards. 


Dear Mike,   Many thanks for your prompt response.   We need approximate cost for the project. Hangar door 9.75 M high & 70 M in length. Need Fully Automatic hydraulic lift door. Door must withstand high wind conditions. Door must be able to work in dusty environment.   Please give an estimate. Please advise if you have placed any of such doors in India, Middle East earlier.   


Dear Sir We are located in United Arab Emirates. We are looking for hanger doors for one of the project in U A E. There are 4 no%u2019s of doors. Also send a quote separately to depute a technician from your end to install these bifolding doors in U A E. It is a option only. Eagerly waiting for your reply. 


Dear Sir We are looking for 4 nos Of hanger doors for a project in Dubai, U A E. This doors goes to a airport which is under construction. Please give me your email ID , I will send you the drawings so you can quote accordingly.This is a fast track hydraulic door job and need the quote as soon as possible. 


I am constructing a hangar to accommodate lear jet and require hydraulic door of 16mx5.5m.I would appreciate if you could let me know of what solutions you have to offer


Dear Sir/Madam, Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Dominic, Senior Quantity Surveyor for MAN Enterprise Qatar, a well known General Contractor operating here in Doha, Qatar. Your company, Schweiss BiFold Doors USA, is listed as the preferred manufacturer for Exterior Hydraulic Liftup Industrial Doors of the Supreme Education Council Headquarters, a project which is currently in the tender stage and for which we are actively tendering in. However, no contact person details have been specified in the supplier list so I took the liberty of browsing through your website from which I obtained this email address. In this regard, I request your kind assistance in directing me to the person responsible who can help us with our request for quotation. Kindly provide the necessary contact details including the contact person%u2019s e-mail address. Further, kindly provide information if you have authorized agents to whom we could more easily coordinate with in the Middle East, Qatar in particular. Thank you for your time and in advance of your anticipated response.


we have an enquiry for 4 qty 11.0 mtr x 3.0 mtr high bifold hangar doors..for a job in South West England Can you provide prices or do you have a UK distributor... David


I am building a hangar with double doors. The opening will be around 11 meters wide and I need door clearance of 5 meters. Can you please advise how thick the bifold mechanism is when it is in the open folded position to allow for the 5 meter clearance from the underside of the door to the ground? Best regards Craig


Can you please provide me with costs to supply a hydraulic Schweiss door (16m x 2m) shipped to Scotland. Please do not waste too much time on this as customer has been considering new hangers for some time now, a guide price at this stage would be ideal. Many thanks 


Req. quote Bifold door hangar: Price Port Miami Fl. for transport maritime to Bolivia. Gracias.


Hallo, I like known contact your European seller. I need hydraulic reinforced hangar door 24 meters long and 3 meters high


good morning. I'm interested in hydraulic doors for arch steel building. Now i'm going to buy first arch steel buildings from u.s.a. and some of them will need an hydraulic doors like that you make. can you send me some other technical features in order i can understand if your hydraulic doors are o.k.? best regards fabio


Hi, Where to find your products in Europe ? I'd like to install a bifold door on a Frisomat hangar. Is that possible ? Thanks to give me all information you have and may be a contact in France or in Europe. Best regards


Can you let us know if you have a distributor in the UK... we need prices for hanger doors.... David


Dear sales manager we are automatic doors company located in saudi arabia ( tiba automatic doors ) we are manufacture of industrial roll up doors insulated , we have inqiury of big sliding doors for hangare of aircraft , it is for air port , the size of the door is 63 mt width and 18 mt high they need any type of motorized sliding doors can be two leaf or many part. we need your best design and best price including the installation in saudi arabia with the important motors. your early reply will be highly appriciated thanks mahmoud


Hello. I would like to have a price off a airport. The size of the port is 14 meter X 3 meter. Reegards Bror T.


1. Are you interested in quoting for: a) 1 Bi-Fold Hangar Door 11m width, 2,5m free height b) 2 Bi-Fold Garage Doors for the same hangar 2. Do you have a representative and/or support in South Africa 3. The building is new (now being designed) steel beam structure; do you have documentation to assist our architect?


I work for Olympia Buildings and I need a quote for a Hangar Door delivered FOB to Hamburg (Germany). For wind, unless you have more information, consider 90mph wind. I am quoting the building and would appreciate any preliminary specs you could provide to run my quote. Thanks E. S. Sales Engineer


Hello Friends: Please let us know if you have agent in Guatemala. Best regards, Carlos G.


We are the sister concern of Building S & S LLC, operating in Oman from 1977 onwards. There has been some requirements of specialised doors like hanger doors. We would like to know more about you, your interest in exporting doors to Oman, any installations done in Gulf countries. Awaiting your reply.


Dear Sir/ Madam,We are interessted in Schweiss aviation doors, to install in out tent structures.Do you know a company anywhere in Europe who can deliver these doors?We hope to hear from you soon.Best Regards,Milly


Dear Sir / Madam,We are London based architects working on a project in South Africa. We would like to use your Hydraulic door system for our timber shutter / sun visor system throughout the building. Could you tell us;1) Can you supply your products in South Africa? 2) Would you be able to meet our requirements and design custom doors in South Africa?We would like to send you drawings so you can see where the doors can be applied. Please ring or reply to my email. Thank you very much.Reiko Y.


Dear Sir/ Madam,Can you give us a contactperson or companyname who sells your doors in The Netherlands?Thank you in advance.Best Regards,Milly G.


Dear, please quote your best suppy & instalation price for the Bi-Fold Doors (24 Nos.)The Price should be as per the below details & you Standards. Project named as 'Al Khawaneej Bus Service Station Phase-1, PTP-017'. Client:- Dubai Roads & Transport Authority, Duabi UAE. Thank You with regards Dileep R. Estimator.


Hello Is there someone that can call us in dutch. We are searching for the doors that you offer. We are one of the largest Doors company's of the Netherlands. if there is someone that can contact us we can speak more a who knows what the feature will bring. Greetings Edwin van O.


Hello Gentlemen! We want to put the gate in the opening (height - 4.8 meters (or 15.75 feet), width - 12 meters (or 39.37 feet). What kind of preparation work, we need to hold? Power - 220 volts, 50 hertz. Can we buy separate parts of gates needed for the manufacture of gates (to reduce the cost of transportation from USA to Ukraine), and get the drawings for the manufacture of frame, directly on the site? Gates must be electric and manual. Also, please indicate the price at the gates to the collection or set, consisting of nodes required for assembly (manufacturing) gates on the spot. All the best, Yuri B.


