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Email contact only Need to know a local contact who can design and install a hangar door for a small Searey Amphibian plane. I will get the measurements of the existing barn to convert for you and even upload a photo if needed. I looked at your floatplane chart. Good job.


I am looking to build a hangar and would like some information on a bifold door. Some basic dimensions are: Width: 50', 55', 57', 60' (What are the price differences. I have a DHC-2 Beaver with a 48' wingspan, so 50' is the minimum width I want, but would consider any width greater than 50') Height: 16' Type: Bi-Fold (unless there is a different style that might work better or you recommend) Hangar Size: 100' x 70' (door will be on the 70' side) Hangar construction: concrete floor, wood trusses, wood walls, metal siding and roof Other Questions: 1. What type of posts would be required on either side of the door. 2. How do I tie the door back into trusses 3. Time frame for delivery once a door is decided on and ordered. Please feel free to email and/or call. Thank you! BJ


I put my airplane on floats. My bifold won’t open high enough so need to convert to 1 piece hydraulic. Door is 40’x12’4” tall. It is light weight with cedar lap siding exterior uninsulated. Can I please get a price on 2 rams and power pack to operate. Simpler the better. I am a licensed plumber and electrician with a full machine and welding shop. Do you have a floatplane chart that will tell me exactly the size of my Cessna 180 on floats?


Been awhile since I have ordered from you. Used to speak with Julie. Need a price on a 40 x 12 strap lift bi fold float plane door delivered to High Valley, ID thanks for your time, Andy Speck


Looking for best option on a hanger door for a beaver on floats. Do you have a floatplane chart so I know what size bifold door to order?


Hi! I am building a garage at my lake house and want to install a 40' X 10' Hangar door to allow me to store a Lake Buccaneer. Your Schweiss floatplane chart indicates this door will be wide enough, right?


Hi guys I'm looking for cost effective Schweiss bi fold or hydraulic doors for my Florida floatplane hangars. I need windrated doors 38x14 feet and 38x12.5 feet. Can you quote me a delivered and installed price on both quality style hangar doors. 


I'm planning a floatplane 4 hanger building in Alaska to hangar and service a Beaver and a Otter and would like the Schweiss strap lift doors with remote openers and Schweiss automatic strap latch system. I will need the installation and building structure interfaces so I can finish the building design work. Schweiss door for Otter will have to be 68' x 22' and 50' x 15.5' for the Beaver.  Please provide an option for your installation service and also include information on backup systems in case of a power outage. 


I wanted to reach out to see who I can get in touch with regarding some maintenance on our Bi Fold floatplane hangar door we have here Puerto Rica. It appears the latches on our door are not exactly aligned correctly. Probably a simple fix, but we need to get this fixed as soon as we can as our floatplanes will soon be very much in use. Please feel free to email me back or give the office a call at the number listed! Thank you so much


I'd like to get information on the hydraulic door as well as the weld your own door kit. I would like to put one hydraulic Schweiss door on a remote Yukon bush hunting and fishing floatplane hangar. I will also need information on a battery operated system as there is no electricity available. 


Hi, I hold the lease on Floatplane Hangar. It has  independent commercial garage doors with movable mullions which is not ideal for getting planes in and out. I would like to explore options for retrofitting a bi-fold or hydraulic floatplane door to fit the entire span. Thank you in advance


I'm in the early stages of scoping out cost and construction demands of a shop/floatplane hangar on a piece of rural lake property that I own west of Thermopolis Wy


Am looking at your SCH-5-21 electrical manual. Detail 8 shows "top override switches" and "latch switches for a hangar I store and maintain my floatplane." What is the meaning of each one? I want to install a safety switch I bought from Schweiss years ago in the man door of my bi-fold floatplane door so the bi-fold will not operate when the man door is open. It looks like this would be an override switch in your nomenclature of Detail 8 but I want to be sure of that.


Hi, we are contactong you from Puerto Rico (usa). We are intetrested in the build your own kit for 2 bifold floatplane doors. We just need the hardware since we have welding machinery.The measurements of the space or area (not the doors) where the doors for my floatplane will be installed are 14' height x 38' width. Please send us a quote for the 2 hardware kits. 


