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Looking at incorporating your door into our hangar home. Want something to stand out from the other hangar homes. Looking at customized cladding to make the door pop. please let me know what options you have available.


Looking for custom design hangar door for fly in community. Hangar door need to meet community HOA criteria. Please give me a bid for door frame- we will provide matching cladding.


Would like a quote for a bi-fold door for a wood structure on a private airpark. Have pics that can be sent via e-mail upon request. Two of my neighbors have Schweiss Bifold strap doors and they really, really like them compared to cable lift doors.


Our fly-in community club has a hangar KLVN, Lakeville, MN. We have a hangar with two cabled doors, approximately 15 feet high by 54 feet long. I see you offer a bifold liftstrap upgrade for this style door and I would like a quote. Could you do this for our flying club? Our cable system usually last approximately 3 years and then requires servicing. Thank you for your consideration. 


Hello, I've recently purchased an airpark airplane hanger with one of your Schweiss bifold doors, but I'd like to get a remote opener installed on the door. It operates very well. Can I install the remote door opener myself if you ship me the door parts?


I'm interested in your bi-fold patented liftstrap doors for an airpark hangar. What back up power options are available? My airpark is located near the hurricane zone so the door needs to be wind rated to meet South Carolina regulations.


I have 2 hangar doors in a small airpark near Sterling, Alaska that are 44'wide. I currently have cable systems and would like to find out the expense of retro-fitting to the Schweiss Door strap system. I am also interested in the automatic locks if available. Since Alaska is expensive to ship to, i can source materials here for manufacturing the shaft and motor drive to accomodate the motor I currently have. I would like to know if thats possible or do i have to purchase new motors for the complete system? 


I have a bifold door about ten years old on my hangar with lift straps but a cable latch. I see Schweiss has now come out with an all-strap door that eliminates all cables and pulleys. What will I have to do to convert to an all-strap bifold hangar door?


To whom it may concern, I bought a hangar at my airpark in Florida. It has a 40 foot wide by 13 foot high bifold door with cables that I want to retrofit with Schweiss straps. I am planning on building an other hangar, but I am going to need a bigger door. The hangar was built in 2003. The straps look perfect, but the grease fittings have never been greased. Anyway please email to me the sizes and prices for doors up to 50 feet and cost to convert my cable door to straps. 


Hi, I am looking for a quote, preferably for a bi-fold door with straps. The clear opening dimensions are 76.7'x17' as the minimum. But there isn't a lot of wiggle room to make it much bigger. I would also like to have a small door inside it for people to walk through. I am currently the man in charge at my airpark.. But I can call perhaps Monday or Tuesday to get into specifics on the details. Please let me know if providing the steel drawings for the new building would help; I will see about getting that for you. As mentioned, our primary interest is the bi-fold strap door. From seeing other Schweiss doors at our airpark design wise it seemed to be the best option over the other types for our purposes. Please get back to me and let me know. 


Preparing to make an offer to purchase a hangar at a nearby fly-in community. Currently it has a rolling slider that doesn't meet up to my hangar door standards, especially during the winter. If there are standard bifold door sizes that would save money over a custom door, I can adjust opening.


I am bidding on an fly-in community hangar with a framed opening of 60'x20'. I would like to be able to upgrade the 42' cable-lift door to lift straps with a Schweiss automatic latch system.


I am building a fly-in community home with a garage/hangar attached. I want the door to have a width of 35-40 feet and be 8 feet high. I am interested in either the hydraulic or bifold door system.  I talked with you guys at Oshkosh last year and you sold me on your quality-built bifold doors. Seems like everyone I know has a Schweiss hangar door.


Hi there, I am looking for a local supplier of a bi-fold garage door for our fly-in airpark hangar home. It's an older home with a smaller hangar. The existing dimension of the opening is 36' (w) x 8' (h). Is there a way I can enlarge the hangar clear opening to 38' x 12' Can you give me an idea of what the approximate cost would be?


Customer is looking for a Carriage style looking bifold or hydraulic Schweiss door at his helicopter fly-in community house. Similar to the North Carolina Carriage House Schweiss designer doors depicted on your website. He would like a row of glass windows on the top of the door.


Door Size 40' x 14' Insulated Door for a Fly-in community hanger. Color to match hangar and home. Could I get a price on complete door and operator from you. Also Installation requirements. Thanks for your time. Gary


Good day to you. I am just about to build a new fly-in airpark hangar and the architectural hangar designers in Australia do not do a door system that will work for my needs. I have looked into your products at other fly-in communities and airports and I like the Schweiss hydraulic door setup. I would like some pricing if possible on the pump and ram system also with a BYOD Hinge kit. The door size will be 4000mm tall 50000mm long or 4meters x 5meters. Thanks for your help. I was glad to see you  go international with your Schweiss aircraft hangar door products.


I want to price a Schweiss build your own door kit to install a new hydraulic door on my airpark hangar home. I am looking at 14' high by 38-40' wide with remote opener, depending on price. 


I have a client needing a small hanger built fast at his fly-in community. I need a Schweiss patented liftstrap door and the relations of that door as soon as possible so I can purchase and design the hangar with the proper loads.