Good afternoon, We are producer of steel selfsupporting construction. Our construction is used for hangars for aircrafts. We have very often a lot of inquiries for hangars with big opening gates. Please could you send me an price offer for gate with clear sizes 7m height x22 width m. We are very interesting to use yours technology in our projects. Is it possible to see some your realisations in Slovakia or Czech? Than you very much, Ing. Tom


We have a project in Singapore for an hotel where we have a couple of openings around 6275mm w x 3750mm height; we would like those doors air and water tight with good acoustic insulation and glazed with double glazed units 24mm thick or 30Kg/sqm. Could you please confirm your bi-fold products performances against our requirements. Best Regards lionel B.


we are in the process of designing an aircraft hanger for a client, the hanger is 25m x 2 span and requires a 6m high x 18m wide opening, I am wanting to find out all relevant information re fitting and loads so I can pass the info onto our designing engineer. remote control chain driven. 2 doors in total wind class 45min per second. Could you please also supply me with a quote as we have need for a high quality doors suitable for these applications. building is made from steel, cold rolled pulins etc etc






Hello! Our company is building in Russia warehouses, sports complexes, ice arenas, soccer fields, hangars for planes and helicopters. We often participate in various trade fairs in Russia and other countries. We can be your representative in Russia. We often need a product like your. We need the doors for hangars for helicopters 4 m (Height) and 35 m (length). Was your price include exterior finishing material or it was a price only with frame structure? Best regards, Maria, Development Manager


Hello, I am Sherry s. from Beijing Jinghe Curtain-wall group in China .I want to know whether your company have a branch in Asia or not ? Could you offer me the contact?Thanks you!


Sirs: We are located in Indonesia. In the next year we hope to begin the construction of a new hangar facility for our flight operation. The hangar door area is as follows: Span: 27 meters (88.5') Height: 8 meters (26') We have considered a bi-fold door. Can you help us with the following: 1) Can you build a bi-fold door of this size? 2) Would you reccommend electrical or hydraulic actuation? 3) If you can build this door how much is it likely to cost? This will, of course, be preliminary. 4) If you can not build this door, is therea reccomendation as to who might be able to do so?


Dear sir, It's a pleasure for me to contact your company.We are interested on your home doors we are base in Africa - Cameroon we need doors made out of Rubber desgin.If you have home doors please give your price sheet.Hope to read from you soonest. Best Regards Mr P.


Hi I was just woundering if you have a branch in S.A. If not, would you be interested in opening a branch?


hello , i'm suzan i have a pleasure to contact you Ireally need your advise for supplying an huge leaf or doors, of the following spec: width of leaf = 10 meters height of leaf - 20 meters weight of leaf = 25 tons No of leafs = 6 leafs what required for helping us: excellent rolling method to install these leafs. pls, don't delay to reply yours , suzan thank you what kind of rolling system best fits the leaf


Je dois mettre en place pour un de mes clients une porte de hangar que vous propos. pour cela j'aurais besoins des ctes de constructions et dtails techniques de rservation. merci de me transmettre de la documentation techniques. dsol je ne parle ni crit l'anglais ou l'amricain. sincres salutations


we have adesgin of sang aviation airport in saudi arabia we need data for desgin of hangar now we prepar working drawing of the project please send me this data thank u


different size of Hangers( large,mudume,hangers with workshopes,offices,pls sent me the informations about the prices with building and shaping , beacouse we have a BIG PROJECTS ON MY COUNTREY


1 Can deliver you the production to Russia (city of Novosibirsk) and mount on a hangar? 2. We would like to receive your all prices: manufacturing, delivery, installation. 3. Work of mechanisms of opening of doors at temperature: a minus - 35 degrees on Celsius and preservation of temperature in a hangar at these low temperatures. 4. How many time occupies(borrows): - manufacturing of gate - of 14 metres width and 5 metres height, - delivery, - installation. With hope of early(fast) reply Chusovitin I. Director of Project


I keep seeing adverts for your hangar doors in light aicraft press here in UK. My hangar is 48ft wide and 9 ft high (approx). I have been quoted 186000 tax (sterling) in the UK (supply and erection). I guess that is around $40000(US)which seems a very high price to pay. Do you supply in UK? I keep my aircraft on my farm not on an airfield.The buiding is steel framed self built 30 years ago 60ftX48ftX9ft and has just been reclad and insulated. Sincerely Tony P.


M.Premil Kumar Project Consultant Visakahapatnam (AP) India 23/9/2008 I am a Project Consultant and recently a Total Hangar for Aircraft contract has been finalised to my Client. The Roofing and the Hangar Contracts for LNT INFRASTRUCTURE company bases in Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India.As I need to recommend a suitable HANGAR DOOR SYSTEM, I want your Design and Installation programme for such a Door System 1) Door Height 8 Mtrs x Total Travel Length 50 Mtrs , to part from midway to the sides by Electrically Operated and Electromically controoled System Telescopic Type, Low Noise Level needed urgently for finalisation. 2)The entire building ids like KIRBY Type Pre Engineered Building and you have to suggest your requirement of Trusses, Columns and Mounting requirements drawing for preparing accordingly before the shipment of the Door assemblies. 3) Your Proposal with Drawings m Descriptions , Price , Delivery of Materials period, Installation knowhow charges , Payment Terms, Installation Completion period , Drawings for preparation of the site requirement to house the equipment and operate , be sent IMMEDIATELY , with a Video demo of such an operational Hangar door. With kind regards M.Premil k.




Dear Sirs, We are interested to receive an offer for 8 doors 12 mt x 4 mt (headroom 1,5 mt) and 3 pcs 15 mt x 6 mt (headroom 1,5 mt). Please let us know if you have an office in Europe or you are interested to co-operate with us for the distribution of your products in Europe. Best Regards Renzo P.


Dear Sir we parches One piece Doors Commercial,Round Roof and Wear hose,pls more detailed sand us. Thanks Muhammad K.