I would like a quote for a bi fold 180 Cessna on floats door The opening measures 55' wide. The height of the building is 16'. My customer would like the door to be as tall as possible with a 16' ceiling height in case he decides on a larger floatplane in the future.


I am having a hangar built for my Beaver floatplane and will need a 50' x 16' bifold door to install on one end.


We have very little schematic information. Would like a ball park cost for a bifold door with straps that is 16 ft tall x 49.5 ft wide for a commercial use floatplane.


We are steel building suppliers in Jersey Channel Island (near England) We are costing up for a new Aircraft Hanger and will be used for tourism floatplane business and need cost on 3no Bi-Fold doors 35m wide x 9m High, budget cost del into England, Please can I have cost back asap please, please can you email it to me


I'm bidding a float airplane hanger which will include a bifold door 44' wide x 12' high. Will be mounted to post frame building which is 48' wide and 16' clearance. Looking for a price on that door. 


Do you have more detail on your bifold door mechanism that closes the door the last foot. i.e., the mechanism that pulls the door completely shut once the door is down. I want to know how it works and how much it costs. I believe this is something that I should have on my outback floatplane hangar.  


I am looking for CAD and/or Revit drawings of your flush mount hydraulic doors for a current floatplane hangar project.


I have an existing wood floatplane hangar with a home made bifold door on it now. I will provide precise dimensions after consulting with a sales person. I will provide detailed photos of the opening. The limitations are roof gable to allow a full opening of 14'. The door wedge will need to be approximately 2'. Please contact me. I will need a retrofit type of floatplane door. I prefer a bifold door with straps. 


Good morning I just bought a hangar at the Anchorage, AK floatplane base. Most of the hangars at the airport have your doors installed. My hangar is 50' X 50'and also has a smaller car size door on the side. I'd like to find a reputable vendor to service the doors because it doesn't appear that it's been looked at for the last several years. Also, my large bi-fold floatplane hangar most likely 45-50' wide and at least 16-20' high has manual door closures, so once the door has come down with the pull/wire mechanism you then need to use a lever on each side to secure the door manually tightly to the frame, which is cumbersome. You have the same door in neighboring floatplane hangars that have automatic closures that tighten the door to the frame automatically. My door has the same pulleys and attachments but for some reason the doors in my row don't have the auto-closures installed. I'd like to speak with someone about a floatplane hangar retro-fit if possible.


Interested in the diy hydraulic door, the hangar for a floatplane I m building will be a 50x100x14, door opening can be whatever a standard door is. Do you sell just the brackets for door and hydraulic rams, I already have one of your superior Red Power pumps from a building that was damaged in storm so I would need all the necessary brackets and drawings for the floatplane door. 


We need pricing on a vertical bifold floatplane hangar door 14'x37' opening


I'm in Burlington Ontario and would like to convert my two floatplane hangar doors to straps from cables.


This is the for same customer I just sent off for a 14x49' size door. He wants a carriage style looking glass door for his floatplane with a row of glass on the top row.


I need a quote for 2 42'W x 32'H hydraulic Floatplane hangar Canopy Doors? Below is the door information. Please let me know if you need anything else from me. 


Have you ever installed one of you doors on an incline? I have a floatplane that I need to cover but have the enclosure open up when I bring my floatplane in for the winter and scheduled servicing.  My idea is that the floatplane door slopes away from the hangar building to shed snow and rain. Do you design custom floatplane door applications?


We would like to discuss all aspects of a one piece hydraulic door installation we are proposing for a current floatplane hangar project. The wind rated floatplane door needs to be able to withstand hurricane force winds.


I am currently working on a custom design/build for a floatplane "hangar" /home project. The customer is specifically requesting that we use a Schweiss, Bifold , fully automatic door for his hangar. The door opening is 12' high and 42' wide. Would you be available for discussion on how to proceed with ordering, design capabilities etc.? Just a few more questions: Do you sell the door with a skin on it? or just the frame, motors etc.? Do you have anyone in the area that you can recommend to install the floatplane hangar door? thanks, Mark


I am interested in a quote for the b3 and b4 seal kits for my 50' wide Schweiss belt driven floatplane door. I received information from parts@schweiss.com a few days ago on another seal kit.