We are in planning stage of erecting our 5th aircraft fly-in community hangar. Consisting of the following Hangers: Three 38 ft wide by 14 ft open height and two 40 ft wide by 18 ft open height. With strap latches pass thru door Insulated panels We would appreciate having these five bifold hangar doors shipped to this airpark over a two month span, not all at once. 


Hello, We have the project to build a hangar next year, and the big question to close our budget is on the Schweiss bifold hangar door system... Let us know the possibilities and price, and also the specs we've to request to our fly-in community hangar board of directors. Hangar should be 37x15 ft.


Looking to build a Schweiss glass bifold designer door for my fly-in hangar home.  38' x 12.5' height. It should have a Schweiss remote opening system with two handheld remotes.


I have small fly-in community hanger in Texas  It's older and leaking so I plan to re-skin and install a new Schweiss patented liftstrap bi-fold door. Hanger is approx 42.5 feet wide and 32 feet deep. Guessing the door is 11-12 feet high? Looking for good budget pricing and time-line for completion. (Any ideas on other Schweiss hangar door accessories such as remote openers and backup systems would also be helpful.


How much to convert from cables to Schweiss straps and manual locks to autolocks? I need to keep up with the Jones's at my airpark community. I can see that a Schweiss liftstrap conversion is the only way to go.


Interested in a 48ish ft door to put on a new executive fly-n community airplane hanger in Idaho. I've seen the Schweiss designer doors you've already supplied at SilverWing at Sandpoint %u2014 they are beautiful hangar doors. Call me so I can give you other things I want on this bifold hangar door.


I will be closing on my new airpark community hangar home next month. It currently has an older one-piece, tilt-up hangar door that is hard to open. I am interested in replacing it with a new Schweiss designer hangar door with a cedar appearance. Because it will need to tilt up and out, I am interested in a quote for both the Schweiss hydraulic and bifold version of your doors.


Our architects are designing a new executive fly-in community airpark near Hamilton Ontario, Canada. This will be a high profile airpark that will require your Schweiss designer hangar doors. The jet aircraft hangars will require clear head room of 12'-16' and 45'-39' width. These bifold hangar doors will be fitted with all the Schweiss Doors bells and whistles to include lift straps, strap auto latches, photo eye sensors, walk doors, windows, etc.  What air infiltration rates can your doors achieve? Do you have any Canadian distributors?


I have a ten year old one piece Schweiss door that measures 17 ft x 47 ft wide in my air ranch home hanger in Parker, Colorado. The door has worked superbly over all these years.  I want to replace the bottom rubber seal with a new one. How can I order a replacement seal? Again, thank you for building a very high quality hangar door product; I remain a very happy Schweiss customer! 


I have a Schweiss bifold door on my current hangar and we have been very pleased. I am pricing the possibility of building my own light sport jet hangar at another aviation fly-in community with ground available for construction. That hangar would be 60 X 60 steel construction with a 38' x 14.10' Schweiss bifold liftstrap door. I love my current bifold door and would accept any advice you would have for me on my next one. Thank you


Looking to price a 50x14 bifold flush mount with external truss for a air ranch hangar I'm  bidding. Also needing information on load requirements for the building company to price the aircraft hangar for me please. You may call me at any time . This job will be 14 miles south of Amarillo TX.


We are quoting an Community Airpark Hangar in Maryland. We are being asked to supply a 39'-0" x 14'-0" Liftstrap Bifold hangar door. I would like to get a quote and to know if this is something that you would install as well? The customer asked for a hydraulic door but I was also hoping to have a quote for a door with the lift straps. Please price both Schweiss door styles.


I have an existing wire lift hangar bifold door of unknown manufacture 49x13. Would like to replace lift mechanism with your patented Schweiss strap system. Can you sell me the lift system directly? Everyone I call locally is too busy to even quote. I will consider replacing this fly-in airpark door with Schweiss.


Is it possible to get pricing on four 60' side x 16' high doors for some new hangars at our fly in community. BC. Canada.


I have a hangar on a fly-in community with a 52' x 18' opening would like to talk with someone. Thanks


One of my neighbors at my fly in community purchased one of your bifold doors, and I wanted to get a quote on one. Thanks, Tony


Need quote on two doors one door is 48 ft. Wide x 17ft high side wall, other door is 51ft wide x 18ft high end wall, 1970's wood hangar at my fly in community.


can you please quote me for 2 Schweiss aircraft fly-in community industry hangar doors - 42'(w) x 12'(h) - 36'(w) x 12'(h) I would like to know what the options would look like thanks!


I am looking for bi-fold hangar door for my residential fly-in community project. Is there any dealer or rep I can contact? Please let me know. Thanks


Hello, I am in the process of talking with a contractor to build me a new home. Now is the right time to be getting him information on building an attached fly-in community hangar home hangar with the right type of Schweiss bifold hangar door on it. I read today about a home in Marcelona, Mich. that used your type of doors ( hydraulic, I believe). It was called a "Star House", because of the way the aerial photos looked with the two hangar doors ( Schwiess made) and two garage doors on it. I am writing you today to ask you to mail me some brochures that detail the doors you make for general aviation aircraft with hydraulic ( better include strap raised bifold doors too) bifold and one piece doors. Also include a current price list and installation fees charged to have Schweiss professionally install at least one door (maybe two) doors for me. Also include information on the remote control opening and closing for these hangar doors. While I am thinking about this subject. Please include information on one upward folding, two car garage ( bifold) doors.