We working in Pearl GTL to shell so we need Blast resistant doors. and frame steel. Please return this mail, to send de technical information


Earlier in the year you qouted me a Bi fold door. My client is now ready to proceed with ordering the door, could you please re quote based on a revised oopening size of 13000mm wide x 5013mm high complete with a break down of what I actualy get in the order Delivery time and surgestions of how I get the door delivered to England


Good day, I am looking for doors for hangers. I require them between 18m and 30m in length and the hieght to be 4.5m. We need 14x doors ranging in those sizes. Could you give me an indication of costs, shipped to South Africa, and/or if we can manufacture them locally under license? Your response in this regard will be greatly appreciated


I own 2 piper PA 32 cherokee My project is to built a hangar to park them. I looked at your T-Hangar concept and find it very interesting. Do you have an agent in Europe or do you sell directly to foreigner countries ? Could you make a proposal in terms of surface and dimensions needed, sketch, to hangar my 2 Pipers ? Could you quote it ? hangar itself and transportation cost Do you have any mounting manual to have the hangar assembled by a profesional , Thanks Michel


Dear Sirs, information further down, need to know if you could supply door to Germany, with electrical 220/400 V 50 HZ, power supply. I would need the door in Aluminum or zinc steel, for corrosion protection. Appreciate any information and or a quote and delivery time. Best regards Juergen N.


Can you make me a 13 meter wide door style L:with a 2 meter high clear opening foldin externally as inside the building there is a mezanine floor.Please quote me a price deliverd uk with windows in. Have you a UK agent?


We are in process of bidding one Covered Dry berth at Oman for defence. We require 40 x 27 M size 6 nos of door. Our of 6 nos, 3 nos are steel made and 3 nos are fabric made. Kindly let us know your interest and we will forward you the tender drawings and specification,


Dear Problem Solving Team, Do you have a representative/company here in Australia with whom I can communicate. Your 1 piece Hydraulic door appears to be the answer for my specific problem. Looking forward to your reply, Stephen V.


We are leading Project Management Consultants specializing presently in Designing and Construction of Aircraft Hangars in India. we have a requirement of Two Hangar doors of 50 metre wide and 13 metre height. If you are interested please contact us immediately warm regards


Greetings, Whe have a project wich specifies your bi-fold doors and i would like to know if you have a representative in Puerto Rico. If not i'd still like to get a quote for the doors specified in my project by the designers.


Dear sir, We are 140MUSD company based in Mumbai and are into diversified business.Our Business was started 110 years ago. We have strong presence in oil&Gas,Aviation,Ports & shipyards etc. We are in need of hangar door for our leading Airlines cutomer in India. Pls. tell us if you are interested in associating with our company for the immediate promotion of Hangar Door Business in india. Warm regards, Jomon


Greetings, I'm estimating a construction project in Puerto Rico wich specifies the use of the bi-fold doors that the company makes. I would like to contact one of your representatives so I can send the information about the project. I would like to know if you have an autorized dealer in Puerto Rico and I would like to get a quote for the doors specified in the project.


Dear Sirs, I have an inquiry for offer for a door 10 m (H) x 12 m (W). Can you help us? Is it interesting for you? Thank you for your support, Valentin A.


We need for the end of this year 2008 a 20 x 20 (metres) Hangar, fire resistant. To accomodate the airplane we want to store in this hangar, the size of the door has to be a minimum of 10,50 m, and it's height a minimum of 5,10m. We are currently in negociation with a number of terrains to see who wants to accomodate us; this will be somewhere in South-East France (south of Lyon Satolas, east of Valence-Chabeuil). Can you inform us of how you can help us with this? Thank you in advance for your answer. Francois H.


This hangar is being built in Lithuania some indication of delivery costs would be welcome. Size is 12 metres by 4.5 metres


Following bi-fold doors reqd. urgently: 1. Insulated (PUF)opening 8 m x 8 m - 4 Nos. 2. Magnetic shielded (uninsulated) opening 15 m (Ht)x 10 m (Wd) - 1 No. 3. Magnetic shielded (uninsulated) opening 15 m (Ht)x 6 m (Wd) - 1 No. 4. Sliding type (uninsulated) opening 8 m x 8 m - 2 Nos. Layout details etc. being sent by email. Respond urgently. Regards


Hi, My company is interested to buy 44 meters width bi-folding doors, please send some technical details and estimate the price, how much will be the cost of shipping to Poland? please let us know ASAP.


I would like to have more details, brochures, apprx. costing etc. for Hanagr Doors for our proposed Hangar New Project. The Approximate size of the Hangar door is 153' Wide x 48' High x 2 Nos. Kindly let us know whether you have any representative in India. If so, please forward their address.


Dear Sir, Good Day!!! I am interested in making a Box Hangar for Single Engine Aircraft Like Cessna 150 / 172 and think that 40x42 ft dimensions may be enough.Please let me know that how much size will you recommend for the Bifold Door , how much will be the price Ex-factory and how much would be the delivery charges to Pakistan.What would be your payment terms. Regards Aman


We would be pleased to know the feasibility of manufacturing & installating hangar door of size 40m wide and 13.5m high.


I would like to know if you have some company that sell your products in Italy or in Europe


Dear Sirs. We have an aircraft hanger we would like to change the door on. Total length of the hanger is 39 meters divided to 3 sections. We are interested to put a one piece hydraulic door on the hander. Please give us price for a 3 pc, one piece door, length 13 meter and height 3 meter Please give us offer for the following: 1.3 pc door, length 13 meter.hight 3 meter height one hydraulic pump unit and other vice reedy to use hydraulic opening system 2One hydraulic pump unit and hydraulic system on 3 doors. (in case we modify the existing doors to your system) Best regards Gunnar J.


I'm renting a hangar on a small airport in Germany. Since the 35 year old sliding doors failed (bad craftmanship), the airport management is now convinced to replace the doors. I know the bifold doors from flying in the US, but never seen one in Germany. Are you able to quote for a job in Germany ? Do you think you could be competitive ? Do you have a representative here in Germany ? There are two hangars to be done. One opening is about 78 ft wide, the other 39 ft. The clear opening height is presently about 11.5 ft and has to stay. The concrete door lintel is well high enough for the wedge. Best regards Wolfgang F.


I have been recomended to you by one of your cistomers in New Zealand. I require two 10 meter wide doors with a clear opening height of 4.5 meters. Please advise your recomendations for this. Regards Craig


Hello Schweiss, Would you have an agent in Australia who would be able to fit one of your doors to a carport 5.3 mtrs. wide.The system you use seems ideal for our situation. Regards Norm C.