Looking for preliminary cost on 67 x 21 bifold strap door for a hanger I will store my Otter floatplane in.


I bought a 42' x 13' door from you guys back in 2006 (I think) for my Husky on floats. The cables are starting to make a lot of noise as it goes up or down. Do you have any recommendations on getting this back to the Schweiss bifold strap doors. It has gradually got a bit louder every year for the last 2 or three years! Otherwise I love my floatplane door and opener! 


interested in: -windows -straps -auto latch -build it myself. I only see this option for a hydraulic door? Do you also have a build your own Schweiss bifold floatplane hangar door?


Interested in a quote for a 18' tall bifold door for my home floatplane shop building. The building will be a steel structure. Thanks.




I would like to get a quote on this door with R-30 insulation as I also use my Canadian floatplane on skis during the winter. Please contact me to discuss insulation options, but I liked your spray-foamed panel option.


Dear Sirs, My name is Gonzalo Urruspuru, We are warehouse builders since 2001 and we also produce Thermal Insulation Panels for Construccion of any kind of warehouses, also for airplane and floatplane hangars, We contact you because we are interested in purchase a bifold door, we need a 30 meters x 9 meters tall for a airplane hangar. We also have the intention to visit you in Hector, Minnesota to see your products and discuss about the possibility to distribute your bifold and hidraulic doors. We have several customers who are interested in Bifold Doors some of which want floatplane doors for tourist excursions and we have an interesting potential market in our region. We have Bell Helicopters Argentina, Aeropuertos Argentina 2000, Flyzar and other airports as customers. So we hope you can contact me to discuss about this possibility so we can fix a meeting in Minesotta as soon as possible. We can provide any kind of references (personal & commercial) you may need to move forward. Thanks Best Regards 


Need quote to add remote control to strapped bifold  floatplane door.


Hello, My name is Hilda I am a realtor.. I have listed a house in Fly-In floatplane community in town. I would love to reach out to other fly-in communities so if in or out of state is looking for a house in floatplane fly in community in our area he will be able to see the house. Let me know if you allow this type of advertising shared on your website. Thank you


We need specs for a bi-fold glass door for an outside floatplane accessible bar, with 20'-3" wide x 8'-5" tall opening. In Naples, Florida


We Install a lot of Bi-fold doors and have recently installed one you yours. I was impressed at the workmanship. It was way overbuilt however I would prefer that. I look forward to working with you on several floatplane hangar projects in the future. The job name is on the Below Quote Request. We like 2 remotes and external antennas on all of our doors. Also plan for all of our customers to be insulating and sheeting the interior of the floatplane doors. Per my conversation with you earlier on a different quote all of your doors come 1phase 240 volt. What size of a generator would you recommend for setting the limits before power is on the job? Also is there a way that you could make sure that all of our quotes include auto latches as well. We have another location in Belgrade, MT and will have salesmen contacting you for quotes, some for floatplane hangars and others for hangar homes and I would love for some of these to just be automatic whenever we call.


Hi, I have a customer wanting to get a bid on a new airplane hangar for his floatplane. He has already received a quote from y'all for a 60'x16' strap lift but I was wondering if you could possibly send me a spec sheet for this door in order for my engineers to property design the floatplane building to carry the necessary deflections. Thanks.


I am writing an insurance claim on a floatplane hanger in New Richmond Wisconsin with a damaged door. I am looking for a quote on a bifold door.


Looking for a few Bifold floatplane doors for hangar in  BC, Canada exclusive floatplane Airport. 40 ft x 15ft and 45 ft by 15 ft 40 ft by 12 ft 45 ft x 12ft Thanks!


