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Looking for a 2 piece fold up 30’ x 14’ OHD. Please call for Details


I am looking to purchase a 20x20 bifolding door please give me a call to discuss.


Good morning, My name is Alina with MG2 Architects. We are working on a resort project in WA state. We are interested in the folding doors at the pool area, to allow the whole facade to open up and wanted to inquire if you have any samples of the finish you provide on the doors?


Would like a quote for a 50'x14' Folding door with opener. Delivered to Show Low AZ


Interested in the folding door. The owner may want some glass openings in the door. The price will be for one, but there could easily be 4 hangars constructed at the same time


Building a livestock barn and need an easy access door for the animals as well as a walk through door.


I'm looking for the best (least expensive) insulated fold up door for a 30'W X 16'H clear opening on a metal building.


I have a Schweiss electric bifold holdup strap door that I need to raise manually, it has a lesson motor that went out after a big lightning storm and I don't see a way to hook a drill up to the top off it and could use some help with this, perhaps if you could send some directions with some photos it would be greatly appreciated and helpful, thank you for your anticipated help


Looking to install a high quality overhead door or folding doors for a restaurant. I like your strap door system.


Need a price on a 50 x 16 folding barn bifold door delivered to Poseyville IN 47633. Door going into a pre-engineered building. Need the data also so metal building company can price. Thanks Tim




Looking for a quote on a 55-16 ft Bifold door with lift straps for our banker who tells us you have a quality kinetic architectural fold-up door. The sooner we get the quote, the better. We are also wondering how far out you are from the order of the bifold door with lift straps. I would like the receive the door as soon as possible.


Note: I am building a new OFFICE and want a CLEAR glass garage door on our INTERIOR CONFERENCE ROOM and as a result the door will NOT be subject to exterior weather (wind, rain, etc). The 15' 9" dim is the exact distance between (2) large concrete columns. However I am not confident of the height-- I have a 14' ceiling height but there are pipes in the ceiling which may effect the door height. How much header is required for a top-mounted kinetic architectural designed Schweiss bi-fold door? Building is a waterfront condo in FL 32401. The conference room is on the waterfront so I am wanting as much visibility as possible with minimal frame. I can email photos or 15 second video of the install location if helpful. 


Looking to replace sliding doors on a post frame shed with folding doors using your strap lift bifold system. Do you have any installers in Canada?


I need a price on a glass fold up garage door. 10'w x 10't - 3 ea 6' w x 10't - 3 ea 12.5'w x 10't - 1 ea I just need budget numbers. Budget numbers need to include motor, bifold door liftstraps, autolatches, doors, frame, track, glass, etc.


I'm looking for a cold storage shed door that is 26'-8" wide x 16' high. There is 4-2x6 uprights together for door frame. Only 6 inches of clearance on the inside until one gets to the rafters. I was hoping that this shop door would go on the outside of the building? Are Schweiss bifold fold up shed doors better suited for this?


My customer requires a quote and specs for strap driven fold up autolatching helicopter hangar doors. Will also like door installer information. 


Dear Sirs We woul like to have information of your fold up door product PUERTA BASCULANTEPLE-LEVA 13000x4500 mm. The place that we need to install is in the front of the building. hight is 4500 mm.leng. is 250000 mm. divided to 3 pcs. If its possible without columns between the pcs. Thank you in advance from Israel.


Dear Sirs, Please quote us for a suitable fold up Schweiss aluminum frame hangar home door to suite clear opening dimensions:- 1300cms x 770cms - Qty 1 No. General Manager Al Nisr Aluminium Bahrain.


Please provide a bid for the strap model Schweiss bi-fold fold up door described below. Hangar project and door is a bid project in Clarion, IA, bids next week. Door requires an internal bottom truss design. Door requires 70'-0 wide x 22'-0" clear opening. Call with questions.