I am interested in using a "once piece" door system in a series of 5 houses for a project in Marrakech, Morocco. We would be using the hydraulic system to lift an outer layer of wooded shutters that are 8' tall. I see that you have overseas shipping available. I would like to have a ballpark estimate to start a conversation about this work. I can send pdfs to describe the projects. Please contact me via email. I look forward to hearing from you, William




Dear Sir / Madame, hallo, please send us complete details of your company and products along with full set of catalogue folder,technical specifications,technical installation manuals,CD presentation/CD ROM of the products, shade of finishes,prices etc.. at above noted address. Thanking you Yours Trully for DESIGNTECH P.B. (SR.CONSULTANT & G.M.MARKETING - INDIA)


resp. sir we requer to 90cc hydrolicmotor and hydrolic pump 0.500 lit. capacity. thanks kapil


We are currently designing an industrial motiff high end villa here in Dubai. We are interested in using 3 to 4 sets of bi-fold in our design. The question is do you have a branch near Dubai to contact or we will directly contact you? If the Client decided to order what will be the procedure? We already have a previous approved door but we will introduce bi-fold as better alternative. Could you please give us some idea for the price that we will discuss with the Client? We have 1-set of 3.00m X 4.70m and 3-sets of 3.00m x 6.80m bi-fold doors. We are about to use Pilkington Glass in the Project and would like also to know if you can only supply the bi-fold framing or it should be a complete package set? Thank you.


hello, I am a interior designer and currently have a project for a client where I want to use bi fold accordian style for wardrobes, can you tell me where I can purchase in Germany, and if you have a catallog could i please have one. Regards Sandra B.


This is in Monterrey, Mexico. let me know if you deliver there if not i can have it shipped to Laredo, TX and then taken to Monterrey from there.


Hello, We are building a steel hangar (30m x 20m). We would like to you to send us a quote on a hangar door (bifold). The clear opening size is 14m x 4m. As you can see I am writing from Poland - can you ship the door to Poland? How much would it cost? Another question: is there an option to buy the power unit alone? Thank you, Grzegorz


Estoy armando un hangar cuya puerta tiene 5 alto x 20 ancho y quiero colocar una puerta One-Piece Hydraulic Doors como puedo hacer? I arming a hangar whose door is wide 20 x 5 high and I want to put a door One-Piece Hydraulic Doors What can I do?


Dear Sir We are interested In your doors please send us your brochure As we need to study the specification to put in our factory thanks for cooperation Ashraf Zaher Sales Manager


Please send quotation for hangar doors, including installation by your company. Made two options please, bi-fold and one piece. Width 25 meters and 6 meters high.


Hello good morning, we need to install more than 10 T hangar doors in Spain. We have a nice aerodrome in the middle of Spain near to MADRID. and we need price for 10 doors at moment, but we want to make more than 100 hangars. We will be waiting your quotation and the posibility to being your dealer for Spain!


Dear Sir, Greetings! Please send us brochures and export price list for our perusal.Thank you. Best Regards, Mario M R.


sir, we need some hangar sliding door which size will be 42metre weidth and 8metre height. if you have same door please inform us by hour email. thanks jareer k.


hello sir, Am interesed in some of your product and i will like to know if yon will acept wire transfer from bank. Regards Dr.l.


necesito me envien folletos de las puertas, de antemano, gracias y espero su pronta respuesta. D A R M A T I C PUERTAS AUTOMATICAS Y MANEJO DE MATERIALES. Soluciones Integrales en automatizaci%uFFFDn de accesos para todo tipo de proyecto: oficinas, bodegas, industrias, restaurantes, hoteles, comercios, escuelas, centros comerciales. Equipamiento de anden: rampas niveladoras, cortinas met%uFFFDlicas enrollables, puertas seccionales, sellos de anden, ganchos retenedores. Puertas Industriales: r%uFFFDpidas, de impacto, hawaianas, resistentes al fuego, madera. Cerraduras y herrajes: barras antipanico, cierra puertas, bisagras. Puertas de garaje: tipo americano, motores para garaje, pistones. Cabezal: corredizo y abatible autom%uFFFDticos, control de acceso. VENTAS PROYECTOS:


Dear Sir or Madam ! I would like to ask you to send me posible most complete informations and estimate for Bi-Folds gates 12 metrs width and 5 meters high- 8 pcs of them. It will be great if you give us iformations about instalations and some dokumentations in CAD. In your estimate please include electric and manual opener,instalation training, transport cost to place of overseas shipement, or if you have expierence in shipment to Europe or Poland. Please give us as well terms of buying, eventualy possible terms of Mayor Bank waranty from our side and basicaly all needed informations.


Please give me the offer or contact to your partners in Poland or another country in Europe.


hello i am baruch s. from iran .i want start production sort of hand lift and door lift for truck.i will thanks if you share your advise.may we go futher together.faithfull baruch by


Hello, Do you have a distributor in Europe? Can you send me shiping cost to Europe, Czech Republic, ZIP 68601? What is the delivery time of new doors? Thank you, Best regards Marek M.


We hawe inters to by your products: ...Bi-Fold Door.... ...we whant to use Bi-doors for shild in front of structural glass fasade as protection against vandalism! ...dimension are: 700x220cm one , 950x220cm if is posible to split it on three foldig parts.. Please can you send us calculation with delivery franco Ljubljana (EU-Slovenia). Regards, Josip


We have constructed an airport hanger of size 50m x 40m at Gondia in india, we are intrustred to know more about its door of size 40m x 11.5m please tell us about thwe design and mechanisum to be used please ask your indian partners to contract us by e mail p v.


I am greatful to you that before visit to Resale-2008 (Karlsruhe) fair and more thanks to FRAME in Dhaka organization. Dear producer, I come to Karlsruhe 22nd April and after fair I meet with you and discuss about products. But before meet with you I have need huge knowledge about your products and explain to retailer or customer. So, I have verry important your printed catalogue with price. I see and download your products catalogue, but this is not enough. Please send your full range of products with price by mail post today for moving and shown to sevaral place for description. Please don't delay and forget to send your full range catalogue due to I had abroad trip China Canton Fair, Singapore & India. So, my request accept and take action in short time. Thanks. Subhash M. Managing Director


Have you ever shipped doors outside the US? We are specifying some hangars in Australia, but bi-fold doors are unusual here. We will have eight 13.3m x 4.5m and three 13.0m x 4.5m doors. How much do your doors approximately cost? Do you know how much shipping space this would need?