I' m not sure if you make doors this large. I am in the beginning stages of building a floatplane hangar for an Otter that has a wingspan of 65' x 19.6' and I want to see if a bifold door is affordable compared to an overhead garage door. I think a bifold door would be unique for a floatplane hangar.  The bifold door would go on the 70 ft side. I would like to go as wide as possible but I think 67 is the largest with local building codes. I could go. Again, I'm just planning and inquiring to see if this would make sense to do. Thank you for your time!


Attention Mike... I am the secretary of the Wing South Airpark and also have purchased 2 Schweiss strap doors personally and encouraged a recent Schweiss door cable to liftstrap conversion at my neighbors home. He uses floats on his plane in the summer with a rail system to bring it into the hangar. Who is Schweiss recommending as your installer for a liftstrap conversion? His cable door has been driving him nuts.


I am currently estimating a project that requires a large bi-fold float plane door. We are still in the schematic design phase, and would like to get a rough cost on a bi-fold door that is 42' W x 13.10' H. The location of this project is in Washington State, and also a very windy area so the floatplane door needs to be wind rated to at least 110 mph. If you could please just give a rough cost for a door this size I would truly appreciate. If you need to call me please do so.


Looking to build a hangar for an Aviat Husky and a float plane similar in size to a Great Lakes. I am thinking a 40' door would be okay. Your float plane chart on your website came in handy. Good idea Thanks!


My name is Allen Cobb an Architect in NYC. We are currently working on a commercial floatplane hangar renovation project of an existing masonry warehouse structure in Tampa, Florida. We are looking at one of your Bifold liftstrap products for a new 40'-0" x 14'-0" clear door opening in the existing brick. Due to its location next to saltwater, we would like Schweiss aluminum door framework for hurricane-proof door construction.


Hi Our firm is designing a large mixed-use project at a Toronto Canada fly-in fishing lodge. We'd like to integrate two large bifold doors to house a 180 Cessna on floats and an Aviate Husky on floats into the existing lakeside hangars. One bifold hangar door would be approximately 37.5 feet wide by 14 feet tall and the other 38 ft. wide by 12 ft tall . They would be clad with pine to match the exterior of the floatplane hangar. Please include price of two remote openers and Schweiss automatic strap latching system. No cables, only Schweiss patented lift straps for these doors.  We're currently developing the preliminary details, and would like some design input. Is there someone I could email our preliminary drawings to? 


Interested in a quote for 2 Schweiss floatplane hangar doors. These would be installed near a residential pool cabana. The ROs are as follows (2) 37' x 14''. We are interested in Schweiss full bifold wind rated doors.  I do have drawings available.


I am designing a cottage to be built in spring and need a Schweiss custom bi fold floatplane door, 35 feet long by 12 feet high, I will need to finish is to match my cottage, i would prefer to finish it on site with the material i use for the cottage Please provide me with a quote.


Hello, Preliminary inquiry - in design phase for a remotely located bush hangar for my Citabria on floats. Due to the fact this location has no access to electricity I am interested in utilizing your new Schweiss Build Your Own Hydraulic door kit with the Schweiss splice connectors that do not require welding. This will also need the battery backup system to operate the up and down function of the one-piece door. Allowing for wingspan, I would like the Schweiss floatplane hangar door to be 36' x 9.8'


Hi, I am from Brisbane Australia and I came across your web site whilst surfing for hanger doors and I like your bifold door design. I am looking to build a new aircraft floatplane hanger to house a Cessna 180 and I had a couple of questions for you. Do you have an Australian agent or distributor?  The clear door opening required is 16 metres wide x 5m high and it will be a new steel framed building so we can design to accommodate your Schweiss bifold door with straps. Could you give me a basic budget price based on the above opening size and cladded with color bond sheeting. For color match etc. can we purchase cladding material in Australia and fit ourselves.  Will your internal wiring specifications work for Australian wiring standards?  Could you give me a shipping size and weight.  Thanks


Hello. My hangar builder has ordered my door from you. It is a 40 foot x 12 foot Strap lift floatplane hangar door with strap latch. I'm wondering if you could send specifics to me such as size of motor and wiring instructions. Builder will hang door but I must install permanent power. I'm looking forward to having the first Schweiss strap door at our fly-in floatplane  airport. 