Dear Sirs, Madams, we are very interested in your items for fold-up Schweiss doors. Please let us know if you can supply us with lift straps and auto latch.We would need three sets. Solution /a number of straps/ will be according to your recommendation. Because of middle European electricity regulations an motor with control unit is different to American one so I expect to manage it by ourselves. Or do you have a solution for Europe? A door frame is local, size 6,7 x 3,2 m. Best regards Ivo 


I would like to buy a fold-up door for my new steel shop the door open is 22' wide by 14' tall how mutch room is needed on the side of the door and does the door mount to the building or can it be mounted and supported by itself. How mutch will the bifolding Schweiss door cost thanks


I am building an aircraft hanger and need prices on a fold up door 38' wide. I want a minimum of 9' clearance. I have 14' from the floor to ceiling. Call my cell with any questions. Thanks, Junior


budget request of a transparent hangar bifold door of 44 ft x 12 height remote control be installed in new construction 50x50 in block walls and metal roof


I am interested in getting a cost for a couple of T-hangar fold-up doors for installation so I get them functional for renting at the airport near where I live. I know the area has a waiting list for just about every airport in my area and I would like to see about making some money renting hangar space. Please email me with some information on costs.


I am working on a concept design for Historic Airplane Museum. 2 Planes that will be housed at the present time are Ford Tri-Motor (77' wingspan) and B-25 (68' wingspan. Museum owners have indicated they need a 120' x 20' Fold-up hangar door. They have also indicated they have had trouble with exiting rolling hangar doors thus are looking for options to that type of door. Please know this is very preliminary and request is to explore hangar door types and to establish a construction $budget for the hangar door.


I am building a 40x60 hangar w/ 2x8 studs. I want to put a 50' Schweiss bifold door. I live in Alaska. The concrete floor will have radiant heat in it. But will not be heated all the time. It gets pretty cold here. 1. What is the best way to insulate the door? 2. What is the best type of lifting the door in the cold? Lift straps? Will hydraulic work cold? Could you quote the door and lift system and tell me what the opening and framing needs to be to accomodate the door. I will start construction May15,2010. Thank you, Jeremy


I require a quote to supply 2 hydraulic one piece doors 40 feet wide X 12 feet high lift up type to Australia. Thanks KGN


we are looking for vertical and horizontal bi-folding door electrical operator. Vertical is for normal hall entry (vertical means traditional door type. Horizontal is for skylight application on roof top. Max size of total door opening is 4.5 mtr x 3.5 mtr.


we are looking for a bifold door to fit opening 10.140mm wide x 4.418mm high we would also need to know the max clearance that would be left under the door.


This door will be in the gable end. Sidewall height is 16'. There is 6' clear above the door opening on the outside. Please price the standard bi-fold and also hydraulic. Thanks Tim


We are currently designing a cafe where we plan to install a folding door. If you could provide a rough cost for budgeting purposes. One bi-fold door 15'-6"w x 11'-8"h Once bi=fold door 12'-0"w x 11'-8"h glass options: dual glazed, low-e divided glass approx 18"w x 24"h Color of frame: anodized brown manual vs mechanical door options Look forward to your reply. Thank you.


I need a quote on 5 doors total. 3 doors 39 feet 8 inches by 14 foot tall, and 2 doors at 41 feet 8 inches by 14 foot tall. I need a quote with door openers and one without. Also, what is your time frame to recieve these? I am approx 50% done with construction and would like bifold doors within 3-4 weeks. Thanks, Gerhardt M.


We have a customer who is looking for a ballbark price on a bi-fold door. The opening origonally had an unknown (not schweiss) bi-fold door and still has an I-Beam perimetter frame. The opening is 40'6" x 12'6". Any help / guidence you can provide will be appreciated. Thank you Robert


I am looking for a bi-fold door to fit a 12'w x 9'h opening. I like the lift strap design. Thank you


Could you quote me a 24 wide by 16 high in a hydraulic and a bifold door. I would like the fastest door possible.