To whom it concerns, Happy new year. I am using your brocure to quote a customer a door from you. I am using the price list from 12/6/06. and I have qustions regarding that 1. Is this pricelist up to date? If not, please mail me your current one. 2. On page 10 on top, there is a list of the 4 style options. Can you explain and send us pictures of each style? 3. Shouuld I ask other questions to understand end explain to our customer the quality of the product? Regards


we are a large Italian Company. See our site. We have a customer request for n.6 bi-fold doors 14 x 8 metres. Wind resistance about 55 - 60 kgs/sqm. Can you please quote for the kits, FOB Italian port Genova. Best regards. G. P. N. CEO


We are building a hangar in Costa Rica. Could you please let me know the price on a one piece door and a top drive bifold door approximately 45 feet wide and 12 feet 6 inches clear high? Thanks, Phil K.


we are building 4 x hangers and require a price for your one piece hydralic doors. 14 metres X 4.5 metres each opening


Hi Could you please cost for a door for a opening 14.9mtrs x 3.8mtrs clear opening to be shipped to Tarbes in France Regards Roy A.


We building a new building, which is almost complete! Our problem is they measured the height incorrectly. We cannot drive Toyota Quantam in the basement due to this error!! We are now looking for a better solution, and found you on the web. The bi-fold could be the solution. We would like to know if there is an agent representing your company or product in South Africa? Unfortunately I cannot provide you with sizes, but should you have an agent in South Africa, i would appreciate the contact number. Kindly revert back to me as soon as possible Thank you in advance Bella M. PA SECRETARY


Your web site is very gud.Ii sit possible if you can send us your produst catalogues for us to specify in case we need such type of doors in any of our projects


Dear Madam/Sir, I am a sales staff of China GALink Aero Technology Co.Ltd. Right now my customer wants to build a garage. And he likes your company's product,and the door's specification is:width--6m,height--2.4m. And the quantity is 2. Right now we don't know which kind of your products is suitable for us. And if we can cooperate with you, in your opinion what's kind of cooperation form is better. We have two tentative plans about it:1.we buy your products directly;2.you sell parts of your products which contain core technology(confidential)to us,and about the rest of them you can teach us to produce it by ourselves. I am not sure whether the second plan is possible, please give us some suggestions. And we also need to enquire the price of this product. If you cann't give us a accurate price, please kindly quote a approximate price for us because we need to compare it with budget.I look forward to your response(please reply it to my company's email,thank you very much). Best Regards,


We are the main contractor for the above project in Dubai and have a requirement for 17 Bi-Folding doors, approx opening size 5m high by 6.115m wide. There is a requirement for an emergency pass door(2.3m x 1.37m)opening outwards in the middle of each door. Can you provide such a bi-folding door with an emergency fire activated door,which needs to be flush with the floor so there is no trip hazard and can be fixed securely in the frame without flexing or swinging open when the bi-folding door is opened.


Africa Inland Mission is currently looking at the possibility of constructing a facility at Entebbe in Uganda. The preliminary requirements are: Capacity: Two aircraft, one Cessna 206 & one Cessna 208 Grand Caravan, but with the possibility of extending to double that in the future. Our preliminary understanding requires 50 M2 of office space and 50 M2 of lock up storage. The climate in Entebbe is such that no climate controls or insulation. Proposed erection date: 3rd Quarter 2008 Some of the big questions we are struggling with are shape & size; construction materials and type of door I would appreciate any information you can provide particularly on your bi-fold door system . Colin E. s. Risk Manager


We are a company that manufactures and erects steel buildings. We Have a client at the moment that wants us to supply a range of aircraft hangers and has requested bi-fold hanger doors. I have been searching for a supplier of theses and thus this request to you to see if you would be interested in suppling them (4.5m high x 18m wide and 3m high x 11m wide) and at what sort of estimated cost per unit and if so what sort of delivery time frame. Am interested in being a supplier of your doors here if you are interested. Regards Don H.


Hi, I need an estimated cost about a bi-fold door for an private hangar at Aeropuerto del norte, Monterrey Mexico, and ask you, have you have any experience in Mexico?, Could you send all parts at Laredo, Texas and how easy to install the door by our self? What do you suggest? regards. pedro r. --sorry my english it not so good, thanks.


Do you have any distributors or companies that you are linked to in the UK. Or would you be able to send any information on aluminium bi-fold doors as we have been asked to provide this in a job we are currently tendering for here in Scotland. Thank you.


Dear Sir/Madam, I write this letter for our president Mr. Yang, he is very interest in our products especial bi-fold aircraft door. Our company is one of the leader companies in Overhead door trade Chines market, our company have ten years histry in doors, we are a membership of IDA, to know more about our company please visit our website. If you also have interest in Chinese market, and hope to find a good cooperator, then please consider our company, we would like to be as a distributor in this market and spread your brand and your products in the whole market. please send back your opinion and your products information including the specification and price. Your promote feedback information will be highly appriciated. Looking forward to hearing from you. Best regards, Susan for Mr. Yang


Hi, Is it possible to gave me price on a 15meter X 4meter high and shipping to RSA please Regards Martin D.


Dear sir, Introduction. A company involved in business like Interior Decoration,Joinery( doors and windows0, steel structure fabrication, aluminium doors and windows,supply and installation od fire rated steel & wooden doors with two factories with covered area od 7500sqft each , one for steel fabrication and other for joinery works. Annual TO approx USD4000000.00 .No of staff and work force , including marketing engineers and project engineers-total 100 Qatar A small country in middle east, with Saudi Arabia , United Arab emirates and Bahrain as neighbouring countries. Qatar is accomodating the largest American Army base outside America, and is one of the richest country in the region and very fast and highly developing country with one of the richest oil & gas reserves which will last for another 300 years. the semi developed infrastructure & industrial sector is in explosive stage of development and great potential. Business interest We are intersted in dealing your foldable doors in this region. Since we are having enquiries for all type of doors,phisical security systems we believe this product can be marketed well and will have a demand here.Though we are not sure of the afordability of rates ( What approximate rate can be assumed for per sqm of opening) we believe bringing Bulk and heavy shutters will make it uneconomical, due to high fabrication shipping charges. Hence we propose , to take the drive units from you , design and fabricate shutters here according to customer requirement under your license, distrubute & install in this region.If the customer needs specifically , a shuuter fabricated by your factory , we will pass on such orders directly to you and will undertake shipping and installation in such cases . We aklso have facilities and marketing ties in India which can make Fabrication furthetr cheaper at the same time maintaining your standards. If this proposal sounds interesting we would like to hear from you for further discussions. Best Regards Joby A. General Manager we are intersted in your product


We are a Curtain Wall Company in China and the design required us to built an wide entrance for their cafeteria area. When the door is raised up completely,it will perform as an canopy for people sitting underneath it. The owner also want the cantilever portion to extend out to the maximum. The frames of the door will have to be strong enough to accomodate one side door and glass to incorporate into our curtain wall system. Do design this frames with aluminum extrusion? Also bear in mind that in your design, Safety features is priority no 1 as this an public area.