We will be building a hangar home where a bi-fold door has been specified for our floatplane hangar. We'd like to get a price on it along with Schweiss auto latch system, photoeye sensors and backup system in case of a power outage.. How do I get the link to the plans to you?


We have a job in Docks Oyster House in Atlantic City NJ The architect is looking to have two Schweiss overhead byfold lightweight aluminum framed doors to open a hangar for our floatplanes. Each bifold liftstrap door will need to be 37 ft. wide x 12.75 ft.tall.  I am looking for a safe budget number.


Hello Mike Do you export BYOD kits to Australia? If you do export could you please provide me with a price for a Build your own kit to suit a Hydraulic floatplane hangar Schweiss Hydraulic Door 4000mm high by 5500mm wide, your doors look great and i am very keen to use your product for this project. I am going with the Schweiss Build Your Own Door Kit because it should save me considerable money on shipping and still provide me with your unique door components. 


Hi I am in the process of building 2 hangers at a floatplane airpark in New Zealand and would like to use your bifold door strap system. It would be to expensive to ship the doors to New Zealand but could you provide a kit with the lifting system and I could have the doors built locally? Also is it possible to have you design the floatplane hangar door to suit your system. If this is possible could you provide a rough price? The doors would be 45 feet by 17 feet 


I am building a floatplane base behind my house in Hawaii, and I first saw your bifold doors while at a small airport in Trinidad which used your doors for hangers. Amazing system!! My project would 2 bifold hangar doors, each with an opening around 12' or 14' high by maybe 36' in width. The hangar building bifold door is going to be clad in bamboo so I might want something heavier on this door than just metal rib (maybe hardiboard which is still not that heavy). If you could email me Schweiss Door brochures or a link so that I can find information including a general idea as to pricing, I would appreciate it. 




I I would like to purchase the electric eye system for our bifold hangar door as listed on the Schweiss airplane size chart. The approximate cost was $450. The door is installed on the Anchorage,  Alaska airport location.


I am looking for a rough price on a 42x14 bifold strap floatplane hangar door. It will be installed in New Port Richey, FL 34654. It can be either End wall or Side wall as the building will be 60x60. The floatplane chart you have on your website is very helpful.  Thank you, David Schorr


Building a custom waterfront house on saltwater beach in Home, Washington. We have space in the downstairs that opens up at ground level to the water side of the home that we will use for our floatplane hangar. The opening is approximately 41' wide and 12' high. Persons walking out of the interior space through the opening would find themselves under a deck that extends 7' towards the water from the water side of the house, and has it's underside approximately a half foot above the opening to the downstairs space. We'd like to provide security to close that downstairs space to the outside (it has access to heated spaces downstairs), but also would like to easily open whatever type of garage-door-sized door whenever weather or outdoor activities demanded access. I'd like to know about the the pros and cons of both the hydraulic lift door, as well as the bi-fold liftstrap floatplane hangar  door in this application. We're also interested in ensuring we can architecturally match the exterior look of whichever door is selected to the structure. Your Schweiss floatplane chart helped me out? Thanks, Paul


To Whom it May Concern: I read the Schweiss Floatplane chart and  I would like a price on a bifold floatplane door 60 X 14 feet for my new hangar. The door will have 5 windows in and one double French door in the middle. I have attached a drawing of the front of the building. The structure is all completed and I am ready for the door. Please also tell me how long until the door could be manufactured, and the terms of the agreement, whether shipping and installation are included or could be added. 


Need a price on a Bifold door with lift straps to attach to existing floatplane hangar building I beam frame. door to be 54' x 18' with single phase electric. I looked at your Schweiss floatplane chart so these dimensions should be accurate.


Looking for a door for new construction floatplane hangar. 14X43 foot clearance. Can build to suit. Wood construction building but could have steel header system for door. Please quote both your bifold strap and hydraulic hangar doors and build your own hydraulic as well to possibly save on shipping costs. Do you have any option where you supply the key components such as hinges, hydraulic ram supports, hydraulics and I could source local steel here to follow your plans?