Hello, I am in France. Do you have a sailer in this France ? I surch an 10 meters larg X 2.5 meters high for my plane. I'm interristing by your Hydrolic doors.


To Bifold.I am interested in a Hydraulic door , opening 39x 8feet. Would this be possible , The cost for such an instalation and how such a set could be shipped to the UK ? best regards Richard E.


bonjour, nous sommes interesss par la revente de vos portes industrielles .pouvez-vous prendre contact avec nous pour un rendez- vous et nous envoyer une documentation et un tarif et conditions de vente. cordialement Y L


Good Morning! Do you have any representative in Brazil ? Please let me know, as we are interested in looking into some of your products to manufacture and market in Brazil. Thank you. Kind regards, Marco


Dear Madam/Sir Kindly quate for two (lift straps) Or (Hydrolic)As:- (1)Exterior door for a mintince aeroplane workshop (35 Meter X 10 Meter) (2)Exterior door for ground support equipment maintinance workshop (4.0 Meter X 4.00 meter) Waiting your kind sooner reply best regards Yours GAMAL EL S.


Dear Sirs, We are the company from Lithuania, engaged in sectional garage doors. Now we are taking part in the competition announced by the airport. Without garage doors they also need hangar door. The dimensions are : height - 12,5 meters width - 21 meter. Unfortunatelly there are no space on the sides, so the door can not be side sliding. Resistance to wind 1MPa/1 m2. Could you please tell us the price, production terms, delivery conditions. Hope to hear from you as soon as possible. Kindest regards, Rita B. Import manager


Dear Sirs I am building a hangar in Denmark and I need two doors. One 20 meter wide and 5 meter high, and one 20 meter wide and 6 meters high. It has to be insulated doors. What would the price be for two bifold doors with the size mentioned? Regards Steen U.


La Empresa Administradora de aeropuertos Inte acionales requiere la adquisición de un hangar para una aeronave tipo B-707-320B a ser instalado en las instalaciones aerportuarias del aeropuerto Inte acional Augusto C. Sandino, ubicado en la ciudad de Managua, Nicaragua


Dear sirs: We are a Chilean company and we are working since 1997 with different class of doors, like garage doors, sectional and service rolling doors, hangar doors, PVC curtain, etc... I'm looking your web site and first one I want to know if you have some dealer here and the possibility you begin work with us. I like your products because you have a lot of alternatives to the same require and in the last times we lost some business or other are stand by because we can't offer good alternatives to our customers. We are dealer of three USA companies and other European, If you need recommendations, please let me know. In this moment we have some requires to a Civilian Aviation company. Can you answer ASAP your opinion at respect ? Best regards, Mat%uFFFDas F. General Manager Rovitec Ltda.


Dear Lady / Sir! My hangar door size 12m x 3,9m. Can you send me door price and shipping price. Thank you B/R: J. E.


Hello, I have been searching the internet world for makers of hangar doors and I have come up with your site and I must say it is a very fine one. It has all the information one could possibly want to find a suitable door. The only problem I have is that we are 10,000 miles away in New Zealand and it may prove a logistic nightmare to get it here. We would be wanting a bi-fold door up to 15m wide.The hangar will possibly hold a light twin so the opening would have to about this. We have a c.172 at present and if we only need to house it we could have an opening of about 12m. This is the general picture so that you can see if it is worthwhile going any further down the track and telling me if it is a economic proposition or not. Regards Graeme B.


Good Day, Would you advise if you have an Australian agent or manufacturer of your bifold doors. I am looking fo a bifold door for a kitchen cupboard similar to your bifold garage doors. Are you able to provide an approximate quote on this type of lighter architectural doors? The door I am thinking of making will be 3.2 meters wide and each leaf of the door would be 800milimetres deep, ie. total height of the door 1.6metres. Please advise if this is possible using the lift strap or hydraulic actuators. My preference would be for a top mounted lift strap arrangement. Please advise what would be the speed of opening. Regards, George K.


Dear Sir /madam, I had visited your site, we are interested in Air craft Hanger for our private BALDOTA Air port situated in Hospet, Karnataka, INDIA. If your are interested to do a hanger project in INDIA, we are looking for simple Hanger of 40 mtr x 30 mtr x 12 mtr with sliding door or Bi fold door. Or only door of 30mtr x 12 mtr export to INDIA. Regards, M. Z.


Dear Sir, We at PAT K Consultants Nigeria have been mandated by the Federal Ministry of Housing and Estate,Nigeria to source for a reputable and capable supplier to handle the supply of 1,000(One-Thousand) units of wooding doors within a four month period. Payment is 100% Telegraphic Transfer upon contract signing in advance before delivery. Therefore if you are ineterested and capable of handling the contract,contact us as soon as possible via telephone or email for further details. Thank you, sincerely, Patrick K.


Hi Could you please quote for supply and fit of a hangar door for an opening of 6.54 m wide x 4.53 m high ? I would prefer no bottom track to assist movement in and out of the hangar. Do you have installers in UK ?


Hi, my company would like to know if you have any distributors in Hong Kong or CHina, if not, can you please quote the price including the exportation fees, is it possible for us to install it by ourselves, Do you have a unit price for it, or can we get discount if we're going to buy in mass, pls reply asap, thanks!


Hello. Do you have a supplier in Sydney, Australia? If not, who is the supplier of your hydraulic arms for your new hydraulic door in your header image? Thanks, Kim


We are looking for your agent in U.A.E. Kindly advise. this is for our hanger door requirement.


hello there Here is Gouhill company Taiwan . We have new amelioration of doorcloser. Please see the attached file. The attached files including pics and draws. The new doorcloser is totally different from the tranditional ones. 1. lenghth is 175mm the width is 30mm 2. NO arm and NO measurement of the angle and a special looking. 3. You can assemble them in the right or left door. 4.The price is lower than the trandition ones If you are interested in it, please contact with us. We can mail samples to you thanks best regard Gouhill


we are looking on using Hydraulic arms to open a garage door for a residention unit. As we are in the uk, do you have representatives here. Kind regards Alex


The hangar is in Sweden (Europe). It is build of plywood sections with wooden roof trusses. I can send detailed technical drawings. The door opening is 12 meters wide x 3 meters high (I have given approximate equivalent in feet below). Please let me know if you can supply with lead-time, price estimate and who can install the doors?


I have a hangar with an inner door of 20 mts of wide by 4,5 mts of stop and want that all the elements cotizen to me to transform it into hydraulic engineer. I am of Argentina. Kindly Fernando C.


Sir , We are requesting a catalog regarding your product for our reference,As of now we are doing/design hangar for large airplne here in the Philippines. Thanks, Best regards, Eleno


We are pricing up a new hangar and would like to know if you are able to manufacture a door to the sizes noted. The opening size is to allow for access of either a single Boeing 737-800 or 2 x Saab 340B aircraft (side by side). The opening size we require in metres is 51.0w x 13.5h.


Hi, I need a bi-fold door for a garage/workshop 5045mm wide x 2655mm high. Ideally, this would be timber clad, with high level windows for illumination. I'm in the UK, so would be interested to know if you have a European distributor? Drop me a line if you can help. Thanks, Nick W.


Airplane Hangars I need door whish is whith 12 meters and hight 3 meters pleasse send me some information abourt your doors and quot




Do you have a UK contact, or provide your product in the UK. We are designing an exhibition exhibition space in the UK and we were interested in your door system.


Need youir proposal for the hangar doors installed to steel structure. Doors clearance 24.0 m (L) x 6.5 m (H). Doors should be able to support wind up to 105 km/hour, wind gust 135 km/hour (5 minutes).


I kindly require from you the technical option for the new EUFOR helicopter hangar that has to be constructed prior to next winter season. The entire work is in tendering procedure and has to be closed approx. July 25th, 2007. But, I would like to have some options ready, because in BiH there is no many peoples that dealing with this type of products. Our hangars shall be steel structure with total size 2x29m(span)x35m(hangar depth) in a main frames raster 7.0 m.


Dear Sirs, We are a door supplier company base in Hong Kong. And now we are working on a project with huge bi-fold door. I belived the Lift Straps System may fit on. There are Three sets of door. 1. 1 Set 6254mm(W) x 4250mm(H) 2. 2 Sets 6003mm(W) x 4250mm(H). Please quote me the price. Price should be include motor and related parts. Quote with frames and door and quote without frame and door. Honestly speaking, I am blind with this kind of system. And also provide me any useful technical information and drawing for design. Thank You. Waiting to your earliest response. Regards, Joseph L.


Dear/sir we are napoli for Trading and investment we would like to have you here in your second country Yemen as a contractors and we can give you alot o coustomer here in yemen we just need to have a frenshice of your steem company and to send us a few catlogs to yemen by DHL our adrress yemen,Hodeidha haytgary str.


i am currently in the country of Iraq and need motors for hanger doors, they are a 2 fold sliding door 35ft x 40ft high what size motor with purchace requirements will be required?


I Need to know aproximately yhe for a hangar 150 W x 150 L and 50 H constructed for installed in Venezuela Thanks


can i know if you will be able to suggest me a right door as per the following. height 10mtr width 24mtr We prefer to have a 6-8panel Bi-Parting sliding door fully automated. we await you suggestion and offer.


Dear All; Kindly we request to know the price of the door. As we have a Maintenance Hangar for Aircrafts. It is located in EGYPT. The door we require for the hangar dimensions are: 1- The height of the Hangar is 2- The width is 80 meter. For more details please Visit our website


Dear Technical Sales, I need your quotation for our National Carrier at hanger bay to use sliding door with mechanical assisted. The opening is 28m length X 4.8m Height. We need similar 5 sets .Hope you can advise me with the tecnical proposal and indicative price. We need extreme urgent for this matter. Hope to hear from your personnel very soon. Regards SK L.


As builders of aircraft hangars we are constantly looking for suppliers of products, in this case doors.We are located in Australia and you may or may not service this country. If possible, can you please provide me with some infomation, (a) If you are able make doors up to approx 51 meters wide & if so (b) what the cost of somthing that size might be worth. If you dont export here , would you consider selling componentry so as to allow the steel fabrication to take place over here? I would appreciate your comments Regards John


Hi I have two openings 15 feet 8 inches x 10 foot that suit your doors very well,using strap or cable type system The only thing I do not understand is, when the door is closed the pivot points are all in a straight ilne so how can the door open when the wind is blowing on it, or close fully when there is wind pressure is from inside. I know I am a long way from you but thats not a problem as we bring equiptment in from the USA regularly Regards Bill C.


deer ser: i archtact enganner from egypt work in kingdam saudia arabuen i wont to now more detalls about your company and all prodact . i tray to make cooperation between us thank & regard for you..




i am looking for a price for 14 manually operated bifold doors, each door must be 12m wide and give a clear opening of 2.44m




Dear Sir, We Sahara one of the leading Trading, Construction and Oil field Service Company in Republic of Yemen. We are looking for Gate for Hangar for Air plane workshop .Please find the specification of gate. Gate should be opened by remote control Width of the Gate: 50 meter Height of the Gate: 60 meter Length of the Gate: 70 meter Dimension of Gate: 20 meter Width, 8 meter Height The Gate should be 4 parts, each parts contain 50 meter each We are looking forward to hearing form you at the earliest, hope you will provide your best offer in this regard. With Best Regards Manoj.


we are interested to find a supplier for doors and windows to the new warehouse and factory buildings we are going to build. Would like to establish contact with one of your regional (asia) supplier or manufacturer


We need cuotacion of door for the airport of HIGUERO DOMINICAN REPUBLIC 30.00 m x 11.30 high We send the picture of the hole.. Thanks


Dear sir, Thanks for your references provided, after going through , we are interested in your products. we introduce to customer and especially, make strong recommendation for your products. Now we got order for 10.6%uFF08W%uFF096%uFF08H%uFF09Meters %u201CBi-Fold Door%u201D, need your quotaion for this accordingly Concerning the low qty and short lead time, there will be limit during manufacturing and delivery, it wil affect the order implementation, therefore, suggest your company could offer technique support and provide the critial materials, components, including the controlling part, for the door itself, we can assemble in local under your guidance. Hope can consider my suggestion and whatever your reply is negative or positive, appreicate could get your quotation and sulutions asap, consequently, we can feedback to customers. PS: looking forward to discussing further for our future cooperation after this program.


Dear Sir, We are contacing you because we have specific request froma client in Argentina, wanting to buy a couple of doors for existing aircraft hangars. As stated here, one of the hangars is 49.2 ft x 13.2 ft (measures to be completely confirmed) (15 x 4 mts) and the other is 41 ft x 13.2 ft (12.5 mts x 4 mts). Please we would appreciate your quote, mentioning please not only price but also options on lifting method (mechanical or manual is preferred), and quantity, sizes and weight of packages, estimated freight costs to Americus, GA and any other information you consider interesting. Thanks in advance, Diego Cardama Argentina Trade Inc.


I request a quote of a isolated hydraulic operated hangar door. 16X 4,40 meters opening Norway


Do you offer a manual door opening system? I have in mind a chain hoist type of arrangement. My application is in a third world country where electrical power is problematic. Thanks. John G.


We are interested in standard steel bi-fold door for our new hangar, basically the same you are currently providing to A company of Krakow, Poland (65 ft by 20 ft clear - could be also 70 ft by 22 ft clear). Could we combine both shippings we and A? It would save some money and I guess there is enough space in the container? Please send your offer asap for both versions.


Hi, I am looking for Bifold hangar doors, and I need you to quote one door for a client here in Mexico. Hangar is not ready yet, client wants to know what size he needs to build in the hangar to fit a door, that finally will have a clear opening of 80' width and 16' height. Please quote one door with this specs. please send quote with lead time, freight charge to Laredo Tx and drawings and specs. Thanks in advance. Eugenia G.


1. Do you delivre in Spain 2. Do you have a representative in Spain 3. What is the price for a Hangar door 14 m x 3m with sevice door. 4. I have no altitude to loose because the hangar is underground.What is the minimum higth you consume with the door (5- 10 cm are ok.) In any case I would like to know the US price. Do you have a representative in Europ or Spain? Attention:all indications are METRIC!!!






I am a property developer in South africa. I have been interested in the bi fold door concept for some years now.I have seen the doors used extensively in the USA as hangar doors. This year i will be putting up a Business Park in my home town Bloemfontein SA. There are between 50 and 60 doors involved. Is there any way that we could viably import your doors for this project . I cannot locate any local manufacturer or supplier here in South Africa. Sincerely, jack O.


hi, I am an Italian reader of Trade a Plane, here I found your website, I am intrested to buy one of your doors for a hangar I am going to build here in Italy so I would like to know the prices for a complete door or eventually only for the designes and the gear for the folding system, and an eventual shipping to Italy. The dimensions of the door of the hangar are 12 meters large and 4 meters high. Thank you very much for your attention. Kind regards Fabio E.


one of our client is in need of hangger door clear opening sizes are 24 mt x 10 mt qty-1 22 mt x 10 mt qty-2 21 mt x 10 mt qty-2 18 mt x 10 mt qty-1 Kindly send the detail technical and commercial details. for the hanger doors. thanks regards Jitendra S.


I am a property developer in South Africa. i am looking to buy 40 to 50 bifold doors for an Industrial Business Park development. I have seen the Bifold doors ( Aircraft Hangars ) in the USA and would like to investigate the feasible cost of importing them for use in my development. I have not been able to locate locally made Bifold doors yet and they are new to South Africans. Would you be interested ? Jack


Hello. Please let me know a price only for orinteation for a Fast moving BI-FOLD door. Airplane Hangar. Dim.: w=12m h= nearly 4m Please let me also know price for delivery to germany. With best regards Bernhard


I am in China.I know your company and products on web.my company is very interest your products and we wish to know them more.In particular about their structure ,capability ,price .We inspect to receive informationt that we are interest.Furthermore,if your company is interest in the chinese market,we are glad to cooperate with you.


Dear sirs please send us prise list for 24 Bifold gates width 18 meters(60 feet) high 8 meters (28 feet) -picture is enclosed- in email. Probably you have already done similar offer to Poland.Topic is very urgent, till 05.12.2006 we have to sign up contract for army. Please send us terms of delivery(delivery may 2007) best regards Pawel M. Vice President of Board Polskie Technologie sp. z o.o. Katowice Poland Weste Europe


We are looking at a project that will require 12 Bifold Doors, approximately 5.5m high x 5.0m wide. This is for a hotel complex and the client is looking for the doors to glazed with 6.35mm laminate glass. Can your doors be glazed? We ourselves make Bifolding double leaf doors that go overhead but our design does not sit on the outside of the building as your does. Ours pivot in the middle of each panel so that quarter of the door projects out of the door opening and quarter of the door projects in when fully open. Due to the expence of shipping we could make the door panels here in New Zealand and just import the tracks and motorising from you. Alternatively we could just pay you a design fee and make all the components here. Please let me know what you can do and I look forward to your reply. Regards, Paul B. Company Engineer


we wold like to know your best quotation (cost and delivery time) for a door with following demand: clear width 41260 mm total width 41500 mm clear height for passage 11800 mm.


HEllo Im building a hangar in toluca's airport in mexico and im interested in a door. Id like you to give me information and prices. The hangar is going to be 50m x 9m . thank you


Good morning, excuse me for my english, I want to know what it is the cost of a one bi-fold doors, because my company think to made the village in the airport, with the house have your hangar. I see this doors near Sacramento, and i like it.- I hope your answer PD:clear opening size: Door Height: 14 meters Door Width : 4 meters Qty: aprox. 20/30


I am a hanger ownwer in South Africa, my opening is 40' x 9'. Can I construct this door muself by optaining the plans and associated hardware from you. Possible budget quote?


Sir, I am in the process to build an aircraft hanger and would like to know if I can buy your straps and the complete mechanism.i dont think its feasable to buy and ship the whole door from you as shipping wise would be very expensive to Malta Europe.Can you help? thanks kenneth


My boss is interested in building a new big hangar and he's looking for the Bi-Fold doors for thoroughfare area near 53,50 feet (weight), 13,78 feet (height). Coud you send me the prices for such doors? We would install it by ourselves in Poland, but we would like to buy them from you. Please, contact me ASAP so I could give you more details of this quotation. Thank you Alicia P. POLAND


Please advise urgently by email if you have any distributors in Australia. Also whether your bi-fold doors are cyclone rated. Regards Mr Little